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8/11 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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9PM BBT:ragan mat in hoh

R:I'm definitely going if that's the case and i'm up.

M: safe is so f'ed up in bb world.

brit enters hoh

R: rehashes the discussion with matt. brit and rag would be target because the mentality of ppl is they are safe unless B wins. even then we are targets. so ppl won't care. so it's really two against one. Us against bren because we need to win. others don't have incentive to fight for hoh because they know we aren't bren's target.

brit: have we heard ppl say this?

matt: I'm not saying they'll throw it...but it's human nature... they really got nothing to lose because they aren't bren's target. (**interesting, he's sort of betraying the brigade here... encouraging them to fight when brigade is actually considering giving it to bren because they can get him out next week).

matt: no pressure brit. i'll be cheering you on "good job babe".

R and B think they can win if they try.

M: the one good thing is that bren will be frazzled. that is our advantage.

Lane enters HOH...

brit: funny. they (brenchel) go out to play pool and everyone else comes in. Lane: yeah, i went to find enzo/hay and I got trapped...

discussion of pool.

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9: 05 BBT Enzo and Hayden going thru scenarios and Enzo talking abou being very up front if Brit Kathi or Ragan win HOH. He will basically be in their face to put up Brendan and Kathi/Ragan. (will be inteesting to see if he gets in the game. Has floated til now).

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8:08 bbt

Matt Ragan brit lane in hoh

Lane: what you talking about?

MRB deflect deftly by saying "well we're a secret alliance and we can't tell you because you won't tell us what brenchel said"

Lane spills beans about what they said. says bren was campaigning to get voted out etc. goes on about the whole ruse to throw bren off.

Lane talking about how bren was like "he's in love so to hell wiht competing"

matt: oh lord. there are ppl who will kill to have this opportunity

brit: that's just disgusting.

switch to rachel and kathy as rach throws brit under bus "she says that you say you are fine with being tossed out because you just wanted to make it to jh.

(...my internet is not playing nice... i'm out...someone take over???)

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9:30PM BBT: Rachel comes into the cabana room & asks if anyone thinks Matt will mind if she uses his HoH bathroom. Ragan, (probably keeping in mind Matt's suspicion about Rachel going thorugh his stuff), says "I don't know, you'd have to ask him". Rachel says he's in the DR. Ragan says "I don't know, I can't speak for Matt". Rachel sits down in the cabana instead of doing it anyway.

Kathy has taken over Kristen's Ragan-tickle duties.

9:34Pm BBT: Matt comes into the cabana room and says "Someone said you wanted to use my bathroom, you know you can use it anytime, you don't have to ask". Rachel started to say something and the feed cut away to the backyard. In a minute Matt comes out and relays his conversation with Rachel to Ragan, but Britney and Hayden are louder and I can't hear what Matt's saying. Ragan seems surprised and said "She's so fucking stupid".

9:35PM BBT: Hayden and Britney are playing pool. Hayden is doing really well. Matt is relaying the conversation to Hayden and Brit now, he says when he told Rachel she could use the bathroom anytime, she said "I don't have to go anymore" (LOL). Matt says Enzo and Kathy were in there too, maybe they know more about why she was so weird, and Britney says "Enzo knows everything now. They're like, best friends now".

Hayden and britney want to play dodgeball later, Lane says he doesn't want to.

9:40PM BBT: Britney almost comes back to beat Hayden, but he pulls it out. They give eachother high five for a good game, and Lane's like "What is this?!" Hayden and Brit joke "It's called sportsmanship. You've been in the Biug Brother house too long, you don't know what it is".

9:43PM BBT: Enzo and Kathy are venting frustrations about Brendon and Rachel (mostly Brendon and how he won't leave Enzo alone) in the cabana room. They reiterate that it's better to get Rachel out since she's better at competitions. Brendon comes back in with them and they stop their whispering. Brendon says "So Kathy, I know we had this conversation earlier, but I really want Rachel to stay. I know this is probably unprecedented, buit I want you to vote me out". They all laugh. He says "I'm crazy, I know, but I'm completely in love with her". Enzo says "If I were you, I'd press the 'exit' button, and get the fuck out of here. Kathy erupts into one of her horrible laughing fits.

Brendon says "If it truly 'nothing personal', then there shouldn't be any difference between keeping me or keeping her." (uhh.. Brendon, you suck as competitions. She doesn't. There's your difference.) He says "I would just hope that there's not people here that would try to vote her out just to spite me even more. That would just be a whole level of maliciousbness that this ouse hasn't seen. If that happened, I guarantee you I'm gonna make their life a living hell". He says "I just would really appreciate it, Kathy". Kathy is just kind of "Uhh..." then Kathy says that Rachel says she wants something different, so...

9:50PM BBT: Lane beats Rachel in pool really quickly. They're figuring out who is going to play who now in the tournament. Matt is watching the pool tournament, and says Britney and Ragan have said they've given up hope for anyone else fighting for HoH besides those two, because they figure that everyone knows that it's Matt, Brit and Ragan as targets, so no one else is going to try for HoH. They say they're okay with it.

10:01PM BBT: Ragan is on the hammock with Britney, Rachel is sitting with them and Ragan is trying to explain to Rachel why he didn't want to talk to her. He says he's a really emotional guy, but maybe because f his profession he's very goal oriented like "Hiow can we fix this?", and he says that Rachel is very emotional as well, and when she comes to him in her emotional state, he tends to shut down. He says "Like when you approached me in the kitchen the other night, and you wanted to talk and you'd been drinking, and I would never have a conversation with somebody-" She cuts him off and says "I hadn't been drinking" (the wine glass in her hand told a different story!). He says "Well, okay, you went to the diary room, you came out, you did a maniacal laugh to me, you went outside & said you didn't even have to say anything to everybody else in there". Rachel says "What are you talking about?" Ragan says "The night when you came up to me in the kitchen and said-" Rachel interrupts again with "I didn't laugh-I didn't have a maniacal laugh toward you at all, I was laighing about something that was said in the diary room that had nothing to do with you at all". Ragan says "Lane watched you walk from the living room, staring at me the entire time, laughing as you were staring; you stopped, pushed in the chair, continued to laugh, went outside and said to a group of people out here "I didn't even have to say anything to him" and started laughing again". Rachel says again "What are you talking about? That didn't have anything to do with you, I didn't come out here and say that at all.What group of people told you that?" "Why would I walk by you and laugh? That would be ridiculous" Ragan says "Rachel... I saw you walk by and laugh". Rachel says "Enzo was sitting in the chairs too, it had nothing to do with you, Ragan, at all, and that's an 100% honest opinion" (?) Ragan says "Then why did you stop, turn around, look me in the face and laugh more?" Rachel keeps denying that she was laughing at him. Britney is staying silent. Rachel says she apoloizes if he thinks if had anything to do with him or offended him, but she doesn't know what else to tell him. "Okay Rachel, I'm done. I'm done". Ragan: "I can only operate on the level of reality" (lol). "I'm willing to talk things through, but I know what I saw"

Britney jumps in and says "I'm not trying to get involved, and if you want me to leave I certainly will. But I was out here when you came out here and said you didn't even need to say anything to him.. Everybody was out here, Rachel". Rachel backtracks from saying she didn't say it to "Britney, that had nothing to even do with Ragan". Then she goes back to "And I don't even remember saying that... and it had nothing to do with Ragan". Britney says "Well I don't know what it had to do with, but I'm just saying I heard you say that- and if you guys want me to leave I will"

Ragan restates his case, and says maybe he's wrong in his interpretation of that, but that there aren't many othe logical interpretations of what happened. Rachel's trying to drag Britney into it. Britney says "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to impose, but a lot of people heard you say that. I will leave if you want me to, i'm just trying to be honest and open in the situation. And I think that honest is the only way to be in this".

Rachel says "What would be the point of me walking by you and laughing?" and Ragan replies "Rachel, we clearly operate on two different levels... I can't get into your brain, I don't know why you do the things you do. A lot of the behavior I've witnessed over the last couple of weeks makes no sense to me- I can't make sense of it" (Oh here we go).

Rachel: "Like what behavior?" Ragan: "All of the theatrics, all of the arguments, none of it makes any sense to me. I know that here's been one common denominator in every argument that's been had in this house: Annie, Monet, Matt, Kristen, Hayden, Me, Kathy.. there's one common denominator to every single argument: You"

Rachel: "The argument with Monet- first of all, i don't even know about this argument with Annie bc I was sitting in the cabana room with you and Kristen- the argument with Monet, I spoke to her like an adult& it wasn't even an argument. The Matt thing, I brought to you, I brought you upstairs and I said 'This is what he's doing, what do you think I should do, I respect your opinion' and *you* said let's have everyone in the house, let's call a house meeting- that was *your* idea". Ragan: And then you started making accusations rather than asking questions. The house meeting was the right thing to do, but the way it was handled was my problem." Rachel goes into her sulky position she gets in when Brendon is scolding her. Ragan says "Nobody else has said a cross word to one another". Rachel: "Except me". Ragan: "Yeah".

Rachel takes a minute to try to think up other confrontations that didn't involve her, and then says "Are you forgetting the cross words between Kristen and Andrew? Or any other cross words that have been said in this house about other people? Or the fact that Matt did volunteer to be a pawn and then went down and told Monet & Britney that he was coming after me and Brendon, did you forget about that?" Ragan: "Rachel, he was playing the game. He wasn't attacking you". Britney sighs and then says "I don't think it's of any relevance to discuss past arguments or whatever, let's just move on from it". Ragan says "I just don't get your behavior. And I've seen a lot in my 34 years, a lot. And I've seen alot of shit go down on this show, but I've just never- I don't know how to respond to behavior like that. And I just shut down & don't engage in it. you've had a hard ride in this house, I don't mean to minimize any of that. But just some of this stuff..." Britney says "I don't think it's helpful to discuss specific events that have already happened" (Why is Britney playing mediator?)

(hi girly :-) I guess I'll bow out for the night since you're here!)

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10:07 BBT: Ragan and Rach finally having their 'talk' with Brit in the hammock also. Rach starts to get emotional and Ragan does exactly what he said which was shut her down and say that he will not talk to her when she is in that state. Ragan telling her what she did the other night when she laughed at him and then came outside and said 'I didn't even have to say anything to him'.. Rach said she didn't do this. Brit says she did. (she should leave before Bren comes in and says its 2 against 1).

Ragan tells her that her behavior for the past few weeks he doesn't understand. Ragan being very straight with her and calm and telling her his problem with her. That she is the common denominator in all arguments.

Rachel reminds him of other fights that didn't involve her. (I might have too many comments on this discussion). Rachel saying she hasn't attacked anyone.

Brit says no need to discuss past arguments.(not your conversation Brit, stay out of it.) Ragan reiterates that he doesn't understand her behavior. He's seen alot in his 34 years and a lot go down in the show but he doesn't know how to respond to her behavior. He shuts down and doesn't engage it. Rach not saying much.

Ragan says he does empathize with her .Having a hard ride in the house. Not minimize that. But some of the behavior is beyond to him.. 'like what?' she says. Brit again says not to discuss past arguments (SHUT UP BRIT!).

Ragan saying first thing he does when he has a conversation and he owns things off the bat. Vibe, behavior.. no excuses. Doesn't try to validate multiple interpretations.

Ragan says when people don't take ownership or are not aware of their own actions or how those are interpreted, it's not his job to make her see what is going on in this house.

What he would like to do is be fierce competitors, have fun, laugh, drink and it never get mean or calling people 'pussy' or telling people they're going to lose competitions. Rach:'who did that?" Ragan: Floaters grab a life vest. Win with grace. Lose with grace.

Rach: Kristin and I's issues had nothing to do with you and i's (ugh with the I's) She says Kristin was yelling at her too. What about Andrew and Kristin?

Ragan: she was reacting to someone attacking her.

Rach: So I'm the one who is not playing this game in a good way.

Ragan: I'm saying that you're not a good sport. When you win you do what you do in knockout comp. When you lose, you pout. You cry. (Ding Ding!)

Rach has croc tears... I'm not the only person in this house that.. I have nothing to say and you're right you don't want to talk to me. I apologize for ruining your game and that I'm the bad person and that I made it so you can't enjoy being here with people. Leaves.

Brit: she doesn't live on this planet. I didn't do anything to anyone. Everyone feel sorry for me for being in this position. Her denial is proposterous..

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10:20 BBT

"fuck you" Brendon shouts a Ragan and asks how he went from best friends to enemies as ragan laughs calling him "gruesome twosome" as Britney laughs...as Brendon "ill win HOH and watch all the cockroaches scramble" ..a lot of name calling as Britnet argues back...laughing over the pronuciation of "neanderthal" what Ragan called him as he also accused britney of having Nick's balls in "her purse"

Brendon goes in and Britney is crying in kathy's arms...Outside they says its a stunt for Brendon to get voted out..Enzo who wants Rachel to stay "that's it he's out" as Enzo says he told him "hit the exit button and leave"

All the {coackroaches..love that name] are all around the pool table clearly visibly upset..Enzo saying he doesn't care who goes or stays..

10:25 BBr Brit crying on Hammock to Lane "i don't now why he has to get so personal" {oh God she's been getting personal all week} and cries "its so stupid"

Brit says "rachel started" the whole fight as she says Ragan cronfronted about her "laughing" at Ragan's Face...Now Ragan's over and explaining what was said..as Ragan goes over his lecture from earlier.. Ragan explaining like he did more nicely and caring {in reality he was very condecending}

10:28 BBT Brit crying "he attacked me" wah wah wah.."how many chicks has nick banged" and Brit glad Bren hasn't seen her cry as Lane says its Brendons "last hurrah" as she tells Ragan did you hear me call me "3 foot nothing" as Brendon clearly has affected her..as she cries but gets up to go "play pool"

10:32 BBT Brendon talking to us or himself or his family or email.. in LR saying he's done with it...as he bashes HGs one by one..Brit "rich spoiled brat" and says "i'm done" whoever stays" they will fight hard to get Brit and Ragan...."i don't want to look like a asshole on TV" but won't let Rachel be bullied...Brendon talking about Matt and Kristen controversy...and says they "attacked the girl I love" and wasn't going to stand for it..

Ragan pacing saying he's "100%' fine...as Enzo says "that's embarrassing" Brendon talking to us or himself or America in LR

Kathy "why don't they both leave" as ragan says "that would be awesome"

10:37 BBT Brit says his family is humiliated by him..and now Brit is being more ascertive..as they says One of them will voluntary {DOR} exit actually they mistakenly think Brendon will as they are accepting that has the truth..Brendon is waiting for rachel to get out of the DR..

10:39 The Drama {about time} continues...

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10:45 BBT

Brendon asks Kathy to leave the wine for him, so she sets the bottles on the kitchen counter. Britney comes in and takes both bottles. Brendon, with the wine opener in hand, goes outside and takes on bottle. They laugh outside, saying Brendon won that one b/c he has the opener. He pours the bottle into two glasses and puts the opener in his pocket. As he leaves the area, Kathy comes inside to retreive the opener, which Brendon reluctently gives to her.

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10:40 BBT

Outside the post brendon brit and ragan yelling match has the rest outside going overtime outside..ragan says "its a nice feeling" he told Rachel what he thought...

Brendon inside yet none of them have gone inside as they talk...Brit playing pool clearly upset as she tries to concentrate...Ragan nervously laughing keep bring up the "neaderthal" pronuciation...and "the cockroaches"

Brit asks "someone not involved" go check for booze..

Brit now playing the victim "a grown 30 year old man..yelled at me"....as Ragan and brit start their bashing with Matt wondering why he got pulled in..as Ragan's anolgy of Brendon's game playing "he's scratching"

Brndon goes out and grabs wine and no one says anything to him as Brit turns away and heads back in to open up...and fills two glasses with the entire bottle... and hides the corkscrew in his pocket...and Brendon says he isn't giving her the corkscrew because of "that shit" as Kathy says "don't stoop to their level" as Kathy tries to get it...Enzo walks into the kitchen as Brendon says he will defend the "girl I love" as he lays it on about Ragan as Enzo being sympathetic as Brendon bashes Brit for treating "rachel like shit"

10:48 Enzo heads out and says 'you gotta do what you gotta do" and Brendon thanks him and Enzo heads outside

Rachel out of DR and tells her about "the blowout fight" and says "its to late" when se tells him 'you can't do that" as brendon goes over the "neanderthal" fight and the balls out of her purce...rachel finding amusement in his call out and seems happy {Brendon finally grew a pair} he tells her what went down...

Brendon continues with Brits embarrasment to his family and Nick bangin chicks while she's gone.."i don't care" Brendon says as Rachel is giggling about Brendon comeing "to your defense"

10:52 BBT rachel talking about the hammock convo saying "personally attacking me" and says she apologize for ruining Ragan's game..telling Brendon he told her she "was the common denominator" Brendon says "matt" was or is the common donominator of the fights..

10:54 BBT

Brit says "we need to go to the HOH" if Rachel comes out...as Lane says just ignore her..as they talk pool and discuss who plays whom...

10:55 BBT In Taj Brendon and Rachel going over the drama..as long as "you didn't get violent" it doesn't matter...as Brendon asays "i hope they keep me" and will "fight my ass off to win HOH" {This] as Rachel says she did laugh at Ragan's direction...and said Lane was the one "that told ragan" and says he's causing drama..

10:57 BBT Brit saying "poor sportsmanship" about Brendon and Rachel... {pot meet kettle}

10:58 Post drama talks continue...

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11:00 BBT

Outside Enzo saying you can't brink family members into it as Enzo says "i lost $500,000" when Brit asks if he says anything about his wife and Enzo says "i'd probably laugh at him" as Ragan says he would never talk to the guys like that...

"he's a disgusting prick" Britsays about Brendon.."i wouldn't go that far...but " let her go that far...Hayden says..

11:02 BBT They are mixing pool talk with Brendon bashing as Brit says "if she doesn't want her vote" she would have went off...they talk about their ruse of telling him they are voting him out and when they will vote out Rachel..

Ragan going on how "embarrasing' brendon is..as Brit "i can't be around him tonight"

11:04 BBT

In Taj Brendon and Rachel drinking and rehashing the words that were exchanged..as rachel talks about Brit being best friends with different people week to week...and Brendon says Ragan 'got his panties in a ruffle" when he said "alliance " with Matt and they act like the "a word" is like the "n word" the way they react to being accused of being in one..

11:06 BBR Rachel says she will be so "excited" when she sees the DVD in the JH winning HOH... "whoever stays" rachel seems to realize she may be the one going...

11:07 BBT Enzo "give us coke" {not the cola} if you "want to see fights" but then says he doesn't "condone" its use...

Talking Pool as Ragan seems rejuvenated from his Brendon call out...

11:09 BBT "fuck you ragan" Brendon bashes with rachel as he says when he was a HN he was "on suicide watch" and calling him "egotistical" and thinks he's "never wrong"..as Rachel says its time to "let it go"

11:10 BBT In HOH they are setting up their talkshow...as the liquid corage has Brit smiling as Kathy has joined the Talk show panel....

Kathy doesn't want to says anything neither does Matt ..as Kathy is just their for "moral support"

Hayden doing his "just a tip" intro..Ragan explaining his day...thinking Brendon's call out was a plan to get himself Rachel's eviction..talks about "blowing "her off" and "trapped" {this is on BBAD}

11:14 BBT Outside Enzo and Lane are playing pool..talking about "BG" in the JH "when it comes to the final two" as they se rachel "ray ray come outside" as Lane says "i bet she hears" what's going on upstairs Enzo "that corny ass show..I'm embarrassed to be on this season"

Rachel comes out..and they ask if she's alright..and says "i'm okay"..as Lane offers her the rest of the wine...and says "take the beer" asnd says "whatever you want" as rachel says "when people attack me ..I walk away" and Lane says "you missed out" when she said Brendon defended her..

11:18 BBT Rachel blabbering on about people should have "compassion' because they are in a "low" point in the game...

11:19 BBT They bash rachel for her hypcorisy..as Enzo says "you don't know" that all her and brendon's problems are from the Brigade..as he said they "should be proud "that the Brigade "saved this season" when they make "the final 4" and eventually "the final two"

11:20 BBT Upstairs Brit and Ragan rehashing the fight like we didn't see it.....

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11:23 BBT

Upstairs their talkshow is just a rehash of the "attacks" from their end...

11:24 Outside Lane and Enzo continue playing pool as lane confesses he's "playing shitty today' and Enzo says "people know you me and Hayden" are in an alliance but people are afraid because of the "intimidating factor" and Enzo says "he will snap" and says "i will kill you and your family" to Brit or Ragan as Lane laughs saying he will to as Enzo says he'l hit ragan so hard he'll be straight.."you're gonna like women again"..

11:26 BBT Upstairs Kathy explains the booze situation and talks about them talking all the booze and Brendon walking out taking the wine and the corkscrew...and says just shows "he still is a piece of shit"

Matt anticipating "fireworks" within the half hour..

11:28 BBT Rachel alone in Taj waiting for Brendon to return from the DR..

Talking in HOH Hayden predicting a victory for himself in pool table and the remergance of the spider "peter parker"

The "lame} talk show ends..

11:30 BBT Outside Lane and Enzoanticipating the "animal vs the meow meow" pool showdown as Lane polishes up his championship cup....Ragan says his show came out good as they come outside as Enzo announces Lane was "knocked out" as Brit asks "what did she says" when Lane says rachel came out and tells them what she said...Ragan "i'm sorry I'm not going to do this" and wait for rachel to "self destruct"...and says he 's going to go {hovel} in the HOH but Matt says he'll be fine..as Lane says Ragan she's not coming "out here" as Ragan looks worried again..as he stays outside..

Enzo wonders if she'l have the balls and brit agrees to hide with Ragan in HOH if rachel comes out saying "i don't want to be part of it either"

11:35 Matt says "she's not coming out here"...

In Taj Brendon and Rachel taalking on the bed as Rachel tells brendon about her brief convo with Enzo and Enzo saying "brendon defended your honor" as Brendon says "i don't know" how much more he need to prove to show he "love you"

Outside ragan idiotically think Brendon will DOR and starts comparing it to the "chima" situation as he whines "its not fair...extrememly unfair" if he does that..

11:38 BBT Brendon calling the guys outside "a lynch mob" and bores us with what he learned at a class he took at CSULB and tells Rachel about "witch hunts" and how they had "no reasons' for targeting "all these females as witches"

11:40 BBT Brit says she went to eavesdropping on Brenchel and says they are talking about "classes" he took and says "there's no way" he's DORing and they "are not even talking about it" what happened tonight not realizing thaey are talking about exactly that..

11:42 BBT Rachel says this season is being played with HG that don't want "to get blood on their hands" and says "no one wants to win HOH unless they" want to beat them and says they have to "fight harder" as Brendon says "it could've worked" to get voted out and says "i don't know" as they laugh at her being "super human" and why they are so afraid of her..

bashing ragan saying he's a "strong competitor" when he's won "nothing"...

11:44 BBT They are now bashing Matt and says they she feels bad because he's in the same position but "more weasley" and Brendon says "way more weasley" as they dicuss Matt "being scared" of them as Brendon calls him a "midget" and winning HOH's designed for such..

Brendon calling them "all chickenshits"...rachel talking about keeping Lane because she thinks "he's the saboteaur"

11:47 BBT Brenchel talking about Lane not wanting to cause "drama" and hopes he's is the "saboteur" and "fucks" Brits game up....and doesn't care he fucks everyone's game up because hers is already "fucked up" because one of them is getting evicted..

Outside pool tournament continues..

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11:49 BBT

Brenchel strategizing completely wrong about Matt as Kathy enters "y'all ok" as she fakely hugs Rachel...as Rachel says she walked away and "didn't fight with them"...and says she will play the game differnetly but still is in "the jury" as she says she plays the game "with intergrity" as she says "i'm proud of you"

Brendon goes on about their treatment of Rachel 'too much" for him....Rachel talking about her {insincere} apologies to everyone...

11:52 BBT Katy lies and tells Brendon "they are " after him..as he laughs like he accomplished his plan...

11:54 Rachel continues to Kathy about what happened..."I immediately got attacked" and says "what you're saying was pretty much was said" Kathy tells her and she continues.......and Brendon says when she went to DR upset that's when "i lost it" she says..

They talk how Brit wanted to be in an alliance....

11:56 BBT their Kathy convo continues..

11:57 Outside Brit tells an uptight Ragan he should have a glass of wine and it would have relaxed them...as Brit ask questions "would you rather" or "with Rachel" and Brit bashing brendon saying rachel was OK the first month before they got together...Brit saysing Brendon 'curses at garlic salt...Ahi Tuna" and shouldn't have been "offended" him cursing Ragan..

11:59 BBT Enzo insulted everyone wants to help lane in pool and not him.....as Brit constantly bring up Rachel and Brendon....during pool convos...

12:01 BBT Brendon telling Kathy he's voting for the HG "who played the cleanest game" as the bash Matt...

Kathy talking to them sypmpathetically....as Brendon hope "the science community' doesn't says "weren't you the guy who flipped out on people" as Rachel says people who "saw that".....will think he defended her as Kathy says it depends how they edit or what they show as she says for all she knows BB is making her look like the villain and Brendon says it would take creative editing..

12:05 BBT Enzo won the cup for the pool tournament...as they head inside.."i wanna eat" Enzo says as Brit says "i thought we were gonna play dodgeball"

Ragan wants "to take a moment" and heads to HOH..as Brit again says he should have drank wine..hayden trying to get a dodgeball together and asks Enzo "no I'm fucking drunk" and Matt says he can't play tonight.."but I'll watch"

12:09 BBT Enzo heads to HOH to fetch wine as he tells Ragan that Brenchel is going to asleep..

12:10 In HOH Ragan talking to cameras...and Ragan tsaying "i shouldn't let it get to me"..."i'm human" and hate people "attacking me" and "a lot of pressure" considering what he has the next two weeks and "this is the point in the game weak players crack" and says "i'm not a weak player" {this is kinda reminiscent of Stuart Smalley}

Ragan sighing loudly as he has becaome silent..he covers his head and it seems Brendon did get to him...

12:14 BBT Downstairs Enzo's engravement of the trophy is happening as Lane doesn't think so as Enzo "that shit is hard".."i'm on there you" as Lane isn't liking it...

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12:18 BBT

Lane worried that Enzo's engraving is going into his...as Enzo wants his name "on top like I'm shitting on him" when they question his inscription as Enzo asks if they should erase the "TT" {texas tech} as Enzo says TT didn't help him win as Lane says "i wore the hat"

12:20 BBT In Taj Brenchel finally release Kathy to go to bed as they both apologize to her as rachel "any man that defends a women's honor is a man to me"...and goes on he's his BF and his defense of her makes her "love him more" as kathy finally escapes..

12:22 BBT they finish up the beer as Rachel thanks him for defending "me" and has never had a "boyfriend" ever do that for her..

12;23 BBT "idon't know" .."i think Matt" is Brendon's target and Brendon's attacks "are all a diversion"...and says "this is a critical point" and and says no one will vote "nice guy' and says "i have to make enemies on the jury" and has to "change things up" and says if Brenchel is first "i already have two enemies" that won't vote for me...and says how would it be to "go off on Brendon and Rachel for real" and worries the "guys " who are "guy's guys" and don't like "drama" and wouldn't "be in my best interest" to do it and fears and doesn't want to be "the sterotypic drama queen" {too late for that]who cries all the time and Ponders what he needs to do as far as Brendon and Rachel are concerned..

12:27 BBT Rachel has entered the kitchen to look at Enzo's trophy engraving as Enzo thinks of a rhyming moniker for him as Enzo says hayden's name is easier to rhyme to..

12:30 Rachel still in the kitchen discussing wine while the guys discuss pool..as Matt offers Brit and accepts a glass...

Hayden says "i don't think we're gonna play dodgeball" as Enzo is not letting his trophy go till thurs and says tomorrow they are on LD as He wants to have naother tournament but isn't "official" without "brenden" Ragan and says he will not put his title up..

12:33 BBT Rachel returns from bathroom..and heads back to taj

Enzo going on about his title..

12:34 BBT Brit starts her Rachel imitation of Rachel getting candy out of the candy drawer showing her "underwear"

as the guys turn back to pool talk..

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12:39 BBT

In kitchen pool talk going on...about defending title and how well they did today..

12:40 BBT Back in Taj talking about "catty" as rachel says "i didn't want to " to be only girl standing even though all the girls want the girl sout {hmm 2 hoh's and 2 girls gone]

rachel says "before I leave" and Brendon says "what? before I leave" as Rachel says "shut up" knowing she leaves as they talk packing...and "either one of us" going home..as they discuss what they are leaving to each other...

12:43 BBT Back in kitchen pool tournament talk {ad naseum}..

Ragan heads downstairs as they are talking about rachel making a "dig" at Matt no sharing his wine..as Brit reads into it as Matt "didn't take the bait"

12:45 BBT Brit says "kick them out" and "hang out" and "split the money" as hayden says 'we gotta go in there and sleep...as Ragan "i don't know" about sleeping in HOH as Enzo says he can "take advatange" of Matt "he's drunk"

12:47 BBT Ragan talking about kristen not being here and they are is "disgusting to me" as its apparent he's been crying...

Brit's Brenchel {obsession] talking continues...as Enzo says he'll do what they want to do as Enzo says "if you guys are ok" with him "coming after you guys" as Ragan says he sees it for what it is because they have seen 'a zillion" seasons of this show..as Brit says "as long as he doesn't know I creid" she's fine.. Britt wah wah wha "he took it to a personal level"

ragan way off base "he's attracted" to you as he talks about her "nick" and Kathy thinks "childhood" trauma..

12:51 BBT Brit 'its just disgusting" being treated like this as Brit "i'm not particpating" in anything tomorrow and is "disengaging" and hopes they are not LD..as the saboteur will include them as Brit says she'll "walk off" and "leave"

Enzo says "i don't think there's a saboteur" as matt says America "knows" as they get BB warning...as saboteur talk..FOTH

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1:01 BBT

More saboteur talk...as Enzo trying to keep Rachel saying "i give you credit" for keeping Brendon another week to them..

Brit turns back to "production" is the saboteur and if there is no "physical" pranks it proves their is none one..

Now Enzo talking how great this season is and Hayden agrees..{yeah..right}

1:03 BBT Talking Enzo Brit Hayden Lane and ragan talking in the kitchen talking about AP...as Matt says AP and Saboteur is "the same exact thing' and just another name..

Brit trying to guess what Saboteur and "missing vote" and maybe "america" chose as Brit wonder how "much power" as Matt says same as AP and BB just "recycles shit and just renames it"....as Brit says the saboteur would be forced not to put them up and Matt says that why the Sab should throw HOH..as Enzo says he'll "spit on the " Saboteur at "the wrap party" as they discuss incentive as Enzo rightly says "the only incentive is money"

Talking about "you're gonna get nailed" Matt says saying "its a loser mentality" as Enzo says its none of them six and its Brenden Rachel and Kathy..

1:09 BBT They discuss Kathy would Take "20Gs" as they try and guess who America would pick..

1:10 BBT Brenchel in bed in their nightly display of whispering and whatever their doing under the covers..

Back in kitchen Everyone else trying to pin the saboteur being Rachel...as Enzo says he doesn't rule out "big brother fucking with us"

1:12 BBT Saboteur talk...

Now it seems like they think "production" is the saboteur..

Enzo saying "why would you take it"..

1:15 BBT They keep talking saboteur as they agree its money...

Talking how they would laugh if its kathy

{I'm out be back tomorrow}

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Enzo and Hayden playing pool. Rachel on the eliptical, Brendon is jogging. Matt and Ragan sleeping in HOH.

(As much as I love doing updates, if I don't get this mess cleaned up around here I will be on "Hoarders, Buried Alive." I hand the updates over to someone else today. Thank You.)

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(Just passing thru...)

10:20 BBT

Matt, Britney and Ragan in the HOH room. Matt is retelling the story about how someone went thru his suitcase. Britney says they'll be on LD all day and night. She thinks tomorrow will be a double eviction. More rehashing of last night's events.

Brendon and Rachel cooking in the kitchen. Kathy is in the Cabana room. B/R start talking about science stuff. It quickly turns to Britney bashing.

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10:53 am BBT

Rach going on and on and on about her and some guy and jell-o shots.... people are trying to change the subject and she rolls her eyes....

10:54 am BBT

Looks like Brenden is making jell-o. Rach going on and on about Vegas and how awesome it is (I was just there... it's not all that). Shge is now making up stories (that I know not to be true). Enzo saying that they are going to be big time and that who wouldn't want do shots with the Meow Meow. Rach telling about guys giving her insanely huge tips. More stuff about Vegas...

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11:07 am BBT

Rach taking a shower, Kath, Matt, Enzo in HoH room... talking about Bren and telling him to STFU and that he should just hit the exit button. Kath saying that he wants them to vote to keep Rach here. Enzo says that he is afraid to stay there by himself and that he is a punk. Matt agrees and says he is the most insecure person that he has ever met in his life. Enzo saying that he is going to go to the Taj and go to sleep.

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