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9/3 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:04PM BBT: Porsche Adam and Rachel playing cards in purple room Rachel says playing BB two summers in a row it almost is part of my life I feel Porsche says I imagine they go back to card talk

9:08PM BBT:: Porsche telling Rachel her new cup is awesome it is a Jessie cup has his face on it Rachel says his speedo was so small Adam comes back in after going to get tums and tells girls there is no tums but the storage room has been restocked

9:15PM BBT:: Rachel gets a drink and says tune in Sunday to see why I am awesome Adam says and to see why I am the happiest guy in the world Adam says my duck got kissed I have the happiest duck in the world Porsche says to tune in sunday to find out where fans meet favorites and favorites meet other favorites Porsche says who is favorite they says jessie Porsche yells shhhh spoiler alert spoiler alert

9:22PM BBT:: Porsche going to get her ice cream Adam says now that we got restocked we can get a whole new box of cards Adam said I know you wanted to get up at 7 she said OK Kalia woke me up at 8 BB says HG check the storage room they yell yeahhhh Rachel says might not be beer and wine

9:24PM BBT:: Rachel goes to storage room they get beer and wine Rachel coughs she says sorry I aint sick I don't think Rachel asked did we get real meat she says yeaaaaa we got chicken she says look at all this ice cream we will never eat all that ice cream they look at the veggies and talk about cooking carrots and celery Rachel says look at all the bananas we got thanks BB that all say as they walk out of storage room

9:27PM BBT:: Rachel goes to HoH to ask Jordan if she wants wine Rachel says she might take a hot bath she wants to soak before tomorrow in case they have to run she is very sore Jordan says they gave us wine before a competition Rachel says maybe it is tomorrow night

9:28PM BBT:: Jordan is worried that Adam might be with Porsche and Kalia but she doesn't think he has lied to them Jordan says I don't know because they never talk about each other

9:30PM BBT: Jordan says Kalia just talks Rachel says I don't trust her as far as I can throw her Kalia has made a final two deal with everywhere in the house Jordan says she is even scared for Adam to win the veto Rachel says yeah we need to win that veto and Porsche calls Rachel downstairs Jordan getting up putting her mic on now

9:31PM BBT:: Rachel steps back in says you can listen to music if you want I am going to play another game of cards then come back up and soak Jordan says I am going down for a minute so I don't seem like an outcast

9:35PM BBT:: Porsche and Kalia in purple room drinking wine and waiting for others to come play cards Jordan putting stuff in recycle bins in storage room Rachel getting grapes in her wine

9:40PM BBT:: everyone but Adam in purple room talking about the shopping spree and they only had 3 minutes to shop Jordan says there was what 7 racks Rachel says why didn't you just put it on your neck Porsche says no you had to have it on Jordan says it had to come off hanger and it had to be fully on your body

9:49PM BBT:: Porsche Rachel Jordan and Kalia talking about going prom dress shopping when they was in high school Jordan said everyone always wanted to borrow her dresses

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9:56PM BBT:: girls still talking about proms how people get hair done and what they wear and Kalia says they still have all her prom picture up Rachel says her date to Jr prom his name was Andrew and we get WBRB

9:58PM BBT: now talk turns to dissecting frogs and things in school Rachel says she loves dissections Porsche telling about her going on a date to prom and her date left her with a lot of girls in a limo Kalia says wait he left you Porsche says yeah wasn't" a big deal

10:01PM BBT:: Adam has now joined the girls in the purple room talk about math now and what kind of math they liked Jordan said she was good at algebra she had a graphic calculator Adam laughs

10:08PM BBT:: Kalia says my arms are so my legs are sore my inner thighs are so from going under that last night in HoH competition Jordan says someplace in it was hot some places was a cool spot Adam said I never had a cool spot I was like getting stuck in it

10:13PM BBT:: HG talking about kissing their boyfriends and girlfriend Porsche asking will you forget how to kiss Farra Adam Adam says I will never forget how to kiss ever Porsche says news flash Adam will be locked in the bathroom and never come out in the morning when they play music

10:17PM BBT:: HG talking about the early show Adam says we don't even know if we will be on the early show or not Jordan telling they have a lot of new people on the early show but I never see it I am always at work I work a lot

10:20PM BBT:: Porsche now getting meat balls to eat Adam Kalia and Jordan in purple room talking about how full that room used to be when everyone was still there Kalia can't wait to see the fluffer and the snoring from Dominic to see how loud he was Adam says I used to wake up to see if it was Dominic snoring and he was laughing the night y'all was throwing stuff at Dominic for snoring Jordan says that was Jeff

10:27PM BBT:: Porsche telling Adam not only is there a picture of tori kissing your cheek but there is video Adam says there is video I can't wait to see

10:29PM BBT: Adam talking about survivor Porsche asking how many days do they stay on survivor Adam says 39 days Kalia says you know the fish here are going to die after the 17th Adam says flush them down the toilet Adam says did you do that when you got one from the fair when it dies Porsche says no way I got one from throwing a ping pong ball and it lived 7 years

10:31PM BBT:: talk about Adams beard and hair being the perfect length Porsche says just in case I leave this week I need to make sure Farra is happy Adam says be groomed Porsche says yup very well groomed

10:42PM BBT:: Adam Porsche Kalia and Jordan talking about the games Jeff and Jordan played and how much space Jeff would have to have in the bed Kalia says you couldn't be a little bed Adam says Jeff needed room Jordan says we would come in here in the purple room and Jeff would say it would be amazing if my bed was this big Kalia says Cassi always slept like a mummy on her back with her mask on and Lawon would be under the covers with his face covered

10:44PM BBT:: Jordan asking Adam if he was getting in his drawers last night he says yeah and I was going to the back door wanting out saying come on let me out I couldn't sleep last night I only got two hours sleep last night then he yawns

10:49PM BBT:: Rachel saying Adam is going to run around the back yard with his shirt off later Adam says no way Porsche says he will be locked in the bathroom in the morning listening to tori Rachel says how cool is it that you met tori spelling he says unbelievable

10:54PM BBT:: Kalia Adam and Rachel still in purple room talking about movies and TV shows Jordan in kitchen cleaning up and doing dishes

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11:10PM BBT: Jordan says she's bored and might as well clean something. Kalia and Rachel in purple room talking about being pulled over in LA. Adam studying the mem wall as Jordan straightens up the kitchen. Kalia says she hasn't paid her car insurance forever, her mom pays it. All 3 cars under her mom's policy. Rachel says she pays $2400 a year for car insurance. Discussing the issues Rachel and Brendon have with what insurance is in whose name, building credit, etc.

11:15PM BBT: Now talk turns to car trade-ins, how much more the used car dealer was selling a trade-in than what Rachel got for it. Porsche joins Adam and Jordan in kitchen. Kalia has no clue how talking about all the different cars she had, not having any car payments on them makes Rachel feel. Porsche prepping the coffee maker for tomorrow morning.

11:20PM BBT: Jordan called to DR. Porsche is tired and wants to head to bed. Kalia/Jordan conversation continues, Kalia talking about what she might do after the show. Brendon wants to live in West Hollywood near campus. Brendon is 1 year into a 4yr program plus a fifth year for his thesis. Adam found something to eat. Kalia talking about starting at the bottom in the hospitality industry (hotels) and working your way up - she has a cousin. Rachel worked in Vegas and knows the business.

11:25PM BBT: Porsche announces to Kalia and Rachel in purple room that she's going to lay down. That breaks up the Kalia/Rachel conversation as Kalia goes to the bathroom(Rachel beat her there). Rachel out, Kalia in. Rachel washes hands. Porsche cleaning out the kitchen of expired food. Rachels asks if they feel like they've had a really long day? Porsche and Adam say yes. Kalia left the Vacant sign on the bathroomdoor. Rachel helping in the kitchen now. Kalia out of bathroom. Adam taking leftovers into storage room. Porsche says if nothing else, then goodnight.

11:35PM BBT: Adam wrapping up in the kitchen, talking HoH competition with Kalia. Porsche reading bible in bed in bubblegum room. Rachel heading up to HoH with a bowl of food and a glass of wine. Porsche using the bible to review BB dates (based on the page numbers). Rachel goes back downstairs and says hi to Jordan in the kitchen. Rachel tells her she's going to take a bath but Jordan is welcome up there. Adam looking for more stuff to clean.

11:40PM BBT: Porsche's back is sore and she has cramps. She keeps saying she's going to bed but isn't there yet. Kalia reading her letter in the bubblegum room. Adam still futzing around in the kitchen, says he's going to sleep at midnight (20m from now). Porsche now settling down in bubblegum room. Kalia borrows Por's bible. They discuss what day it is (63). Adam now wiping off the face of the fridge, channeling his inner Shelly. Jordan back into the kitchen.

11:50PM BBT: Jordan into the kitchen to get into the drawers, looking for sleeping clothes. Adam now in the purple room room, looks at the Fortune Teller, lays down, looking up at the Fortune Teller, then up at nothing, then back to the Fortune Teller, then back to deep thought. Discussion of some designer shoes Kalia picked up during the shopping spree. Porsche says she'll throw Veto for them. Nope, says Kalia, they fit her feet perfectly. Jordan pops into purple room, talking about how Veto might be tied to Fortune Teller.

11:55PM BBT: Apparently the shoes are called The Diva and belong to Kalia, she says. Porsche grabbed two pair of shoes, one on her feet, one on her hands. Kalia apparently put these on her hair. Adam telling Jordan how badly he wants to win Veto. Jordan untangling her mic cord so can't hear her. Kalia says the one thing she will never ever give away is her shoes. Jordan reminds Adam if he wins PoV and uses it, she would be the replacement nominee Adam says he wouldn't do that.

12:00AM BBT: Jordan back in purple room, worried about being screwed over. Adam says she will not be screwed over by him. Jordan says she is stressed over next week, next week is major. Adam says they wanted to get one of you two (Rachel/Jo) out this week but we are going to get one of them out instead. Kalia better than questions but Porsche been studying. We could do better against Por. Jordan says she's going to study the mem wall in case it's mash-up. Jordan says she didn't pay attention to the mem wall last time and it took her 12m.

12:05AM BBT: Adam tells Jordan to pay attention to facial features, like curve of mouth, thickness of eyebrows. Jordan heads to Mem Wall to study. Kalia and Porsche continue banal chit chat, waiting for Adam to tell them when it's midnight so they can turn the lights out. Adam's eyes are closed, mouth open, communicating with the ethereal world. He comes back to life and joins Jordan in kitchen, pointing out features in the faces.

12:10AM BBT: Adam tells her not to stay up too late and good night. Adam in bed in the MBR, lights out. Lights also out now in the bubblegum room. Jordan still in the kitchen studying the mem wall. Rachel comes downstairs. Jordan tells her it's coming (morphomatic) if not this one, the next one. Jordan now pointing facial features to Rachel. Rachel still wants to sit in the tub for a few minutes before bed, but thinks maybe she'll just get a good night's sleep now.

12:15PM BBT: Jordan says she can't go to bed yet because she napped 3hrs. They go to HoH. Jordan says she doesn't think they were working on it tonight. Rachel says she heard them working on it earlier in the day (they being production, it being PoV comp). Jordan tells Rachel about talk with Adm, Adam claiming to be surprised Jordan would go up if he used Veto. Rachel says if he breaks their trust to use the veto, he will definitely vote Jordan out. Jordan said Adam doesn't want to make anybody mad, he thinks he can win Jury Votes that way.

Rachel saying that if Adam takes Porsche off block, even if he votes Kalia out, it means he has a deal with Por. They can't understand why he would even think about it. Jordan asks if Rachel made her HoH bed that good? Rachel says no, they put it back after PB. Jordan doesn't want Porsche to be mad at her after Kalia is gone. Rachel says who cares? It's not like she's going to change her nominations if she wins HoH. Rachel says they have 3 competitions left, Jordan has to win next HoH, and they have to win the two vetos.

12:20PM BBT: Rachel figures in Veto Adam will go outside first, Kalia next. Jordan says it will be interesting to see what Porsche does after Veto. Jordan says she knows Porsche is gunning for her, she calls it a lose lose situation if Porsche wins PoV. Rachel thinks she's good at questions and that gives them an advantage with Kalia out. Rachel didn't have a Morphomatic competition last season so Jordan telling her about it.

Jor talking about how hard it was to get up the ramp in the OTEV competition. Jordan thinks Kalia would have difficulty with OTEV, but Rachel says Porsche could do well. Jordan says if it is OTEV and you see an object with a HG name on it, you have to remember where it is, or hide it so you can get back to it. Jordan describes the OTEV competition (they didn't have that last season either. It could be that or something totally different, she says.

Jor decides to let Rachel sleep and go back downstairs to study the mem wall. In the meantime, Por/Kalia continuing to talk about nothing important. Rachel takes her nearly empty glass of wine into the HoH bathroom area and washes her face before bed.

12:30AM BBT: Kalia takes a talk break to head to the storage room. Think she grabbed some pills, now rinsing out her glass. Rachel applying pimple-be-gone cream on her face with a q-tip. Jordan out of bathroom, Kalia into bathroom. Rachel now applies total face cream on, then goes into HoH bathroom to change into her bed clothes. We hear some tinkle. Thanks BB. Rachel out now, Jordan getting some water in the kitchen. Kalia heading back to bubblegum room. Rachel brushing teeth. Home stretch, fans!

12:35AM BBT: The mouthwash comes out for Rachel's retainer. The giggling and talking ends in the bubblegum room. Gurgle Gurgle, the mouthwash goes into the sink. bathroom area door gets closed, Rachel grabs her ladybug pillow, puts it and Dr. Quakers over the bed and turns the lights out. 4 down, one to go. False alarm, lights back on - Rachel forgot something the spy screen remote. She arranges some stuff on the dresser top, puts her letter away, then lights off.

12:40AM BBT: Jordan sitting at the kitchen table, staring at mem wall. She rinses out her cup, leaves it in the sink, then heads off to the bubblegum room, climbs into bed and we are done for the night, 5 by 5. Sweet dreams of golden vetoes, HG, sweet dreams friends and followers.

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Its 8:45BBT and we have WBRB...(could BB be getting them early for an early POV??? we will have to wait and see.)


Rachel gets her shower stuff from downstairs and takes it upstairs. Adam laying in bed (not asleep his eyes are blinking) Kalia and Jordan are still in bed. Rachel makes the HOH bed.

Jordan gets up. Rachel feeds fish & takes a shower.

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9:15 BBT

kalia now up doing morning ADL's. Rachel having breakfast of cottage cheese? and fruit and granola.

Portia has changed to swimsuit and is now in shower while Jordan is doing her makeup.

Adam is called to DR at 9:20 BBT and WBRB may be due to someone singing.

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Feeds back after a few minutes. all on Jordan and Porsche in bathroom. Rachel called to DR at 9:25 BBT. Jordan called to DR at 9:26.

Kalia and Adam in Kitchen fixing breakfast. Kalia talking about people's features. Have been studying memory wall. Adam wonders if they will use Dick in mashup.

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9:30 BBT Kalia asks Adam if they have ever said anything bad her and Porsche upstairs. Could not make out what Adam said but it seems like he didn't say anything bad. She heads off to shower. Adam is walking around kitchen. He may have put bacon in microwave but did not turn on.

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9:42 BBT

(Missed some as I was out of room) Jordan and Rachel discussing veto in HN room. Figuring out strategy of who to evict. it may be better to keep kalia as they are better at skills and physical and faster than kalia. going over different scenarios.

(i'm out for now. may be back later in afternoon.)

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9:43 PM BBT

Jordan and Rachel agree they need to win today. Jor says watch Porsche see how she does. If they win get rid of her.

Jordan says she's worried if it's her and Porsche that has to compete. They are neck and neck in comps.

Rachel says "But what about the questions? Kalia is really good at those."

They also worry about what Adam said last night, "Kalia will be really pissed at me if I don't use the veto."

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Jordan discribes the matching game they had to play...if you got one wrong you had to tear it down. They play what if...

Jordan: let Kalia be the target.

Rachel: get her out.

Jordan: Kalia would be better at the faces.

Rachel: Kal won 2 question comps. She will know what ppl said, she will get the who said what comp.

Rachel: I will freak out if we make F3. If its me you and Adam..oh god. We had to work on getting newbies out. Going over vote count


Jordan says this is harder psychologically. Last time she didnt know it was more important to get POV at the end instead of HOH.


Jordan is not nervous about this POV, she wont freak out about it. tells Rachel she gets in a zone. Rach: I do?

Jordan: I know they are nervous which is good, when your nervous you mess up.

Rachel: sometimes that extra fire on you butt is good.

Jordan: it wont be running, I have shoes but dont know if others do. They must have taken the shoes we wore for HOH.

Rachel: maybe they hosed them down. My clothes are stiff from that and I hosed them down.

Jordan discribes OTEV to Rach. remember where you saw someones name, run as fast as you can up the hill then grab the rope.


Jordan: I will take second, second is better then third.

Rachel: my GB messages werent nice. She goes over some of what she said (surprised we havent gotten wbrb) She mentions the one she made to Kalia last week and WBRB


Jordan: I think all the lies caught up to Shelly.

Rachel: she was a trouble maker.

They agree they only trust each other.

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They talk about family coming to the finale. Going over the season-how they felt, how they played. Jor saying ppl say Rach is nice now. Por crawls out of bed.

Jordan: you're a great competitor but you run your mouth. Hold your mouth till F3, then run it all you want.

Rachel: LOL

Jordan: do you think ppl are rooting for us?

Rachel: I think some are but some are rooting for the newbies.

Rachel: If Dom was still here they would be rooting for him. When I saw Cassi I was like....nuh uahh, no you dont.

Rachel: people may be rooting for Kalia, she is the only newbie that stepped up.

BB "Porsche stop that" (she was listening at backdoor)

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Kalia going over eviction/comp orders with Porsche and Adam.

Adam: it would be funny if they even showed Shelly locked in that room with FT

Adam says they cant get into SR. Adam, Kalia and Porsche wonder if they will get costumes. Adam apologizes now for getting rough. Kalia: I will rip a card out of their hands if I need to. There will be blood.


Kalia still trying to get into the SR, she wants something to drink. General talk. BB says "Thats what she said."


Everyone is waiting for POV to start (Including us) & talking comps, what ifs, they dont have their tennis shoes. Kal/Por stretch

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Rachel and Jordan doing: Which HG said.... Adam and Kalia tell Porsche about Lydia, Jessie and Casey. Adam walks down the hall-stops outside he SR, walks on. Kalia asks if he heard anything. No. Kalia shakes her arms and does an weird thing with her voice. Stands at the SR door saying. Diet Coke, Diet Coke.


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Kalia already working Adam. She asks if he won't use it and he says probably, maybe, you'll see and smiles. Kalia says if he uses it, they take out Jordan and Rachel can't play, so the newbies will win next week. He says he knows.

Porsche in shower.

Kalia asks if their opinions don't matter now and Adam just looks at her. Adam doesn't look like he wants to talk but Kalia tells him she's never lied to him and about their F2 deal. He says about how everyone knows. Kalia says I thought we were playing together.

Adam looks pissed that Kalia is arguing with him. She asks if it's because people knew about their F2 deal that he doesn't trust her now. He says she voted him out last week and Kalia said it doesn't matter. Kalia says she understands (if he's mad) so take Porsche down. Kalia didn't know Adam was that mad at her.

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2:31 BBT

Kalia apologizes for badgering him and she says she doesn't want to feel like she's going home this week. She says they can still do this (newbies win) and he says he knows. Kalia says R/J offered F4 of girls (which is why Rachel put both girls up....)

Kalia keeps pushing him and he's being polite, saying he agrees and understands.

Rachel and Jordan in the HOH room. Jordan is still frustrated that she's not winning more.

Kalia says it's a big decision and Adam says he still has time to think about it. (Adam physically looks upset that he won and is now in this position.)

Porsche starts to repeat what Kalia said to Adam as he neared the shower. He says he knows.

Upstairs, Rachel and Jordan say they trust Adam and Jordan says especially since Adam gave her his gf's necklace. They say they have to trust someone, as they can't do it alone.

Porsche out of the shower and Adam is now in.

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2:38 BBT

Rachel says she's glad they kept Adam b/c Shelly wouldn't have won that comp and they need someone who can win and fight for them. She says Adam was close with Jeff and Jordan says Adam is an honest man.

Rachel says if Porsche wins HOH next week, they are in really big trouble.

They go back and forth about whether to keep Porsche or Kalia. They are leaning more towards Kalia.

Downstairs, Porsche tells Adam she hurt her knee. Sounds like the veto comp was OTEV.

Adam out of the shower and Porsche whispers that he knows she will have to campaign to him now. He says she is safe this week.

Switched to R/J and sounded like they agree they'll be keeping eachother to F2.

Kalia in kitchen.

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