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8/25 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:02PM BBT - Dani tells Frank about how catty Ash was, and the lies she told earlier in the game with Janelle and later in the game. Dani said when she voted her out, it was personal. Maybe strategic since she couldn't trust her, but personal too. She apologizes to Frank. Frank tells Dani how he feels guilty about Mike and Ash going home. [This feels like the same convo he had with Brit earlier -- BBLuver]

Brit has joined the BY crew and is in the HT. General chit chat. We are getting WBRB because of the stories they are telling about people they know.

9:06PM BBT - The changing the table made a huge difference. The house feels so empty now. Even looking at it on the spy cam is eerie. Dani says it's a good feeling to know that they made it to the little table. To jury too, Frank says.

9:08PM BBT - Dani says people saw Boogie as his age was a hindrance to him.

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9:09PM BBT - Dani says the reason she put Janelle up was because she was tired of her catty talking about Janelle. She put Frank up because he almost never talked to Dani, and Wil was a pawn so she could BD Janelle.

Frank asks how many nemesis he has to get out of the house. Willie - he is cut off by Dani mentioning JoJo hating her, Ash not liking her. Kara was put up because people thought Dani was working with Frank and that they had a final 2. All 4 feeds on HOH.

Dani forgot to tell Frank something. Dani and Boogie were in HOH talking one day and he was telling her sometimes in this game you will align with people you never thought you'd align with.

Dani called to DR. She doesn't want to go. Frank doesn't blame her. Everytime he is in there nowadays, they start breaking him -- WBRB.

9:12PM BBT - Dani is on her way to the DR. Frank gets into bed to listen to his CD.

Still general chit chat going on in the BY. Ian rocking on the hammock.

9:20PM BBT - Jenn up doing laundry. Ian in the KT getting a snack. He is still pacing, muttering "Fuck off".

Jenn asked to put her mic on.

Ian holds up the golden ball and says "Hey Mom, look what i won today". Ian tucks his teddy bear in with his Tulane sweatshirt. His HOH basket is on his bed. Heads to the KT for more M&M's. Outside to join Brit/Dan at the HT.

9:24PM BBT - Frank comes downstairs, Jenn gives him a hug. She tells him where everyone is. Frank pokes his head into the SBR to say goodnight to Joe and Shane. He is heading to bed as he is worn out.

9:29PM BBT - Dan would rather see him go than Dani. She's come too far. He asks Jenn to watch over her. Jenn says she will till the end, they will be tight. Dan says there is only 5 more jury spots left, and then the final 3 compete. Dan says he & Jenn were neck and neck today.

Brit is called out for not having her mic on.

Jenn will help Dani prepare for competitions. Dani will have to trust her though, Jenn says. Dan will tell her that on the way out.

Ian on the hammock, Brit called to the DR.

9:32PM BBT - Jenn tells Dan Frank seems pretty down. Dan understands, he's been in a position the entire game to win or go home.

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9:35PM BBT - Brit tells Dani they need to talk about scenarios as she heads to the DR.

Dan saying if Frank sends him out, he wouldn't play personally. Frank believes if he doesn't win BB, Jenn really could. Dan says Jenn is really well liked. All it takes is one or two more people get caught, and Jenn is right there. Hopefully Dani is too. Jenn says she will be, she'll make sure of that. Dan says he is more of a killer and she has more of a heart so they balance each other out. Dani says "Touche". Dan says it takes 49 days and he hasn't seen Dani wear her glasses until today. Both Jenn and Dan compliment her on them.

Dan is surprised Jenn puts contacts in. He realizes she is up early everyday, which is why he has never seen it. Jenn says she is legally blind and cannot see without them. Jenn hurt her eye when she was taking her contact out and her cat would sit on her shoulder and batted at her and got her hand and made Jenn scratch her eye. Jenn cut through 8 layers of her cornea. Jenn was given ointment for her eye to wear for 24 hours, and that healed a lot of it. Her doctor called her a miracle.

General chit chat about Brit's yoga sessions. Talk turns to Ashley and how she'd play dumb to avoid being a target. She would be fluent and intelligent and then suddenly act dumb. That's how you knew she was an actress.

9:46PM BBT - Dani says she doesn't understand why Ashley stopped at the door when she was evicted and turned back to look at them with a blank stare. Dan agrees that was weird. Ash just wanted to belong to a group, Shane told her that she turned on him and Dani several times and lied and then Ash turned and yelled at Joe for not keeping his mouth shut.

Dan tells Dani she looks like Bristol Palin with glasses on. Jenn says Dani is way hotter than Bristol. Dani is never going to eat ever again now. Pre DWTS, Dan says, when she was skinny. Dani feels like she is a chubster. Dan says for crying out loud, Sarah and Bristol Palin are pretty!

General chit chat in the BY. Shane and Joe sleeping in the SBR on the other feeds.

10:01PM BBT - Brit joins the BY crew. Ian getting ready for bed, it looks like. He's called to the DR and mutters "I don't want go to the diary room."

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10:00pm bbt Frank has gone to bed in HOH, Shane/Joe are sleeping, Ian just changed clothes, and Brit/Dani/Jenn/Dan are on the patio talking.

10:10pm bbt Dan defends saying Dani looks like Bristol Palin, then they agree Dani looks more like Sarah Palin. Brit then breaks into doing a Sarah impersonation "I'm Sarah Palin, I can see Russia from my back yard."

10:12pm bbt when the patio crew realize Bristol's ex was named Levi, same name as Joe's son, Dan questions if Joe is actually married to Sarah Palin.

10:14pm bbt Dan reveals that in high school, he told his friends he made out with Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All.

10:18pm bbt Patio talk turns to Ashley twin videos. Dani explains the movie Beastly. Brit refuses to watch it, won't watch a movie if it has less than a B rating. If she's at Redbox and there isn't a good movie, she'll just leave, go home and watch Teen Mom.

10:20pm bbt Dani tries to argue that if Brit bases her movie choices on other people's opion... Brit sees where Dani is going with this logic, and tells Dani she is the type of person that likes ALL movies. Brit tells of another movie she saw on a plane, would have preferred to look at the back of the seat. Finally Brit agrees if she is jobless for 6-7 months, house is clean and dog is groomed, she may give Beastly a chance.

10:23pm bbt Brit won't watch a Katherine Heigl movie. "She reads a script and says, this is horrible! I'll do it!" Brit/Dani keep arguing about quality of movies. Dani/Brit like Breakup, but Dani didn't like they stayed apart. Brit did, because she needs some harsh reality in her life. [worth watching them on Flashback]

10:26pm bbt Dani loves Lord Of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight movies. Brit hasn't seen LOTR, but would get them from Redbox. Dani/Brit now having serious discussion about the Twilight special effects quality.

10:30pm bbt Ian/Shane up and about. (If Jenn would leave, the QuackPack could have the meeting they want to have) Brit tells Jenn she could watch Bride Wars on a loop.

10:34pm bbt Brit's favorite Julia Roberts movie is Sleeping With The Enemy, explains the plot to Dani who hasn't seen it. Dani's favorite JR movie is dying young. Dan metions Primal Fear(Which Boogie reference in his post-eviction interviews when explaining the reveal of Ian's deception)

10:36pm bbt Brit loves loves loves Pearl Harbor. Dan says they just had their movie card revoked. Only movie Dan walked out of is Knights Tale. Brit won't give a chance to No Reservations. Dani hasn't seen Eat Pray Love. Ian has made his way to the hammock.

10:39pm bbt Jenn goes to K. Dan wants to talk non-girl movies. First up, God Father. They laugh at Dani for telling Dan to 'tie a bone around your neck and play in the street'. They thought she said boner, not bone. Britney: Hashtag boner around your neck. Jenn is back on the patio with cake.

10:41pm bbt Dan mentions H.S. in a sentence, and Dani wants to know what it stands for. Dan asks what's the most he every laughed in the house? Dani starts guessing times Dan laughed, topic of Zingbot passing out causes fish.

10:44pm bbt between fishes, Dan tells Shane, who has joined the patio, they just recapped Heat Stroke 2012.

10:47pm bbt BB calls Frank to the DR. HGs shout back to BB that Frank is asleep. BB calls Dani to DR instead. Brit goes for cake and is back, now Shane is back inside to the SR for a snack.

10:50pm bbt Shane reports BB gave them 4 beers and a bottle of wine. Ian asks if it's ok, he told Frank he would 'bank' a can of beer for Frank.

10:52pm bbt Jenn goes inside, QuackPack meeting minus Dani starts. Ian thinks they are all on same page, depends on POV tomorrow. Ian says Dan can play for it, but... Dan is willing to throw it, asks if Shane wins it, is Ian in 1000%? Ian says he will tell Frank before hand, won't blindside him, says Frank said himself that Joe doesn't deserve to be here.

10:54pm bbt Jenn is back outside, Brit starts up the propane fire pit on the patio, and the Quack Pack meeting ends.

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11:05 pm BBT Brit Dani and Shane speculating veto will be a how bad do you want it comp. Dani says "I mentioned it wherever and they giggled." Brit goes maybe and then says they were telling Ian not to use his veto. Shane says who? Wizards? Brit says yeah and we get Foth

11:14 pm BBT Ian walks around talking to himself for a bit holds up his veto ball and tells his mom that they can put it on the fridge when he gets home he finally won something.

11:29 pm BBT QP minus Ian on BY couches talking whatifs. Shane said he should have been Ho week one things would be so different. Dani says don't wish that then we might not be here. Dan says maybe Shane would be showmancing Kara now instead of Dani. Dani gets super offended. Girls all agree he crossed the line a little.

11:33 pm BBT Dan says its a problem he has had all his life he jokes too much and crosses the line. Brit lets him know that Dani is sensitive cause shes not one of the dudes. Dan apologizes. He also says if he stops picking on you he doesn't like you anymore.

11:42 pm BBT Brit making fun of others accents. Brit says she has no accent its perfect she says not one word different. they then talk about finale night and who will drink with who. Brit says everyone is going to visit with their families and not have time to drink and party it up.

11:50 pm BBT Jenn is talking about a female friend she has never "engaged" with. Dan of course asks a million questions. Jenn says she doesnt want to ruin her friendship moves topics to talking about her guy friends and the fat that they can tell her everything. She says they are comfortable cause shes one of the guys but also can give the female perspective.

11:56 pm BBT Shane is rocking in his hammock and a still tired looking Frank just got out of bed and walked to the DR. The BY crew is talking about who they will have at the finale which brings in some Foth here and there.

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12:08 am BBT Dani goes over what Boogie said to her before his eviction. He told her the banana suit was his and he ant say much more but he knows what the cube is about. Ian asked if he said nurse Murphee? She says no. Ian says he was supposed to. She asked how long he had that planned and Ian says not even a couple hrs.

12:18 am BBT Brit goes over being recognized when she goes out places. She never turns down taking pictures with any one.

12:24 am BBT Joe is showing Dan how to make his matzoh. Joe makes the joke that when Joe cooks Dani and Brit will have to learn to do dishes.

12:29 am BBT Dani Jenn Brit and Shane going over who they will speak to after the game. Jenn says she holds no grudges we were all here for a purpose outside that purpose is over. Dani says she will think about talking to the people who made it personal but she will talk to most. They all agree they want to see Jani after. They know she doesn't care.

12:40 am BBT Joe is talking to Brit and Dani. he thinks maybe Shane is Franks bigger target because he hasn't said his name at all. Joe thinks it may be part of a bigger thing to get Shane and not say anything till it happens. Joe asks Dan if he has talked to Ian about veto. Dan says he is using Ian as his last resort.

12:48 am BBT Jenn and Ian going over the Double evict and why his decisions were they way they happened. He told her he doesn't regret his vote but does regret his original noms. He wanted it to be Shane vs Joe with Joe leaving.

12:56 am BBT Ian says he felt a great amount of disrespect for Boogie in his last few days so he didn't ear Ian's vote. Ian says the way Boogie told him not to play pool with Dan or Shane , he wouldn't get out of bed or practice for the next hoh sealed his fate.

1:00 am BBT Dani thinks she is the target and that Frank is telling Jenn Ian and Joe that he wants Dani gone. Shane says he will win Pov and that wont happen. He says he will protect her as much as he can. Shane wants hoh next week to get Pandora's box. He is convinced it is a power and he wants to protect them even more.

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01:01 BBT

Joe/Jenn talking in the BY. Joe thinks Brit would go up if Dan came off the block. They both hope noms stay the same though and Dan just goes home. Jenn says, "Yeah, that'd just be easier. That way the person I want to stay will stay."

Jenn goes inside to get a beer and notices that 2 burners were left on on the stove. She turns them off and tells the HGs outside. Joe says, "Oh." Jenn and Joe discuss who's going home - Jenn says Danielle is not going home for sure and hopes it won't end up being Brit against Danielle on the block.

01:13 BBT

Danielle, Shane getting ready for bed. Joe and Jenn still outside chit-chatting. Sounds like someone's in the hammock (Ian, maybe?). Everyone else seems to be sleeping already. Ian comes into the MBR. Dani brings Dan a blanket in the HNR and they start whispering very softly. Brit walks in and wants to talk to Dani so they head to the Arcade Room.

Brittany seems annoyed to be awake, but she thought Danielle had something specific to talk about so she stayed awake. Brit asks, "What do you think is best case scenario?" Dani says, "If you win!" They start discussing Dan and the earlier extra Veto comp. Meanwhile, Shane and Ian are getting ready for bed in the SBR. Ian's talking about the Veto comp also.

Shane and Ian investigate a lamp that doesn't seem to work in the SBR. Shane says, "Get outta here! It's just for looks??" The room lights go out and they start discussing Ian's POV decision tomorrow. Brit and Dani are in the Arcade Room speculating about what the comp will be tomorrow. They think it's going to be a "How bad do you want it?" comp and they do NOT want Frank to win it.

01:30 BBT

Ian and Shane discussing the game in the SBR. Ian says, "How do you solve a problem like Frank?" Shane says, "I just gotta take him out. It's up to me." Ian says "I told Dan/Dani to play hard b/c I don't want something to happen… I chicken out or something… and they don't come down… I mean, Frank still thinks I'm with him." Shane says, "Yeah. I know, I know."

Brit tells Dani that Frank wants to make a deal w/ her and Shane and that's why he won't put them up as a replacement… instead it'll prob be Jenn or Joe as a replacement… if that happens, Frank wants them to vote Dani out. Brit says, "I might get him to put up you against Jenn." Dani asks, "Why not me against Joe?" Brit says, "Frank thinks Jenn would vote for you to stay…"

Brit asks Danielle not to tell Dan any of this b/c then he'd fight harder for the veto. Dani says she won't say anything. Meanwhile, Ian and Shane are still discussing game in the SBR - Ian says he's going to tell Frank on Sunday that Joe needs to go home.

01:43 BBT

Ian plans to get Frank drunk on Sunday and see if he can loosen his lips about what he's thinking. He wants Brittany there as a sober witness. Shane wonders where the girls are, "I thought the girls were coming to bed but I guess not." Meanwhile in the Arcade… Dani and Brit are discussing nomination scenarios.

Brittany and Danielle don't think Dan will try to win POV tomorrow. Brit says, "If he does, we're screwed." Brit gets up to go to bed. Dani straight heads to the HNR to talk to Dan about what Brittany told her.

Brit is in the SBR now trying to sleep, but Ian/Shane keep talking to her. Ian says he wants everyone to play hard tomorrow - no one can throw it. We get FOTH briefly and then it looks like everyone's quiet. Dan/Dani still whispering in the HNR about tomorrow's comp. Brittany gets called to DR.

01:52 BBT

Jenn and Joe are outside talking about the POV. They hope that they both get to play. Joe says if he wins, he won't use it. Camera jumps back to SBR where Shane/Ian are talking about past BB seasons. Dan/Dani in HNR saying Shane wouldn't be willing to shave his head for the comp tomorrow. Dan says he might have to then. Dani says Frank said he wouldn't shave his head either.

02:05 BBT

Brit finally gets back from the DR and BB calls Ian. "You're kidding me!" Ian says. Brit wants to know if Shane will take punishments tomorrow. Shane says probably but he hopes it's not for nothing. Brit thinks Ian will use it. Shane doesn't think Joe or Frank will take them. Joe and Dani come into the SBR and turn on the lights to get ready for bed. Shane says, "Oh my brightness."

02:06 BBT

The HGs are arguing about whether or not it's 2 am or 3 am. (It's 2 am). Meanwhile Jenn is outside sitting by herself near the hot tub. Shane gets out of bed to check on the time. He says, "It's 2:06." Joe says, "Ha! I win POV!" Everyone gets into bed and then Brit asks who's going to turn the light out. Shane says he will. The lights go out and everyone keeps talking (Ian/Shane/Joe/Dani/Brit are in the SBR)

02:17 BBT

Brit asks Ian to rank the HGs popularity after the first show. Ian uses a new nickname for the DR - "the Kidnap". We'll see how long until the producers catch on to this one. The last nickname, "Dairy Queen" lasted awhile but doesn't seem to work anymore. (HGs aren't allowed to talk about DRs, which is a common reason why we get FOTH during conversations).

Conversation turns to BB websites that report the live feeds. So far no mention of Mortys! :(

02:27 BBT

All the HGs except Jenn are fast asleep, and since these jokers kept me awake until nearly 6am last night (this morning?), I think I will call it an early night. Chances are good that Jenn won't be able to make any strategy deals by herself, so I don't think we'll be missing much. Catch you tomorrow!

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1:21am BBT:

Dani is set to throw POV because Dan is too. Brit trying to talk her out of it because of Dan’s behavior during pandoras box, which leads her to believe he won’t throw it. Dani not listening to her. Even if Dani wins it, she won’t use it because she doesn’t want Brit or Shane to take her place. Dani explaining Dan’s behavior earlier as being just ego and that she trusts him completely. Brit asking Dani not to tell him her concerns about his behavior in the comp.

Brit wants the pov comp to be bowling because she’s good at it. Talking about what the comp will be. Frank told her if he gets houseguest choice that he’s going to pick her (Brit).

1:32 am BBT:

Dani confirms with Brit that if noms stay the same she has her vote. How its possible joe could be nominated, but wants either Dan or Dani out. Brit says that even though Frank says he wants to work with her and Shane, he still doesn’t trust them. What matters is getting that veto.

Brit again tells Dani not to say anything to Dan, then asks what he (Dan) has talked to her about.

1:37 am BBT:

Ian tells Shane that even though Dan wants him to blindside Frank, that’s not going to happen. He wants to tell Frank straight up that Joe has overstayed his welcome. Shane complimenting Ian on his game play.

Ian feels bad about sending Ashley out. Both can’t wait to see Kara.

1:44am BBT:

Brit has gone to bed, Dani goes to talk to Dan. Due to whispering cant hear if she’s telling him everything. However whatever she did say he figures out that Brit wants to make sure he throws it.

He says that her best chance to stay is if he doesn’t win the veto. She wants him to try. Dan doesn’t know if he can trust Ian. Dan is going to try and give it to either Brit or Shane. ( the plan is then both vetos are used and they have the votes to keep their alliance together).

Dan begins to tell Dani that he doesn’t see her going home if he comes down. Dani advised him to tell the others he is throwing it even if he’s not. He feels that Brit needs to feel some heat after making the whole thing last week worse.

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8:50 am BBT BB has Called .... Wake Up Call HG's are milling around ... Lights are on and Frank is Making Coffee ... We are on an ILD

8:56 am BBT Joe in the KT with Frank and Frank telling Joe if he wins POV to not use, let the Nom's stay the same .... Joe heads off for a Shower.

8:58 Jen and Dani in the WA putting on there Make-up . Dani tweezing off her mustache hairs ... Not Much talking but that could be because Joe is in there showering ..... Frank cooking up Breakfast in the KT and of Course theres a Boat load of Bell Peppers in his meal

9:06 am BBT Dani applying a Heavy coat of Chapstick (Ha Ha I ain't going there) .... Lots of calls from BB to change Batteries ... Half the Folks stil in Bed

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9:05 AM BBT

Jenn doing her make up in the WA. Danielle doing her make up in the Sneaker Room. Frank making the biggest onion & pepper cook up I've ever seen.

Big Brother keeps at the reminders: Dan, Britney, Please change your batteries.

Silence reigns this morning as everyone prepares for the day.

"Storage Room Please." asks Frank out loud

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9:18 AM BBT

This morning's breakfast prepared by Chef Frank: eggs, peppers (green and red), onions and a tomato/avocado salsa. Fresh fruit on the side served with juice and coffee.

Danielle is still laying the foundation for her make up.

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9:34 AM BBT

Frank talking to Joe about the conversations he's had with Shane. He discusses different pairings to putting people up on the block: Shane and Britney, Joe and Jenn, Ian and Jenn. Frank reminding Joe that he reminded Shane that he already messed him over once, he can't entirely trust him going forward.

Frank washing dishes as Joe sips a coffee. Joe noticing that he's losing some weight.

Dan asleep on floor in HN.

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9:39 am BBT Just Noticing ... That after Joe's shower he's looking pretty Spiffy today is His Blue Pullover Polo shirt and Black Slacks ..... Dan in the Middle area of the HN Room sleeping (Same spot Brit and Dani slept in)

9:43 am BBT Dan Up , Dani out of DR , Joe and Frank in the HOH room

9:53 am BBT Joe and Frank's HOH convo is confusing me so much with the Different Nom's this and Pandora's Box stories that.... it's hard to make sense of.

9:56 am BBT Ian please go to the DR just after he poured the Milk on His Cereal

9:57 am BBT Dan, Dani, Brit in the WA .. Brit has Her cleansing face mask on but has something funky on in the middle of her forehead.

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9:46 AM BBT

"If Dan wins and he takes himself down, I'll put Britney up." Frank tells Joe.

"Personally I think you have a better shot with Shane now." says Joe.

"I think Danielle, I think we have a decent shot with her..." Frank says and drifts off.

"If Dan goes home, you pull Danielle. If Birtney goes home, you pull Dan." Says Joe speaking of pulling for new alliances.

"I don't want Shane to go home but it might be the right time for him to go home. If he goes home I can pull Britney and she'd be easier to lead." Frank says. "I'd also sort of want to put Ian up. The stuff they were saying to him last week.... I'm kind of pissed off that they used that kid like that!"

"I'm just going to put this out there," starts Joe "There is stuff he has been doing or saying that make me think he's a lot smarter and stronger than he's letting on. How he won that veto yesterday..."

Frank thinks that maybe Ian was under Dan's influence a bit but says that he thinks Ian is now seeing what Dan is really like, that Dan doesn't have his back.

Joe tells Frank how Ian tried to swindle Dan with the ball machine yesterday. Ian had 50 cents and didn't want to use them. He saw Dan coming into the room and acted like he spent his money and went to leave the room. Then Ian came right back in to see what Dan was doing and Dan figured it out and lost it."I will rat you out!" Dan yelled. "Isn't that a werid thing to say, doesn't sound like it's a part of the veto is it?" Joe asks. "I will rat you out. I will rat you out." Joe keeps saying it, really hammering that home.

"Huh," says Frank and we can see him thinking very hard about that.

9:55 AM BBT

Frank thinks that maybe Dan said that because Ian has been throwing comps or his votes or something. It just doesn't make sense. Joe says sure, it can make sense. Frank then says that it's not like Ian is some young genius kid. Sure he's got a 4 point 0 score and stuff but he's just a scared kid he gets freaked out.

Joe reminds Frank that no matter what, he and Frank have been on opposite sides but they have never f*cked each other over. They've always been straight up.

Frank not really wanting to believe it. He says that Ian just gets too scared. He was freaked out when I lost it a bit after Mike.

In the WA Britney tells Dan what she just overheard - she could hear Joe yelling the "I will rat you out!"

Frank says the hardest part for him was that he consoled that little kid all Thursday and all along he knew.

"I tell you at this point, if that little MFer continues to work against me I will make sure he never wins this game. Even if it's Dan against him. I will make sure the votes aren't there."

Britney now telling Danielle that Joe was whispering with Frank in the KT earlier and now they are upstairs in HOH talking. She thinks Joe is working to help them out.

10:03 AM BBT

A few minutes ago Danielle told Britney that they were picking players in 15 Minutes.

Britney says that Joe has no loyalty at all. He'll come out and tell us how he made things work for us but he won't have.

Frank in HOH says that he doesn't trust Dan, that he will trust him for a week but if he has to. Joe thinks that Jenn won't vote Danielle out. He and Frank will have to lay on the pressure.

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10;10 am BBT Now it's Ian and Frank in the HOH room talking .... Ian saying he doesn't want to boot Frank out, that you should stay till at least Finally 3 or 4

Frank just layed it out to Ian that if you F*** me over Son.. again ... You won't win this Game even if it's you and Dan in Final 2

10:16 am BBT Brit comes up to HOH ..... Frank "Please Come to the DR" ... Ian and Brit alone in HOH Room

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10:06 AM BBT

Ian up in HOH

F: What was your main drive in winning that veto yestrday?

I: I just didn't want a lot of vetos floating around out there.

F: Were you really woried that I'd put you up?

I: No

F: What really kills me Ian is that Tuesday and Wednesday what was the most important thing I kept saying to you?

I: That we had to win the two HOH's

F: Yes, that we had to win both HOH's and look, we did. If you had put someone like Dan up we could have gotten him out and then had Ashley or someone else for votes. They put you in a bad situation, we are now in a bad situation because of what you did. I had your back.

I: I had 16 seconds to make a decision.

F: You didn't have only 16 seconds, we talked about it all week long. You knew what you had to do and you didn't do it. I had your back all the way. I gave up the money so you could have it.

I: You need to realize that I am not going to vote you out of this house, not for a long time.

F: You need to realize that you can't trust Britney, she will not take you to the end, no matter how far you make it.

I: I know she's going to go with Shane.

F: I will tell you this Ian, if you screw me, If you choose Britney over me, send me to jury, I will make sure you do not have the votes. I will do that. I will take you to the Final 2 with me. The only chance of someone else going F2 with me is Jenn because she hasn't done anything to me.

Ian continues to say how he knows, he messed up once.

Joe talking to Britney in the WA. "His main target is Dan but then it's Danielle. Even if he puts Britney up. "If he can't get Dan he'll cripple him." those are his words not mine, says Joe. He tells them that Frank told him if he he (Joe) Joe goes up he better win the POV because he doesn't have the votes.

Dan asks if he tried to do something about Ian. Joe says that it doesn't matter, he won't use it.

F: One more thing, when Dan said "I will rat out you MFer" what was he talking about?

I: I don't know what did you hear?

F: I don't know, that's why I'm asking you. I want to hear what you think about it.

I: There was so much going on then I don't know.

F: I want to know so I will know if it influences your vote. So if Dan and Danielle are up you aren't going to use it to take them down?

I: I can't i can't use it like that...the powers that be....


Britney joins the HOH conversation.

Frank called to DR.

10:18 AM BBT

Ian telling Britney that Frank asked him about the Rat you out comment. He says he explained it that Dan was referring to them working together in that POV together. Ian also says that Frank told her not to trust him, that she will pick Shane over him every time. "He thinks that I am much closer to Shane than I am. Shane hangs out with Dan and Danielle more than me."

10:22 AM BBT

Britney confirms with Ian that he will not use to POV power and the two of them confirm that it was Joe that told Frank about the rat comment. Ian tries to talk strategies with using him POV but gets production warnings.

10:27 AM BBT


(picking players)

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10:26 am BBT Ian wanted to talk to Production last night to see if he could use his Golden veto egg on Brit even before she could get possibly nominated but he didn't get the chance to talk to production.

10:27 am BBT And we have Trivia .... Time to pick Players for the Veto

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10:47BBT Dani sitting in nom chair, Brit making cinnamon toast. Dan tells Jenn if she wins hopes she takes her off, would show they are sticking together.

Dan tells Dani that Ian told him not to throw it. Ian told him he doesnt know if Frank will threaten him (Ian) if he wins it. Dan told him whats he going to threaten him with, they have all the votes.

Dani takes a quick look at Dans knee, its not infected. They are sitting in nom chairs, all others are in Kitchen, Brit in DR.

11:00am BBT Dan lays down in HNR, Shane lays down in MR, Jenn and Dani lay down on the round bed. HG talk about what comp could be...think it will be a "What would you do for POV" comp.

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11:05 AM BBT Dan lying by himself in the HN room Dani/Jenn talking on the round bed. Jenn whispering to Dani - can not hear her. Now quiet.

11:11 AM BBT Brit making breakfast. Joe talking to her about the POV. Brit nervous because she says she doesn't have the votes if she goes on the block. Joe talking about if it's the spelling comp - he can spell thermodynamics from Ian's shirt.

Brit tells Joe that if anyone but Dan wins it - Dan is gone. Dan is reading his bible in the HN BR.

11:17 AM BBT Brit asks Joe if he would have passed on prizes in veto comp. Joe says he wouldn't have until today - Frank says he is going up if someone comes down.

Brit complaining that her toast is taking to long in the oven. Joe tells her she has to slip it - she doesn't want to. She put butter and sugar on top. She pulls it out as is. Using a napkin to eat off of.

11:21 AM BBT Brit fills up a glass of milk and walks away leaving the sugar container open and Joe at the counter. She comes back and says everyone is lying down. Joe is stressing about the POV comp.

11:26 AM BBT Brit leaves her half eaten toast and empty glass so the counter and heads to HOH. Frank is in the shower or WC so Brit takes a seat on the couch. Dan is still lying down in the HN room.

11:28 AM BBT Brit tells Frank hat she can't believe the one guy is still in there - she counted him out a long time ago. Brit asks him what is on his mind. Frank says just to get the comp said and done so he knows what they are working with. Brit says she is concerned it's going to be a "who wants it more" veto.

11:32 AM BBT Brit tells Frank she is stressed. Frank says he told Ian all they have to do is win 2 HOH's. Frank says this is past tense. He says Dan would be gone and one of the remaining 4 gone. Frank tells Brit he trusts her but he still has concerns. Brit tells him she doesn't blame him. Brit has resigned herself that Dan is going this week. Brit says Dan made his bed and now it has caught up to him. He made deals with several people.

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11:36 AM BBT Frank hope that neither Dan or Dani win. Frank would like to work with Shane but he doesn't know that he could get him to his side. Brit agrees that she would put Dan/Dani back on the block. Brit says she cab beat Dan in HOH if he stays.

Dan is in the LR reading his bible. Frank and Brit talk about Jenn and that she won't vote against Dani. Frank tells her to rest easy and that if it comes down to Shane or Brit going home - he would rather Shane go home.

11:43 AM BBT Brit explaining how the "What would you do" comp would work. Frank says he doesn't see anyone taking any prizes today. Dan sitting in thought in the living room.

Brit explaining how in her season she took all the punishments etc for the POV - She was upset that all the guys took the prizes and left her out to dry. They talked her into that Matt took then and she nominated him. Turns out Matt didn't take any of them.

11:50 AM BBT Brit heads downstairs. Says hello to Ian in the KT. She asks Joe what he made for breakfast. He made an omelet type of breakfast. Brit pulls at her hair at the KT counter and says she is going to lie down. Brit wanders to the LR couch to ask Dan if he is ok. Half eaten toast and empty glass still on the counter. Dan says he can read the writing on the wall. People are acting that way. Ian has told him that Frank threatened him if he uses the veto.

11:56 AM BBT Shane joins the LR. Dan tells him about Ian not willing to use the Veto. Brit takes Ian into the side room. Ian tells Brit if the perfect scenarios comes along he will use it. Brit says Frank is a nice guy but they gave their word. Ian says he understands and he would rather piss off one person that can't play HOH next week then his group. Ian says that she needs to tell him otherwise. Brit tells Ian to go tell Dan.

Ian heads to the SBR and paces. Dan goes to side room. Brit tells Dan that he will use it unless Dan or Dani wins it. Dan heads out to the SBR. Ian tells him if the perfect scenario he will be taken off. Ian says he gets scared when others are saying things. If Brit/Shane wins he will use it.

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12:11 PM BBT We are back from the FOTH. Dan lying in the HN room. Shane/Frank/Joe in the KT. Gen chit chat about how hard it is to sleep. Frank called to DR. Joe does a call out to Sarah and that he loves her. Ian tells Joe that he is surprised Joe didn't get to host. Ian says it has to be the "How Bad Do You Want It" Veto.

12:14 PM BBT Shane/Brit going over what they are will to take for the POV. Shane says is willing to do almost any of it. Brit tells him to let Dan/Dani take the prizes. Brit says she is willing to dye her hair pink. Brit explaining something about turing a ball over and we get FOTH briefly. Brit says that between the two of them they have to take the punishments.

Ian looking worried and rocking at the KT table. Brit and Shane still going over scenarios.

12:19 PM BBT Frank back in the KT looking for Shane. Frank heads through the bedroom looking for him. Shane wanders out of the side room. Shane makes his way to the kitchen . There is a discussion about the beers in the fridge and who they belong to. They belong to Shane from HOH room. Franks takes Shane to the HOH room for a talk

Shane tells Frank that if he promises not to backdoor him then he won't really go for the veto. Frank says he wants to talk about further down the road. Frank discussing the F3. Frank says that he is not afraid to take Shane to the F2. Joe has joined Brit in the side room. Brit tells him that she doesn't think Ian is going to use his veto.

12:25 PM BBT Brit says she can't even eat she feels so sick. She is called to DR. Frank still going over who would take him to F2 with Shane. Frank says he would take Shane and he feels Shane would take him. Joe calls Ian in to the side room to give him his two cents. Ian tells him that he can not use it on him. Joe asks him to not use it at all. Ian asks him what side is Joe on. He feels Joe just switches every week. Ian still it concerns him. He tells Joe he has to tall him before the meeting.

12:30 PM BBT Shane tells Frank that he did not come here to not win this game. Frank agrees. Shane says most of the punishments he wouldn't care. Frank says he doesn't want to shave his head.

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12:34 PM BBT Ian goes to HNBR. Ian talking about Frank threatening to rat him out. It wasn't cool. Dan says he had Frank and Boogie yelling at him the HOH room. Dan says that if its him and Shane Dan needs to know Ian would keep him. Ian says it would be a tough call. Dan says not to tell anyone he is having the convo with him. Dan says that Ian will know if he is throwing it. Ian says it can't be a blatant throw. Ian shakes hands with Dan that he will vote for Dan to stay if it is Shane/Dan on the block.

12:36 PM BBT Ian is lying in the MBR - says something about shouldn't have shaken on it. Joe says he hears a lot of drilling. In HOH Shane and Joe still pledging to each other and how to do certain comps.

Frank tells Shane that both he and Brit went to Ian and told him not to use it. Shane says that he will play HOH for Frank. They wonder if Ian has to use his first or not. Frank says he has been meaning to ask that of BB

12:43 PM BBT Frank tells Shane that Dan got to Ian and installed fear in Ian for his vote last Thursday. Shane says Ash apologized to him for her vote. Shane says he told her that he doesn't hold anything against her. Chatter about what Ash is dong right now.

Brit putting on make up. Shane and Frank stilling talking about votes and who they would vote for if others got to the F2. Frank says they have won most of the

12:48 PM BBT Ian in the WA whispering to Brit. Can only hear him say Dan - says that both Dan and Dani are throwing it. Brit doesn't have her mic on so difficult to hear what she is saying. BB tells her to put on her mic.

12:52 PM BBT Ian/Brit talking about if it is the spelling comp. Ian giving her suggestions or words to spell. Ian says he told Dan he has to throw it. Ian now saying this crap has to stop as he can't take being put in uncomfortable positions. Say that with Dan it is never enough. He is getting really irritated.

Brit still whispering and did not put on her mic - can't hear what she is saying to Ian. He says that this week will be a regular eviction and next week most likely a FF again.

Shane tells Frank that the game is a lot more then just winning comps. He didn't think about the social aspect.

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