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July 31st Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Outside Howie and Kaysar swing.

After much moving around and trying to adjust Howie makes comment about not he is on his first date with Kaysar.

Kaysar: I think the american public is on on to you, they know you are not that you are not really bisexual or gay, you are actually hetero and your just crazy.

Kaysar does not want to go home. He says that Maggie wants to talk to him. He wants to, but not because he was going to sell anyone out, but because he wants to see what she is thinking. Howie says that it could be him for all they know that will go up and be booted out.

Janelle comes out with ice cream, which lead to Kaysar and Howie going back in.

Kaysar to Howie: You remind me of this one white guy that I use to hank out with.

Howie: Do you hang around a lot of white guys.

Janelle: Aren't you white?

Howie: No, he's arab.

Kaysar: Me? Yeah

Howie: are you white?

Kaysar: Yeah.

Howie: I didn't know that you where white.

Kaysar: godd...

Now they are in getting ice cream. Normal Howie talking about normal howie things...what he would do with Janelle. Howie says he should be arrested for half the stuff he says, and Kaysar says he should be arrested for all of it.

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Guest Jillio

Maggie and Ivette had a plan to have Beau sneak out to catch Janelle, Kaysar and Howie talking strategy. Janelle heard the door crack and the HOH room saw her look up at their door and sent Beau for water to cover so he went down and all they were talking about was random stuff in their lives...not strategy. Now Beau is stuck listening...hahaha

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1:40 BB time

Janelle says that her brother wanted to be on this show, but he wouldn't be good for it. Howie mentions the possibility of bringing his mom on the show. Kaysar says that would be wild, with him saying "boobies this and boobies that!"

Janelle, Howie and Kaysar are brushing their teeth, and quizzing each other about all of the houseguest's birthdays. Janelle seems to know all of them. Howie was confused about a couple of them.

Now, Kaysar, Howie and Janelle are discussing how they got on the show. Howie put his sister down at the last second, but he thought it wouldn't be a good idea, because she wouldn't be able to get along.

Howie says that BB gave him a sheet to put down possible people, and they specified to him to give people who were athletic, and different categories of people. Janelle says that they NEVER said that to her! If she would have known (and FOTH!)

They are back:

Kaysar: Obviously, we can't talk about anything of substance. It has to be all crap.

Howie: I could just sing all day!

Now Howie is smelling Janelle, and says it smells like "a hot piece of ass" and he loves it. She asks if he likes it and says it is her new lotion.

Howie and Janelle are reciting a sort of poem about various gay positions. Howie says it won't make it on t.v. The various things in the poem are "carpet muncher, butt plugger, pillow biter...."

Kaysar says it is distasteful, and Janelle says "So is Ivette!"

Kaysar: Even if they don't air it, I'm sure the Johnsons overheard and will sell it to the tabloids! (They call the Johnsons the imaginary next-door neighbors)

Howie to Janelle: I go over this every day, but you've got a lot of power.

Janelle: You mean my PB&J power?

Howie: I'll give you a tongue twister tornado for it!

Janelle: No, I can get that for free.

Howie: I won't talk about your boobies for the week that I get it.

Janelle: Why?

Howie: OK, I will talk about them!

Kaysar: Howie, I hope you realize there is nothing outside of this house that you can offer her, either!

Janelle: What are you saying, Kaysar?!

Janelle mentions driving a 2002 Mercedes, which she got for her 25th birthday. Howie calls her a rich bitch.

She has a Chrysler convertible now, and says that is great in FL.

Howie says that is such a girl's car. Kaysar says he doesn't like American cars.

Howie asks if the boyfriend took the car back, and Janelle says no, she wrecked it with a breakup note.

Janelle: Seriously for me, cars don't really matter. I could drive a bicycle.

Kaysar is talking about wanting a M5 car.

Janelle says she had a white one once. She loved that car and raced around LA--it was fun.

Janelle says she had a BMW and that was before the Mercedes. Howie asks if the bf gave her that, too? She says yes, and in fact he bought her that on the first date! She was 21.

Janelle: He really liked me.

Howie: Oh, God. 21. That is so hot.

Howie tells Kaysar that he hopes he finally gets some p----y.

Kaysar: Don't worry about me.

Howie: Sorry!

Kaysar hopes that Howie gets a great girl.

Howie says he wants a 25-year-old who keeps her mouth shut. He says 26 is too used up. He says he just wants a great body and great face.

Janelle: What are you going to give her?

Howie: A tongue tornado!

Kaysar says he thinks Howie is "just talking shit" and he will fall in love harder than anyone else. She may get him with her boobies at first, but he will fall in love with her.

Janelle says she wants four kids.

Howie says he doesn't want kids.

Howie: I don't think the world wants me reproducing.

Janelle: Why?

Howie: I don't know. He says he is getting too old.

Kaysar says when you touch Howie's skin it feels like leather. Janelle says his feet are awful.

Howie: Thanks. You little bitch. (joking)

Now talk is of Howie's ex-girlfriend from Chicago, who wanted him to do this thing where you put a vacuum up your butt and it sucks everything out. Howie has heard it feels good.

Janelle: It's called a colon cleanse.

Kaysar says it is like when a woman gets on a table for an exam, but they flush out everything.

Janelle: It's like an ABORTION? That's disgusting.

Kaysar says this needs a disclaimer.

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Rachel up and on treadmill

Rachel doing sit-ups by gumball machine

Rachel in bathroom getting vitamins and doing morning stuff

someone comes in and whispers something but I am not sure who it is...

Rachel in pantry putting batteries in her mic

Rach in pantry talking to herself - Thanx for the orange juice (sarcastically)

R - goes back to kitchen it is very dark in there, then to bathroom

Jenn is up

R - Hey jennifer there is some pepto bismal tablets out here

r - back out to kitchen

jenn - still in the loo

r - getting some breakfast, it is quite dark and i cannot see what she is getting but she does have several pieces of fruit

ahhh she seems to be making some fresh squeezed orange juice

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R - in kitchen still dark telling jenn there is Sprite (jenn must have an upset tummy)

R - outside eating a bowl of cereal

James and Sarah cuddled in bed...

R still outside eating her breakfast

rachel giggles (must be someone else outside with her), but I see no one else out there

same ol same ol, but the nearby airport must be very busy this morning, A LOT of airplanes flying over this morning!

R done with bfast and is back in Kitchen cleaning up her dishes...

R back in store room... WHO IS SHE TALKING TO???, back to kitchen

R now feeding fishies, pulled up a chair to sit and watch them eat, she is clearing her throat a lot this morning and coughing a lot. Maybe she is getting sick

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eerie quietness to the house, r still sitting in front of the fish tank watching them after she fed them, almost like watching a nature show I would assume

c1 rachel

c2 rachel

c3 james and sarah asleep

c4 hg asleep but I don't know who

rachel done watching fish, puts chair back and heads back into kitchen

heads outside then inside clears throat alot

walks to DR - Hello??? Good morning! I have a request list.


rachel back out and heads out to the back yard

heads over to pool starts cleaning

R- screams and says oh S***! Well that is one way! That is one way to get it, who put that on... she takes pool hose out of the pool. "I'm not getting that until it gets warmer" (talking to herself)

r heads back into kitchen, mumbling something. starts putting the utensils away.

r - It's so disgusting (to self)

***correction*** she was taking the utensils OUT so she could clean the utensil drawer.

r washing utensil drawer

r - howie! oh God, you dork (to self)

r continues on her cleaning spree

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R now putting utensils back in freshly cleaned drawer

drying dishes now, and putting them away. I wish she would come to my house:)

james and sarah stirring (C3 in bedroom)

r still in kitchen

r- whooops!

r continues to clean the kitchen

someone snoring in one of the two bedrooms on camera c3 and c4

r now in bathroom, picking up towels and laundry, heads to BY, takes laundry to washer and dryer to do a few loads... can someone say CINDERELLA???

heads back inside to kitchen sink, continues doing dishes

rach - "Hmmmmm" (to self still)

heads back to bathroom, cleaning and straightening up

still in BR filing nails now

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r in bathroom still working on nails

r now out sitting at big round table, checking out nails and looking thouroughly bored, painting nails now

c1 & c2 rachel sitting at round table

c3 james and sarah spooning

c4 i dunno who it is but they are asleep

r continues to sit at RT and looks board, looking around kiitchen as if to try to find something to do

more stirring on c3 james and sarah

r sighing and clearing throat, sitting at table with head resting in hands

R finally got done sitting at table, up and moving around.

went into common bedroom and is by her bed digging around, being quiet

heads out of CBR and into BR

rach getting in shower...

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I didn't see this posted in here so thought I would help out. If it doesn't belong Mods please delete or move post. Thanks.

Around 1 a.m. hg time, Howie, Kaysar and Janelle were in the kitchen talking while Ivette layed on the floor upstairs eavesdropping along with Maggie with her ear to the door. How, Kay and Jan were saying how nothing can take James out of the game and how the guy is one of the best players ever and just won't die (which they already told to his face). Ivette interrpeted that how she wanted and snuck back into the hoh room and said how they were using James and they are really trying to get him out too. The hoh room then made a plan for Ivette to go to James today to tell him that she over heard them saying they wanted to get rid of him.

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James is now awake and heads into BR where rach is taking a shower...

R - good morning

j - good morning

james says something i could not understand and rach says "Yeah"

rach still in shower james heads back to CBR to put on his mic, uuuuummmm maybe not, he looks like he just climbed back in bed with sarah...

rach done with shower, starts her morning facial routine... now dressed and putting on lotion, brushing teeth,

jenn now up and in kitchen

rach & jenn in br

rach heads into CBR to put her things away, heads outside to washer and dryer, then heads to big round chaise lounge and lays down...

jenn sitting down in bathroom just thinking, she doesn't look well

rach still on chaise, jenn just came out of the loo again & washes hands

looks like jenn just went into the DR

jenn back out and in kitchen

jenn heads back to BR, and then back to kitchen...

jenn - Ouch

heads outside, rach gets off of chaise and heads to laundry area,

***my feeds are acting up, time for me to go I guess***

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Pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast in the BB house.

Rachel burned the first 3 pancakes as the pan was too hot. Ivette is cooking the eggs.

Maggie comes down stairs.

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AS we return from fish On camera 3 there is Kayser James and Sarah are in the workout room, they seem to be having a convo but I am seeing the end of it because Kay leaves the room

James is trying to teach Sarah how to use the weights

1 and 2 we have the house making breakfast or lunch or somthing

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BB: Janelle, please change you batteries.

HG's Dumbass

Beau: Dumb b*&ch.

All talking around the table. April pulled the blankets off James and Sarah at some point. Sarah teasing that April expected to see "something".

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