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8/24 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:08 BBT

Nat and Kev continue to play pool

Jor heating up Mac & Cheese. Mich eating slop cookies. Mich says the churros gave her a tummy ache. Jeff pours Jor a glass of wine.

Russ watching the pool game.

No game talk.

9:15 BBT

Nat makes a coke float. Russ and Jeff now shooting pool. Kev in DR. Jor and Mich on outdoor lounge. Nothing happening.

(some one else out there?? want to take over....just post what you see and hear, no opinions)

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9:35 BBT

Nat goes to set up for Texas Hold'em. Asks Russ if he wants to play he says no. Nat goes inside and Russ says he is going to avoid an arguement by not playing. Jordan not going to play either.

Jeff gets called to the DR. (They have all be called to DR through out the evening)

9:45 BBT

Jordan and Jeff in BY--Jordan has been counting things, pillows, stuff in greenroom, the table in the livingroom between the green chairs used to have a plant on it and now doesnt. Jeff counted things in the kitchen. 595 silver cans in green room, 103 bottles on top. Jeff off to play cards, Jordan going to lay on hammock.

(Only card game going on....I'm out. Have a great night.)

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10:18 BBT

Slow night so far tonight..We have the Texas Hold Em going on with Jeff/Natalie/Kevin/Lydia while Jordan is outside by herself on the hammock and Russell is MIA..actually I think he's in the green room or in bed..

10:20 Jeff saying "there are fucking bugs everywhere" as they play card and { seems every season the BB House is infestated with bugs and ants this time of the season}

10:22 Card game continues...

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10:28 BBT

Michele's out of the game as jeff who's down to a few Now & Laters says "i'll see you in a bit".....

Michele heads outside

10:30 Natalie winning big at the card table....

10:31 Jordan smiling as she sleeps in the hammock

10:32 BBT Russ still mia from feeds and BBAD

10:33 Michele has her feet in the HT..

So far nothing even slightly interesting going on

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10:34 BBT Michele finally realizes Jordan's in the hammock even though its nearly sagging to the ground.."i didn't know you were out here" asMichele hops on and says how much of a lousy poker player she is..Jordan says "i wouldn't be able to play either"

10:36 BBT Jeff out smoking "natalie's good"

Michele asks what Jord thinking about she says "everything under the sun"...."who knows" when Michele asks "where's Russell" as Jordan says he's in the "green room" and Michele says probably to listen to everything going on..

10:38 Jeff who's tipsy says he'll be like a octopus tonight with his hands....

Jeff tells Michele "com here crack jokes" as he says he's "giggly"....Michele plants it on the couch as she asks Jeff she thought he was a good poker player...Jeff says "you can't win em all" and says he's polished off a bottle of wine "and another bottle if I choose" as Michele said she "would help" but isn't allowed..

Michele asks Jeff if Russ upstairs and Jeff says he didn't know and asks Jeff to "chat" but not out here and Jeff "why not" and says she doesn't want people to hear.."they can't hear you...go" he tells her......Michele says she knows "things have been wierd this week" she starts to say it might be a bad/good {?} idea to lose Russ but Jeff can't hear {neither can I as she mumbles}.....and says about his POV decision....about Russ as he still can't hear her as Jeff comes over and says "what's your perfect world"..and Michele "us in the final 3"....Michele says Russ feels like he's working on my "fake' team..as Jeff asks if its fake....and she says "how fake do you want it to be" as Jeff goes on "who do I trust"...as he's "worried" and "do i stick to the final 4" and says he doesn't play HOH as Jeff says "lets says I send Kevin" and out comes Russ.. Michele "hey you nappin"

10:45 BBT Russ asks what's going on...Jeff says he got whipped in cards and Michele says she doesn't "have any wine"

10:46 BBT Russ outside in a sleepy state as Natalie heads out with Kevin and says she won and asks Jeff 'you wanna play" and Jeff and Michele agrees to play cards and leaves Russ alone at the outdoor couch..

10:49 BBT Russ silent as is just messing around with with the cards from a game...

10:50 BBT Poker begins..again..

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10:52 BBT

things were getting a little interesting and Natalie started her keep Russ and Jeff apart plan..so now they are all playing cards...minus Russ and Jordan..

Russ is looking for something behind the outdoor couches...

10:54 BBT Jordan is awake in the hammock...

10:56 Nothing even slightly interesting is going on again...

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11:03 BBT

Cards game going with movie talk...

Jordan again with her eyes shuts with a smile on her face on the hammock outside.. {maybe dreaming about cookie dough}

11:04 Russel is MIA on both the feeds and BBAD...

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11:12 BBT Russell doing the creepy stare as he watches something from afar...and he realizes Jordan was in the hammock as Russ comes over and Jordo says "what's up"

they chit chat about nothing important

Jordan offers the hammock as she says she is going in...Russ says no as Jordan continues to lay there...Russ goes back over to where he was sitting..

11:15 BBT Jordan remains on the hammock and a snubbed Russell is sitting on the outdoor couches

11:16 card game continues...

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11:24 BBT

if you read my last update its pretty much the same going on..

Card game....Jordan in hammock and Russ probably sulking somewhere inside or outside..

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11:28 BBT

Jordan emerges from hibernation in the hammock and enters the house "who's winning" as Nat asks what's up....

Russ sitting on the couch outside and agin is nervously banging the game of table topics as he seeems to be stewing...

11:30 Michele wins a hand withan all in pot as Jeff's pot dwindles.....

11:32 Russ now has the mad stare going on on the couch...tick tick tick tick...

11:33 game may be winding down soon and may have some meaningful convos soon...

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11:39 BBT I guess Russell's stewed long enough outdoors and heads into the house....

Jordan has taken up residence in the green room

11:40 and the never ending card game continues...

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11:44 BBT

Jordan is counting in the green room

Russell has returned to the outdoors with slop bowl in hand.....

11:45 BBT Jordan heads into the Kitchen "i told you to get drunk so you can take advantage me" to Jeff as they repeat the octopus hands joke from earlier

11:47 BBT the card game goes on....Russe ll back to the mad staring...complete with twitching and constant blinking eyes..

11:49 BBT Russ gets back up and heads indoors and heads to the BR..gets something and heads back outside and returns to the exact position

11:50 Jordan eating..

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11:53 BBT

Jeff heads outside to smoke and talks to Russ about his card loss...

Russ "did I walk on you and Michele talking" and Jeff says no....as Russell tells him stories "get twisted" and tells Jeff to "come to me"

Well Russell lying that the laura vote "was Casey" and Natalie was lying to pin it on him....Jeff says "that's wierd" and says he thought he was close and "he didn't tell me nothing"

Jeff says "i'm suprised" about his vote..and said maybe "he was keeping his options open"......and says he was suprised he didn't tell me..

Jeff says "i've got no questions" after Russ says if he has any thing twisted to "ask me"

Jeff starts on Michele but stops and says he has no idea what's going on...

11:58 BBT They are just talking.....Russ saying he hasn't "slept right" this past week..

11:59 BBT

12:00 BBT Jeff convinces Russ to play cards.."i'll give it a go" as they enetr "russell is going to play too" and have changed the game to "bull shit" so now everyone is playing bullshit which sums up tonights feeds too.

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12:08 BBT

BullShit!..... the card game with everyone and everyone seems to be happy and laughing and enjoying each others company......for now..

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12:20 BBT

Card playing.....complete with happy Russell.....

Nothing new other than that..

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12:27 BBT

"BULLSHIT" i'm out....{be back tomorrow......night all}

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Michele awake doing ADL's, Jeff and Jordan sleeping in HOH. Jeff moves now and then.

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9:44 BBT

Michele takes out the garbage and recycling. Kevin has been wondering around.

Jeff and Jordan in HOH bed.

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10:50 BBT

Michele called to DR. She had been sleeping on the HOH round chair.

Nat and Kevin to HOH to ask Jeff who is coming off. He wont tell them. "That way you will have a poker face."

Jeff says he and Jordan need to work on their sexual relationship. He wants to turn it up a notch.


10:53 BBT

In kitchen Kevin leaves an offering to Buddha. Nat wants turkey bacon.

( I am very busy today. Someone else has to take over. )

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10:40AM BBT: Kevin and Natalie continue their scheme. They expect one of them to be HoH and they're going to put up Jeff and Jordan, and get rid of Jeff. Natalie says it's all Jeff's fault for not thinking things through when he evicted Jessie, "It wasn't a smart move." she says. Kevin: "What do we tell Michele next week?" Natalie: "I don't care, we don't have to tell her anything. You know everything Ronnie told us about her was right on point." Kevin says he'd tell her4 that she's unpredictable and one day she's lfreinds with him, the next she's mad like he did something terrible to her. Kevin: "I don't think so, he said that he could find no good in her, I don't see her that way." Natalie: "I don't see any good in her, how do you see her?" Kevin: "I see I strong women, like Chima, she's been through a lot." Natalie: "You mean with her family?" Kevin: [some parts unintelligible, and a brief FotH] "Yeah, and her brother just died, like recently."

Did you know?

All registered users, and if you can read this, that means you, have an access level high enough to post updates in this forum. If you think you don't write well enough to contribute, think again. Members are not permitted to post criticism of your writing, and we'd rather have something poorly written, than have nothing written. Did you know that people that post updates on a regular basis get an access level that grants them access to the board even when it's off-line due to overloading (when technically possible). Some of our regular updaters are away on vacations, so today's a great time to get over your shyness and try to write a quick, even brief, description of what's happening on the live feeds. Just try to post without opinions.



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10:30 BBTime: Natalie and Kevin go outside in hopes that Jeff will come out to smoke. They are talking about speaking with Jeff again before the POV ceremony. Kevin wants him to know that he will have 2 people (him and Natalie) on his side verses just 1 (Russell). Natalie wonders if it is good to start something new when they have 2 minutes to talk to the guy...we can go upstairs and say we just want to confirm the deal...Kevin says Jeff isn't one to confirm he likes people to sweat it out...like when you buy a car the saleman keeps asking if we have a deal...Natalie says when it is 2 minutes before close...they do. Kevin and Natalie are talking about the rational they will tell Jeff if they do win HOH and put him up. Kevin says he is so big on "I saved you"...Natalie says he never saved me Lydia was voted out. I saved him if that is so cause I voted out Jessie if I haven't of done that...Jessie would still be here. They are making their way up to the HOH saying it is going to be awkward going in there.

Natalie says it is pretty much time so we just wanted to see if we have a deal...Jeff says I won't go up at all...Natalie says no we won't put you up at all...Jeff says one condition he and Jordan has to increase their sexual relationship. Jeff says I still can't tell you guys what I am doing but if one is taken off...its by random draw...but he can't tell them cause he wants them to have a "poker face"...and they are out of the HOH room.

11:22 BBTime: Kevin and Natalie in the red bedroom now talking Kevin is telling her he things they need to calm down on the BFF stuff with Jordan and Jeff...like we are cooking for each other now...it was weird when we use to literally eat seperately.

11:40 BBTime: Jeff and Jordan are making something to eat. Outside Michele talking about a preying mantis that she tried to save outside that fried (not sure where)...but it died. Jordan says did you talk to Jeff? Michele says I talked to him but he didn't tell me what he was going to do. Jordan says yeah he is keeping it a surprise type thing...but I think you are a smart person...so you probably know what he is going to do. Michele throws out 1 way is to put Russell up but end up keeping him vote out Kevin...Jordan this is coming from my mouth not Jeffs...Michele says well in any case we get to decide who goes so I guess well if Jeff wants to figure out if he trust me or not the way I vote will tell him. Jordan agrees.

If Russell does go on the block and flips out I did tell Russell that I would fight and try to pit you and Jeff against each other...Just so you know but there is noway I could do that anyways...I just want to see if he will throw me under the bus. Jeff come outside and joins the ladies.

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