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7/31 - Live Feed Updates


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9:03 PM BBT

Brendon called to DR. Britney put her sock monkey next to a sleeping Enzo. Too cute. Matt says it's precious. Enzo awake now and says if she wins it'll be like hell freezes over. Matt and Brit think he's sleep talking. She's going to get the camera.

Enzo says they have to tell Kathy that if she wins the POV and uses it she's going up next week. Get Rachel to tell her.

9:06 PM BBT

Matt saying that Brenchel says they want to put everyone in the jury house who belongs there and fight it out at the end.

Britney says if last week was bad, this week she's going to be chewing her nipples.

{I'm out! Night all]

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Kathy and Matt in the Kitchen. An egg got broken in/near the fridge, the shell was picked up but not the rest. (Sab strikes again? or just lousy house keeping?)

(I'm out, night night)

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10:10 BBT

Rchel Kathy, Ragan, Brendon and Kristin are practicing for tomorrows POV on the giant pinpall aparatus in the BY

In the HT Lane and Brit are soaking their feet while Matt sitting on the side in his Pajamas talking about the chemicals in the water..Matt says the foam is "body grim" while Brit says dead skin cells..

Not much in way of conversation as Brit going on about her "bite guard" and her retainer as Brit talks about her teeth grinding

Enzo comes outjoins the practice squad..Enzo wants booze and Enzo talking about winning his movie "that was so fun man"......Enzo talkig how well liked he is "even the camera guy likes me"....

10:17 BBT Back at the HT talking about "beavers" Lanes says he knows what it is while Brit "noo" as she was talking about a girl they called the beaver for her bucked teeth...and FOTH..

BBAD practicing continues..

10:19 BBT Lane says he's been assigned a "personal handler" for his antics he jokes...as he's always getting caught..Brit talking about her older brother beating him up when she was little.. and Brit talks about making her lil bro lick "a deodorant stick" to quench thirst...Older bro mean to Brit..Brit mean to little brother..Brit talking about her brothers...

10:22 BBT Enzo comes over to HT but Feeds are FOTH

BBAD PoV practice continues

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10:23 BBT

Lane says he's gonna "take a shower and go to bed" as Brit tells Matt "you're turning 30 tonight" and feeds go to FOTH..

Back and Enzo is in the HT..while Lane makes fun of the way Enzo prounounces "literally"....

Talking about today's Luxury comp..as Enzo says that the HT "smells like wet dog" accusing "a dead puppy" in the filter as Brit asks him if he peed in there and Enzo offensively "does my pee smell like dead puppy"

Enzo saying who what of thought a "kid from Jersey" like "people from the South"...

10:27 BBT hayden has come over to the HT as Brit says "it smells like urine"

Enzo says his wife is on her way to "Puerto Rico" and isn't sure of the dates and Brit says how can he not know and he says she handles all that stuff at home..

10:30 BBT They are discussing when they are going to sind Happy Birthday" as Enzo says turning 30 "sucks bro".."getting old sucks" "you're not young no more"

Talking about how long it feels being in the house..

Brit: "rehab is so much easier than Big Brother" as Kathy mentions their 38 days is the same as the amount of time in rehab..

more urine smelling complaining...as Enzo jokes{I hope} that there is piss in the water " salt water piss" "it looks like acid".."sewer water" {Yet he just sits right in it} making fun of the water coming from the jets..

10:33 Rachel and Brendon are still practicing..pretty much non stop the last few hours..Hayden comes over talking about Spice Girls as Rachel sings and FOTH...

Hayden back to practicing looks like Hayden has mastered it but says "its a crap shoot"..as Brendon agrees "on wrong bounce" as Lane is called to DR and tells him "to make the request" for booze since he has the "touch"

10:36 BBT AT HT Brit talking JH as Enzo says "it will be worse than here" talking about watch movies over and over..while Brit says "i'm trying to be positive" as Enzo says only "win the fucking money" if you don't than it was "a waste of time" Bit says its not but once in a "lifetime" experience...

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10:40 BBT Kristin sitting on the couch next to Kathy who's puffing away..she looks tired as she yawns..Kristin leans up against Kathy ...

Kathy talking about Rachel...mumbling talking about "guns" for a comp.."I'd blow em out the water" but thinks "guns" aren't allowed on TV..and says maybe "carnival guns' but her luck "i'd win a goldfish" as she wishes for a POV that's suited to her talents..

10:43 BBT Matt and Brit are playing pool..with Enzo watching from the side to play winner..

Kathy says "tom's toothpaste " {Production??} "gave me a cavity" and laughs brief FOTH...then says "probably from all the sugar I drank....but it was sure good"

Kathy talking about she should have volunteered "to be apawn" aginst someone I didn't hear because "he's a floater" and Kristin says "i don't know"....and Kathy says "I love you and Hayden to death" and wants to win POV tomorrow as Kristin says "i just want you to prove yourself...its about time"

Kathy says "its bout time i go play ball" and gets on her rump to shhot a few..Kristin follows...

10:49 BBT Back a pool table..Lane comes over..Enzo sitting there waiting "i wanna play" trying to get them to hurry as Matt says "settle down"

Enzo says Brit needs "to get your head in it" and she whine "I 'm tryin.."

10:51 Enzo's up ahainst Matt POV ptacticing continues...as Lane says its only "10:45" as Enzo turns the convo to "farts" as Lane got a wiff of it while eating his apple..

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10:54 BBT

At pool table Brit and Lane talking..but Enzo's big mouth drowns them out...

Brendon talks about the "limited amount of skill"

10:55 BBT Hayden is giving Kristin and Kathy tips where to shoot....to aim for "the middle" where he thinks most of the points will be..Kristin has seem to have got the middle shot...Hayden gives her pointers to make her shooting consistent...

11:01 BBT Kathy seems to have it down..Ragan: "Damn Kathy"{I'd love to see Kathy win and pull down Kristin to see what plays out}

Ragan talks and of course complains "its such a bullshit competition for veto...its like not fair"

Brendon heads back over...Kathy tells him she sucks...

11:04 Pool game with lane playing with the spider and how big its got.."its turning into a tranatuala" Enzo observes..

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11:06 BBT Ragan talking {cringe]..again...guessing that what they are doing is "too random" and it will be something similar and will "be very interesting" what the "actual" board will be..

Now he's complaing its been "3 nights" without booze..and repeats "its just too random" about POV and says "the purpose of this" {the apparatus} is for shooting and aiming { uh no s**t Sherlock}

11:10 BBT Kathy's next shooting is crap "right in the unitard"..Ragan leaves...

11:12 BBT Back at the pool table talking snow board gear and how expensive it is...Hayden talking about "his ideas' he hopes will pan out when he leaves the BB house..

11:14 BBt Kathy and Brendon call it quits as hayden heads back to Kristin as she tries to explain how the set up will be..Hayden says the apparatus will have a lot of holes...and says "close to the middle" would be best...

Rachel and Brendon taking about "getting called out" {something about under the covers] from DR as get BB warning and asks "why aren't you outside practicing"...as Brendon keeps saying "he knows the truth" as Rachel has no idea what he's talking about and neither do I...

11:18 BBT Brendon jokes about "doing it today' as rachel says "you know that ain't gonna happen' and says when you dream "dream big"..Rachel says she plans to stay up "all night" to practice....and head back outside to the apparatus...

11:19 BBT At the apparatus they are now talking "balls"

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11:23 BBT

At the pool table its just Matt and Enzo..Enzo upset at his pool playing 'what the fuck...I'm way off" he chastises himself...

At the apparatus Rachel Hayden Kristin practicing and is told by BB to exchange her mic..Rachel's shoot was crap {she'll probably win}

Hayden says he thinks he won't have to make it in the middle because there a good chance it will be close to holes in the middle and will still score..Hayden tells her she has to shoot hard....

Brit is back at the pool table..as Enzo tries to give her "the lttle things" she needs to "know in this game" and continues to giver pointers.

11:28 BBT "this can't be the finished product" hayden declares and K=ristin agrees Hayden "there has to be more"...Hayden "America knows what I think about the Showmance between brendon and rachel" he tells Kristin...Rachel returns and Hayden asks if their "fingers hurt"...Rachel asks hayden what he thinks they'll be wearing...and Rachel : "you think we'll pick players tomorrow and then play" Hayden doesn't answer..

11:31 BBT Lane and Matt in Jamanji with Brit....as Enzo goe s"fuck" when Brit says "if Kristin wins"...and Matt says "or Michelle"

Matt talking to Brit "i have a terminal sore throat in this house" and wonders if its the "dry air".......Matt "veto tomorrow" and says he might do "afternoon drinking" but realizes there is no booze left and hope for lots of booze for matt's Birthday..

11:34 BBT Matt says it could be "coupd' etata" or "america's player" as "why would we have a week off" and knows there is an America's vote and says he's going to be "optomistic" for a coup d'etat

Ragan enters and talks...decide to head to HOH and eat cheese..so Ragan Brit and Matt head to HOH...

11:36 BBT Right away Matt grabs the remote..turns on the spyscreen..Brit digs in the cheese despite being "a fatty these days"

Matt tries the "garlic" cheese.."it is good" as brit says "i love cheese"

Matt talk this HOH isn'r "a wander up week" and if you come in on Brenchel brits says "you're a cock block" as Brit likes Rachels pics...

11:39 BBT BB warning "stop that" playing with the remote

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11:40 They are now all eatingchesse as Brit jokes Rachel will come up and they will be "passed out with all the cheese gone"

Ragan talks...."i wish she had pretzels"...as Brit gets the hot....as they continue to eat raw cheese {disgusting}

Brit like the HOH room and wishes "it was mine"...

11:42 BBT Matt talking about HT piss story from earlier {see previous posts}

Ragan talks..."i want to go to bed soon"

11;44 BBT Back outside the two power couples are still practicing...laughing and getting along..

11:45 BBT Back in HOh Brit jokes "my dad's a genius" and says all the buttons are messed up and he fixes them with "aluminum foil" and

11:46 BBT Matt asks if he wants to play in "the comp"..Ragan and Matt want to play...as Brit says she didn't practice...

Ragan saying "there isn't much to practice for"..Matt brings up the idea of "coup d'etat" and Ragan says he doesn't believe its that and Ragan says Ameriac" will sabotage the house" and Ragan says "america's Player but call it America's Saboteur" { so the know it all got it right]

11:49 BBT Brit says she can predict on questions she's been asked what they think and Matt says what and she says.."the obvious"... "America probably loves hayden" brit guesses..

Matt and Brit accuse Ragan of "acting wierd" and Ragan blabbers on about "zoning out" and Brit says he looks "upset" "pensive" as Ragan "its probably the food..eating game"...

Matt says "it looks like you're working game" and Ragan "it does"...

He calls them "stupid" and tels then he's just "zone out" and Brit asks if it bothers him "kristen's up" and says "ilike Kristen" and Brit jokes "in a disposable way"

11:53 BBT Ragan.."we need games"..inside..FOTH

Back outside..

Hayden Brendon Kristin and Rachel all acting like BFFs....

Brit and Matt in HOH calling Ragan "a schemer" and Brit wants Ragan to walk them through his "thought process" as Dr Brit continues to try to diagnose and says he losing his mind listen to Brendon's stories...

11:56 BBT Ragan says "i wish" BB would have chosen the players tonight and says his "random" complaints about POV..

Matt "this is the one comp" and stops and ragan wonders who the replacement nominee will be.. Brit says "if Hayden wins" they will but someone up to make sure Kristin goes but Brit doesn't think they really want Hayden to" go home"..Matt: "i tend to agree with you" and Ragan asks "who do they want" and Brits says "who knows" and Brit "maybe Kathy" and Matt says they would just deal with Kathy as the floater and pick someone else "arbitrarily"

The ponder the thought of kathy winning and using it..and Brit says she doesn't understand why she just wants to make jury and Matt says she makes $27,000/year and makes more {being a slug} in the BB house..Brit says "that's lower than a school teacher makes {not in California}

Matt "man i hope she "doesn't use the stupid veto"

Ragan "first she would have to be picked" and Brit says about last week and Matt says everything is going "TV style" and Ragan says "how do you control a pinball" and Matt says "you don't" and agree its all luck..

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12:05 BBT

In cabana room Kathy talking as Enzo says his body isn't use to food as Lane says "i need a snack" and tells Lane "its too late" as him and Lane get up as Lane shoves cookies in his mouth...

Enzo says h they still ou there as Enzo says 'there is no skill to that" and Lane says they will be out there "all night"

12:07 BBT Lane and Enzo head to the Jamanji.."i'm done for tonight" Enzo says and lane "me too" and talks about how "big" tomorrow is and determines if they spend the rest of the summer together or not..

Lane munching away as Kathy pokes her head into the HN room "it stinks in here" and goes on about getting the blankets out to "warsh em"...

Lane says Brit will find out who she will put up...and said its "either Matt or Kathy" and Rach wants to "split them up" and Enzo says "who cares" what rachel wants "we got the votes" and Lane says "not if one of us goes up"

12:11 BBT "someone's getting backdoored" if you don't win Enzo tells Hayden..could be "lane" or "kathy" or even him "who da fuck knows" as Enzo says that one of the brigades might go home if they go up against one each other..

12:12 BBT Lane and Enzo thinks Brendon "wil keep it the same" and Lane says "kristin can't come off" and Enzo says they have to "push" hard for Kathy..Enzo says things are in their "favor" to win..afterwards they can celebrate Matty's birthday and Enzo says "if matty had put em up last week" they would have no problems...

12:15 BBT they joke "we know brendon's' gonna be picked...and Enzo talks twist..and says "double eliminitation" as they talk Brigade making it past that...

Now lane says "next week' is the week "to get brendon" and Lane laughs "i know we been saying that"

12:17 BBT "I'm scared" Enzo says...and Lane says Brit told him..Rach wants Kristin gone but if she gets off Matt will probably go up and want Hayden or Kristin gone but really want Kristin

12:18 BBT Enzo worried "i hope there is more to it"....Enzo says Brit is a good source of info since she's close with rachel..

12:19 BBT Back in HOH they are playing with rachel's extension..as Brit puts it on to do a "reenactment" as Brit has red extensions and Brit makes fun of Rach by imitating her...Matt has some on him too..and Rachel and Brendon come in as rachel laughs...and Brit does the Rachel for Rachel and Rachel is a good sport about it and laughs..

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12:24 BBT

Back in HOH "matt looks like such a stoner" Rachel observes in her red extensions...as Brit wants to go "downstairs" and do her "reenactment" as she heads to the jamanji

12:26 BBT "get you life vest floaters" brit says as she acts out rachel.....as she enters the jimaji and does her imitations for the guys...

12;29 BBT Enzo wishes Matt a happy 30th,,as Rachel getting a kick out of brit in red hair..as they joke Matt looks like a pot head...Matt admits "i don't what I'm doing" as Lane says "matt looks creepy" as they head into DR..

Enzo complaining about too much food as Lane asks Brendon if he found any strategy and he says "no" and Enzo asks "if Kristin wins" and Brendon says "i haven't thought that far ahead"

12:33 BBT Back to POV apparatus talk

Close up shot of Enzo playing with his junk while Brendon talking about "Donnie Wahlberg"...and "Entourage"..

12:35 BBT Hayden and Kristin in Bathroom and she says she doesn't have a job"anymore" and tells her to win "pov" and they will get Kathy as a replacement nominee "that's all we got"..Matt and Hayden talking and wonder why Rachel would call him a floater as Matt asks what she says "kristin's a target" and is one wins "there's a good chance one of you won't go home"..Matt worried Kathy will win and it will be "me or Lane for sure" and if she does win "we're fucked" as Matt says I'm jsu seeing "if you heard anything" as Matt asks if there is any "skill vibe" as Hayden says its hard getting it to the middle ..Hayden "if I win Kathy goes up" and Matt says if he's sure..

12:41 BBT Hayden says they can say Kathy is "tight with Kristin"..."next week Kristin wins HOH" as Hayden wants to Keep Kristin because "its great for us"..they leave when they hear Rachel approaching

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12:44 BBT "i adore you" Hayden says to Kathy "no matter what happens I adore you" as Kathy thanks him..as he is practicing again outside with Kristin as hayden says you think "we need some rest" as Kathy says "they've been out her panicking" and Hayden asks "who" and she says "them two"

12:47 BBT

Brendon and Hayden wish Brit a "good night" and head to HOH..as they talk if they are comfortable with the apparatus as rachel says "i can't believe" she's practicing with them...and says "i forgot" she could use it" and rachel wonders why she's on "their side"....and says "she was talking shit about us to Matt" and Brendon says Matt he "also told Hayden" he said "we " would put up a "couple" who "took a dive" and Brendon says he didn't say it..as they talk about Matt playing both sides and that's why rachel put "his key second to last" since he's "not with us" and anyone "not with us is against us" and Brendon says "i agree" and Matt enters and Rachel "heeeyyy" and he's just returning her hair..

12:50 BBT FOTH...

12:52 BBT still FOTH

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12:54 BBT

In HOH Brendon talking about Kristin and Kathy and he says "i don't know about her" aas they mock Kathy and her way he plays...as they says if she uses the veto" It would be the dumbest move" she ever made...

They continue to talk Kathy loyalties...Rach says "i hope Ragan plays in the POV" and says Enzo asked him who they "would put up" if Kristin wins..

Brendon talking about "knocking people out" and lock down an "alliance" with ragan and syas Matt's going back and forth they may need to get him out because he's always trying "to stir the pot" as Brendon says he never told Matt that and Rachel says "i think Hayden lies too" and Brendon says it will come down to "who lies the least"

12:58 Matt's loyal to ragan" and says he's not loyal 'to anyone else" and rachel agrees..

Rachel "how do feel about Enzo"....makes Bren "nervous" and ":ane" and he believes Lane and Enzo wanted to "put them up" and brendon wrongly guess that their opinion changes...Brendon Likes Britney and "short term" she's ok and they could "giver her a chance" and rachel wish "I could send Kathy home" and will be "a fucking puppy" to kristin..as Brendon says they need to tell Kathy that if she tries to keep kristin they tell het "you are against me"....

rachel: "who would I put up against Hayden"....as Rachel turns the talk about Kathy...Brendon says even though he wants to take out "the floaters" Brendon says they need to "prioritize" and Rachel worried Hayden would stay and ask who they would put up and Brendon says "Lane" and Brendon thinks Enzo's vote can't control his vote..

Brendon says the only way to get Lane on their side is if "Hayden is gone"...and says anyone "against Kristin" is good and Brendon "thinks so pretty much" {oh geez what a moron}

1:05 brief FOTH as they try to figure out who would vote Kristin out...another FOTH....Rachel says if Kristin comes off she asks if he realizes "he has a chance to go home" and Bren says he would that's why he's "stressing out" Rachel keeps saying "if we put up Kathy" and FOTH...

1:07 BBT Feeds back as Brendon says taking out Hayden would be good as Rachel wonders if Enzo and Lane "have something" and he says thinks he does with Brit and rachel says "no" Britney told her she doesn't as Brendon thinks she'll lie as rachel doesn't think so...{frequent FOTH so Its hard to get a jist what exactly they are saying]



{Im out and I will be back tomorrow..night all}

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1:25 am BBT: Hayden says to Kristen how pissed off he is that he’s on the block and its only week 4. Then he turns his attention to flirting with her and says that he thinks she is very special and weird as shit and that he likes her way more than he should but, because of that if one of them leaves this week he will hate them (Brenchel) FOREVER!!! He keeps repeating that he thinks Kathy will be the replacement nominee if one of them comes off the block and that if she is then Kathy will go home.

Kristen says she can’t believe she’s not making it to the jury house… she was sure that would be the very least she would do in the game.

Hayden says he can’t believe Rachel won again and that if she makes it to the end no one will vote for her because she doesn’t deserve it. He thinks Kathy and Enzo would both get the money of Rachel. Kristen disagrees because Enzo’s wife is an investment banker and doesn’t need the money. Hayden says that if he wins the $500,000 he’s going to send Kathy $10,000 because she deserves it.

1:40 am BBT: Kathy comes out of the Dr and tells Kristen and Hayden that she’s ready to leave the house and that she will go home for them because she can’t take being in the house with Brenchel anymore!

Hayden tells Kathy that if she wins PoV and takes Kristen off the block Enzo will go up and then he will be voted out over Enzo.

Kathy says the people Brenchel should be going after are the “real” floaters and they are all sitting in the Jumanji room right now. (That would be Enzo, Lane and Matt.) She tells them she can get Britney to vote for Hayden over Enzo ‘cause they’re both from Arkansas. She starts getting herself riled up and starts telling Haysten that she’s mad now and that will make a big difference in the game, they all better watch out. Kathy starts spouting off that she thinks Rachel will cheat tomorrow when the PoV names are called to make sure Kathy’s name isn’t in the bag.

Then she goes on to say that she believes Enzo is in an alliance with Brenchel. Hayden starts to defend Enzo but, then switches to focusing the conversation to Ragan and how he’s going to win this game because he is the ultimate floater and he’s doing it so well because everyone likes him so much.

2 am BBT: Kathy starts talking into the cameras and begging America to save them (Hayden, Kristen and herself) because they are the “good” people and Brenchel are sick and manipulative. Kristen and Kathy start mocking Rachel and saying “oh no, she doesn’t have sex with all those men that take her on dates and gives her trips and cars and things.”

Ragan comes in the BR and interrupts the conversation momentarily. When Ragan leaves (Kathy must have left when during a WBRB) they both agree that he is a great guy and they really like him a lot but, they don’t think he would stick his neck out for either of them. Hayden is questioning why Andrew turned on them when they are the reason he stayed in the house for 2 weeks.

Kristen and Hayden think they are alone now so they start thumb wrestling but, quickly stop because they hear a noise and lo and behold it’s Kathy again. She wants them to come to bed with her.

2:15 am BBT: Kristen, Hayden and Kathy go to their room and enter quietly but, Enzo is still awake so they turn on the lights and start talking with him. They’re wondering if the PoV comp will include questions or just be the pinball game. Hayden says no questions just game. Hayden bemoans Brenchel for having all the luck in the house and Enzo quickly quips back that luck runs out!

2:27 am BBT: Brendon and Rachel are definitely doing some kind of sexual activity under the covers in the HoH room. They’re doing a great job of hiding exactly what it is they’re doing but, by the sounds of it… I would guess a duo of oral and hand action. It may have been the full deal but, the lack of movement of their bodies it doesn’t seem they had intercourse. I would also venture to say that Brendon lasted longer than any previous male to dubiously enter the between the sheets rumba on BB.

2:43 am BBT: Rachel seems to fall over to the side and they both take a deep breath and giggle. She says she is sweaty and he tells her she can sweat as much as she wants during their make-out sessions. They both laugh. Brendon strokes Rachel’s hair and they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

2:56 am BBT: All house guests are asleep.

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8:34 AM BBT - Ragan, Rachel and Matt chit chatting. Ragan and Matt telling her that last night they were making up a show about making fun of Natalie's wedding and how they got called out by production about talking about production when they weren't talking about BB production, they were talking about production on the show they are making up.

Rachel: "Did she really not shower ever? She like slept with Jesse every night"

Rachel: "Ragan, You're like a little bed whore. You've slept in every room. Brendon say's he's not going to sleep in the HOH for the rest of the week. He's going to sleep in the Have Not room. It's Matt Birthday, Happy birthday Matt!!"

Matt: "I hope there as many Matt chips in the POV bag as there are usually Brendon chips."

8:43 AM BBT - Rachel asks if Enzo freaked out when they played Eminem for them this morning? Matt says Enzo always bitches because they play bad Eminem.

Rachel asks if they are on lockdown and they are.

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8:46 AM BBT - Kathy and Kristen whispering in the Taj beds. Kathy says to Kristen that she's using the veto no matter what. (Now she just needs to get picked and win it).

She wants to tell Rachel that she isn't going to use it if she wins, and then when she uses it she wants America to see how Rachel reacts.

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