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July 31st Live Feed Updates

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the longest howie has had sex for is 40 minutes. the shortest was 8 seconds. it took him longer to walk to the gas station to get a condom then it did to 'satisfy'

howie dominating convo and it's all sexual.

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S: ahh I can feel my brain frying listening to you.

James: poor Rachel

S: you're a character Howie

H: thats scara..my tv girlfriend.

kaysar is laughing...sarahs crcking up...

Howie puts sweet pea on his johnson <--exact words.

howie says he hasnt 'choked a chick' in 1 month

kaysar laughing tells the story how they are celebrating aprils bday, daves bday, and howie piped up and said they are celebrating his 1 months.

james said howie better take his mic off if howie pleasures himself..he says he can't because BB will call him to the DR when he is in mid doing.

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james wants to sprinkle broken glass on the floor so they can hear people spying.

james says whatever we do they tell us to stop it.

howie: bb is always 10 steps ahead

james: thats because they vocalize them. [their thoughts]

they got their pictures taken for a cellphone desktop

K: we're famous now guys....congrats.

s: yeah right.

j: yeah for liek 15 minutes..13..

s: maybe you should go work out baby

j: do you hear this wench?!

HG's..this is a lockdown..please go outside and close the shades

J: god damn it

s: come on man are you serious

j: its those fucking fish

k: its like a million degrees out!!!!!!!!

k: it better not be those damn fish

they are changing into their bathing suits..janie has to wake up and go outside

janies pissed, she was sleeping

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everyone runs to the bathroom..theres a line now for use of the toilet.

janie, beau, howie all waiting to use it, jens in there now.

howie compliments beaus butt..beau is sitting on howie..beau asks h if hes light.

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bb: Howie...

h: sorry bb i cant find the cottage cheese. do you see it bb?!

and for the third time...

houseguests..this is a lockdown.

everyones outside but h, k, james was outside, now he ran back in.

R talking about what they are going to make for dinner.

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Ivette thinks at aprils party they should have posed next to cappys picture with all the party favors around it.

A says he will watch it.

little convo.. R, I, A sitting in chairs..3 feeds on them

howie telling jokes 'whats green and red all over....a frog in a blender'

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nothing going on.

most hgs at the table eating..[actually its sov 6 minus rachel plus beau eating]

apparently sarahs new nickname is 'scara' to howie and james.

howie wishes they could have watched the veto comp..all he heard was BOOM BOOM.

james said afterwards he hit everyones picture and none would budge.

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HG'S are on lockdown outside.

howie,kaysar,janelle,sarah,james and beau are at the patio table having a conversation. (nothing interesting)

racheal,ivette and april are on the lounge chairs pretty much falling asleep and maggie is laying by the pool on the grass.

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Jenny: I used to have..actually I shouldnt say that..well nevermind I don't care..I used to have a friend that was a firefighter....

FISH. [thanks]

James thinks the LD is a because of the 'damn fish'

K agrees they are putting the fish back they took out earlier.

K: damn fish.

k asks beau what the gayest name hes been called..beau said not really anything..beaulicious? then shrugs.

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James, Kaysar and Janelle are talking.

J: if this deal goes through its the most amazing thing in the world in bb history. Kaysar you'll go down as an all-star..

Jan: what do you think the internet feed is showing and what people are seeing.

J: you broke up with your bf on tv.. i'd rather see my girlfriend break up with me other then see her cheat on me on live tv

K: what eles is she suppose to do, she has needs

James is now talking about paris hilton and her sex tape. how boring it was and how paris answered her cell phone while they where having sex.

K: they guy released it right?

J: i think he got sued for it or something.

K: she's a moron and he's an a**hole

Now kaysar is talking more about paris, the event with the hacked cell phone and released phone numbers. how she is going to get married. James is saying who she is engaged too and how he came about his family money.

James is now talking about financial aid and how he need's the money to be able to go to school and such.

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S, A, R said that quarters were obvious and easy to find

R found 5...Sarah found 3..someone else found 3..james cant find anything..janelle cant find any..

rach said she wasnt looking, they jumped out

beau found 2

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s found another one, ivette said she just looked there ((not hard enough huh?))

howie found one on rachels key.

m said it hought they were supposed ot be obvious?!?!

howie siad thats his first quarter

all around the gumball machine..rach give sher quarters to people

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