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8/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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1:08 PM BBT

Adam reading the Pina Colada package he's holding. It's a non-alcoholic version I think.

Jordan working on her tan.

Shelly and Jordan heading outside.

Rachel has the worst cramps. "Why do we have to be girls?" "Well at least you're getting it." says Porsche. "Oh Rachel, he'd probably kill you though."

Adam making a faux sausage sandwich. Shelly's Mom's bracelet with her initials on it broke this morning.

(yep, it's that interesting)

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1:20 PM BBT

Adam asked Rachel what Shelly was saying. "I know she's a good talker." "If we want to make it, we have to stick together." Rach

Rachel says he makes her nervous because she knows he doesn't trust her. He says he knows she'd take him out as soon as she could.

Rachel is nervous on a personal level because Adam voted Brendon out. Rachel said it's about loyalty.

She promises him that if he sticks with them he will know when it's coming (his turn to be out) because that's how she plays.

Adam is saying he is embarrassed for the times he flipped on his alliance. His next goal is to win the next HOH and prove where his head is at.

1:26 PM BBT

Kalia was thinking about it, and Dani said things about her while campaigning behind her back and Shelly campaigned for her. It disturbs Kalia that Shelly campaigned so hard for Dani. Por says, but Dani didn't think it would work until Rachel was into it.

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1:30 PM BBT

Rachel and Adam now going through questions in the "Before and After" competition. Rachel had said, "You and I never really talked game but now we can talk GAME." Adam agreed that they should talk about facts and happenings and stuff to help each other.

In the BY Kalia and Porsche had been talking about prior game happenings as well.

Shelly talking to Jordan about it being her 10 year anniversary coming up. She's going to have her GF make a special cake. "Have her make you a Big Brother cake!" "Yeaaaahh, once I get home they don't have to do all that. I can't wait to get home and see my girls. I have to thank them. I know Tony has to have had help all this time and I have to thank them appropriately. Maybe we can all go to Ruffinos or something."

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1:46 PM BBT

Kalia and Porsche talking about shaving. Kalia has to do her legs in sections. "I give up on other areas. At this point, setting fire to my crotch is the best solution."

Adam shakes his head, "Is this where we're at?"

Kalia: "Yep"

Adam: "Go stand on top of the BBQ then."

Porsche has been polishing her toenails again. Rachel asks why she never removes the old polish. "You still have the line from the old stuff."

"So Porsche, that's a unique name." Rachel quips (they are talking about personalized items) Porsche doesn't rise to the bait.

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1:52 PM BBT

Kalia explaining how her parents named her. [Edit: Porsche got her name because it was her Dad's favourite car on night 1 on introductions. I zoned out on Kalia's explanation] There is a laundry detergent in Hawaii called "Kalia" it was her Facebook profile picture for a long time.

They know go on about using "The Lord's name in vain". Adam told a funny story about his Dad always yelling at the family dog "Jesus Christ! Come here!" and Adam asking why they named (or that they should name) the dog that.

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2:15 PM BBT

Shelly puts Rachel's dog under her pillow. It was hidden in a wrapped package beside the bed the whole time.

2:17 PM BBT

Have we heard any Bon Jovi in the morning yet? Rachel asks "Nope." says Adam (who then proceeds to list minutiae of trivia)

After listing JBJ's height (5'11"), real last name (Bongiovi) and the wisdom of using both country and rock in his music he sings "Shot through the heart..." and we get WBRB

Jordan: Is it Ritchie (Mispronounces last name)

Adam: No it's Sambora

Jordan: He's a good looking older man. Who's the guy they found on You Tube?

Adam: Bon Jovi???

Jordan: No that other band... the Asian looking guy.

Adam: Oh Journey. Yeah, that guy was in a Journey Cover Band. He sounds just like him.

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2:35 PM BBT

Jordan and Rachel talking in the KT.

Jordan: They failed to tell us that the four newbies were going to stick together. Shelly didn't tell us that. Adam did.

Rachel: The reason I'm so nervous is because Adam was all like "Getting rid of the vets is awesome".

Jordan: ....If getting rid of Shelly was best for us I'd do it. You have to know I would.

Rachel: I agree.

Jordan: I think Adam is better for us because he cannot lie. AT least he'd tell us what was up. Shelly's already LIED.

Rachel: The reason I am for keeping Shelly is that Kalia and Porsche are so against her. They know what she's been up to.

2:38 PM BBT

J: All along we've been saying this week matters. We can trust Adam to play. Shelly doesn't have to. Adam said he'd at least try.

R: This is so stressful.

J: Yes it is. (She walks outside)

Once there Kalia asks her is she's going to do her abs soon. Jordan is going to after she eats. Kalia will join her but walk later.

Rachel asks if Jordan is going to work out in the sun. Jordan says yes because it wears her out and she's ready for bed by 12. Rachel is ready for bed at 12 anyways.

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2:43 PM BBT

Jordan eating a salad using her finger in place of a knife to put food on the fork.

Adam tells Por he's going to listen to Rihanna again. "You gonna put a shirt on before you lie in my bed?" She asks

Adam responds "Yes, maybe. I'm going to take my pants off too."

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2:57 PM BBT

Rachel telling Jordan about the many accidents/tickets she has.Jordan giggling "You're really smart but you're clumsy or something." "I hit the back of someone.." Rach says and Jordan bursts out laughing. "So you basically have bangs and dents all over your car." Jordan says "I need a new bumper & a new windshield and it's a new car." Rachel says. She hit the middle of a parking bar because she 'didn't turn her wheel fast enough.

Jordan says "You're insurance must be ridiculous!" Rachel says "It's about $200 a month." "What does Brendon think of all this?" asks Jord "He never lets me drive.Never." Rach says "I wouldn't either." says Jordan. I can just see you after that accident getting out of the car all covered in glitter going "OMG I'm so sorry" laughs Jordan. "Brendon says we're getting me a really big car before I ever have children." Rachel laughs.

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3:03PM BBT: Rachel says I think Brendon and Daniele will be good friends more than Jeff and her

3:07PM BBT: Porsche is getting a drink asking Rachel what she is reading about Rachel says I don't really know ummm I am reading Isaiah Adam in HoH fixen to listen to his music but gets a snack first then takes off his shoes

3:15PM BBT: Jordan moving the loungers around back to the other side of the pool the longer falls in the pool she has to pull it back out Porsche laughing at her she is getting ready to workout with Kalia they want to do abs in the sun

3:28PM BBT: Jordan and Kalia working out Kalia asking what that popping noise is Jordan says that's my back and I don't know why Kalia asking does it hurt Jordan says no I don't know what it is though

3:46PM BBT: Adam laying in HoH bed listening to music and eating sunflower seeds Jordan and Kalia still working out in by Porsche laying in the sun Rachel asleep on couch in by not sure where Shelly is at the moment

3:53PM BBT: Porsche going back and forth from kitchen to storage room looking for turkey Adam comes down from HoH getting a drink Porsche ask him if there is anymore turkey he helps her look and says it's gone she says oh well Shelly outside smoking Rachel still sleeping Jordan and Kalia walking in BY

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4:05PM BBT: Adam is still sore from yesterday's workout. Shelly and Porsche sitting on the BY couch, Porsche eating. Jordan is in kitchen. It's an excitement-filled night as Adam is checking his laundry. Kalia was doing hand weights over and behind her head a minute ago. Quick, who can identify which muscle group she was working on? Jordan takes some food back to the bubblegum room. Ah, there's Rachel sleeping on the BY couch next to Por. That accounts for everyone in just 300 char.

4:15PM BBT: Rachel wakes up, starts thinking about food. Jordan takes her food into the bathroom area. Shelly comes inside. Jordan thinks she's not feeling well but she says she's fine. Looks like Jordan getting into the Have shower. Rachel says she dreamed she couldn't reach Brendon on his cell phone. Porsche wondering how to put a positive spin on that. Rachel says she can't remember what life was like before him, asks Porsche what life as a model is like? Porsche asks they have lots of sex. Rachel just wants him to be happy.

4:20PM BBT: Jordan done with her shower (a quickie), Porsche has been painting her nails, and Rachel reading a book which I assume is a bible. Rachel talks about how she bites her nails every time she gets nervous about a competition. She asks if the Gideons are catholic? Porsche says yeah. Rachel wonders if that is why there are extra books? Porsche says no, they are just the ones who put the bibles out. It's the version of the bible. Jordan brushing out her hair now.

4:25PM BBT: Porsche strips down to her bathing suit bottoms (still has her wrap top on), dips toe in hot-tub but then heads over to get a towel. Jordan now brushing her teeth. Porsche grabs her drin and steps into the HT. She said she is sore. Deeper and deeper she goes until, until, until she's all the way up to her thighs. Red on top, blue on the bottom, she finds her spot and sits down, letting out a moan, it's so hot! Rachel says she can't do hot-tub in the day.

4:30PM BBT: Jordan now putting on her face. Porsche submerged to her neck. Rachel reading the bible. Doesn't look like anything is going to change for a bit. Oh wait, Porsche stood up, she found a dead wasp. She's now sitting on the edge of the HT, feet dangling. Rachel yawns. Porsche asks how was it? Rachel says being married is like a partnership, when I was 23 I didn't think I will get married. Porsche says her too. Rachel says Porsche just doesn't know who to yet. Rachel gets Porsche a water.

4:35PM BBT: Rachel asks why do girls get periods? To have babies, answers Por. Why do they have to make you so sick? They don't have to make you sick, says Por. Rachel joins Porsche sitting around the HT. They make workout plans for later. Jordan now painting around her eyes. Can't hear Rachel/Porsche conversation very well. Kalia now outside eating on the BY couch. Rachel heads in. Kalia asks who is going to clean when Shelly leaves? Porsche asks where'd she go? Kalia says it again. Rachel in bathroom area with Jor now.

4:40PM BBT: Kalia tells Porsche they have to do days and odds/evens tonight. Rachel tells Jordan that she thinks "they" will get rid ofJordan. Jordan says Rachel has been lucky this year, she's been close to eviction 3 times. Jordan talking too softly and now she turns on the hair dryer. They are finger talking, no idea what Jordan said but Rachel nodded and then left the bathroom area to wash dishes in the kitchen. Kalia says the old massage trick is how to get into a girls' pants.

4:50PM BBT: Rachel in the kitchen. Porsche thinks if Rachel makes it to the final two, she'll win. Kalia doesn't know, thinks the JH won't change, they spent the whole game hating her (apparently Kalia forgets that Daniele is the only in the jury so far one who hates her), they're not going to change now. Rachel and Jordan now in the bathroom area, Jordan putting lotion on her legs. Kalia says she won't take any prizes, she wants the veto, especially if it's anonymous.

4:55PM BBT: Kalia says she would be grateful for the $50k. Porsche says $5k too little. Jordan telling Rachel she was so close to Jeff in the soap competition. Jordan didn't realize Rachel was cheering Jeff on after she realized she couldn't catch him. Jordan heads into WC. Rachel puts on some chapstick. Porsche needs a pedicure. Kalia says badly. Bored Bored Bored, sings Kalia. She says she's going to take the Carribean vacation for her birthday in November.

5:00PM BBT: Porsche comes inside, followed by Jor/Rachel from bathroom area. She says they were attacked by bees and flies. Kalia alone outside. Rachel had half a grapefruit but now is preparing to cook. Rachel has a pund of Tuna, they will sear on the stove. Now they are planning vegetables, salad, etc. Kalia still deep in thought outside. She coughs, then slides back into the couch, putting her feet up and her head back. She sighs.

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5:10 PM BBT

Adam making something to snack on. Silence everywhere in the house.

5:25 PM BBT

As Adam prepares the BBQ for their fish dinner, Porsche announces she wants to take the fish out of the HOH tank and play with them.

5:26 PM BBT

Porsche half heartedly following Rachel in laps around the yard. Por announces that "They" made Kalia put on make up.

5:40 PM BBT

Adam and Jordan talking - what everyone else is thinking/has said. It's a rehash of the things they've said all day.

5:51 PM BBT

Porsche, Rachel and Kalia are doing laps in BY.

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6:06pm BBT por, adam, rach and jor all in the by talking about random stuff. rach doing her nails. pretty boring stuff.

rach and por look like they are about to do some weights. adam and jor are putting the awnings up since shelly is sleeping. no sign of kal, but i'm sure she's sleeping...as usual!

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6:00 PM BBT

Jordan telling Adam what Rachel's been concerned about. Does he really have their backs. Yes, yes, he says. The next two weeks are crucial.

6:04 PM

Adam is going to move into "the Spaceship room" because Porsche doesn't like the HOH bed.

Porsche asks Jordan if she's going to work. "No, I'm not going to work out after a shower." Jordan says as Rachel looks askance.

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6:22pm BBT shelly awake now and got herself a snack and drink. she went to the bathroom to do something, and is not outside with jor and adam.

adam asking which have not choices they think were the worst/best. adam thinks the hard boiled eggs and jalepenos was the best. for and rach thought sardines and seaweed were the worst.

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6:50pm BBT Adam, Jordan, and Shelly out on the backyard couches. Rachel is lifting weights. Adam is talking about dreams that he had in the house. He says that in the dream he got a day pass out of the house. Guess which 2 are smoking. Porche comes in and she does not have her mic on. BB call her out.

They can't imagine Adam with his goatee. Porche wants to shave Adam's back. Porshe is off to take a shower in the HOH room. Porshe feeds the fish. They seem quite excited. (Currently the fish are the most exciting things happening in the house)

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7:00pm BBT Jordan is standing in the hottub. Rachel ask if her butt is too big. Rachel is off to take a shower. Adam and Jordan are going Jedi Training in the backyard.

Jordan is saying that she thinks that the next HOH could be one that takes a while. She says that the next HOH will be True/False. They are wondering when BB will do the mixed faces comp. They wonder why they have not see OTEV this season. Adam tells Jordan not to scream if Adam wins HOH. (HAHA - not gonna happen) Adam says that have not done the loud voices throughout the night. (I want that won too) They are also thinking that the HOH could be with eggs (like the XMas tree ornament comp that Hayden won last year)

7:10pm BBT Jordan thinks she would have done better on the last HOH if she had more time to relax from when Jeff was evicted.

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7:21BB Time

Rachel taking shower, shelly putting on her face. In BY Jordan and Adam talking about the future HOH's and Veto, what they might be and their chances of winning J/R/A ( Not to sure if anyone else knows this, but shelly is VP of the company she works.):animated_wave:

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7:30pm BBT Rachel is putting on makeup in the bathroom and talking to Jordan. They are talking about who should win the next HOH. They are all on their own for dinner tonight. Rachel says that she thinks that Adam is playing everyone. Now Rachel and Jordan are talking about the upcoming comps. They are now whispering in the HNR about upcoming wins and loses. Rachel does not want to have to depend on Adam for a vote. Rachel wants Kalia out over Porshe because the last comp is questions and K is good at questions.

Jordan is relaying her conversation with Adam to Rachel. If R or J win HOH they want to keep it classy and not gloat. R is saying that Kalia acts like a dictator when she is HOH. Jordan tells Rachel that she deserves to win more than anyone else in the house. Now they are talking about the morphing faces comp.

7:50pm BBT Rachel is called to the DR.

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