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9/3 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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2:45 BBT

Jordan mentions avoiding the other girls b/c she doesn't want to hear Kalia saying she doesn't want to go home. Jordan says she'll feel bad (about getting Kalia out) and Rachel says they (Porsche/Kalia) didn't feel about getting rid of Brendon twice or Jeff.

Rachel talking about how all of them need the money, so Jordan shouldn't let Kalia use that as an excuse to make her feel bad.

Kalia in kitchen eating.

Jordan says she'll still feel bad and Rachel gives reasons not to feel that way. jordan understands, but says that's how she is.

Rachel says Kalia nominated Jeff twice and how she didn't feel bad when Kalia said 'this is for Daniele'. They keep repeating it all.

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2:51 BBT

Adam goes into the SR and says f*ck yeah a couple times. He's whispering to himself. Looks in deep thought. He takes some pills and is just looking around.

Feeds change to Porsche blow drying her hair and talking to Kalia in the bathroom. They discuss Adam's game. Kalia doesn't understand what he's doing (by playing with the vets.)

Adam now in kitchen.

Kalia says Adam wants to go to F3 with RoJo if he doesn't use veto. Kalia says this sucks, it really, really sucks and she sounds like she may cry.

Upstairs, RoJo talking about the veto comp.

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2:56 BBT

Kalia wipes away some tears and says she's going to lay down. She walks past Adam in the kitchen and goes to her bedroom. She is sniffling. She instead goes in the DR. Her mics stays on long enough to hear her say oh God.

Porsche now in kitchen with Adam, getting food together.

Porsche goes to SR and Rachel comes downstairs and tells Adam good job and that he's the OTEV champion.

(I'm out for now.)

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2:56 BB Kal crying now saying that they have had to depend on him before and he hasn't come thru. Heading off to lie down

Kal heads to DR crying. standing at the door saying "please" DR lets her in. mic still on "Oh God" and mic out

Sounds like Veto was an OTEV comp - they had to find a pit specific to a HG and clear it out Rach has said

Gen chit chat in KT about the types of pies - Red Velvet Rechel Pie - Porsche Pumpkin - Jeff was something chocolate

15:12 BBT Adam tells Rachel that he called Kal out - Por re-enters the KT

Rach brings down a Coke Zero-Por wants to know if that is a regular Coke Zero or a diet Coke Zero-Adam explains what Coke Zero is

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3:30 - Adam says the reason they havent had a lot of luxury comps is because BB had to pay for Keith to be in a hotel for 28 days (lol). Talk turns to spaghettios and how when Adam was a kid his grandma made him spaghetti once and he said "I thought spaghetti came out of a can". Was a running joke in his family for years. Rachel asks if Jordan wants to play cards. She says no. Rachel says she always says no. Adam asks if he can listen to Rachels cd. She says sure. Small talk about Rascal Flats. Rachel and Porche head to play cards in purple room. Jordan is going to hang with them in there but heads up to HOH to get her blanket first and ends up in a convo with Adam. He tells her Kalia said to him "did I hear you say you're not going to use the veto? Cuz that's the only way the three of us can go on is if you use the veto." So he asked her why she didn't vote for him. Says she kinda backtracked on him ... "well they told me ..." he says well I voted for Jeff even though my vote didn't matter. Adam tells Jordan K said to him "well then don't use it on me - use it on Porche" Jordan says "well I'm not sitting in the purple room with Porche then!" Adam says he knows J hates when he talks nice about P but its really not her its Kalia. Jordan says "are you sure there's no way they can persuade you?" Adam says no but P is worried Jordan will vote her out and Adam told her it doesn't matter even if she did cuz then its a tie and Rachel will break it by voting out Kalia. Jordan says all she knows about P is she's from Miami, she loves to cook, she loves her father, she has or had a boyfriend, and she loves bikinis. That's it. She has never talked game with her at all and she feels like she is going to come after her. Adam says but it doesn't really matter. Whoever wins HOH next week goes on to final 3 and whoever wins POV decides who else goes on to F3. He says so if I win HOH and you win veto were locked. Jordan says so if you win HOH are you putting up me and Rachel? Adam says it doesn't even matter who I put up ... all that matters is who wins veto. Jordan asks if Adam has a F2 deal with P. He says no. Only F2 deal he had was with Kalia and at the time the only reason he made that deal was because she presented it and if someone offers you a final 2 deal what are you gonna say - no?!!

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3:40 - Jordan asks if it came down to it would Adam take Porche over her and Rachel. Adam says what F2? And J says no F3 ... Adam says no J says he hesitated. Adam says if he voted Rachel out and kept P no way he'd have Rachel's Jury vote. He also wouldn't have Brendon's vote. But if he beat Rachel in a comp and sends her packing then he can say hey you wanted to reward competitors. We all had a fair shot and I beat you. Jordan says plus were the ones who played this game the whole time and we must have done something right to make it this far. J tells Adam that P told her she felt at the bottom 4 with the J & J side but she also felt bottom 4 on the Danielle side but the D side didn't talk game the whole time and she (Porch) didn't like talking game so who wants to award that money to someone who didn't want to talk game? J says she does think P wants to be there but mostly to help her career and get more airtime. She does think P is good and has stepped up her game but if she (J) had to decide between P and someone else and she knew P didn't even want to talk game ... and P just wanted to see what it was like to have roommates! Whereas we have talked game until we're blue in the face! Adam says yeah ... me and Jeff talked game for hours at night going over the same things. J says right and at least if there's 2 of us on is getting first place and the other is getting 50 thousand and the other one it sucks that they have to leave but all 3 of us have talked game, played a good social game - she says me and you may not have won that many comps but we played a good social game and I just really don't want to see someone there who didn't even talk game...now if she beats me ok...fine but she wants to make sure. She knows Adam swore he wasn't going to use it and it was very sweet of him to give her Farah's thing and she'll give it back. Adam says give it back to me Thursday after I don't use veto. Jordan just wants to make sure next week if he does win veto and its her and P he's gonna take her and not P. Adam says (a firm no hesitation) yes. Jordan says and if its Rachel and P you're gonna take R and not P. Adam says if he's HOH and he wins veto he will put Jordan as the person to decide because he's played the game with her the longest and she's one of his closest allies. He's not really answering and Jordan catches this and says so if its R and P you're hesitant? He says no but if one of them wins veto he'd give her (J) the power to make the decision and he would think she'd want to keep Rachel (he's still not really answering). J says of course. A says thats why he'd give her that power. If he wanted Porche he'd put Porche in that chair (being the one to decide).

3:50 - Jordan says she just feels like Adam is such a nice man and he has a heart so she feels like they think they can just get to his soft side. Adam says no. Nice Adam is gone and thats why he wanted to get to final 6 so he could step up his game and just compete. J says she's been saying even "in there" A has been with her since week 2 and even Rachel - even though A and R didn't always talk game - she just thinks it would be so cool to say this alliance stuck together all the way through and then they can all battle it out. Jordan says I just know if its me you and P in F3 you're gonna take P. Adam gets the nervous voice on and says ... "ah eh I uh I'd still have to see my options cuz I know if I voted you out .. I hope you would still consider giving me the money but if I sent you out 3rd thats the same night. You would have a beef. Jeff would have a beef. Rachel and Brendon - who knows. That was the one thing we said last week when the 4 of us came together - how nice would it be if the vets had to give a newbie the money". Jordan says it would be nice to give the money to a newbie who deserved it. She thinks Kalia has really proved herself and she's really smart and she would win this game if she made it to the end. Adam says right... and if I took P to the end K would vote for P...Dani I don't know. I would hope Dani would base it on game play throughout the whole thing. A thinks if Dani was playing him and he did send her packing she would respect that more - like hey you did see through my bullsh*t. Jordan says if it was her, Adam and Porche she would evict P and take him and that's the honest to God truth. Adam says if he did take J he knows he's not getting Jeff's vote no matter what. Brendon and Rachel - he thinks he'd have their votes and then he just needs two newbies and over someone who's won already ... and he hates to use that as a platform but it IS a selling point but lets get there first. Jordan says right and that's fine - you have to say whatever you have to say then and she doesn't care. She doesn't care this year if she gets 1st or 2nd place. If she made it to 3 then she wants to make it to 2 and she'll take %50,000 and be perfectly happy with it but we're not even there yet. Adam says but we are getting close. Jordan says really close but I'm just saying if it was me, Porche and you I'd take you and she promises he has her word on that. Adam says (strongly this time) and that's why I would take you. Jordan says cuz she (P) ... has too many people on jury who would vote for her (P) simply out of spite. Adam says right right and thats why I told Kalia you didn't vote for me. Your vote did not matter and you didn't vote for me. Jordan says right cuz when I asked her which way are you leaning to she said Shelly and I said yeah me too cuz .. well I told you everything she was saying. Adam says K said I can't believe cuz I made a bad decision and Adam said well I still have time to figure out what I'm gonna do. Kalia told him she even said to Porche let Adam win the veto. Porche said to him in the comp if you win are you going to use the veto on me? Adam didn't answer and P said you're not gonna use the veto on me? Adam said we'll talk later but you gotta win this for yourself and I gotta win this for myself. J says so Porche wants you to use it on her? Adam says yeah cuz she's afraid J and R will want K to stay because of the K/J deal. Jordan says yeah but its not about that because first of all she (K) put Jeff out and besides this isn't about who's my better friend its about who do I see as a bigger threat and she's gone up against K twice and lost to her twice and its down to it now. If K is gonna get mad at her then oh well she's sorry. Adam says and if she doesnt then she doesnt respect the game. He goes on to talk about roadblocks, targets, and allies and rehashes past votes. Says K is a roadblock to jordan and she needs to get her out. Jordan hopes Adam wins HOH next week. He says POV is more important. Jordan says whoever wins HOH that week doesn't get to play POV. Adam says yeah they do. Jordan says in her season they didn't. Thats why she doesn't want Porche to get it but Rachel told J she's wrong. Adam says again if I am HoH and I win veto thats why Im gonna let you decide cuz I owe you that. Adam says he would nominate R and P and keep J off but it doesn't really matter cuz all that matters is the veto. Jordan is now questioning herself about HOH playing and saying she's probably wrong. Adam says if won and P got mad she'd have to get over it. Jordan says yeah but when you go to jury house things change. People vote for you that you didn't think would and people you thought would dont. Jordan just wants Adam to know they are good. Adam talks about his platform being he stuck with the same people all the way through and Jordan says yeah and we are going to get through. They hug it out and J goes downstairs to lay down.

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4:10pm r/p/k still playing cards in purple room adan in hoh listening to cd jor laying in bbr thinking

4:23pm adam called to dr turns music off and heads downstairs stops and picks up his pov neclace before heading to dr jor still just laying in bbr thinking p/k/r still playing cards in purple room just general talk

4:25pm rach saying she couldnt find the brendon pie por and kal says they couldnt find the brendon pie either kal says the dick pie was by the water rach says i was trying to throw the pies that were not real in the water to get them out of the way

4:28pm rach says otev was hard there wasnt much you could do to be stratigic with it you just had to find where the pies where kla says she was thinking when she couldnr find doms pie she was like i always mess up with dom rach says yeah everyo dom question i lose it dom is bad karma for me

4:49pm adam joins the girls in the purple room por called to dr por has to go to wc adam says oh fine everyone leave when i come in he tells rach he listened to half of the cd rach says there are some songs i dont listen to anymore but most i listen to kali comes back to play cards with rach and adam now rach eating while they play kali eating cookies

4:57pm k/p/r/a talking about shelly and how she would tell people what needed to be done rach says if she wanted to say something she should have won something kal says she would come to hoh and vaccum my room rach says really rach says how come after shell did all the things she did you guys still told her stuff kal and por avoid the question and stats talking about cards then kali says thats my downfall trusting her

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5:17pm all hg in purple room playing cards and general talk going on

5:23pm hg playing celebrity game now

5:35pm kal rach adam and jor talking aboit celebs that died before they came in the house now talking about survivor saying hi to them and adam says enjoy your rice everyone laughs

5:39pm adam and rach talking about last season rach says they got alot of the punishments she says they was bad all they did was get punished adam telling kal about them tapiing people to a board and shooting them with water guns rachel is laughing saying they told regan how they could make a step out of duct tape and how brit was ina cacoon

5:41pm adam jumps and says dud she is moving the fortune teller is moving

5:42pm rach yelling at the fortune teller saying what do you want to tell us is that it just destracting us because your bored? adam says maybe its getting closer rach says closer for what adam says i dont know for anything

5:43pm adam looks at fortune teller and says is jessie coming back again and we get wbrb

5:45pm kal says its creapy jor says yeah its creepy looking por says i am hanging in the purple room now i am about to pull a shelly and camp out kal says i think it will have something to do with a comp maybe like a crystal ball in the back yard or something

5:48pm adam in kt eating kal por and jor in pr por asking jor how she is she says fine por ask her if she is bummed that she got out first she says kinds jor says in my otev i was out first too por says oh really

5:51pm por saying when she went down she was looking for keiths pie jor says i went out on cassies adam said he found a shelly pie right off the bat

5:56pm hg talking about who found whos pie in veto comp and who made it up first when they found a pie while they watch the fortune teller to see if it moves again

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6:06 PM BBT

HGs hanging out in PR hoping the FT will do something else. General chat as they wait.

Jordan and Adam tell Rachel that Adam gave Jor Farrah's Star of David necklace and that he told the other two girls he wouldn't use POV.

Adam tells the girls that before POV Porsche asked Adam before the comp if he would use the POV on her. He told her to win it herself to save herself.

The three discuss Kalia - how she would do well in the HOH comps - especially the questions.

No matter what ...if we don't win HOH or POV next week then I assume Jordan is safe. Rach says. He's agreed to let me decide - Jordan says. As if I'd send you to jury.

6:24 PM BBT

The three in purple room continue to discuss what previous moves HGs have made. Jordan is curious as to who Shelly really would have put up if she won HOH. Adam tells them the story of how Lawon ended up getting evicted. How they thought he'd get something awesome or come back in.

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6:35 PM

The three still talking previous comps, what previous HGs would have done in certain situations etc

6:50 PM BBT

Adam does his elf dance in the KT for the cams (he was alone) . Sends his love and hugs to Farrah. Dances again.Ooops - he was dancing for production to try and get them to end the ILD. It worked after a short WBRB ILD is over.

7:00 PM BBT

Kalia tells Porsche she can ask her anything in the house. They are playing the 'what will next HOH comp be?

Kalia saying she's going to try a F2 deal with Rachel.

7:12 PM BBT

Jordan suggests Rachel should get a job as a soap star. Kalia gives her two cents. Rachel talking about Bold & Beautiful.

Jordan telling them about her Bold & Beautiful experiences - she had to say, "My Big Brother Earl." as one of her lines. Everyone laughs at BB reference.

Jordan says that Kalia has to try to get on American Idol or X Factor after this. BB13 cast can sit outside door waiting for her results.

7:26 PM BBT

HGs now discussing former American Idol contests and "Where are they now?"

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7:30 BBT

They are all sitting in the back yard talking about American Idol and Bold and Beautiful. Kalia has taken acting classes and says she is very comfortable on a stage. She also watches a lot of reality TV and has comments on virtually every show. Kalia is dominating the conversation. They are talking about the hosts of American Idol. She says that the latest hosts were too nice.

Rachel asks what happened to Jewel. They are now talking about Rachel's big nose. They are telling her that she does not need a nose job. "It fits your face" - Jordan.

Rachel likes Brenden's teeth, "they are perfect". Kalia got braces late and she had them removed before she went to college. Kalia says she needs surgery on her jaw. (to stop it from eating so much - Drummer1)

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7:40 BBT

They are now talking about evicting the Fortune Teller because she has not won any comps and never says anything. They are talking about how everyone was trying to get the FT to do something. Kalia took a ring from FT but she put it back. After that the Please do not disturb sign went up. They are now talking about past competitions and how Shelly had marks in the yard to see how long comps took.

They are now all talking about Shelly. Porche is sleeping in the bedroom.

7:45 BBT

Getting frequent WBRB. Kalia is talking about an ex-boyfriend that keeps coming back. They are talking about Shelly taking the stuffed puppy because she hates Rachel. They are saying that the reason the house was divided was because of Shelly. The topic has changed to Cassie and all of the drama. Cassie told Rachel that she acted like a victim and that she is exactly like she was last summer and that she was an ugly person.

7:50 BBT

Kalia is saying that everyone loved Shelly because she was like the house mom. They are saying how Shelly floated from side to side. Now they are talking about the public perceptions of each of them in the house. Jordan tells Rachel that she was mean the day that she was following Dani around to try and make her miserable. WBRB

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8:00 BBT

Kalia is talking about how stressed she was during her first HOH. Kalia is totally dominating the conversation. They start talking about the jury house and we get WBRB. Adam wanders in and is pacing while smoking.

They are talking about Monet from Rachel's season. They are now asking about how some people are cast in the show and how they are not good once the show starts. Adam says that if Shelly was America's Player that he will feel stupid. They are now talking about the fight between Jordan and Shelly. Adams says that it was worse than Jordan's fight with Russel. Rachel says that she would step in the middle and get slapped or she would remove Jordan from the fight. Adam says that there were not enough pillows for him to hide. Kalia says that she did not even know that Jordan knew the F-word.

8:05 BBT

Jordan felt that she could talk to Shelly about anything and, after the fight, she was embarrased that she had talked to Shelly. Adam goes inside.

Kalia never thought the Shelly would stab her in the back and that she learned a lot about Shelly last week. Kalia is afraid that her race jokes would be taken seriously. Kalia goes inside. Adam comes back outside. Rachel says that she did not give good goodbye messages this season. She gives some examples and they keep cutting to WBRB. They are now talking about the reunion show and how things will work production wise for the rest of the season.

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Everyone but Porsche in the BY

R talks about how Monet said at the finale she didn't regret talking so badly about Rachel.

R "I was just so upset when I heard you [Jordan] and Shelly whispering. I was like that fucking bitch is trying to get in between me and Jordan.... and Jeff"

R "I don't think I've given very nice goodbye messages this summer...like Cassi..."

Jordan "What did you say to Cassi?!?!"


They talk about how Dom's clap was super loud, and so was Daniele's, but Shelly's was quiet. Kalia tells them Porsche got boo'ed, then we get WBRB

They think all Dani got the loudest clap of everyone.

A: It was probably better for the show that Brendan came back.

R: "I don't get it."

Kalia and Adam try to explain from a dramatic standpoint that people probably wanted him for drama, and the show, etc.

Jordan talks about the stuff she's said about Kalia in the DR "I said this is DANI'S hoh, not Kalia's!"

Jordan: "I'm more feisty this season."

R: "I'm less feisty"

Jordo: "Yeah so sorry about that Kalia. Youll see it on the tapes."

Kalia: I figured.

K talks about how Dani told her since week 1 they'd bring someone back. Dani thought Dom would come back.

They're still all shocked about how long Keith and Cassi were in sequester.

K talking about Dani's reactions seeing Dom.

talk about how everyone loved Dom.

They ask if Dom and Dani will date after. Kalia says Dom was "smitten" with Dani. K saying that's why Dani wanted Dom gone, so she would be Dom's #1.

They're all laughing at Lawon and things that happened the first week, including how Adam got blamed for the first vote and Lawon kept saying "he [adam FUCKED ME!]. Jordan tells them how Rachel always stuck up for Porsche, always. Also Kalia tells them about what Cassi said about Rachel, and when Rachel came in to say Porsche would be around for awhile.

Rachel saying when she lost her round in OTEV, she was still looking for Dominic's pie for another 5 minutes, and production made them find it so they can look like they lost.

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8:10 BBT

Rachel is curled up in a blanket and gets yelled at for obstructing her mic. Jordan is saying how Kalia's HOH was really Dani's. Jordan says that she is much more feisty this season.

8:20 BBT

They are talking about the twist that brought Brenden back and how long Kieth and Cassie were in sequester. They say that Dani had a lot of predictions and that bringing back someone was the most likely because of Dick's departure. Jordan says that Dom was a ladies man. Kalia says that Dom was fun. They wonder if Dani and Dom will date after the show - not likely. They talk about how there were over 2 million votes when Brendon came back.

Now the discussion goes to Keith and how he did not play well and that he spent all his time trying to hook up with Porche and Cassie. They now are talking about how Lawan would just sit outside and stare. Jordan wonders if he was a spy. Adam is wondering what happened to the Cornhole bags. Kalia is dominating the conversation again.

8:30 BBT

They are now trying to figure out what Shelly's questions will be in the final. Shelly bashing all around. Adam is waiting for towels to dry. Porche is getting up. They are now saying that the tie breaker question will be how many lies that Shelly told this summer. Adam say 124. Kalia says that she would need a bigger chalkboard.

8:35 BBT

Porche gets some water and goes outside. Jordan asks if they are going to wear any of their new clothes on the Thursday show. Jordan dips her feet in the hot tub. Nobody has had dinner yet. BBAD starts in 20 minutes. Adam says that he is using his inner Shelly by washing towels.

The topic now goes to what is going to be for dinner. Kalia says that she does not know what she is hungry for. (I just fell out of my chair - Drummer1)

Rachel says that it is 20 minutes until BBAD finds out that he won the veto. Adam mentions something about being a shark and we cut to WBRB.

8:40 BBT

Porshe goes back inside to get a sweatshirt. They are now talking about silly names from the Veto ceremony. (This will make much more sense after seeing this comp) Porshe Pumpkin Pie. There were pies in this comp, OTEV too.

Porshe is in the SR looking for food. Jordan is done with the hot tub. Porshe is in the WC and Jordan is back to the couch. Now thinking that grilled cheese could work for dinner. Rachel hopes they get alchohol tonight.

AAAAHHHH Kalia said that she heard of people dipping tampons in vodka (omit) to get drunk faster.

I am out after hearing that. Have a good evening.

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