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******* TO be sure your VOTE counts **********

-Go to CBS.com and click on Vote button on top and scroll to "America's Choice".

- Place your vote.

- Once you get the "thank you" message, go up and click on the ORANGE banner, far right, "America's Choice." This will renew your web page and give you the voting screen with the buttons.

- Vote again. Repeat process.

Doing manual votes this way will ensure your vote counts.

Also, for those using vote programs.... please, consider this:

If I use a bot and vote for 15 minutes for Kaysar, say I get oh, 2000 votes. Not one counts. Someone mentioned that it is possible to vote 10 times per minute, manually. That being said, if I vote manually for Eric (which I wouldn't do, BTW) for 15 minutes that is 150 votes. Compare that to ZERO for Kaysar. Eric wins.

I also believe the demographics of Eric's "fans" is a bit different than perhaps fans of Kaysar & Mike. Common sense says his fans would vote manually & via text more often than via bot, since there aren't too many bots out there for Eric. If this is true and the majority of K & M fans use bots, Eric wins via texts & manual, legitimate votes.

So folks, I am begging you, regardless of who you want back in (Goo Kaysar! OOOPS, sorry!) please begin to vote manually and via text message. What's another $5 on your cell bill! LOL While listening to feeds, use the legitimate manual voting process.



3) Text votes!


I got my info from very, very reliable sources, folks. CBS has planned ahead and the bot votes do NOT count. IT professionals are bouncing out bot votes as we speak. There are codes and scripts already embedded in the voting program on CBS.com to prevent bot votes from counting. Any irregular voting patterns will be reviewed and if there is ANY doubt, the votes won't count.

Thanks for reading,


PS- Feel free to pass this around

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Guest MikeNchrissY

It counts EVERY time you vote, right? What's the difference between just hitting "BACK" then "SUBMIT" again and actually reloading the voting page??? Do they both count? Anyone know?

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Well, I think I voted for Kaysar more than a 1000 times on the CBS site. I swear. I am on the computer at least 16 hours a day and voted at least 10 times or more every 5 mins of those 16 hours and my sister and I Text Msged 5 times for Kay. So, I'm hoping that BB didn't waste my money or my time, because if I didn't have carpal tunnel syndrome before, I have it now.

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Guest lovinBB

I am so scared that America is going to fall for that BS that Eric and 'the friendship' are spreading thick. Kayser is the best player and needs to be voted back in. I have voted about 30X for Kayser and if he doesn't come back in the game, I might have to open a can of whup-a@@. And pleeeeeeease let Ivette be voted out!

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Guest pia627
I'm voting for Kaysar simply because it's so refreshing to finally see someone play the game based upon intelligent strategy.

That is exactly why I voted for him.

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