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  1. I noticed the clean clothes too. From watching feeds for many years, I do know they sometimes make them put on an outfit from a previous day to do follow up questions. They've been in the house for a week or so, so there would have been time for the clothes to have been cleaned and the follow ups done a day or two later. Not sure if that's what happened, but it's certainly a possibility.
  2. I agree, Fred and there's no clear person I want to win, either... it ebbs and flows by the day.
  3. Am I the only one who initially liked Devin and was burned, and then liked Derrick and is questioning.... Is anyone able to get into chat yet? I don't get the toolbar at the bottom anymore.
  4. I think you may be misinterpreting what she meant by "liberal". Fox News has turned it into a derisive term, but it can mean other things: - favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression - tolerant of other people - giving and generous in temperament or behavior
  5. It's clear by what was said and by the two screens off the kitchen instead of the wall of HGs that we are indeed in store for two teams. This definitely sets things up for blood vs. water or old vs. new. I just hope the veterans are new ones and not the stale ones we've seen too many times.
  6. 7:00am BBT HGs are all sleeping 7:57am BBT Snoozefest continues... 8:05am BBT Spencer gets up to use the bathroom. Economizes on time by running water over the tips of his fingers on one hand (we wouldn't want to actually wash!) and wiping his dirty hands on the towel. Then back to bed for him. Next up was Helen, who did a little better - she actually put soap on her hand and rinsed it right back off. 8:39am BBT Andy's up to visit the facilities... and back to bed.
  7. 6:08pm BBT The HGs are having the nomination ceremony - who do you think is going to be put up? 6:47pm BBT We're still waiting to hear the outcome of the nomination ceremony - stay tuned! 6:59pm BBT Looks like Howie and Spencer are nominated. Lots of dancing in the storage room and HOH.
  8. 4:05pm BBT HGs appear to be on an HOH lockdown. They're talking about previous BB HGs - Chicken George, Amy, Marcellus, Lisa, etc. 4:11pm BBT Talk about media day. They decide Jeff looks exactly the same in person, except maybe a little cuter and a little grayer. 4:16pm BBT HGs are talking about trying the cinnamon challenge and how popular it is on YouTube. 4:19pm BBT Elissa goes into the bathroom and tells Amanda, "Oh my god, I can't handle it!" Now they lament about how stupid they all are. 4:21pm BBT Elissa says that she wants to go to production and ask to go home. That she "shouldn't have to be subjected to rude and defamatory".... and we get FotH. 4:23pm BBT Elissa - "how stupid are they to make fun of someone's religion? I feel like I can't even read my bible anymore." 4:27pm BBT Elissa disgusted with a houseful of people that make racist comments and laugh at people's religion. She says they are so disgraceful and she is going to tell everyone when she gets out how horrible they all are. 4:30pm BBT Amanda trying to talk Elissa out of doing something stupid. She tells her she can't leave. (Amanda is worried that her alliance numbers will shrink.) Elissa gets up and turns on the water, then goes into the toilet. Amanda goes back to tweezing her nether regions in the shower. 4:33pm BBT Aaryn tells Amanda she wants to take a shower. The main room is quiet as most of the HGs have fallen asleep. Elissa enters the shower again and sits on the floor with Amanda, starting her rant all over again. 4:43pm BBT "Houseguests, the lockdown is over." They all immediately disperse. 4:44pm BBT GinaMarie says they took her key. Someone said, "It will be back." 4:46pm BBT Amanda is talking to McCrae and Judd but we can't see it on camera. She tells them to leave Elissa alone. She's in a really bad mood and wants to be left alone. She says they don't need her this week so they don't need to fix her. Something is wrong with the cameras. We're hearing conversations, but the feeds are all on FotH. 4:48pm HGs are noticing some things have changed in the house. Roscoe had 5 babies while they were on lockdown and Gina's key is gone. Helen and Aaryn are in the storage room and tells her she has the votes to keep her. 4:51pm BBT They're going to keep telling Kaitlyn she's safe. The new alliance is Helen, Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, McCrae. Spencer, Howard and Candice can't know... neither can Gina and Kaitlyn. Next week they'll go for Spencer. 4:52pm BBT Helen leaves and Aaryn dances around the storage room. 4:57pm BBT Amanda and Andy in storage room. She tells Andy that Elissa is in a bad mood because she's on her period. She tells him to let it blow over. She doesn't have any power this week. Andy doesn't even understand what he did to offend her.
  9. 6:56am BBT Most good HGs are sleeping, but for some reason Helen is cleaning the kitchen. Judd's alarm is flashing, but not currently making noise 7:13am BBT The producer (not BB voice) asked Helen if she would clean the two windows above the stove, "since you're already cleaning the kitchen". They seem to have the noise from Judd's alarm muted on the feed showing his room, but you can hear it in the background on one of the others. That may be why Helen is up. It sounds pretty loud. 7:35am BBT Judd woke up and hit the snooze on his punishment alarm. Helen is still cleaning the kitchen. 7:36am BBT Don't try this at home. Helen has bacon cooking on the stove and left the kitchen to go use the bathroom! Very dangerous! 8:02am BBT Helen has finished cleaning and eating breakfast, now she appears to be massaging her foot. Meanwhile, Judd's alarm is beeping away. Everyone else is sleeping away. 8:05am BBT Helen isn't massaging her feet, she's removing polish. Couldn't see through the chair. 8:15am BBT There was FotH so I thought it was a wake up call, but if it was it didn't work. Helen has gone to talk to Judd. Says she had an 8:00 curfew and had to wear a blindfold and wasn't allowed to talk to anyone. Said it was brutal. Explaining to Judd why hers was worse than his. 8:17am BBT Judd says he has 9 more hours. Helen says she has curfew again tonight. She purposely got up very early so she would be more tired tonight. The earliest she's allowed to get up is 5am. 8:19am BBT Helen is shocked he can sleep through the alarm. She says it's really loud throughout the house. Says everyone slept, but you can definitely hear it on the other side of the house. She lets him go back to sleep and leaves. 8:30am BBT Andy gets up to use the bathroom and Helen practically jumps him she's so eager to talk to someone. He wasn't having it though and went back to bed. She's now whispering to herself in the kitchen. 9:00 am BBT HGs are all still sleeping except for Helen, who last we saw was in the bathroom.
  10. 12:05pm BBT Conspiracy theories abound in the house. Dueling convos in HOH and HN room about who could have put up Elissa. Was it Elissa, was it Howard? None of the theories make sense all the way through, so they're very confused. 12:08pm BBT McCrae and Amanda working separate groups to get Howard backdoored if someone comes down. 12:10pm BBT Amanda joins the HOH group and thinks she has it all figured out. They think Elissa put herself up because she got some kind of special power and knows she won't go out. 12:14pm BBT Amanda does her impression of Elissa coming into the HOH last night. They all are sure she knows something. Kaitlin worries she can send both Kaitlin and Aaryn home. 12:15pm BBT Kaitlin doesn't want to come off the block because she doesn't want to vote Aaryn out. 12:16pm BBT Helen in Storage room with Aaryn. Says she and others know it's not Aaryn that put Elissa up and to be cool. Aaryn tells Helen that MVPs can put themselves up. Helen says she thought of that too. 12:27pm BBT McCrae tells Kaitlin he wouldn't take her down if he won POV. Kaitlin doesn't want to win it, but thinks she could get MPV if she won a second one in a row. 12:28pm BBT Spencer, Judd, Kaitlin, McCrae think the veto comp will be Dirty Santa. McCrae goes to DR, the others try to figure out who they know didn't get MVP. 12:31pm BBT Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, Helen, Candice in lounge room planning who gets the Masel in the next talk show. 12:35pm BBT Howard talking to Judd in Storage. He says he thinks MVP is Elissa and that she is trying to frame him. 12:37pm BBT Judd goes downstairs to take a nap because everyone is always in his HOH.In the Lounge room Helen says she'll do what the house wants if she wins POV even if it means Elissa stays on the block. 12:40pm BBT Spencer, Howard, and GinaMarie talking about Elissa having MVP. Howard again saying that she's trying to frame him. Candice joins them on the HOH bed. 12:42pm BBT Lounge room crew talking about the next comp. Candice tells Howard that she thinks it's Amanda. He doesn't agree. 12:45pm BBT Candice says, "Who are they going to put up?", and Howard points at himself. Says he's been trying to tell everybody that. 12:48pm BBT Howard and Candice look like they want to devour each other as they lay across the end of the HOH bed that Spencer and Gina are laying in. 12:50pm BBT Aaryn asks McCrae if he'll leave the noms the same if he wins POV. He says he has to. Aaryn looks very depressed. Helen and Amanda whispering at the chess board. Helen says Aaryn verified that you can put yourself up if you're MVP. Amanda says she thinks that she did too. 12:52pm BBT Andy joins Helen and Amanda. Amanda says that if he wins POV he can't use it. 12:52pm BBT Andy joins Helen and Amanda. Amanda says that if he wins POV he can't use it. Helen asks if she wins can she tell her Elissa the house doesn't want her to, that it's too risky? Amanda says yes. 12:57pm BBT Gina leaves HOH and Candice asks Howard and Spencer if they trust Gina not to tell Elissa what they said 1:04pm BBT McCrae talks to Elissa about the theory of her putting herself up. She says it's crazy and that would be a waste. He says for sure it wasn't Amanda because she would be screwing him. 1:06pm BBT HGs are feeling anxious about the upcoming comp. 1:11pm BBT FotH - Could it be veto time? 1:13pm BBT - yep, it's veto time. The feeds say the HGs are playing a game.
  11. 4:04pm BBT Kaitlin and Amanda talking about guy's alliance and who they wanted out. Amanda says that Helen is not in the best position when she's not HOH because she was supposed to put up Howard and didn't. Amanda says she 100% has Kaitlin's back. 4:07pm BBT Amanda telling Kaitlin that consistency is important. The people who float back and forth between HOHs drive her crazy. 4:10pm BBT Amanda tells Kaitlin that the reason Jeremy can't stay is because the house believes he would have enough allies to turn the house. 4:10pm BBT Amanda says they need to be on the same page because there will be a double eviction at some point. She wants Howard and Candice out. 4:11pm BBT Amanda tells Kaitlin that she needs to be in GinaMarie's ear if she gets HOH. Kaitlin says that if they keep Jeremy she controls him. Amanda says Elissa wouldn't be on board. 4:13pm BBT Helen, Elissa, Howard, Candice making snacks and drinks in kitchen. Several HGs on couches in by. Amanda/Kaitlin laying out and plotting. Aaryn sunning alone. 4:20pm BBT Kaitlin still paranoid that she's next to go. Amanda telling her that Candice is definitely before her. 4:25pm BBT Amanda and Howard bear hug, then Amanda goes back outside. 4:28pm BBT Amanda getting ready to take a shower. Most of the HGs are talking about food in the BY. 4:30pm BBT Judd called to DR. McCrae goes inside. The group in the BY breaks up. Andy and Jessie move to the hammock . She says that people are spreading rumors that she's in an alliance with Howard, Candice and ?. 4:34pm BBT Andy and Jessie saying they are sitting pretty as long as they stay strong. He reassures her that they have her back. Says Jeremy keeps asking him how the votes are going. Jessie nervous about Kaitlin and Amanda whispering. Andy says it's nothing to worry about. 4:37pm BBT GinaMarie joins Andy and Jessie on hammock. Andy calls Kaitlin over. They're rehashing comps. McCrae looking at the ring he made for Amanda and pacing. Now he's showing it to Elissa. She loves it. 4:39pm BBT McCrae needs to figure out Amanda's ring size. Elissa says they wear the same size so she tries it on. Elissa is gushing. McCrae filled with nervous excitement. 4:40pm BBT McCrae planning their date for after dinner. Hides the ring in his stuff in the HN room. 4:42pm BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy making eyes in the pool. McCrae sitting alone on the couch in the BY. Jessie and Andy join him from the hammock. 4:52pm BBT Elissa tells Helen that someone is trying to turn the votes, but I couldn't hear who. Helen says, "Well then she'll be out". 4:55pm BBT Kaitlin tells Jeremy she hopes they bring him back. Then they start kissing. Judd asking McCrae if he should tell Aaryn to cool off. They say they don't care about the girl's alliance. 4:55pm BBT McCrae tells Judd that Jeremy scares him too much to keep him in the game. Says that Kaitlin is playing him (Mc) and Amanda. Says Jeremy is more dangerous than the girls because they will go after each other and Jeremy will come after him. 5:00pm BBT Amanda, Helen, and Andy plotting in the lounge. Jeremy told Elissa who told Helen that Aaryn is coming after her. Amanda says Howard and Spencer will come after her and McCrae. They say Jeremy is going home for sure. 5:03pm BBT Amanda tells Helen that people are saying Howard, Candice and Spencer have power over her since she didn't put up Howard. They confirm they want Howard to go next week. 5:11pm BBT Howard/Spencer playing Chess, Kaitlin laying on top of Jeremy while lip locked in the hammock, most of the others sittin on the couches in the BY talking about drinks. 5:14pm BBT Gina and Helen talking in HOH bathroom. Gina asks if Jeremy is going out. They both say there are other things are going on. Helen says Aaryn is targeting Helen and Elissa and Jeremy has promised her the world if he stayed. Helen frustrated because she told her she was a pawn and that she's safe. Gina says that she heard that Judd was saying she was going to put up Aaryn. 5:16pm BBT Gina says there are two options for her. She likes both Aaryn and Jeremy. Helen tells Gina that she is safe with her (how can everyone be safe?) Gina says she doesn't have a deal with Aaryn and that she would choose Helen over Aaryn. She and Aaryn are friends but no deals. Option A - write down Spencer to keep her word with her friends. Option B - vote against Jeremy to vote with the house. Option C - vote against Aaryn, then no one will trust her because she voted out a friend. Helen advises her to tell everyone in the house that she speak to the HGs and tell them she wants to make relationships with them and that if they need her to vote out Aaryn, she'll do it for them. 5:20pm BBT Helen advising Gina NOT to vote out Jeremy. 5:22pm BBT Helen and GinaMarie say that the attitude that Jeremy has right now is great and if he had done that from the beginning he would have won the game. 5:26pm BBT Now Helen is advising Gina TO vote against Jeremy. The advise changes as she goes. 5:32pm BBT Gina says everyone thinks Howard is throwing comps and that they say they need Jeremy because he's the only one that can beat him. Helen says she doesn't think Howard is throwing anything. GinaMarie says she doesn't want to see Kaitlin and Jeremy on top of each other and making out all the time. (You're not alone in that!) 5:37pm BBT Howard explaining the workout they're going to do to Aaryn. GinaMarie and Helen continue the same conversation stated in 20 different ways. No other cameras to choose from. 5:42pm BBT Helen talking about the night that Aaryn flipped Candice's mattress and the racial slurs. Saying it has no place in the game. GinaMarie says she heard about it and agrees that she shouldn't act that way. 5:45pm BBT Helen telling GinaMarie that if she gets HOH she needs to do what the house wants and then they'll accept her. That now the house wants Jeremy out... they also want Aaryn out, but they want Jeremy out first. 5:46pm BBT Helen advises Gina to talk to McCrae and Andy - that they are trustworthy and have a lot of friends. 5:52pm BBT GinaMarie tells Helen she doesn't know how the decision was made to put her up. Kaitlin, Jeremy, and Aaryn spent several nights alone in the HOH room and they didn't explain it to her. 5:55pm BBT Amanda getting ready for her date, Howard training Aaryn (not working out himself), Andy's favorite color is cerulian - oceanwater blue. Not sure where everyone else is. 5:58pm BBT Andy goes up to HOH to find out what GinaMarie wanted. Helen tells him that she was asking if she should vote Jeremy out.
  12. 5:00pm BBT Jessie/Andy studying; most of the others are in the LR saying they can't study anymore because it will confuse them 5:01pm BBT Andy sounds like he really knows his stuff in great detail. 5:04pm BBT Spencer called to the DR. Amanda and McCrae talking about how crazy Gina will be after the vote. 5:09pm BBT Amanda says she doesn't trust Candice at all. McCrae says to keep her close. 5:10pm BBT McCrae/Amanda talk about the vote surprising the Kaitlyn/Aaryn/Jeremy crew two weeks in a row. She says she's going to make out with him somewhere tonight. 5:14pm BBT Elissa says this is the most competitive cast ever. Spencer and Candice agree. 5:15pm BBT Howard asks Elissa to quiz him. Most of the HGs are being rowdy in the bedroom. Lots of nervous energy in the house. 5:17pm BBT Spencer says if he wins HOH it will be luck. Elissa tells him to have confidence. 5:20pm BBT Aaryn questioning Judd's loyalty. He says he's tired of explaining himself. Aaryn says he's obviously going to vote with Jess because he told her what Aaryn said. 5:23pm BBT McCrae, Candice, Amanda, Elissa cramming. Aaryn comes in, but they continue. 5:27pm BBT Correction, it's Kaitlyn quizzing Howard, not Elissa. They're wearing the same color. 5:32pm BBT Aaryn telling GinaMarie about her fight with Judd and that he's telling Jessie everything she says. Gina goes and summons Judd into the storage room. Gina tells him that she knows Aaryn told him to take the bracelet off, but he should leave it on. She says Nick and her have his back and they're on his side. 5:35pm BBT Gina tells Judd how much Nick likes him and how she knows he'd never put him up. 5:38pm BBT Howard telling Helen and Candice that after Nick gets voted out he doesn't want them questioning his loyalty ever again. 5:42pm BBT Howard says the other side will know he's not with them once they see the vote and he doesn't want to be mistrusted anymore. Candice says it's because Spencer is viewed as untrustworthy. 5:47pm BBT Jeremy tells Howard that the vote is 5 to 6. 5:49pm BBT Jeremy says they've got the votes unless someone in the MC votes against them. Howard hedges and says he's not sure about McCrae because of Amanda's influence. 5:50pm BBT FotH. Here we go!!!
  13. 7:07am Andy gets up to use the bathroom. The rest of the HGs are sleeping. 7:48am BBT Helen got up, looked at the time on the microwave, went to the bathroom, and back to bed. Elissa got up too and they passed in the kitchen, but didn't talk. 8:28am BBT Gina Marie's turn to get up. These HGs need a lesson in handwashing - it requires soap!



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