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  1. Amen! Please no on esplit votes!
  2. yes! Solidarity! I love you guys! The Sov6 may live again! (note to Sov6: Don't vote out James just yet. you need numbers on your side people. Strategy first.....) Ok, maybe they can be the Sov6 in name only and really be the Sov4. Thanks to everyone who responded. This makes up for a week of Maggie and Ivette and CBS's editing to make Ivette look way better than she is in the game....
  3. 1) To vote back in someone we think played the game well and deserves a second chance. 2) To send a message to "The Friendship" that their beloved hero is neither. 3) To send a shockwave through the house when Ivette and Maggie and company realize that Kaysar is MORE POPULAR than Eric. They get no feedback from the outside world except for America's Choice results. Think about how incredible it would be to see their face when Kaysar walks back into the house and not crummy Eric. 4) We have our opportunity to take weeks of frustration and turn a negative into a positive. 5) We all should vote and vote and vote. Goodness knows I've complained, as many of us have, about various parts of the show so far. Now we can at least contribute in a meaningful way. 6) I could go on and on....But I simply hope people band together to vote for someone who's conduct, whether he was on the block or not, was really first rate. I think we need to compensate for the people who may not have live feeds or read the updates, but I hope that Kaysar wins by a landslide. 7) Send a message to Ivette and her racist comments. I'm sure she thinks there is no chance the American public would vote back in a Muslim Iraqi.... And for those who dislike Kaysar, can't we all agree he's better than Eric and a better player than Michael? Anyone else with me?
  4. Brekkie, Still reading and enjoying your updates a lot. Thanks for keeping us informed. The UK show is so much more devious and interesting. I wish BB would put someo fthe US houseguests through the ringer like your houseguests have had to endure.... Thanks again, Drew
  5. Great post, Depeche. I totally agree, there will be this slow revealing of secrets, some lame, and hopefully some impressive. I'm annoyed that Julie can't help but tell us way in advance that the evicted houseguests may come back. DRAMA and EXCITEMENT come from not knowing..... Which Survivor people came in the BB house? I don't remember that....
  6. Wow. Impressive job! Accurate and concise, many thanks!
  7. Note to CBS: The viewing public is not as dumb as some of the people who are cast in the show. Telegraphing the fact that Ashlea and Michael "MAY BE BACK" at the end of each interview when they are kicked out is uhm, unnecessary. Wouldn't it make a better "suprise" to actually keep the secret and shock everyone by revealing to the public at the same time that houseguests are coming back into the house. Sheesh.....
  8. The double speak and claiming to be high and mighty while falsely accusing M is horrible. I wish the people at home (T.V. viewers) could see half of this stuff Eric does. Threatening to kill, etc. Ugh!
  9. Ok, I know so many people believe or want to believe that one of the safes has been opened by Michael and he is just waiting until he is told he can open it...or some variation on that theme, leading up to M being able to stay and a shocking, satisfying twist for us at home. I would love for something like that to happen, but I find it hard to believe that if M had really opened a safe, even with BB putting the feeds on fish and assuming strict instructions not to say he had opened the safe, that he couldn't have slipped up and been heard talking about it to K or Jan at some point over the past few days. Or he'd have a look of total satisfaction.... I hope I'm wrong, but I think Thursday could be very anti-climatic for those of us hoping a magic trick will happen and both M and jan will stay in the house. And I'm not aparticularly sold on either of them, I just hate how they have been unfairly targeted by some other houseguests. I know they don't have to play fair, but I also don't have to respect Eric and his tactics. I hope there is a big shock tomorrow night, but I'm afraid the eviction will go as Eric and his infantry have mandated, maybe even without Michael getting one vote since K is afraid of the politics of it....
  10. In CBS terms, it could mean "anything can happen" = Michael OR Janelle could be evicted. I think it's a red herring to get people to tune in. I hope it isn't, I hope Michael can figure something out just to mess with the plan of the dictator....
  11. The twist/surprise could be something as basic as the exercise room being opened up....or I'm hoping, much cooler, something that could save one of the nominees. It could showing links between more than the pairs. i.e., Michael and Kaysar know eachother, but K also knows Jan from before, and on and on...
  12. Ok, we need to make sure Morty is on the list: Morty Shockalot Yana Dietekocgirl Jem Nebartist CeciMom Dep Ranster Scottish Furio Probably a few others, but those are the ones that come to mind quickly. Interesting how many people are on the majority of lists....
  13. I don't know if they are in the same or similar building (BB UK had houseguests in a "Secret Garden" that they lived in until coming into the house) but if there is any possibility of them coming back into the house, then they would definately be under the same rules. Basically sequestered with no t.v., internet, no outside contact. The part about the planes makes sense now, I just couldn't remember how they shifted attention away in season 2-3. And if people think they won't be able to see them...they are less likely to pay to send a message. I haven't seen any evidence Ashlea is back home and posed the question because I think the absence of her being in the real world is telling. If there is some hometown story about how she went and did her best and is home now.....that's a different story. Thanks to those who took the Eric quote all in fun and responded anyway. For those of you who didn't respond so well, that's o.k. I'd like everyone else to not be hard on them. Some of us, like Shockalot and Diet, are better about responding well to funny posts. Others of us have different strengths. Everyone will have their time to shine.
  14. 1) Has anyone confirmed that Ashlea is at home and not in sequester? 2) What did BB do to prevent planes with messages to the houseguests flying over the house as in at least Season One. Totally unrelated, but we're a wealth of combined knowledge. Remember, we win and lose as a TEAM on this message board. Can I get everyone in here on this?
  15. Yes, it would have been great. But Eric would have just nominated some random girl....like oh, Sarah, in anger. Or maybe Kaysar since he is on a war path to get M, Jan, and K all gone. Everyone remember, shortly the targets will be gone and then what will the Evil Empire do?



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