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8/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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0947BBT Jordan and Rachel in the kitchen talking about the boys. They are discussing weather it would have been better for Jordan to have the week to adjust to Jeff leaving or the way it happen. They decide that the boys are having a good bromance in the jury house. Shelly enters and starts campaigning on how the boys need Adam to join them. She says that they don't want a female in the jury house with them.

Shelly kissing up to Rachel telling her how good her baking smells. She then goes on to tell Rachel not to let Brendon tell her she does not know what she is doing in the kitchen. More kissing up. Shelly is making an English muffin with honey on it. Jordan asks Shelly if she eats that many PB&J sandwiches at home. Shelly saying how there is so much fancy food in the house & she does not eat that much at home. Adam enters and comments on how good Rachel's cinnamon rolls smell. Shelly still kissing up to Rachel on her baking skills (straight from the box).

Jordan, Kalia and Adam in BY. Kalia's mom was going to buy a VCR to record the show. Adam's friend has a DVR recorder but the DVD player part does not work. (Buy the season when it comes out on Disc)

Jordan and Rachel called to the DR.

Kalia and Adam talking about 24 (the series). Adam questioning the show, apparently the guy never sleeps or always makes it through traffic in 5 min.

Shelly tells Adam they need to decide what they are going to talk about in their diary room session.

Kalia changes the subject to discuss more television shows. Friends, Friday Night Lights, Glee.

Kalia will never again go on another reality show. She was an actor, but it lost its luster.

Adam thinks Keith will try out for The Bachelor.

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Adam is wondering about the Big Brother commercials for next season.

Kalia walks in the house and Shelly comments on how she can not believe some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth. Adam says she is worse than him.

Adam is going to sit for three days and watch everything. Shelly thinks that Kalia's attitude must be a thing from out east. Adam agrees.

Kalia back from kitchen.

Kalia and Adam talking about the East coast and how no one is friendly and they don't talk to people on the streets. Shelly does not understand how people can live like that. Kalia does not have a car. Kalia and Adam do not like chatty cab drivers. Shelly would not last 10 minutes in New York. Kalia and Adam talking about New York like it is the grandest place on Earth. Kalia and Adam competing to talk. They keep talking over each other.

Jordan joins the BY. Shelly called to DR alone.

Adam gives his shout out to Farah.

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All but Adam go inside to get cinnamon rolls.

Adam talking to camera....If Shelly is America's player send a banner. Some things do not make sense.... I hope you guys like me...less than three weeks left. Get me through this week. Final five. One step closer to the prize. And if I win, come to Hob NJ and have the biggest party ever.

Adam joins the others in the kitchen.

Rachel and Jordan go to BY. Rachel just had a brillant idea. Operation sleep over party. they get kalia and porscha to be their best friends. they bake cookies, paint nail and they think final four deal all that good and just to cover their butts for next week. jordan thinks they have been doing that. the first task of Jochel. Jordan hopes people are rooting for them.

Kalia joins them in the by. Rachel goes to the kitchen to make the rest of the sugar cookies.

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9:10pm BBT - Por discovers that if you put baking powder on soap, it dissolves it. Rach is going to make cinnamon chocolate chip cookies. Jor by herself standing in the HT. There was a bottle of wine and some beers. Adm tells Shell he drank the can of Monster he found in the SR. Jor now heading over to the pool table and is drying her legs off. If something happens, I'll let you know.

9:15pm BBT - Adam enters the KT, complains about people who put something in the microwave and then walk off. Jor now sitting on the BY couch. Kal called to the DR - she was trying to shave her legs in HoH. Shell now in the KT too. Shell gets a diet coke. She goes out side where Jor says it is so quiet. Jor talking about how quiet it is for her without Jeff. Shell apologizing again, Jor accepting again. She says she was playing to much with her emotions and feelings and she is going to try to stop that. There are 3 cooks in the KT, and outside Jor says all you can do is sit here and wait. Shell says she's ready to go home. Jor says everyone is to some degree.

9:20pm BBT - Adam goes outside w/leftover salad, chicken, tortilla chips, its a southwestern chicken salad. Shell called to DR. Por & Rach still cooking cookies. Jor says when they get back to their real life and get stressed, they are going to miss the lazy days in the BB house. Adam talking about going to concerts with friends. Kal meanders into the KT. It's now Sugar Cookies and Cinnamon buns w/chocolate chips. Rach has put flour on the counter and is using the whole counter surface. Adam talking about headbanging and Farra. Jor says that Adam was so different from who she thought he was. Adam says he's a heavy metal teddy bear.

9:25pm BBR - Either Rach or Por was saying she wanted to bring in Rosetta Stone and teach herself another language. Would have to be Rach right? Kal on BY couch with Jor and Adm now, taking over the convo. Rach & Por having a great time in the KT.

9:35pm BBT - Kal moves from discussing Adam's relationships to When Harry Met Sally without skipping a beat. Now they are talking to how Por is making 3-4 dozen cookies. Rach is making the Cinnebons. Jor says her perspective of Rach walking into the house is different from going out of the house. Adam says she is not as crazy as she came off last season. Jor says she's trying to mellow out, for sure. Kal can't imagine being recognized after she leaves the house.

9:40pm BBT - Adam tells Jor she was as sweet as he thought she would be. Adam and Kal agree that they did not realize how funny Bren was, and ED was well mannered, not like the Tasmanian Devil. Kal goes inside to WC. Jeff is just get to the point, says Adam. Jor says Jeff loves kids and whoever he ends up with, if its not me, will be lucky. Adam says their kids will come to her, they'll be afraid to come to him because he'll come off so stern.

9:45pm BBT - BB calls Jor to the DR. Adam telling stories of his when he coached a baseball team and their best player broke his arm. They hoped it was his left arm so he could still pitch with his right. Shell passes through KT to BY and says it smells good. Por's cookies are in the oven; Rach is still creating her cinnamon roll layers. (she should roll in some strips of bacon for Adam). Shell says Adm's black v-neck looks really nice. He's only worn it as an undershirt before tonight.

9:50pm BBT - The convo in the BY turns to the clothes past HG have worn, their lack of sweatshirts in the house. Jor in KT w/Rach talking about their men in the JH. Por is in the shower. Jor back out on BY couch, Rach asking Shell for some advice. The cinnamon buns are in the oven. Shell is futzing around. Rach says Bren thinks he's the best chef in the world but Rach says she can cook too. Jor back to KT. Rach says next time she'll put more filling in because the roll is not holding together very well. Shell has her meal out of the microwave and sits down at the KT Table. Kal and Adm continuing to trade stories on the BY couches. The understatement of the year: Shell says she's just a creature of habit.

9:55pm BBT - Adam heads inside to clean his bowl. Jor back outside, dangling feet in HT. Jor and Kal talking about who they will invite the the finals (they get 2). Shell made english muffins and is putting PBJ on them. Jor now walking around in HT. Rach making the frosting for the C-rolls now. Adm in KT now. Rach says she makes up meals using the leftovers so they can stay on budget and when Bren complains, she just tells him he's keeping to the budget like he wanted. He eats it anyway.

10:00pm BBT - They go shopping together and buy whats on sale, and sometimes they can make really good meals on the cheap. Rach & Jor called to the DR - it's a duo session. Jor complains that Rach is fixed but she has no makeup on. Shell says to herself, Shelly, Adam, sh$tty competitors, please go to the DR. Kal and Adam talking about DVRing shows, when you get behind on something, like life feeds or 24, and people spoil it for you. Por heading into the shower in HoH. Adam wants to know when does Jack Bauer sleep or go to the bathroom? Kal says it's only one day... Shell comes outside and says she Adam have to figure out what they will do for their DR session.

10:10pm BBT - Kal goes inside to check the oven and use the WC and after she's gone, Shell and Adm say she's terrible (talking about her non-stop chatter, no doubt). Por out of shower, putting on some clothes. Kal goes inside to check the oven and use the WC and after she's gone, Shell and Adm say she's terrible (talking about her non-stop chatter, no doubt). Por out of shower, putting on some clothes. Kal back outside and everything is OK in the KT. Talk turns to east coast style, southern accents, California day dreaming, the friendliness of South Carolina, the hustle and bustle and horse blinders of New Yorkers, focusing on themselves. not looking around.

10:25pm BBT - Convo turns to the arrogance of New Yorkers. Por is now dressed, grabs her glass of wine, a jacket, and heads downstairs. Rach & Jor are out of DR, Rach back at work on the icing, applying it to the cinnamon rolls. Shell called to DR w/o Adam. Jor out to BY couches. Por tastes the cinnamon rolls and takes a second bite, so they weren't deadly. Rach affirms she is a good cheff, she's good at something. She puts on a jacket then her glass of wine outside.

10:30pm BBT - Jor & Kal inside to taste the cinnamon rolls. Por is working on the cookie dough again. Rach back inside after the C-buns have cooled. Adm finishes his cig and joins the girls inside, takes his taste. Rach has finished her wine so she takes a beer out of the fridge. (that combination never worked well for me). Rach and Jor poured some of the can into their wine glass and give the rest of the can to Kal. Rach proposes to Jor, Operation Sleepover Party where they will invite their BB friends (Por & Kal) over and work on them for next week, covering their butts (they want Kal to target Adam if she wins HoH). Jor says thats a great idea and they toast each other. Kal comes outside and game talk ends. Rach goes inside to cool a little more. Jor tells Kal she should work out with them.

10:40pm BBT - Adam heads back outside, heads over to the hammock to lay down and relax. Jor says she loves that hammock. Jor asking Kal questions, trying to learn more about her. Talk turns to Kal's modeling connections. Por and Rach still bonding over sugar cookies. They are cutting them in the shape of letters. R for Rachel, J for Jordan, A for Adam, P for Porche. They hopefully will have enough dough for K and S. Por doesn't want to put sprinkles on them.

10:50pm BBT - The cookies are in the oven, the wine glasses empty, its time to start cleaning up in the KT. Haven't seen Rach since she went into DR. Adam over on the hammock and Kal and Jor, oh wait, Por has refilled her wine glass. Rach tells Por she looks tan but not her face. Por says its because of all the face wash she uses. Kal still telling stories to Jor. Por talking about how guys don't take care of their face and skin, don't exfoliate and stuff.

10:55pm BBT - Por has microwaved some popcorn. Rach says they are going to be sugared out (5 minutes of sugar rush, 5hrs of sleeping it off). Rach and Por join Kal and Jor on the BY couches. Kal now talking about sleeping on a boat - you get a really good night's sleep - it's all more from the exciting chronically of Kal's life in the A list.

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Rachel and Porsche in the kitchen making their cookies. Jordan and Kalia in BY talking. Shelly still in DR and Adam in hammock.

Talking about how much they pay to get their hair cut and colored.

1058BBT Rachel takes the cookies out of the oven. Porsche says that you are not allowed to have pitbulls in Miami. The others are shocked. You can not move to Miami with a pitbull. If they catch you walking your dog it is 150,000 fine.

Jordan talks about at home they are starting a leash law due to a pitbull attacking a small child. If you don't have your dog on a leash you will get a fine.

Kalia returns from a short DR session.

Talking about pimples and popping. Jordan wanted to know if anyone has ever you-tubed pimple popping. Jordan and Adam discuss a video of a guy with a boil on the back of his neck.

Kalia is considering going to bed. She is so stuffed she can roll down the stairs.

Adam called to DR & Shelly is back outside.

Kalia's sisters dog had worms. She goes into detail. Porache's dog Tequila had worms when she got him also.

Kalia's dog bit her and she threw it at the wall.

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11:07 BBT

Right now in BY Jordan talking about pus and boils exploding on video..."bloody pussy" Adam chimes in from the hammock...Rachel wonders how people can have a "pimple that big"

Everyone except Shelly who's in DR....a lot of yawning...Kalia wants to go to bed..."what's stopping me" from going to bed...and complains she's "soooo fat"...

Shelly "that cinnamon thing is the bomb" shelly announces on her entrance to the BY and asks Rachel for the recipe and Rachel explains what she did.....

11:10 BBT Shelly doesn't really like "cinnabun" but seems to enjo Rachels version which everyone else says tastes just like cinnabuns..{kissing ass for sure}

Jordan heads inside..and dags her feet back outside...Rachel and Jordan kinda calling Kalia a dog abuser...Kalia said she threw her dog into a wall{fat bitch} because it bit her...

Jordan over in the HT puts her feet in... Rachel talking about using a "high pitched whistle" to do something...Rachel talking about her dog..."ben" or "benz"talking about her "60 something pound" dog jumping on her and Brendon...shelly "you don't throw him against the wall for doing that" shelly asks sarcastically

Now Kalia trying to talk sweetly of her dog "Bentley" after she abused him....and talks about her dog....Rachel trying to explain why he has the habits that bother Kalia.....

11:17 BBT More dog talk

Porsche back in the kitchen working on her cookies..

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11:19 BBT

Porsche continues with her cookie dough which has been saturated with M&Ms..and is flattening them into thick disks..On camera two we get a better look at the rommier trunk she's attained this summer..

11:21 BBT Kali keeps blathering about her dog while Rachel talks about her dog....and sounds like she treats him or her like he/she is a small child...

Kalia says she can't have discussions with the dog..they just fight...

Jordan rejoins Kalia and Rachel on the couch while Adam is stilled perched in the hammock...

11:23 BBT In the kitchen Porsche is cleaning up from the sugarfest she started tonight..

Kalia is blathering...

Porsche saying "hello" in the purple room to the fortune teller...and heads outside when she gets no response...and announces she ate sugar cookies..."they were soooo good" and starts digging into a bowl of popcorn...

11;26 BBT More Rachel dog talk...I missed whre shelly went...

11:27 Jordan talking about her dog "maggie" and says she talks in her baby voice and "grunts my teeth because she's soo cute"....

11:28 BBT More dog talk

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9:00PM BBT Rachel and Porsche in the KT getting ready to make cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies with M&Ms. Adam: Guess what? I just heard something in the storage room. Rachel gets excited. Adam brings out three beers and a bottle of wine. Rachel wants the Heineken and Rachel wants the wine. Shelly wants a Monster Energy drink, but there wasn't any in the diary room.

9:05PM BBT The baking continues. Porsche puts baking powder on soap and it dissolves the soap. Shelly asks where Kalia is. P: She's upstairs Nairing [Nair] and such. I'm going to give her a little time up there.

9:13PM BBT Kalia is called to the DR. She comes out of the HOH and said she had just put the Nair on when they called.

9:16PM BBT Shelly goes outside to smoke and join Jordon. Jordon said she made a mistake playing the game too emotionally. She said there are just 18 days left and wants to just speed things up- get the HOH over with and let's get out of here and go home. Shelly is ready to go home and see her family. In a way she wishes when she leaves she could just go home instead of going to jury first. J: In jury you get to watch movies, play, lay out.

9:19PM BBT Adam walks out with a huge bowl of salad. Shelly is called to the DR. Jordon wishes when she gets out she can just sleep, lay around and do nothing. Adam is going to see the Foo Fighters on September 25- WBRB

9:23PM BBT J: Farrah seems like a nice person. Adam says she is. Jordon said her first impression of him was so different than he is. He is so nice, but she thought he looked...different. Adam is talking to Jordon about Farrah.

9:27PM BBT Kalia joins them outside. She starts talking about her boyfriend. She believes that if you are going to move in together you should not rush it because you have the rest of your lives together. She talks about how she told Rachel to take her time and not to rush in to marriage.

9:29PM BBT Rachel and Porsche still baking. Rachel is rolling out the dough for her cinnamon rolls. They are talking about Shelly lying and not knowing what to believe. They wonder if she is really could be a CEO of a company.

9:38PM BBT Rachel is putting the finishing touches on her cinnamon rolls. Kalia reminds Rachel about how funny her faced looked after tasking something Brendon made.

9:43PM BBT Porsche goes to the HOH room to take a shower. Jordon comes into the kitchen. She found and ice cream in the fridge that was from Jeff's HOH week. Jordon misses Jeff a lot. She comments that she didn't even get to prepare for Jeff leaving. Rachel told her that it would have been worse for her if she had known. Shelly thinks that Jeff and Brendon want another guy in the JH, not her. Shelly talks about their bromance.

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Jordan saying kalia's dog is probably saying "ahhh vacation" while she's gone in BB....Rachel laughs...

11:31 BBT Kalia wants another dog "i would love the other dog so much more" .....and backtracks and says she was kidding....

Rachel continues on about her dog...

11:32 BBT Dog talk continues...as Kalia fakely talking about her dog endearingly..

porsche talk about rolling over and crushing her little dog when she sleeps with it...

Kalia laughing about her firend "dropping a bowl of mashed potatoes" on their dog and killed it saying "they wre high'....Jordan says her dog jumped out of the window of her car..at 20 -25 mph and the dog jumped out..and said she freaked out and says she was bleeding

11:38 BBT Kalia continues with dog horror stories about friend's dogs...

Rachel ask if they have puppy insurance..."shelter Care" while Porsche uses "Banfield" Rachel says "banfiled is the best".....as Rachel goes on about puppy insurance...

11:41 BBT Jordan heads inside...to sock her feet.. and hops into bed...covers up...

Back outside Kalia and Rachel talk about Rat poison and dogs....

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9:55PM BBT Kalia outside talking to Jordon about her mom coming to visit her in LA after the show. Jordon told K that she is not going to be able to "boom boom" with her boyfriend after she gets out because there will be a bodyguard with her. BB told her she is not to talk about production.

9:58PM BBT Kalia talks about how her mom was so excited about the show that she wanted to buy a VCR to record it. [People still use those?] Adam said his friend has a DVR but the recording part of it doesn't work.

10:11PM BBT Kalia in BY chattering away about how cavalier she was before the show. She said she had enough friends and did not plan to make anymore. But then when she got in here

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11:44 BBT

Looks like Jordan is done for the nigh..she's covered head to toe in the bedroom with only a ponytail sticking out...

Adam still in the DR...

I don't know what happened to shelly..

11:45 Porsche Rachel and Kalia talking outsisde on the couch..as Kalia says she "loves" do her, family, sisters dogs.....

Adam got out says he tried Porsche's cookis "they're good" and wonders how long he was in there and sits on the couch and lights up...

11:47 Rachel still going on about her dog.....

Rachel talking about going to " a no kill shelter" and the place wasn't "maintained" and

Kalia talking bout pittbulls that ar efound on the street have to be "put down"......makes her sad...supposedly....

11:50 BBT Adan talking about his future small apartment friendly dog...

Kali smaked her toe on the table and is in pain.... "i just stubbed my toes"

11:51 BBT Out walks Shelly..

Kalia heads indoor shoves some cinnamon bun down her mouth...Kalia heads into the room talks to Jordan why she didn't turn off the lights...and Jordan says "i didn't want to get in trouble"...Kalia says goodnight after retrieving something..and Shelly and Kalia are in the bedroom as Shelly needs the heating pad for something...

Kalia stops in the kitchen for more snacking before heading to the bathroom...and has to head back to the bedroom to retrieve her mic after bb warns her but not without first stopping at the kitchen counter too refuel with more cinnabon and heads to the HOH...to shower..

11:57 BBT Outside Rachel talking Vegas and says she lived in "henderson" adam asking questions ...Shelly acting like she's considerate of her cigarette smoke and stands to the side...even though Adam is smacked in the middle smoking....{a so subtle dig}

12:00 BBT Shell says "do the have a karaoke machine in jury" and laughs...and someone says "i hope" and thing it was Porsche...

Adam talking about Vegas...the exhausting walking involved going place to place...

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12:03 BBT Shelly telling the group all the places she's stayed in Vegas and going to the World Poker tournament...

Adam talking about Atlantic City...Rachel experience there was at a CVS that was "super ghetto"

Jordan called to DR and has to get outta bed..

Adam "i hated Atalantic city"

Adam talking about "Ozium"..Shelly "what's that"..and explain to her its a air freshener that kills odors...Porsche says its good for "fish" and Adam uses it for cigarette smell...

Rachel "i think I'm tired too" and Porsche "mee too".....Rachel says what's the point" of staying up late now as Adam says "showtime's over"

12:07 BBT Rachel says Dani "brought a body bag" of clothes after Shelly says Rachel brought a lot of clothes..

Adam says Brendon took a shirt and his "ocean pacific" shorts...

Porsche says Kalia was supoose to play bags..Porsche says she will go "put mu cookies away' and will go to bed..

Adam "that cinnabon gave me a stomach ache" and Shelly says "yeah" and says she thinks she's gonna take a shower....complaining the water was cold this morning..."I'll be out after I shower" and she heads in and Adam is left outside alone..

12;11 BBT Rachel continues with her and Jordan's buddy pland and assists Porsche in putting the cookies away...as they discuss the state of their end products..

now Rachela and Porsche discuss "blossom" the tv show.."wow" as the talk Joey..

Porsche talks "joey and millisa: as Rachel asks what channel but Porsche doesn't know and rachel guess correctly that its an ABC Family show.. and talk mellisa joan hart and "clarissa explains it all"

12:15 BBT Rachel leaves to the bathroom and all feeds are on Porsche cleaning up..."who's showering" and Rachel answers it was "shelly"

Feeds switch to Rachel brushing her teeth and Shelly showering..

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12:18 BBT

all feeds on the bathroom..not convo just water running

Camera switch to Porsche talking to Adam about his cookies and Adam admits he's "stressing' and Porsche says "guranteed"...and Porsche says she though they were favoring Shelly as Porsche says Kalia tried to get Rachel to mistrust Jordan by saying Jeff threw it

SAdam says the only thing that happen during that POV he has reassured Jeff that "he was safe" by telling Dani to tell Jeff...

12:21 BBT Adam says Dani is doing "backflips' for their success about getting Jeff and Adam says Jeff didn't throw the veto....as Adam says its working out great in Adam's favor...

Porsche says Shelly offered them her vote throw HOH and Porsche says "she's ridiculous"...

Porsche hopes Adam to win HOH because she needs saftety...Porsche stupidly believe Jordan will not nominate Kalia..Porsche warns Shelly wants an all "giel' end game and Porsche says she never mentioned it...before...

12:24 BBT they discuss what power could be from the fortune teller...as Adam says shelly runs in to get a power from the FT machinr

Now these two lamebrains think Shelly is "anerica's Player" and go over all her sneaky dealings...

12:26 BBT Shelly bashing...Porsche says she discussed with Shelly is playng a DR will type game...

Adam back to AP..and says "she doesn't have any fans" and can't understand how she could be...

Porsche says it makes sense that Shelly is AP.......Porsche thinks she's masterminded Shelly's exit to plant the seeds to get rachel and Jordan to vote out Shelly...not realizing they wanter her out since she flipped...

12:29 BBT Adam and Porsche talk continues......

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Porsche going on about Shelly saying she only needed Shelly for "that one vote" and doesn't trust her...as Adam says he trusted her as Porsche says she wants an all newbie final two...

Porsche already practicing why she eliminates Jordan and rachel...

12:32 BBT Adam says he would vote for rachel if she wins at the end...Porsche says "shelly's game is purely social"...

12:33 BBT Shelly comes out to remind Porsche about her cookies and she runs in to check on them..

Shelly heads outside and says the cookies are " great"

Shelly goes back in for something to drink...

12:36 BBT Porsche working on her cookies....as Shelly says its her "midnight snack"...

Shelly plants it outside and Porsche joins em with some cookies she baked..."hell yeah' Adam says when he tastes the cookie...

12:38 BBT Porsche tells Shelly the recipe..

{I'm out I'm back to work so i'm heading to bed..night all}

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9:00 BBT Shel/Adam discussing sports tickets - favorite teams - selling tix - scalping tix

Kal/Por awake for a couple of min in HOH room saying "16 more days" and back to sleep.

9:10 BBT Shel folding house towles. Jor/Rach still asleep

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10:50 BBT Shel now giving her pitch - She is here to further the younger people in the game. If it game down to F3 she would hand it over. She has a job and her family and doesnt need anymore. She was only here for the experiment of being in the house.

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Shelly: alot of people protected Adam. Adam wanted all newbies, he feels the vets didnt have to fight to get on the show.

Shelly: you know you can rock an enduro. Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting here playing the game. You should get on Survivor.

Rachel: this is the end of my reality shows.

Shelly: I want to stay here.

Rachel: what would I gain by keeping you here.

Shelly: I have nothing to lose.

Rachel: if it was me and Jordan, would you listen to me over Jordan?

Shelly: against people in here now? you would prob go. I spent 3 hours trying to keep you here. If I win HOH, you and Jordan are not going up. Kalia & Porsche would.

Rachel: you played both sides, I saw it week 2, I called you out on it. We all believed you, everyone was convinced. You have a great argument to move forward. Have you played the game? yes. Are you a strong competitor? I have studied this game. I have a shot against who is in the house now. I had to rethink my game after Bren left. I've really had to work on social game, work on making alliances and game decision for what would keep me in this game longer. We butted heads cuz I have been calling you out all summer. With Kalia and Porsche so against you, it makes me want to keep you. Why do they want to keep Adam all of a sudden. Jordan and I have think about things. This decision is very big. You can do what you want but the main reason I couldnt keep Dani was I told her NOT to tell you and she came straight to you and told you. There was no way I could keep her after that.

Shelly: I am glad you told me wow.

Rachel: would I have turned on Jeff and Jordan? NO. There was never a plan to turn on them. I watch how people play this game. I have more respect for how you played the game even as a manipulator then I do for someone that hid behind others. I dont know if I can make it to Final 3 with who is left. I've wanted to win this whole time, now I am so close. Three competitors are in the jury that dont deserve to be there. A great big move would be getting Jeff out Final 3 or Final 4, getting Bren Final 9? not a big move.

Shell again tells her its very clear Jeff threw the cornhole game.

Rach tell Shell she didnt do things to be mean, Dani took things the wrong way. We were best friends and then we got out Dom etc, now we have so much animosity. Bottom line is I was pissed off at Jeff for throwing the cornhole. I went to Jeff and he said no, he always said to go to him with questions. After Dani told you I was like forget it.

Rachel: I dont want to be the next one to go because my alliance turned on me. We all THINK about doing things that we dont do. Every single yea a competitor goes home and a floater stays. Can you be trusted? NO. but you have probably played the best game 100%.

Shelly: you made me feel like a million bucks. Rachel Riley told me I did a good job.

Shelly: I give you all the props about this game.

Shelly: Jeff's whole speach hurt like hell, I am not stupid when it comes to the game. I have zero to gain for myself. I will not put you or Jordan up after what has happened. I will put my past, present and future diamond in your hand. I am not leaving with out it. Hide it what ever. I am not leaving with out it. I looked you 4 people in the eyes I said I wanted to work with you. I could have taken the easy route and voted you out. I rocked the boat and may go out at 6th. why would I rock the boat again. I give you my ring, you hold onto it. Thats how serious I am. You and Jordan will not go on the block.

Rachel:First: If you can win something you win it, dont throw it. Second--Votes: you will not vote for us.

Shelly: you have 100% commitment.

Rachel: Jordan and I need to be careful. That Final 4 HOH is going to be the one that stays to Final 3. You understand I am NOT voting out Jordan. If you won the last POV, you would have to vote out me or Jordan. You will have face these decisions.

Shelly: You keep your word, I will keep my word. I want Jordan in Final 3. I feel I am playing for third. I hope someone else out there feels the way you do.

Rachel: the other thing we need for you is I need to win HOH this week. On the Final 4 HOH we need you to win it. I want to win the POV for Final 4 and make the decision on who goes to Final 3. Now is the time to make the decision on who we want take.

Shelly: Will you take me to F3?

Rachel: yes. We need to make sure we, I am sure Kal/Por talked to you too.

Shelly: they havent talked to me past Thurs. Bottom line is you figured out my game week 2. I will not make a fool of you.


phew...breather while Shelly gets more smokes and Rachel gets something to drink.

Rachel: one of Jeffs down falls was he made Final 6 deals with everyone. We have to adapt. Its now Jordan and I vs Kalia and Porsche with you and Adam in the middle. If I had gone this week Kalia would have won the game. Come down to Final 2 with Jordan and I, I dont know who would win. Same with you. Taking Kalia, she would win, Dani would convince jury to vote for Kalia to win. I think Adam is playing for 2nd place.

Shelly: Adam hasnt played the game.

Rachel: Kalia has won things, I respect that. She says she made the biggest move in the game? I dont respect that. Would I want to go head to head with Dani in Final 3? hell yea. Why do I want to win against Adam.

Shelly: you gotta win, you want 500K. some time you have to say if win against a piece of shit then you win.

Rachel: I dont want to keep you but you have played the game. If you stay here you will make it to the Final 3.

Shelly: this is the big move. we have to have trust in each other. you could vote me out next week. If I dont trust you, I might as well go home now. I want to stay and be a part of it. Would be lying of I said I didnt want to be in the Final 2 chair.

Shelly: they took some heros and some zeros and meshed them together to play the game. I am not a zero in real life. It was horrible to see the vets come in. Newbies didnt have a clue what to do. I had to go with people that could get me farther in the game.

Rach: I have accept and respect that you played the game differently.

Adam is awake, puts his sheets in the washer. Rachel continues to Shelly how her and Brendon had to play the game.

Shelly: the best thing for me is manipulating Kalia and Porsche to campaign for me.

Rachel: they are playing for Dani still.

Shelly: that is dumb. Take your fate in your own hands.

Rachel goes over last season. Her biggest mistake was going against Ragan. They didnt know about Brigade. Janelle season she won almost everything, made it to Final 3 and was out. She got to Final 4 and was out. I cant decide which season was worse. At least this season I have people that talk to me.

Adam to Jordan in WCA:

Adam: I want to work with people that are honest, with you 4 (Jeff,Jordan and Brenchel) I know your honest. I know how well Shelly can talk.

Jordan: thats why I stayed in here. I would tell you Adam cuz I would want some body to tell me. I just feel...I dont know why, I am just bothered by what she did. I know if you walk thru that door you're the last person Jeff and Brendon want to see.

Adam: well besides you two. They want to see you but they dont want to see you. I told them we all took different paths but we are now back together and then 5 min later they were back to the other again.


Jordan: dont worry you're good.

Shelly and Rach talk about Dom. He became a target after he won POV. Rachel doesnt regret taking 2 weeks of slop, but in the heat of the moment it was the right thing to do.


Adam, Shelly, Rachel and Jordan talk about last and past seasons. Kalia and Porsche must be in HOH, havnet seen them

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Jordan tells about her fight in her season. Rachel tells about her fight with Ragan. now they laugh about it but it was bad then.

Adam: Time plus tragedy equals comedy.

Rachel: when I came back in I said I was going to F up their game. I was so mad at them. Adam says these four walls do things to you. Shell says she isnt painting anything blue for a long time.

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They compare Survivor to BB. Adam explains Survivor a bit to Jor, how the tribes work. Discussing things missing. The queen and a pawn are still missing. BB took back the elf suit.


Rachel and Jordan go inside.

Rachel:I'm worried about Adam. He is one that will do what will take him farther. I know you cant trust Shelly. Feel like we are Damned if we and Damned if we dont.

Jordan: if we dont win HOH I cant depend on her for a vote.

Rachel: the diff is,I'm worried that Adam will be good next week but then vote me out. If we want to make it to Final 2 we have to think about all of it.

Jordan:I dont trust her vote at all. I have a good feeling about Adam. I asked him again, we shook hands on us being good.

Rachel: I just really want it got be us in Final 2. So many things that can happen in Final 4.

Rachel tells Jordan her talk with Shelly.

Jordan: I dont trust her vote at all. Should have listened to you 3 wks ago. Rachel tells Adam the three of them need to talk later.

Jordan going to lay out. Shelly asks if she minds if she comes lays out with her, she promises not to talk game. Jordan says she doesnt care

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