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  1. I'm counting on Ian's naive persona to blow up in their face :)the fingers crossed.
  2. Loved seeing Jeff tonight!!! No matter what's going on I cannot wait for Booger to be gone. Freaking dirtbag! Hate himm!
  3. I have been rooting for Ian! Would love to see him win it and loved Jeff S was too yay!
  4. That girl is on something way stronger than flexeril. She was out of it last night talking to Danielle.
  5. I was wondering if they might merge the coaches and their teams??
  6. No matter what I dislike about AG's methods, I will always watch BB. I have watched since season 2,while on bed rest with my 1st son. It is tradition for me. Some seasons are better than others, but I will always be a fan
  7. I missed tonights episode and I'm dvr-ing BBAD. Watching a movie instead right now. It is CRAY up in that house! Willie is a dumba**, Brit freaked out too early...I have no idea who I'm rooting for because everyone is all over the place. I know I love Janelle...but how do I root for her? ?? Ian's awkward self I have a soft spot for...too much!! Big cluster F right now. Hopefully I can get a grasp on things after tomorrows HOH

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