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9/1 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00PM BBT: Nothing much happening in the BB house right now. Feeds show Danielle is laying on one of the couches in the LR awake. Frank and Jenn are trying to nap in the MBR. Exicting stuff, folks!

9:00PM BBT: Danielle gets up and tries to get into the SR, but BB wont let her. She puts her ear to the door and says "Please BB". She tries to get into the DR next, and they let her in. FotH.

9:21PM BBT: Feeds come back to show Danielle standing at the breakfast bar eating some food. Other two cameras show Frank napping.

9:29PM BBT: Danielle says "We have no food because Jesse came to the house today and Jessie took all of our food. What a douche. I'm starving.". Danielle now eating a piece of bread and making a cup of tea. Frank has gone to the washroom. when Frank is done, he tries to get into the DR. Danielle sees him and says "Not letting you in? I just went in and asked them about it and-" FotH.

9:35PM BBT: Danielle sipping her tea in the LR [Me too!]. Frank has gone back to bed.

9:40PM BBT: Danielle is done with her tea, and lays back down. Feeds now show s sleeping Jenn, Frank, and Dan.

9:44PM BBT: Danielle is talking to herself in the LR. She says that all the houseguests are sleeping, and that there will probably be a veto tonight after showtime is over. Frank has gotten up again and asks Danielle what she's doing, and she says talking to myself. Frank continues on (presumably to the kitchen or washroom, and Danielle continues to talk to herself about past weeks.

9:48PM BBT: Frank and Danielle talk about how BB wont let them into the SR, and we get FotH. When the feeds come back, Frank has gone back to bed, and Danielle is silent.

9:56PM BBT: Danielle gets called to the DR. Feeds now show a sleeping Dan, Frank, Jenn (with sunglasses on), and Joe.

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A riveting night in the BB house (not)

Danielle comes out of the DR and tells Frank the competition is NOT tonight. She asked in the DR.

Frank alerts Joe and Jenn, Joe tells Dan and Shane. Ian, Dan, and Shane are still asleep. Frank and Jen in bed, but not asleep.

Danielle complains in the SR about the food "gross, BB! this is disgusting." She complains in the SR for about 10 minutes. "Salsa... BUT NO CHIPS... Hummus... BUT NO CHIPS."

Joe and Danielle are the only ones up and around. Danielle tells Joe that people are going to be mad that they didn 't wake up, since they'll all wake up super early in the morning. They debate if they should wake the others. Danielle building a lego castle, Joe asks her if she's hungry. Danielle building her castle alone at the table, while the others (minus Joe) are in bed.

Finally, Frank and Jenn are up and around. They say just because they aren't playing the comp tonight, doesn't mean it's not a fast forward (they have been speculating it will be a short 'week' , but obviously don't know that a DE is coming on thursday and it will just be a regular week.)

Frank admiring Danielle's lego castle. Ian still sound asleep in his bed, he is the only one that hasn't been informed that there is NOT a competition tonight.

Finally, Frank goes to tell Ian that there is no comp tonight, about 30 minutes after all the others found out. He doesn't seem to care, and goes back to sleep. Dan and Shane also went back to sleep.

Danielle: "all this healthy stuff is so bad."

Ian and Shane up and around now. Ian offers his junk food if people are wanting something sweet.

Ian reveals to everyone (sans Jen & Dan) that he's relieved there's no comp tonight. People are now buzzing around the kitchen, cooking "Jesse approved food."

10:34 BBT Frank and Jenn talk. They believe if Dan or Danielle wins the POV, they will pull one of them down and they can vote Joe out. Frank doesn't think Dan will win, though. They agree Danielle will win it before Dan will.

The HGs got "Jesse approved food" to eat this week. From listening to them they DO NOT GET: sliced roast beef, sliced ham, regular eggs, any type of white bread (english muffins, etc), beef, avocado, no bacon, no cheese at all, no chips, no hamburger buns, no sugary drinks, no beef at all. They DO get: wheat bread, sliced turkey, turkey burgers, chicken, salsa, fish, hummus, egg whites, water, healthy cereal with raisins inside it.

the HGs are upset they don't even get organic chips, and are sad they don't have cheese for their turkey burgers.

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10:08PM BBT: Frank is up and in the washroom, rinses his hands, and stands at the backdoor. He puts his ear to the door, and BB yells "Stop That!". Frank starts to head back to bed, but stops to stare at the memory wall for a minute. Danielle is done with the DR, and Frank and Danielle head into the SR. Looks like it got replenished with fruit. Danielle says they only have what Jesse approves. Camera 3 shows FotH, but have audio in the SR. They both check out the fridge. They have a bunch of salsa, but no chips. "Danielle: BB, are you trying to tell us we're fat? This is crap! JESSE I HATE YOU."

10:09PM BBT: Danielle comments that the veto is at the normal time tomorrow. Frank asks if she's sure, and she says "Thats what I was told." and we get FotH.

10:11PM BBT: Jenn and Joe join Danielle in the SR, and Joe comments that they slept for nothing (since the veto reportedly isn't tonight). Danielle complaining again that they have a bunch of hummus and salsa, but no chips. Danielle says that they're going to starve all week, and Joe says they'll be fine.

10:19PM BBT: Joe and Danielle are in the kitchen. Danielle asks Joe what she should build with the lego. Joe says she should build a castle where Rapunzel lives. Joe says he would have thought they would have gotten them up for showtime if there wasn't going to be the veto tonight.

10:26PM BBT: Frank joins Danielle and Joe in the kitchen. Danielle asks Frank what he thinks of Danielle's castle, and he says it's B-E-A-Utiful.

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10:35 pm BBT Dani complaining about health food. Ian stumbles downstairs. Joe is making turkey burgers. Dani doesn't want one this late. Finally signs of life tonight!

10:40 pm BBT Dani finally succumbs to the temptation of Joe's turkey burgers and says she will have one too.

10:49 pm BBT Shane Frank and Joe are talking about their breast preference on women with Dani listening. They all agree natural is better but Joe says Dani's look nice. Shane says they aren't fake. Joe says what?! Dani asks if they look fake? all the boys don't answer and switch subjects.

11:04 pm BBT we get flashing periods of Foth. When we come back the HGs are speculating whether or not Jessie uses steroids. Frank doesn't think so because he doesnt show physical signs. Frank sings we get fish. Back to them speculating on weird events surrounding POV. Dani sings we get Foth. back they are looking at the health food.

11:12 pm BBT Camera men are certainly bored. one feed on the fish tank. on is just on the blocks the other two are on the table while Dan says someone needs to retire Jessie from BB.

11:21 pm BBT We have started drinkin. Both Frank and Joe plan on getting tipsy. For now all gen chit chat around the KT.

11:35 PM BBT Three feeds on fish and one watching the table. The HGs still making small talk about Canada, songs stuck in their heads, and orange juice. Frank sings the song in his head we have all Fish feeds now.

11:49 pm BBT HGs are talking about hair/hat preferences. Frank says he never wears a hat unless he is running to the store. They all agree they hate when people leave the stickers on the brims of hats. They hate when people leave the tags on shoes too.

12:00 am BBT Ian says he is thinking about not opening the toys and donating them to charity. Happy birthday Dan!!!!!!

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12:06 am BBT Dan left the table and is laying by himself in MBR. Ian brings up Brit being in jury alone with Ash and that they will have nothing to talk about. Everyone has a good laugh about it. Joe talks about production and we get fish

12:15 am BBT Dan and Dani in MBR . Dan says his dream final three would be him, Dani, and Jenn. He says maybe Joe but Jenn preferably. Dan says Shane could steamroll to the end with wins and it would be better to get him soon. Dani is telling him what Brit said about Dan. She tells Dan that Brit said for Dani not to be crazy and think Dan would lay down and die in the end for her to win. Dan says his speech will be about knowing he could pick the one person he could coach to the end. He tells her to go so they don’t get caught talking.

12:18 am BBT Dani sits with Shane in the LR and says she needs to talk to him later he says ok. They move on to missing their hoh rooms.

12:25 am BBT Shane asks Dani if she has alot of friends. Dani starts telling him about all her friends individually. Ian walks in with a creepy monkey he got from Pandora’s Box and creeps Dani out. Shane laughs and Ian leaves. She goes back to her story about her friends.

12:38 am BBT you can tell Joes had a few glasses of wine while he tells Dan how to turn corn into syrup. He goes through the whole caramelization process. Frank pulls Dan into SR and tells him he is worried because Dan's key was last out of the box. Dan says you think ill be replacement? Frank says maybe. Dan says then best case is what? it stays the same? Frank says no use POV on Jenn and have Joe go up. Frank says he has to work Ian or win pov.

12:42 am BBT Frank has a feeling Ian is after Joe not Dan. Dan says he doesn't buy that if Ian is saying he has bigger fish to fry. Frank says Joe is big to Ian. Dan says he will go up and see what he can get from Ian later.

12:51 am BBT Jenn and Joe goofing around in the kitchen about her being on the block. Jenn says 37 yr old woman playing with effing cars here man what am I doing. Dani tells Shane all about her old boyfriends and how she feels about marriage and divorce and so on.

12:59 am BBT oh man Ian is in hoh by himself listening to arctic monkeys. He is standing in his bed dancing and doing air guitar

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01:03 BBT

It appears that Danielle is teaching Joe to hula hoop. One would think he'd have it down by now...

Dan walks into the KT. Dani says, "We're trying to teach Joe how to roll his hips. Dan says, "The thing you have to remember is… this guy's old!" he points to Joe, who laughs. Joe says, "It's work though! Who wants to go to work while they're dancing?" Dani says, "It's ALL stomach!"

Dani breaks out some more complicated dance moves. Joe says, "Wait, wait! I wanna do it. Go slower!" She demonstrates again and he tries. He's a pretty good sport, but Dani is still a much better dancer! Joe tries another move and Dani laughs, "No Joe… like this!".

01:12 BBT

Ian and Dan are up in the HOH discussing past house guests and how the current house guests compare. Meanwhile Jenn joins the dance party downstairs. She helps Danielle in teaching Joe some more new moves.

01:21 BBT

Dan and Ian discussing random BB things - a lot about what Ian got in his HOH room. Jenn, Danielle, and Joe are still dancing up a storm in the KT.

Dan asks Ian about… smart people like him… like… does he have OCD? (Dan was trying to word things very tastefully). Ian says yes he thinks he does have OCD, although the main thing he has is ADHD. He constantly has to move in order to think, for example. Ian tells Dan about being in the gifted program at school.

01:33 BBT

Dan asks Ian how he can retain so much knowledge if he can't focus on anything. Ian says he's not sure, but he does know that if he experiences something, he can remember it. Dan asks why he didn't want to take meds. Ian says his parents and him just weren't comfortable with that. He says IDL are just hell for him because he can't stay still.

Danielle has moved on to teaching Joe line dancing now. Meanwhile Dan asks Ian about his constant need to move. Ian says sometimes at home he has to disguise or try to hold in his rocking b/c his family doesn't want him to make it obvious around guests. Dan asks about his inability to read social cues. Ian says it's like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.

01:40 BBT

Dan asks if Ian's autistic b/c a lot of his behaviors are similar. Ian says there are similarities, but he knows he's definitely not autistic. Dan wonders when Ian realized he was really smart. Ian says he could write his alphabet in preschool. Ian asks Dan what you have to do to qualify for teaching. Dan says he taught for years w/o being certified. He says certification doesn't make a good teacher though.

01:51 BBT

Ian and Dan start to talk about BB casting calls this season and we get FOTH for a bit. Looks like the dance party downstairs has stopped. Shane is in there now, and he, Jenn, and Joe are just chit-chatting about nothing in particular.

Joe tells them that he really does want to learn some more about how to dance because he wants to take his daughter to the father-daughter dance and feel like he knows what he's doing. Shane and Jenn say they'll have to teach him some more moves this summer.

02:01 BBT

Dan and Ian talk about controversial words and situations that have come up this season and past seasons. Ian wonders if anything he has said will show up on TMZ. Dan doesn't think so.

Dan tells Ian not to worry about outside news gossip. He says to remember the Dumbledore incident last year (when Jeff exploded about how horrible it was that a character in a children's story was gay). Dan says, "Now THAT made it to TMZ." Ian says, "Yeah… I mean what I said (about 9/11) wasn't controversial… it just wasn't articulated well."

02:10 BBT

Joe gives Jenn and Shane relationship advice, "When you stop searching… that's when you find what you didn't know you needed." Danielle comes back in the KT - she says she wishes they had music to dance to.

Ian wants to know how America views him. Dan thinks probably well - he's a pretty likable guy. Meanwhile, Joe, Shane, and Danielle head to the SBR. They're in bed but still sitting up and talking, lights on.

02:19 BBT

Lights go out in the SBR. Joe wonders where Dan is, "He's probably up there making a final two deal with Ian." Shane says, "Probably… he makes one with everyone. Whoever's HOH next week… he'll probably make one with them too."

Joe says if Dan gets to final two, he'd vote to give him the money. Shane says he wouldn't. Joe says, "Why not? That was the best move in BB history!" Shane says, "All he did was make a deal with someone." Joe says, "He basically saved himself from eviction! He came back from death!" Shane insists, "Anyone could've done that." Danielle requests that they change the subject to, "Anything but Dan."

SBR topics end up mainly on sex, kissing, and crying. Meanwhile Ian and Dan are in the HOH discussing BB trivia.

02:38 BBT

Nothing new to report. Ian and Dan still re-hashing this season of BB in the HOH. Joe/Shane/Dani still joking around in the SBR.

02:50 BBT

Joe gets up and reports that Jenn and Frank are asleep. Danielle, Joe, Shane decide to go to sleep and stop talking. Meanwhile in the HOH, Ian is promising to work with Dan in this game. Talk turns to Ashley. Ian says she is a really sweet girl and he enjoyed her company but conversation wasn't stimulating or interesting. He says Ian was jealous that he could talk for hours with Brittany.

Dan gets up to head downstairs. Ian says thanks for keeping him company. Dan heads to the WA to get ready for bed. Everyone else in the house is asleep.

03:02 BBT

Dan heads into the SBR. Someone asks him what time it is. Dan says about 3 and then get's into his bed to sleep. And with that… since that seems to be the last of the HGs to go to sleep… that's my cue to get some shut-eye as well! See you all tomorrow!

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2:55 amBBT:

Ian tells Dan that the only way he gets nominated is if Joe wins veto. Dan asks him about what Ian would do in case of a tie; Ian has no problem voting out the person next to Dan. Not only does he want the quack pack to stay, but that it would look good to send Frank out ( assuming Joe uses veto on Jen/or she wins it).

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9:09 AM BBT

HG's are up. Some of them are moving. Ian, in green boxers, has gone back to bed in the HOH. Joe, Jenn and Frank are in the KT reading the caloric content off the labels of their food.

Joe is eating sunflower seeds from a silver metal bowl. Dan and Shane are snuggled up in Have Not Room. Ian in HOH room with covers over his head. Jenn sitting at the KT table looking really worried and nervous but not speaking.

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9:17 AM BBT

Jenn called to DR (they had to call her twice). Joe wandering around the house looking for someone awake enough to talk to. Frank gets up and helps him bring the towels from the SR into the WCA. BB must have brought them in from outside for them.

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9:39 PM BBT

Joe called to DR. Ian, who got fully dressed to go downstairs, comes back upstairs, gets undressed again, dims the lights, lays in bed pulls the covers over his head.

Everyone else is sleeping. Someone let a big one rip. Might have been Ian since he came out from the covers gasping, fluffing them up and then settling back down again. No one in the Sneaker Room seems disturbed.

9:45 AM BBT

Frank called to DR.

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9:56 AM BBT

Ian very restless under his covers, mumbles and cuddles the teddy bear. Jenn still staring at the wall.

9:59 PM BBT

Frank and Jenn talking, Dan and Frank worried about Dan's key coming out last. Dan spent some time last night trying to repair that relationship with Ian. Frank and Jenn want Joe to go up as the replacement if Frank or Jenn win. Jenn says, if you win and that's me and Joe then.. Frank says you've got me and Dan and don't worry.

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10:00AM BBT - 12:00PM BBT

  • 10:03- Shane & Dan are asleep in the SBR, Ian is cuddled up to his teddy bear in HOH. Jenn & Frank are sitting @ the KT table talking about Dan's key coming out last. Ian has said that Joe will go up as a replacement nom.
  • 10:07- Jenn is stressing about one of them winning the Veto & one of them coming down.They feel that they have the votes to save one of them as long as one comes down. Dani has been called to the DR. Jenn decides to go back to bed. Everyone sleeping except Dani ,
  • 10:16- Dani is in the WA putting on make-up before she goes to the DR.
  • 10:33- Ian has been called to the DR. Dani is still putting make-up on in the WA & has not gone to DR yet. Everyone else still asleep.
  • 10:40- Dani is making funny smiley faces in the mirror as she decides if she is done w her make- up. She even does it as she brushes her teeth.
  • 10:43- Ian is out of DR. BB calls Frank into DR. Dani tells BB she is ready for her DR as she puts on more lip gloss & waits.
  • 10:59- Frank is out of the DR & Ian is called back into the DR. Dani wants BB to hurry so she can do her DR & go back to bed. Frank tells her she cant go to bed w all her make-up on.
  • 11:03- Ian is out of DR & BB calls Jenn, who was sleeping into DR. Dani tells BB they are just being mean. In the WA, Frank is talking w Dani about what the Vto comp. might be. Shane is hosting the comp.
  • 11:08- BB has now called Dan into DR. Dani tells BB that she is so mad. Dani wants to staighten Franks hair. He says no, maybe someday.
  • 11:12- Dan come through the WA to do ADLs before going to DR. Frank tells him he looks skinny. Dan says he has lost 25lbs while in the house. He is down to 140lbs.
  • 11:16- Jenn is up & drinking coffee @ the KT table. Shane is up & talking w Frank & Dani in the WA about former season's comp's. Ian & Joe are asleep.
  • 11:25 -Frank says he does not have to worry about Shane beating him in todays veto comp. They all laugh about Joe thinking he has every comp in the bag & then is usually the first one out. Frank says he doesnt think Joe made it around even once in the last HOH.
  • 11:39- Dani has finally been called into DR. Shane, Dan, & Frank are chatting in the WA & Jenn is sitting alone in the MBR. She seems to be in deep thought.
  • 11:43- Dan went back to bed. Frank & Shane think that the next couple of weeks could be fast forward weeks since they dont have much time left & still have too many people.
  • 11:58- Joe is sleeping in the SBR, Ian is sleeping in HOH, Jenn is still sitting alone in the MBR thinking, Dan, Shane, Frank, & Dani are in the KT eating. Dan went to the HOH earlier to get the only box of cereal in the house. Ian had told the HGs yesterday, that they could have his box of Chex cereal when Jesse took all of the BAD food out of the house .

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12;00 BBT Just to catch you up on what is happening Joe and Ian are still asleep .... Jen is in Deep Thought in the MBR ... smiling on occasion, as if remembering something Fondly ... Shane Dan Dani and Frank did there own reminiscing in the WA about recent competitions , Past seasons , Fast Forwards, Double evictions, Jessie taking food

There Now all having Breakfast .. Jessie took the Froot Loops so Dan got some Rice Chex's from Ian's HOH Basket and of course Frank is Making his peppers, Onions and eggs Breakfast , then swears at Jessie for taking the Bacon

So now your all caught up on the action except the HG"s wish there was something to do on Mon, Tues, and Wed in the House much like we wish there was something to do as well

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12:13 PM BBT

Dan asking Frank if he goes to bars where 'older women' hang out. Dan thinks that Frank would do well there. He tells him to think carefully before he answers the question as he could be shutting off a pipeline.

Frank laughs and says he's not against dating 'older' women.

12:20 PM BBT

Danielle mentions that she was asked about the 'late night rendezvous' in her DR. We get WBRB. It comes back to Frank saying he got up to go to the WC nearly stayed up for awhile. "Poor Joe." says Danielle.

Frank says he's more like Dan than Dan realizes. Outside of this house he like a lot of alone time. Dan says this is the most interaction he's had in years. Frank totally agrees, he never liked going out. His friends used to have to pull teeth to get him out.

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12:54 PM BBT

They are discussing Canada. "America Light" Danielle has been to Toronto. Up in the CN Tower. They love their syrup up there. Poutine! says Frank. Fries with gravy on them.

[FTR - Poutine is french fries (preferably fresh cut and deep fried) with a special gravy and cheese curds. it is NOT just fries and gravy. Also: it seems to be tourists who buy the syrup sold in all the attractions versus Canadians consuming it in vast quantities ha ha - ZuZu, your resident Toronto born French Canadian]

Frank, Jenn and Dan then continue to have a discussion re: Canadian 'Ballet' 'i.e. the Strip clubs. They discuss Flesh Gordan's and how in Canada you can see good looking girls, clean clubs and get a nice steak dinner.

They all agree that Toronto has it going on. Dan says one of his fellow coaches says it was the cleanest city he's ever been in.

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1:08 PM BBT

They ask Jenn what girls she would want to kiss in the house. Jenn playing coy, says she'll text them later. Danielle says she got asked about the convo that her and Jenn had while she was putting away all of her dresses and we get WBRB.

Frank wonders if Joe understands what "Teach me how to Dougie" actually means. (Wikipedia it if you want to know)

They talk about showmances, Jennmances etc lol. Danielle tells Frank that he had a hiddenmance. Him and Ashley. Some kisses, some make out, they'd hide it with a pillow. Dan didn't know. He asks about Shane and Danielle. "What about it, there's nothing." she says Frank says he'd see Danielle come out of the HOH "Early Morning Style" he'd be up early and Danielle would come down the stairs he'd ask her where she was coming from and she'd try to say she got up early and couldn't sleep. They all have a laugh about it. She insists there was nothing, there is nothing. They've only had two kisses, in front of the whole house.

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1:00pm BBT Dani saying that Jani was always saying Frank was hitting on her. He denies it, says once in the first weeks he asked her if she wasnt married would she have a showmance with him and she said maybe.

Frank telling Dan about his brief showmance with Ash, they would sneak a peck kiss before comps, behind pillows.

Frank teases Dani about coming down from the Shanes HOH early in the morning. She says the only 2 kisses she has gotten were in front of the whole house. They call that a flirtmance.

They LOL over when Frank farted under the covers and Jenn went Brooklyn on him. Jenn says Kara says she (Kara) may have a chance to stay. They seem to be in a reminiscing mood, they talk about evicted HG and major events.

Frank wishes they would tell them when the comp is going to be. (Me too.) He thinks its only noon, Joe tells him its 1:25.

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Dani goes to lay down, Jenn comes and asks if she wants to hear something funny. She whispers to her and Dani breaks out laughing, says are you kidding me. (sorry no idea what she said) Shane comes in and Jenn laughs and leaves.

Dani tells Shane what Frank said about his and Ash showmance and what he said about Jani. Shane says there is no way he could date someone like her. $400 for a pair of shoes?!! or was it $700.

Dani asks Shane why both the guys sleep onto of the blankets. He says the thought of touching another dude in his sleep is just not making it. A girl he could care less but not an other dude, guys are gross.

1:40BBT Joe asks Shane if he is ready to host, Dani says she hopes he has to wear a candy outfit like she did. Ian sleeping in HOH, Dan sleeping in Arcade rm. Jenn climbs into the big round bed. Shane in one bed in sneaker room, Dani in an other, Joe in the third. Joe is playing with a yoyo.

Frank is also in the big round bed. Joe gets some clothes together (he is trying hard to be quiet) and gets ready to take a shower.

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Ian is awake and watching the LR on the spy screen. He gets up, (goes down the stairs one step at a time), goes to WA, says hi to Joe. Joe tells him every one is sleeping. Ian goes to HOH to get his Cereal, time for breakfast.

2:00BBT Ian and Joe at the table, they think the comp will be OTEV. BB has been building out there for ever. Ian says he thinks Frank is fast, could win that.

Ian and Joe general chit chat. Ian says he was in DR 3 times today. Joe says its always the HOH that goes in. Ian says BB needs to know where their head is.

2:08BBT Trivia

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