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9/3 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 2 weeks later...

9:03 PM BBT

Kevin working on the calendar of events. We could hear sirens outside.

Courtesy of Fuskie: Mich said they probably just take the worst thing and show it, like she gave a nasty message to Jessie and said sarcastically, thanks for the workouts, you got me in shape and that's probably all they showed - (it was).

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For the past half hour, Nat and Kevin have been in the HOH room, making a calendar of BB events with Play Doh. They go over all comps and events and then place plastic wrap over their board to study later. Nat still wants to pull the toilet prank.

**While they were studying, Nat says that Jeff will go home this week by a tied, 1-1 vote and she will win HOH.**

Jordan has been in the DR. Michele and Jeff chat outside as they drink wine. Jeff says he won 1st place in the invention science fair in 7th grade. He took apart a remote controlled car and put the engine on a duster?? (I think this is what he said.. can't remember for sure)

Michele talked about her PhD paper that she wrote, that was about 100 pages long.

10:00 BBT

N/K feed the fish.

Outside, Jordan tells Jeff what he should wear tomorrow night.

N/K head downstairs.

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10:29 BBT

Michele and Jordan talking about past comps outside when Jeff comes out and tells Jordan to come here "just for a second Michele" as Jeff tells Jordan "they want us to go into the room together".. they head to DR..

Up in HOH Kev and Nat are playing Jess as usual....

10:31 BBT Michele out on the couch sitting by herself waiting for J&J to return....

10:33 BBT some real close ups of Micheles Legs...by the camerman...

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10:41 BBT Michele like usual after she has wine or beer has taken to the water..bikini clad Michele is now in the HT as she waits for J&J

Kevin and Nat still playing chess....

Nothing else to report..

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10:50 BBT

Michele has now entered the pool and is swimming...like she always does after a drink or two..

she goes back to the HT and will probably bounce back and forth a few more times...

K&N still playing chess and as usually little to convo at all unless they bicker who's cheating as kevin asks "who's rules are we playing by" Natalie says "the right way".....

10:55 the excitement continues....as Michele goes inside...heads to BR...

11:00 BBT the same except Michele is the the BR washing her face.....

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11:04 BBT

Natalie and Kevin bickering about Chess "take your loss like a man" as Natalie tries to con a win..from Kevin.....as Kevin says its a stalemate

Natalie tries to explain Kevin's existing moves...

11:06 BBT Michele in the kitchen cleaning up..

Kevin and Natalie bicker..

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11:12 BBT Natalie gloats she beat Kevin in chess.....

Natalie still explaining..why the game wasn't a stalemate as kevin call her rules "flawed" and againg "take your loss like a man" as Kevin refuses to concede as he isnsits the game was a draw..

11:14 BBT Natalie continues to bellow about chess....as she continues to argue about Chess...

11:15 Michele has finished cleaning up and is in the Red bedroom reading her HOH letter...

the boredom drones on...

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11:21 BBT

Kevin and Natalie have left the HOH and have headed downstairs....Michele decides to head outside and check her laundry .."oh it smells foul"...{makes sense she's talking about Natalie but in reality I think she was referring to the laundry area}

11:23 BBT Kevin and Natalie walking around..Natalies whispers "she's outside" as they do the sink prank set up...."hurry up Kevin"..as the both giggle as the head outside.."to play pool" as Natalie as the nerve to talk to the camera.....

11:25 ...K&N head outside and Michele comes back inside as Michele gets wet and N&K laugh like to schoolgirls.....Michele laughs at the prank........Natalie thinks "she's pissed"..."she's going to do something to ours shit" {no she's not ghetto like you" as they really think she's pissed.....and Natalie "thatw as so great...that was awesome...."

Michele in SR mumbling...exits heads to SS room... sits on the bed...now she looks pissed..

11:30 BBT J&J out of the DR as Michele ""you got got" Jeff says about the "spray trick" as Jeff saying their DR was "on the down low like it never happened" as K&N come in snickering...

Jeff heads out "what was that all about" with Jordan..."that was fun" Jordan says about their DR...Jeff "you really took the bulls by the horn in there"

11:32 BBT Michele comes out and says she was going to start cursing in the DR....as Michele complaining about being pranked..Jeff warns not to get "aggravated" .........

Jeff saying he's going to pull some pranks..Michele "you should do the water one" and says he would put the cup above the GR.......and tells Kevin to grab something out of the GR..

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11:35 BBT

Jordan saying she's not good at pranks as Jeff says "I love pranks" but people are too "uptight" to pull emm

Jeff saying "to remove" a stair to hoh and put knives under it...he jokes...

11:36 BBT

Jordan Michele and jeff outside talking.....Michele saying "man I'm sleepy'as she says "its only 11:30" and says "we got to rest up..we got to kick some asses"

11:38 BBT Michele talks about "anologies' POV and says she's not good at that..as Jeff corrects her and says it was a luxury..as Michele wants to know "some sayings" because she says "you're the saying king"

Jeff "I'm packed with useless knowledge"

Jeff goes inside as Jordan says "if its something I recognize" she might be good at it...as she's called to the DR...and leaves Jordan alone inside..

11:41 BBT Jordan smiling and laughing to herself as it must be contagious..

Natalie still going on about her prank...to Jeff.......as she is so giddy...."it was great"....

11:43 Ntalie still talking about it outside to Jordan...as she has resumed her pool game with Kevin...

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11;45 BBT

Michele back outside acting like she's ok with the prank and is fake laughing...saying she isn't going to do the dishes...and keeps going on.....as Natalie says none of their pranks will hurt themm..

Michele "can I throw you in the pool...you're light enough"

11:47 BBT prank talk.... as Natalie goes on and on...about it...

Michele still laughing it off.....

Ntalie saying Kevin was worried about the prank aftermath..

11:48 BBT Jeff has headed to HT as Natalie still talking about the prank...

11:52 BBT K&N resume their game as she explains the prank and how she told her "it was all in fun"..as Kevin "jeff said she was upset" as Natalie still talks about the prank...

11:53 Jeff sets up the whole bucket above the door prank in the GR. with a cup..

J&J are eating...."pork chops"...as Jordan excidely says "melt mozzarella on it" for her {unneeded} late night snack...

11:56 BBT J&J munching...

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11:57 BBT Michele has saran wrapped the toilet..as Jeff worries as he always has to pee..

11:58 BBT Jeff kjokes "michele is up to no good" as Michel "i'm just chillin"

Michele going through drawers in the red room... "oh my goodness is there candy under the bed...this house" as Michele is now looking under the beds..

Natalie excited she foiled the cup above the door trick..Michele "it wasn't me"..Natalie we saw..as Michele "how dis you see something I didn't do" as Natalie gloats "2-0" ...

12:04 BBT Michele in SS room smiling and mumbling to herself again..as she goes through all the drawers in there looking for something..

Jordan letting jeff cop a feel as Jordan asks if they feel wierd..Jeff "they're fake boobs" says her scar is "very very purple" and "thick" {keloid scars}

12:08 BBt J&J decide to head to the hammock as Jordan enters the bathroom..to use it...Michele heads to SR going through all the cupboards still looking for something {her gloves that Natalie jacked probably}

12:11 BBT Natalie and Kevin playing pool...

12:12 Inside Michele continues her hunt for whatever she's looking for..as she decides to restock the BR with some TP..

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12:16 BBT Michele preparing something to eat..

K&N playing pool...

{I'm out as I have block periods tomorrow..night all be back tomorrow}

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(I'm about to go to bed but this was too important to not write it)

1:35 BBT

After a 2-3 min. FoTH, M/N r in RR talking about a possible F2 deal. Nat said that M actions this week will prove that she is serious about this deal. Nat said if she wins, the main objective is to get K out. M agrees and says that she might not be able to beat him in final HOH. Nat goes on to say her an K only have a F4 deal, which ended at midnight. N said that Jessie will vote for K in end cuz he took Jeff out. Also said he made nice with everyone and he would likely win BB. both agreed they must play hard for POV to get K out Then FoTH again.

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1:47 BBT

After long FoTH, we come back to M/N talking. Nat keeps reiterating that shei only has a F4 deal with K, and is now gunning for him and figuring out a nice way to put it to him. M said that she has told him straight to hs face that she is gunning for. N also mentioned Jordan at one point, saying she even told Jordan Kevin is who is is gunning for. They both say goodnight, M goes to SS, Nat walks out to kitchen/dining room area then FOTH again (My Gnasty senses are tingling, most likely running up to HOH right now to report this to K, we'll see if they bring it back from FoTH soon)

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Nat sleeping on couch outside HOH, Michele and Jeff appear to be sleeping in Pool room while Jordan lays next to Jeff awake. Kevin is off camera.


Kevin walks out of HOH, waking Nat who goes into HOH and heads to the bed....we get Control room WBRB.

Feeds back.

Jeff and Jordan are up. Jordan collects the blankets and pillows from the bed and heads to the HOH. (Must have called HOH LD)

Michele and Kevin to HOH. Jeff on floor in front of TV screen playing solitaire, Jordan blows her nose. (yes its that exciting in the house today)


Kevin and Nat in HOH bed, Michele wrapped in blankets on floor by the door, Jordan wrapped in blankets on the round chair, Jeff playing cards.

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11:24 am BBT - J/J want to lay together... they each tell the other to come up/down with them. Jeff wins and Jordan moves to the floor to cuddle.

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HOH LD is over. They all stubble out of HOH. Jordan putting things away in the kitchen, Jeff and Kevin in kitchen, Michele looking in dresser in red room. Nat not on camera.

(Edit: Had Michele and Nat mixed up. Fixed them.)

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1:58 BBT

J/J layin in GR and Jeff saying they are gonna get their rocks off seeing him walk in to the JH. Say he wioll take a little razzin, but then will go off. Jeff goes to BR to shave neck and shower. Jordan goes to DR to ask them for something, then FOTH. Feeds back. Jeff shaving. (hoping for a towel mishap-BBFT)

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2:08p BBT

Jeff asking Jordan where he goes on Friday nights. Says he goes to Tony's. His friend's brother owns it. Get breif Foth. Back and Jeff says he has a zit on his nose. He's popping it--(eeewwww) ( ya know he does have a slightly big nose) Not much els going on.

2:11 BBT- FOTH/Trivia

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