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8/22 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:08PM BBT: Jenn and Danielle sitting in the BY stretching or perhaps doing yoga. FoTH. Joe has joined Frank, Boogie and Ashley on the BY couches. Boogie talking about a parking incident that got violent, and we get FoTH.

9:13PM BBT: Dan and Ian are now starting to play a round of pool. Back on the couches, Joe said he has 2 older brothers, and he had to be loud to get noticed [so THATS why....]

9:20PM BBT: Frank says that he cant drink 2 nights in a row. If he has more than 6 drinks, he cant drink the next day. He hates being hungover, it hits him so hard. [i feel ya!] Danielle and Jenn laying on their sides working out and talking in between sets.

9:23PM BBT: Jenn says that "Ian will vote against me, and Frank obviously will, and Ashley will because they've gotten to her". Danielle says that she's got 4 solid votes for her to stay.

9:33PM BBT: Danielle says that she feels like the house is going to get ugly, and that 'they' will be mean to everyone. Joe walks into the storage room and mutters 'no beer' in a morose tone. He grabs something out of the fridge and walks into the kitchen as Britney walks downstairs from the HoH. Joe mentions that there's no one in the house and if they could talk. They head to the WA, and Joe recounts his conversation with Jenn. He said she was asking about his vote and how he thinks he's going to vote. Joe asks Britney if Froogie asks him how he thinks he's voting, if he should just come out and tell them, or if he should bide his time and blindside them. She doesn't really answer and Joe continues on with how people walked in on his and Jenn's conversation in the storage room.

9:37PM BBT: Joe is tired of Froogie pushing him for his vote or bugging him, then he might just tell him he's not voting for Boogie to stay. Britney does not understand where Ashley is coming from and doesn't understand her mind. They chat about how Ashley has told so many people so many things. Britney says that Ashley isn't in a position that she has to lie to people and play dirty, yet she is.

9:42PM BBT: The yoga/stretching has stopped in the BY, and Danielle and Jenn are chatting about Froogie's actions the past few days, and the possibilities of who'll win HoH next week. The Britney/Joe conversation has ended, and Britney comes out into the BY and joins Danielle and Jenn. Danielle says they were doing pilates, but then they got tired.

9:48PM BBT: Jenn heads inside for a drink. Danielle feels bad that it'll be a 5-2 vote. They're now talking about how worried they are that Frank will win HoH. Danielle says "At least we'll be getting rid of one of them. Hopefully". Danielle asks Britney if she wants company in the bath tonight, and she says sure. Britney mouths something to Danielle, and we get FoTH. [i’m not sure if it’s related]

9:52PM BBT: All 4 feeds on Dan and Ian playing pool with a nice background track of someone splashing in the pool. Feeds are now back on Danielle and Britney. Shane and Joe are up in the HoH room. Shane says he's going to wait for his DR sessions to be over before running laps in the BY. Joe tells Shane that Ashley pulled Joe aside and recounts that conversation. Joe says Ashley's getting nervous because her stories are getting caught.

9:58PM BBT: Joe says that they have plenty of dirt to spread if they need to. Joe said he told Britney to stay in the HoH room tonight and tomorrow and she can stay away from the drama that might ensue. Shane says that Froogie might trash talk Joe once they know that Joe is voting for Jenn to stay in the game. Joe says that if it's a double eviction then it'll be a fast paced show and the comps will be quiz-based.

9:59PM BBT: Jenn comes into the HoH room with a towel swung over her shoulder, and Shane asks if Jenn is taking a shower. She says no, but she's going to hang out with Britney and Danielle in the bath if that's ok, and Shane says in a joking tone that that's the least he can do since he put her on the block this week.

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10:00pm bbt Jenn joins Shane/Joe in HOH. Shane hugs her, tells her she is a pawn. Joe tells her again, his vote is 100%. Jenn says they think she has a super close relationship(with Ash) and it's not true. She feels the campaigning is 1(her) against 2(Boogie/Frank).

Brit says her opinion may not matter, but she doesn't understand why Jenn has been with her team for 45 days, and they aren't even considering voting for her. Meanwhile, Boogie/Frank on patio want Joe to validate why he chose 'them' if he tells Boogie no.

10:07pm bbt Brit plans to take bath with Dani, Shane plans to run to release some energy. And surprise! Joe plans to tell Frank 'no' the next time he sees him [hasn't he been planning to say 'NO DEAL' for about 10 hours now today?]

10:10pm bbt Shane explains to Jenn his version of saying she was safe is that if Shane didn't win POV, she would still be totally safe. Jenn again tells the story of Mike saying he grossed $9mil at a restaurant. Shane/Jenn bonding over Mike bashing while Joe/Brit listening in HOH. Shane thinks it's a blessing for Mike, since he can go home to his son.

Frank/Ashley are now on the patio, Ash eating while Frank reclines.

10:13pm bbt Brit reminds HOH crew that she never mentioned Dan's name when talking to Frank/Mike. Joe feels Mike's main reason for anger is because Dan made a move before Mike was able to make one.

10:17pm bbt Jenn asks Joe what Ashley told him. He says Ash said she is sticking with Frank regardless of vote, wants Joe to vote for Jenn to leave, but not tell so Jenn is blindsided to keep peace until Thur. Jenn questions if someone else is telling Ash what to do? Joe says Mike is in her head. (again) Joe says he is going to give his decision tonight, and it will cause Mike to throw a fit.

10:21pm bbt Joe says he didn't want to tell Jenn, because he felt Jenn/Ash are close, was worried Jenn wouldn't believe him. Jenn says she felt something was up today.

10:24pm bbt Jenn called to DR. Dan joins Shane/Brit/Joe/Dani in HOH. Dan gets filled in about them telling Jenn that Ash is voting against her.

10:25pm bbt Joe: This could get nutty tonight, if Jenn goes after Ashley, and they will know what I used against her, be prepared... I think the 'no' is officially out, because you know Jenn isn't going to hold back.

10:28pm bbt Ash/Frank still on patio, running scenarios of HOH wins and who to target.

10:30pm bbt HOH crew guessing(and I'm hoping that) when Jenn gets out of the DR, she will go right to Ashley and confront her about her vote/lie.

Joe asks why was each time Frank was nominated, the house would flip and vote someone else out? And the one time we had him, the game changed and kept him?

10:33pm bbt Jenn out of DR, back in HOH, they welcome her back. Brit points out this is the longest they have/will go without eating takeout/fast food. Dani says she hardly ever eats fast food, she goes to Subway or...

Jenn says being on block has turned into a blessing, because she could have been running with them.

10:39pm bbt Jenn says she has tried to get Ian's vote... topic of sushi party/spin the bottle/Shane and Dani's first kiss... Shane says "that was very memoriable, uhhh, memorable that's it!"

10:44pm bbt Frank/Ash on patio still, Franks idea to throw HOH if it's a tiebreaker: I'll put 1, you put 2, so you can't go over and you'll win.

Jenn bonding with HOH crew, sharing some of the events of the season with them, she realizes Janelle won't hold a grudge against Jenn after the game ends. Ash goes inside, Frank still on patio, Ian is watching from the hammock.

10:48pm bbt Joe asks Jenn if she plans to talk to Ashley about her vote tonight. Jenn says no she doesn't want to start a fight tonight.

10:50pm bbt Ash finds Brit in K, Ash says 'they are working Joe for votes, working Ash, must feel Brit is a no'. Brit says it will all work itself out. They agree they don't like confrontation.

10:53pm bbt Ash says she doesn't know if 'they' have an elaborate scheme, but she hasn't told them that they have her vote. Brit: you haven't?

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11:10 pm BBT Brit and Ash making cookies criticizing the kitchen and the fact that its all ikea. BB tells them to knock it off. Ian comes in and walks around. He puts on the perverted oven mit and has a perverted convo with Ash and Brit. The girls agree they like sweet and innocent oven mit better

11:25 pm BBT In hoh Jenn is telling Dani that after the reset she kind of pulled away from Frank and Boog because she knew she was low man. Dani tells Jenn that Frank is trying to showmance Ash to use her. Dani said that Boogie came to her for a F4 deal with Boogie, Frank , Ash, and Dani before veto.

11:34 pm BBT Dani and Jenn hug it out upstairs. Dani says Dan will nevr put her up and if he does he will have to put Dani up next to her because Dani will be pissed. Downstairs Dan Brit and Ian are playing Fruit football.

11:45 pm BBT Joe has told Frank his announcement! He told Frank he is voting out Boogie as he promised to inform. He says he is voting out Boogie because Ash is wishy washy. Frank says the ones Joe is about to roll with are the ones that have lied to him and made Frank go after Joe in the past. Joe says he has made no deals with the other side it is just better for his game if Boogie goes.

11:57 pm BBT Frank says he believes in his heart of hearts that Ash is with him and Boog. He says that he is still willing to work with Joe. Frank says there are two bodies in front of Joe if Boogie stays. Joe says Dan and Shane are the same equivalent. Franks retort is that if one of them goes home then youre up on the block all the time they arent putting their girls up. Joe says they are no where near as tight as Frank and Boogie and he feels he can work his way into the middle of them

12:01 am BBT Frank says because of how close Mike and I are if you don't vote to keep him I can't work with you. Joe says he figured he wanted to man up and tell Frank the truth.

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12:05 am BBT Ash enters the BY convo and is upset because Jenn is mad at her. Joe says she is mad that Ash is keeping Boogie over her so Jenn is trying to work with Dans side. Ash says of course she is but she never weighed out her options and decided yet which gets Joe started. Joe goes didnt you just say 30 mins ago to Brit you are voting for Jenn? Ash says yeah she told Brit despite everything nothing is changing and Mikes going so whatever. Frank says he doesn't have to.

12:10 am BBT Ash asks what way Joe is going and he says he didnt get a clear answer from Ash first. We get Fish. We come back to Frank saying she just said she is voting the way you vote Joe don't you want to play with the best hand possible.

12:25 am BBT Frank tells Joe that no one is giving him a chance in the game with Boogie . Frank wants Boogie to stay so Frank can have a chance to play. Frank advises Joe not talk to the other side of the house because they are spreading lies. Joe still hasnt changed his mind on his vote.

12:38 am BBT to be a little more lighthearted Brit is up in Hoh with Shane Dani and Jenn . Brit is freaking out about the cube in the crane game. She is looking all over the hoh for coins to the crane game. She is being sarcastic saying yes lets play the flirt game the house wasnt decorated enough before they but a cube with a question mark on it in the game and now the house is all fueng shue now thats all. The cube with the question mark is nothing lets stare at each other and forget about it. Everyone is laughing at how crazy shes being.

12:43 am BBT In the BY Joe is ending the convo by telling him them they are going upstairs. Frank and Ash start laughing hard saying yes Joe go to your bat cave and tell them everything we talked about. He said he isnt and they laugh harder.

12:53 am BBT Ian starts to feel bad about voting Boogie out and starts to cry. Brit pulls him into the AR and explains to him that Frank turns on the guilt when he wants to. Ian says he isnt changing his vote its just hard. Brit says that Boogie has been miserable every day. At least Boogie gets to go home with 16k and doesnt have to sit in jury. Boogie gets to go home to his baby. Ian agrees.

12:57 am BBT Joe is in hoh recapping convo with Frank. Jenn is pissed Frank wants her to go home. Joe says it isnt that he wants you gone he wasnt Boogie here. Jenn says no he wants me gone Joe.

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01:08AM BBT Joe telling the HoH crew that Frank gave Ash permission to flip her vote and vote to keep Jen if it looks like Boogie is going home. Ian was downstairs on the couch crying (?) with Ash saying how upset he is with Boogie going home this week. Ian jumps up off the couch and starts to run upstairs saying he can hear Joe and Brit yelling and running their mouths.

01:13AM BBT Frank and Ash stop Ian pulling him into the WA. Ian says he heard Joe shout that "he is sleeping while having Frank do all the work for him!" Ash disagrees. Ian knows what he heard. Frank wonders if he should go up. Ian now wonders if they should avoid the confrontation tonight. Frank says he wants to go up and tell the group that they're voting Boogie out and dogging him while he's downstairs asleep. He says kicking him while he's down. Frank walks upstairs and tells them that they can hear them downstairs.

01:17AM BBT Frank tells the group that Ian is downstairs crying because a good guy is going home this week. He gave Ian $3000 because he is a good guy. Frank walks out and Jen says "Am I in the fucking Twilight Zone right now?" Shane says you can't hear anything through the door. Joe says you can hear stuff down in the living room he heard Wil laughing in the living room. The HoH crew surfs through the channels and spots the three of them sitting on the couch in the LR. Jen sees Frank and says "Yeah buddy that's my seat right there and I'll still be sitting there Thurs night."

01:19AM BBT Ash wonders if Jen is upstairs speaking bad about her. Frank says it's alright if she is, she hasn't won shit all season! (Saying it rather loud). The HoH crew pauses their conversation as they hear him raise his voice. Ian gets up and wanders away.

01:23AM BBT Frank and Ash listen quietly as the HoH room gets loud again. Shane points out that it takes balls to come up and do what Frank did. Ian back on the couch. Frank gets up to go to bed. HoH watching him on the cam. Before Frank heads into the bedroom he says he's going to have to start acting like Evel Dick and start banging some pots and pants together up in here. Ash and Ian remain on the couches. Ian looks very upset (if he's acting he's certainly doing a very good job. One has to believe this is an act...but...let's be honest...this is Ian...)

01:26AM BBT Ash asks Ian why he's upset and Ian says it's because Joe comes up after talking to Frank for so long in the BY and then to gloat about voting Boogie out regardless only to turn and realize that Ian was in the room. Up in the HoH Brit says the biggest crap of the pants this season would for Jen to win HoH this week. The group gets very loud and cheers.

01:31AM BBT Joe saw Ian shift in the chair and said "Look he's going to come up here and tell us off!" After a few minutes Ian stands up and says he's going to outside and sit. Ash asks him where he's going. Ian is salty towards her and tells her he's going to sit outside. Ash wants to go upstairs and talk to Jen. Everyone in the HoH is curious where Ash is headed and Ash heads upstairs. Everyone is shocked when Ash comes upstairs. She knocks and Shane invites her in. She asks to talk to Jen if she'll talk to her.

01:33AM BBT Jen tells Ash she can suck it because she's going to vote to keep Boogie this week. Ash is laughing awkwardly. She points out that she laughs during awkward situations. Jen is pissed. She hates the fact that Ash chose Boogie over her. Jen says she's been tight with Ash all season and for Ash to do this to her is doing her dirty.

01:38AM BBT Ash says Jen is putting her in a spot making her talk to her 1 on 1 instead she's stuck talking to her in front of everyone. Ash points out that she has no one in this house. Jen says she doesn't either. Ash begins to cry saying that no one respects her in this game as a player. Jen says that's BS. Ash said she had explore her options because she wants nothing more than to work with someone. They're promising her the world and she's trying to figure out where she Jen is at. Jen says she's trying to survive with her ass on the block. Ash in full blown sobbing mode now. Jen invites her outside and they sit next to the chess game. They walk out of the room and Brit tells Joe not to believe her. Joe appears to be wiping tears away as well saying it sucks to see someone hurt like that.

01:41AM BBT Ash reiterating to Jen that she wanted to work with someone and they were promising her the world she wanted this to work out. Jani was her coach and she didn't work with her. Someone sets a box of tissues outside the HoH door and Jen goes to pick them up. In the HoH room Dani wonders why she was thrown under the bus when Ash was in the room (Ash had mentioned that she was concerned that Jen was going to buddy buddy up with Dani...there was no bus throwing).

01:47AM BBT Jen says she's in a spot. Ian walks upstairs and asks if they're alright. Ash says to give them a couple of long minutes. Jen says she wasn't spouting off at her but more the situation. Jen says Ian is crying but he has no idea about the things that Boogie has said about him. Jen says Ash can change her vote if she wants to. Jen says she wasn't trying to make Ash feel alone. She's been there. She knows how that feels. Ash says she won't vote Jen out. Jen says that's fine but she'll have to wait and see. Jen says it's a shame because she's been nothing but good to her. Ash says she's been nothing but good to her as well. Ash knows Jen will be upset. Ian and Frank down in the HNR. Frank asking Ian what they're talking about. Ian explains what he heard. Frank points out that the HoH crew doesn't talk smack about Boogie in front of him. They didn't talk smack in front of him when he confronted them. But Ash goes up and they apparently made her cry.

01:51AM BBT Frank calls up from downstairs asking if everything is alright. Jen says yeah things are ok. Frank offers an explanation to Jen but Jen interrupts him and says she just wants to talk to Ash for the moment. Frank says he hears someone upset and of course he's worried. Ash says she's fine. In the HoH room talk has turned to Brit being funny especially when stressed. Joe says her poor husband. Brit agrees saying yeah after a bad day especially. "Poor Ryan..." they all say.

01:56AM BBT Out on the chess couches Ash points out that the group in the HoH is so tight and she feels like such shit. Jen agrees and says she feels like shit as well. Joe starts talking about his Good-bye message to Boogie and we get FoTH. Feeds back and the HoH crew is watching them on the spy cam saying they're making up. Brit points out that the 2 hour lock-down in HoH on Thursday is going to be fun. Dan wants to know if anyone wants to play chess. Shane hopes Ash doesn't burn through all of his tissues because he only gets one box as HoH. Dan feels his pain.

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02:03AM BBT Talk in the HoH has turned to Boogie's supposed wealth. Out near the chess board Jen says she feels just alone in this house. Boogie has Frank and Ian and obviously the HoH crew has themselves. Jen says she can tell by the vote on Thurs. If she votes to keep her then she'll be able to roll from there. Ash says she wasn't sure if she had Jen and she started and wheeling and dealing with the wrong group. Ash says she wasn't sure if she had a fighting chance with that group (Dani, Dan, Shane, Brit, Joe). Jen wasn't sure if she did either but she's not feeling any love from Boogie. He may have love for many other players and people both inside and outside this house but she isn't feeling that with him. Ash says it sucks to be up on the block against your homie. Jen says she doesn't feel like Boogie is her homie. It's hard because Boogie is a good player and she respects him for that, and he has another very good player working for the votes as well which isn't fair. Ash says Jen's done good for herself and she expects her to go far. Jen thanks her for the compliment. Ash says all she wanted to do was work with people in the house. Jen says she did have her. Ash thought she made ammends with everyone. Jen says of course she has other friends in the house.

02:07AM BBT Ash says it sucks that Joe got to Jen before she did because she had every intention of talking to her before the vote on Thurs but Joe let it slip first. Ash says she just feels like a jealous girlfriend by Jen making up with everyone. Jen said of course she was going to talk to everyone, she needed the vote. Ash still crying off and on. Ash asks Jen if she was aware that she was the pawn. Jen says she now knows she is after talking to everyone. In the HoH random conversations the lastest being Shane calling Dani out for farting on him while sleeping. Dani saying she didn't she hates farts.

02:13AM BBT Awkward silence at the chess board with Ash's sniffles and moans/groans thrown in. Ash breaks the silence and asks if there's anything else Jen wants to talk about. Jen thinks about it for a moment. Jen says she'd still like to sleep in the bed with Ash. Ash says she doesn't want to switch beds. She blames Joe for Jen thinking Ash didn't want to share beds because of a joke Ian made. Ash says Joe is such a trouble maker. Ash thinks she needs to go to bed. Jen doesn't respond to the statement. Ash begins whimpering again and asks if there's anything else they should talk about. Ash asks Jen if she had a good Pilates class today. Jen said yeah PIlates and Yoga helping make her butt tight. Ash begins laughing. Jen asks Ash to take in a few deep breaths. Ash takes in one and begins crying again saying she just wants love. That's all she's ever wanted.

02:15AM BBT In the HoH room Joe is staring at the spy screen watching Jen and Ash talk. Dan says Brit made fun of him week one. Brit admits to it and says she spoke of Dan's mist. She also called Kara is work-horse.

02:20AM BBT Joe being a bit disrespectful saying "I'm going to go back home and my friends are gonna be like 'Dude, do you realize you were the number pick to the biggest gay guy in the Big Brother house'" (referring to Wil?) Outside near the chess board Ash and Jen hug it out. Ash says she's going to go to bed. Jen says she'll be down in a bit. Jen gives the box of tissues to Ash. Jen stops in to chat with the HoH crew. Jen says once she realized Ash was genuinely upset that's when she offered to take her outside to chat. She hates to see pretty girls cry. Ash walks around looking for Ian, she stops by the SBR and Frank gets up to talk to her. Jen tells the HoH crew that Ash blamed Joe for going to Jen before Ash could talk to her. Jen says she expected that Frank and Ian were down stairs listening to them.

02:26AM BBT Ash rehashing her conversation to Frank in the MBR. Ash says she's most upset that Jen made her talk to her in front of everyone. Frank said that was wrong. Ash said Jen said "Everyone said she was talking shit on me" and Ash responded that everyone talks shit on everyone. Ash tells Frank about Joe lying about her wanting to switch beds. Ash tells Frank that Jen said she was upset because everyone is saying that Boogie and Frank are talking trash about her. Frank says why would we talk trash about Jen to them. They run their mouth with everything that is told to them. Up in the HoH they're saying how Ash is breaking down.

02:31AM BBT Frank says everyone up there are cowards because they didn't say a word when he went up. Up in the HoH Brit says a lot of good things came from tonight. If Ash wouldn't have lied to Brit earlier by telling her that she was keeping Jen this week and then to turn around and tell Joe that she's going to keep Boogie this week. Jen says she did attack her character in the HoH but that was intentional. Jen says she was trying to get Ash to laugh and to finish the tears off. Shane points out at least she still has a bed and a bed mate now. Down in the MBR Frank rehashes that they're all cowards, especially Jen because nobody said a word when he was up there.

02:35AM BBT Ash says tomorrow is going to be so bad. Frank says it's going to be great. He says every time Joe doesn't wash his hands he's going to call him a disgusting mother fucker (I wish someone would!) Every time Brit leaves a dish behind he'll tell her to clean up after herself. Shane is going downstairs to get a glass of water. Dan follows. Brit gives a hug to Jen. Brit said when Jen said she was going to go downstairs and burn the mothafuckin house down she loved it.

02:38AM BBT Brit says what kills her about this whole situation is that fact that Ash came to her while she baked cookies and told her that she was keeping Jen. Brit says but Joe told her 20min before that that she was keeping Boogie. Brit says she's a liar. straight up. Shane comes back into HoH. Brit asks for a status update on where everyone is. Shane says Dan and Dani are headed outside and Frank and Ash are down in the MBR.

02:41AM BBT All agree that they're going to stay up all night. Brit headed down to make a pot of coffee. Shane joins Dan and Dani in the BY, eating chips and salsa. In the MBR Ash and Frank continue to pad each other's egos in the round bed. Frank hears the various doors opening and closing and says they're all scared because they waited for them to go to bed before coming down from HoH.

02:43AM BBT Dani and Shane head in and Dan says it's good to be king. Just kidding he's not king. He wants to give us a recap but he wants to make sure Ian isn't hiding somewhere so he wanders around the BY looking for him. Brit and Shane come back out.

02:44AM BBT I'll give you one guess! RT @TweetDiane: @mortystv where is Boogie while all of this is going on?

02:47AM BBT Joe comes out in the BY and Dan says "From eagle eye to teary eyed." Joe says it'll be the last time he takes it from anyone about the tears. Shane tells Levi that Joe wants the movie The Notebook for Christmas with a bow on it. Joe gives Brit a bit of a chase in the BY because they're throwing blankets at each other.

02:52AM BBT Frank and Ash continue to rehash previous conversations throughout the day. They play a bit of tickle tickle with each other. Now talk turns to what Jen does outside the house. Ash says Jen is in a girl band of some sort. Out in the BY Joe thanks Dan for the advice to talk to someone (I missed it). Dan says his talking helped everything work itself out tonight. Joe says he may not be good in competitions but he'll tell his alliance everything that he hears (how is that different than any other day?) Dan says in an alliance everyone plays their part. Shane asks Dan what his role is supposed to be. Dan says he's still trying to figure it out. Shane laughs saying Dan is the thinker. Brit gives the stank eye. Brit says she's a pro at drive by stank eyes.

02:57AM BBT Ash and Frank continue to chat in the MBR psyching each other up to try and win HoH this week. Ash yawning. Feeds in the BY switch to Jen and Dani in the HoH. Dani says she's used to girls being mean and jealous of her but Ash was exceptionally so. Dani now crying? telling Jen that she's never said anything negative about Jen. Dani says she's so sorry that it appeared to be that way. Dani says if this bitch wants to go toe to toe then that's fine. Jen laughs. Dani says her and Jen will super close at the end of the show, she'll be in Dani's wedding (to Shane or Hayden?).

03:00AM BBT Frank asks Ash if she wants to cuddle a bit in the bed before going to sleep. Ash asks where. (Feeds froze up, I'm unsure how she responded). Ash and Frank head into the WA. Ash begins to wash her face. Frank uses the WC and washes his hands. Ash says she loves BB and she loves the game but she was unexpecting this.

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03:04AM BBT Jen and Ash continue to trash talk about Ash in the HoH. Frank and Ash are leaving the WA heading towards the darkened bedrooms. Frank heads into SBR and Ash crawls into the round bed in the MBR. Up in the HoH Dani says she hates the fact that everyone in the house didn't want Dani and Jen being close in this game. Ash is jealous of Dani. Everyone is so mean to her. Yadda yadda yadda.

03:06AM BBT Feeds switch to BY briefly where Brit is explaining to someone that all the hours of gameplay/chat that happens in the house has to be condensed down into 3 hours per week. All four feeds now in HoH. Dani says she's not a fake girl. Jani started talking trash about her. and she got rid of her. She's real. Jen loves that about her. Dan has been passing tissues to Dani and he doesn't know how to handle it because his wife doesn't cry. Feeds back in the BY. Joe asks what day it is.

03:13AM BBT RUTT (Repetitive Unsportsmanlike Trash Talk) continues against Ash in the HoH with Dani leading the way. Down in the BY Brit and Shane come out carrying cups of coffee. Shane asks Joe and Dan if they have a Final 2 deal yet. Joe says they just finished the deal up. Dan says his wife is getting up. Joe tells his wife good morning as well and says she's checking book bags and making lunches. Brit wishes her husband a happy birthday. She tells Dan that he has to read his card to see where she hid his birthday present. Talk turns to goodbye messages and we get brief FoTH and all four feeds turn back to HoH. (For the love of BB please make it stop...give us feeds of someone sleeping or something)

03:15AM BBT Ding ding ding ding! We haven't seen the bed but last we heard Ian was telling Frank to wake him up in the AM when he gets Boogie up because he wants to be part of the convo with them. RT @rodellccs: @mortystv @tweetdiane in bed?? Is Ian there too?

03:18AM BBT After a few more minutes with Dani and Jen continuing to build each other up we get brief FoTH. Feeds back and Dani says "...bitch". Dani could punt her fake blonde ass across the state... Feeds in the BY back and we have idle chit chat for a moment. Now the BY crew begins rehashing the conversation Jen and Ash had in front of them.

03:21AM BBT Brit says they're all going to stay upstairs tomorrow (today) in the HoH and hide from Boogie and Frank today. Dan asks Joe if he made the bed thing up. Joe said no. He wasn't aware that he was supposed to keep that part of the conversation quiet. Brit says everyone is crying tonight (True that...we're up to Ian, Frank - was close when he stormed the HoH earlier, Ash, Joe, and now Dani which Brit isn't aware). Brit blames the soy sauce.

03:27AM BBT Brit asks Joe if he removed his contact info from his website (madlovecooking.tv - Account is suspended according to the website). Joe says he's pretty sure it only has his e-mail address on it. But Joe says he's on LinkedIn as well and he's got over 7000 people he's associated with. Joe says it'll probably be a mess when he gets home to untangle. Dani and Jen continue to Ash bash up in the HoH.

03:29AM BBT Dani says she has to stay away from Ash tomorrow. Jen agrees. Dani says she wants to call her out for her lies and being fake. FoTH.

03:34AM BBT Chat in the BY turns back to the previous season. Chat up in the HoH is...more Ash bashing. FoTH because Britt says something along the lines of the first night after you are evicted before you head to jury you stay in a hotel so you can do media the next day.

03:36AM BBT Dan says what if he were to win HoH and would see Chelsea on Pandora's box, walking around. He'd go into PB and Chelsea would be out in the BY and everyone would be like "who is this girl?"

03:39AM BBT Joe talking about his family now in the BY. Britt points out that Dan hasn't touched his coffee. Dan says he's nursing it. Brit has drank about 3/4 of her mug (we're talking about a beer mug here...) Dani up in the HoH saying she's been around so many girls that are jealous of her (seriously...getting...old...).

03:43AM BBT Brief period of FoTH. Dani and Jen still Ash bashing upstairs. Dani asks Jen if she wants to outside. Jen says let's go outside. Shane now sitting by the HT with his feet inside. More FoTH.

03:44AM BBT Jen and Dani now outside. Dani takes a seat next to Shane by the HT. Jen joins Joe on the lounger.

03:49AM BBT Joe, Dan, and Jen are trying to guess the name of someone's subdivision/street? Throwing out such names such as Lake in the Hills, Sleepyburg Subdivision, etc...

03:53AM BBT Shane and Dani whispering near the HT. Difficult to hear because of Joe, Jen, Brit and Dan's convo/laughter in the back ground. Shane thanks Dani for talking to Jen for him. Shane says we're close to making it to the final 5. Brit calls Shane and Dani out for whispering. Brief FoTH. Brit begins to scour the BY looking for clues to the mystery box in the crane game. Brit starts giving the plants a shake down in the BY and checking underneath the pillows and towels near the pool in the BY.

04:03AM BBT Brief period of FoTH. Feeds back and Shane is hitting some pool balls around. Brit is still scouring the BY for a hint in regards to the mystery box. She tells Shane that he can't waste a second HoH. Brit says Boogie is going to get up in the AM for his morning workout and they're all going to walk inside. Joe says Frank is going to crawl into bed with him during the day. Shane now inside examining the crane machine once more. Brit watching him from the couch in the BY. She says she has Shane up to her level of paranoia now. He comes back out and Brit asks what it said to him. Shane says he stared it down and it didn't say anything. Shane points out that its 4am. Dani points out that the East coasters that never get to see them awake get to now. Everyone says hello. Dan warns the East coasters that Jen has had a rough couple of days and to hide the lighters (she mentioned earlier that she was ready to burn the place down before Ash came up to confront her). They start mimicing the Britney Spears video in which she says "You can suck it. You can suck it. You're cool. I'm out..." Dani asks Joe if he's alright he's quiet. Brit points out that Joe's had a very emotional day. Joe says he hates the fact that Brit keeps picking on him.

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04:09AM BBT Random chit chit/observations. Joe says he's just contemplating Brit's demise. Brit wants to know why, all because he got teary-eyed. Joe says he wasn't teary-eyed. Brit wants to know who saw it (I did I did!). Talk turns to how Frank knew what they were talking about in the HoH earlier. Brit says the box in the crane game is a hint that Frank has x-ray vision.

04:12AM BBT Talk turns to how possessive Frank and Boogie are about Ian and Jen hanging out with people outside their alliance. Shane says he spoke game with Ian like twice, once while he was playing pool just before the Pirate Ship HoH which he almost won. Shane was glad because Ian almost won it. Dani is quick to point out that he didn't win it, though...she did (Yes Dani, we all know...) Brit says she's not going to get stabbed in the back this season. She says she's going to get shanked in the front so she can say that she sees it coming.

04:14AM BBT Someone start to hum Eminem's song "Stan" and we get FoTH.

04:17AM BBT Feeds back long enough for Brit to start singing Na na na na... and we get another brief turn of HoH. Brit says all that he as left is Ian and Ash. Brit sings? something and Jen laughs and we get more FoTH.

04:19AM BBT Feeds back. Dan says can you believe that we've stayed in this house for 48 days straight for 24 hours a day and we've not seen anyone else except tartar sauce? Brit says they wouldn't have got to see Zing bot girl almost die and we get FoTH. (So much for the east coasters enjoying the feeds this AM!)

04:24AM BBT Random chat in the BY now. Shane mentions a good zing and Dani says to not tell Brit because then it'll fester. Dan speaks in a robotic voice. "What did Shane ask for Christmas from Danielle? ...some space!" The BY group laughs a bit. Dani says everyone is mean to hurt her. Their jokes cut deep. Brit says it's all in jest but we may sound personal. Brit says she'll try to stop with a straight face. She snickers a bit and everyone laughs. Brit says she can tell that she does get mad. Dani says it hurts a bit.

04:28AM BBT BY crew is winding down some. General chit chat about how Dan can be hurtful at times to Dani. We now have 2 feeds in the SBR on Frank, and Ian and Boogie sleeping. Joe says Boogie is going to be pissed in the AM when he finds out about what went down tonight. Brit says no battery calls in the morning. They better just put them in the SR. Everyone has a laugh. All four feeds jump to Frank, Ian, and Boogie sleeping in SBR.

04:32AM BBT Feeds in the BY back. Brit says Joe walked in the room and said "Well he didn't take that very well!" and then Joe saw Brit wave him off and that's when he saw Ian. Jen says it just sucks that he's crying over Boogie but he has no idea what Boogie is saying about him. Brit says it was so funny earlier when Ash and Jen started to go outside to chat during Ash's break down and Brit looked over at him and he was wiping tears away. Joe denies it over and over again. Dan mimics Joe "But I have a house full of girls...you don't understand..." Joe says he's about to crush Dan. Dani says please do. Joe says when he gets out of the house he's going to come to Dan's house.

04:37AM BBT Brit singing random phrases "Blah blah blah and I'm sweatin' my .... off" to Jen. Dani headed inside to bed.

04:43AM BBT They're extremely giggly because of Brit's song that she's making for Jen to record when she gets out of the house. Shane asks Jen if Boogie asks for a haircut on Thurs if she'll give it to him. Brit says she can't wait to see the video for this song. Jen says the feeders are already on top of this and making it. She says she'll put SI in the back of his head for Suck it.

04:51AM BBT Jen and Joe are heading to bed leaving Shane, Dan, and Brit outside. Dan says this is the night he'll remember. Shane says their side of their house has to win HoH because it's Frank and Ash against the rest of the house. Dan asks Brit if Ian was faking it over the whole Boogie thing. Brit says he just feels bad. Brit knows where he's coming from because she did that with Jani. Dan says he'll probably get a little bit of heat from Jen. Brit agrees saying Dan and Shane took tons of heat from Boogie and Frank so she was equally taking the heat. Dan asks something about DR and we get FoTH.

04:59AM BBT Dan, Shane and Brit continue to chat in the BY rehashing conversations from earlier in the day and plans to win HoH this week and take Frank out.

05:04AM BBT Talk turns to how Ian wants Joe out of the house. Brit says Ian wants Joe out because Joe is just as much of a social threat as Ian is. They question whether or not Ian will put Frank up for them. Brit says he's being selfish in that sense.

05:08AM BBT Brit says they shouldn't tell Ian that Ash may vote for Boogie because then he may try to flip his vote. Shane asks who Jen would put up. Brit thinks Frank and Ash because of what went down. They start talking about votes on Thurs. Dan wants the vote to be 6-1 so they know where Ash stands. Shane and Brit points out that a 5-2 vote would be more interesting because then Frank will be pissed at Ash or Ian, not knowing who voted to keep Boogie or vote him out.

05:10AM BBT Talk turns to the fact that it's daylight on the East coast. They figure the people waking up are wondering why the HGs are all awake. Brit lays it out saying that they want Boogie's side of the house to fester and stew over the fact that they can't argue or fight with Brit/Dan's side of the house because they're all going to be asleep all day. Dani comes out to the BY after her shower.

05:17AM BBT Brit, Dani, Shane, and Dan rehash conversations from earlier beginning the Ash bashing all over again. (On that note we are finished for the night. These 4 have mentioned going to bed soon...but I just don't have the steam to continue on myself especially if we are going to begin rehashing the bashing).

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8:25am bbt It's time to start the day. Mike was up, then laid down in the WCA. Now Frank is up and finds Mike, ready to recap to him the events from last night.

Frank: first Joe drops the hammer on me, no go...

Frank thinks Joe wanted to share until Mike went to bed, says Ash came out upset over Jenn being mad at her.

Frank says Ian was upset to find out Mike is going, so Frank is sure now they can trust Ian is with them. Frank says he went to HOH and called out everyone for talking about Mike while he's asleep? He says no one replied to him except Shane saying sorry when Frank walked out. Then Jenn called out Ash until she cried, and everyone sat there watching.

Mike: So Jenn's rolling with them now? If Joe's talking behind my back, I will destroy him today.

Frank: Don't come tell me saying you want to be a man about it, then go tell them I didn't take it right. And Ian was out here crying, I said don't you realize what you are doing to this kid? Mike really is a nice guy.

Mike: Well thanks for the defense. I'm going to leave with more money than 7 people here, I just need to stay calm. I'll say something to Joe, this makes it easier, you need to move on, hopefully can get them back. To have an alliance with 7 or 8 people? And I'll talk to Jenn, everyone was trash talking me, and you were a part of it?

8:31am bbt

Mike: At this point we've done all we can. May be best thing for you that I go.

Frank: I can't believe I'm in the house with all these people.

Mike: things change, they start fighting, they have to turn on each other.

8:33am bbt

Frank: One thing Joe said, if Mike is gone it may be better for you next week, you'll need me to win HOH to keep you safe. I told him you said you don't want flip floppers, if you vote my boy out this week, I can't work with you.

Mike: I'm calling Jenn out too. This is refreshing, now I don't have to hold it all in. It's not like you'll be in a different position if I act this way. What's Jenn thinking, being in a 6 person alliance?

8:36am bbt

Frank: Jenn should be able to look at it with common sense and say, Mike's a better player than me, I haven't won anything.

Mike: it is what it is, time to move on.

Mike/Frank go to K, see dirty dishes, Frank says he's going to go on blast from now on about anything he sees. BY is on LD, so they can't go outside now.

8:38am bbt Mike/Frank move to the lounge.

Mike: I knew he wasn't going to do it, but I had to try.

Frank: I almost didn't go up to HOH, because I saw how close he was even when he told me. But when I heard his voice up there, I went to tell them it wasn't right to do that when you were asleep.

Mike: at least say it to my face. I was going to tell you tomorrow, what we had in here is something you can't put a price on. One person will win, everyone else will leave unhappy, I appreciate the friendship, money will come and go, from minute one we've had each other's back. Your reputation from the beginning being a threat, and mine, they had to get us out. It's ok, this game is super funny, you never know, maybe you get to avenge the wrongs. I knew standing on that pirate ship, my game was going to be hard. Even the dumbest of dummies would know they couldn't let us roll together.

8:42am bbt Frank: I feel like if I get the chance, I'd like to get Dan out first. It's like he's the shepherd.

Mike: There are so many big players to go after. Maybe if you get Dan out, you can swallow your pride and pull in Shane. The key question is if Ian and Ash are going to stand pat with you.

8:45am bbt Joe is up to change his battery in SR. Walks around, doesn't run into Mike/Frank, who don't see Joe. Joe ends up back in bed.

Mike: Should I call a house meeting, say I'm leaving, people are crying, I'm here for 36 more hours, I'm fine, this is unnecessary, let's not have this right now?

Frank: I don't think it's the worse thing. I can be mean but... I don't want to get hopes up, but it might even help you.

8:47am bbt Mike: I may need to do it for me, with all the emotion, I know myself, I have to go one way or the other. Years past when I wasn't a father, it could get really ugly, I could see myself taking a $36,000 punch at one of them, it's not good for me, stupid, embarassing, it's the low road, let the emotions get the best of me like Willie did. I feel bad for Ian/Ash, to go through pain for me.

8:49am bbt Frank: If I win HOH, put up Shane/Dan, split up that 4some really quick.

Mike: I can walk out with my head high, we gave every ounce of our being to succeed. I'm not gonna feel bad about it. I got tricked into coming here, it is what it is.

Frank: I told Ash, even if I go next...

Mike: 7 people are going to misreable they didn't get to final 2, and one is going to be the worst for getting 2nd place. I'm going to the other side of the walls to something they will never have. We'll have our friendship, they won't be in our lives after this, our journey continues.

8:52am bbt Frank: when I go up to HOH and see Dan, a catholic school teacher, talking dirt about you.

Mike: If I can keep my cool, I'm going to go around, say good game, shake their hand, make people feel guilty, that's what Dan does. Just mentally, I don't want to deal with it.

Frank: I hope Julie doesn't ride you when you go out.

Mike: I know it can get ugly if I go that direction, it isn't worth it. Who knows what will happen if they push it. It's such a mob mentality over there.

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9:05am Frank says i will give this game to joe before i give it to them. people like dan sit on their buuts oh well. i am living a dream here this is a dream of mine and you want to sit here and shit on it . i aint gonna let it happen. boogie says yeah and at finale they wanna sit and have a beer with you. isnt gonna happen.

9:11pm boogie says he cant wait for the house meeting today. boogie says you are talking down to me and you are like a resume on my deak that i have never looked at. Boogie says i have to grow up sometimes it might as well be today. he says i aint 25 no more i take bloode pressure medication and have a baby crying in the back yard so all this isnt worth it.

9:18am Boogie and Frank in kt cooking breakfast repeating themselves over and over and calling the other hg names.

9:32am : Ash is up went to change her batteries now in wa brushing her teeth. Boogie is tossing something around in kt as frank cooks. boogie goes to wa and says ash i just want you to know i am calling a house meeting when everyone gets up and tell em its all fine vote me out its fine i dont want everyone attacking you ian and jenn anymore and making you cry.

9:35am ash says jenn went to bed lastnight and said goodnight joe and joe said goodnight to jenn and then jenn put pillows between us and wouldnt say anything. my plan is to call jenn out to the whoile house and i wanted to tell you and frank but i didnt want to wake you up. Boogie says do it at the house meeting after i have my say.

9:38am Boogie says well i am calling this house meeting soon and if you want to get in on it then go ahead but i have to do this for my own peace and get this off my chest.Ash says ok i will.

9:39am Boogie now back in kt with frank getting hot sauce out for the eggs. Frank is finishing the cooking. Ash in wa washing her face.

9:48am Frank says jenn wants to talk shit after saying she would go home to her homies and then she goes and talks shit to ash, she isnt brooklynn jojo was more brooklynn than jenn is. Frank says what if i win hoh this week. boogie says dont be nice. frank says i wont.

9:58am Boogie is in the shower, ash and frank in crane rm ash says i will probably go mon the block after this now. frank says yeah we both will. ash says and jenn has no information to share and if wil was still here she would be working with wil and i. ash says if she tries to start shit wioth me like in the house meeting, i just want people to know what she is doing.

9:59am Frank says i think mike is gonna handle this good today, ash says yeah thats good, after the house meeting he will feel better. Ash says yeah kill them with kindness.

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10:09am we now have foth maybe a wakeup call. Boogie is waiting for everyone to get up this morning to call a house meetingso that he can get things off his chest.

10:16am : Boogie , Frank, ash in crane rm. Boogie says i got to find that happy pl;ace today ash. boogie says thank you for supporting me this week. ash says oh sure.

10:18am Boogie says maybe its a good thing i am going this week and you can win hoh and this house will flip. i have seen this house flip with 7 so keep the faith it can flip and i will be watching from my couch.

10:20am Boogie says you know your out of oxygen and at the end of the road when you are thinking you should have kept jojo. frank and ash laugh. boogie says dont let them forget about what they did to us Frank says oh i wont.

10:22am Boogie says he told frank that he didnt have you two to watch so he could go home and could never turn on feeds or tv but i have to watch to see how you guys make it.

10:24am Boogie saying he just wants to get home and back to his life and his son and never think about most of these people again. he says they program us here in this house and set it up perfectly, they lock us in a hotel for a week then we get foth.

10:26am Boogie telling ash that in 4 weeks seven people are gonna feel worse than me. and then they are all gonna be up in hoh saying yeah we got them out and then they will feel like we should have gotten the other out first, but 7 people are gonna be crushed when this is over.

10:28am MIke says everyone needs to chill out dont cry on my grave cuz there isnt a grave to cry on. he says i feel so sorry for you ash i really feel sorry for you, you will be so depressed when i go and i feel sorry for you, you shouldnt have come here.

10:37am Mike, frank in hoh with ash . dani comes in to hoh .shane comes out of wc goes out the door and head downstairs. dani tells Boogie that there are bags in sr and they might be doing an eviction tonight like 24 hours early . boogie says you might be right i never thought of that.

10:39am :: hg are going on hoh ld boogie asked brit if she can stay awake for 5 minutes he wants to have a meeting andf says it will be quick he says he wants to do it now and get it done.

10:47am Boogie says i just want to say a few things, i hear what happened lastnight and evcerything that was said and it isnt worth it vote me out. i dont want to be at the center of negativity and making people cry, and joe i didnt try to talk to you and do my own work i knew about your bloood pressure and i didnt want to bother you.

10:49AM Boogie says i was trickjed into coming back into this game and i dont want people cryin g i want to erase all the negativite and move on and i am not trying to be on a soap box and the new hg will see how hard it is . and i wanted to say that this is fine lets just get along and weather i leave tonight or not lets just get aLONG.

10:52amash telling everyone that boogie is not a bad person and she likes him. frank says i agree this is a game and this might be a game 24/7 but this is our life24/7 too.

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11:00 am BBT HG's are in a Double Lockdown ... An Indoor Lockdown and an HOH Lockdown ... HG's speculating on whether it's an early eviction or a Pandora's Box or a Lux Comp. .. The BY is now open from the HOH TV Cam and Dani said she saw Balls then they cut the Feed on the HOH Camera

11:03 am BBT Just lots of silence now that Mike, Frank, and Ash have had there short speeches .

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11:05 AM BBT Complete and total silence in the HOH room - just the sound of the camera zooming in and turning.

11:10 AM BBT Boogies breaks the silence - he tells Frank the stakes must be high and they don't want the HG to listen through the door and we get quick FOTH.

11:23 AM BBT Just more uncomfortable silence in the HOH room. Occasional sighs and readjusting positions.

11:32 AM BBT The LD is over - the HGs practically run out of the HOH room. Ian starts looking around to see what changes have been made.

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11:34 AM BBT Frank heads to the side room - Shane and Dani curl back up in the HOH room. Jenn goes and lies down in the MBR.

11:37 AM BBT Ian and Boogie join Frank in the side room. Talk about the bags are already out and we get FOTH.

11:42 AM BBT Boogie/Frank/Ian musing about special comps and powers that would rescue Boogie. Joe in HOH talking to Shane/Dani abot Boogie's behavior and making Jenn cry

11:46 AM BBT Frank tells Boogie that there should be a rule that if you get nom 4 time sin a row you should get a free week. Now a discussion about if he has been the most nominated - he has been monioated 4 times out of the 4 times possible.

11:48 AM BBT Joe telling Jenn that they think there is a live show tonight and an eviction. And tomorrow night will be another.

11:50 AM BBT Dan in HOH - tells Dani/Dani that most likely Boogie is going tonight and then an HOH and noms. Explaining the FF to Shane/Dani.

Frank/Ian/Boogie chatting about that it is a FF week. Nothing specific just dreaming of noms.

Frank whispering to Ian and Ash about Dan but unable to hear what he is saying. He moves away humming. Heads into the side room. Boogie is snoozing in there. Ash joins them. Frank clipping his finger nails.

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12:15 BBT Dani Just told Ian, after coming from the DR that Tonight's show will NOT Be Live

12:18 BBT "Mike Please goto the storage room" So says the Great and Powerfull Voice of BB

Frank and Ash laying in Bed together and Frank says " How wild would it be if Mike and Dan had a deal before coming in to the House to Get each other off the Block during a tight Vote ? "

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12: 04BBT Frank and Ash go to the shoe rm to nap, Brit surprises them in the other bed. The take Ted with them saying they need the numbers. In HOH Shane says he wont disregard Ash, she has played them the whole game.

Ian whispers to Dan about what comp could be.Dan goes to Music rm and whispers with Jenn about how eviction could go down. He speculates live show tonight. (Not from what Julie said--Its all tomorrow night)

Ash just wants to stay in the game. Cant picture herself in jury. Tells Frank he wont have his bromance anymore, he replies with..he will have his showmance tho. Ash says she doesnt care anymore she is voting for Mike to stay.

Ash and Frank continue to talk game, while Brit is in the other bed. BB keeps saying things, Sleeping only allowed in Bedrooms. Mike go to the SR. You are not allowed to talk about production. Frank teases Ash about being Americas Player.

12:24BBT Lots of fast FOTH. BB tells Brit to put on her mic. (she was in bed last I saw) Ash gives Frank a quick kiss. He says a kiss for luck.

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Cams flip around, Dani in HOH bed, Ian at the table, Frank tells Ash she has pretty eyes. Ian talking very quietly to himself, tapping oh table. He starts pacing and singing...FOTH

Ian ends up in WA, (oh theres Brit on the WA couch) She asks if he has heard about Ash. She came up stairs by herself and asked to talk to Jenn. Jenn wouldnt talk to her, she was there for Ash when she was sick and Ash lied to Jenns face. Ash cried and said all she wanted was to belong some where. Jenn says so you wanted to vote me out.

Jenn and Ash left HOH and then Ash put her head back in and called Joe a trouble maker. Brit tells Ian that Ash is a filthy lier. Ian asks if Jenn got HOH would she put up Frank and Ash and Brit says yes. Ian says thats a good thing.

12:41BBT LD is over, the BY is open. Ian, Brit, Shane go to the BY couches. She continues to fill him in what what Ash/Jenn said last night. Brit tells Ian about being bed when Frank and Ash came in and continued to talk game. Could have sworn she heard them say they have the numbers. Ian says they think that next week if they get one of them out they have the numbers.

Ian tells them that he is 100% with Shane and Brit. Ian says if Joe is here by 7th place he should go. Joe causes so much crap for him. Brit says he is the least of their worries compared to Frank and Mike. They go into who Frank might put up if he got HOH. Ian will keep trying to throw Joe out there.

Ian said that Frank has said over and over that if its Frank and Ian left in HOH, Frank would throw it to him. Ian says if he gets rid of Frank he wants to do it in a speed round. Shane says Ian is portrayed as the master mind of the season.

Frank and Mike talk about how they can blame the vote for Mike on Joe.

Ash joines Brit/Ian/Dan/Shane and Dani in BY with Brti telling them about the comp in here season after the pairs broke up. Can you believe that the dummy had Brandons Face on it?

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Back from FOTH and Frank tells Ash that they have to try, you never know. Ash eats an apple and Frank grabs the bag of chips...Munch, Crunch, Chomp...Keep getting FOTH. Frank says some thing about a shield being down.

Mike says strong move, knock it out early. In BY Dan tells Dani to entertain the idea that Frank will throw it to Ian. Dani says this game is about to get ugly. Ash cant stand her, she is jealous of her. Dan tells her to dont say that stuff. Dani says she doesnt want her as a friend. Dan says say that stuff not the other.

Dan says they would get nothing out of ratting Ian out, it would only hurt Dani.

Dan thinks the next HOH will quiz and he will be shocked if its not today. Ash and Brit in Arcade rm, Ash telling her she was alone. Brit says she doesnt like it when ppl say that, Wil said it over and over. Ash says she didnt feel she could trust Jenn. Ash says she took a risk, and it obvously didnt benifit her game. Brit says she doesnt play this game mean, she can come talk to her, not going to make her feel awkward.

Brit tells Ash she is not a closed door, she doesnt feel she is solid with anyone. Ash says she feels she can go farther with Frank, cant do the wishy washy thing.

1:12BBT Brit asks where she came to the asumption that the girls were in the HOH talking crap. As far as she knows last night was the first time Jenn was in the HOH. They were all in separate rooms, how can she say they were talking crap. Ash says now she feels attacked by her. Brit says no, she came in here to tell her she is not mad. didnt come in to argue with her. Ash doesnt want to argue.

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1:00pm bbt Frank/Ash in K eating. Dan/Dani alone on patio [Dan is an expert soft-talker].

1:02pm bbt Brit/Ash go to lounge,

Ash: I love being around You. I wanted to keep Boogie since I could work with him.

Brit: I'm fine with that, but sad because I got excited when the 4 girls met and agreed to work together.

Ash: I took a risk, but it didn't benefit my game.

Brit: I'm not mad, don't play game mean, Ash can talk to her. I don't know for certain that Dani, Dan, Shane are working together and I'm the 4th wheel.

Ash: I told Joe I had to pick a side for the game, hate being in the middle.

Brit: It's like when you/Frank came in saying we were talking about you. First time Jenn was in HOH was last night. You assume everyone is talking about you.

Ash: That's what Jenn says, now I feel like you are attacking me in here.

Brit: I'm not mad at you

Ash: Everyone is allowed to play in teams, but now I'm not allowed to?

Brit: I didn't say that, I don't blame you at all

Ash: You are obviously mad...

Brit: I came in to say I'm not mad.

Ash: ok, you're not mad, you're not mad....

Brit: I didn't come in to argue with you

Ash: there's only 4 weeks left, this game will go so fast

Brit: I thought you knew I had your back in the game, I didn't know I needed to say it.

Ash: It comes down to black and white. I thought Janelle had my back, and she didn't. I told Joe regardless of what happens, I'll work with Frank and Ian. If I talk to anyone people think I'm being sneaky. I'm sorry I feel alienated, I took a risk, it's all you can do in this game.

Brit: I don't want you to feel alienated or ostrasized.

Ash: Wil told me not to play this game personally, but look where he is. I didn't know if I could trust Jen fully. Who knows if I could trust Boogie, but I wanted to make a game move, it's my own indecisiveness.

Brit: well I don't want you to feel akward.

1:12pm bbt Brit/Ash hug it out. Dan goes to HOH/Shane. Dan/Shane start to speculate again if there is an eviction show tonight, or fast forward tomorrow. Shane says the HOH LD appears to be so BB could fix the sliding glass door. Dan says he is out of theories.

1:17pm bbt Dan/Shane still in HOH. Shane says Ian told them he would nominate Frank.

Brit finds Dani on patio. Says she tried talking to Ash, but Ash is so defensive right now.

1:21pm bbt Dani seems upset that Frank hasn't offered a deal for her to work with him. Brit says Frank knows Dani/Dan won't work with him. Dani asks Brit if she would consider working with Frank if Dan was gone. Brit says don't even think things like that.

1:22pm bbt Frank/Mike at pool

Frank: I was honest with Ash, if we don't win the next HOH, one of us is going home. Only option is if I win POV and they put up Joe...

1:26pm bbt Frank/Dan in lounge

Frank: obviously you have to be worried about me winning HOH. If you throw a vote our way, I can tell everyone Joe did it. You are the sheperd over there, if we get you out, we may be able to change it up. At the very least, you could go into this HOH knowing no one is going after you this week. I want to work with people who can help me get to the end. Me/Mike are dangerous, but last week Mike kept you from going up, if he didn't we wouldn't be in the predicament. I know down the road you need to get rid of me. Our backs are against the wall, have to say anything, but we have been good about doing what we say.

Dan: uh-huh... yea.. yea...

Frank: I have to at least throw this idea out there. Mike is so distraught, he's coming to me asking if I should go up to Dan...

1:31pm bbt Dani/Brit go to SR for pita chips, well really to spy on the arcade room to figure out why Frank/Dan are alone talking.

1:33pm bbt Ian checks in on Frank/Dan. Frank says they are trying to smooth over the akwardness. Ian reports back to Brit, who appears livid that Ian has upset Dani (Ian made a comment not shown on the feeds moments ago)

1:35pm bbt Dani is ok, doing makeup in WCA, but Brit is beside herself knowing Dan is talking to Frank... still! Brit/Dani doing makeup in WCA, one eye on arcade door.

1:37pm bbt Dan/Frank come out of arade, Brit says 'sketchy...' Dan comes to WCA, explain's Franks pitch of throwing a bone, a vote for safety next week.

1:41pm bbt Brit says Ash talked to her just before Frank talked to Dan, says Ash wasn't nice to Brit. Frank is back to poolside with Ash/Mike, tells them of his offer to Dan, was super cordial. Mike/Ash feel it was a 'super good pitch'. Back in WCA, Brit says Frank/Ash would use POV on each other, so both need to go up.

1:47pm bbt Dan goes to K where Shane is, fills him in on Frank's offer. Dan called to DR, Frank still filling Mike/Ash in on his offer.

1:54pm bbt Shane/Dan/Frank in K, Shane shares that he once had to get a mammogram... talk turns to steroids, creotine... It's lunch time in the BB house

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2:03 PM BBT Brit/Dani/Frank talking. He tells them to cut Ash a break - he knows they are working together. They are all tearing up a bit.

2:10 PM BBT Dani and Joe talking about Boogie/Frank and hassling them for votes. Dani says she hates Wednesdays in the house.

2:14 PM BBT Dani tells Ian that Frank just came and talked to her - he said the opposite of what Ian told her. Ian says there shouldn't be any scrambling right now. Ian checking on Brit is she is okay because she seemed anxious. She says she is fine.

Brit/Dani going over Franks convo with them. They don't feel bad for Ash.

2:25 PM BBT Brit talking about the birthday gift she gave her hubby. It is his birthday today.

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2:29 PM BBT Now a discussion in the KT on how old they look in their BB pictures on the memory wall.

Ian is rocking on the hammock. In the KT, general chit chat.

2:38 PM BBT All 4 feeds on BY. Ian still rocking and Frank running laps.

Dan/Brit are in the side room trying to ask for the clear box in the arcade machine. Pressing buttons etc.

2:44 PM BBT Brit says working out is a pyramid scheme. She is going over how you go from eating junk to eating healthy and exercising.

2:48 PM BBT Brit telling Dani what she would be doing at home for her hubby's bday. Dinner out at his favorite restaurant, make him a cake and end it with a mouth hug.

2:55 PM BBT Ian and Dan talking. Ian tells him that Brit was getting worried. Ian says they have to cool their jets. Convo over and Ian leaves. In the BY Brit talking about her Christmas gifts. Her Santa gifts were not wrapped

2:59 PM BBT Gen chit chat in BY about stock market. Dan doesn't do anything in the stock market.

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3:03PM BBT: Britney, Danielle, Dan, and Joe talking about credit cards and major department stores on the BY couches. Danielle says she's never been to an ikea, and Britney says "does this house make you not want to buy anything from there?". Everyone chatting about the furniture in the house and how it's from Ikea. Dan comments that furniture is the biggest rip-off as it's only wood and cloth.

3:05PM BBT: Dan says that he told the live feeders on his season his boss' email address to keep his job open, and when Dan got out, his boss handed him a stack of emails about it. The emails were about 50/50 positive/negative.

3:11PM BBT: Talk on the BY changes to twitter. Dan says that Danielle has the longest twitter handle ever (DanielleAlexisM). BB keeps reminding Danielle to stop playing with her microphone. Talk changes to siblings and how they got each other in trouble.

3:18PM BBT: Jenn is in the kitchen by herself doing the dishes. Britney tells a story about how a girl started a rumour in the 8th grade about how Britney's mum told her mum that Britney got a boob job, and when Britney started to go along with it in front of that girl, she started to back down. Talk now changes to boobs.

3:24PM BBT: Joe, Dan, Danielle and a sleeping Shane in the BY couches. Joe comments that they only have to deal with Boogie for one more day. They're now giving shoutouts and talking about twitter and facebook.

3:30PM BBT: Jenn in the kitchen eating and drinking, while Frank has a towel and a headband wrapped around his head heads outside, and Jenn and Frank make plans to talk in the arcade room. Jenn talking to herself and says "get the cameras ready".

3:33PM BBT: Frank enters the arcade room. Frank tells Jenn that she was a little hard on Ashley last night but he understands where she's coming from, but her comments were uncalled for. Frank says that he's 2 for 3 for these HoH's, and wants to know that she's with him before the HoH rather than after the HoH. Frank says that Boogie worked really hard last week to get Janelle put up last week to save him, and he tried really hard this week to get Dan put up, but wasn't able to pull it off. Jenn says that Boogie said to her that he wouldn't say anything negative about her, but he did. Jenn says that they made her feel expendable, worthless, and not a part of the team x 100. Jenn says that 1. she’s sitting beside her former coach, 2. her former teammates are voting her out, and 3. she has 3 people campaigning for her to leave, instead of one person. She doesn't think it's fair.

3:43PM BBT: Jenn says of everyone in the house, she's by herself. Frank says he understands the way she feels. Frank says that if it were Ian and Boogie up there, she'd vote to keep Boogie to keep a shield in front of her. Frank says he knows for a fact that Boogie is going home tomorrow, and others in the house is trying to pull Jenn away from them.

3:45PM BBT: Frank and Jenn's conversation ends with a hug, and she asks him that when he goes back outside to try send Ashley in so they could talk.

3:50PM BBT: All 4 feeds on Jenn in the arcade room, and we hear "You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests". We've been hearing the production ones too this afternoon.

3:52PM BBT: Boogie, Frank and Ashley are now sitting on the loungers beside the pool, and Frank recounts his conversations with Jenn. Ashley says she's really bad at doing damage control. Ashley comments that no one puts themselves in other people's shoes in this house.

3:55PM BBT: Joe joins Jenn in the arcade room. Jennn says she wishes that she could press a fastforward button and it'd be tomorrow. Joe says he's really stressed. Ashley comes into the arcade room, and Joe leaves. Ashley says she wanted to talk to Jenn, but she's really bad at talking, and that it's her downfall. Jenn says it sucks that she's fighting for herself, and 3 people fighting for the other person on the block. Jenn wants to stay away from the 'he said she said'. Ashley feels as though Jenn gave everyone else a chance to talk with her privately, but didn't give her a chance.

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4:05 PM BBT

Ashley and Jenn talking in lounge. They are continuing their earlier talk. Jenn crying because she feels really expendable and she was trusting on Ashley to be able to work with her.

Frank and Joe talking in music room. Joe telling Frank that he walked into a room where Janelle was telling everyone a joke about Joe and everyone laugh. He says that while he realized at the time that it meant she wasn't the best coach, it hurt. It hurt because she was his girl. It hurt to walk in a room to see everyone laugh at you.

Joe thinks the twist might have been that Mike and Frank knew each other outside of the house, they were so tight.

Frank wants Joe to remember that if the girls band together they have numbers, he doesn't want it to be a guys on girls thing, he wants an equal team.

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