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July 31st Live Feed Updates

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Guest Stephiie

Ivette/Beau/Maggie team discuss what they were missing.

All walk around giving hugs and congrats.

Jenny hugs Kaysar, as well as Rachel.

Teams start telling BB that there's glass all over the ground.

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last post for me on this board for awhile.. im exhausted.

Kaysar jsut telling sarah how much faster her team was then the other..kaysar said they wiped them...and other team made excuses.

sarah borrowing more of janies things (slippers) for the movie.

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Sarah and Kaysar have a quick talk about the light bulbs and the losing team. Kaysar says how stupid they are.

The girls are now getting ready to watch the movie. Sarah is in her jammies and borrorwed a pair of janelles slippers

Rach said something about the ticket and saving it forever then BB went to FISH!

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(sorry, double posted by accident) - i'll add to this one when feed comes back

Feed is back up.. All houseguest's go to the Newly made over HOH room. Jenny is freaking out about all the candy and screaming at the top of her lungs..

Howie was acting as the usher...

Ivette apparently had a dream a few nights ago about a big popcorn machine and everything thinks that is freaky.

BB will not allow any of the houseguest's who are suppose to be watching the movie - share their candy with the other houseguest's. Feed keeps cutting in and out. (they need something for the live show)

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sarah says it smells like they just made the popcorn. there is so much candy they think they will be sick but jen says she doesn't care.

rachel: jen i know you wanted to see your movie.

sarah: i was screwing those bulbs in so fast.

jen: i heard janelle say y'all are doing good. y'all are doing good.

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All other houseguest's who don't have tickets where asked to leave the HOH room. (not really impressed with the made over room)

sarah,rach and jen are really hyper right now about watching a movie and all the junk food that was included.

in the kitchen: Maggie and ivette don't look overly impressed with not being able to watch the movie.

Conversation in the GR: (james and kaysar)

K: they don't get it, they think what they are doing is right.


Jan: those ugly bitches are sitting out there telling howie how they would never sell each other out.

K: have them flight against each other to win.. (fish)

K: worse case senerio ivette is gone

J: or april which would be better

K: you would much rather have april go other then ivette?

J: i get along better with ivette

Jan: omg james...

J: i'd rather get rid of april because she is brainwashed

JAN: you don't have a problem putting that bitch up do you

J: i don't have a problem at all.

J: if you want to be number one, there are going to be two more people standing in your way.

the three of them are talking about ivette and how much jan and kaysar hate her however james would much rather put up.

K: if you win HOH, put ivette and april up there. Let's see what happens then. they are offender.

Jan: i was walking around the house singing "carpet muncher" and they got mad at me.

Now they are making fun of april and how she wants to be a spokesmodel.. Kaysar is laughing hard

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Conversation between James, Kaysar and Janelle

K: they are so dump, they couldn't even figure out that game.

H: they where smart enough to win the HOH comp

K: they got lucky james

K: i haven't heard a single thing that ivette has said that made sense

JAN: me too

J: you can't talk about politics with anyone in here

K: i can come in here and actually speak to you people

K: i go out there and i can't even think of where to start, they are so stupid. they keep screaming.

Janelle is making fun of ivette, april and maggie and how they scream.

k: there is no way that maggie is 26. i think she is 28

JAN: why would they lie about there age?

J: i lied about mine remember, to make me feel longer and fit in more.

Jan: i'm so fat, i want to work out, i'm angry

K: you are angry?

Jann: i want to go out there and start a flight

James is buggin janelle for saying she is fat and bugging her for eating ice cream.

K: it's time's like that i thank god for allowing me to be who i am, not saying i'm someone special but i'm not them

J: like i said kaysar, i'm ready to go home. i know who my friends are

J: i hope the first time we have to nominate someone

K: i seriously want to hang out with you after this james.

JAN: you too

K: all the other group is is kiss each others ass

JAN: none of them are nice and they are all stupid

James is bugging kaysar and saying that when he goes home he is going to vote republican. kaysar says he will never go to the darkside.

K: the girls are all out there flirting with howie.

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James: i hate everyday in this house.

Kay: i hate everyone in this house

James: have you ever had a job in the real world?

KAY: no, i refuse.

James is talking about his job and how much he deals with morons.

Howie joins the conversation...

howie: these are the dumbest people i've ever seen, they are so stupid.

Howie is talking about his conversation in the kitchen with ivette and maggie about who to put up and how they do it, they told howie that how the 4 of them will never sell each other out.

H: ivette asked me if it bothered me when someone speaks on my behalf i told her no.

Janelle is laughing.. howie is saying over and over how stupid those people are and if he loses to them, he will kill himself.

James is telling howie how they would like to put up ivette and april and if won of them wins veto they plan to put up maggie (hard to hear)

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