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8/11 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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BBT 10:58 Regan and Matt in HOH talking about taking photos and how cool it will be to see either Rachel or Brendon go black and white. Regan says he wants peace in the house and Matt says it will be here soon. Regan says its good that this all has happened because when they are through the storm the rest of the house can play a game with out drama (good luck!) Matt and Regan say they like everyone else in the house but, not R and B. Matt says today is day 40 and its over 1/2 way done Regan agrees. Regan says this HOH he wants.

(the above comment about last night (flashback) Regan only told the truth and Rachel bugged and bugged regan for that talk he tired to get out of it for days)sorry for the comment about a comment on the live feeds board

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1:20ish BBT

Matt gets the HOH camera and he and Hay pretend to feed a sleeping Enzo. Enzo wakes up and reaches for the pool tourny trophy beside his bed. Matt gets pics of Brendon and Rachel. They all head into the cabana room for the weekly group shots.

Ragan and Britney are counting things from the balcony. Rachel makes a shake, Haydon a sandwich.

before pics Rachel had been filing toe nails while Brendon folded cloths and put them away in the dresser.

(Its been so exciting to watch them sleep, go over the order of events and bash each other behind backs.)

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Britney and Ragan start to hide things. A silver dish, large white fish, a big shell, yellow dish in bathroom and tall blue thing in cabana room. They plan on saying...."no I dont think it was...shhhhh' when Rachel comes past. They tell the guys about it.


Brenden and Rachel still going over order of events. Brendon paints designs on Rachels toes.

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2:34 PM BBT: The house is on an indoor lockdown.

Catch up:

Ragan and Britney have decided to hide things so that Bren/Rach think the HOH challenge has something to do with things being rearranged in the house.

Matt took HOH pics (mostly of Rach/Bren who asked that he take pics of them since they're going to be split up)

Enzo is still carrying around his pool trophy.

Currently: Brenden is painting Rachel's toenails. (grow a pair, man-- girly)

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2:39 PM BBT:

Bren and Rach talking about all-stars. Rach asking if Bren would do it. She would. Bren said she deserves to be asked back and play with people who actually know how to play the game. Rach said she would have to prepare more.

All feeds on Rach/Bren. She's trying to figure out what he painted on her toe. Something "I am Rach R.' or something..

2:41 PM BBT

Ragan and Brit in BR. Brit crying (not sure why, think she just came out of DR). Hayden did something funny to her (don't know because we were watching Bren/Rach). She caught him on the toilet it seems (gross).

Hay, Brit, Lane, Ragan all move to cabana.

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2:51 PM BBT:

Enzo, Hay, Brit, Ragan talking about Disney movies. Lion King and circle of life. Now talking about Jennifer Hudson singing it on AI. Talking about everything that happened to her family (so sad). Hayden seems to have no clue who she is. Ragan giving her bio. (I hate when I know the answer to things they're talking about and I start talking to my computer!girly). Ragan talking about her return to singing. Saying she was INcredible. Talking about her husband being on "I Love New York."

2:55 PM BBT

Now talking about "New York" (Tiffany Pollard?). Ragan says "That girl is.. Rachel". Enzo says she's been on some other shows too.

Matt joins. Talks about blog and what he talked about. You have from 1-3 to write a blog and take pics.

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3:04 PM BBT

Talking about Bren. What the comp might be.

Enzo thinks Bren's done no matter what based on his horrible week. Coming in 3rd for the paint thing and hitting 3 pins for the POV. They're interested to see what's going to happen when he's here for another week.

Ragan thinks Bren leaving will make the comp's more fun when Bren/Rach leave. They won't have to whisper. BRit says they won't be bullied anyomre. All feeds on cabana.

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3:07 pm BBT

Enzo saying how Bren was telling him how it's personal and malicious that they would keep him here. Enzo says 'I told him if he wants to keep her here go push the exit button, that's what it comes down to'

Enzo saying he might just be a Have Not (to get away from Bren). Thinks that Bren will not be upset if Hay or Enzo wins HOH (Hayden talking, tough to understand-he mumbles).

Enzo thinks Bren will hit the exit button. (so much whispering, I'm having a hard time hearing).

Ragan says he will put cotton balls in his ears during Bren's live eviction. They say put qtips in but Ragan is afraid that Bren would smack it into his ear.

Ragan saying he will put the cotton in and put the 'hand' gun to his head. Lane tells him that's not good for TV, they won't let you do that. Ragan says he needs to disengagae. Lane says to throw a pillow at him. Enzo says to go crazy on live tv.

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3:12 PM BBT: Enzo thinks Bren will throw everyone under the bus, Rach goes home and he will be life 'WTF!?' Says seeing Rach's face turn gray on the photo wall is going to be so awkward.

Hay talking about something from Little Giants and something they should do. Enzo thinks Kristin is really mad.Ragan says she didn't want who she was to be misrepresented, 'it's character assassination'(Ragan has no idea that she was cheating that was broadcast to America). Talking about how Bren said Raga and Matt were a 'pair alliance'. Lane says Bren would get his ass kicked in Texas. Ragan says 'I've have had people yell in my face DIE F---OT! Calling me a cockroach and saying I'm so fake like LA doesn't phase me" (that makes me feel bad for Ragan - Girly).

Lane and Enzo doing their banter. Enzo saying he's watching ESPN in the DR, they have pizza for him, he knows where Lebron went, he knows who the sab is...etc.etc. Enzo says he saw the blueprint for the next challenge. (These guys really do mesh well with their bantering.) Hayden says Lebron went to Miami with D. Wade (I guess the DR must've told them. Supposedly Jeff was supposed to and never did, don't know how Hay would know).

Enzo keeps up his routine. Lane feeds him. Guy stuff.

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Lane and Enzo are being pretty funny right now trying to out do each other with how they are treated when they go to the DR

Enzo-How many times u been in the DR


enzo-4 times already, they can't get enough of me

Lane-its because you keep messing up

enzo-you don't know, they have pizza for me in there, and a couch, not a chair

Lane-they have a recliner for me with cup holder and massage, and crepes. :animated_rotfl:

enzo-i sit up in the office and watch espn, I know who the sabatuer is.

lane-who is it

enzo i can't say I will get in trouble

talk switches to enzo's stretch marks on his butt.

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4:14 PM BBT

Rachel and Brendon are laying down in taj talking about how the Sab message gave them hope and they feel better now, even if it isn't true.

The other HGs are in various rooms philosophizing on what this might mean: Rachel really is the sab and America likes her, America is telling the sab what to say, Rachel can be sab from jury house.


From Morty's Twitter Updates:

Sab message: hello hg, true love conkers all, dont sweat which one you send home, they may not go home after all.


hello hg, true love conkers all, dont sweat which one you send home, neither of them may not go home.

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4:19 PM BBT

Brendon telling Rachel how when he dies he wants to have left a mark on the world. And how he wants her right there with him in life. They kiss and exchange more lovey dovey stuff. Their moods are much calmer like the tension is broken.

Matt figures out that he's only voted to evict two people because he's been HOH twice. "Isn't it weird how on the days of good bye messages the sab gives us the message?" Asks Enzo. He goes back into this ridiculous acronym language: The BGs are a good thing but there's the HOH and the POVS and the VGs and the etc...

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4:28 PM BBT

It'll be the Coup De Sabot'at says Enzo. Julie will explain it all.

Brendon and Rachel still talking sweet nothings. He's going to miss her so much. Rachel is crying again. How will she face it in here without him?

"When you wake up in the morning, raise up your little digits, make this symbol with them and remember "I am Woman.""

He then gives her permission to listen to his iPod in the jury house so she can think of him, if he leaves. No matter where each of them wakes up on Friday remember the other is waking up thinking of them. The harder you fight, the quicker it will go, he says.

4:41 PM BBT

The bathroom is nasty so is the floor so is that rug. (Kathy pointing out how dirty the house is)

4:45 PM BBT

Enzo making noises like the sab is back on the TV as Rach/Bren walk to the BR. "Cause I want them to come back" says he.

Matt telling Lane that Ragan is "Pulling a Ronnie" wanting to stay upstairs in the HOH all night now because it's all so high school. They agree it would be horrible if there was a power. Why does America hate us? asks Matt. If America voted one of the brigade to be the saboteur he'll come after us, why ruin a good thing? "Oh I hope not" says Lane.

Enzo tells the house we get to see the Jeff and Jordan episode tonight. Brendon is making pasta, others might make tacos.Enzo smacks some food around in his mouth then yells, "We're in 12 minutes guys, we're on live in 12 minutes!" causing the others to laugh.

Brendon doesn't know what the zucchini in the SR is. Is it cucumber? Some form of squash? Zucchini. Complains that the fresh veggies are going bad. He's going to take them all and sort through them. They are making a veggie pasta - no meat. Mozzarella cheese.

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Hayden and Enzo chatting. Enzo telling Hayden they should have an alliance of them and Rachel on the side.If they won HOH they should put up Ragan with Matt then we can put up Kathy or back door Rachel if we have to. "Whoever the saboteur is, is an idiot." says Hayden. "That's all the Sab does is cause BS." Says Enzo. "Who would use the word lover?" "Unless CBS tells them what they have to say." Points out Hayden.

Rachel doesn't think the sab is Lane but Brendon thinks it is. She says she knows 100% who it is (according to Hayden). It has to be a girl, or Brendon, he'd say something corny like that. Suggests Enzo. "If it's him why would he try to get us to vote him out?" wonders Enzo "Unless he has the power to come back if we vote him out."

They now go to talk about the pool trophy. Hayden plans to teabag Enzo's trophy a few times just because he keeps winning.

|We gotta watch Britney and Ragan says Lane, Those two are going to put us up. Hayden says Britney knows EVERYTHING. She keeps it all in her head, she knows all about Enzo, all about Hayden, how many lambs are in here, everything.

"I'm telling you Britney and Ragan have got to go." says Enzo."I'd rather keep Rachel. I want them out."

"Yeah, really," says Hayden.

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5:20 PM BBT

They are now laughing on how in final 5 they will make Kathy a Brigade member for 1 week.

Enzo thinks Brit is terrified, Ragan is afraid to come within 10 feet of him. Stand up for yourself bro muses Hayden about Ragan's fear of Brendon.

They need to have a BG meet meet in HT PT (A brigade meeting in the hot tub pronto) This is Enzo's new language for Brigade communications.


The BPs have to get beaten by the BGs in the BB so they BGs have to win the HGs so the MGs can take over everything the whole world. SPG = super gamer. He's throwing them out to fast to catch.

The BGs, CG, VT. The MGs are before the PGs in the MD get it? [nope]

The BGs have the VTs and blah blah blah they go out to eat the pasta dinner.

the vt in the bb no pp has the bt like the bg

what's tp again asks Lane?

Up in HOH room Kathy carrying on about how nothing changes. They do the same thing every day, say the same things.

Now Lane in the cabana listening to the plan. They are going to make sure that teh MGs are in the final four. Enzo suggesting that the VTs (the girls) need to be strung along. They need a BG, GT, MT, PT brigade (BG)gopher (GT) meeting (MT)pronto(PT)

Rachel is apparently not drinking tonight just in case she stays.

the vt in the bb no pp has the bt like the bg

what's tp again asks Lane?

Enzo clarifies that the PP is people in the house not in an alliance with one of them. CP = Couples.

LVs = the live feeds

[it's very hard to follow this acronym speak of theirs)

They got a mixed tape to listen to in the HOH later. Enzo hopes it's not reggae.

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5:41 PM BBT

Lane guessing if Brendon wins HOH it will be Lane, Enzo or Hayden against Kathy.

Hayden telling Lane to talk to Britney about being all buddy buddy up there with Ragan. Lane repeating the conversation the other day where Britney told him who her top three people were and who she can't beat (Matt, Hayden, Enzo). And they think the same scenario would apply to Ragan. Ragan would put up Lane, Hayden or Enzo. Lane is going to talk to Brit to see where her mind is at.

Upstairs in HOH Ragan and Matt laying side by side staring ahead. No sound at all. [it looks like they both have some sort of secret weighing on their minds that they'd love to talk to someone else about - Ha ha ZuZu]

Britney comes back - they won't have a double eviction this week because they made taped packages today for the show tomorrow and if they were to do a dbl eviction there would be no time for taped speeches. Matt asking why Rachel and Brendon wanted to see the rule book - did it have anything to do with my bags? Britney thinks Rachel just found out about her new power today.

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5:50 PM BBT

Ragan stressing out about how super obnoxious Brendon and Rachel will be once they start drinking.

"Just ignore them. 24 hours, final stretch" says Matt.

Kathy in bathroom putting on face cream.

Enzo still talking to Hay/Lane about their acronym language saying they have to go in front of Brendon/Rachel and start using it to confuse them. Lane now sitting by himself.

Rachel talking to Hayden and Enzo as she packs. "Every time there is game drama she apologizes to the person, it's game not personal. I can't wait to hang out with you meow meow." Rachel jokes that she is going with America and wanting to hang with Enzo because he is the most popular. Hayden says actually America doesn't like you so she's just hanging with you because she feels sorry for you.

They now all discuss what they will wear to the 'party' tonight. The HGs are getting a pizza party with actual music tonight (the mixed tape).

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Looks like HG's are getting ready for a pizza party. Everyone is in a good mood

Rachel tells Enzo-i can't wait to hang out with you meow meow out of all the house quest'

Hayden-what about me? thanks

rachel-sorry hayden

Enzo-your just like america, you are going along with america, america loves the meow meow :animated_scratchchin:

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