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8/1 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Brenchal up in HOH with Dani. Trying to convince her to put Lawon up. They believe they can get the votes for him to go. Dani doesn't seem like she's interested in their plan. Brendan is trying to sell her on having a clean slate and fresh start. Also letting her know she is his target if she doesn't get on board with the plan.

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9:00 BBT Kal modeling the veil for Rach. Dani standing alone at KT counter. Some talk of having the elf as attendant. Law is the official

Rach asks if anyone has ever had a wedding on BB. Dani tells closest was Boogie proposing to Krista. They never married

HG talking about Youtube viral video of wedding party who danced down the aisle to the surprise of the guests

9:15 BBT The plan is to use black and white jellybeans as the bride & groom for the cake. The flower was made with a toilet seat cover.

9:25 BBT Jor eating a pickle - Shel says she is going to turn into a pickel. Jor will not eat the slop - it upsets her stomach

9:30 BBT or is preping toppings for ice cream. Kal is getting herself a bowl of ice cream (she did offer it to everyone else)

Adam/Law/Bren playing bean bag toss. Girls in KT eating a variety of snacks. Kal puts her dirty bowl in the sink

Por/Rach in KY - Por going to talk to Dani tonight. They have decided they are eating so much from nerves

9:45 BBT Jor talking about AR. When you are eliminated you have to stay in sequester. She said some people just wanted to go home

Rach asks Bren if he has made her ring. THe girls talk turns to rings. Shel says you wear the band closest to your hear

Alcohol has arrived. The wine alliance heads to the kitchen

9:52 Jor tells Shel that she is going up tomorrow. COncerned that Kal will vote her out. Shel says she wont

9:58 BBT Dani/Bren/Rach talking in HOH. They want Dani to put up someone who would be gty to go like Lawon

Bren says if Dani puts someone up to go home - Bren says that they will have a clean slate. They start over

Rach/Bren tell Dani if she puts up Law and Rach still goes home - Bren will honor their deal. Dani saying nothing

B/R telling how HG from last year (the brigade) did start playing until half way thru and ended up winning the game

Bren saying that they miscommunicated with the situation. Dani says she got screwed in the whole situation.

Bren asks Dani to please think about it. They will talk tomorrow before the veto ceremony.

10:15 After B/R leave, Dani says "Good God" to no one in particular, grabs a beer & gets into tub

B/R in HNBR Rachels feels they made good points. Feel Dani would be stupid not to work with them. Says Jeff can't win HOH

10:28 BBT Por & Kal talking about wedding dresses. Kal wants a simple one. R/P whispering on the couch. Sounds like Por is to talk to Dani

Bren trying to keep Rach calm. Bren trying to quote a phrase from a keychain he received when he went with a friend to NA.

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10:42 BBT Jor/Rach/Por talking about everything from feminine issues to the perfect wedding. Rach parents gave her a budget.

Jeff/Bren Jeff telling Bren about Kal taking the beer from him because Dani wanted a beer.

Kal in HOH pouring Dani a beer while she soaks in the HOH bathtub

Dani shaving her arms (not arm pits - arms) discussing B/R convo with Kal. Says Bren has a point about them fighting back & forth

Kal pulls up a chair and sits right in front of Dani

10:48 BBT Kal tells Dani they won't stick to their promise. Dani says that they would. Dani feels Bren is the strongest player in the house

Dani says she feels awkward shaving in front of Kal and feeds. Kal says she was there for Jor too

10:54 Kal can't believe that Bren isn't using it on Rach. Still talking about convo. Kal just kicking back while Dani hacks at her legs with the shaver.

al uses the HOH WC and then just runs her hands under the water. Kal says that she feels a little bad about Rach

11:00 BBT Dani says that Rach is being nice because she thinks she has a chance to stay - but she will be going home

Dani feels she is trying to right a wrong and it should get her somewhere (referring to J/J playing for HOH)

11:02BBT Por/Rach talking about whether Rach will be replaced on the block and by who.

Por/Rach at hot tub. Por talking about if she goes home. Now picking some sort of skin off of her feet (ewwww)

11:08BBT Dani tells Kal that not only Bren strong - he is smart as hell. Kal says he didn't win because he lost the veto. Dani lost her train of thought - says the house is making her dumb.

11:13 BBT Por in HOH - eating. Offers food to Kal. Kal says that she has been eating so much. Says Dani is forcing her to eat.

Jor & Rach in HNBR Jor telling Rach she has no idea who is going up.

Jor telling Rach if Bren stayed he could win prizes. Rach trying to figure out votes

Rach says that they were never going to put her up. Jor asks if they figured her out because f the Veto - Rach agrees

11:22 BBT Jor explaining why she picked Shel?kal for lux comp. Felt R/B had won everything and HG wouldn't seem it was fair

Rach says that she wasn't mad at Jor for not picking her. She didn't think twice until someone asked her about it.

Kal & Dani talking about sex (shocker I know) and Dani says Kei was telling a story about anal beads. Seems Kei showed his privates in the BY. Kal going to go down and get the pita chips.

11:30 BBTDani/Por/Kal chatting about dating. Kal eating pita chips by the fistful and talking the whole time.

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11:30BBT Dani/Por/Kal chatting about dating. Kal eating pita chips by the fistful and talking the whole time.

HOH girls now talking about women's period panties and getting rid of them. Kal continues to talk a mile a minute while munching pita chips

HOH cam doing close up on Kal's face & mouth as she shoves whole chip sin her mouth. HG in BY playing bean bag toss

11:35BBT Por had one nipple pierce in high school. She didn't get the 2nd one as it hurt to much (says she was the bathroom)

11:45BBT Jor/Rach talking about HOH comp. Jor says that it was a struggle and she was sweating. Says Dani wasn't breaking a sweat

Rach/Jor talking about Bren/Jeff in the game. rach explaining convo with Dani again.

12:00 BBT Kal & Por discuss whether BB will do an interview with Dick about Dani's game play. They decide BB won't have him come back to host a comp.

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Late night recap....

12:05am Jord says they are fighting harder this year than in their season due to trying to get all 4(J/J/B/R) farther in game

12:05am Jord says they took out 3 leaders of newbies(if only she had said 3 of the Regulators!)

12:08am Kal wonders if J/J are able to sleep next to each other in house and not 'make things happen', says their convos are funny

12:14am Jord/Rach discuss the differences playing BB a second time. Both feel if this was allstars they would both be gone already

12:18am meanwhile... feeds swithc to Jeff/Adam/Law are still awake on patio discussing the POV comp

12:25am after 7 mins of WBRB, guys are playing corn hole game, Pors/Dani alone in HOH talking who will be replacement Nom

12:26am Dani honestly says Pors may be option because she is close to Rach. Pors certain she would go home if on block vs Rach

12:28am Pors/Dani question who Shel is loyal to in game. Both feel Bren will use POV on himself. Pors:Bren could have shown he's loyal to me by giving POV to me, so I could use on him AND protect me.

Dani:if Bren stays, he is gunning for me, so I want ppl I'm helping to really be fighting. Pors:I don't have two votes like J/J

12:36am all feeds Pors/Dani in HOH, clearing air over comments Dani made about Pors last week when trying to keep Dom in house

12:39am Pors:it's silly now but Janelle coached me not to say I waitress/bartend in Miami b/c HGs will think I make too much money. Never been to summer camp, so 4 weeks has been fun, but now I want to play. Bummed not in position of power where HGs come to me.

12:41am J/J going to bed... but first... Jord:my skin is so dry, what's wrong? I look like a scaley..um.. are snakes scaley? fish?


Jord:Your arms look like they've gotten bigger


Jord:I was looking at you today too, and your arms have gotten bigger.

Jeff:in here?

Jord:yea, you look 'buffer', you trying to get 'buffer'?

Jeff:yea, I'm on the 'buff' plan. Is 'buffer' a word for 'fat'?

Jord:no... buffer, like muscular

Jeff:I know, I was joking

(during this, Jeff is moving his toes. I saw him doing this during the Sunday night show. He is able to move his big toe independantly from his other toes, and place his big toe under the toe next to it (pointer toe? first toe?) Seeing this on the show Sunday caused me to pause the tv, and realize I can't do it, but the rest of my family can. A quick search didn't come up with a genetic term for this ability, so...)

12:44am Dani/Pors strategizing to work together. Rach in HNBR tells Bren she told Pors to spend time with Dani to appear a friend

12:45am Dani to Pors:I'm a lone ranger, only have Kal but don't expect her to stay loyal. Pors:same with me, only have Rach

Pors:I want to stay to get full stipend. Don't want to leave after 3 weeks. Don't know who to suggest you put up against Rach.

12:50am Pors/Dani love Adam. Dani:I told him, cried, only campaigned against Adam b/c of Dom. Pors:you'll be mad some Dom said...

Pors:he made 'little Dom' figure with crutches, mocking getting bus backed over by you. (how did I miss seeing that! lol)

12:56am Pors again says Bren was selfish to win veto instead of giving to her. Dani:their plan had been to get you out this week

12:58am Dani:I have plan for pov nom. I like hanging with you/Kal. Being around Rach is akward now. B/R want me to talk Monday

Dani:I need to guarantee Rach goes home.

Pors:don't know who is safe to put vs Rach.

Dani:I think there is one option

Pors:Bren leaving me hanging out here, it cut the string. They get along better with Shel, I wouldn't want to work with Bren.

1:02am Pors tells Dani she would be ok with Jeff being replacement nom/going home, due to winning the $10k

1:06am Dani/Pors talk ends. 1:08 cams find Dani joining Kal/Law on patio, Dani explains knockout HOH strategy to them.

Dani:what if I as HOH choose Bren vs Law to start, b/c I feel you are so strong if questions are about Keith/Cass/Dom. Law/Kal:yes

1:13am Kalia says she planned to go to bed early. She knows people get up early and talk, and she is never a part of their conversations. Kal/Law/Dani question why the jammie jam group got flack for staying up late nights talking, but no one ever calls out the people that get up early and talk before others get up? Lawon suggests they are called the 'coffee breakers'. (Seeing them on the patio is just odd, Lawon sitting with an orange cap sideways on his head, knee high rainbow striped socks, and orange crocs, Kal has put on a food comp ant helmet, with the red clothe ant portion on her head first, with the green army helmet over the clothe portion, ant eyes peeking under the helmet, and antenneas sticking up thru it.)

1:19am Law doesn't want to go to bed due to Rach taking up extra space in the HNBR

1:25am Brenchel/Jeff/Jord/Pors still awake inside in bedroom with lights off, having a 'serious' discussion on what animal they'd want to be. Rach:don't be a dog Bren, they die in 7 yrs.

Jord:how about a rabbit? They have a fun life. They hop, and they play.

Jeff:don't joke, you aren't being funny.

Rachel suggests flying fish, Bren starts to give facts about them, and we get WBRB.

Then discussion of penguins, pros/cons, only have one mate, male sits on eggs for 8 months, danger of swimming thru shark infested water, debate over surfing/dancing penguins/Happy Feet. Rach says it's a good movie, moral is that it's ok to be different.

Jeff back to picking on Jordan about rabbits:pick a cool animal, not a rabbit, something with teeth.

Jeff doubts a Liger is real when Rach mentions it:a lion and tiger mixed? really? come on?

Jord:what's it look like?

Jeff:take a guess!?

1:38am Brendon holding mock Phd class about environment/polution/solar energy with students Jeff/Jord/Rach/Pors. Kal holding real rambling class on patio with student Law on patio. Kal has already won Thursday's HOH in her head.

1:42am Dani returns to patio, talk turns to Rach in her bikini and trashbag dress.

1:42:45am Dani realizes they never had the moment of silence they promised to have for Dominic.

1:43:01am Dani:Dani:now let's go around and say something mean about PT:as sweet as he was, good God did his breath smell! He would get so mad, but he would want us to tell him.

Lawon:Please don't eat ice cream, because it makes you fart, and it stinks!

Kalia:He would cut his hair, and it would end up on the tissues...

Lawon:he had the biggest applause on his way out from the audience

Dani:I think it was a collective thing for the pajama jams

Lawon:the 'pajama jammers'. Please don't anyone start a line of pajamas until we all get out.

Dani:oh and I miss teasing him about getting the two of you to kiss!

Back to game talk, Dani explains she understands Porsche saying she didn't want to sit around with Golden Key, and then get voted out the first week after that twist ends. They all agree Porsche will vote to evict Rachel regardless of who is on the block against her.


Back in the house, Jeff starts playing Guess The Animal with Jordan/Porsche..

Jord:Is it a mammal or a reptile?


Pors:Does it have 4 legs?


Jord:Does it have fur?

Jeff:mmm no

Jord:It's a hippopatomus.

Jeff:It is! I swear! How did you know?

Jord:Cause I know you.


Jeff:Holy cow that was so wierd... did I do that before?

Jord:No, I just knew it was you, because..

Jeff:oh yes I did, because I said this pink thing, I totally forgot about that.

Jord:but you said 4 legs, no fur, mammal...

Jeff:I think we had this conversation, because there is no way you would have gotten that.

Jord:yes I would, you said it had no fur, it's a mammal...

Jeff:you blew my mind... by the way, what color are hippos?


Jord:Jeff thinks they are purple

Pors:grey or brown

Jeff:we need to get Brendon in here

Jord:he thinks they are pink, I told him only in cartoons they are that color

seriously, Jeff gets up, goes to the HNBR, and asks Brendon:What color are hippos?


Jeff:they don't have a purple-ish hue? or pink-ish?

Adam:well kinda

Bren:no, well like in cartoons

Jeff returns to tell Jord/Porsh what he learned, but says:I still think they do...

after a few minutes of WBRB...

1:59am back for another round of Guess The Animal, joined in progress, Jord/Pors/Adam guessing....

Jeff:Could it live in a house? I'm going to say yes, with an asterisk

Pors:That's not fair

Jeff:well because, ok, I'm not going to give you clues then... yes... but don't let it throw you off... I gave you too much there

Jord:does it make wierd noises?


Adam:do people keep them as pets?


Jord:does it have fur?

Jeff:it's not your turn

Pors:does it have fur?


Jord:would, knowing today's times, would someone dress it up?

Jeff:no, you're way off

Adam:does it walk on 2 legs?


Pors:does it have any legs?


Pors:if it's a pet rock

Adam:that wouldn't be a mammal

Jord:is it rough feeling or soft?

Jeff:what's your question?

Jord:is it rough texture?


Adam:does it live in the wilderness... not necessarily the jungle?

Jeff:get more specific... no, no it doesn't

Pors:is it a goldfish?


Adam:that wouldn't be a mammal

Jeff:no? then I was lying then lol what do you mean a fish is not a mammal? I whale is a mammal. What's a shark?

Adam: a shark is not...

Jord: anything...

Adam: a shark has gils, they don't breathe thru lungs

Jeff: whales have lungs?

Adam: whales breathe thru the blow hole

Jeff: that's what I was confused about, what constitutes a mammal

Pors: a shark's a reptile... no wait, what is it? Go ask Brendon

Jeff: it was a shark

Jord: you said some people have them as pets?

Jeff: hold on... (goes to talk to Brendon, but feeds don't follow to catch the conversation until the end. Jeff returns to say...)

Jeff: he said it's a cartilangilous fish

Adam: so we have mammal, reptile or fish?

Jeff: he went on to say, mostly mammals lactate... he does know a lot of f$*&% s@*^$^#... so let's keep this for the dummies, me included... mammal, reptile or fish, I think we've got them all covered

Adam: is it a chinchilla

Jeff: and we are only doing present day

Adam: so it can't be a teradactyl?

Jeff: I guess you could, we'll go everywhere, we're doing everything in time.. is a dinosaur a reptile?

Adam: some of them were

Jeff: no, let's stick to our era

Adam: so animals of the 21st century

2:12am The patio group of Law/Kal/Dani break up to head for bed.

(one of the last comments I heard from Kalia on the patio was "this isn't fun anymore". I hate to see what her attitude is like when someone she isn't alligned with becomes HOH and Kalia gets on the block"

The bedroom group of Jeff/Jord/Pors/Adam continue playing Animals of the 21st Century. The next animal guessed is 'eagle', which again causes Jeff to question if they are mammals. Kalia enters, breaking up the game and everyone plays fruit basket upset with their locations.

After a WBRB break, Adam has headed out to the patio to smoke, and Jeff/Jord/Kalia/Pors resume the animal game.

2:35am Animal game continues, Adam is folding laundry...

3:02am animal game comes to an end with Kalia stumping them for a long time with 'jellyfish'

3:06am everyone goes to zzzzzz....

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8:55AM BBT: Shelly is up and heads to the SR. She gets new batteries and a 2-liter of Diet Coke. She’s off to the bathroom now. She comes out, washes her hands and… WBRB.

9:10AM BBT: Feeds are back and there is life in the house. Shelly is in the back yard smoking, while Brenchel, Jordan, Kalia, and Lawon are doing ADL’s in the bathroom. And again, WBRB.

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a few mins. later BB Time

Of course Shelly is on Deck smoking.

A few of the others are milling around bathroom,

washing faces, brushing teeth... etc.

(you know the drill)

(hope today isn't too boring y'all)

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9:15AM BBT: Shelly and Brenchel are on the couches in the back yard. They started singing and BB allowed it; however, I have no idea what they were singing. Brendon’s scabby knees itch. Rachel is eating a banana. There’s an elf sighting in the bathroom. The elf (Adam) joins the backyard crew and has his first smoke of the day.

9:20AM BBT: Shelly tells Adam, “You’re a trooper. You only have four days left.” Adam: “Yeah, I’m starting to get a little annoyed.” They’re now discussing Ollie and Marcellus. Brendon says Ollie was very nice and Marcellus was very sweet.

9:30AM BBT: Adam says Shelly was snoring. She seems surprised, saying she usually only “sleep-talks.” This leads to stories from their childhoods and bunk beds. BB: “Daniele, please change your batteries.” Lawon is in the living room. He appears to be flipping through the Bible. Adam walks through and Lawon asks, “Going back to bed?” It sounded like Adam said yes.

9:40AM BBT: Shelly has never broken any bones. Rachel has broken her arm before and even had to ride in an ambulance [say it isn’t so!]. Shelly was an aggressive soccer player (played goalie). When she got hurt, her mom said she had to wear protection, so she bought her a zip-up life jacket and made her wear it under her jersey.

9:45AM BBT: Brendon and Rachel are alone in the backyard. He’s saying out of the two of them, she really has nothing to go back to, so he should go. He’s giving her advice about how to stay in the game. “You can’t keep thinking that everyone is against you.” He’s going to make sure, if it looks like he’s leaving, he’s going to talk to Jeff to make sure he will work with Rachel.

9:50AM BBT: Brendon continues giving advice to Rachel. Jordan and Shelly are in the kitchen. Shelly’s on ant patrol again and Jordan is washing dishes, making a drink, and refilling ice trays. Shelly returns to the back yard. “I had to exterminate again. They’re in the living room now.” Jordan has joined them in the back yard. She starts asking questions about when the PoV meeting will be and, WBRB. Brendon: “She’s gonna do what she wants to do. She’s hard-headed.” Shelly: “I made fresh coffee just now.” Rachel: “Yay…”

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9:52 BBT

Brendon giving a very long game play talk to Rachel in the

BY, over and over he is telling her how bad she plays the game, that she doesnt remember anything, he also says when I leave you have to stop playing emotional, he also says Dani is all alone (wrong) and will probably go back and work with Rachel again

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Shelly interups saying she has to de ant, then Jordan comes out and they say she has her makeup on and all and Jordan says she is pretty sure she is goin up on the block so she wants to look good, then they start talking about production and we get short music

Now Dani bashing from Brendon, and he says hey if she wants to fight the house on her own, then they say plz plz put up Kalia, and Jordan says it will be one of the cpls, she will try to split the cpl up, but they say they dont know about that, and Rachel says that Dani knows that if she put Jordan up against her Rachel Jordan will be safe, then there was something said about how everyone will be super pissed off at her, now taling about what he Brendon said last night to Rachel

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Shelly wants to know what did Dani say, and Brendon said she was thinking about all of her options, he says Dani says she is not playing emotional and that is not the reason she put them up and anyway it doesn't matter what she says he knows the truth and what Dani is about

Talking about how Dani said last night that everyone is boring in there now without Dom, the house peaked early, now Shelly saying that Dani and Dpms entertainment was just between them and she is bored with the stuff they were doing last night, thought it was stupid

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Brendon gets called to the DR, we get music, They also said that Dominic never came outside much, just for ramdon pool games, never went swimming, etc, now talking about the next HOH, Jordon says you think it will be a knockout and Shelly espounding on that,( but how would dhe know, she has never been in the BB house before,lol fatcat)

Now saying they are prolly gonna have to move the wedding stuff, then they are saying "Ya know?" we actually lived in calif?" for free, then Rachel says how would you put this down on a resume because it would be like a gap in employement, Shelly just says put sown the truth, plus this experience does give you lots of stuff to talk about in an interview, like what did you learn and how would or could you apply that in the job you are applying for

Jordan says there are ants in the living room, now Jordon wants to know when you get older like at 30 35 is it oeasier or not to make new friends, Shelly says no it wold be easier because as you get older there is not that clique mentality. Mindless convo right now

very boring right now, talking aobut high school, Rachel says she was the high school ner and made cookies, and was overly friendly, inviting the girls to her house for sleepovers, and she baked them cookies and made little notes saying "I hope we can be friends"

well we are still talking about high school, rachel went to private school for a cpl yrs until she wanted to go to reg school, and so then she went to public, She had lost some friends thru them leaving and did not want to be left in her private school with no friends so she started public school in 10th grade, she was seriously a nerd

Jordan says her school was really cliquely, Jordan used to sneek ppl into her house, cause her parents bedroom was situated where she could either hear or feel them coming, and she snuck in at least 8 ppl and had beers and stuff and had a party and never got caught

it was a total fake out on her parents, then she says one time we snuck out with a bunch of girls but she left a note and her dad woke up for a drink of water and she got caught and got in big trouble

i have this on quad cam and this is all we are getting is this talk about high school shennagians

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Jordan says she was pretty good in High school it was after high school that she gave her mom the bad times. talkin about trying to get in the clubs at 16 and trying to order cool drinks like "sex on the beach", Jordan says she would kill her daughter if she caught her tring to ge tin the bars before she was the right age. Then Lawon wants to know what woul dyou tell your daught if she comes to you and says "I want to drink", Rachel says she would have the talk about why is it you want to, etc, and Jordan says no way would she ever like drink with her kids like some parents do, Lawon says nowadays ppls parents try to be friends instead of parents which does not work

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Jordan says in high school she would definately have a problem with the drinkin and stuff but in college you know they are gonna try stuff but that is different. Jeff has arrived, and says I hate to just jump into conversations, Jordan wants her child to be able to come to her , but if she came home drunk she wold kill her, the Jeff says :big Jeff broke his cup" then they all laugh, and they are now asking will it be differnt if it was a boy, and they all say yes, (I dissagree)

Lawon says boys are different, but he is saying girls are harder than boys,Jeff says no way are you kidding, I would lock her in a cage

Jeff says you jsut gotta do the best you can and hope for the best, then he thinks for a minute and says"oh my god"

Jeff says he prolly looked like a bag of shit in his DR, he is doing something with his broken cup and said to the cup"you were a good little cup"

Adam says he didn't sleep good, he is eating ceral or something and slurpin and smackin,

A lot of ppl in the bathroom getting gussied up, water running but noone talking

Brendon checking his sideburns to see if they are even, all pretty boring stuff, water off now, so maybe if they talk I can hear, then Bren asks Rach "Are you going #2?" she says yes,a nd that was that

Shelly is hollerin wakey wakey, cause I have not seen Kalia or Dani, so maybe that is who they are hollerin at

ok now I see Kalia, and someone says do I have time for a 5 min shower, that was Rachel

Jeff brushing and Kalia putting in a pony,

I am out for a bit kids, someone feel free to pick it up

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