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  1. Thank you, I have been thinking this since RS started smoking in the house! Glad to hear it bugs someone else too!
  2. I agree he is way too nice for this game but so was Jordan and she won, granted she had Jeff but he was evicted and she carried on.....just sayin I am hoping for a miracle
  3. I agree.....they leave him out of most of the missions, they decide what to do and just tell Donny this is what we are doing.....Frankie blowing smoke up his butt saying the TA alliance is the most important one then tell Donny nothing....Derrick waking Donny up at 2am to go to HOH, now that is not obvious at all....and they will blame this one on Donny for sure....I say good on you Donny but now they want you gone sooner than later.
  4. I chuckle to myself everytime she gets jealous over Cody flirting with the other girls......she doesn't get that he is like that and probably always will be ....... she is a little delusional about his feelings toward her, shades of Caleb......very faint shades compared to crazy Caleb but still traces. The meanest thing the HG's could do to her is send her to jury house alone with Caleb.
  5. agree, he is showing symptoms but don't think he will go that route, but worried that even after their talk last night and she joked that they would go on a date he took it serious, but have to say she should not joke about a date with him knowing how he feels....
  6. totally agree with AirGumby on this......ugh, hope he goes next and hope he is on slop......refusing to call house meeting for Donnie on last nights show but calling one last night for his own agenda....glad they seem to see through that and maybe making him the next target....
  7. who???????????? haven't started watching the feeds yet, just the cbs shows and reading updates on Mortys but she doesn't seem to be involved much at all.....
  8. I agree....Pow Pow is boring and Joey may not be the smartest but she is entertaining
  9. I find it refreshing that a man would perfer a plump, not beautiful woman.....gives me hope! lol
  10. LOL......I am old too and totally get the reference.....
  11. LOL...had to count on her fingers the difference, so glad he called her out on it and the valley girl voice....wth...she grew up in Ct and is from NY where the heck did the valley girl stuff come from? To me she is there for romance only (as a lot of them are)...bunch of 20 somethings who are all single so far.
  12. Its that time of the year again, the last waning days of BB. The HGs are bored as are we.......so I have started watching BB Australia.....I am probably way behind everyone else on this but I am really enjoying it. It is a breath of fresh air, no racist remarks no bashing of others and their house is awesome, makes our BB house look like a shack. I love that they have to do chores and the house divided was a nice twist, the HGs are funny and odd. I like that they really have a Big Brother that talks to them. If you are bored with all the bashing from the house and all the sites you should check it out.
  13. I agree.......I don't have the live feeds at all so I go to several sites to follow what is happening. Every site I go to it is the same complaints over and over about the 3 remaining HGs, and frankly I am more sick of that then the HGs.
  14. They will never make it to Minnesota .....Amanda will not allow it
  15. this is true, she got the blood on her hands for them and now they are done with her.......... The house didn't want to so no one did........whatever the house wants......
  16. I so agree!!!!!! She has told the HGs that she was picked on in school......hmmmmmm
  17. I see your point and Amanda did say she doesn't want him there with all those girls but I don't think I can take Amanda all week, she will be awful!
  18. I agree.....out of the evicted HG who was Julie supposed to call out? Kaitlin? She did..........and to say she won't with the others still in the house, you don't know that.......and now its ok to attack Julie's personal life and profession? If she didn't say anything everyone would be all over her for not......people have been saying for months can't wait for Julie to interview Aaryn. This was only the beginning, Aaryn is in for a lot more and Julie was kinder than others will be. Maybe Helen will talk to her and she will have time to think about it.
  19. who else that has been evicted deserved that treatment? Aaryn is the first evicted HG to deserve to be called out as spewing racism.......oops forgot about Kaitlyn but she did say something to her.
  20. I just don't like that Judd and GM are saying McRae has to go first because he is a comp beast......he is not a beast at comps but Amanda has proven that when she needs to she can step it up....I so want Amanda to go first, hope they change their minds .....

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