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8/24 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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11:48 BBT

Russell called to DR

Jordan is asking Jeff to pop a pimple on his nose (gross). Jordan is rehashing Michele conversation to Jeff. Jeff has stated he is taking Kevin off the block and putting up Russell.

Need to run to school quickly, will brb

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1:09pm feeds back.... russell on back yard couch and upset and Jeff says you want to talk about it. Russell says remember when you said if anyone changes the plan I'll go after you and your f'n family... jeff said yeah i said that.... who broke the deal first, who is making a final 2 deal and breaking the final 4 deal

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1:10 bbt

Russell on the block. Jeff and Russell getting in heated discussion about Jeff stating if they screw up the deal, they will go after their families. Russell is telling Jeff off and is calling Jeff out on his word. Natalie and Kevin playing pool and listening. Russell threatening Jeff, that he will kick his a**. Jeff is telling Russell that he will blow $500,000 and kick his a** right now. Jeff is threatening to cut Russell

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1:09 PM

J: What's up dude you want to talk about it? I mean you gotta know it was a smart move on my play(?). Dude I know you're upset but you gotta do what's best for yourself in this house. R: You remember saying that if any of us change the plan I'll go after you and your family J: Yeah I remember that. But you broke the deal first (by making a final 2 deal with Michele). Russ doesn't think this makes sense (neither do I).

Russ threatens to mop Jeff's face up and down the jury house. Jeff will lose 500,000 and pop Russ right now. Threatens to rip out his eyeballs.

J: you better get someone out here before I cut this MF;s throat (to prod.)


Russ pissed that Jeff threatened him and his family

Jordan jumps in now. You're mad cause it's a good move.

1:14 PM

You're just pissed because YOU're GONE. You're pissed because Jeff got you before you got him.

Russ suggests Jeff is a pussy for letting Jordan fight his battles. Says he is not talking to Jordan he is talking to Jeff. Jordan telling Russ to go inside cause she came outside to lay out in the sun.

R: Jeff, that was a good move but because you threatened me, you better not come to the jury house because I will mop your face.

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1:17 PM

Jeff says the threat on Russ and his family was a joke.

Russ keeps telling Jordan he is not talking to her.

JO: Want to go in the pool? JE: go ahead do whatever you want

Jeff: Who was going to go up?

Russ: You weren't going up.

Jeff: Remember what you're saying Russell remember what you're saying. Telling R to "drop this fucking card already" (the card is the family threat).

Jeff isn't going to talk to Russ anymore because Russ just parrots him back worse than his 4yo niece.

Jeff: you better follow through on that promise (to mop the floor with Jeff) or you're going to look like an ass and I will take you out.Says he will stab Russ in the neck. Dude, you come up to me in that house and I will stab you in the f'ing neck.

Russ still beating the "family threat" thing.

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1:23 PM

Russ saying that at 25 he has a career and Jeff is 31 and where is he.

J: You got got.

R: That;s fine but don't make threats you won't follow through on.

(hard to keep up lots of f-bombs and back and forth)

Russ laughing at Jeff.

J: keep making f'ing noises and I'll keep saying f-you.

J: You have no friends. You have no character. You're a mean MF for no reason.

R is egging him on. Keep going, keep going

J: you need to drop all that anger you're carrying and man up.

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1:25 PM C4 Jordan sitting on washer, Nat by pool table (taking it all in). No sign of Kev.

1:29 PM K: thank you again, Jeff

J: no worries dude f that guy

K: don't do anything stupid

Nat telling Jordan "you did good, girl"

N: he's mad cause he got beat to the punch.

K: he might try to get you expelled.

Jeff thinks that in one day, maybe by tonigt he and jeff will be buds again. says Russ has to get his anger out.

1:31 PM

Nat: we got final four right here (nat, kev, jor, jef)

talking about where is michele.

1:33 PM

K/N/Jor in kitchen. Kevin is concerned that Jeff is going to do something to get expelled. N and K reassuring Jordan that Jeff made the right move because R was coming after Jeff.

Now discussion about why Russ is making threats to do stuff at the JH and not at the BB house.

Jeff and Russ outside no talking.


1:35 PM

N/K/Jo now bashing Michele. Saying she will be mad but tell Jeff it was a good move.

Jor telling Nat that M/R wanted to get her out next.

1:38 PM Jeff getting in the pool. There's mich floating on the raft.

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1:42 PM

Jordan thinks that Russ is a path. liar in real life.

N/K headed outside. No talking in the pool btwn Je and Mich

N/K playing pool. K: dude my butt hurts

(During the Je/Ru/Jo fight, Russ called Jordan Jeff's lap dog.)

1:47 PM Another Praying Mantis in the pool. Michele hopes she can save this one. He went in the filter, Je if trying to retrieve him. "Flip over buddy you got another chance at life" Nat: kill it.

PM is hobbling into the grass. and up a wall.

4:51: N/K go in the house. Nat talking to Kev about packing. Kevin telling Nat that they need to keep Russ being a jack ass.

N: operation LML a success

Walking through the LR doing a little karate chop/happy dance

K: We're the lone rangers

K to N: I thought russ would be smart and go lay down.

Nat is proud of herself. I finally made a move in this game and it worked to my advantage.

Je/M/Jo in pool, bug talk

N and K saying their POV speeches didn't matter.

1:55 PM N and K analyzing J/J thought process abt using the POV and putting Russ up. N: If you or I don't win next week, we're pathetic.

N: People think that because I'm 18 and a female that I'm a dummy and will take shit and not stand up for myself and they are so wrong. I can stand up for myself. People who talk about doing things are people who don't do anything. You'll know when I hit you.

N/K laughing about Jeff's stab threat to Russ' floor mopping threat.

Kev thinks that Russ is an amateur fighter. Not good at what he does, etc. because he has another job.

K thinks Russ was a vol firefighter to impress the girls. You just get a shovel, you don't even get a hose or get to use water.

N when they call me into the DR...K: It's going to be celebration (singing that word).

N: yes America you just saw operation LML is a success.

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2:00 PM

Nat asking K isn't he glad she's there and not Lydia because L wouldn't be fighting for things like Nat is. Nat patting herself on the back for operation LML and telling K it is to his benefit that she is there. K thinks if L was there she would be rubbing Russ's shoulders right now.

Nat slurping her candy. "If this works, this will be huge for you and I and it will be game ending for Jeff" (I think she told DR this).

2:04 PM

N and K talking about upcoming comps and who is likely to win. Talking about food and memory wall comps.

Kevin says he can't stop smiling. Called to DR.

2:07 PM Now all 4 feeds on Je/Jor/Mich in pool playing a game. (horse?)

(sorry I have to go but will try again soon. hope someone can take over.)

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2:25 bbt

Jordan telling Natalie that Russell talks to much. (Ummmm). Jordan is telling Natalie and Kevin that Russell was saying Kevin needed to leave because he had $10,000 dollars. Natalie is laughing that Russell is going to be 25 next week and when he leaves next week we can tell him

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2:40BBT: Natalie and Jeff talking about the Praying Mantis. Shes mad he saved it. N: "you dont save any bugs, bus are no" J: "bugs and drugs right, just say no". N sitting on the lounger in the shade. Evryone BY except K.

Natalie asks Jordan is shes wearing her bra. J says no. Its her bikini top with the straps off. The bottums are Banana Republic for $3 thats why they dont match. Jordan says buying from BR is patriotic.

(Basically they are talking for the sake of talking)

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2:44 BBT: Russel just got called to DR. N calls K over to look at the Praying Mantis, he is terrified of them. N is making fun of K fear of Russel and him punching him.

J " oh he doesnt want the veto now?" , they all start laughing " srry i didnt use it on u"

N " you saved me for another week, on or off the block im grateful"

N wants kevin to see the mantis

K was scared and was going to come at it with the tennis racket but Jeff doesnt want him to kill it.


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Jeff picks up a dead one to show N, K is afraid to see it.

J says hes gunna eat it. K wants it left so he can see it but hes afraid J will throw it at him. K is so scared hes looking at it from a distance.

- The garden is gone apparntly?

N is amazed Jordan isnt scared of bugs. J telling K how he saved it. As K looks at it J throws the ball at him to scare him. He screamed and jumped.

K had a PM in his car before and thats why hes scared.

Jeff starts talking about Locus' and one flying in his car while he was on the HWY. Jordan giggles about the locus in jeffs car. M pipes in about them coming to where she lives.

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J: "What would you rather do sleep with R or a praying mantis."

K & N: " Russell"

K: " At least I could cop a feel but i might get punched out."

K is scared R is gunna get violent.

N: "Im not scared of Russell"

K: "I am"

N" We know you are kevin"

They all keep laughing at K. The talk continues to R and him playing everyone. N says they were talking about past HG's and Casey. R said how he loved C and N called out how he wanted C out. N points out she was in the room when R campaigned for ppl but now he says he liked them.

( Im curious to see how this talk will change when R gets out of DR. It will probably go back to painful silence. )

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3:00BBT: Talking about Braden and how funny he is. Talk switches to K fighting with Ronnie in the bathroom and the chest bump. Then it moves to seeing Jordan mad and N had never seen her like that before. N says what she doesnt like about R is when he is fighting with a guy he doesnt get into their face but when its a girl he gets right in their face. They talk about Chima not caring and how she kept going. N " he used to say I can make girls cry, Chima was the person he couldnt make cry". Jeff mentions that N doesnt loose it she just talks, she doesnt yell. K says hes never seen N loose control. Now talk moves to Lydia. N says shes probably walking around naked soaking it all in. They are talking about whats gunna happen in SQ house with R/J/L. They think they will get along.

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3:08BBT Talking about the J and R fighting. About how R said he would mop the floor with him and J said ill just stab u in the throat. N said that was the best part. J said he didnt think R will get that bad ( yah right, he knew he would be mad).

Still re playing the argument. J calling R a dork, just saying R is an angry man. N talking about R staring her and J down for talking to eachother. M is outside and not speaking at all. J saying they need to relax and that if R will apologise he will too. K tells Jeff if he didnt BD Russ this week, it would have been a bad mood.

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3:43 bbt

Russ and Nat in KT talking. Nat is so working on his vote! Russ told Natalie that he was only targeting Kevin because he has come in 2nd so many times. She is throwing Michele under the bus and how much she hates her. Russ tells her that she needs to keep Michele in the game if she wants to win. Nat went to DR. Russ now speaking with Michele in kt. He is stating that their only shot is keeping Russ in the house if anyone wants to win. He says Jeff has that bag of money. He is telling Michele how Jeff broke his promise to everyone and not just Russell. Russell is telling Michele the only way he can stay is to get Kevin to vote for Nat.

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