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July 31st Live Feed Updates

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The HG's just came in from lockdown (1:15p BBT) and there was this big birthday bash for April...Cake, Ice Cream, gifts from K-Mart ( including a tank top, a belt, and a Kodak Digital Camera), and the usual decorations. 
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Kaysar talking to Rachel while she is doing laundry. Kaysar is saying that he wants to go and talk to Maggie and figure out why she is trying to make deals. Rachel says who do you think she is going to put up? K:she will put up Janelle, and I will be going home. R:Eric left her instructions on what to do and she will carry them out.

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Kayser is telling James, Sarah and Janelle if they can convince Maggie to put up one of hers as a pawn, they will have the 5 votes to keep Kayser but they wil lhave to convince Maggie that they will vote to evict Kayser.

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From around 4.50 EST (computer trouble sorry)

Rachel and Kaysar talking outside while Rachel does laundry.

He is summarizing Maggie and his conversation for the night before.

Rachel: People in this game are going to do what they want to do. I don

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Interesting convo between Kaysar and Maggie. Well, Kaysar did all the talking. I didn't get it all, but at the end, he said "Between you and I, I'm not a graphic designer. That's how I pulled off what I did last week."

The gist of Kaysar's monologue was that Maggie has a bunch of followers who kiss her ass (he didn't say that outright) but who probably won't win HOH and that if she really wants to save herself, she'll go further by aligning herself with strong people. He wants her to put someone on the block from her group when the veto is used.

He's recounting their conversation to James, Sarah and Janelle now.

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Kaysar went is in the gym to talk to Maggie while she is working out.

K: I want to continue our convo. from yesterday.


K: We talked about trust and the game and somewhat of a deal. Your objective is to take out some key players


K:Even though you are safe this week you want to ensure your saftey for the next weeks. You may think about taking a deal to save your own ass.

The only way you can assure your safety is to put up someone from your side.

M: How does that help me?

K: Take me off this week will be a good thing. Your probably not gonna win any more HOH's. Physically your side is at a disadvantage. My objective here is done. I'm ready to go home, I have nothing else to lose.

M: who are you speaking for

K: The people that aren't sleeping in the HOH. That's all I have to say

M: Thank you

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Kaysar explaining his talk to Maggie.

We talked about the lack of trust, the game, and that M eluded to a deal. She said did I? I'm like come on Maggie. You tried to get two key players out of the game...you know you'renot like safe. You wanted to cause disention among the group and you weren't even close to being successful. We'll give you that safety. Take one person up from your group. You know physically, mentally, you're disadvantaged. Let's face it. Right now you're a target, and for now that target could be removed. She's like who are you speaking for? I'm like potentially anybody who is not sleeping with you at the moment.

K: I'm prepared to leave, I have nothing to lose. As I walked out, I go by the way I'm not a graphic designer. A graphic designer couldn't pull off the sh-t that happened here this week. She just gave me a weird look and I closed the door.

James: But you are a graphic designer, right?

K: yes.

K: I left her no other details. If she really wants more, she'll come back.

James: You tell her there's nothing more to discuss. We'll find out tomorrow at the ceremony.

K: that's why I"m like these are the conditions - I'm out.

James: At first I was pissed when I heard about this whole plan, but if it works, it's ingenious.

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Howie has entered the GR now and they've filled him in on the WR discussion with Maggie.

H: Another point to make is that she said she didn't have money for landscaping. So ask are you here to better your life or to be in the sequester house with your friends?

James: I want a commitment from the group that we're putting her (Maggie) out anyhow. She's coming for me and I can't keep dodging bullets.

Kaysar: I really think Maggie's going to tell them play strategic ... don't go emotional. It's up to you guys, I'm prepared to leave. I have nothing to lose. I told her, you think those four people upstairs could save you? The second one of them is not HOH she's out the door. Of course she could just think I'm just lying to her.

James: talk aobut strategy, keeping her around is a dumb move regardless.

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Kaysar just told "his side" in the GR that he also told Maggie that he was a leader of people that think and stand on their own, and that she (Maggie) just led a bunch of dummies. Then he said that Maggie said "That's true". Then they all laugh about it. ***That was never said in the discussion that he had with Maggie***

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K to H: If i win, I'm buying you 10,000 worth of clothing.

K said he could have janie if he wanted to [janies in the room]

janie: he's jokinggggg.

K: janie said I look like a drug dealer.

H: janies a good girl.

James and howie just found out Janie broke up with her boyfriend on national television.

Janie: I didnt have a choice!! they wouldnt let me or shawn call him!

H; did you really do it in the principals office?

Janie: yes.

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S: Janie..did michael cop a feel?! janie..janie look at me...did he?!

Janie giggles and says yes

H: YOU LITTLE BITCH.. I knew you were a little slut!!!!!!!!

S: JANIE!...JANIE!....did he touch you down low.

Janie: no...

S: are you lying?!

Janie: no......

H : Iknew you were a slut my little janie.

Janie hits howie

H: janieeee

H: I'm getting a woody.

K: this is so funny... i love this end of the house.

H: since I always fly first class....making fun of janie

K: april & b had a dream about janie...b said that they got into a fist fight..and april said her dream was janie hooknig u with matt, aprils husband.

janie says they are jealous..[shes kidding]

james says howie can have sarah after the veto ceremony.

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james and sarah calling each other stupid...h asks if thats from south park..james says when you have a 23 year old girlfriend thats how conversations go.

h asks s how many guys shes been with..she says 3...james and howie say ok mult by 3...

h and james say if its a guy you divide by 3 , and a girl you mult [# of people they've been with]

sarah was a virgin until she was 18.

k says nobody can contain howie when he [k] leaves.

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