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8/11 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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7:15 PM BBT

According to Brit they brought in a special crew for the party. Enzo sends a big meow meow from him to Rachel. Bo Jangles she replies. They wonder if they'll get another sab message. "There were supposed to be 5 pizzas I ate one too."

Before or after: did Enzo cash in the pizza penalty before or after Andy was evicted? After (he's making it up)

Looks like they've finished up some wine and beers. Everyone laughing and joking and having a good time. Enzo says his fans frigging rock. What do Hayden's fans do? Hayden says they kill. Enzo says, no your fans hold the spotlight for meow meow fans.

7:25 PM BBT

Enzo says we got to eat,drink, listen to music it's all good. The others comment that they should have saved beer for beer pong.

Kathy can't have beer now anyways, she's back on have not.

The HGs have a huge cake that is airbrushed with each of the memory wall pictures. Enzo joking that he should sell his sugary face on ebay. Hayden and Lane are disfiguring each other's pictures.

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7:17 BBT


Just general chattering in the kitchen, they all seem to be saying that was pretty fun. talkin about loving wednesdays.

Feeds keeps goin in and out as they are mentioning things about the party that we cant hear. (maybe music)

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Party is over. They got a cake with all the pictures from the wall.

they are talking over each other so its hard to pick up on any coversation. :party_smilie:

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7:30 PM BBT

Ragan upstairs laying in bed watching everyone on spy cam starts saying he wants to give the Live Feeders a little update about what's going on.... FOTH

Big brother threw them a pizza party... FOTH

Sabo gave msg along those lines Rach/Bren jumped up so happy makes them look super duper suspicious

downside everyone freaking out cause fear is that rachel is given coup d'etat power. This message is basically taunting them. Since msg Rach/Bren walking around the house smug. They came just short of handing out party favours at the 40 day pizza party. brit is down by the news because she thinks if Rach has coup paower she'd put up Rag and Lane because lane close to brit and rag close to matt. Rag wants to tell her not to worry. Ragan did this to give the house some peace - rachel was dressed like a street prostitute her vagina is hanging out the back of her dress.

B4 he stops talking to us one of the coolest parts of today was he got to listen to music all throughout the.... FOTH enjoy Rachel Reilly's last night in the house.

[And with that I leave the updates to you CAChristine!]

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Ragan talking to feeds about Sabotuer in HOH watching spy cam

ragan-britnay is really down about the news, thinking rachel has some kind of coup de ta power. Rachel is really up beat now thinking she is staying. its kinda cool because the house has some peace because Rachel who is dress like a prostitue with her vagina popping out of the dress, sorry i lost my thought, oh ya , peace in the house before she leaves.the coolest thing about today, its rachels last night in the house.

silently watching spy cam

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Rachel-This dress makes me miss who I am in vegas

brendon-are you a different person in vegas?

rachel-ya, but you will be with me. I am cool in vegas , everyone loves me in vegas, everyone knows me in vegas. I have lots of friends in vegas. They aren't mean to me, they are like 'rachel we love you'

brendon-enzo likes you, i think hayden likes you

they get under the covers and rachel flashes brendon something below the waist.

Brendon-oh my gosh, what am i getting myself into.

rachel-dont worry nobody is watching us :animated_wave: we are not interesting.

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8:15 BBT

Enzo, Lane and Hayden talking about code words for things and get's a BB warning.

He keeps on talking code words and get's a mean BB warning. Enzo's STILL talking about code words and get's a nasty BB warning and then of course WBRB.....

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