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8/3 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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At the approx. 2 hour mark Shane, Frank, Wil, Dani, Jani, Brit & Ian are still hanging on.

Boogie is cheering on Ian, and saying how he's not even using any muscles.

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8:32pm Jani moving the hair out of her face frank leaning forward and stretching his arms alot of laughing going on with hg still on the ship

8:36pm Frank is stretching and struggling a little bit ash is yawning dan is doing knee bends to get his legs moving again shane stretching his back and arms out to relieve the pressure on his back brit is bouncing to keep blood flow going she acting like she is walking in the backyard

8:41pm the wall moved foreward and the rain comes again the hg scream the water is cold frank is turned his head sideways so the water doesnt get his face as bad everyone else just downing their heads

8:43pm ashley just fell off the wall in to the water

8:44pm dan is off the wall now

8:46pm Dan telling everyone goodluck that is still left on the wall Frank and jani moving around alot stretching

8:48pm hg happy they moved the ship wall back up straight they were stgarting to struggle

8:50pm Boogie asking if at some point they will be allowed in the house Frank is rubbing his arms

8:52pm Brit , shane, Ian, frank,Wil, dani and janelle still on the wall movign feet and hands around to get circulation going

8:54pm the ship has tilted forward again and is rocking back and forth jani having trouble holding on

8:56pm the birds are calling again here comes the poop and the rain hg get hit with poop and are watching for the rain

8:57pm Jani seems to be in pain up there

9:00pm the rain has started up again the hg are suffering they are cold and hurting

9:05pm Brit still like she is walking in the by on that plank Jani still struggling Wil moving around alot Frank moving alot

9:07pm boogie dan jenn and joe talking about how werll the hg are hanging on and how frank look s like hayden with that hair hanging on the ship frank is now down

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Frank & Joe both said they are glad they kept it cool between each other while on the block this week.

Boogie & Frank seem to be complaining that Jani is using her elbow to hold on.

Dan told Dani that if she makes it to last 3 that he will give her a speach that Nick Saban would be jealous of.

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Boogie is telling Frank that he is sticking with him. Boogie wants to stir things up & cause conflict in house.

HG are now allowed inside the house to change to dry clothes.

Dan has started his speech to Dani. Pumping her up!!!

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9:14pm BBT - Janelle says so proud of you guys, do it for your families, think of rainbows and butterflies. Dan tells Dani good job. Those that have fallen off look like shipwreck survivors. Janelle is bent over. Brit looks like Jesus on the cross (sorry if that offends anyone). Ian adjusts, both hands behind his back. Shane is on the far end, 3 HG having fallen off between him and Ian. On the beach, Boogie and Jenn keep calling quietly for disqualifications due to how some of the HG are holding hands. We hear the crick of the boat and Trivia for a second.

9:18pm BBT - Shane swings his arms to get circulation going but has to brace and squat when the ship begins creaking and tilting again. Janelle bends over to reduce her center of mass. The HG get excited about a moth, Wil thinks it's a snake in the water. Shane calls across the length of the boat to tell everyone they are doing a good job. The cross-bars are not fixed, they are on a hing so they can swing out when the wall lowers. The beach crew still complaining that Janelle and Brit are locking their arms/elbows behind the bar.

9:24pm BBT - Dan promises a speech that would make Nick Saban jealous if she makes it to Final 3. Janelle and Brit are talking but we can't see what they are saying. Beach crew still upset, Wil isn't facing forward, Brit and Janelle are locking their elbows behind the bar. Ian is shivering in the cold. Joe says it's not a rule, only a safety issue so Boogie is complaining about nothing. Boogie tells Ian he can lock elbows if he wants to, if it helps, no time to say sorry BB or any of that shit, do what you have to.

9:27pm BBT - The rains come again as the ship is leaned far over and Frank goes down the line offering encouragement. Joe calls him an a$$ kisser. The HG have been in a 45 degree angle for a full minute with rain pouring on them. There are groans and grunts. Tough it out, Vermont, Mike calls out. Shane looks like he's losing it. Janelle is twisting in every direction. Brit seems to be having no problem. Joe impolitely points out that Janelle is not light. The Beach Club complements Ian on how comfortable he looks.

9:31pm BBT - Shane is grunting like he's giving birth and then the water slots open up on top of the rain. The ship had righted itself and now is going back and forth and back and forth. Whenever it is straight up, the water comes out of the slots. When it is at an angle, they are pelted by cold rain. A strong fan drives the rain right at the HG on the side of the ship. We get Trvia again. Brit kind of running in place to keep her blood flowing. Shane takes one foot off then the other, stretching his legs as BB gives them a brief rest spell from the wind and rain.

9:35pm BBT - It's all quiet on the ship and the beach. Wil calls out to Shane 4 portholes way and asks if their alliance is still good? Everyone laughs. Shane really panting. Frank still dealing with the aftermath of his hanging on. Dan says this is one of the best nights to have the live feeds. We agree. So naturally the shout-outs begin. Shane calls over to Janelle to tell her good job. Brit not only has her arms behind her bar, he hands are in her pockets. Joe says Willie was right, the coaches were coming in. How did he know? They still don't know Brit planted the idea in Willie's head.

9:36pm BBT - Mike says Ian has a kind of defiant swagger right now, it's kind of weird. Dan guesses it's been an hour 45. He is pretty dead on. Shane continues to struggle, panting, then as the rain starts up again, he and Wil go together, dropping into the water. That leaves Ian, Brit, Janelle and Danielle the last four up on the ship's wall.

9:40pm BBT - Joe helps Will and Shane to a towel. Frank asks if Shane is OK. Dan calls out to Danielle he's not using a towel and neither are you! Shane now sees how the others are locking elbows and says he didn't know he could do that. They say it works because they are shorter. The rain is cold and heavy and Janelle drops from the ship, leaving Brittney, Ian and Danielle.

9:44pm BBT - Brit and Ian are talking but can't hear what they are saying with all the beach talk. The HG on the walls don't have body mic's but the losers on the beach do. Plus, the omni mic's over the ship are being drowned out by the rain. Ian is now facing Brit talking up a storm. Perhaps he is offering her safety? Frank and Mike go off to the side talking about what Dan said to him in the DR hallway. Boogie says he is not going with Janelle and them, he wants to keep an alliance. Boogie says Frank is his Dr. Will this season. They plan to make it into a big thing and start a fight.

9:47pm BBT - Dan might have told Boogie either that he didn't press the button, or that the twist saved Frank, but either way, Frank and Mike are not happy and then they get into the house. Frank, Mike, Ash, Wil rush into the house to get out of their wet clothes. Ian remains bent over talking to Brit who stays upright. Danielle is separated from Brit by one porthole. Frank gets his bag from SR. Dan begins his 3 person coaching performance for Danielle. SHe's come too far to give up now, he's not her coach anymore, she doesn't make deals, she sets deals, if you want to give up seeing your mom, family, letter, make a deal.

9:50pm BBT - Ian now talking with Danielle and Britt, telling both they are good. Joe now inside. Ian says no one thought they would be the final 3. Joe calls outside and tells Ian they have been on Showtime for 50m. Well, no, because it doesn't start until 1am EDT on Thursdays. Brit is talking to someone on the beach. Dan continues talking to Danielle, two bad-a$$ girls coming in here. He's talking to Brit, the 27yr old out of her league. They have earned the respect of veterans and newbies alike. Ian says there is a girl back at Tulane right now who's happy that her man has the will to fight and when he gets back to Tulane, she'll welcome him with open arms. Ian thanks Dan.

9:53pm BBT - The HN room has not been changed. But Joe is off penalty restriction. Ian was trying to adjust position, slipped but hung on. All three have arms locked behind the bar. I think Ian is actually having a good time. This is the BB experience he's wanted to have since he was 10.

9:56pm BBT - Ian says he feels physically ill and might vomit. Brit says she has no blood in her arms. Dan is still out there offering encouragement while everyone else has run inside for dry clothes and food. Ian is still trying to coax Brit into letting go but she's not biting. Danielle can't feel her hands. Dan tells her to focus, dig deep. Brit trying to convince Ian he doesn't have to stay up but Ian isn't budging. The ol' for the family bit. They have been up there for over 3 hours now.

9:59pm BBT - Dan continues to offer encouragement as the dry HG reemerge outside. Wil is taking a shower first. BB14, Mike says, how bad do you want it? Joe in the KT eating cake. The HG have been leaning at a dry angle for a while now. Brit and Danielle both trying to talk Ian into dropping but he is not buying what they are selling, though he did get emotional about seeing his family. Then they got slopped with pidgeon poop, generating a whole 'nother emotion. Ian says the poop is slippery.

10:02pm BBT - Mike says they should call it a draw and make all 3 HoH. Danielle seems to be breathing heavy as Dan encourages her. Boogie is encouraging Ian. The ship is moving back and forth again. Brit tells Ian to ask the losers for some privacy. Ian says we are all safe here. Brit is trying to make Ian do the dirty work by asking for privacy. BB calls the outside losers to the SR, giving the final 3 some privacy. Seagulls squawking signal the arrival of more pool. Hooray for fake bird sh$t, Ian says. But Brit got the worst of it it seems.

10:05pm BBT - in SR, Wil tells Ash that he hopes Ian doesn't win. They are now complaining about the twist, Shane says his HoH was a complete waste, the coaches know their plans and alliances. Ashley says it was 100% Dan who pressed the Reset button. Ian says he's shaking but he's not shaken. Ash says they have to make a newbie pack. Wil says Dan is going to F everyone. The rain comes again and Ian isn't happy. The good news is it washes the poop off the plank and handle bar.

10:08pm BBT - Ian, Brit and Danielle continue hanging on for HoH. Ian is vocally shivering. Ian asking what happens if he falls. Boogie pulls Frank into the Sneaker room, says Janelle told him that both Wil and Dani were going to snowball them. Mike says they are not going to blow up to quickly but me and you, ride or die to the death. My GB to you this week was going to be our partnership wasn't coach/player but player/player. Boogie is really laying it on thick. Right now they have to get their boy (Ian) to the end, Dan is not trustworthy because he know about it.

10:09pm BBT - Frank and Boogie discuss what could happen if Ian wins. Danielle and Brit promise Ian he is safe, no back door, no noms, mad respect, he is safe. After repeated confirmation, Ian jumps off the ship, leaving Brit and Danielle. Frank and Boogie don't realize this yet.

10:10pm BBT - A few seconds later, Britt drops off and moments later, the new HoH, Danielle, jumps off. Mike and Frank are still discussing strategy in the sneaker room as Dan hugs his former player. He lifts her out of the water. Ian gives Danielle a hug but she seemingly pushes him away. Frank is in the KT and still doesn't know what happened. Finally he goes outside and Boogie comes out to learn the news. Joe tells him that Ian finished third but he made a deal because Danielle would have lasted until morning.

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For CoDKiller:

10:19 pm BBT Brit, Ian and Dani all in the shower. Everyone else walking around the house getting cleaned up or eating. Wil and Jenn in shoe room talking about the game changing. Jenn freaking out. Wil tells her that nobody wants her out. Jenn says she doesn’t think Dani wants her out. Jani, Boog and Dan talking about what who might be going up.

10:23 pm BBT Joe, Ash Frank in LR talking about how alliances have been exposed. Frank says he has no idea who is with who anymore, Ash says her head is in a fog. Frank says the coaches know all about the newbies. Frank says Dani has to get away from Shane. Meanwhile, Jani tells Boogie that Frank told her he’d put up Boogie. Ash says she thinks they should all work together.

10:24 pm BBT Boogie doesn’t like how the coaches twist worked. Said at least 2 should have had to push the button. Shane called to the DR. In LR, Frank asks BB for a couple cases of beer. Wil comes in and says “3 weeks wasted”. Joe says it screwed the 2 coaches who had 3 players. Joe thinks the coaches knew about the twist from the beginning.

10:26 pm BBT Frank says they should have made it a comp that everyone had a chance to win since it was a “reset”. Everyone in the house wondering if they are going to get some food.

10:35 pm BBT Boogie in sneaker room asked Brit who knew Frank was supposed to go home Brit acts confused and says news to me when she walks out Frank says I cant trust her as far as I can throw her. Ian walks in and they console him . He goes to change and Boogie says there is lots of trouble to stir up now

10:44 pm BBT Boogie is telling Frank he is mad at Dan because he said Dan knew last night Frank was supposed to go. Boogie says how can he expect me to work with him when he knew last night and didn't tell us?! Brit takes Shane into arcade room and says to deny knowing Frank was leaving. They plan to pin it on Janis team and make them look like liars

10:49 pm BBT Brit goes into sneaker room and tells Frank and Boogie she had no idea about Frank going and shes glad she didnt have a vote this is too much for her. Shes also acting like she didnt push the button to play the game. Brit and Frank agree that Dan and Jani both definately pushed their buttons

10:54 pm BBT Shane is telling Dani that Janis players threw her under the bus for the Frank eviction plan. He tells her that Brit is telling Boogie that isnt true.

11:03 pm BBT There are no have nots so all HGs are trying to figure out who is sleeping where and Joe is cooking chicken

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11:16 pm BBT Brit talking to Jani in WCA. Brit explains she is mad that someone told Frank about the plan to evict him Jani asks who told? Brit says everyone who knows. Shane talks to Frank in stero room about not trusting Jani at all and says he can trust Dan.

11:21 pm BBT All HGs now in KT some eating pizza some chicken but all enjoying not having any have nots

11:38 pm BBT Jenn pulls Dan aside and says she doesnt think Frank and Boogie have her best interest at heart. Dan says he knows and Boogie is going to stir the pot this week. Dan tells Jenn to keep her mouth shut and stay out of it

11:45 pm BBT Dani pulls Dan into SR and asks Dan if he said Dani was going to vote out Frank. Dan says he screwed up and said Frank was out the door but didnt say who was voting what way. Dan said he was so excited that he hit the button and he just blurted things out. He keeps calling himself a kid.

11:53 Pm BBT Shane and Brit are both now in the SR with Dan and Dani . Dan admits his mistake to them all and Brit tells Dani to tell Frank that of course she told Jani she was going to vote Frank out. Brit tells Dani to also say that why would she tell Jani that she was going to vote out a member of her team?

11:59 pm BBT Brit says her only alliance in this house is to Dani. Brit says she doesnt trust Jani at all. Wil enters and congratulates Dani and says this is a perfect week to work together. Dani says fo sho. Wil asks who she was thinking of putting up and Dani says she doesnt know yet

12:05 am BBT Brit tells Wil and Dani that this is not what she sighned up for. It was sold to her as a relaxing getaway and that she wouldnt have to compete or go to jury and now shes in the game and she has to deal with the stress of competing again, (does she not remember being the first to make the choice to join the game?)

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12:09 am BBT Frank and Wil in the LR now talking about Franks almost blindside. Frank asks how the vote was going to go. Wil says everything was up in the air and he had no idea what was happening. Frank asks if Wil knew how Dani was going to vote. Wil shakes his head no and Frank seems to let it go

12:14 am BBT Jani in sneaker room with Joe and Ash. Jani says we need to stick together if we disperse we are screwed. Jani asks who told Boogie about evicitng Frank. Joe embelishes a little and says he was asked if he was going home by Boogie and Joe saus he told Boog he didnt think so but he didnt know for sure

12:26 am BBT Frank and Wil in arcade room discussing options. Frank thinks he is Boogies right hand man and Wil hopes Boogie wont screw him over, Frank says they need to get two of the coaches out to secure numbers. Wil wants Dani to backdoor Dan. Both agree that will never happen. Both agree they dont trust Jani at all

12:37 am BBT Everyone is back to KT and discussing the bed situation again. Its pretty calm in the wake of a three hr endurance comp

12:54 am BBT Dan pulls Dani aside to tell her how bad he still feels. Dan says Dani should just throw him under the bus and just tell Frank it was all Dan. Dani laughs and tells him she would never do that. Dan says she one an amazing hoh and said she turned it on when she really needed to. She replies with "like you told me to"

1:00 am BBT Dani says she hates Jani and needs to put someone up with her who wont go home. Dan says or backdoor her cause shes great at veto. She is quiet and you can tell she is thinking about it. Dan says that Danis win made him more emotional then he wanted to be and He told Shane to kiss her. She said no you gave Shane permission to kiss me

Dani to the DR as i sign off!

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01:06AM BBT Dani still whispering in the HNR to Dan talking a mile a minute. Dani called to the DR. Elsewhere in the house HGs are looking very catatonic as they wait for the unveiling of Dani's HoH room. Joe, Shane, & Wil in the LR. Dan and Brit get together in the stereo room to begin chatting.

01:09AM BBT Brit says she knows that if she came down before Dani all the pressure would have been on her. Other HGs voices can be heard loudly from another room, Jani's voice specifically. Dan says Brit didn't look like she was sweating. Brit says she was cold and was shaking. Dan says he didn't notice her shaking.

01:14AM BBT Meanwhile in the Shoe room Mike and Frank lie on separate beds. Mike says he's not going to suck up to anyone and he's not afraid to call people out. He says he's going to act like a free agent in the house to stay alive. Frank says every time they try to make deals with people the other people always back out. Mike agrees. Frank says Dan is bad especially considering they could've sent him home last week. Boogie says nobody stuck to their word this week. Mike says he's going to make a short tour of the HoH and head down to bed tonight. He's just wants to sleep tonight. Frank says he's going to as well. Mike tells Frank that coaches get $20k no matter what for playing. It doesn't matter if he finishes 12th or 3rd. FoTH (A little late!)

01:19AM BBT Feeds are back briefly and Frank says he's mad that he's playing this game with a bunch of people that were found on FB and we get FoTH again. Mike and Frank continue to gripe about the twist tonight, Frank acknowledges that the twist probably saved him tonight. Switching to the WA Brit, Jani and Ian are chatting about the comp tonight. Brit says the water really bothered her. Jani and Ian disagree. Jani and Ian agree that the most difficult time was when the ship was on full tilt. Brit says it's disappointing that she went so far and didn't get a letter. Ian agrees. Brit then says at least she had one last week so she shouldn't complain.

01:23AM BBT Brit calls Ian out for not lasting all night like he said he was going to. Ian blames it on the ship being kept in full tilt. Jani agrees. Ian gets up and walks out and Jani and Brit begin whispering about how the normal HGs need to stop complaining about the coaches coming into the game. If the coaches didn't come in this week, then next week the other HGs in sequester would be in and the show would probably reset.

01:24AM BBT Brit ask Jani if she pushed the button, Jani says no. Brit says she didn't either (both of which obviously did during the show). Brit says she heard Dan shouting in the DR and we get brief FoTH and the feeds switch to the LR focusing on the DR door (Dani should be coming out soon...).

01:25AM BBT On cue Dani comes out of the DR. "Who wants to see my HoH room?!"

01:29AM BBT Dani opens the door and heads on in, a trail of HGs behind her. Dan is shouting "Bama Bama Bama" (Short for Alabama, not the president of course). Dan spots a doll and asks her about it. Dani says it's a double sided doll that her mom got her. Her CD is Jason ________ which is a country singer as someone points out. Dani begins reading her letter a mile a minute. Boogie looks bored to tears.

01:32AM BBT Dani's mom wrote her a letter "Dear Dani, we are now you #1 hard core fan, proud you made this decision, time for us to realize you're a grown woman. Dad is so proud of you, taking action, not looking back with regret. He put himself back and asked would he have done the same thing? Yes. Don't use your modesty, stay covered up for me, please. Words will never adequately express my love and devotion to you/. you have more boldness, devotion and something else than I have never known." (Transcribed the best we could with her speaking so incredibly fast!)

01:37AM BBT Dani offering everyone snacks, brief moment of awkward silence. A lot of "I'm full...I had a big dinner" from other HGs. Ash asks Dani about a picture. Dani says it's her and her sister. Dani begins talking about a show that she's supposed to be in or on that starts in October for NBC "I don't know if I can talk about it because I'm under contract it's an Eva Longeria thing" and we get FoTH. Feeds are back and Dani is still trying to push her snacks off on the other HGs. There are Twizzlers, Cheese-its, Double Stuffed Oreos, Mt. Dew, a box of Honey Combs, Snickers, Reeses. Joe points out that she's HoH for 7 days, they'll get some tomorrow. Dani is shocked that her mom wrote her letter. Dani was also given an Alabama jersey.

01:39AM BBT Frank says he'll be the first stick in the mud and filter out. Boogie is actually first out the door with Wil, Frank and Joe immediately behind him.

01:44AM BBT Nix that Joe remains in the room. Dan asks about another of Dani's photos. It's at a Miranda Lambert concert. Dani asks Joe if he can do anything with all the pasta she got. Joe said of course. He'll make some Fetuccini Alfredo. Jani is heading out to get a drink of water. She asks if anyone is going to stay up late. Joe says he's not. Ian looks bored to death. Awkward silence returns to the room. Brit listening to the CD and drinking from a coffee mug.

01:48AM BBT Dani rereading her letter. Dani's niece made her a bracelet that their church group apparently teaches kids to make. Meanwhile down in the Shoe room Boogie and Jani are chatting about being back in the game. Boogie calls the other HGs ungreatfull for them talking about taking coaches down. Jani points out that someone said the coaches had a golden key for 4 weeks. Boogie says F*** 'em. "28 days all for nothing...just to build us up as bigger targets." Boogie says Dani was about to double cross him an hour before the show started so he has no clue what she'll do this week.

01:50AM BBT Jani asks Boogie how he knew. Boogie says Joe and Dan and other people. He just felt it. He said that's what the show is about he gets it. Jani trying to build Boogie up calling him "Snoogie". "Snoogie you can't just lay down and die like that..."

01:54AM BBT Back in the HoH Dani tells everyone about her family. Boogie gets called out by prod for talking about his DRs. Joe now listening to Dani's CD. Brit munching on snacks out of Dani's basket. Dan comes up to take a shower in the HoH room. Brit questions where Jani went. Dani says she was going to go down and come back up but she never did. Dani again trying to push her snacks off on people.

01:58AM BBT Down in the Shoe room, Jani and Boogie are still talking. Boogie asks Jani "What were they going to get out of you guys that they wouldn't get out of me?" Jani isn't sure. "I'm a vindictive mother f****er but whatever." Jani says at least you have Ian. Boogie says "Yeah...the kid that goes around giving vague answers"

02:00AM BBT Up in the HoH the conversation has returned to the competition. Brit says her wrist/hand along the side of her thumb feels numb. Shane asks Ian if he really peed. Ian said yeah. Shane has a good laugh. Shane says "15 minutes into it...but you gotta do what you gotta do. I was preparing for it myself."

02:04AM BBT Random chat going on in the HoH. Ash begins to give Brit a shoulder/back massage. Ian begins to read Dani's letter. Joe is taking all the food that can be made into dinner downstairs (noodles and such). Jen gets the door for him. Dani asks Ian if he thinks he'll get a similar letter. Ian isn't sure who is letter will come from. Ian says his emergency contact is a friend. Shane heads down to get a drink and Jen starts to say she thinks she'd get a letter from her mom and we get FoTH (maybe caused by Jani and Boogie downstairs?)

02:10AM BBT Shane and Joe actually returns to the HoH and idle chit chat returns to the room. Ash continues to give Brit a massage. Ian asks for one and Brit says she'll need a bit of a break to relax her hands. Down in the Shoe room Boogie and Jani continue to talk game. Boogie says he's not against working with her (Jani) but he can't trust anyone right now. But he straight up doesn't trust Dani. Jani tells Boogie not to be mad that she went up to the HoH to save her team because he did it. Boogie says he's not but he's just tired and frustrated because of the way the twist went down. Jani says she understands. She points out that it's like week 1 all over again. Boogie agrees.

02:16AM BBT Up in the HoH Ash begins to give Ian a massage and Jen begins to give Brit a massage. Dan gets out of the shower and says there's a spot where the cams can see through to your junk. Brit says it's only if your close to the door and Dan says he put a towl on the handle to help strategically block them. Dan asks about the e-mail Dani had sent out to her family. Dani basically told her mom that that she was going to do something and will put her career on hold briefly and if you have any questions you can call Christy. I chose to do this for myself. I want to live my life with no regrets." among other things. It was basically 4 pages in length and she gave Christy her password to send it out for her when she called her friend to let her know that she was going into the BB house. She wrote it the night before she was taken.

02:18AM BBT General consensus is that everyone is tired after Dani asks and everyone agrees. Next round of people begin to head out giving Dani hugs. Ian, Dani, Shane, and Brit. remain.

02:25AM BBT Shane says his week of HoH was a waste. He drew blood and everything and for what? Nothing. Brit says Jani feels good this week. Dani points out that Jani said she was going to come back but she didn't. Brit agrees. Down in the LR Ash and Joe rehashing the competition from the day. Feeds switch to Jen and Wil whispering. Wil says he was looking forward to sending Joe home this week because him running around the night before running his mouth. Wil says he was going to do a big move and burn his alliance and it didn't work out. Wil says he didn't want Frank to go home.

02:29AM BBT Jen says she wants to get the coaches out first. Wil says Frank and Boogie are tight as are Dan and Dani which is a problem. Meanwhile up in the HoH Shane says the four of them did say they have the best team. Shane says they need to pull more people. Dan asks if anyone has any candidates. Brit says Frank has Boogie and Wil has Frank. Dani questions whether they should pull Frank and Boogie. Brit says she doesn't think Frank will trust them. Dan asks if Jen can be trusted. Brit says you can only bring in people that can win competitions. Dani asks if Frank and Boogie can be trusted. A resounded no comes from Dan and Shane.

02:31AM BBT Down in the round bed in the Stereo room Wil says he's glad the team thing is over. Jen says she's worried about Boogie and what he knows about her. Wil says Jani knows too much about him. Wil says he doesn't BS, kiss ass or any of that stuff.

02:35AM BBT Up in the HoH Dan says they need to bring in 2 people. Dani agrees. Brit says it has to be the right two people because no one can be trusted. Dan thinks he can get Jen at least as a vote. Brit doesn't think she can be trusted. Down in the round bed Wil, Ash, and Jen are laying down.

02:39AM BBT Brit says Jani doesn't want Boogie thrown out this week. She says if Boogie wins HoH next week Jani will be up here sleeping. Dani says she doesn't want Ash up her ass this coming week. Dan says Jani and Ash are an option. Dani still pushing for Frank and Boogie to join up with them. Dan thinks Boogie will not hesitate to put up Dan or Dani the first chance he gets. Brit worries that Wil wants to get rid of the coaches and he and Frank are so tight. Dani points out again that Jani left the room and never came back. Brit points out that Jani doesn't feel like she'll be up as a nomination this week. Brit points out that Jani follows the power.

02:43AM BBT Brit hammers home the point again that Jani feels safe this week and seems oblivious that Dani hates her. Dan asks who the two biggest threats are. Dani says Frank and Jani. Brit says Jani is dangerous but she'll get caught up in her web of lies as will Joe. Wil is two faced. Brit says Frank and Boogie are huge threats. Dan says you put Wil and Frank up who do you think the majority of the house will vote out. Consensus is Frank.

02:46AM BBT Down in the round bed Wil, Ash and Jen whispering. Wil says if you can get Dan gone, Dani will come over. If you can get rid of Boogie then you can bring Frank over. Ash says Dan has been working everyone the whole game. All three agree that Dan is the most dangerous he wants it bad.

02:50AM BBT Ash says they have to get rid of Boogie, Jani, and Dan first. Brit is cool but the other coaches have to go. Ash says Boogie is in a bad mood now but he'll get back into the game soon. Up in the HoH Shane mentions putting Ian up. Dani says he gave Ian her word that he's not the target this week. Shane suggests trying to backdoor Jani. Dani points out that Boogie was praising the way she competed in the Endurance Comp today. Brit asks Dani how much longer she could have went today. Dani said another hour. Brit said she could have lasted about another 20 min. Shane agreed that she looked exhausted.

02:55AM BBT Dan asks Dani and Britt if they can girl it up with Jani this week. Brit says that makes her want to vomit. Dani is distressed and says she can't put up with Ash this week. Dan suggests that they tell Jani and Ash that they are in a super secret alliance and can't be seen together. Dani says Dan is genius but then Ash or Jani will tell Joe and he'll tell everyone else. Brit offers to leave the HoH now so there's no telling that there's an alliance between the four of them. Dani says no everyone is asleep. Brit points out that Jani was called on laying on her mic so everyone's probably downstairs scheming. Brit wants to go brush her teeth and go to bed regardless as does Shane. They hug it out leaving Dani and Dan alone together in the HoH.

03:00AM BBT Jen, Ash and Wil continuing to whisper it out in the round bed in the dark. Frank told Jen he felt like he was going to go home today if the twist didn't save him. Shane walks through to go to bed and Wil says they were just talking about everything. Wil asks Shane how Dani is. Shane says Dani is great. Game talk in the round bed stops, Ash puts her mic up. Shane says "Just when you think you've got this game figured out...holy shit!" Up in the HoH Dan and Dani continue run scenarios on who they can bring into their fold.

03:03AM BBT Shane thanks production for 'Chimaing' him this week. Wil tells Shane not to think like that. Shane says everyone has to start over. Jen whispers something. Shane says the coaches are coming for us. Ash says she heard Boogie and Jani talking and they're coming after the newbies. Shane says tomorrow that Dani is going to call everyone up to the HoH tomorrow and ask who they want to put up. Wil says you have to watch that because that's Dan's move from his season and the light goes on over his head (ding ding ding ding!).

03:10AM BBT Ash suggests to Shane about getting the coaches out. Random FoTH. Feeds back quickly and Wil says everyone has known why Dan picked Kara and Dani because he's going to use them to get to the newbies. Shane says he's going to get a drink and asks if anyone else wants one. Jen asks for a small glass. Shane walks out and Jen says he was afraid he would go to HoH that's why she asked him to bring her a glass back. Wil says he can't keep his mouth shut he didn't even think about that. Ash is called out for not having her microphone by BB. Shane called to DR. Jen gets up to go get her glass of water. Brief FoTH. Meanwhile up in the HoH Dan and Dani are chatting about the endurance comp. Dan says Boogie shouldn't have left Ian out there by himself. Dan says you can tell who cares about other people in the house. Dan says Dani is easy to coach. Dani says she tries.

03:13AM BBT Whispering continues in the round bed (Stereo room) by Jen, Ash, and Wil. They are now running scenarios about how to get the vets (coaches) out of the game. Jen says she want to give Shane a shot but you have to watch his relationship with Dani and Dan. Jen says Shane is mad about the coaches coming in. Wil says he really likes Frank but his relationship with Boogie is dangerous.

03:17AM BBT Dan telling Dani about his pushing of the reset button and running out of the room while Julie was still talking. Dan says if he would have went home last week nobody would have pushed that button this week (if only he knew...). Dani says Boogie is pissed and she doesn't care. 'I don't care about his old ass.' Talk turns to the endurance comp again. Down in the round bed whispering-bashing of Jani begins by Wil saying she runs and tells people things that are told in confidence.

03:21AM BBT Wil says this is a social game above all else. Wil says Jani is all about winning comps. Jen says winning comps only gets you so far. Someone whispers about Boogie playing a great mind game. Jen doesn't think Boogie wanted to come into the game. Ash and Wil says Jani never coached them. Jen says Boogie was proud to come in as a coach. Ash points out that it might only be an act and that Boogie did want to end up in the game. Jen turns over in the bed as does Wil. Wil whispers "Somebody get me out of here"....and Jani walks into the room and crawls into the three person deep bed. Whispering resumes in the round bed.

03:23AM BBT Jani asks Wil if he wants to stay up and chat. Wil says he's pretty tired. Jani says he doesn't look like he's about to fall asleep. Wil agrees to have a cup of tea with her and wanders out into the kitchen. The cams follow and you can hear Jen or Ash whisper "See what I mean?" Wil gets himself a cup of tea. Jani says she'll be in the WA on the couch.

03:28AM BBT Up in the HoH Dan and Dani continue to rehash the endurance comp. Dani says it helped her so much to see Shane and Dan cheering her on. Down in the WA Wil enters with his cup of tea. He walks in and says "I let everyone talk me out of the coaches coming back in and went to make a move and look what happened. I know they know I was about to make a move". Jani says it's a good thing they aren't in power. Wil says he made a deal with Dani and then when he asked about his safety she acted surprised and he reminded her and she was like "Oh yeah...you're safe then". Wil says Dani is a wild car. Jani says Dan is going to try and protect Dan this week.

03:33AM BBT Jani says Dani will probably put her up because she didn't cut a deal with her. Wil says he's not sure what he's going to deal. Jani asks Wil how Boogie found out that Frank was going home. Wil says Dan walked up to Boogie. Wil said Dan told Boogie last night Frank was safe but then Dan told Joe that he was safe (Wil keeps starting and stopping the convo as he tries to remember it.) Brief FoTH. Jani says the coaches aren't neccesarily happy that they had to enter the game. Joe says the coaches were going in and out of the DR prior to the live ceremony today and Jani says it had nothing to do with the twist. Wil says "Oh..." before taking a drink of his tea.

03:38AM BBT Dani and Dan continue their chat in the HoH bed neither sound like they are even remotely tired. Still rehashing tonight's endurance comp. The talk turns to the kiss from Shane. Dan gave Shane permission to go kiss Dani for winning HoH. Down in the WA Jani says Ian will stay true to Boogie as will Jen. Wil agrees he feels so stupid. Now Jani is griping about how last week doesn't matter (again). Wil says if Dan pushed the button he robbed the other sequestered HGs Jodi, Kara, and Jojo from getting the opportunity to play the game (Keep in mind the HGs think Jodi has been sequestered since the first night but we know she is out because she has been active on her Twitter...and we're not talking Jani active but actually active ;)

03:42AM BBT Dan and Dani still rehashing endurance comp. Dan's eyes look very heavy, but Dani is sitting up in bed rocking back and forth talking 90 to nothing. They begin to run scenarios for who to put up now...Frank's name is brought up. Dan asks if it will piss off Wil. Dani isn't sure. Down in the WA Wil brings up talking to Dan about the coaches contract and Jani says "The contract is juicy and they had us sign something that said..." FoTH.

03:45AM BBT Feeds back fairly quickly. Jani tells Wil not to be stressed out and he said he's not any more. Jani says last week was bad because of their fight Wil says "It was horrible and I made you cry..." Jani says Wil stopped hanging out with her last week and started out with Frank. Wil says he was just doing what he wanted to do. Jani tells Wil that the coaches twist makes the game easier because they have each other.

03:49AM BBT Dani says Brit almost made her cry the way she threw the comp to her tonight. Dan says he had her pegged wrong and Dani had the right idea about her. Dani says Brit bitches too much and Dan agrees. Dan says you have to bring Jani in this week. Dani falls over on the bed and says "You're right I just don't want Ash up here..." Dan says to not include her in on it. Dan says she has to get Joe on board for a vote this week. Dani says she will. Dani says if Ian comes up she'll tell him to go out because he's safe. They hug it out. Dan tells her that he's proud of her. She says she needs to go get some stuff from the room downstairs.

03:52AM BBT Jani tells Dani that she just got out of bed 20 minutes ago and she's having a hard time falling to sleep. Wil says he's going to try and lay down shortly. Dan begins brushing his teeth. Dani gathering ADL products to take up to the HoH bathroom. Cams 1/2 display the Shoe room with sleeping HGs. Cams 3/4 remain on the WA with Jani, Wil and Dani rehashing the endurance comp.

03:56AM BBT Dani invites Jani and Wil upstairs once more. Wil says he's going to bed. Jani says she's not sleeping and agrees to go up. Wil enters WC. Dani heading into one of the darkened rooms downstairs to get some of her clothes. Dani and Jani now headed upstairs to the HoH.

03:59AM BBT Jani and Dani now snacking in the HoH. Jani is surprised that Brit isn't up here. Dani says Brit has been in bed for hours. Jani is surprised. Dani says her and Dan have been upstairs for a couple of hours alone. Jani happy that Dani won. Dani tells Jani that she doesn't know what to do. Jani doesn't know what to do either.

04:02AM BBT Jani and Dani now begin to rehash today's endurance comp. Dani says Ian was a serious competitor and she was scared. Brit didn't want her to drop until Ian dropped.

04:09AM BBT Talk betwen Jani and Dani is about Shane and her showmance. Dani doesn't consider it a showmance. Jani says the show will try to push for that. Dani again tells Jani she doesn't know what to do. Jani says to go after the stronger players. Turn talks to Frank and Jen. Jani doesn't think Jen is a vindictive person and she won't come back after her.

04:15AM BBT Dani tells Jani that she wants to work with her. Jani tells Dani that she always had her back (especially now that she has the power). Dani says she felt that way as well. Dani says she doesn't like to play week to week. Jani wants to do long term and Jani also hates to play week to week. Dani asks Jani if she would work with Boogie. Jani gives a resounding no but says she might think about working with him if he approached her.

04:15AM BBT Jani rehashes that she can't believe last week was such a wasteful stressful week. Talk turns back to the endurance comp.

04:24AM BBT Jani and Dani continue to bond up in the HoH. Dani says she's not going to tell anyone about who she is going to put up not even Dan. Dani tells Jani that she's going to bring in everyone today and get a feel for where they stand. Jani says her and Dani play similarly to Jani's earlier seasons. More rehashing of the competition and possible scenarios about how many double evictions there will be.

04:32AM BBT HoH bonding continues between Jani and Dani. Jani says Boogie is genuinely upset. Jani rehashes that if the coaches didn't come in other players would next week.

04:36AM BBT Discussion turns to how disgusting the showers and bathrooms are. Jani thinks Ian used her bar of soap to wash his pubic area. Dani says she is tired. Jani says she is as well. They hug it out. Jani congratulates her once more before heading downstairs.

04:36AM BBT Discussion turns to how disgusting the showers and bathrooms are. Jani thinks Ian used her bar of soap to wash his pubic area. Dani says she is tired. Jani says she is as well. They hug it out. Jani congratulates her once more before heading downstairs.

04:42AM BBT Jani heads into the WC and comes out washing her hands. Wide angle of the WA looks like a tornado blew through with clothes and towels everywhere. 2 cameras on sleeping HGs and other 2 cams on Jani headed to bed. On that note we are out for the night. We'll be back later on this morning when the plotting and backstabbing begins once again! Dan and Jani both said they expect nominations to be later on this afternoon/evening so stay tuned for that as well!

04:47AM BBT Cam 1 now shows Dani reading her letter from her mother.

05:00AM BBT All cams now display sleeping HGs.

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7:00am bbt HGs are still asleep...

(Checking back at 1:27am bbt Danielle's full letter from her mom)

Dear Danielle, So we are now your number one hard core fan. I'm shaking my head in astonishment right now, with a crazy smirk on my face. Yes, I cried for almost a week, but I'm done with all that nonsense now. Regardless of all, I'm very proud that you have made this decision for you. It is past time for your parents to fully realize that you are grown woman with her own dreams. After about four days from when we received your email, dad said to me that he is soooo proud of you. I heard him say he is extremely proud that you are following your dreams, taking action, and admired your comment that you didn't want to look back on your life with regrets. He then shared that so many folks sit, wishing for something, but it is those that step out and risk and do something about it. He said that he put himself back at 23, and asked himself this question, if he were in your shoes would he have made the same decision to go? He answered himself with a 'yes'. You know though more than anything, ha! Please listen to me on just one note. Don't lose your modesty. Stay covered up for me please! Other than that, I guess everything else goes. So win this game, Danielle. Woot woot! Words will never adequately express my love and devotion to you, so I'm telling you that you have my devoted support, and are and will always be my best friend. You have more courage, boldness, and perseverance than anyone I have ever known. Miss our chats, miss you, God bless, all my love, Mom.

Danielle: They basically got, my sister, I had written a draft of an email if I got kidnapped, cause I didn't tell my parents at all, and that's how they got my good-bye, so that's how they found out. They got an email from me telling them I don't care what you think, I'm leaving, bye...

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9:07am joe got up went to wc and went straight back to bed all hg still sleeping

9:33am all hg still sleeping

9:50am have been on foth for a few minutes now this could be wake up call

10:04am Boogie and frank on by couch talking Boogie is mad at wil dani and dan for going to scumbag him and frank lastnight he tells frank he is getting all this off his chest today

10:06am frank says this was like the first hoh and none of the guys stayed up there but ian Frank and Boogie saying they dan that he is on his own i wont work with him anymore

10:09am Boogie is mad telling the camreas to f the editing stuff they will get the f bomb all day he is pissed that they tried to get rid of frank and lied to him

10:11am Boogie saying ian is worthl;ess he is not that valuable i will keep him close to us but he isnt valuable Boogie says we needed ian to tough it out and he didnt he is useless and jenn isnt helpful either so f her too

10:13am Boogie saying dani is not a teacher she is a horriable liar and your tickeling privlages are gone bitch and you can keep your fing snickers i dont even eat candy bars bitch and dan thinks he is winning this again he thinks he is smarter than anyone else i am done with him man frank says me too

10:14am Boogie says do you know how much this bitch is gonna sleep in the hoh room but thats ok let her sleep thewn i dont have to look at her fing face

10:16am boogie says f you too janelle now you wanna come suck up to me f you frank says yeah wanna lie to me again janelle boogie says janelle is in that room talking to me about ytou trying to get me to turn on you f you you never talked to me before till now stay in your lane keep it moving Frank says i am glad janelle didnt win

10:19am frank says at least we can sit up here and listen to mike all day boogie says yeah you can if brit described this like i think i heard the deal i am missing weddings bachalor parties and maybe my son crawling for the first time for this shit i knew this might happen but not with 12 heads left in here

10:21am Frank saying he wants janelle and dan out and if those 2 are out in the next 2 weeks then i am ok

10:23am Boogie says he doesnt care anymore i will put people on the spot now i dont give a f i wont go back and forth anyone who tries talking game with me today i will be like this all day i dont give a f

10:28am Boogie says i just hate all the things that i tollerated now i cant stand anyone

10:32am frank says there are 12 people in this fing house and only one person i can trust that sucks Boogie says jenn will gravatate else where and she will forget the good days of team boogie in a heart beat frank says so will ian he doesnt have a fing backbone

10:34am dani is now up going to dr bb wont open the door so she goes to sr to chage her batteries boogie and frank in kt making drinks boogie heading back out to the by

10:36am frank heading back out to by frank says they wanna fing sit down as a group of non coaches i will says i dont trust you mf's how can i trust you guys anymore than i trust fing mike i been a straight shooter all,the time i wont change

10:38am boogie says if you had left lastnight i would have said goodjob and went on with my other 2 people i am not a sore loser and i aint mad cuz i think i am going to be niminated its just a hassle and that reset button was bullshit and now jenn and ash can lay here and do nothing just lay around and get fat thats all they are gonna do

10: 44am Frank saying it would be great me and mike make the final 2 and says f yous to everyone else boogie says right boogie says if our attiudes get reset and asume they dont get taken back by our attitudes then we can do this on our own and imagine the infinate ways of alliances will and i did that it is possaable to manuver and make it but now they dont have teams to protect them we will just let then slef destruct

10:47am Jenn in kt getting water boogie and frank now talking about tv shows dani in hoh rm everyone else still sleeping

10:49am Frank says i want fing wil to wake up and come out here Boogie says me to yo i am ready too frank walsk into the kt and bb calls him to dr he is afraid he might get in trouble

10:54am dani packing her things moving them up to the hoh rm Boogie laying on by couch alone just thinking

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11:03 AM BBT Dani unpacking still in her HOH room. Frank treating his clothes for a trip to the washer. Boogie lying on the BY couch and the rest of the HG are no where in sight.

11:11 PM BBT Frank talking tot he camera: America - what happened to me last night. Thought I was safe and I wasn't and then the coaches came into the game. I can't believe I had so many people lying to me. It's been a crazy 12 hours" Joe comes out and they laugh about Joe somehow put his hand on Frank's butt. Joe said he had the body pillow between them and was sorry. They laugh.

Frank says to Joe that Wil was BSing him the whole time. Asks if it was Wil's idea the whole time. Joe just smiles. Joe tells Frank that Wil is the least trustable of the game. Said Wil's lie was un-needed. Dani in HOH drinking a Mt. Dew and just lying quietly.

11:18 PM BBT Joe tells Frank that Dani was in on the Wil thing and so was Brit. Frank says he has been a straight shooter the entire time and he has everyone lying to him. Frank asks what the imperative info for Jenn. Joe says it was everything Wil told him. He wanted to make sure Wil was thrown under the bus because this was all Wil's thing. Joe says he doesn't know why Dani would want Frank out over Joe. Joe says it may be due to a competition reason. Frank says that Dan's "nice guy" routine is out the door.

Joe tells Frank that he knew about the lie on Wed when Wil told the group. Frank says he asked Wil last night but he lied to him then. Dani watching the KT cam in HOH but only Boogie walking around.

11:29 PM BBT Dan joins Dani in the HOH room. Telling about Jani convo with her. Jani told her that the comp was not made for her at all and called Dani an "endurance beast" Said that Jani wants to team up with her. Jani suggested Frank and Wil. Jani told her she doesn't trust Wil.

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11:35 PM BBT Dan and Dani go over block scenarios. She is looking at putting up a pawn. Dan wants her to talk to certain HG to find out where they stand. She feels she has to put up Wil and Frank to get Frank out. She is afraid if she puts up Joe she is afraid he may go instead of Frank. Dani says that Jani promised her that Ash will do what Jani wants. Dan says or you can be creative and back door him.

11:42 AM BBT The HG have made their way outside. All are yawning and look exhausted. Chit chat about how everyone slept. Boogie and Dan in the KT getting food. Not talking.

DIscussion of the HOH comp now and how they had to stand. How the distance of where the bar is and what each HG had to do to hold on.

11:57 PM BBT All feeds on BY. No one saying anything. Every few minutes a mumble about something and then silence. All sitting in uncomfortable silence.

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12:00PM BBT: The HGs are on outdoor lockdown. Boogie and Frank are doing laundry. Neither are saying anything to the others who are sitting on the couches talking about the twist and double evictions.

12:20PM BBT: The outdoor LD is over and now they're on indoor LD.

Britney and Danielle go to HoH to talk about nominations. Danielle says probably Wil and Frank. Ian comes up to HoH to get away from everyone downstairs. Ian says that he is closest to Frank in the house and will probably vote against Boogie at some point.

12:22PM BBT: Joe and Janelle are in the stereo rm. Joe tells Janelle that Boogie and Frank don't trust her or Wil. They think she put Wil up to saying he was w them.

12:30PM BBT: Dan is now in the HoH room talking to Ian and Britney. Ian wants to work with Dan. Britney and Dan are questioning his loyality to Boogie. Dan says he has always liked Ian.

12:41PM BBT: Ian is still in the HoH with Dan and Britney. They are discussing forming a five person alliance including Dan, Danielle Britney, Shane, and Ian. They still question Ian loyalty to Boogie.

12:53PM BBT: Boogie and Frank are in the living room. They know that one or both of them are going up today. In the bathroom, Ashley tells Britney that she is working alone and that Janelle won't even look at her. Britney is surprised by that because she knows that Janelle feels that Ashley is the only one she can trust.

1:05PM BBT: Ashley goes up to the HoH room to talk to Danielle. Ashley tells Danielle that she doesn't want people to think she is still working with what was her team. Ashley also feels that Janelle switches on and off people like a light bulb. They both agree that neither one of them are each others target.

1:15PM BBT: Dan is in the HoH alone with Danielle. Danielle tells Dan about her talk with Ashley. Dan tells Danielle about the conversation with Ian. They feel that they need to get Frank out to weaken Boogie. Danielle says she isn't making any deals with anyone. Dan wants to be the one to get Boogie out. They plan on testing Ian this week with voting Frank out before making an alliance with him.

1:34PM BBT: Dan and Danielle are in the HoH going over how she should handle nominating Frank and Wil. Dan is helping Danielle with her nomination speech. They plan on telling Wil he is just a pawn.

In the storage room, Janelle and Britney discuss Boogie and Will being mad at them. Janelle thinks Wil is a flip flopper.

1:45PM BBT: Britney goes to the HoH and tells Danielle and Danielle that Janelle's former team are acting like they had nothing to do with the plan to vote Frank out.

1:55PM BBT: Dan wakes Shane up to go talk to Danielle and Britney. Britney updates Shane on the happenings in the house. They agree that Wil and Frank need to go on the block. Jenn comes in to listen to Dani's CD and all game talk stops.

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2:03pm Dan is in the by putting on sunblock Ian in the ht waling around Ash sitting on by couch Brit is in hoh taking a bath and whispering to dani Frank come out to by saying he hopes the pool is cold

2:05: Dani now talkign to Frank in hoh she says she messed her hand up bad lastnight in the comp she says while she is in dr later she will let them know she cant feel her hand

2:06pm dan now back up in hoh talking to dani and shane while brit is in the bath shane says i have something to tell you he says when he wernt to bed lastnight jenn and wil was there and said we all need to rally up and take out the coaches brit says that isnt gonna happen

2:10pm brit says i have something to run by you she says Ian came up and said he wants to be a part of something he doesnt want to be alone shane says do you think boogie might have put him up to it dan says i think he would have been nervous if boogie did and he wasnt brit says ian sais once he gives his word to something he is in

2:13pm Dan says everything ian has done he did after he promised he promised not to vote frank out and he didnt he voted kara out even though he didnt want to but he did it Brit says i think he will be honest and work with us dani says ash came up and said she would vote the way i wanted her to also dan says we can test Ian and see if he votes the way we want Brit says we bring ian in and not jani

2:14pm shane says if wil or frank win pov and ones comes off do we put up jani dan says no shane says boogie they said we dont know we will see then and we get trivia

2:15pm dani says dan i want you to talk to ian before you bring him up here i dont want him to tell boogie about us up here

2:18pm dan is heading down stairs to get ian frank and boogie in by talking about people that they might be able to keep for votes they told will things to keep him for votes and now frank wants to tell jenn lies to keep her vote

2:24: will comes into hoh to talk brit says everyone in this house knows frank was going home i dont feel the need to say it wil says the all said frank was leaving and i heard jani and boogie talking lastnight i was listening at the door and she also said these newbies shouldnt be after the coaches we are strong and it will come back to bite them in the butt

2:26pm brit saying lastnight while they were on the ship jani kept telling me you have to stay on here so boogie doesnt go home brit says the other day you hated boogie and now all of a sudden your in an alliance with boogie what was it that now the coaches are in the game we are suposed to be working together it isnt gonna happen

2:33pm Dani asking Wil what he thinks is going on downstairs wil says i dont know frank boogie jenn and ian are outside boogie and frank are talking and joe and jani are asleep so i really dont know

2:34pm dani says frank wont even look at me brit says yeah frank wont look at me either why is he mad shane and i didnt have a vote so why is he mad

2:39pm wil says he doesnt know what to say or do anymore wil leaves hoh dan said i knew wil was up here i heard the door close thats why i didnt get ian brit says i can talk to ian one on one dan says it is more effective if he is in here with all of us cuz then we tell him we need you and you need us

2:45pm wil is back in hoh general talk about fish nowian in ht talking to ash ands jenn ian says this is what we signed up for jenn says thats true we did

2:47pm wil asking dani in hoh if nominations are today she says yeah i saw the screen about an hour ago wil says well at least that will give us some direction as to where people are going

2:50pm dani says she needs to go down and get advil her hands are hurting wil says i will walk down with you they walk out of hoh brit says what a freakin liar she said he didnt tell frank anything and that boogie is a liar dan said this from the guy that said he wants all the coaches out of the house brit says wil said he told frank that he was coming after you but now thin gs are awkward but now things are fine brit says i seen frank boogie and wil counting things earlier in the lvrm

2:52pm shane enters the hoh rm now brit says oh geeze here goes shane with hbis turkey now shane says no its ham this time shane says boogie and frank are talking together and ian ands jenn are talking

2:55pm dani now at the ht talking to ian waiting for the right time to get him to go up to hoh to talk to shane dan and brit

2:58pm :brit dan and shane watching the screen in hoh waiting for dani and ian to come up dan says i just know when evil eye and jani wakes up it is over shane says who is evil eye dan says joe shane says he is up dan says no he is sleeping shane says no he is up doing laundry brit says it is eagle eye not evil eye dan says oh well brit says jani will be up later sayinmg i love you and its not good to go after the coaches she says its cool the coaches are working together since no one talks to us dan dan says i know

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3:10 PM BBT Brit/Frank and Ian talking by the pool. Brit talking about how sore she is and thought she would be bruised. In the HOH Joe talking to Dani and Shane about Wil's lies

3:15 PM BBT Rehash of the comp and how much shaking Brit was doing. Frank talks about how it looked from the yard. Brit says she hates to be cold.

3:21 PM BBT Shane and Wil sitting on BY couch. Wil throwing Jani under the bus. Says that she has badmouthed everyone in the house. Wil wants nothing to do with her. Wil says Jani is worried she will go up on the block.

3:25 PM BBT We have audio only on feeds 1 &2 Brit telling Frank that she may have heard Wil was voting him out but she didn't know anything for certain about any of it. In the HOH Dani and Dan talking. Wil comes in to talk and Dani asks him to wait a few minutes. Dani telling Dan about Ian not being willing to talk. Dan says that he thinks Ian just doesn't get the game.

3:30PM BBT Frank telling Brit that he heard that she was trying to get Wil to vote against him. Brit telling Frank that she was powerless and would have no reason to get Wil to flip his vote. Boogie telling her that she told them everything was good. Brit says she was privy to info but what does he wants her to do...come running to him and tell him everything. Brit trying to dig herself out of why she didnt tell them what she had heard. She says that it's not her business to tell them anything she heard. Frank says that she should have told them she doesn't know he is safe - not 100% that he is. Brit says that if she had told them that she had heard things it would have caused drama in the house.

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3:36 PM BBT Dan going to go down and send up Ian. Dani wants to talk about trying to set up an alliance with Shane and Brit. Dan trying to think if there is somewhere else to meet. Asks Dani how she wants Dan to help her. SHe says he can stay and he says no thats not a good idea. We get flashes of trivia.

3:47 PM BBT Shane comes into HOH. Dani telling him that Ian didn't get the hint and so Dan is trying to feel him out downstairs on if he wants to talk. Shane says it looks like Ian is coming up. Dani tells Shane to head out so she can talk. Dani tells him that their deal is good. He is safe. Ian says that he plans to take a bath tonight and that would be a great time to talk. Dani says that she doesnt want him to do anything that he doesn't want to or makes him feel uncomfortable.

3:49 PM BBT IDLD Called.

3:55 PM BBT We come back and Jenn is with Dani in HOH. Jenn says they are all good. Dani telling Jenn that she adores her and she is good as well.

4:01 PM BBT Brit joins Dani in the HOH. Brit tells Dani that Boogie/Frank know about Wil but not from Wil. Boogie and Frank hate Dani and Wil. She tells Dani that Boogie/Frank feel she is a liar. Brit says she told them she wasn't going to throw anyone under the bus. Brit says she told them is waffled all week.

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4:03pm Brit says frank told her that dani was gonna give me a vote and brit told him that well you had wils vote it shouldnt have mattered frank told brit that dani is a liar but not in those words and boogie sais he will leave tomorrow with a smile on his face brit says she told them she wasnt gonna throw anyone under the bus

4:05pm dani says frank has to go home his smelly ass around this house has to go brit says if you think it wasnt every person in the house wanting you out then you was wrong

4:06pm brit says dani there are so many people in this house that needs to go and we can only get one at a time out

4:11pm wil ws running in the by and frank pointed at him and sais this idiot dani says dan needs to come up here and hear this cuz he thinks frank and wil are working together brit says on the couches lastnight frank asked wil where his vote was going and wil looked at the ceiling and frank knew then and joe told frank that everyone was gonna vote him out dani says joe did briot says yeah joe is a lair dani says thats it they are both going up f it wil and frank are going up

4:13pm dani says i feel like i want to get janelle out if possable right now brit says jani is a dirty dirty player to anyone dani says so boogie wouldnt confirm or deny that he and jani are working together briot says boogie said he is only working with frank and no one else

4:14pm dani says should i put frank and boogie up or what oh wait boogie will leave before frank would brit says yeah boogie would go dani says frank has to go brit says joe is a liar a dirty liar dani says dan i need you but dan is downstairs in the kt

4:19pm dani says i am putting boogies name last i wont put him up cuz he wants to go home he wants to go see brady brit says yeah he wants to go

4:24pm dani talking to brit about her kisses with shane and how she blacked out when he kissed her she is asking brit how the kiss looked brit says it looked cute

4:27pm jani has now come up to hoh jani saying joe come to her and said we need to talk about working together in this game jani says he is so loud and annoying jani asking dani if everyone has been up top talk to her dani says no not everyone a few people wouldnt come up until i went to get them and i wont go get them jani says are you kidding me

4:28pm jani says are you ok brit she says yeah i am just sleepy i havent had a nap dani says me either and we stayed up till like 5am then i stayed up an extra hour listening to the cd then got up at 10am

4:30pm brit asked jani what she trhinks jani says about the house brit says yeah jani says i thin k it is f'ed dani says is boogie really mad jani says i dont know i havent talked to him i walked in the lvrm and said hi to him but thats it

4:31pm :jani dani and brit talking about their arms and back hurting dani thinks she tore something in her arm and hand it hurts so bad

4:33pm brit leaves hoh and jani ask is brit cranky dani says no she is tired and i wont shut up jani says has frank been up to talk to you dani says no jani says seriously dani says nope jani says have you talked tgo wil dani says yeah no no no correction no he just came up but no game talk one on one

4:34pm jani says i am so annoyed with all them comps last week dani said it was for nothing nothing jani says yeah for nothing

4:37pm dan and shane in crane rm talking about going to save dani from jani dan says frank and boogie are in the lvrm whispering right now they arte up to something shane says yeah dan says boogie wont even look at me shane says why dan said he thinks i pushed the reset button and they change conversation after someone walks past crane rm door

4:41pm :dani telling jani that she didnt know the comps were on live feeds jani says no only the indurance comps go on the live feeds dani says was we on last week jani says no

4:45pm dani says do you really think we will evict someone this thursday or do you think julie will come on and say just kidding jani says we will really evict this thursday

4:50pm jani says i cant believe frank come up to me in the bathroom and say i think we should talk you cant work with to many people in this house he needs to go he is dangerous

4:54pm the ld is over jenn and wil outside talking jen says i told frank they was after him these guys in this house are cocky and boog and frank didnt even go talk to dani wil says they didnt jenn says no jen asking wil if you talk game with them is it strange wil says yeah

4:55pm wil says i went up to talk to dani but everyone was up there so i couldnt talk to her jenn says its all up to dani now wil says it will be a big surprise if she doesnt put them 2 up jenn says yeah

4:57pm jenn says she was suprised lastnight that everyone stayed on that ship a long time wil says i felt bad for shane jenn says yeah shane was having it hard dani gets called to dr wil says i am gonna go pee before we get locked down jenn says yeah here we go and we get foth probabl;y nomination time

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