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Wednesday, July 10 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

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Dining Table (DT)
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The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
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Howard and Spencer talking about race; Howard reassures him he doesn't believe he's racist.

McCrae and Amanda walk in and as they do Howard and Spencer make comments about Amanda being in control. That they have to listen for Dr calling Amanda and that is when they can talk to McCrae.

Move on to being the best alliances and that in an allstars edition if they and the brigade joined they'd do amazing.

Back to race talk. Spencer tells him that when he tells a story and mentions the person is black that he hopes Howard doesn't take it as something against him. Howard says he knows that; that as far as Aaron's concerned, he will talk to her later, and didn't earlier because he wasn't in a good frame of mind. That he prays for her. Sounds like Howard is going to have a talk with her when they work out tomorrow.

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McCrae and Howard talking. Howard believes that Amanda told Aaryn about what he wanted to talk to her about. Discussing how he needs to decide what is best for his game and if Amanda is that. McCrae tries to talk about how Amanda would benefit their game; he feels that he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Howard goes back to the threat of Amanda figuring things out. McCrae makes a point of saying he doesn't care at all about getting rid of her.

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The have nots are eating. Nearly everyone is hanging out in the kitchen chatting. Aaryn is also in the mix.


Jessie and Kait on hammock. Jessie feels she was ganged up on earlier about being cranky; Jeremy, and Amanda made comments about it.

Candice joins. Discussion turns to stalking. Candice has been. Kait has had ex-boyfriends who had some issues but never extreme.

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Amanda and Jeremy talking game and trust etc.. He mentions that whats cool about him and Kait is that she doesn't follow him around.

He believes that the ones who would put him up if they get mvp is Helen and Candice.

Jeremy is fishing to see how much Amanda knows and at the same time telling her that he isn't in an alliance with the guys. That guys are like that, that they hang out. She teases him about his big toe; that it means he's stupid. He counters with it meaning that he's going to make a lot of money/succesful.

Amanda goes to room to talk with McCrae. He tells her the convo between him and Howard ( the part about her telling Aaron Howard wanted to talk to her). Mcrae advices Amanda to tone it down.

12:42 am

Helen and Andy talking in storage room. He's preparing her in case they can't save Elissa. They return to saying that Spencer needs to be back doored. They are on the same page about making sure that he doesn't know they are onto him.


Aaryn, GinaMarie, Jessie and Amanda talking about sleeping arrangments. Aaryn is sick of not being able to get a good nights sleep(not happy with having to share hoh bed).

Aaryn says she's sick of Kait's bitchiness. Ann Marie says she should talk to her about it; Aaron says she doesn't want to.

( I need to go do something. Can Someone take over?)

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[sorry Guys I will try my best to fill in over night- I am a night owl]

2:04 BBT Elissa and Nick talking about Star Wars/Trek

2:05 GM wants soda and McCrae patronizes her and gives her a hug

2:06 cam switches to bedroom with Andy, Elissa, Judd and Nick(?) talking about sleeping arrangements and maggots

2:08 BBT Cam 3- Howard and SPencer playing pool. Howard says he mentioned to Aaryn about having a minority alliance. Says he plans to use his cool game on Aaryn to gain her trust. WIll train with Aaryn in the morning. Plans to bad-mouth Amanda

2:11 BBT Andy comes out and Howard and SPencer change convo to a discussion about where And ggets his shorts from (Kohl

2:12 Andy leave and stategy convo continues

2:13 Judd comes out and convo ends once again

2:14 Cam 2 Amanda and McCrae in bed talking about his penis and her possibly having touched it

2:16 Amanda believes Howard and Spencer have gone to the other side becasue Howard kept defending SPencer. The plan is to keep Elissa now

2:18 Candice enters

CAM 3 2:19 BBT

Elissa and Helen whispering in the dark

Elissa and Helen talking about how smart Mccrae is and how it was obvious in the 1st HOH. Mccare didn't really want the veto but won anyway. They say his mind in 'lasered' and he hasn't shown just hw good he is.

Elissa knows she will be put up every week and knows she will go home but doesn't want to go home the 2nd week. Prefers to go home 3rd or 4th week but doesn't want to be stuck in jury.

Tells Helen to tell Judd and Spencer it would be a good move to get Nick out.

{Crap...sorry It was not Helen Elissa was speaking to. It was Jessie)

2:26 Nick called to DR

2:27 CAM 3 Nick, Howard and SPencer at pool table

Nick tells Spencer he looks pissed. Spencer says he is thinking about Amanda.

Howard tells SPencer and Nick that he spoke to the 'boy wonder' and heard him say out of his own mouth that he doesn't care if amanda is evicted.

Spencer wants Amanda and Judd gone. Howard agrees and says they can then backdoor Aaryn.

They agree that Amanda and Aaryn are the brain trust and once they are gone they will have a firm grip on the house.Spencer says the more he gets to know Aaryn the more he thinks she;s a crazy bitch.

Howard agrees and says Aaryn is spoiled as hell and a bitch

Spencer says she (Aaryn) tries to act like some poor little girl but her family owns a 18000 acre ranch.

oward says he spoke with Aaryn about the racial comments she's made. Says Aaryn said she isn't racist and her words were out of context.

Jessie interrupts and convo switches

They trie to convince Jessie not to smoke and have willpower

2:33 Pool game ends and Howard walks over to the hammock to GM and Candice. Candace tells Howard where to find shampoo so he can wash his hair

2:34 CAM 1 Mccrae Amanda and Andy in Bedroom-

Andy making a case to keep Elissa. Says she says bonehead things sometimes but doesn't deserve the treatment she's getting.

Mccrae agrees and says Jeremy should have been immediately ejected after wiping Elissa's hat on his butt.

Andy says he wants to bad to beat Jeremy in the next HOH. Says Jeremy thinks he rules the house.

Mccrae doesnt like that they have to lie to Elissa now. THey all want her to fight to stay.

Amanda says Elissa asked her if anything was wrong becasue Amanda would leave any room Elissa entered. Amanda has been keeping her distance because she felt really bad and didn't want to lie to her

Amanda has tears running down her face and saying we are getting rid of our Queen, our MVP.

Amada says Howard is a good f'ing liar.

says Howard lied on the Bible

Andy says he wishes just Helen was on the block and not Helen and Elissa. Says Helen told him they are going to lose the game if they send Elissa home.

Andy says he will try to get a read on Spencer tomorrow

Switching feed:

2:34 BBT Cam 4 Jessie Judd and Spencer on patio couch

Jessie says Elissa told her Nick threw her name under the bus for MVP

Cam 4 switches to Howard and Elissa in bedroom

Elissa asking if Howard 100% wants to get rid of Nick. He says yes.

Howard says he thinks Nick is sketchy

Elissa says Nick was trying to get her to not put Kaitlyn up.

Elissa tells Howard that he is a strong guy so they will vote him out and Jeremy has no integrity and he won't keep his word to Howard. He will only help the girls becasue he can beat them.

Some unintelligible whispering- Howard tells Elissa to enjoy her sleep and leaves the room

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2:44 Cam 4 Jess Judd and Spencer talking about Nick.

Jessie says she asked Nick for his vote/support when she was on the block but he told her it was too soon and wouldn't promise. Says now that Nick is on the block he wants her support. Ponders if he remembers when he wouldn't do the same for her. Says she doesn't think hes coming after her but he also will not help her game.

Judd says he has heard that noone knows how Nick voted in the first eviction.

Jessie says they are the swing vote bunch. Says that if they don't vote elissa out the other group will freak out.

Judd says he doesn't care and will do what he wants regardless.

Nick comes out

The discussion turns to sleeping arrangements

SPencer says he isn't homophobic but doesn't want to sleep with Andy. Says he heard he wakes up with a boner in the morning. Says BB will have some funny editing of the 2 of them sleeping together.

Judd comments that Nick and GM will be married when they leave. Nicks says they are already married.

Andy comes out

2:50 Cams 1 and 2 on Mccrae and Amanda cuddling

Amanda says she thins Howard, Jeremy and Spencer are in an alliance.

Amanda caresses mccraes face and they kiss

Amanda says she doesn't want to go home and mccrae says he doesn't want her to go home either

Mccrae says hopefully they will win HOH

Amanda says you can't win again

He says I will take it if I have to

AManda says she just want to make it to jury house with mccrae. Says she wants to be with him the next few months. Amanda says she can't believe 'they' fucked this up

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3:07 Cams 1 and 2 on Elissa and I think Jessie in bed whispering aga

No mics at first. Girls were smart to grabs their mics b4 BB called them out and blew their cover.

Elissa says another reason Aaryn wants her gone is becasue she thought she would be Elissa's target. Elissa says Aaryn would not have been her target because she would never put up a girl. Says Aaryn is so evil to her that it's affecting her game

Asks Jessie if Aaryn has given her reasons why she targets her [i know- jealousy and insecurity]

Jessie asks if Elissa is considering approaching Aaryn. Jessie says maybe elissa and aaryn could come to an understanding that Elissa is not coming after aaryn. Elissa asks again awhat aaryn has said. Jessie says just the whole MVP things and aaryn thought elissa would put her up.

Elissa says she wants to get along with the girls and it is not her character to be mean and not get along. Says she likes hanging with pretty girls.

Jessie says she expected to be in Elissa's position coming in the house. Says girls always target her.

Elissa pressing for a valid reason why Arryn hates her. Jessie starts to explain and we get FOTH

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NIck and Howard playing pool

usual convo going over MC plans to evict Elissa.

Positive they have the votes to keep Nick.Says as long as Amanda doesn't posin aaryn they are fine. Howard tells Nick that Jeremy has a handle on Aaryn and Kaitlyn and for reinforcement he is staging a morning workout with them.

Howard says Nick should hurry up and finish they game so he can go and get Judd out of GM's ear. Nick is confident GM cannot be turned. Says she campaigns for him and it's unbelievable.

Howard says Judd stays up all night to see who is talking to whom and he isn't as dumb as everybody thinks.

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3:54 Nick and GM

GM telling Nicks how to campaign then switches to telling him he better come clean about any lies he's told her. Says she has his back and not make her look like a fucking fool [too late]. says someone is trying to give her hints that he's playing her out but the person isn't telling it all. GM asks if he nees to tell her anything.

Nick: I like you.

GM: you aren't some f'ing homo (her words) becasue you never kissed me, right?

Nick: no. you are making me a little disappointed right now

GM: *laughs

GM says she would hate to be like the 'broad' with Boogie that he called a ho.

GM says she doesn't care about money and cares more about her rep. Says every day she like Nick more and more and doesn't want to get hurt

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GM is her lovely f this and f that dialogue talking about how great of a job BB casting did. Says some people meet on the show and date.

GM needling Nick and says the 'people' say Nick likes red-heads and that's why Andy is in the house. Nick doesn't look amused.

GM: you make me smile everyday

Nick: (mumbles)you make me smile too. This house would not be cool without you.

Lots more of GM telling Nick everything but I love you and take me now, and even more of Nick deflecting.

[The sun has been up on my side of the country for over an hour and I need to turn in. Be back refreshed later this evening.]

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8:45am bbt HGs are still asleep.

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10:00AM BBT: all HGs are still sleeping

10:03AM BBT: we now have fish. must be a wake up call

10:16AM BBT: Andy is up walking in the kitchen . Amanda is in the bathroom area brushing her teeth.

10:18AM BBT: Judd is outside in by smoking. Helen is now in the bathroom area.Amanda looking for clothes to wear. Judd now talking dirty dishes from the by to the kitchen.

10:27AM BBT: Nick is in the kitchen eating cereal. Judd is now in bathroom area brushing his teeth. Amanda is doing makeup.looks to be Kaitlin running with Helen in the by.

10:30AM BBT: Howard is now outside running with Helen and Kaitlin. McCrae is now in the bathroom area with Judd and Amanda.

10:41AM BBT: McCrae Amanda and Aaryn in kitchen. McCrae is making coffee Amanda is complaining that BB gave her pamprin instead of midol and Aaryn tells her pamprin is better than midol. Amanda says it is Aaryn says yeah and Amanda says OK.bb calls Amanda to the DR. Aaryn says go to the DR in your underwear ama=nda says I did last night I will do it again.

10:45AM BBT: kaitlun is now in HoH Jeremy tells her come up here on the bed he wants to snuggle she says no I am sweaty.she gets a pillow off the floor and lays down beside Jeremy she tells him not to put a blanket over her. he kisses her and says you are sweaty little lady. she says I just ran and I told you I was sweaty. Jeremy says you are one fiesty little lady tonight. she says you mean this morning?.

10:50AM BBT: Aaryn has now gone back to bed . McCrae and Judd in the kitchen. McCrae washing his hands in the sink. Judd says he wants it to rain so he can set outside . McCrae says yeah dude that would be great. Helen is still running in the by.

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11:11AM BBT: Andy joins Amanda and Judd in backyard. Amanda tells him that she thinks their suspicions are confirmed. A plane is going over so difficult to hear. Andy says to tell Candice right before the vote that the house is voting out Nick if she wants to go with the majority. Amanda says she still doesn't know if they have the numbers.

11:18AM BBT: Helen is called over to talk with Amanda, Andy, McC and Judd. Talk of Spencer not being with them. Helen says that she has Candice. Amanda says that these HGs are stupid. Jeremy will be kicked out as soon as they get the chance because he is to strong.

11:18AM BBT: Helen is called over to talk with Amanda, Andy, McC and Judd. Talk of Spencer not being with them. Helen says that she has Candice. Amanda says that these HGs are stupid. Jeremy will be kicked out as soon as they get the chance because he is to strong.

11:22AM BBT: Helen tells them to stay strong until they can get to jury. Howard says that you have to get to jury first. Andy says right now they have a lock on the MVP vote. Howard says whatever you want to do and he will talk to Spencer.

11:25AM BBT: Candice come sin the backyard crying slightly. Seems she had a really bad dream about her family. Something had happened to them. Amanda assures her if something did, BB would tell her and comforts Candice

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#‎BB14‬ 11:36 AM BBT THe hG in BY talk about being on TV tongiht and Helen talks about being such a mess that she can't find food. Says that the clean pots are mixed in with the dirty pots.

#‎BB15‬ 11:43 AM BBT Helen and Candice talk. GOing over the votes. Helen concerned with that the others thik. Candice says that Howard will vote out Nick. COncnerns that Howard will flip. Candice says he won't.

#BB15 11:55 AM BBT Helen and Candice clean the kitchen.

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12:05pm BBT: howard in the house now talking to spencer they are whispering so low you cant hear them.andy, judd and mccrae in lounge rm just general talk. helen and candice still cleaning the kt. mccrae goes out to the by and joins amanda on the by couch. mccrae says he is annoyed by everything in this house. amanda says dont worry at least we arent getting blamed for being flippers.

12:08pm BBT: amanda relling mccrae that howard threw the first comps they played because he didnt want to look strong to start with. mccrae says i knew it. amanda says we are good with jeremy and arryn.

12:10pm BBT: amanda tells mccrae if they get down to the two of them in the hoh comp that mccrae should let her have it so he doesnt look so strong and get a bigger target on his back.candice comes out and amanda asked her who she would put up if she won hoh. candice says i dont know. and we get foth.

12:20pm BBT: andy says what do you think jessie would do if she won hoh? candice says whatever jeremy wants her to do cuz he will go rub on her butt and she will do what they want her to do.

12:21pm BBT: spencer and judd in wa talking about chilli's and tg fridays and applebees.andy walks in and they asked him what he is getting onto later andy says what. spencer says you never heard that? andy says no. judd asked hellen the same question and she said maybe do dishes and play chess why? judd and spencer laugh and judd says she is a redneck and they laugh.

12:30pm BBT: helen is still cleaning the kt andy is also in kt amanda judd and spencer in wa general talk about spicegirls.

12:35pm BBT: candice is chopping veggies in the kt and fixen to make french toast. helen is putting away clean dishes. spencer judd and andy are in the by talk general talk.

12:45pm BBT: spencer andy judd and amanda are in the by talking aboput bb playing 4 songs this morning for them. amanda said when they play the songs it startles her cuz the speaker is over her head. candice is in the kt making french toast and tells helen you have to beat the eggs really well so the eggs dont fry on the bread.

12:48pm BBT bb calls andy to the dr he gets excited he has been complaining that he hasnt been in there in 4 days.

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#BB15 1:02PM BBT Amanda and Andy talk in the hammock. Amanda wants McC to vote out Helen so he doesn't ruin his chances at MVP. She thinks that it will show them where Howard and Spencer fit in the group.

#BB15 1:09 PM BBT Jeremy goes to hammock. Talking about sleeping last night. Jeremy says that he sleeps in the middle. Says he has a big smile every night. Talk about the number of beds in the house and who sleeps with who.

#BB15 1:15 PM BBT In the KT Andy talking about much energy he has now that he has regular food. In the BY by the hammock, Jeremy and Amanda talk about different scenarios for noms. Jeremy says that he hopes America see who is playing the game the hardest and votes him MVP. Says that he doesn't like people getting it because they are riding coat tails.

#BB15 1:38 PM BBT Andy, Kaitlin and Aaryn in HOH talking about previous comp. Now Aaryn talking about her lotion and will put a sticker on it for downstairs. Andy tells them suitcases were in the SR today.

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#BB15 1:40 PM BBT Kaitlin says she can't wait til it's done. She says that this week has been ok since there hasn't been drama. Says Elissa stirs up drama all the time. Last week she created mad drama

#BB15 1:46 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda talk on the hammock. Talk about the votes. Amanda realizes they can't throw a vote to Helen. Now talk about a birthmark and a scar Amanda has from a stick going into her leg.

#BB15 1:52 PM BBT In the HOH WA Jeremy, Aaryn and Kait talking about Jeremy breaking out. He says he is breaking out because he doesn't have his Mary Kay. He says he has been using Mary Kay since he was in 7th grade.

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2:01pm BBT: arryn asking kaitlyn if something is wrong that she gets a vibe that something is wrong. kaitlyn says no its just this house its just weird.amanda and mccrae are leaving the hammock heading inside. andy is lifting weights.

2:06pm BBT: amanda asking nick in wa if he was hoh and mvp whio he would put up and nick says candice. howard and jessie? amanda brushing her teeth and says ok.

2:11pmBBT: amanda and howard in str. talking about what needs to be done this week howard says he has to talk to spencer first. howard says we are all good lets just play a game. amanda says i will do what mccrae wants to do and not be flip floppin. howard says yeah we need to stop the flip floppin.

2:16pm BBT: amanda asked howard to talk to mccrae he says i dont mind talking to mccrae he says lets play as he walks out the door. amanda now in the wa talking to judd. they whisper and judd goes in wc.jessie,spencer.mccrae and jeremy out in by sitting on couches just general talk.

2:19pm BBt: arryn and nick are in the hoh talking.. nick says he is going to talk to everyone again today cuz if i reconfirm everything then its in their ear. nick now talking about sleeping arrangements that they had lastnight.

2:24pm BBT: nick tells arryn that amanda asked him who he would put up if he won hoh and mvp. arryn says why would she ask that. he said he told her mvp would be candice and the other 2 would be helen and howard. arryn says we will have to talk to jeremy he and howard have a deal going i think.

2:33pm BBT: amanda says bb told her that her hair dye was a luxury so now she is going to have alot of grey hairs. jeremy says hopefully my mom will send me some mary kay for his face that is breaking out . arryn and judd in kt talking about where people are sleeping as elissa is washing her dishes.

2:36pm BBt: judd and amanda in br whispering as amanda tries on a new hat to wear.most hg sitting in by talking about car accidents that have all had.

2:47pm BBT: elissa and andy in the kt . andy tells elissa the kt looks nice she says thanks. all other hg are out in the by just general talk. amanda and arryn talking about sales they got at victorias secrets.

2:52pm BBT: amanda tells mccrae after they move to the hammock that howard said he was on board with whatever they wanted to do.amanda says after tomorrow we just trust each other so much more.

2:55pm BBT: amanda says i dont trust jeremy and i dont trust any of those people. jeremy makes jessie feel better by paying attention to her so judd has to convice her to come this way.

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#BB15 3:00 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda still on the hammock. Amanda trying to figure out the votes. McCrae still just saying uh huh. Now he Is telling the story of a car accident and we get FOTH.

#BB15 3:05 PM BBT Howard taking to Candice in the BR. Howard says that the other side knows that they do not have the numbers. He says he trusts Spencer then he trusts Amanda. Candice agrees. Candice says Amanda is scary.

#BB15 3:10 M BBT Elissa and Helen in the HN room. Helen says that Howard told Candice he would keep Elissa but she isn't sure. They are concerned about who Spencer is with.

#BB15 3:12 PM BBT Elissa and Helen talking about that Elissa asked the house who she should put up. Elissa says that they should honor who they asked her to put up. Now talk about MVP. Helen says that Elissa needs to use her MVP as a power. Elissa says she feels bad doing that.

#BB15 3;19PM BBT Jeremy, Spencer and Howard talking about Mccrae behavior and that if he leaves MC - no one will protect him like MC will.

#BB15 3:25 PM BBT Spencer and McCrae have a quick chat. McCrae tells Spencer to be careful. Others are starting to figure things out.

#BB15 3:00 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda still on the hammock. Amanda trying to figure out the votes. McCrae still just saying uh huh. Now he Is telling the story of a car accident and we get FOTH.

#BB15 3:05 PM BBT Howard taking to Candice in the BR. Howard says that the other side knows that they do not have the numbers. He says he trusts Spencer then he trusts Amanda. Candice agrees. Candice says Amanda is scary.

#BB15 3:10 M BBT Elissa and Helen in the HN room. Helen says that Howard told Candice he would keep Elissa but she isn't sure. They are concerned about who Spencer is with.

#BB15 3:12 PM BBT Elissa and Helen talking about that Elissa asked the house who she should put up. Elissa says that they should honor who they asked her to put up. Now talk about MVP. Helen says that Elissa needs to use her MVP as a power. Elissa says she feels bad doing that.

#BB15 3;19PM BBT Jeremy, Spencer and Howard talking about Mccrae behavior and that if he leaves MC - no one will protect him like MC will.

#BB15 3:25 PM BBT Spencer and McCrae have a quick chat. McCrae tells Spencer to be careful. Others are starting to figure things out.

#BB15 3:28 PM BBT Amanda arrives in HN room..she thinks they have the numbers. Jessie is on board. Says even if Howard votes opposite they should be good. Elissa hugs her and she leaves. Judd comes in and Helen begins jumping up and down. Judd hugs her and she says they are going to win this game.

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#BB15 3:33 PM BBT Gina is finally awake and sitting in the KT. She is upset that she hasn't gotten soda yet. She said last night that water bothers her stomach and she can drink only soda as it calms her stomach. Others tell her to stay calm - she will have it soon.

#BB15 3:41 PM BBT Gina and Aaryn in HOH. Aaryn saying she will sleep one more night in the HOH but downstairs they need to someone with Andy so that people don't have to sleep in the HN room. GM says that she didn't want Elissa in her room anyways. Aaryn says it isn't right that anyone is still in the HN room.

#BB15 3:47 PM BBT Aaryn telling Gina that she likes attention and has started to realize that she is going to have to use flirting in the game to get ahead. She will ship her hair if she has to. She says she won't kiss anyone. Gina says her either. Aaryn says if Kaitlin leaves then it would be her and Jeremy.

#BB15 3:52 PM BBT Gina now says that people think Nick isn't into her but they have just not shown it. They haven't kissed yet. She says last night she asked him if he was [not going to use the term she did] gay. He said he isn't and it will be in due time. Gina says she is old fashion and won't make the first move.

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4:00 PM BBT Aaryn and Amanda are in the HoH room talking about Jeremy's sleeping habits and that he is a bed hog. Andy, Spencer, and Howard are chatting it up in the bathroom.

4:06 PM BBT Amanda joins the ladies in the HoH room. Amanda tells Gina Marie that Nick did not shoot down the idea of hooking up with her but that he wants to take things slow. Gina Marie says she informed him last night that she is not a make the first move kind of girl. She's old fashioned. Amanda "oh yeah, you're old fashioned all right."

4:11 PM BBT Amanda tells Gina Marie and Aaryn that being with someone in the house for twenty days is like three months on the outside. Amanda is making fun of Gina Marie and her obsession with Nick. Gina doesn't deny it. Amanda then announces that she finally pooped for the first time in a week. Gina Marie "I like poop." Gina sings around the house "I took a dookie and I happy." Amanda "Congratulations"

4:20 PM BBT Kaitlin, Jeremy, McCrae, Nick and Gina Marie are on the BY couches talking about who would or wouldn't pierce what. Jeremy would never pierce anything but ears. Meanwhile upstairs in the HoH Amanda and Aaryn are discussing the rumors that Jeremy is working with Nick. Amanda asks about the rumors about a boys alliance. Aaryn tells her that Kaitlin confirmed that Jeremy is also working with Howard and Spencer.

4:27 PM BBT Aaryn tells Amanda that she is ready to get this next HoH comp over with. She predicts that Helen will get the next MVP. Amanda says that Brenchel fans would vote for her even if she was an awful person. Aaryn says they will know when Brenchel fans have died off when McCrae, herself, or someone who voted Elissa out gets MVP for a change.

4:49 PM BBT Gina Marie is talking to Candice in the BR about her neighborhood getting hit by the NY hurricane. Almost her whole block was destroyed. Her house was one of the very few with little damage. Most of her block was flooded on both sides of her with her house smack in the middle.

4:32 PM BBT Judd in the BY "Shout out to the East Coast peeps, what up?" Jessie "You mean we're live?"

4:35 PM BBT Nick and Jessie in the Gold Room. Nick wants to know where Jessie's head is at. She tells him that she was in his shoes last week as a nominee and that she has been ready for Elissa to go for a long time. Nick tells her that if he were to win HoH that she would be completely safe. She asks him about the rumors that Nick dropped her name as an MVP nomination. He is denying ever doing that.

5:01 PM BBT Meanwhile in the house Nick is making his rounds. He has joined Amanda up in the HoH room. They are discussing where their loyalties lie. Amanda says she is only loyal to McCrae. Nick says he is loyal to Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin.

5:07 PM BBT Elissa is now all dressed up like she is ready for night out. She is excited because this is the first chance she has had for a hot shower and to be able to do her hair. Helen is urging her to keep campaigning hard and to make sure she talks to both Howard and Spencer.

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Guest 6Borders

5:00pm BB Time

The show is on for our East Coast friends and here in BB real time we get FOTH, which is immediately back with BB admonishing "please STOP singing"

HOH room: Amanda and Nick are going over every vote.

Amanda is grilling Nick on his every conversation with every HG.

Amanda asks "why Howard" and Nick says "he's a floater"

Jeremy (according to Amanda) thought Howard was a threat but doesn't think so anymore.

Amanda says she and McCrae are voting for Nick to stay and Elissa to go...Amanda says she is nervous about next week.

She says she doesn't think Elissa will go after her personally but that she will go after the people she is trying to protect.

Amanda asks Nick what's wrong.

Nick thinks Howard and Helen are working together and Candace is part of it too.

Amanda says Spencer's human behavior has switched 100%. Nick asks how close are you to Helen and Amanda says "not at all"

Nick thinks there are two sides of the house {now there's a brilliant deduction}

Nick says he's putting a lot of trust in Amanda. Nick repeats Helen, Howard and Candace.

Amanda says it would not bother her at all (if they know maybe?)

Amanda says she's not going to bloody her hands getting Nick out..says she personally still thinks Nick is hiding something but she doesn't care anymore {and I still have that bridge for sale if anyone believes Amanda}

Nick just said "I wanted to keep my half safe" and now that everyone knows {not sure who everyone is or what they exactly know}..

Amanda says she and McCrae are keeping Nick safe...she would put up the 3 least people who have their back. She says alliances are going to change quickly.

Amanda presses again "what are you worried about"

Nick hesitates....then says he wants it to go back to a landslide.

Amanda says she doesn't think anyone is going to be bold enough to get Elissa to stay.

Amanda again says Nick seems to have a reason for concern {ya think...the guy is on the block against 2 people who have alliances who want the other two to stay!!!}

Amanda asks how it came about that "you guys" formed your alliance.

Nick says "super easy"...he and GM started talking and then it was easy because Kait and Jeremy were already a couple.

5:11pm BB Time

Amanda's 20 questions {which is now about 40 questions} continues. She asks how much he has watched the show and knows about it, etc. Nick says he's watched, not "a McCrae"...Amanda says "so not a super fan"

5:12pm BB Time We go to FOTH

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