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Wednesday, July 10 Live Feed Updates


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5:18 PM BBT Helen tells Elissa in the Have-Not room that she needs to tell people that America will not vote for someone that is trying to get rid of her. Elissa "I hope America supports that." Meanwhile in the HoH Nick and Amanda are upstairs in the HoH. Amanda is telling Nick that she thinks he is fine. They discuss that loyalties change as the power changes and as the number of houseguests dwindle. "The only alliances that last from the beginning are ones like the Brigade because of their complete loyalty to each other."

5:24 PM BBT in the HoH room Amanda compares Nick's strategy to Dan's. Dan won because he laid low, didn't talk game, and didn't take sides. Nick is probably on the block because the others are confused about where he stands or because they recognize his Dan-like strategy.

5:36 PM BBT Andy and Helen in the Have-Not room. Helen is giving Andy an argument for keeping Elissa when talking to others. The best Nick can offer is to not nominate someone. Elissa can offer the MVP every week. She compares it to a poker hand. Nick is the two pairs. Elissa is the royal flush. America will not support a swing vote that sends Elissa home. Andy likes this argument, especially the poker monologue. Andy and Helen have a mini celebration and Andy is off to perform Helen's bidding. Helen to us "I love this game, I hope this works. Please America I hope this works."

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Guest 6Borders

5:13pm BB Time

Feeds are back.

HOH room the grilling of Nick by Amanda continues {he's gone past medium rare to well done}

Nick says he is putting a lot of trust in Amanda's alliance.

Amanda says it's scary because Elissa is not a good player but you know where her head is at..Elissa did not make smart choices due to the (advice of) the people she's working with.

Amanda says "we're good"

Nick says his #1 confidant is GM. Nick says if it "screens out" then they (he and McManda) are good and it feels to him like she screened out ok

Amanda says in all honesty she would feel more comfortable with Elissa here and Nick gone {jaw dropped here}

She says it doesn't matter because she's voting with the house.

Nick asks "if you were in my shoes what would you do"

Amanda says {after a very long pause} she would not do anything....then proceeds to tell what she WOULD do ...she tells Nick to not even worried about it because that is so far gone.

Nick says even if he's safe you are always worried when you are on the block.

Amanda says the loyalties will change because the numbers will dwindle. says the only alliance that worked from the beginning was the Brigade because they were so secretive and so loyal to each other {I don't see that this season without brainwashing and psychological help}

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Guest 6Borders

5:21pm BB Time

Amanda says she has a hard time trusting people.

She tells Nick she knew Elissa was going to put him up...says Helen talked to other people and Nick became the option, then says I don't know how you became the option.

Nick says how DID I become the option..she says probably because he didn't talk game {hard to do when you are asleep 70% of the time}

Amanda tells why Dan did so well...she can't remember which season he was on.

Nick says "who would you talk to?"

Amanda says she doesn't know...there has not been enough time She says he hasn't bonded with anyone except GM but when you're here you will have the numbers

Nick says he trusts her...says she is one of the smartest ppl in the house.

She says"really..why do people think that?" Nick says "because you are"

Amanda says can she bring McCrae in cos he's prob shittin' his pants. Nick says sure.

McCrae joins and Amanda tells him they are just going over the plans.

Amanda says it's all good and Nick says "I believe you" {said the fly to the spider}

Judd pops in briefly.

McCrae says "so what's the word" and is told "all good"

Amanda says there much be a reason for him to talk to her again {she's definitely been pressing a point for about the last 2 hours). Nick diffuses it and says he's been talking to everyone.

Talk turns to Amanda needing a cigarette and she has dry mouth galore {after all the talking she just did I have dry ear galore}

Amanda leaves and Nick says to McCrae "she is so smart bro"

Nick replays the conversation he had with her this morning about Helen, Howard and Candace and that the other side of the house is forming an alliance {that's usually what the other side of the house means}

Conversation is Andy and Judd are definitely worried about Howard, Spencer and Jeremy.

Nick asks what Amanda thinks about him...McCrae says she's worried he (Nick) will get MVP and put her up secretly.

Nick asks point blank are Howard, Judd and Andy gonna vote...?

McCrae says something and then says he doesn't know. Says they are all paranoid.

Tells Nick he is good at laying low and the others are not and run around with their heads cut off.

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Guest 6Borders

5:37 pm BB Time

HOH Room: McCrae and Nick still rehashing the senarios.

McCrae says Amanda is convinced Nick will get MVP {I've heard several of the HG's today elude about their DR's regarding the MVP..BB must be dropping hints and/or suggestions}

Nick says he didn't want to play like Dan but it's turning out he is playing like Dan {I'm not seeing it, Dan was awake most of his seasons} but Nick wanted to play like Frank.

Amanda comes back in and interrupts the conversation. They are being silly about how hilarious it would be if they did change their votes to Helen {Amanda has actually mentioned that a few times...hmmmm}

5:41pm BB Time

McCrae asks is the back(yard) still open and Amanda says until 6pm

Enter Andy...tells Amanda her shit is ready.

Andy and Nick: Nick says being on the block is nervewracking.

Andy says GM is so genuine...she told Andy she liked him from the beginning and got his back and they are cool

{I think Andy just had the opposite conversation with Helen in the Have Not Room}

Andy starts to leave and asks if he can send anyone up...Nick says "Judd"

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5:46 BBT Most of the HGs are in the BY enjoying the outdoors while they can. They are anticipating an Indoor Lock Down soon. Meanwhile in the HoH room Judd is reassuring Nick that he is safe this week. Judd tells him he is planning to evict her and isn't going to lose sleep over it.

5:57 PM BBT In the house Helen is speaking to Jessie in the Have-Not room. Helen is giving her the argument that Nick can't offer her what Helen and her alliance can. "We can bring you in. You are low girl on their totem pole. You would be top girl in our totem pole if you do this." "Nick is a two pair. We have the royal flush. They don't have the numbers we have. We can get you to jury. I would love you to come over here." Jessie "I don't trust them. I get treated like shit over there." Helen "you would get treated well over here. We can protect you. You are in the most awesome place. Elissa will keep getting MVP and you will never have to worry about it." Jessie "Oh, I will...sounds great. I'm excited."

6:06 PM BBT Andy and Jeremy in the Gold Room talking about their expectations for the next HoH contest. With the IDL Jeremy is hoping they are building a big contraption for an endurance competition. Meanwhile McCrae and Amanda are playing chess and Judd and Jessie ar laying in bed together whispering.

6:11 PM BBT Helen has just whispered to Andy that Jessie is down for their save Elissa poker strategy. They are off and running.

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Guest 6Borders

5:45pm BB Time

Nick is munching strawberries while waiting for Judd

Knock on the door, enter Judd who asks anyone else here...you doing interviews?

Nick says he's talking to everyone.

Nick says he and Judd have talked a lot and he trusts him. Judd says there are a few ppl he doesn't trust and "are you with them"

Nick says he trusts GM, Jeremy, Aaryn Kaitlin...

Judd says if he gets HOH next week he will make a bigger move...says don't F it up for me cos I have a couple ppl in mind.

Judd says anything else? Says "you can rely on me"

Nick says he feels really good but "being on the block, dude, it's like oh man..."

Nick says it's the only legit way you can go home and the more he talks to people the better he feels.

Nick says everyone he's talked to, it's pretty much the house...landslide victory

Judd says he doesn't feel there is anything she (Elissa I guess) can do to benefit his game...They don't talk about personal stuff and she can't just have a conversation.

Judd says he feels bad evicting anybody because everyone sacrificed a lot to be here...FOTH

Back and Judd says Elissa pulls him into a corner and they say it's "shady as shit"

Judd says he never really talked to Helen but he never considered voting for her...Nick says Helen is pretty cool with Elissa and Judd says uh huh!

Judd says he likes Nick and Andy probably better than anyone here...Nick says he likes Andy and he thought he was going to hate him at first.

Judd says he wants to ask him, nothing to do with the game, only just for fun...says Nick needs to ask GM on a Big Brother date. Judd pushes tonite and Nick says no this would be the worst night and maybe when he gets HOH.

Judd says tonite, people will be bringing you food and drinks...Nick says again "tonite???"

Judd says yeah but you need to dress up. Nick says better when he gets HOH and Judd says what if you never get it. Nick says "I WILL get HOH..."

Judd says it's either the no-floater thing or the MVP thing that made everyone have to play early {that WAS the idea I think}

5:55pm BB Time

Amanda and McCrae are in the lounge and she is pretty much repeating the entire conversation she had with Nick.

McCrae says what did he say about me...about the whole you controlling me thing.

Amanda says Nick says he trusts her but she thinks he does not trust her {bingo...me either}

5:57pm BB Time

BB announces and Indoor Lock Down

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Guest 6Borders

6:04pm BB Time

Jeremy, Andy and McCrae are in the lounge discussing socks.

Andy says this is when he gets (nervous?) is when they are on lockdown.

Jeremy says he just like to play,..he's like a big kid

They discuss what the HOH comp will be. Andy says he hopes it's not one of those comps where you have to eliminate people because that just causes trouble.

Jeremy says he is not really gunning for anybody, that's not his nature. Kait comes in and interrupts the conversation.

{BB keeps switching the cameras on me so I missed some of the conversation}

Conversation is teasing about lying. Andy says he's really a straight football player, playing a roll, and it's his strategy to get as many women as he can...{feeds switch...I vote to eliminate that camera person -6Borders}

HOH room: GM and Nick are discussing the Big Brother date the house seems to be planning.

Aaryn is back on Kaitlin this time...saying Kait keep saying "she's on the block, she's on the block..."

Aaryn and GM are on the Bash Kait Train now...Kait's boob accidently fell out right in front of Nick...{I don't get the rest because the cam switches and is determined not to let me switch it back...grrrrr!}

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Guest 6Borders

6:12pm BB Time

HOH room: Discussion about cutting hair. GM is doing nails.

Andy says one of his biggest fears in the game would be shaving his head because he would look like an alien.

Jeremy says he would totally be down with shaving his head.

Discussion about the show and that it's back to the normal schedule now. Andy says being taken off Tuesday and put on Thursday is an upgrade for sure. They say they must be doing good.

They discuss that there season is "The Most (fill in the blank") season. Suggestions are drunkest, more boobs, ...etc.

GM tells about a calendar she was on (Feb something). GM says she even had the bathing suit and BB took it away from her. GM is back on "so mad" that she has no glitter. Someone says "didn't Rachel have a lot of glitter".

Jeremy (I think) says they really cracked down on that this year.

GM is trying to think of the proper pronouncation of "tiara".

GM is trying to think of a word she made up yesterday..compenitazation ??

Discussion about what to do tonite. Kait says they are going to be locked down until the HOH.

Aaryn tell Kait she has an attitude.

Discussion about places to eat. Someone says Chilies has a strange menu. Nick says there was a place called Tumbleweeds and they discuss a place where you throw the peanut shells on the floor. General discussion about wht they like better than others.

Andy can't believe there is an Outback in Cleveland...asks Ohio or TN

Andy starts a game about what places you could veto (of chain restaurants)..Andy has to amend the game to cut out fast food places {I guess that would be too easy}.

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6:26 PM BBT big group in the HoH room. General chit chat about their best and least favorite restaurants. Meanwhile in the bedroom Kaitlin and Jessie are in the bedroom talking about being bored and homesick. Kaitlin asks her about Elissa sleeping in her bed last night. When Judd joined them Elissa got up saying her husband wouldn't like it. Kaitlin "she should have stayed in the Have-Not room."

6:36 PM BBT Amanda to McCrae in the Gold Room. "I feel really good about this. There will be no proof against us. I can't believe how close these votes are."

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Guest 6Borders

6:22pm BB Time

Kait and Jessie in the Color Room.

Kait is relating that she was told she would probably go home next because she's in a showmance...and that Jeremy is playing her {must be Aaryn because Kait mentions "psychology reasons" she used}

Jessie said "she" is being defensive...Kait says "she hangs out with Jeremy more than she hangs out with me"

Jessie says it will be better next week because she won't be HOH. Kait says that Aaryn thinks she is going to be the biggest target.

Aaryn says Amanda is always going to her and saying things...that the house is the popular athletics vs the misfits.

Kait says Aaryn also exaggerates things {gee...the light bulb goes on!!}

Kait says "I don't follow her around" Jessie says don't let it upset you and Kait says it's starting to.

Kait says Aaryn tells her she has attitude and she has not had an attitude all day, not at all, and she's been laughing all morning and making food for everybody. She says "I don't say anything snotty" {I lost track of whether I heard this conv more from Aaryn or Kait"}

Jessie says she is homesick today...nothing sounds fun. She says she's excited for tomorrow...at least they get to do a comp.

Whispering starts about the sleeping arrangements. Says Elissa was upset when Judd got in bed with them even tho Jessie was in the middle. Says why not just go sleep in the Have Not Room anyway?.

Kait asks where Helen slept and Jessie says she thinks the Have Not.

Jessie says Judd keeps trying to snuggle with her {wishful thinking???}

Kait offers to come down and sleep with them tonite!

Kati and Jessie whispers "he's so cute". Kait says "he wears all designer clothes (she did his laundry).

They wonder what he really does...Kait says he works for the gov't in the courthouse..land deals.

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Guest 6Borders

6:33pm BB Time

McManda in the cockpit lounge: He's trying to fix something...she says someone is full of shit.

McCrae keeps saying there is no point in telling her...Amanda is mumbling something I can't hear.

McCrae says "if we keep her it's not going to matter"...

Amanda says "I feel really good about this tho...I feel it's a secure thing". She says there is no proof that you and I didn't vote the way (they are telling people?) unless Howard or Spencer or Jessie (change their vote).

Amanda says he (Nick I think) really does trust us now. Amanda says she can't believe how close these votes are..it's usually like a landslide. McCrae is still playing with a corkscrew. Amanda says "I'm watching you"

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6:41 PM BBT Andy has joined Amanda and McCrae in the Gold Room. Amanda confirms they are on board for voting out Nick but they do want assurances that Jessie is with them. Andy tells them that they are looking at 6 or votes. They are still unsure about Spencer. Andy "He doesn't talk game to me at all. I've been around him all day." It appears that Judd is getting credit for getting people to consider this option. Amanda "good going Judd, Farmer Man."

6:48 PM BBT Elissa is talking to Kaitlin in the BR. Elissa "you know you were an option to go up and your boyfriend didn't even attempt to save you." Kaitlin "he's not my boyfriend, pump the B word... we are having some tiffs right now." Elissa "they are going to do what's best for them." The conversation stops because Candice is playing "would you rather" and has a new question for them.

6:53 PM BBT Back to Helen and Andy in the Have-Not room. Andy is trying to find out (at Amanda's request) whose names were used when she discussed the poker strategy to Jessie. Amanda and Andy are nervous that their names will be mentioned and that this can bite them in the long run. According to Helen she listed them all but not to worry because she's on board. Andy "I hope so."

7:00 PM BBT In the bedroom is Elissa, Kaitlin, Candice, Jeremy, Judd, and Andy having what Candice calls "would you rather sex edition."

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#BB15 7:00pm BBT: Amanda/McCrae in cockpit, most other HGs in bedroom chatting. McCrae won't makeout with Amanda

#BB15 7:09pm BBT: Aaryn joins Amanda/McCrae telling them that all the HGs are in the bedroom talking, and they're playing "would you rather". Aaryn doesn't want to hear/know about the other people's stuff.

#BB15 7:11pm BBT: Aaryn is mad that Kaitlin stained her bathing suit

#BB15 7:16pm BBT: HGs in bedroom are trying to get GinaMarie and Nick to go on a date tonight

#BB15 7:24pm BBT: Helen joins "Would you Rather: Sex Edition". Nick/McCrae in KT

#BB15 7:32pm BBT: Gina/Aaryn in HOHR. Aaryn complaining about the game

#BB15 7:40pm BBT: Nick asks a question- would you rather move to a tropical place, or the dessert. Jeremy "we're asking sex questions, and you ask where you'd rather live?" Nick: "Sorry, bro, I'm not 23 anymore"

#BB15 7:44pm BBT: Howard goes to HOHR w/ Aaryn. She is complaining to Howard about the game

#BB15 7:46pm BBT: Aaryn doesn't want to talk in front of Candice/Elissa bc it will give them ammo against her. She doesn't think the girls like her in the house. Howard tells her the women are catty because they're jealous of her because she's smart/beautiful/athletic

#BB15 7:51pm BBT: Howard saying that Amanda is dangerous and using McCrae and hanging on him and hasn't left his side since he won HOH, he can't even think for himself

#BB15 7:54pm BBT: Aaryn doesn't feel comfortable with Kaitlin because all she thinks about is her showmance

#BB15 7:58pm BBT: Aaryn: "Once Elissa leaves there won't be another alliance, because no one is trying to run stuff. They're all going to come over here"

#BB15 8:01pm BBT: Amanda to McCrae "I don't think there's anyway, after veto, we would be on the block together" McCrae "Famous last words..." Howard comes in, they're complaining that they're already on indoor LD and hope it's not another physical comp

#BB15 8:04pm BBT: Howard making the rounds, now talking to Kaitin in HN room. Kaitlin complaining about Aaryn, Howard trying to make her feel better

#BB15 8:07pm BBT: Howard tells Kaitlin that Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlin have a great chance of getting MVP with Elissa out (HAHA!)

#BB15 8:17pm BBT: Judd talking to McCrae/Amanda about Jessie's vote, Judd is trying to get Jessie to evict Nick. Judd says Howard/Spencer are 100% with Jeremy/Nick. McCrae says he'll vote Nick out if Jessie's vote is 100% solid

#BB15 8:21pm BBT: Howard talking to Helen/Elissa in HN. Says he's 100% for voting off Nick. Saying he's concerned about Amanda

#BB15 8:26pm BBT: Helen telling Elissa/Candice that Jessie will vote to evict Nick. He knows she's low on the list on the other side, also that Spencer is definitely with the other side. The girls, again, agree that Howard isn't with the other side, at all. Candice "knows for sure", and said they are both so angry with Aaryn for the racial stuff, and that their families would never forgive them for not standing up for their race. Elissa says she's made homophobic remarks and says she can't even repeat some of the things Aaryn has said. Candice said Andy had his feelings hurt

#BB15 8:30pm BBT: Helen has given nicknames to Jeremy (George), Aaryn (Dolly), Kaitlin (Martha).

#BB15 8:32pm BBT: Howard rehashing his convos to Spencer in the WA

#BB15 8:34pm BBT: Spencer/Howard in WA: Spencer "Amanda is talking __ about me and you, she's flipping and trying to pin it on me and you.. What she doesn't realize is we're voting that way too, so it's going to be a landslide and she's going to look like a B__"

#BB15 8:42pm BBT: Elissa/Candice/Helen in HN room: Candice talking about nominating Aaryn. "All I know is I want to reality TV gold. I'm gonna give a snap, and twirl, and smack my butt. I nominiate YOU- Aaryn Shaniqua and all the black fish that are at the bottom of the tank- you are now on the block"

#BB15 8:55pm BBT: Elissa/Helen/Andy talking about beds for the night- Elissa asks if Andy would be ok sleeping in the same bed with another guy. Andy "I'm ok. but the other guys wouldn't want to sleep with me". Elissa: "That makes me sad"

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9:00BBT: Jeremy and Kaitlin are playing chess looks like

everyone else is in the kitchen they are playing some kind of game with

two chairs and some kind of stick laying acrossed it

9:10BBT: Spencer joins Jeremy and Kaitlin playing chess

Howard and McCrae are in the storage room just the same thing, whose with whose,

and about that five that we were talking about (I guess that group that they made

9:11BBT: OK the game with the broomstick is they are trying to hook a string onto

the broomstick by throwing it, the string has something tired to it can't really tell what

guess this is a new game??

9:15 Aaryn and Judd are in the storage room and Aaryn finds a beer in the refg, she

and Judd down it really fast.

9:20 not much to report HGs are in the kitchen Amanda cooking something Aaryn looks

like she wants to make something, GinaMarie is in the HoH listening to music Jeremy and katilin are there with nick

and Judd

9:30BBT: Candice is in the shower, Jeremy is cooking, Amanda is making funny noises, even Elissa is in the kitchen just

standing there, Aaryn sitting at the counter looking mean

9:40BBT: Judd and Jessie are now in the bedroom I think those two have a thing going on

everyon else is playing the ladder game or just standing around, in the kitchen

9:46BBT: do these people know how to wash their hands before digging into the cooking pots

Andy just got some mac and cheese out of the pot and put the same fork back in for another scoop after

he ate from it, Jessie is making frosting I think and keeps licking her fingers and putting them back

into it, Jeremy and Kaitlin or in the HoH kat just laying in the bed Judd and McCrae are in the lounge room

just chillin

9:50BBT: Jeremy and Kaitlin are making out in the HoH (YUCK) and Elissa is doing Candices hair

10:00BBT: spenc, Andy and Howard are in the lounge room talking about Amandas shitty cake, and how to mess it up

like it's already messed up, jer, mcc, are in the storage room looking in the cabnets and we now have the shitty shady fuck club according to Helen

who is now talking about whose who in the new ssfc

10:01BBT: Mcc has a small bowl with water and shampoo in it I think he is trying to make bubbles, he has

a ring string it in, Helen and Judd and Howard Andy and spence are joking around in the lounge room

10:05BBT: this is too funny guys can't even make bubbles, and we are getting a lot of short

forths Jeremy looks like a fool trying to blow bubbles not doing it ( guess that's one thing the big jerk can't do blow bubbles)

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10:15BBT suprisenly its been a pretty nice night no mean stuff going on so far nite not over yet, however one note

elissa is off by herself in the bathroom it look like just standing there, no one is paying any attention to her at all

(this is just sad)

10:36BBT amandas lemon cake is done andy was called into the Dr and the hg want aolocohol but dont think they will

get it with the HOH comp being tomorrow.

10:46BBT not much is happening andy is out of the DR aayrn is taking a shower, mccrea is in there with her not in the shower in the

bathroom lol most of the HG are in the lounge room talking about movies and such oopis not aayrn in the shower its amanda

11:00BBT aayrn gets the first piece of the lemon cake no suprise, and jessie gets the next piece.

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