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July 31st Live Feed Updates

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Ivette and james are talking in the gym about the most nasty players in the game, ivette is asking james if he wins HOH who would he put up.

J: i would have to put up maggie because she wants me dead.

I: shouldn't you put up racheal and howie?

J: no. I have to get rid of maggie because eric told her to get me out.

I: you have to go and talk to maggie, make her understand. there are more nasty players in the game we have to get rid of first james.

Ivette said that maggie will not got for kaysar's plan. James want's kaysar out this week

That's all i heard, sorry !

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ivette just rejoined hoh room....feed got lost damn camera people...

it appears they aren't talking strategy in the hoh room.

((I'm banging my head on my desk in confusion right now))

ohh here we go.

Ivette tells them the Jams convo..

james has to sit down and think..ivette telling basically the whole convo word by word..

james said when he swore on the bible, when maggie put him up that got nullified. as ivette tells them this they are UGHHH.

they trash talk kaysar and james...

I: you cant tell him i told you he swore on the bible.

M: are you ever going to trust him again

I: nooo not after he sowre on the bible.

M: nohing i do should change him swearing on the bible

M: it has been brought to my attention, that i should start picking off the weak plays...AND...he represents everyone else..including sarah and james. HMM...

I: grab rachel saying its really nice to know that kaysar is representing you

M: I Will.. i tohught you guys should know that.

M: as of right now im out next week...if i want to make it in this game, i need to figure out..cut off the loose ends which apparently is april and jen. so i can save myself.

they all stare in disbelief at maggie. someone said I told you so.

M: k thinks im stupid enough to realize...he doesnt know you 4 put your hands in the circle and said kaysars gone.

A: Ill tell him im voting for him...Im not scared.

M making fun of him: " I know you're TRYING to break out our group.."

M: He is GONE, he doesnt need more info.

I: shoulda said, isnt that what you wanted to do last week?

A: Im about to light some shit up..be lucky your going to the movies.

Ivette wants Maggie to go to Rachel

Beau wants ivette to tell James (that kaysar is representing them)

April keeps saying "so wait!!...kaysar said.. and keeps asking her to retell the story"

maggie says she wont lie

A: so let me ask you again, kaysar said you should put one of us up next to him....

A: go to the movies people.. im left with everyone of those mother fuckers.

Jen/M/B were pissed that kaysar was smirking at them..they said michael said its the bi smirk.

Apparently Janelle is going up against kaysar?!?!

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Maggie is in the HOH room telling april,jenny,beau the "deal" or threat about him asking her to put one of her players on the block against him. April asked maggie if she's ever said anything to kaysar.

A: kaysar said that you need to put up one of "us" against him in order to save yourself (Maggie)

M: yep..

A: go to the movies people, i'm left with those mother fuckers

Maggie: kaysar is GONE!!! i don't need to tell him any more information about anything.

M: that is the type of blackmail situation he was trying to put me in (talking about janelle)

M: kaysar is telling me that i need to cut off one of the "weak" links of our group.

The group is talking about kaysar, james and they are angry. Especially april after hearing the "suggestion" kaysar had told maggie

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Maggie continues to relay all the conversation..

April said shes going to go up on the mother fucker and his 'peep'

A: the reason is hhe knows im not going to sit there and listen to his bullshit

(((hmmm..somehow I ohught it was the other way around))

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James and rachael are talking about how the HG's so far have been going after the "stronger" players and he feels that it's not the way to go in this game because then you gain a strong enemy.

James told racheal that maggie will not take the deal because that would make her look selfish and she's all about her "group"

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Howie, Kaysar and Rachael are now in the Living room.

BB asked rach to move her mic higher. (she wasn't even talking)

Howie and kaysar are now playing coasters.

Kaysar is beating himself up because he's not a good "coaster" player. Rach is trying to tell him it's ok. ( kaysar is really looking sad lately)

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5:19 pm BBT

All 4 feeds are now showing fishies!

Feed's up... back in the HOH room

Maggie is telling everyone that she does not feel intimidated by kaysar. She doesn't care less what he has to say to her or about her. Once again she is talking about kaysar, the talk they had, and the proposal that he offered her (threatened her)

M: they think i'm fucking retarded, i kinda feel insulted

J: they think we are so weak or think your are weak maggie to even come up to you and ask you something like that.

Maggie, beau and ivette left in the room - lost feed

Ivette is now talking about the HOH comp for when Kaysar won.

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maggie asking everyone what they should do about the bible swearing thing.

I says she has 10-20% of belief in james...

I: he doesnt manipulate me..i just listen to him..thats it..he knows where I belong..he perfectly knows that.

A: do you care if i call kaysar up here?

everyone says no

they want everyone in the house to see it.

April says during ld, james and k were siting there talking about school and game and k said something like ya man, the strtegy has to change, the weak people need to go, if the strong people get off they will go crazy. pretty much saying strong players will come back with a bigger vengance.

I: screw their plans...we know the only people we can trust is the 5 of us

all agree

I: let him swear..them going crazy didnt get them hoh..the 5 of us just need hoh.

rachel pleaase move ur mic higher

M; really? why? [should rach put her mic higher]

B: who you whispering to, bitch

Ivette wants to go off on kaysar.

a doesnt care, she says next week is the next week is the last week she can go home to matt.

M calling Janie a loner

M: she hasnt stepped foot in here since i got hoh

M I need to know..

A: I think kaysar will lie to me

A: Im gonna pose it.. i need to get something straight, idk who is getting put up next to you, i was going to vote for you to stay--see.. i am gonna jsut say that to pretend-- i wanna see...

M: you already know hes a liar..why do you need to know more

I: dont tell him you wanted him to stay!

A: no i didn't nah no i dont..nevermind

I: same way some people think its ok to say strap a bomb to themselfs and take one for their religion..he walks around putting up these bribes...FISH.

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A: what did you say back to him, maggie??

Maggie: well this is how it went...i said to him..just so you know, i cant walk when i work out, but i can listen, and he replied, thats all you're good for anyways. Maggie retells the story how shave off the weak ones and put up the weak ones to keep maggie another week. i asked, who are you referring to? and he said, anyone who sleeps in the hoh room.

A: so he was saying...theyd vote one of us off, and youd be safe for another week... ((ask again april, ask again!!!)

A: you are shitting me theyd even send one

M: they think im fucking retarded..I feel kinda insulted..

Jenny: they really do think we are weak to think that maggie would consider it.

A: IM gonna go out there and see what the mood is. jenny and april leave.

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I still going on about how maggie should confront someone (rach??) about being represented.

Maggie: OMG- wow!!!..I should put howie or rachel up.

I: howie thinks hes going up.

B: janelle thinks shes going up

M: wow...we're a bunch of rejects..so they are one week behind and they think me being hoh can save their week

Beau makes fun of them

M: how funny would it be if I put up Janelle, and the 4 of them vote to keep kaysar, and we vote to keep janelle, that will let janelle know shes fucked too...

I: yeah but you don't wanna do it.

M: if the 5 of them do the opposite of what they think...

B: can you imagine a vote of 8-0.

M: it wont be 4-4.

B: how nice would thatb e if its 8-0.

M: k will know his entire team voted him off.

M: i cant believe james said that was void because I threw at his tv. very interesting rationality.

they talk about k swearing on his life..james swearing on the bible and how its funny ..

I: some people think out of their ass

M: james isnt stupid enough to get caught though. you know that right?

they are making fun of rachel now...calling her slow and stupid and she thinks they [erics cult] lieks her.

B/I/M intently watching the spyscreen

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Maggie and Beau

M: it's unfortunate that rachael isn't on our side, she seems like a damn good player to me.

B: yeah

M: wow, what a bunch of rejects, they are one week behind and now we can save our week.

B: yeah ( i'll get rid of one of my group to get you back on track) he said this in a scarastic

M: how funny would it be if i put up janelle, and they vote to keep kaysar and we vote to keep janelle would show her that she is screwed too.

B: can you imagine an 8 -0 vote.

M: yeah, it will not be a 4-4 vote, it's going to be very interesting. kaysar will know his entire team voted him off.

Maggie is talking about the comp and how james told her something was void. ( don't know what she's talking about)

I: let's not freak out, let's just relax.. and think..

M: some people don't know how too..

I: look how they are all talking shit about each other.

M: james isn't stupid enough to get caught through, you know that right?

Ivette and Beau are making fun of Racheal watching the spy cam.. Maggie is watching too trying to figure out who is where and who is together.


M: everyone walks funny

B: yeah, everyone does, it's weird, i was thinking howie did too

M: i'm sure april just went to go address kaysar

( i couldn't hear the rest of the convo, they are whispering very low and bb is dropping the ball on turning up their mics)

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M: so im sure april went to address kaysar.

B: its not fair..shut up!!! (making fun of sarah)

Ivette telling b and m that she is going to call james out

R/James tlaking in gym..I just got them parting ways..didn't hear

convo..they were whisperig very very hushed. ((anyone catch that want to post it?!!!!))

rach says she has no idea what kind of comp it will be

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real quick clarification..

earlier when I/James were in the gym talking, i/james talked about who james would put up if he got hoh.

james didnt know, ivette reminded him he swore on the bible. james said thats null now because maggie put him...maggie and gang are PISSED about it, because ivette ran and told the lemmings. THAT was what maggie talked aobut what was void.

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Mag saying she cant beat him...I dont like that he doesnt tell everyone what he does for a living..did he tell you ivette? (howie?? kaysar?? james??)

M: he told kaysar what he does for a living

I: should i go talk to james??

M: do what you want..dont represent me though..

I: what?

M: don't say maggie this maggie that.

M: I Knew thats why sarah didnt say..and she says..he tells me everything..well yeah i know that much

I: im getting sick to my stomach..

M: she keeps trusting him... i find that amazing...

evilette goes downstairs..

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A & K in collective bedroom

((damn, i missed a lot of this))

April is very calm...

A: its amazing kaysar, the propositions against your own..people you believe are your friends..

K: not much you can do. i can only do whats in my hands.

no yelling or screaming...

A: was the reasoning to get the plan on track?

K: what plan?

A: remember, you said your 3 week plan?

K: oh..well obviously if she took that offer we wouldnt be gunning for her, theres others i want to go for.. im not gonna tell you because youll go up there and stir things up

A: its obvious many people dont like ivette.. i dont even know who is... i dont even know where i stand.. im not gonna even think about it.. like whatever.

K: I didnt say anything specific.. like i said, you do something from your end, you got something from our end, it was that general.

A: why is she? shes single now.

K: so what? shes the strongest on that team, doesnt make a difference.

K: no hiden agendas, i didnt mention names, i did

a says she wants to be friends after this..k says he doesnt see why not.

A: im gonna have to see who is put up there with you..but i know it wont be one of us.. i know that for a fact

K: thats fine.. i guess i..

james enters room, their convo stops. james leaves.

K: i mean you know info I don't and you're not telling me, so...

A: again..so .. if ..you should know without me having to say, you can put 2 and 2 together, i wasnt listening outside of storage, i could care less..people do what they have to do.

K: theres only 1 option now, i have to go home. i lost the veto, im a prime target

A: who will take over your group.

K: im not the leader! they have all gone up and won comps. they are all either 1st 2nd or 3rd. theyve been battled tested. starters vs. people on the bench. not to belittle anyone elses game plan- but hoh comps you see who is preforming and how..you see the 2nds and 3rds, thats the thing. nobody needs anybody. nobody needs me. they are all individuals. they know waaht the objectives are.

A: you honestly feel liek they all have your back ina heartbeat?

K: pause... i think so.. i dont know... and i wont know. i can only play the game according to what I think is going on. thats how i percieve things to be. im just not sure. that's it.

A: this damn game..crazy.

K: im not taking it as a game. am i leaving? most likely. i did all i could. i played the game..there was some bad luck involved, in the end, waht can you do.

A: it can happen to anyone next week

K: tht's just it.

A: whoever comes out and wins the money at the end..the biggest % is luck. all about the right place at the right time.

K: maybe.

A: you need a brain..phyiscal and mental endurance..but it has to do with ...luck.

K: thats why i dont worry too much..did i think maggie would tell everyone the whole story...

A: no i just found out about it

K: how? who did she tell??

A: we promised each other this week wed be as true ..weve enjoyed each other..w know that we are targets but yall. its the obvious. its been said

k: right.

a: and we said we would be honest..we have a common interst , bonds, friendships..it isnt an alliance.

K; my question was, maggie -- how did this info--

she interupts..

A: dont get me wrong..

K: how did this info..

A: theres been some interesting presented today, and hey FYI this is whats been presented, and hey FYI its kinda crazy. shes never been hoh so shes like holy shit its amazing what people will say and do, its more humorous to her then anything. it was your only option, but you included what other peple said..interesting very interesting. we dont sit there and bash people all day, and strategize all day.. i mean here and there a convo will come up.

K: we dont strategize all day either...

A: but...

A: it isnt over till the fat lady sings. ill see who she puts up tomorrow.

K : I have a good idea who shell put up

A: the deal is.. i mean yo can ask me.. im gonna be honest with you.. yest if I was lying or whatever, i would have said whatever kaysar whatever.. i knew who gave that suggestion to you.. i know who suggested that. whoever suggested it probably was covering their ass. whatevers said up there..its like whatever...whattttever..but anyways.. i could easily be right behind you [getting evicted] if you do leave, you can go home and not be sequested...you know...

K; yeah, i know.

K: oh well.

A: I am kinda scared of the hoh.


A: within the next week you're....you're being looked at...


A: how do you feel

k: you have to accept what happens..nothing you can do about it

A: itll be fine.. i mean.. im not gonna.. im wont..i firmly believe nobody should be treated differently.

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April and Kaysar conversation.

A: you understand that someone in your group told us the entire conversation. I swear on my life. I went upstairs and told them you where talking and such.the funny thing is, i'm sure you know this. i'm not HOH, maggie is. When people are in there and who could be cut. the information that they are gathering and bringing upstairs and telling maggie.

A:I heard what you have said to maggie this morning, of course she is going to tell us, we look at each other like friends, unless we have to put someone up there later in the game. we don't talk about the game all day, we talk about our lives and enjoy one another.

April is telling kaysar in a few undetailed way that someone in there group is coming up in the HOH room and telling the other group who they "suggest" should be put up. She wont give him names however she is extremely hinting to him that he should "watch" his group.

K: i'm going home, there is just no way, i don't have the votes. who is going to keep me into this game.

A: you told maggie to put one of us up

K: i said that the only way for me to get the votes is if one of that group is up agains me. I told her to take a bit off the end, who you should feel to go, that's all to i said, however she want's to take that is her thing.

K: i keep it general, i said this is what is up, i spoke to her for only 5 mins.

A: she said it was quick and to the point and i was offended by it.

K: i never said your name.

A: i mean like, i'm the weakest one in that group

K: i never said taking someone out weak players, i told her to pick anyone.

K: i wouldn't take out the weak player. i told her this is where i stand, do what you want to do. I know i'm on my way out, i've done all i can here and then i walked away, 4-5 mins and i was done, i haven't talked to her since.

A: when you are up there (block) you have to do what you have to do to try and safe yourself. With her being HOH we are all staying up there to get a good night's sleep for the next comp (hoh). it's amazing kaysar, the suggestions against you and your team, people who you believe are your friends. that is part of the game.

K: there isn't much i can do.

A: remember when you told me what your plan was going to be for the 3rd week.

K: if she does it, we wont be gunning for her anymore. i don't want to go upt here and stir things up

A: i mean it's. that people don't like ivette. I don't think that is like something that is hitting. I don't even know where i stand anymore. i'm not going to think about it. whatever..

K: i never said anything specific. i said you do something on your end, i'll do something on my end and you are safe. That's it..

A: why, she is single now.. she doesn't have a pair

K: so what, she is the strongest one on your team, it doesn't make a difference.. she's strong

A: ok

K: that's it. there is no hiden agenda's, i didn't meantion names. i'm ready to walk out this door. i can pack my bags and leave

A: i want to be friends with you outside this house.

K: we've been honest with each other, i don't see why not we can't be friends.

A: i have to see who is put up there but i know it's not going to be one of us, i know that for a fact.

K: that is fine.. like i said.. you know information and you are not telling me

A: if i.. you should know without me having to say a name.. put 2+2 together. i could have cared less. People have to do what they have to do to make sure they are going to stay or be put up.

K: well. there is only one option now. i have to go home. i lost the veto and i'm prime target..

A: who is going to take over your group if you leave

K: every single one of those people have battled to stay in the game, won the veto's, HOH comps. They have been a target since day one and they are the ones who are leaving one by one.

A: do you think that everyone would have your back on a heart beat

K: i think so, however you can never be so sure. I don't know.

K: i can only play the game occuring to how i think people are playing the game, other then that i'm not sure.. that's it...

A: this damn game. Crazy.

K: i'm not taking this as a game. i tried to win veto, i lost.. i'm playing this game to the best of my ablity and i've lost.

A: it can happen to any one of this next week and the next week

A: i truely believe that the person who get's through this, wins the game a small precentage is going to be luck.

April and Kaysar are now talking about the person who wins this game and the luck they need in order to do so. The skill of being in the right place at the right time.

K: i don't think about it much anymore.

A: i just found about the "suggestion" with you and maggie

K: how did you just find out?

April changed the topic very fast... she started talking about her group.

A: we know that you're group is targeting us and we are going to be as honest with each other as we can. We do not have an alliance we are just friends who trust each other so far, Until we have to get to that point. We talk about things. our life..

K: when did this information come out

A: there has been some interesting things presented today. (FYI)

(april is not really giving kaysar straight answers, she's changing the subject a little bit, just so she doesn't have to name names)

April is still talking about her group... the good things about it.. blah blah blah

K: if that is that...

A: it's not over till the fat lady sings.

A: i'll see who she is going to put tomorrow

K: i have a strong feeling who she is going to put up.

A: you can ask me. i know we are not suppose to talk about voting and such but whatever.

A: i knew who probably had givin that suggestion to you. I swear on my life. who ever suggested it, probably covered there ass. whatever was said up there is like "whatever" ( what a dumb blonde april is)

A: i could be right behind you. it's a week to week bill. At least you get to go home. ya know.

K: yeah

K: oh well

A: i'm kinda scared of the HOH


A: the next week you are being looked at. ya know?

*silence again*

A: how do you feel

K: i'm fine. YOu just gotta except what happened. there is nothing you can do about it.

A: you'll be fine. I'm not going to.. i know.. i hope.. no one should be treated differently..


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k: as this game goes on, it will get more brutal and aggressive.

A: im not gonna cause drama just to cause drama

A: do you regret you time in hoh?

brief silence

K: no, i ahd to do what i had to do. i think umm..its not waht

i did that cuased me to get here, but the people around me.

A: what they said?

K : I knew i was taking a risk

A: do you really think i went up ther and used.. i mean it was obvious..you dont really think i did that do you.

A: I mean, did i fight for you? no..the decesion was made at that point

A: I dont like to see people sad or hurt or whatever...thats why i coulda came down here and been like KAYSAR YOU SON OF A BITCH..but i realize that people had to do what they had to do.

K: I wasnt talking about you though

A: yeah but like us 4.

K: yeah but..i told you what I said, next week if i won hoh i would be targetting you anyways.

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A: your people would sell each other in a heartbeat.

a few min later

A: do all your people know you propositioned that?

K: uh ha (yes)

A: [quickly] ok lets not talk about it anymore then

beau to the dr

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Maggie said the only prblem she sees with ivette is james. maggie says absolutely. they agree james is a big problem because ivette is connected to hi for some reason.

April is telling maggie the convo already. she said she insintuiated his group was backstabbing him

beau gathers everyone in the hoh room and says ivette has a plan. ivette starts to tell her the plan, and gets called to the DR

jen: i want to slit james throat.

M: oh really, you're not the only one

Sarah and Rachel whispering hush hush in bathroom

R: NO..are you sure that she told him that?!

SArah: pretty sure, how would april know that unless she did

james and howie whispering now...damn cameramen all over the place

J: does anyone else not se the logic of getting rid of maggie first thing?!

H: no no.. i totally get it.

back to jen..

Jenny.. I cant count on myself who can i count on.. she said she called james out..thats what howie and james were whispering about.

OMGGGGGG too much he said she said crap tonight.. jenny continues to bitch about james. she wanted to throw rice in james face.

M: he should be shutting the fuck up because he is safe this week

Jenny: IM not speaking to kaysar, i got riled up ironing my pants.

April is embellishing on kaysars convo saying kaysar told april everyone supported it.

Howie telling rach and kaysar that ivette confronted howie about howie saying ivette was a weak player. howie says someone is a rat because she never told ivette to her face, but only told sov 6.

k told r and h that april confronted kaysar..rach is pissed he admitted everything.

howie says they will be crippled without maggie.

k: what diff dos it make if i told her or not..shes a rat

R: i know she is

R: they [lemmings] called everyone upstairs just now

K: again??

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maggie still complaining that kaysar would propose to do this.

james and kaysar whisping hushy hushy in the bathroom. kaysar telling abou the april convo i think.K: april already knows everything.

howie sarah and rachel whispering hushy now [..these camera men are on a serious amount of something because they cant just keep in one room for more then 2 minutes.]

jen upstairs complaining with all the lemmings, minus ivette whose in the DR

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