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8/2 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05 PM BBT: Dani says to Dan that Ashley wont leave her alone, and right after, guess who walks into the HaveNot room! Ashley! Dani says Jani was hurting her feelings about what she was saying. Dani says that Jani wants to hurt her feelings, and Brit agrees.

9:09 PM BBT: Frank joins Dan, Brit and Dani in the Have Not room talking about the beds. Frank says that it looks like the mats were made for the beds, and they changed their minds, then changed it again and added them. Dani comments that they initially tried sleeping on the floor, and BB started yelling at them. Dani says they were guinny pigs for the beds..

9:15 PM BBT: Dani and Dan in the storage room playing with the playdough. Dani says she wants Dan to be hard on her, but sometimes she wants to shake him like a ragdoll.

9:21 PM BBT: Brit heads up to the HoH and joins Shane and Ashley, who are lounging on the bed. Brit relaying her conversation she just had with Frank. Shane says at this point he can't trust Boogie or Frank 100%. Brit says tomorrow will be intense, and will be nervous up until the vote.

9:24 PM BBT: Brit says that something's happening tomorrow if they're taking away final pleas and it's gonna be HUGE. Brit says thats why it's so scary to leave Frank in the game if the coaches do enter the game and Boogie wins..

9:33 PM BBT: Dan and Dani leave the storage room and join Boogie, Ian, Joe, Frank and Wil in the living room. Brit in the HoH packing her clothes with Ashley.

9:36 PM BBT: Jani joins the HoH room. Brit once again relays her conversation she had with Frank. He plans on staying up late tonight, and Jani comments that "No one stays up later than me, good luck buddy!"

9:44 PM BBT: Jani takes a prenatal pill and says she's a bit depressed because she thinks Joe is going home. Jani says she's seen through Franks's BS and has called him out on it. She says she's never trusted him, and Frank has told Brit that Jani has never trusted him.

9:50 PM BBT: Dani is enjoying playing with playdough in the living room. Pretty entertaining conversation there if you like silence.

9:53 PM BBT: Brit, Ashley and Jani in the HoH talking about how pissed Boogie is going to be when his pride and joy is evicted from the house. Brit says he hasn't talked to her since the POV ceremony. Jani says Boogie and his team are going to be blindsided. Jani: "4 people f***ed over, I LOVE IT".

9:56 PM BBT: Brit asks if they're getting Ian out next week, and they all agree. They have to get him out before the game gets too mental. They comment how he stands on his tiptoes even in the shower. They're figuring out who is talking to who tonight.

9:59 PM BBT: Boogie comments that everyone in the living room are acting like zombies. Dani still playing with playdough. Dan has joined her.

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10:05 PM BBT Discussion of games and baking play doh in the LR . Discussion about what each of the HG are making. Now talking about Jackie Chan and other actors.

Brit making coffee but listening to Jani/Ash talking. Jani says she doesnt like loud people or people who shout. She finds it annoying.

Jani offering Wil Mary Kay products. Telling him what he needs for his skin (she sounds like she is doing an infomercial)

Jani gives her website for us to buy her Mary Kay products. She says we get her as our personal MK lady. She says we can check out her twitter specials too.

10"13 PM BBT Brit and Dani head to HOH. Brit says that she was assigned to talk to Dani. Jani told Brit she would talk to Dan. Jani then told Ash that she as to stay on Wil. Brit talking to Dani about the Jani situation earlier.

Ash comes into the LR and asks where Dani went. She sits down to work on her playdoh creation. Ash telling the HG about taking her class on a field trip to the post office.

10:19 PM BBT Brit eating again in HOH (shocker) and telling Dani how Jani was being insulting to her about how she can always beat her. Brit says Jani wants t take her to the F2 so a coach wins. Brit says that Jani wil have a F2 deal with every coach. Dani wanst ot know if Brit would put up Boogie and Jani. Brit says she doesnt know.

Shane comes into HOH room. Dani talking about how Jani hurts her feelings constantly and that is why she walked away. Brit tells Dani that her feelings were hurt last week when Jani wouldnt talk to her.

10:30 PM BBT Shane made a pink hot dog and so Boogies tells them about Pinks Hot Dogs and that there is an hour wait. Jani says they should all go after the finale. Brit in HOH asking Dani what she really does for a living. Brit says she doesnt believe she is a K teacher because she knows too much about nutrition, the body, etc Now guessing things in the medical field. Dani smiling and keeps saying she is a K teacher. Dani says she has guessed it already but she is a K teacher. Brit thinks she is a med student. The convo cuts off because Shane comes in.

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10:38 PM BBT Joe and Jani talk in the BR. Jani says she wants to talk to Dan. Joe says that Wil was in the room talking with Frank. Says Wil hasnt been talkative to him. Jani wants to call a team meeting to remind them they need to stick together. Jani rounds up the team to have a meeting in the arcade room. Joe acts like he doesnt know what she is going to say. Jani says that she wants to have a meeting because tongiht there will be all types of campaigning. She wants everyone to stay onboard. Joe says that Dan wants to talk to him. Joe says he talked to Dani but not Dan. Jani asks what Dani was mad about. Wil tells them it was about the Kara comment (it wasn't) Jani says some people are too sensitive.

Brit/Dani and Shane talking about different meds and what Brit sells (she is a Pharm rep) Brit said that she had fun selling some of them. Back in the arcade room Jani tells her team that she is stepping back and not giving them advice any more. Its time to step back and let them play but she thinks they worked great this week.

10:44PM BBt Frank in the HOH now - tells the HOH group that Jani called her team into the arcade room for a team meeting. Shane says he is going to lock he HOH door so he doesnt have to listen to her voice.

Wil has left the arcade room. Joe says that both have promised him their votes but he is scared, Jani says it will be alright. They can hear Dan asking for them. Jani pulls him in. Dan has a question. Jani doesnt want to talk cooking. Dan goes out to put his playdoh in the oven. Ash wants to go to bed early. Jani says they will need their energy for endurance. Joe asks Janie if she knew Wil had promised them his vote. Jani says yeah and we get FOTH

10:51 pM BBT you can practically hear crickets while Jani's team waits for Dan. Back in HOH the HG are talking about girl friends . Brit says that she was always a very loyal girlfriend.

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11:04 pm BBT Dan leaves Jani pow wow and Joe says he is confused about Dan not saying anything about Shane telling Dani to vote Frank out. Jani heads upstairs to confirm Danis vote just in case

11:10 pm BBT Jani instead of going upstairs grabs Dan and lets him know Joes concern. Dan said it was a deal you made not your players and that he needs to make sure he is safe. Jani says she doesnt want to talk to her team about going into the game. In shoe room Joe asks Jenn for her vote. He says if he gets her vote that she is guaranteed that she will not be on block next week.

11:18 pm BBT Janelle asks Dan if he is excited to play the game again? she is like 100% sure she is playing the game again. Wil enters the SR in a very angry way where Jani and Dan are talking. Wil says the Joe told Jenn he has vital info for her. Jani runs and grabs Joe now all three are in SR. Wil says "give me one good reason to not vote you out tomorrow" he is angry. Joe said that it was only info for if he went home. Wil says now Jenn is telling Frank everything! Joe says it was just a move just in case. Jani says it was a move i guess. Wil storms out knowing Jani is not on his side. Jani tells Joe to go tell Jenn he didnt mean it so Wil can be more at ease to vote Joe to stay

11:22 pm BBT So now Jenn is in sneaker room with Frank Boogie and Ian laughing. Wil enters and Frank asks jokingly "do you know what the vital information is?" they all laugh it off like a huge joke

11:34 pm BBT Joe Shane Jani Brit and Wil all in Hoh reprimanding Joe for his vital info comment. Joe just keeps repeating that it could be anything! The crew is thinking of a lie to tell them later after Frank leaves. They agree to say it was just an empty threat and Joe was desperate for a vote. In sneaker room Team Boogie agrees they are the tightest team and and think it would be funny to storm the Hoh and hang out. So now they are all in Hoh awkardly playing play dough

11:42 pm BBT Jani leaves Hoh to go find Dani Franks laughs gets up and says I better go find her too!

11:58 pm BBT Jani Heads to Hoh for bath time and Brit asks her if she knows Boogie and Frank are following her everywhere? Jani says no really? Brit says yeah I bet they are on their way up now. She says no I told them I am taking a bath. We get Foth everyonce in a while because Frank and Ian keep singing.

12:03 am BBT Brit and Dani in WC yes the actual potty room recapping the drama with Wil and Joe, flushing every once and a while. Brit warns Dani Boogie and Frank will follow her all night so Jani cannot talk to her.

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12:14 am BBT in WCA Frank admits to following Jani all over. He tells Brit and Dani that he trusts Dani completely but doesnt trust Jani alone with her. Frank wants Joe and Jani to feel they have no hope

12:16 Brit goes upstairs and tells everything to Jani. Brit pauses a few moments and says Joe is an idiot what was he thinking. Jani says I know I told him what he did was stupid he, did not want to listen to me

12:21 am BBT Frank chases Dani all over the house catches her in LR tickles her then picks her up carries her to bed and then says stay there! He then proceeds to tickle everyone in the room (Dan Boogie and Ash) then walks out. Ash says his tickles are wicked fierce.

12:26 am BBT Brit and Wil telling Ash all about the vital info drama while Dan cups his ear and listens in from the stereo room. Oh and I just noticed Dani is hiding from Frank under the bench in the LR

12:36 am BBT Brit Wil Dani and Ash bashing Joe some more while coming up with a way to get Frank to leave her alone. Dani is not ok with Frank following her around all over lifting her up and tickling her. They go back to Joe being dumb and making Wil mad enough to flip Wil says he is but he wont flip that would ruin working with Brit and Shane for him.

12:42 am BBT Ash and Wil want to leave all info out of pow wows when Joe is around. They don't want to include him in anything. They then start talking about Jani and agree they are upset she is making them all look like liars. They call her two faced in the game. Feeds switch to SR where Shane and Joe are recapping the drama with Wil. Joe is trying to explain himself by saying he doesnt trust Wil and Shane just agrees.

12:48 am BBT Dani in Stereo Room asks Dan if we are still voting out Frank. Dan shrugs and tells her to be prepared for him to re enter the game. She asks how to prepare for that and he says just dont be surprised. He is 75% sure he is going in. Dan thinks he will have the choice and he will come back. Dani asks if Dan will still tell her stuff. Dan says Dani is the only one he will tell stuff too.

1:00 am BBT Ash and Wil plotting the best way to distance themselves from Jani and Joe. They agree that they should keep Joe around as long as possible because he will always be the bigger target on Janis team. Jani conveniently enters and talks about Boogie and Frank following her. They all proceed to agree Joe is also a liability.

1:11 am BBT Joe and Jani in arcade room now Joe apologizing for everything. He says he hit the panic button because he didnt know how things were going after the Wil/Jani fight

1:25 am BBT Everyone seems to be winding down for the night Wil Frank and Ian make Tv chit chat at KT table while Ash gives Jenn a massage in the LR

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7:15am bbt Boogie got up to use the WC, but went back to bed, so let's use this time to recap last night's drama and set the stage for what could be an interesting Thursday.

8/1 10:40pm bbt Janelle's team meet, feel they did a good job this week of working together. Joe question's if Frank is so duped that he isn't trying for votes.

8/1 10:42pm bbt Ashley tells Wil "I know you trust Danielle, but realize she tells Dan EVERYTHING".

8/1 10:44pm bbt Wil leaves the team meeting.

8/1 10:51pm bbt Wil joins the team again, finds them worrying about past conversations with Frank. Wil says it's all in the past, let's move forward.

8/1 10:53pm bbt Dan joins the Janelle team meeting, where they ask him to confirm that Danielle promised her vote to evict Frank if they promise to keep her safe.

8/1 10:55pm bbt Dan denies knowledge of Danielle's promise, but says ok as long as she is safe.

8/1 10:57pm bbt Janelle asks Dan if the vote is definately going to happen? Dan says he doesn't have a vote, but Janelle justs wants to hear it from Dan, since they see Dan hanging out with Boogie. Joe voices his concern of a last minute surprise. Dan says if Danielle made a deal, he would suggest she honor it, although he doesn't feel it's good game play to make a promise of a vote.

8/1 11:01pm bbt Janelle asks Dan if Boogie's team has any idea of the blindside coming? Dan says if they do, it didn't come from him. Dan leaves, followed by Wil. Janelle, Ashley, and Joe immediately begin to question why Dan denies knowing about Danielle's promise? Janelle decides to go ask Dan about Danielle's promised vote.

8/1 11:05pm bbt Janelle meets Dan in the SR. Dan hedges when Janelle confronts him, saying he didn't want to admit to everything in front of her team. Dan says Danielle's promise was to Janelle, not her team.

8/1 11:07pm bbt Joe meets with Jenn, telling her that he feels he will get Danielle's vote because of a promise made last week. Joe says he just confirmed this with Dan.

8/1 11:08pm bbt Joe asks Jenn for her vote, saying he needs it, but also thinks Jenn needs it. "If by some chance I go home, you need to come directly to me, because I have something to tell you on the way out the door. It will be vital information for your game."

8/1 11:12pm bbt Wil finds Janelle in the SR "So Joe's in there telling Jenn that he has vital information to give her. Jenn is going to go back now to Boogie, and they are going to know the jig is up!"

8/1 11:13pm bbt Joe/Jenn end their chat, while Janelle is heading to pull Joe away, saying "he's so stupid". Janelle pulls Joe to the SR, says Wil is freaking out, and asks Joe about the 'vital information' comment he made to Jenn. Joe clarifies, "If I should go home, didn't you hear that part? If I should go home, I have information." Janelle says he should have said that because it freaks Wil out. Jenn pulls Frank aside, causing Wil to join Janelle/Joe in the SR.

Wil: "Give me 5 reasons I shouldn't vote you out tomorrow? I just listened to the whole conversation! You said you had vital information."

Joe: "IF..."

Wil: "Guess what she's doing right now, she's telling Frank!"

Joe: "You didn't hear the rest, I said 'Only if I go home"

Wil: "You told her you have vital information!"

8/1 11:15pm bbt Wil leaves Janelle/Joe in the SR and joins Jenn/Frank. Wil says he heard all of Jenn/Joe's conversation. Frank asks if Wil knows what the 'vital information' is that Joe was talking about.

8/1 11:16pm bbt Boogie joins Jenn/Frank/Wil. Wil tells Boogie that Joe told Jenn he had 'vital information', and they all pass it off as Joe scrambling at the last minute.

8/1 11:17pm bbt Ian joins them, and Boogie shares that coming from the DR just now, he heard Janelle tell Joe, "you shouldn't have said that, you gave too much information."

8/1 11:21pm bbt Janelle/Joe leave the SR. Wil is still playing friendly with Boogie's team. Janelle walks in on Boogie's team. Wil leaves. Janelle leaves.

Frank: "Go follow him Janelle"

Janelle: "Oh I will"

8/1 11:22pm bbt Janelle/Wil pull Britney aside and start to fill her in on what is happening.

8/1 11:23pm bbt In the KT, Britney is giggling over the events, but saying "it's not funny."

8/1 11:24pm bbt Janelle/Wil/Britney join Shane/Danielle/Joe in the HOH. Wil shares that he went back to Jenn to cover for Joe. Wil thinks Joe may have blown everything, but Joe thinks it would have been fine if Wil hadn't lost it and gone back to Jenn. Britney asks Joe if he went to Jenn to ask for her vote because Joe doesn't trust Wil. Joe says yes, Wil says everything he has done is to keep Joe here. Everyone confirms Joe is staying.

8/1 11:30pm bbt Boogie/Frank/ decide to crash the HOH crew, so everyone makes akward small talk. Jenn joins the group also.

8/1 11:38pm bbt Wil leaves the HOH room, follow by Janelle at 11:40. Frank leaves, saying maybe he should find her(Danielle) as well. Boogie leaves right after saying 'we could do this all night."

8/1 11:42pm bbt Shane/Brit/Joe/Jenn left in the HOH, watching the spy screen of the LR, where Frank/Boogie/Janelle are all making sure the others don't get alone time with Danielle. Britney realizes they are all going to follow Danielle around all night.

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9:02BBT HG sleeping except Joe who is laying in the crane room. (EEEKKKKKk ...I look away and glance back to see a very close up of Joe's face.)

9:13BBT Joe gently snoring. HG moving around in their sleep. Can hear a robotic sqeaky noise. FOTH and then Joe saying he dont have a bed. (guess he got yelled at for not sleeping in a bed) He tromps into the HN room, says Better? FOTH

Jenn up, uses WC, changes batteries, goes back to room. She tells Frank its 9:20, she didnt see anyone else up.

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9:27BBT FOTH Frank up, jogs his way to WC. Washes his hands, give his teeth a quick once over & fluffs his hair.

9:37BBT Trivia (??)

9:53BBT HG are getting up. Wil saying when life gives you play doe you make a Jodi. HG doing ADLs.

BB ready for later today, they are using Trivia instead of FOTH. Ash asks Frank to get her an ice pack, he says only if she votes to keep him in.

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Dani and Frank talk in WA, Dani doesnt know who to believe. Frank trusts Shane, he had to go up so there wasnt a risk. Frank understands. Dani says he and Shane will have this back and forth the whole time. Frank says Jani is his enemy, been telling lies, throwing him under the bus. Before the POV Ceremony trusted Shane 100%, does being nom hurt him a bit, yes, but he is not a man that holds a grudge. As long as the votes go his way. OK by gones are by gones.

Frank trusts Dan more then Brit. He trusts Dani and Shane. Brit got paranoid about him getting the votes to keep Joe and got it into Shanes head. Hopes he can do something down the road to get Brti to trust him. She doesnt trust Mike. Frank: if I go home this week or down the road its because ppl think I lied. When they see the show they will know.

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Frank tells Dani he is sorry for asking. She says no you can ask just dont get upset if I just sit here. Frank says He and Mike are surprised at how Jani is lying, she is hurting herself more this week then helping.

Mike awake. Frank still pushing how Jani lies, how she pushed to get him out. Trivia

Frank tells Dani not to worry about Ian, he and Mike have him under control. Dani gets in the shower, Frank goes to make eggs.

***10:29BBT Change cam just in time to see Jani and Dani pinky swear, but didnt hear what it was about. (Did any one catch it?)*** (even using Flashback I couldnt understand it sorry)

In HOH Jani and Brit saying they did it. But they will be nervous until Julie announces it. They talk about how Frank followed Dani around. Brit says if he gets through this week he will win. Jani says she thinks the coaches will be called into the DR and they will have to choose to enter the game or not.

Jani says Frank stunk so bad his BO smell kept her awake all night. Brit says sorry Nana but he needs deodorant. How could any one sleep with that.

10:49BBT HG making way to HOH. Joe says he was in a fight with BB about sleeping on the HN bed. He is going to grab a couple hours sleep in HOH in case its enduro tonight.

10:58BBT Frank washing his breakfast dishes, Jani please change your batteries. Mike grabs last min stuff from BR. "HG please report to the HOH bedroom."

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11:04AM BBT: Frank and Boogie are in the arcade room talking about tonight's HoH competition and who might win and who might go on the block next week Boogie says I hate to do this to Dan but if we can't get Dan we will take out Danielle she is worthless

11:08AM BBT: Boogie says we got to get Ian to win HoH then we have control of this game then we have to keep Ashley away from him

11:15PM BBT: Boogie says he loves that Shane's reign is over I hope he sweats tonight Boogie says how was that F'ing PoV ceremony speech now Frank says Ian will stay on the endurance competition tonight he won't come down Boogie says yeah and I will be his biggest cheerleader

11:20AM BBT: Boogie says he wants it to be an endurance tonight but he doesn't want an endurance for the coaches competition Frank says there better not be anyone coming back in this game this week I don't want anyone returning

11:25AM BBT: Britney Wil Janelle and Danielle in HoH talking about TV shows Frank and Boogie in arcade room still repeating themselves Frank looks at the camera and says damn that camera is making some noise yo... Boogie says if Jenn wins HoH she can't be traded and Boogie wants to win the coaches competition and trade her for Wil

11:27AM BBT: Frank asking if the endurance competition comes down between himself and Ian he should let Ian have it right Boogie says yea let him have it

11:29AM BBT: Britney walks in arcade room with Boogie and Frank Boogie asked if they was the only ones still downstairs Britney says yes everyone in Shane's room is asleep but the ones in her room isn't they been talking about housewives

11:33AM BBT: Boogie says if they bring someone back in the game then the coaches won't be back in the game Boogie says it's to early for the coaches to come into the game if they will at all

11:37AM BBT: Boogie and Britney talking about how popular Janelle is Britney says she is the 2nd best player to ever play this game

11:40AM BBT: Britney has left the arcade room Boogie says she is in as good with Britney as she is with Dan he tells Frank lets keep her on our good side

11:43AM BBT: Frank saying he is in good with Danielle that Danielle loves him to pick her up and spin her around

11:45AM BBT: Boogie says Britney is definitely rolling hard with Danielle they are about the same age and their tight Frank says I am telling you if we can get Shane out next week Danielle will suck to us

11:47AM BBT: Frank alone now saying don't hate me everyone there at home I don't want to come out looking like a doucher I love this game I love being on the block and as much as I don't like staying up all night hustling that's what this game is about

11:48AM BBT: Frank gives a shout out to all the military personnel overseas and hopes they are staying safe and thank you for keeping us safe here

11:52AM BBT: :Frank says the way I got to play my game it's like I have to be the nice guy Boogie says yeah you are the good sport and will be remembered for that unlike Jenn if she gets traded and doesn't get evicted might not be good

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12:03pm Boogie is worried that they might get him tonight and vote out frank and say haha i gotcha Boogie tells frank it isnt gonna happen but its hard not thinking about it Frank says if i get voted out and they get to bring someone back then i will be back Boogie says yeah everyone will bring you back

12:05pm Frak says he cant help but be worried that peoiple keep saying i have a final 2 deal with everyone boogie says yesh but just keep doing what your doing and you will be alright

12:11pm after a brief foth all hg in hoh rm now for lockdown brit in hoh bathrrom doing her makeup

12:24pm hoh ld most hg sleeping brit blowdrying her hair boogie and ash sitting at table eating snacks

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3:01pm:Frank says Ian is all fired up for this indurance comp Boogie says watch it not even be an indurance comp and they laugh

3:05pm dan walkin into shoe rm with Frank and boogie ... Boogie starts to whisper to dan about the game and Wil walks in to stop the conversation

3:08pm Frank says it sucks packing Boogie says yeah it does suck packing Wil says sorry frank so frank says no dont be you didnt put me on the block in the crane rm brit and danio still talking about jewelry and brit asking what dani does she is asking all these nursing positions dani keeps saying boring but brit hasnt got it right yet then brit ask do you work in a hospital dani doesnt say anything brit ask do you work in emergency as a nurse dani says yeah brit says thats sweet

3:13pm brit and dani in crane rm talking about strokes and how to prevent it and what meds should be taken and we get trivia

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From 1:00pm to 3:00pm BBT

1:08BBT The HGs are now out of HOH ld..Shane in HOH feeding fish. Ashley, Janelle, Jenn downstairs in bathroom. They are all sitting around waiting for the restroom to open up. All HGs look really tired.

HGs are moving around the house getting ready for tonight. Dan & Dani are in the headphones rm. Frank,Joe & Shane in Kt eating . Ian in the bathroom talking to Asley & Britany. Boogie in DR.

Britany & Ashley still laying on chair in bathroom, they are trying to go over some of what happened last night. They are afraid Frank is staying tonight & someone is lying to them. They are whispering because people keep coming in & out.

1:25BBT Joe is whispering to Ashley & Britany about his conversation with Dan. He says Dan wants him to trust him if he goes into the game. Britany says Dan is already playing his own game.

Wil, Shane ,& Dani in headphones rm , all three laying in bed together whispering about how Joe almost blew the blindside w Frank last night.

Wil says he is going to corner Ian before HOH & get a promise from him not to go after him. They dont trust Joe but want Frank out first.

1:42BBT Boogie now in the bathroom w Ashley,& Britany talking about Orlando,Fl & all the attractions. Dan joining in every now & then from the shower.

1:58BBT Boogie laying on chair in bathroom. Boogie questioning Ashley about herself. Dan doing ADLs Ian getting ready for shower. In the KT, Britant, Frank, Joe, & Dani eating, cooking, & chatting about the difference between having a girl or boy.

2:10BBT Britany is concerned about the way Dan is acting. She tells Dani about Joe saying that Dan wanted to work w him if he was put back in the game. Dani doesnt think Dan really said that. They think Joe is making it up.

In the storage rm , Dani confronts Dan about Joe. Dan says he is unbelieveable & nuts. Britany comes in & repeats the story to Dan. Dan denies ant of it. They all wonder if Frank knows he leaving.

2:21BBT In the storage rm, Dan says he was just trying to see who Joe would put up & it was Joe that said he wanted to work w him. Dan tells Dani not trust Janelle & they already know not to trust Joe. Britany comes in & tells Dan that Joe is storytelling in the LV about him. Ashley also just said Frank was leaving in front of Jenn.

Dan, Britany, & Dani in the arcade rm discussing Joe & how he cant keep his mouth shut. Britany says Dani looks stressed. They all laugh at Joe saying he invented you know its not butter.

2:58BBT Janelle up & in the KT w Boogie cooking. Britany, Dani, & Dan in arcaade rm talking about insurance on engagement rings. Gerneral chit chat .In the LR , Ashley, & Joe are listening to a story by Wil.

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Update.....feeds were Trivia till after the show aired eastern.....

7:30pm BBT all hg are still on the ship. Ian has peed himself already. Mike is having the most trouble. Brit tells them that there will prob be some notes to read as they fall down. Wil wants to know what coach pushed the button.

....will update as people fall off the ship....

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7:33pmBBT Trivia, when feeds come back hg say Ian will be pleased...(no HN this week?)

Ian says can you image Jodi being sequester for 27 days then being told....nope Dan hit the button.

Ian checked....the platforms they are standing on are glued, not mobile.

Wil wants to play a game....A to Z pirate names. Ian says HN shower.

7:47pm BBT all hg still there. Mike flexing his arms.

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7:00 PM BBT: Still trivia....

7:10 PM BBT: The feeds are back! Looks like everyone is still holding on, and constant rain being poured down on them. Brit’s shivering, and they all try to get into a comfortable position and stretching.

7:12 PM BBT: Brit says it hard and it hurts. Jani is whispering to Dan, but you can’t hear them due to a plane overhead, and they’re talking too softly.

7:18 PM BBT: Attack of the seagulls! We are presented with the annoying sounds of seagulls and seagulls flying around!

7:20 PM BBT: Brit says to Boogie “it’s 4 on 8!”. Wil says it’s going to be a long night, and the HG’s get blasted with.... seagull poop. Boogie says he is “willie-ing” this tonight.

7:23 PM BBT: Boogie says “This is your contest Ian! I’m going to hang out for a bit, but I have to hold 180lb up here on the tilting wall. It’s not as easy as it looks” Here comes the rain and wind again!

7:26 PM BBT: The rain has stopped! Everyone congratulating each other on staying on their plank so far. Brit says that when they really want to get them off the wall, they’ll keep the wall tilted down to the water.

7:30 PM BBT: Brit tells Boogie that the first person down will be the ‘host’ and will read the cards. One HG calls out “Who pressed the button” and Shane yells out “Yeah!”.. Coaches are silent except Boogie who says quietly “I was fine with keeping it how it was”.

7:34 PM BBT: Boogie looks like he’s really struggling. Ian comments how sorry he feels for Jodi for being in sequester for 27 days, then not getting the chance to come back in.

7:37 PM BBT: The wall tilts the farthest it’s gone, and we hear Joe grunting and struggling. He flexed his hand, so his hand may be cramping. Ian and Boogie talking about previous endurance comps. Frank calls out a suggestion that they all just use one arm, so they’re not there all night.

7:39 PM BBT: The rain is back! Ian calls out “Have not shower! 3 weeks!”.. Most of them are complaining about how cold the water is. Everyone is still in the competition, no one has fallen off yet.

7:43 PM BBT: Rain has now stopped! Generally everyone is silent and trying to stretch their legs.

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7:52BBT We hear the seagulls again and HG get splatted with white, then it rains. Mike screaming.

Rain stops, they say good job y'all.

They keep twisting back and forth and letting go of the bar. Mike farts and they all LOL.

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8:04BBT Joe drops

8:05BBT HG ask if they are eating pizza already. Mike saying he is too heavy, that was made for certain people.

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