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7/31 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05 PM BBT: Brit, Dan, Boogie, and Wil in the arcade room talking about giving gifts. Brit's hubby gave her gripper socks in her stocking, and she doesn't like how when you walk on a hard floor it digs into your feet. Dan says that she could wear the socks every other week to give her hubby happiness that he bought her a gift that she wears.

9:06 PM BBT: We are getting lots of sporadic FoTH tonight...

9:12 PM BBT: Dan tells everyone a story about Brit coming home from BB, and her brother made her lemon cupcakes from scratch and had never baked before, but she didn't eat them because she doesn't like lemons. Brit: "Why cant I just be grateful that he made them?"

9:16 PM BBT: Breaking news, Wil hates bananas and isn't afraid to tell anyone! Talk in the arcade room still about giving gifts and whether to tell someone if you hate the gift or not.

9:19 PM BBT: Shane, Dani, Jenn, Ian and Joe sitting around the HT. Dani talking about her childhood and how her cousins/brother would prank her, including being tied upside down from a tree, tomato throwing, bb gun shooting, mousetraps going off when she got out of bed.

9:28 PM BBT: Brit making coffee in the kitchen. Almost everyone sitting around the HT now. General chit chat.

9:36 PM BBT: Brit, Frank and Boogie playing pool now. Talk around the HT about what everyone thought of them when they first saw them. Wil said he never would have thought Jenn was gay. Ian thought Ashley looked like a Price is Right model. Wil thought Shane looked like a really nice guy.

9:42 PM BBT: Shane thought Joe was like his father, and everyone thought he looked like a nice guy that they've known forever. Talk now changes to who entered the house with who.

9:49 PM BBT: Joe comes out of the kitchen with coffee, and Wil and Ashley head in presumably for a cup and do shoutouts as they walk in. Ashley gives a shout out to the live feeders "love me for my flaws, be nice".

9:56 PM BBT: Frank, Boogie and Brit still playing pool. Jenn, Joe, Ashley, Wil and Ian sitting around the HT. Still general chat. Very casual night.

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10:10pm bbt: Britney put towels down in the BY to create a volleyball court for the HGs. Warmups turned into a game of men(Frank/Joe/Wil/Ian) vs women(Jenn/Dani/Brit/Ash).

10:35pm bbt: After lots of volleys but no score keeping, the HGs are now trying to work together to get to 25 hits. After a few short attempts, they get to 18...

10:55pm bbt: Interesting dynamic in the backyard quad cam, as HGs continue to play volleyball on cams 1/2, Janelle and Boogie are laying on the patio on cams 3/4. (Makes me think of the old parents at a family picnic relaxing while all their kids are playing games)

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11:06 pm BBT we move from Volleyball to gymnastics in the BY with Shane Wil Ash and Dani showing off some skills

11:13 pm BBT Ian and Ash talking about Ash being taken off the block. Ash says it feels good not to stress this week. Ian says now i get to stress next week you wont nom me will you? She asks him if he would nom her. They agree they wont.

11:22 pm BBT Ian and Brit joking while playing pool. Ian says he asked Ash if he could sleep upstairs if she wins Hoh. Brit asks if he is trying to hook up and where her little Ian went . Dan and Jani playing the funniest game of chess ever complete with Jani taking her moves back and Dan laughing when he makes moves. His laughing makes Jani antsy and she tells him to shut up.

11:33 pm BBT Wil and Dani discussing mem wall pictures all of a sudden we hear Jani yell F- you!!!! We see Dan run through the living room yelling number one at chess Jani is chasing him all over the house calling him a cheat saying she has one more move left! Dan says no I won gets the wine bottle and shakes it on her and throws it in the air, Jani yells I am the best at chess in the house! Then yells hey Dan you suck at coaches comp!

11:43 pm BBT Jani and Dan start talking game in SR. Jani says that Dani wont go on the block even as a replacement nom if her team wins Hoh. Dan says he thinks coaches entering will be a choice where two go in and two dont. Jani says she wont go in cause she still has three. Jani says so you def need my team? She says yeah I wont put you or Dani on the block if that happens Dani is safe even if it doesnt. the rest of the house is singing the word busy over and over and over again and dancing all around the house in an interpretive way

11:57 pm BBT Everyone is planning a pool party Wil and Dani are trying to talk Brit into just jumping into the pool. Ian is being lame and trying to go to bed but the girls tell him BB will let him sleep in if they deliver tonight he seems down for the pool party now

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12:05 am BBT we are back just in time to watch Frank Wil Brit Dani and Ash jump in the pool and commence the midnight pool party they make a big wave pool everyone not partaking is watching from the couches.

12:15 am BBT Joe and Jenn by themselves on BY couches. Joe says Shanes a beast and wins all the competitions hes too physical and none of them can beat him. Jenn agrees

12:33 am BBT Gen chit chat around the BY the pool party moved to the hot tub and talks about production. Jenn Dan and Joe talk music on the couches they sing everyince in a while so naturally we get fish here and there

12:39 am BBT Brit and Dani move upstairs to Hoh Dani is in bath saying Shane isnt flirting the same way he used to and he is being distant she is tired of inatiating it. Brit says dont and see what happens who knows.

12:43 am BBT in WCA Dan asks Jani how it feels to be the first female renegade. they are trying to decide if they trust the other coaches if they re enter the game. Jani says if one from her team wins Hoh they will probably go after Boogie first.

12:50 am BBT Joe and Jani on BY couches. Joe says Frank is already trying to flirt with Dani. ani confirms that she spoke with Dan and says that Dani is good to vote out Frank and the Joe doesnt have to worry. Jani jokes that she is bringing the three of them to the end. Joe says he owes Shane one solid and Jani doesnt blame him

12:57 am BBT Jani wants eveyone to stick together on her team long as possible and she tells Joe she is going to quiz Ash more because she knows Ash can win Hoh comps. They want to stick with Shane as well.

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01:05AM BBT Joe and Jani chatting in the BY. Jani says she'll talk to Joe as the weeks go on about locking up votes in the Jury House. Meanwhile up in the HoH tub Ash tells Brit that Frank was fishing for information today. She feels bad for him because he's always talking about how hard he's tried to get on the show. Ash says maybe this isn't supposed to be his show.

01:09AM BBT Dani and Dan talking in Stereo room. Dani says Frank has been on her like white on rice. Dan whispers "Frank has to go" and Dani nods with a look of disgust on her face. Jen passes through heading to bed. Dan asks if Dani wants to go up to the HoH. Dani says yes. She begins whispering about "her" but is far too soft to be heard.

01:13AM BBT Ash and Brit continue to chat in the HoH bathroom. Brit called to the DR while she's brushing her teeth. Dan scolding Dani about something. He points to a flag on a boombox on the wall and Dani says "What...I know America's watching but she's...." and her whispers become mega soft again. Dan laughs and shakes his head, stunned that she called someone worthless again. Dan says "They don't like it when you talk like that?" (This conversation is a bit lost on me due to Dani's extreme whispering).

01:16AM BBT Wil, Jani and Joe chatting in the BY. Wil says someone said Frank said "you have a final two deal" and Jani denies repeatedly calling him a liar. Wil says he wants Ian thrown off his game Thurs when Frank is sent home so they can swamp the HoH. Jani tells her crew that endurance competitions are just as mental as they are physical. She advises them to stay focused on the task at hand. Wil says he won't look at any other players. FoTH.

01:20AM BBT Feeds back and Wil says he told Frank that he wouldn't put him up on the block if he won HoH but Frank didn't say it back, whereas Shane did reciprocate the thought. Joe says he'll sit tight all week. He says he will talk to Jen and Ian as requested by Shane to make it look like he's trying to get votes otherwise Frank may realize something is up.

01:24AM BBT Dani continues to whisper to Dan in the stereo room. Dan says relationships in the game make it weird. Dani asks how so. Dan says it just does. Dani says it wouldn't be weird if 'he' would just talk about it. Dani goes onto say that Frank has been all over her all day and spun her around and around and around but Shane just sat there. Frank passes through and says he's headed to bed. He walks into the Shoe room and when the door closes Dan looks back and slices his hands across his neck.

01:28AM BBT Meanwhile in the BY Wil says Ian threw frank under the bus. "It was a bad game move and he got $3,000 out of it." Wil says Boogie saving Ian the first week was a bad game move and Frank managing to stay in the game next to a pawn that same week was huge and is a key jury point which is another reason to get him out.

01:30AM BBT Wil heads in for bed. Jani says it's Marcellas Reynolds all over again. Joe says Wil is snowed over by Frank. Joe says Frank is the kind of guy that is going to keep flirting with Wil and Wil thinks Frank might be bi-curious. Joe and Jani wishes Wil would stay away from Frank but they know he won't. Jani hopes he doesn't flip. They both seem rather uncertain.

01:33AM BBT Wil joins Dan and Dani in the stereo room and Dan asks "What is she upset about" and Dan hears something and whispers to hold on. A door closing can be heard and Wil changes the conversation to what kind of pageants that Dani did. Frank exits the Shoe room. Meanwhile in the BY Joe is the only one for the moment, lost in thought as he looks around quietly. The camera slowly zooms in on his face.

01:38AM BBT Feed switches to Ash and Jani in the WA talking. Jani says Wil is being bitchy she asks Ash why. Jani tells her what Joe said about the sexual tension and Ash agrees. Jani says he's just so moody. Ash says she's going to shower. Jani says she and Joe will be outside. Ash tells Jani that Ian talked game with her earlier. Ian asked Ash if she were to win HoH if she'd put him up and she dodged the question, but then he said if won HoH he wouldn't put her up and she said thanks Ian! Both girls giggle over the conversation. Jani now putting on a black facial mask.

01:42AM BBT Jani chases Wil down as he walks by the WA and asks him he'll do a facial mask with her. Frank comes out of the DR and now it's Jani, Wil, Dani, Dan and Frank in the Stereo room. Frank says production told him they were going to catch him after he got done blow drying his hair but they kind of forgot. Frank compliments Jani's face and Dan asks why she even wears makeup because she's so beautiful. Wil agrees.

01:47AM BBT Joe continues to sit silently in the BY by himself. Back in the stereo room Frank asks Jani if her Vitamin C face mask smells good and takes a whif of the tube. Mike walks out of the DR and passes through the Shoe room saying he's all wound up now. Wil asks Frank if he has to go back tonight and Frank says no. "They were getting more reactions from me about going up, I'm sure they were asking him the same thing and we get FoTH. Dan asks the group if they have fathomed that they are on National TV yet. Without skipping a beat Frank says "Yeah, I'm used to it...I'm really a Weatherman." Jani says Howie is a weatherman and gives him a shout-out. Frank says "I love it when they're so nice about DRs" and we get FoTH again.

01:50AM BBT Joe is now inside the KT. Dani walks into the DR. We get more FoTH when someone (Wil?) whispers "Jani and I shocked him.

01:52AM BBT Dani exits the DR. Wil says "Janelle please come to the Diary Room" (while she has her black facemask on) and she says "Hell no!" More FoTH.

01:57AM BBT Feeds back and Wil is whispering to Frank, Jani is in the WA with Ash and Joe. Wil apparently told Frank that Jani is getting onto him for him for not kissing Shane's ass this week. Something else was said during the FoTH apparently because then Frank says "I can't believe she told you that bold face lie!" Frank says "You could always play for our team." Wil says "No, I'm staying neutral.". Frank says that's dirty.

02:01AM BBT Dan wonders what Kara is up to right now. Wil says hopefully she is stumbling home from a wonderful party. They give her a shout-out. Frank says he's going to call Jani and Joe out soon for their lies. Jani apparently said something to Wil about her having saved him the past two weeks and Frank is trying to build him up. Wil says "If I can't win an HoH or a PoV to save myself then maybe I should go home. Brief FoTH again. Wil is talking about the HGs should still be playing their own game even if the coaches come in. Dan agrees.

02:05AM BBT Dani managed to sneak away from Dan and is up in the HoH with Shane and is talking 90 to nothing. Dan told Dani that Jani orchestrated something and Shane seems shocked. Dani says she believes it completely and Jani is smothering her non-stop and she's getting sick of it. Shane suggests to Dani that he may talk to Wil about working with him over the next few weeks. Shane asks "When was she crying?" and Dani says "The other day when we made her leave..." (I think they are talking about the Ashley incident crying about being on the block).

02:09AM BBT Shane says he told Joe to come talk to Dani sometime soon. It doesn't have to be about game but just so the house sees the two of them chatting. Dani says Frank is clinging to her and it's driving her crazy. Shane says "Maybe Frank is playing too hard and will end up burning his own bridges..." Production calls out Wil for obstructing his microphone and Shane says "Obviously he's still talking..." and Dani says "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I was talking to Dan and then Wil came in and then Jani, and then Frank. I can't get any alone time with my coach.

02:15AM BBT Frank starts talking about "The Whiz" and we get FoTH. "There are some questions that he asks that really makes you wonder about your game..." This is the third or fourth time he's mentioned "The Whiz" tonight and we keep getting FoTH so it's pretty obvious it must be someone in production. Meanwhile up in the HoH Shane and Dani continue to whisper. Dani tells Shane that's she smarter than Ian. Dani also tells Shane that she's done a lot of pageants and Shane says "I know that Dani, I can see right through you." More FoTH (caused by Frank, Wil and Dan down in the Stereo room?)

02:21AM BBT Shane says that Ash will owe him for taking her off the block. Dani says Ian was very upset after the PoV ceremony today. Shane says he'll feel even more upset Thursday when Frank walks out that door. Dani makes Shane swear he won't tell her secret that she keeps hinting at. Dani tells Shane is Mrs. Septemeber 2012 for the Harley Davidson calendar. "You can't tell anyone. Dan will kill me if he knew I told you!"

02:25AM BBT Feeds switch to Frank and Mike whispering in the Shoe room. It sounds like Frank was giving Mike a heads up that he's going to call Jani and Joe out tomorrow. Mike seems on board with the idea. Frank tells Mike that Wil doesn't plan on sleeping with Jani tonight because he's so frustrated/upset with her. Frank crawls back into bed and feeds switch back to Dani and Shane in the HoH.

02:28AM BBT Meanwhile down in the stereo room Wil and Dan are whispering. Dan says he doesn't think Wil has done poorly in any of the competitions thus far. Wil says Dan and Dani are in a good spot this week. Dan agrees but says last week was scary.

02:30AM BBT Missyvail on Twitter asks "@mortystv is he really upset or playing it up to blindside the hell out of them. #BB14." Wil seems clearly annoyed with Jani and it does seem like he might be considering blindsiding Jani's team. We'll have to see how the DRs go down.

02:33AM BBT Wil asks Dan why would he vote out Joe. Dan commends Wil for voting out Kara. "You clearly know how to play the game..." (I guess that answers our question!)

02:36AM BBT Jani and Ash enters the stereo room and tells Dan that it's 2:30 am. Jani says she feels bad for the east coast feeders that are obsessed with the show and watching them at this time of the morning. Ash gives a shout out to the feed watchers and thanks us for watching.

02:43AM BBT Dani gets out of the HoH bed with Shane and we get FoTH. Feeds back and Dani is downstairs brushing her teeth in the WA. Meanwhile in the Stereo room Jani is giving Ash advice on facial cream. Dan asks Jani about the grapefruit analogy. Jani doesn't remember it exactly and asks Dan about it. Dan has a knowing smile but says he wasn't there and doesn't know about it. Jani says the live feeders probably already have it looked up. More FoTH.

02:47AM BBT Wil heads into the Shoe room to go to bed (so yes he will be sleeping with Jani tonight). Jani flips the lights off in the stereo room and Ash follows her out into the KT to chat with Joe. They talk Joe into going out into the BY with them. Just as soon as Jani's team are out of the room, Dani and Dan begin whispering. Dan says Wil said he saw Ian cry at the PoV ceremony. Dani says she saw his eyes get really red, but she never saw him cry.

02:51AM BBT Dani says Boogie has been so mad today. Dan says that's his weakness in his game, he's emotional. Dan tells Dani if things ever blow up in her face or don't go the way she expects it that she should walk up to the person that caused it and say "Hey good move..." and walk away. It will stun them. Dan tells Dani that she did good today.

02:53AM BBT Meanwhile in the BY Jani, Ash and Joe talking about their concerns for Wil. Joe says he doesn't think Wil will flip the vote today...but if he continues to chat with Frank and act the way he is acting then he may be concerned that he'll go home soon. Joe tells Ash that Jen seems to really like Ash and Joe tells Ash to certainly keep that friendship with her going.

02:59AM BBT Dan and Dani have rolled over to go to sleep. Ash and Joe continues to chat in the BY. Joe says that if Brit feels Wil is wavering then he's afraid that Brit will call him out on it and then Dani will become nervous. Jani comes back outside and says that tomorrow they should probably keep on top of Wil especially when he's around Frank. Joe and Ash rehash to Jani that Brit may go crazy if she feels the vote beginning to waver.

03:02AM BBT Jani says Frank is too cocky. Joe asks if they will ever get to meet the people that do the DRs and Jani says yes, finale night in the Green room...and we get FoTH. (Lots of production talk tonight.)

03:07AM BBT Joe asks Ash and Jani if it turns them on when he folds laundry. "It turns my wife on." Ash says she thinks it's really cool that he's doing laundry. Ash tells Joe that Ian asked her today if he could sleep in her bed if she wins HoH and then she rehashes the story about him telling her he wouldn't put her on on the block if he wins it. Ash says she did the whole date thing with Ian before to help build his self confidence but she has no interest in him. Joe says it's a crazy house.

03:11AM BBT Jani now rehashing all the sub-alliances from Season 7. Jani recommends that they watch it when they get it out. Joe said he brought it and they took it away from him...and we get FoTH.

03:15AM BBT Feeds back and Jani is telling Ash about Britt's house fire. Joe says he has to practice his speech for Thursday. Ash says Frank began his speech for Thursday. "Anti-Bullying...oh wait, that was last week..." and then Ash goes on to say they weren't overly amused. Jani says Frank has to go.

03:22AM BBT #BB14TFU Jani offering Joe suggestions on things to say during Thursday's live show and otherwise idle chit chat. Joe and Jani agree that Frank on the block seems like a perfect gentleman. Frank not-on the block is a loud obnoxious jerk.

03:33AM BBT Jani and Joe continue Frank bashing in the BY. Jani asks why gay guys are so bitchy and Joe says he has a gay friend named Ronaldo and we get FoTH. Feeds are back and Ash mentions going to bed and Joe and Jani agree.

03:33AM BBT Joe, Jani and Ash tells America good night and Joe thanks everyone for telling his wife his messages today.

05:35AM BBT Jani puts her hair up and Joe heads into the WC. He comes out and washes his hands and brushes his teeth.

03:42AM BBT Joe and Jani now in WA bashing Frank saying that he has to go this week. They continue to worry about Wil being friendly with Frank. Jani begins stretching on the couch in the WA.

03:54AM BBT Jani and Joe continue to rehash previous conversations from earlier in the day. Frank has to go. They are worried about Wil. Joe does tell Jani that he and his wife agreed that he shouldn't win any competitions prior to week 4. Jani points out week 4 is coming up. Joe is aware. Joe also tells Jani that he threw the QA HoH.

03:56AM BBT Jani gives shout out to various BB fan sites.

04:04AM BBT Joe and Jani now discussing the subtle holes in Frank's story about being here. Jani says BB wouldn't bring someone completely unemployed into the house (incorrect...what James Zinkand...wasn't he just a cyclist? - Niteslacker) Joe says his hands don't look like they've seen a day of hard manual labor in his life. Jani says if he was hurting for money he wouldn't buy organic foods from Whole Foods. Joe says it'll be interesting to see how it plays out in the finale.

04:11AM BBT Jani apologizes to the feed watchers for keeping us up so late while that chat about nothing. She says she took a nap until 10:30PM and that's why she's still up and Joe says he's up because he has to sleep on the Have-Not bed (but they've been yawning for the past 30 minutes). Finally they decide to head to bed. Joe heads into the kitchen and begins to pace around it.

04:21AM BBT All HGs finally in bed. Joe trying to get comfortable on his Have-Not bed.

05:15AM BBT All HGs continue to sleep peacefully. On the quad camera it sounded like someone may have gotten up and went to the WC but the cams never left the sleeping HGs.

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7:00 am BBT Joe just crawled out of His HN Bed and made a Pallet on the Floor and is sleeping Beside the Bed

7:42 am BBT Boogie is up and on the Move ... Goes to the WC , Brushes Teeth, then Hops back in Bed

7;46 Ashley up and doing the WC thing herself. Goes to KT then grabs a big Gulp of Water and heads back to Bed.

8:23 WBRB

8:30 WAKE UP CALL ... Lights on in the BR ... Frank Making coffee and is the Only HG's I see Up .. Rest are in Bed

8:35 Frank doing the Awnings in the BY while Talking to Himself and to Us ... Nuttin to elequent to report just some recaps of Last Night and How I'm on the Block again and what Slobs the people are in the House leaving Cups and Dishes everywhere

9:06 BBT Frank still talking .. He did give 4 insights .... He may call out Joe and Jani for lies told on him .... He Trusts Dani and Shane and believe's He would be able to read there Faces if they where lying. ..... Says he does not have a Deal with Wil but He would like to work with Him .... Says he will Back door Shane for putting him up because he believe's Shane doesn't trust him all the way.

9:12 BBT Mike up doing His ADL's .... Hasn't seen Frank in the BY and Frank hasn't seen Boogie until now, they are talking a bit about Franks speech this morning in the BY couch

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9:15 am BBT Mike Came up with a Plan to get with Wil to keep Frank this Week... then next week get Shane out

9:23 BBT Mike coaching Frank to get with Wil and Dani.... to get at least one's vote, Mike is confident that... that is best, cause this House is a bunch of Flip Floppers , so the key is to get that last Flip on Wed. Night into Thur.'s ..... Basically Mike and Frank are Talking about a Plan, that is exactly what Shane and Dani are doing to Frank this week, unless of course , as Mike said "someone Flips."

9;37 BBT Frank now tells Mike he regret's not Busting his ass in the last POV but he didn't think he would be going up , especially with Shane as HOH/POV Holder ... Mike calling most of the HG's BB Game dummies for not having a clue how to play the game week to week.

9;41 BBT Mike says i can't see Dan going with the idea of getting Frank out and going against me ... He knows I would Crush Dani .

9:49 BBT A Break in the "Talk" for coffee refills and time in the WC either It was Shane or Mike called to the DR ? Hard to hear clearly.

9;52 BBT Mike outta the DR ... "Wil come to the Diary Room" Mike out back talking to himself ... "I've got a lot of trust in Dan this week, just need a lil assistance from him"

9:55 BBT BTW all HG's besides Frank, Mike, and Wil are still in Bed with the BR lights on.

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9:57 BBT Wil outta the DR and seems to be staying up ... HHMMM Frank Mike and Will all up alone and all the Plan's from Frank and Mike including Will this morning, seems like the "Stars" are aligning or BB's DR calls this morning <Grin>

10:03 am BBT Will joins Mike and Frank in the BY couch

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9:06am Frank has been sitting on by couch talking to himself going over why he was put on the block saying brit got in shanes head she was scared the votes would flip and Boogies team would vote out ashley instead of Joe

9:10am Frank says i really liked willie till he started showing his butt and i really like shane and janelle but they are lieing to me and i know they are and i do like wil i would like to work with wil in this game and i almost had ashley pulled away from janelle she is just flighty and i did almost have shane pulled away from brit but paranoia struck her and he put me up and i am going to have to put shane up now maybe backdoor him

9:12am frank now saying to jojo's family out there i am sorry i sent jojo home last week but i had to do it i needed shane to work with me

9:13am frank says i am worried ash will win hoh and janelle will come after me and ash will mlisten to jani Boogie walks out to by and frank tells him now someone to talk to besides the cameras

9:16amboogie says let me putch this to you i was thinking this morning when i got up to go pee lets see about saying this talk to ash and keep you here and tell her that you are the only one that can take out shane so then you me ask ian and jenn can take him out boggie says i am pretending i am working with shane now but i aint he put me in harms way so i aint saying what i am doing but i am planning

9:22am boogie says jenn is to a point where she cant win anything and ian doesnt listen to anything he is a kid stuck in a mans game frank says lastnight brit says she really likes ian boogie says she is just afraid she kinda got him in trouble frank says i told her he didnt get in trouble

9:24am frank says the only person i am worried about this week is ash boggie says byeah and you need to get to wil and tell him keeping joe in this game is not good for your game just hammer hammer hammer this week

9:25am boogie says if you stay this week and shane cant win pov then look who is left that is huge i mean huge frank says yeah he has to go

9:29am Boogie saying i think jenn can get to the end but she wont wont win she is playing for final 3 and the thing with shane is get him out early so he can decompress it will be huge cuz he will be pissed

9:35am Boogie says keep talking to shane and let him know you are still rolling together we want them to think we are solid and keep them comfortable he says the one reason i feel good about all this is because of dan and either way dan wants to work with me frank says my only concern is if brit wants me to go then dan might go with the hoh boogie says i am more than willing to knock out dan and dani if they dont go with us i am an sob and i dont care

9:37am frank asking if ian wins hoh do you think he will do what we want him to do boogie says yeah we might have to make him put up ash but he will need to put up ash and wil

9:39am Boogie says the only person you will have a big argument with is shane frank says if we make it through this week then it wont look so bad boogie says i know you are super super blessed at how dumb this cast is

9:47am :frank in kt talking to camera says look how hard it is to wash my cup look at this so hard huh took 10 seconds put it on the drying board dry my hands and put papertowel in trash thats hard huh

9:53am Boogie sitting outside talking to cameras saying alot of trust in dan this week gotta trust him but alot of trust in dan this week

9: 59am wil is now up walks to bathroom frank out of wc now goes to kt getting some water Boogie still outside sitting on couches frank walks out boogie says i have an idea what if i go to brit and shane that you know frank and i been talking about our future in the game and after what ian did this week and jenn wont win many comps if any and play like i am willing to vote out my own players so frank and i can make it to the end but maybe the best is to pull dani in the conversation

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10:36 am BBT Joe up with his glass of ice tea and Joins Wil and Mike on the BY Couch ... Game Talk has come to a screeching halt now that Joe has arrived.

10:47 'Shane please come to the DR"

10:49 BBT Frank has Made eggs tomatoes and cereal for breakfast and is eating at the KT Table

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10:07am Boogie talking to wil and frank about ian saying he is a smart kid he can recite all bb episodes and comps since he was 10 years old and doesnt even know how to play this game

10:10am Boogie said he went up to hoh and told them that here are the reasons to roll with us or roll with the other three and nothing was agains you wil at all Frank says yeah your name never came out of our mouths

10:12am Frank saying joe spreads so many lies and sneaks around but i think brit is realizing that now joe i think started alot of this between me and willie but me and you have had talks about working with each other

10:15am boogie asking wil if dani is going to vote to keep joe wil says no no no she isnt sure what she is going to do yet frank says if i go home it is gonna be you joe and ash and jenn its gonna be better odds but if you keep me you will be good

10:17am Frank tells wil i mean i will help you out down the road my votes will help you too

10:23am Wil says we all came to no offence to you guys but we all came to win money boogie says of course he says if the live show if someone doesnt come back we might be coming ionto the game but now i am fine with playing the game i am without coming back in the game

10:26am Boogie says i am pushing you into anything but obviously this is a tight week and i cant go without trying to get your vote and some people doesnt think about the game until its to latge and i know your here for yourself not for jani wil says yeah i make my own decisions not jani's

10:29am Wil asking boggie if he thought dr will might have come back if he had been asked boogie says i dont know it isnt good timing for him with the baby coming in the fall and he just moved into a new house but i mwas asked and couldnt refuse

10:35am joe and ash now up changing batteries Joe now making a drink frank getting coffee boogie and wil in by boogie saying to mwil you can still helpm us just vote out joe this week and work with us and then you still have his vote this week wil says my concern is how close dani is to shane i dont think dani came here to play this game boogie says no she doesnt know how to play this game half of these people doesnt know how this game works

10:39am joe walks outside with wil and boogie wil ask how was that bed lastnight was it any easier joe says no i slept on the floor most of the night cuz my sides are bruised Frank in kt cooking breakfast giving the camera a play by play on how to cook his breakfast and what he puts in it

10:45am Frank still talking to the cameras about cooking his breakfast and keeping his mess cleaned up wil boogie and joe in by talking about songs theyn played this morning and we get foth

10:52am Wil telling joe that jani told him lastnight that if her and ash hadnt kissed franks ass last week you wouldnt be here they wanted you out joe says ooohhhhhh i didnt take it like that and we arent here to win her a 100 thousand dollars boogie comes out and talk stops

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11:05 am BBT Brit called to the DR and She goes to HOH WC to do make Up, Gets coffee, and meanders to the DR , Finally ..Fast DR for Brit , they've all been Fast DR's. this morning.

11:20 BY Couch Crew Consists of Mike Brit Joe Ashley Frank and Wil

11;24 BBT Jani up with coffee at the KT Counter ... Now Dan makes his way onto the scene

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11:03 AM BBT Ash/Boogie/Joe in BY couch. Ash telling them her clothes shrunk and then says she was just making up an excuse. Joe days he hurts all over. Ash explaining to Boogie that she had her bedmate cuddle. They discuss how its awkward to sleep in the house.

11:08 AM BBT Frank/WIl in KT cleaning. Complaining how everything is constantly left out. Wil says the ants will be back soon. Wil says they get their food replenished today.

11:14 AM BBT Frank joins the BY crew. Gen chit chat.Joe and Ash sitting there quietly. Other HG still sleeping in the house.

11:18 AM BBT Frank and Boogie talking about doing steps in the stairwell in sequester to keep up his workout. He calls it the convention. Says he did it every year. Boogie asks if his handler was with him and Frank says no.

11:25 PM BBT BY discussing how they are sleeping (not well). Talking about Ian and not wanting to be a HN next week. Ian going for the title of the longest HG on slop.

11:35 PM BBT Brit telling the BY that she thought her team would have 1 week of safety when Willie was expelled. She said that Dani last year got 4 weeks safety. Frank says it was part of last year's twist. She says now she is down 2 people in 6 days. She was surprised. (Dan also lost 2 players quickly but that isn't mentioned)

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11:42 PM BBT Jani in BY discussing her name choices for her daughter. Jani wanted Stella and her husband liked it but she is named Violet. Boogie says his son's middle name is Harris which is the name of the Dr.

11:44 PM BBT Jani says she negotiated the name Violet. Hubby wanted to play poker. Jani said that she gave him permission to go play poker if she got to name the baby Violet. He agreed.

11:52 PM BBT In the BY - Gen chit chat about babies names, Dan talks about having to retrain his wife's dog when they got married. Also about the Catholic church giving counseling before you get married in the church. Jani doesn't like gambling at all especially for a married man (which is why she didn't want her husband to play poker)

11:57 PM BBT Jani says that if you ever get divorced, you can never get married in the church again. Dan says that you have to stand up for your wife even if it's against your family.

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12;25 BBT After Joe Jani and Ashley Had the Talk in the Arcade Room about what Wil said to Joe earlier this Morning ... Jani went into the WC and it was easy to see as she brushed her teeth and put on some moisturizer that She has gone into "Damage Control Mode" ... Jani is now on Her way to Go talk to Britney

12:31 BBT Brit is stuck out Back with Mike and Dan, Ian and Jenn so Jani is bidding time ... talking with Shane and Ashley in the KT ... Waiting for Fresh Coffee to Brew

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1:02BBT Dani woke up with cramps this morning. Mike says he wouldnt have Ronnie on his team, would give him to someone esle. Brit met him briefly in Vegas.

BY chat is about BB after parties. Joe paces the K like he wants to cook something. Dani asks if he wants to lay out. He says yeah and play in the pool again, that was fun.

Dani goes to lay down for a bit, Joe and Ash go talk in the crane rm. Joe tells Ash that Wil said he couldnt stand Jani and they are in serious jeopardy. Joe thinks he may have already joined them. Ash says OMG. Joe feels Wil has flipped.

Joe says It basically means that he is leaving our team, he is voting for Frank. Joe says its the worst case scenario. Joe says Wil says he misconstrued what jani said about them working to get Ash off the block. That he didnt do anything. Joe coudlnt answer that cuz Mike walked out.

Joe says if he totally flips they have to get Jenn. Ash says if he (Joe) goes home she is alone then. They have to talk to Jani. Ash says some how they have to get Frank and Wil to fight. Joe says that wont happen, Frank is up Wils ass.

Ash goes to get Jani. Joe tells her Wil has gotten worse, he is insanely mad at her, they are in serious jeopardy. Joe repeats what he told Ash about Wil. Jani says she didnt say that at all.

Jani keeps saying OMG, she didnt say that at all. Joe says thats how he took it, he misconstrued what you said about you doing all the work. Jani says thats not what I said. jani tells Joe to calm down she is going to go talk to him.

Joe says Frank has his penis half way in Wil. He sees an opening and he is poncing on it. Joe says Wil rolled his eyes and then went to bed after Jani left.

Joe keeps repeating himself. Jani says she and Wil talked in the K today and seemed ok. Ash tells Joe to not freak out until Jani talks to Wil.

Ash goes to lay down. Joe asks why now? they had everything going for them. Jani goes to talk to Brit. Jani says if she has to show Wil the numbers she will.

Ash changes her mind about laying down and sits in the K eating peanuts instead. Her and Joe are going to lay in the big lounge outside.

1:31BBT Ash quietly tells jani that she thinks Joe is exaggerating. in BY is talking about how many HG are in each season.

Ian says there was one girl that quit when she found out there was a camera in the shower (its only used if there is game talk between two ppl in the shower itself) Mike says buy 5 bathing suits geez.

Shane eating, gets called to DR, he says thats 4 times. Ash repeats that she thinks Joe is exaggerating, Jani says she is not worried about it.

Shane out of DR. In BY Brit tells Mike they are in limbo. Shane asks them if they have a message to pass on thru his blog. Mike and Brit says they cant handle the camera today.

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1:51BBT Jenn takes her coffee to the shade by the pool, she says hi to a little spider and lets it run away. Ian says he didnt work in HS and he hasnt been to the movies since last August.

Brit and Jani talk in WA. Brit asks if she really thinks he (Wil) would really vote Joe out? Jani says he has been chummy with Frank. They will lose him for sure if Julie says to get their athletic gear before voting.

Jani says its week 3 and he is thinking about flipping on me. Brit says he thinks we are coming in. Thinks if he had Mike they can work together they can get us out.

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1:03 PM BBT In the WCA - Brit and Jani talk about boob and bra sizes. Jani says that she was an A or B before she got her implants. Brit says she is a 32 D

Jani telling Brit that Wil and Frank have become to close. Jani says that Wil doesn't see that she is responsible for him being safe and they are worried about losing the vote.

1:09 PM BBT Jani says that Wil may vote out Joe. Brit says that would be a waste of a week. Jani says that Wil is angry at her. Jani says that WIl feels she is doing all the work for him and he can take care of himself. She tried to tell him that she saved him from being put up by Frank last week.

Brit and Jani create a story to tell Wil that he was supposed to be backdoored last week. They are going to pin it somehow on Jojo since she isn't there anymore to defend it.

1:15 PM BBT Jani wants to know what it is with gay men in this game. They get so bitchy and emotional. Jani does her impression of Wil being dramatic.

Jani says she can't believe that Wil is doing this to her right now. Brit says he is playing his own game. Jani tells her that he has 2 alliance members to think about.

Brit says that Boogie accidently said to HG that he can't believe he has to go through all this for a chance at 500K - then said he means if he gets dropped into the game (the HG were talking about going through all of this for a chance at the money) Jani: Im just going to bring up the whole contract thing and that Im not going to jury - Im going home and we get FOTH.

1:27 PM BBT Brit brings Dani into the lounge and reports it as fact to Dani that Wil is not sure who he is voting for. Brit eating chips and difficult to hear. Dani tells Brit that she doesn't trust Jani at all. She tells Brit what happened last night and Brit says she has to stop going to bed.

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1;46 BBT Shane has Obviously has been doing His Blog cause Now he has the Camera and has surprised Brit Jani and Dani in the Arcade room and all i hear is "My Make Up , My Make Up" (LOL)

1;54 BBT BB Is doing that thing again where they focus on a Room where nothing is going on , The KT where it's Jani and Joe lust looking around .. but the Audio bleed through of Shane and Brit Talking, somewhere, about the Whole Wil Frank and then Jani Drama going on today . Now Just Lots of Picture taking happening and small whispers to others about needing to talk

2:00 pm BBT Jani has dragged Ashley into the Arcade room and really is just relaying stories they have heard seperately .... All the while Wil has been asleep , in the bed Jani and he share (Why Hasn't Jani Gone there -LoneTWolf)

2;03 BBT Shane Brit and Ashley in the HOH Room discussing the whole Frank and Wil situation ... Then Dani and Shane take sweetheart type Pics together//// Brit getting in on the Action and Now Frank joins them in the HOH

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1:32 PM BBT Brit asks Dani if Dani/Shane should get together and vote Joe out. Dani says no. (she is whispering so it is difficult to hear). Brit says all the drama comes from Jani's team. Brit says that Jani's team will just make up lies. Brit says she has to think about this really hard. Dani asks her what she means. Brit says what they need to do to get him out (not sure who she is referring to). Basically the convo is about Jani's team causing drama and lies and Brit deciding what Shane/Dani and their coaches are going to do.

It seems the agreement is still to get Frank out. Brit says that she knows Wil has been angry at Jani for while. Jani says things about Frank and it gets on Wil's nerves. Brit: Jani thinks because she and Wil got in an argument - Wil might flip his vote.

1:37 PM BBT In the BY Dan asks Ian if he could stay on his bed for 24 hours for 10K if the floor was covered with coral snakes. The snakes couldn't crawl up. Ian says no because he could fall off of the bed. Boogie and Ian doing shout outs. We now get all 4 feeds momentarily on the lounge.

Dani telling Brit that now Jani hasn't been speaking to her. She says no one has offered her anything. Brit says it may be because she just told Jani that Dani's vote was good.

1:43 PM BBT All 4 feeds on the lounge with Brit/Dani yo can hear audio from the KT slightly of doors opening and closing. Dani says is she is HOH she will need to put up Wil and Ian. Brit says that Jani just tells everyone lies and has her players tell the lies as well. Brit says Jani has told her a lot of lies in the last 24 hours.

Brit says she can hear Jani asking where she is. Jani comes into the lounge and says everyone is sleeping. Jani gives the updates on where each of the HG are in the house. Shane was called to the DR. Dani is going to make pasta - Jani says she wants some. Brit says they are going to make alfredo sauce. Jani says that's too fattening. Shane comes in with the HOH camera. Jani grabs it immediately and tells Brit to get a picture of her and Shane.

1:48 PM BBT Dani trying to put on make-up. Jani tells Shane "Let's you and I take more outside" and directs him outside. Dani heads to HOH with Brit. Brit locked out of HOH - she tells BB that she needs in the room (BB says stop that) Brit: Ok..how about you stop locking me out of my makeup and clothes. Brit now looking for Jani's powder to use. Brit calls BB a doucher for not letting her in HOH.

Jani has the camera and takes one of Dani/Brit putting on make-up. We have all 4 feeds on Brit/Dani putting on make-up.

1:54 PM BBT Shane comes in looking for the camera - Jani says she has it ans asks if he wants it but then you hear Jani ask Jenn to take one of her, Joe and Ash in the WCA. Jani now taking pictures of Joe and Jenn. Jani tells Ian to tell anyone who is sleeping that it is picture time. Jani waiting in the KT for the others so she can take pictures.

1:57 P BBT Jani weighs herself. She says that this can't be right - she lost 10 pounds. Dan comes in to get the camera and Jani says "Oh right" Jani and Dan now posing for a picture. Jani looks at the picture at doesnt like it. She makes Dani take another one of her and Dan so it's cuter.

2:00 PM BBT Jani and Ash talking in the WCA - Jani asks Ash if Wil has said anything to her about not voting Frank out. Ash says that Wil talked about the twist about the coaches coming in.

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2;15 BBT Brit insists that everyone take a Pic with Boogie By the Back Door, so it's Happening

(HEY If U don't have the Feeds , this is always a Fun Time you'll always remember .. sign up on Morty's Home Page , It is so worth it, if your even half the Fan I am <Smile- LoneTWolf>

2:35 BBT Mike Screams Ian The plane ... The Plane again, doesn't seem to be a Message , it was not a jet , everyone is still outside so it couldn't have been a message

2;42 FINALLY someone goes to Check on Wil ... Frank is in one Bed and Wil is in the next bed Over ... sleeping. This has been a good day for Drama ( whether BB orchestrated it or not)....( Morty I swear I am cutting back on the personal comments until the point I am just Busting, until it becomes so obvious that I can't hold back ... I am so sorry, if U want me to just shut the Hell up , I will .. It's just so Hard to do updates at times without pointing out the obvious , once again sorry, I'll keep getting better at keeping my Big Mouth shut... I promise cause I know Comments can cause "Flames" and i .. in NO WAY... want that to happen - LoneTWolf )

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2:04pm jani saying i feel like we are wils best friends in this house why would he vote out joe and do that to us ash says he is always with frank and he is getting under franks belt jani says you have to talk to wil and tell him hey dan and frank arent gonna take you to the end jani says frank can beat anyone in the fing house

2:07pm ash saying boogies team is gonna murder us if we dont get further Frank is telling wil that the coaches are coming into this game jani says thats what frank is telling wil and they are throwing ian under the bus ash says yeah they are throwing ian under the bus

2:10pm some hg in hoh taking pics ash now putting on makeup for pics brit and frank in kt making a bowl of cereal

2:15pm all hg taking pics boogie says i am going to go make lunch and the hg pull him back outside

2:28pm most hg still in by taking pics jani mike and frank in kt eating talking about needing a filter for the fridge

2:33pm jani in by talking to shane telling him to talki to wil about his vote while brit boogie and frank are in kt talking about calling out jani jani telling shane she would put ian up in a second shane says yeah boogie wouldnt allow that in a second she says certain people in this house wouldnt make it if it wasnt for the coaches being here shane says for sure

2:43pm brit and boogie in by talking about movies ash and jani in crane rm talking about joe making them ash says joe exagerates alot and it drives me crazy

2:44pm jani says lets do this lets all hang out constantly in the hoh room and not hang out with frank at all

2:46pmdani now joins jani and ash in crane rm she says there is so much tension in this house jani says stick like glue to wil today if i cant

2:49pm jani and ash saying everyone in this house was so worried about dan dan dan and its boogie we have to worry about and frank

2:53pm Jani tells ash if wil turns on them he is making himself a huge target for turning on the house and it takes ian off the target and wil will go up on the block with frank he is being an idiot

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3;28 OOO Boy Wil is Up in the KT

3:31 BBT Wil and Joe in the Arcade room ... Wil is being feisty and saying he is tired of all this Coaching Shit but Wil is still planning on keeping Joe (For Now) Wil says Don't worry Danielle and I are just working on .... WBRB ........ Back........ Wil is just really really mightly PO"d at Janelle and from now on He is doing his own damn thing and not janelle's thing .... Not Shane's thing and Wil is hating the coaches twist and the fact that the Coaches are coming into the game ..... AND The Meeting Breaks up , so now Wil is the central character ... He's making something in the KT and we all are waiting for the numerous times he will be cornered ... ( why am I geting the Feeling he (Wil) Likes being the eye of the Hurricane ?)

3:47 Joe is talking to Ashley by the Pool and relaying him and Wils conversation and Ashley seems all calm now. Ashley says She can understand how it is that Wil doesn't like the Coaching thing and tells joe to remember Wil is like a Girl with his emotions ..... Ashley says she is sensitive but Will Gets all emotoinal over "High School Stuff" but Joe says it's just his Personality . Ashley says she's watched since season ! and like many of the gay Guys ... Wil wants His Ass Kissed alot .... Wil is insecure too cause he hasn't won anything , yet (Hey not my Words just Quotes) ..Jani joins in and says lets hang out in the HOH More and they agree ... Ashley is going to lay down and She passes Wil in the KT cooking Chicken

4:00 BBT In the HoH is Brit Dani in bed with Ashley and Jani and it is such an estrogen fest with things that make them cry I can't handle it so gonna switch feeds

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3:05 PM BBT: Jen, Joe, Ian and Jani sitting around/in the pool talking about alcohol. Boogie, Dan, Dani, and Brit sitting on the couches in the BY. They're talking about alcohol too.

3:17 PM BBT: Jani lost her cigarette, and blames Dan. She thinks he hid it. They're playing the 'warm and cold' game as she's searching for it. Jani takes Dan's t-shirt as hostage and holds a lighter close to his shirt.

3:21 PM BBT: Jani talking about how if she forgot to eat in her second trimester, she'd throw up. Dan proceeds to make disgusting puking sounds. Jani always had a box of crackers with her.

3:27 PM BBT: Brit says she only has one dog becuase her dog likes all the attention on her. Jani feels bad for her dogs, because after she had her baby, they're just pets. Brit agrees.

3:33 PM BBT: Talk changes to who will come from Brit's season for the finale party. Joe and Wil in the arcade room. Wil says that Jani is telling stories and everyone sees through them. Wil is sick of the coaching situation, and wants to do his own thing. Wil thinks it's bad game that Jani pissed off one of her players. He says he didn't come into the house to win someone else $100K.

3:36 PM BBT: Wil doesn't like how Jani is playing her game, and he doesn't want to be represented by her. Wil says he gave his word to Shane and Joe a long time ago, and will keep his word. From now on, Wil is doing his own thing. Wil says that Jani needs to be more careful when dealing with them. Wil says he's had it and he hates this stupid twist.

3:39 PM BBT: Brit heads up to the HOH room for a nap with Dani. All 4 feeds on Wil in the kitchen making lunch.

3:43 PM BBT: Brit asks Dani if she's sure Frank needs to leave, and Dani adamantly says yes. Dani complaining about how Shane is stressed out and their relationship has changed. He used to give her hugs every morning, and used to talk a lot and now they dont. Brit says that Ashley said that "Danielle needs to feel important. You need to make her feel important. She feels like she's left out" the other day in the kitchen where anyone could of her.

3:53 PM BBT: Jani, Joe and Ashley sitting around the HT. Jani doesn't understand why someone wouldn't want her help.. She's gotten to the final 3 twice, and can get them there.. Ashley says Wil is insecure because he hasn't won anything yet.

3:59 PM BBT: Shane bought a house which was appraised at $95K and got it for $57K. Sounds like he got it at an auction. Took 7 months to renovate it and sold it for $135K.

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