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Sunday, July 7 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.

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Guest 6Borders

7:44am BB Time

Everyone is sleeping except Helen who appears to be getting dressed in the Have Not Room.

She gathers some things and puts them away in the closet, walks thru the living room making a detour through the kitchen and off to the WC.

Looks like Kait and Jeremy are stirring {at least it's the bed they have been sharing}}

7:48am BB Time

Elissa is now up and in the WC. (She also wandered thru the kitchen on her way there).

Helen has gone back to bed.

Elissa comes out of the WC and washes. She is holding her hand over her eyes like the light bothers her and heads back to bed after putting on an extra shirt

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Guest 6Borders

8:26am BB Time

GM is now up and uses the WC {I suspect she will be heading back to bed}

Confirmed..GM went back to bed

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7:07am Andy gets up to use the bathroom. The rest of the HGs are sleeping.
7:48am BBT Helen got up, looked at the time on the microwave, went to the bathroom, and back to bed. Elissa got up too and they passed in the kitchen, but didn't talk.
8:28am BBT Gina Marie's turn to get up. These HGs need a lesson in handwashing - it requires soap!

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Guest 6Borders

10:30am BB Time

We have FOTH and the lovely theme song so BB must be (Finally) getting the up for the day!

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Guest 6Borders

10:39am BB Time

Nick is up and wandering thru the house.

Judd is changing batteries or mic in the storage room

Jessie is starting ADL's in the bathroom {and looking like she was run over a few times}

BB say "Buenos Dias Houseguests" and those up say "wha?????"

Judd remarks "oh man, it's 10:40"...says it twice and says he can't believe he slept so late

Jessie says she went to bed at 12:30 and slept 12 hours {the math is a little off}

Judd says he is still sleepy and Jessie repeats "Buenos Dias Houseguest???"

10:43am BB Time

Judd has wandered into the storage room for batteries or mic change.

He goes back into the bedroom, changes out of pajama pants for boxers and climbs back into bed with Amanda.

Bathroom: Judd is lounging and says "Day 17"

Jessie starts with the practicing...if you could backwards Day 16th was... and proceeds to account for events on which days {it's way to early in the BB day for this}.

BB says sternly "the bedroom lights must remain on"

Judd and Jessie are going back and forth on dates and what happened!

10:47 am BB Time

BB Says "Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin...I SAID the bedroom lights must remain on during the day!!!"

Jeremy apparently gets up and turns the lights on in the HOH and gets back into bed between Aaryn and Kait

Jeremy mumbles something about we are the only good looking ones with the lights (off I think but he was mumbling so it was either off or on).

10:48am BBT

Andy is up and doing ADL's in the bathroom.

Judd is still wandering...says he's going to put a hat on or something.

Jessie is still primping

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Guest 6Borders

10:51am BB Time

Jessie is in the kitchen starting breakfast and Judd is still wandering saying he can't decide on a hat and he can't believe he slept this late..informs up he is usually up by 7-8am and 8am (BB Time) is 11am his time {he really should be acclimated by now}

Judd asks if she wants somthing to drink and she says coffee. He offers to make some

BB says "Elissa, Helen..." (I could not hear what it was over kitchen sounds..possibly put on mics as they are up {sort of} and talking.

Andy comes into the Have Not room and one of the girls says "good morning cutie" and asks how he slept.

10:54am BB Time

Howard is up in the color room and making his bed {a BB first this season}

In the Have Not Room Elissa looks like she is going to lie back down and sleep.

Candace rubs her eyes and heads out the door.

Elissa puts her eye mask back on and pulls the covers over her head

Someone says "I want to go home...sit over here" { I don't know who it was or who they were talking to}

10:57am BBTime

Helen is at the hammock talking to Spencer and Andy. She seems to be pitching "keep Elissa" again. Says she is loyal to their alliance but says "she" thinks Jeremy and Nick have an F2 deal.

Helen leaves and Andy/Spencer are talking about McCrae and Amanda...says Elissa will keep getting MVP and it's a strong power and why would be vote that out?

Andy says why give Jeremey, Kaitlin and Nick the power (by getting rid of Elissa)

Andy says he trusts Spencer more than anyone because Spence is good at figuring things out.

Spencer says he is pretty much undecided right now...there are pros and cons.

Andy says what are the pros of getting rid of Elissa...Spencer says one of them (alliance) has a good chance of getting the MVP. Says with this Brenchel Army BS..Helen got a huge amount of votes {couldn't hear the number...apparently BB is telling them by how many votes the MVP won and who got 2nd, etc}

Andy is still pitching Elissa staying.. Spencer tells him his fears (Andy's) are based on Andy thinking they will get HOH.

Andy says it's so dangerous to keep Kaitlin there {apparently he thinks America will be mad if they vote out Elissa but is not scared of Jeremy's wrath if they vote out Kaitlin}

Andy says it scares him that every day they (other side) change their mind...says McCrae and Amanda are shady and we get FOTH

11:08am BB Time

{I will be WBRB myself - 6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

11:15am BB Time

Spencer and Andy still in the hammock talking about the numbers

Spencer says don't bring it up to anybody...no matter what anyone says just watch because they could be working a shady deal. Says Amanda and Elissa are close and the 7 might crumble and they could get to the jury.

Andy is still driving the paranoia train and Spencer says "just watch"

Spencer says don't bring it up because he needs Amanda to trust him...says Amanda is constantly is constantly scheming and is going to do the best for her and McCrae and not what is best for the group.

Spencer says something about the MVP...Spencer says if Elissa leaves that he is pretty sure everyone will vote Candace out the next week.

Candace joins and the conversation stops and Spencer switches position so he does not get sunburned and almost flips Andy out of the hammock.

Candace asks what they are talking about...Andy says they are just discussing the MVP stuff and asks what Candace is thinking. She says definitely Elissa, but says she does not give straight answers...Candace says she is on our side and she will vote with the majority.

Andy thinks the 3 of them (he, Spencer and Candace) are ok...that Elissa won't use MVP to put any of them up.

Candace asks "what do y'all think" and Spencer says "that's what we are tying to figure out"

She says Jeremy says if Elissa does not go home he is going to never put her up again and just play his game.

Candace says there are good competitors in the house and other ppl have a good shot at winning.

Andy says they still have 3 days and not to think too much or freak out, just watch. Andy goes to change something.

Spencer says it's getting hot so they are going over to the couch and get out of the sun.

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Guest 6Borders

11:24am BB Time

Elissa is in the bathroom doing ADL's.

Howard and Jeremy are looking thru the house, into bedrooms {prob trying to find a safe place to talk}

Jessie and Spencer are wearing sunglasses in the house.

BY: Judd, Spencer and Andy on the couch. Andy says they all need to trust in each other until they can't

One of the girls asks something and conv is interrupted as Candace joins. Talk turns to coffee and tea!

Candance asks if today is Sunday, Andy confirms and Judd chimes in that it's Day #17 {all game talk has been suspended by the arrival of Candace}

11:27am Jeremy and Kait are still asleep in the messy bedroom

Candace calls out to Helen asking if she can put on a new pot of lima beans {lazy girl, do it yourself} and then says when Helen is ready to make slop balls Candace wants to learn how to make them. Jessie joins the BY crew and talk is just general chit chat.

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11:58 PM BBT:

Elissa and Jesse in BY elissa is asking jesse if she will vote with her to vote out a guy. Jesse hems and haws and says that she will vote with the house and she thinks the house will vote that way. elissa is being specific and trying to explain to her that she needs to find out who will make a deal with her tht she has no allies in the house and tht her aim to to get rid of people who are against her. Jesse says tht if she was HOH she would not put her up. Aaryn asks who and she says Aaryn has issues with you. If you are going after strong guys - the obvious choice would be Nick. Elissa whispering. Cant understand her. In the course of the convo elissa says tht aaryn is a party girl and tht she is a mother, etc.... convo ends with elissa saying, cool? Jesse says yes.

12:02 PM BBT:

Spencer and Howard in Pantry. Spencer whispering difficult to hear. spencer basically saying tht he is going to vote elissa off because jeremy is controlling this week and he will go with him. he thinks it will also serve to scare the people on her side.

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Guest 6Borders

12:03pm BB Time

Spencer and Howard in the storeroom discussing voting.

They are whispering and it's very hard to hear...says they will talk later

{I think they are saying they are definitely voting Elissa out but I am no longer sure...hope someone else was able to catch that conversation}

It's brunch time in the BB House

Spencer says 'there has got to be some ham"...will have to dig thru everything to find it.

Andy says "only one crackle left"

Spencer is fixing something with ham

12:07pm BB Time

BY Jessie is on the couch smoking. Candace is on the eliptical and says "talk to me Jessie Clair"

Jessie says she doesn't know what to say. Jessie asks if she has ever been to Galveston (Texas)...Candace says yes

Talk turns to past relationships (nothing really new there)

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12:06 PM BBT:

Elissa back outside with Jesse doing her best to convince Jesse tht she needs to ally with her. Sighing. Elissa laves. Candice on elliptical trying to talk like Jeremy asking Jesse to talk to her. Jesse says she doesnt know what to say. Candice asked her if she goes to galveston. Jesse says yeah. Etc....Candice talks about boyfriends.

12:08 PM BBT:

Howard whispering to Andy. Again with the Just Watch and to respect Spencer's fears. He is talking about someone making a deal - I think, Helen. He is against it saying tht they will be shooting themselves. Andy saying tht elissa will not flip on helen and that spencer is too paranoid spencer says no just trying to figure out all the options.

12:10 PM BBT:

Andy saying no way tht elissa would go with amanda, etc... tht she hates those people and rumors to the contrary are BS no way would she do it.

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9:00AM BBT: All feeds show the housemates still sleeping.

9:30AM BBT: All the housemates are still sleeping and snoring away.

10:35AM BBT: Feeds are currently on FotH. Could be wake-up call for the housemates.

10:44AM BBT: Howard, Nick, Jessie, Judd and McCrae are in the out of bed and doing their ADL's. BB: "Buenos Dias, Houseguests".

10:51AM BBT: BB keeps telling Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlyn that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Jessie, Judd and Andy are in the bathroom doing their ADL's. Andy is surprised that it's almost 11. Judd is surprised he didn't wake up on his own.

10:57AM BBT: Feeds cut to Elissa and Helen in the HN room. Elissa whispers "Jessie" and Helen says thats all she needed to know, thank you. Not sure what the context was as Elissa's mic wasn't on, and the feeds had just cut to the room. Helen leaves, and Andy comes in complaining about how his neck hurts.

11:05AM BBT: Spencer and Andy are on the hammock in the BY. Candace comes out and sits beside the hammock. She tells them that she overheard Elissa talking to Nick last night asking if he'd vote out Candace if she put her up. She says that Elissa is under the belief that Nick and Jeremy have a final 2 deal. Candace leaves. Andy says he doesn't feel comfortable voting with the house and evicting Elissa because he thinks he's the next target. He feels Jeremy doesn't trust him. Spencer says he's still undecided, there are both pros and cons. Spencer says the pros would be that they would have a good chance of getting MVP, getting rid of a bully. Spencer says he hates Candace. Andy says that he doesn't feel like they're going to go after Candace, she's dead weight. Why take out someone like Candace when they can take out someone else? Andy says it's dangerous to keep Kaitlyn here, she's a s*** disturber. It's unsafe if we keep Kaitlyn, it's much safer if we keep Elissa. Andy says that what scares him is that they change their mind everyday.

11:12AM BBT: Feeds cut briefly to FotH. Spencer says that he thinks that Andy's fear is based on Jeremy getting MVP each week. Spencer says that if Elissa goes, the 7 is still intact. Jeremy's smart, but he openly talks about who he hates. He believes he'll honestly go for Candace. Spencer tells Andy to wait to see how this POV will shake out and go from there. Helen sits beside the hammock. Andy tells Helen he's starting to lean towards the way Helen is thinking. They have a quick chat, and Helen continues running laps.

11:20AM BBT: Jessie is in the kitchen cleaning. Andy says that even if Jeremy screams and threatens them, it wont matter because they have that one vote. Andy says that he thinks they're portraying Elissa as a victim. Andy says that if Elissa doesn't get MVP next week then they'd cut her loose. Spencer is afraid that an alliance this big is tough to maintain because of the conflicts of interests. He worries about McCrae and Amanda flipping. Spencer says not to say anything, but to watch them regardless of what anyone says. Spencer says if that happened, they could work out some kind of shady deal. Spencer says he trusts McCrae more than Amanda. He says Amanda is constantly scheming. Spencer says that if Elissa goes this week, Candace would go next week without much plotting and scheming.

11:25AM BBT: Candace comes out into the BY and sits beside the hammock. Candace says that she'd vote with the majority. Candace says that Jeremy said he'd come after those who didn't vote Elissa out. Andy says he hates that kind of gameplay. Andy says let's not freak out yet, we still have 3 more days. Andy leaves to change his micpack, and Spencer and Candace move to get drinks.

11:31AM BBT: Judd, Spencer, Andy, and Candace are sitting outside on the couches. Candace said she had a bad day yesterday, but is feeling better. Andy says he doesn't mind slop, but he's just sick of it. Spencer leaves, and Jessie sits down. She says BB told her the drier is fixed now. They chat about the Insanity workout and possibly doing it later today. [insanity is quite possibly the MOST tough workout I have EVER EVER EVER done!]

11:41AM BBT: Judd, Candace, Andy and Jessie chat about Amanda Bynes, and speculate what is going on with her. [i am not touching that topic with a 10 foot pole...] Spencer is playing pool with Howard. Elissa and Helen are running laps.

11:47AM BBT: Judd, Candace, Andy, Kaitlyn, and Elissa chat in the BY about which celebrities they think are hot. They chat about musicians which leads to singing and warnings from BB to stop singing.

11:54AM BBT: Andy and Judd are sitting on the sofas in the BY by themselves. Not too much happening this morning. Spencer and Howard are still playing pool. Jessie is doing laundry. Candace is in workout clothes. Howard encourages her to just do it.

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Guest 6Borders

12:08pm BBTime

Spencer and Andy in the kitchen. Sounds like Andy is being paranoid again and Spencer is saying "just watch"

Spencer says he thinks Amanda is trying to flip the 7 and take Elissa with her.

Andy says he thinks Spencer is paranoid...Spencer says he's not, he's just trying to figure out all the options.

Andy says something about Helen (I can't hear over the noise)

Andy says there is no way Elissa would go with Amanada...says Elissa hates all those people and no way. Andy says he is positive Elissa would not go with Amanda...keeps repeating "no way, no way"

Spencer is trying (again) to think of senarios {I don't know why they waste their time with this every year since their best laid plans rarely happen. -6Borders}

Andy finally gets up {which is good because I was sure he was going to tip that chair back any minute and go over backwards}

Jessie and Andy are in the storeroom.

Andy is freaking out..feeling like he's being pulled in every direction

Jessie says did Elissa throw her name up (for replacment for Jeremy)

Andy says he has not heard a word about either of their names...Jessie says it's basically a scare tactic

Says Elissa told her she would not put her up unless she Jess) went against her (Elissa)

Jessie wants Elissa out because of the whole MVP thing...does not want to have to kiss her a$$ every week..tells Andy they (the other side) are afraid Andy is going to swing the other way (switch sides)

Andy wants to know who they are going after. She says Candace and the...um....Elissa and then Candace.

Andy says Helen is my girl but... says he does not like being bullied.

Andy says tell them to just cool it unless he gives them a reason not to trust him.

Jessie says no way she is going up that it's going to be Candace or Nick. Jessie says she heard yesterday that Elissa was going hard core (to get Jessie out or put her up???)

Jessie says what should I tell her. Andy says don't even say you have my vote, just say you're totally cool with me, but not promise her vote.

They discuss when Elissa has to make her decision by and maybe she has already made it (in secret in the DR).

Jessie says I don't want to piss her off and she puts me up...Andy says he needs to stay in Elissa's good graces because he does not want that to happen {I have to say the MVP twist has created more paranoia than I have seen in 14 seasons...-6Borders}

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12:14 PM BBT:

Andy and Jesse talking abt elissa and she is telling andy exactly what the plan is. He asks who they are going after and she says not him they are going after elissa candice and helen - she whispers pls dont tell tht. she tells them tht they are not going after him and he tells her tht he is with them to pls tell them tht. she claims tht elissa told her tht jesse's name is being pushed to be put up hardcore. andy says he has never heard tht. The encourage each other and talk the talk. he says tht elissa is going to go tht he was just talking to spencer and he is on the same page tht she is to go. Jesse asks what do I tell her when she asks for my vote. Andy says use semantics. just say what they want to hear. Jesse says she wants her gone because she doesnt want to fear her weekly with the MVP. She is afraid that elissa might put her up. Jesse doesnt want to "piss her off." Andy says tht he is nice to her and tht people have to understand why he is being nice to her. They concur tht they feel the same. Jesse asks him to have her back if it ever comes back tht she said she would be with elissa - tht it was only for show. He said tht he would.

Edit. I think I got the rooms wrong. The guys were in another room and apparently Jeremy went back up to HOH - to the girls.

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11:57 AM BBT Elissa is sitting on the BY couch with Jessie. Elissa wants to make a deal. "If I put a guy up, will you vote them out? We need to get the strong guys out." Jessie isn't ready to commit.

12:01 PM BBT Jessie tells Elissa that Nick would be the only guy she would be willing to mention at this point but wants to think about it.

12:03 PM BBT Spencer and Howard in the storage room. They worry that Amanda may try to pull Helen over to their side. They agree they need to stay close to Helen.

12:10 PM BBT Correction: Spencer thinks Amanda is going to try to flip Elissa. Andy to Spencer "You are being paranoid. No way she is turning against Helen.

12:13 PM BBT Jessie pulls Andy into the storage room. They think they are in similar positions "being pulled in several different directions". Elissa had told Jessie that her name was dropped for a possible replacement nom and was trying to bully her into a vote. Jessie says that is why she is leaning towards Aaryn and Jeremy.

Andy "who are they going after?" Jessie "Elissa and Candice" Andy "No one has mentioned your name."

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Guest 6Borders

12:21p, BB Timre

Kitche is Spencer, Elissa, Howard and Andy

Talk is avocados have 30 grams of fat but it's good fat and good for you.

We learn Elissa puts avocados in almost everything.

Talk about a boutique/deli Elissa goes to...everything is super fresh

Andy says he's going to do one quick press on the bench press

12:22pm BB Time

Candace is still working out. Andy does a bench press and he and Helen are in the hammock.

Helen is whispering "definitely Nick"

Andy says if Elissa goes that means Nick will get MVP every week {honestly, I do not know where they come up with this absolutes -6Borders}

Helen gets up and says something about 5 more minutes and leaves.

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Guest 6Borders

12:28pm BB Time

Howard and Spencer taking in the lounge area...Howard is eating.

Spencer says "her and Marilyn (his GF) have the same body.

General talk about women!

12:32pm BB TimeAndy joins them and then Jeremy (who apparently just work up from the look of him)

Discussion about something that will be today (sounded like salmon ?) Andy says it will be

BB tells Jeremy to change his batteries...Andy says "idiot"

Andy is joking with Spence and Howard...says just want to let you know I am MVP and you're going up!

Andy says it is hot out today. Asks were you guys happy you didn't participate yesterday (in the POV comp).

Spencer says he has mixed emotions about that....says he wants to participate in costume challenges.

Andy is apparently hoping for a luxury comp. Says if they have a have/have not comp this week and he loses he is going to have a meltdown. Andy counts the days...they have been in the house 17 days and Andy has been on slop 12 of them {he really has a good attitude about this}. Andy says "2 more days..I can do that"

Andy says he hopes it's an HOH choice and not a comp that he loses and goes on slop.

Jeremy says if he wins he will not put Andy on slop again.

General silly talk and laughter. Andy says he's an alien and if he lasts 4 weeks he gets to probe everyone {I'm not touching that comment one way or the other -6Borders}

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12:24 PM BBT Helen and Andy on the hammock. Helen has told Andy that she suspects Nick is Dan's brother. Elissa had told her that BB was thinking about bringing Dan's family member into the game and that Dan was going to be commenting on the live feeds daily. Helen "why would he do that if his brother wasn't in the game?" Andy "If we get rid of Elissa then Nick will get MVP every week.

12:30 PM BBT Jeremy fake falls onto the ground. Spencer "You gonna get another spider bite if you keep laying on the carpet like that." Andy to Spencer "I'm going to cut the drama today. I'm the MVP and you are going up. Just wanted to give you a heads up."

12:37 PM BBT Andy, Spencer, Howard, and Jeremy sitting together. Andy has Spencer's hat balanced on his knee. Spencer "get my hat off your knee, no idea what kind of bodily fluids be on it." Howard "Andy and those X Files knees." Andy "yeah, that's the twist this season. I'm an alien."

12:41 PM BB the boys are talking about Judd now. Howard says he talks in his sleep. He will start laughing while sleeping and then wake up still laughing about it. Jeremy "that boy is crazy....reminds me of Jude Law"

12:53 PM BBT Helen has now joined the boys. They briefly discuss the costumes that have been worn in previous seasons. Jeremy to Spencer "You would look FANTASTIC in the baby costume" They others laugh in agreement picturing Spencer as a big bearded baby with the diaper, bib, and the works.

12:58 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the BB house. Jessie has now joined the boys and Helen. She is eating a bowl of cereal with the biggest spoon. It looks like she is eating her cereal with a soup ladle.

1:04 PM BBT Andy "DR only calls me in about once every four days so I am probably getting about 30 seconds of air time....but when they do I am funny as *****" Jeremy "Nice of you to self proclaim."

1:21 PM BBT Spencer is making his pitch to Jeremy to refocus his energy away from Elissa and to target Amanda for the backdoor. He tells Jeremy that they can guarantee Elissa safety and she will play along with them. Amanda is a crap shoot. She is working McCrae and everyone listens to her and McCrae. Of course Spencer is quick to mention that he will never move against M.C. but that Jeremy needs to think about it. Jeremy said he would think about it but for now, Amanda can't win anything so he wants things to stay the same.

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