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8/18 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:22 BBT

In the BY Jeff,Michele russell and Jordan enjoying each others company talking about Braden and production crew..

Russell remincising about when her first got into the house...

10:24 BBT Kevin comes out to play pool and no doubt listen in.....afterwards the talking almost comes to a screeching halt...

Jeff talking how the beginning seems "so long ago" feeling like a "bio dome"

Russ says he is going to work out again...and starts talking about when they played "heads up 7-up".....Russell laughing hysterically about Jeff talking about the margarita Party..

10:28 BBT Kevin and Natalie playing pool..

J/J/M and Russ still laughing having fun with each others company...as the wonder "what is going on" Jeff says in the outside world...

10:30 "butt ass naked" Russ says about his message....Jeff "you got naked?'..as he says he tried to talk to the massuese..."for an hour" Russ says when Jeff asks how long..:she was so nice too" Russ adds..

10:31 BBT Jordan talking about Pov "I hope we have cute outfits"..Michele says everyone plays except one person....as Jeff is confused if he can host...and they say if he isn't picked he can as the only sit out is the host...he finally comprehended it..

10:33 BBT they continue to talk...

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10:34 BBT

Jordan says she wants Jeff to talk about something as Jeff gets snippy that they have talked about everything 10 times...and sarcastically asks if they want to talk about Braden....and they are back to BFF's as Jordan sits on Jeff's lap..

"why do you keep saying I'm in the jury house" as Jordan jokes around as he gets snippy about her always referring to him being in the JH....they laugh Michele "you guys"...

Jeff tries to sniff Jordans pits and says No he doesn't want him sniffing her pits and Jordan takes two sniffs of Jeff's pit when he offers it up and sniff hers and determines the BO smell is emanating from her pits..

10:42 BBT Kevin and Natalie playing pool...and Jordan tells Jeff russ mentioned to her he's being "grumpy" as jeff says he just needs "some Jeff time"

Russ returns from starting his laundry....as J&J talk about all their messages on their cellls.....Russ aksif he has "killed your guys moment" and says no..

10:45 BBT Not much happening as Russ says how much he loves Jordan's stories as both he and Jeff jokingly mock her....

Jeff asks if him and Russ can play winner..

10:47 BBT talking outside continues....general chit chatting...

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10:49 BBT Natalie joins Jordan at hot tub being overley nice talking about talking about the same thing over and over...

They talk about messages as Jordan has never had one....as natalie talks about it..."i should get one after the show" as Natalie acts sweet and nice {red flag}

Jordan mentions her phone call as Natalie thinks it will be her dad..

Jordan talking about how fast it is going by as Jordan says if natalie thinks if they are going to have a double eviction as natalie says she doesn't think so as the amount of HG and time won't match...

10:54 BBT Jordan says "i didn't think I'd be this far" as natalie agrees "i want to go all the way..if I can"...as Jordan is doing her usual apologetic spiel of being the reason foe someone's eviction..

Natalie says "you and Jeff are not my target by any means" if she's around next week...as Jordan changes to Chima's throwing of the mic...as Kevin comes over to to help explain...

10:56 BBT they talk about Chima as Jordan says she wished she "stayed and tried" as natalie "that's what we said" as they continue talking about Chima's mic..Natalie saying "she didn't mean to throw it in the water" she just tossed it....Natalie "she just didn't want to be here"

10:59 BBT more talking about Chima Jordan "deva type"

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11:01 BBT

Russell and Jeff are playing pool as the others minus Michele talk about Chima and her meltdown...

Jeff and Russ continue their pool game.."where is Michele?" as Russ aks "are you and me on the same page" as Jeff says "I just don't care" about all the Chima talk going on at the HT..

11:04 BBT

natalie "she thought if she left Jesse would come back" as kevin going on "chima didn't expect that" about Michele nominated her...as Natalie goes on about Chima's eviction/DOR/whatever.....saying that was her only friend "that's why i want vengence for Chima" as they talk about Jesse in JH "he has no clue' what transpired as natalie he won't know until one of them gets there...

11:07 BBT

Russell and Jeff continue to play pool...as Kevin complains "its freezing" as nat contimplates jumping in as nat decides to get in...

Kevin "its kinda overpriced" wondering about the "$4000" price tag of the mics...

11:09 BBTNatalie in her bra and panties and gets in the HT...Jordan observes "you do have on some cool panties"

11:11 BBT Natalie talking about comps...and says POV will be simple....

Jordan says she lost the HOH on purpose {the one Michele won} because she knew Jeff would be faster.....and talks abot "jeff letting me win it".....as they talk about taking cash prizes....

11:14 BBT Kevin natalie and Jordan talking in the HT and Russ and Jeff playing pool...

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11:16 BBT

not much going on just natalie bemoaning to Jordan how worthless she is at comps at the HT while Jeff and Russ play pool..Jeff sniffs the air..and says "it smells like shit" {hmm he's probably smelling his BB gameplay}

11:19 BBT he and Russell playing pool without very much comvo...

they continue to play as Jeff sings and no foth....they are just talking about their pool shots..

11:21 BBT

Natalie still in the HT in her underwear...as Russ yells "its more times than three" to Natalie..as Nat talks about Russell leading Chima on and Talking about jesse and Lydia hookups as Jordan saying it was obvious jesse like Nat...and asks if she dates guys like Jesse...as natalie babbles about how she was in Jesse's alliance because she didn't want to be opposite as Jordan says it used to make her mad always her and Lydia "waiting on him hand and foot" and says in the house Jesse "he expected it" and she tries to deny it and Kevin says yes you did..as Natalie goes on he was just an ally that was "he was on my side"

11:27 BBT Jordan saying Jesse would walk to the finals since he had so many allies.."i couldn't picture" anyone putting him up as Natalie brings up hand jobs from Lydia and says "i'm glad he's gone" as Natalie BS's Jordan and says she nevery did anything with Jesse "no way"

Jordan "it was obvious he liked you"

11:29 BBT Natalie blabbles on.....

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11:32 BBT

Russ and Jeff finish pool as Russ gets his blankets out of the dryer and heads to the splish splash room to unload it...and make his bed..

11:34 BBT Natalie/Kevin and Jordan still @ HT talking....Jordan hasn't talked any game...as she offered nat the shower...."if you want to"..and says all she wanted "was the letter and pictures" and Natalie "i want HOH soo bad" as Kevin says he's glad she won it....and talk about Lydia and the unitard.....as Natalie saying part of the show will be about her "going bananas" and how she "went crazy" and Kevin "she did"....talking about the champagne incident as Natalie throws her under the bus...saying she trhrew it out because she didn't want Jeff and Russ to have any....."why was she so mad at Jeff" and Natalie says "because of Jesse"

11:38 BBT

Inside Jeff and Russel in kitchen

natalie blames everything about "chima on Michele" as Natalie goes on...as Jordan says Chima shoudln't have "let her actions" talking about productionand FOTH..

Jeff and Russ joking around asking him "you coming out" and Russ says "yeah" as they head outdoors..Russ talking about all the food he's been eating.."pint of Ben &Jerry's" a plethora of candy

Geez BBAD and feeds showing Lydia out like a light...

11:42 BBT natalie exits the HT...and covers her underwear with a towel...BB "Natalie please put on you're clothes..err microphone" as she yapping away inaudibly

11:46 Everyone outside except Lydia who's sleeping and Michele who's being indoctrinated in the DR..

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11:48 BBT

Jordan talking how much she eats in the BB house normally she eats "1 or 2 meals aday' as natalie keeps yammering on how it will be like outside the house as that convo ended minutes ago...

Michele laughing as she leaves the DR...and heads outdoors.."you missed me doing acrobatics" and says she was twittering opps not DRing...as she says "the outside world doesn't know" she's not HOH anymore..as Natalie "this will be on" tomorrow's show and "only the live feeders" know what's happening..Jeff "who would follow 24/7" and some says "Ronnie"

11:52 BBT "who destroyed little Jeff" Jeff asks and natalie "chima" and Jeff "what a heartless bitch...little Jeff had class"{ and more brains.}

11:54 more Jeff accent talk....."you have to egg it out everyday" Jeff tells Jordan...

talking Jeff's excessive use of the F bomb and talking about Chima's live show distruption plans and we get FOTH and BBAD Lydia sleeping..

11:57 BBT Jeff says he's giving up "swearing" "starting now"

11:59 BBT everyone is outside except Lydia who's sleeping in the red BR...

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12:02 BBT

Jordan "i have never seen a homless asian" ..Natalie saying "its always White grungy old men"

12:03 BBT Jeff talking how Chima's bro looked like "Ice Cube"...

12:04 BBT Jeff breaks his f bomb promise.......

Jordan:"my sister used to get so mad because people told her she looked like a Bush sister" and Jeff "what's a Bush sister?"...Jordan talks about her sister how she use to be fat and jeff says "your sister is going to be mad" talking about how fat she use to be all the time...

12:06 BBT Jeff says "time to go to bed" since its midnight...sings and FOTH..

12:07 BBT everyone still sitting around...as Jeff thinks they are going to "wake us up early" as natalie says she doesn't think it will be early as her Dad works night and her call will be early as natalie erroneously thinks BB will have a camera crew for her phone call....as jeff says he could call from work as natalie doesn't believe they will film him at work..

12:10 BBT They think "it would be cool" that she will be able to se her dad on the screen....Natalie nickname is "a flea" "Pulga"

Michele is sleeping in HOH and Jeff will be joiningg Russ in Pool room tonight..Jeff talks about michele's nightly outburst during the night as he bemoans 'my little hat..that thing was dope" as nat says "she was mad at you Jeff".....about Chima..

12:14 BBT "if there was an endurance comp for screaming she would take the cake" Jeff says about Chima ...nat says "Lydia" and Jeff "i think she would hose Lydia"

Its just Jeff and Nat outside..mostly silent...

12:17 BBT Nat called to DR..as Jeff gets up to and tells her he'll close up the BY...

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12:21 BBT

Jeff and Michele talking outside....Jeff whistles...talking about sleep...as all feeds switch to Lydia bitching she can't go in the HT as she's hurt or sore ...

12:23 BBT Lydia nat and Kevin in Red BR who heads outside to get his blanket...

Lydia's teeth are bleeding but doesn't want to put the Uni on to go rinse them...

12:25 All 4 feeds on this...as Russell yelling something from Pool room as he says he was talking to the other side..nat called to DR again...

12:27 BBT everything on Lydia and kevin..and nothing worth typing...

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12:31 BBT after a several minute FOTH Feeds return on Lydia and Kevin...in RED BR on all 4 feeds because someone thinks we want to watch them...


In HOH bathrrom Jordan talking to Michele talking about it getting "intense" and "ugly" as Michele says Russell is trying to get into "a buddy war" with Jeff like he cooks steaks better.....{oh Michele shut up}

12:34 BBT Talking about getting Russ out before he gets them out as Michele asks about her talk with kevin...and says they didn't talk much...

Jordan says Nat knows about Lydaias hand jobs and their use of her ASU sweatshirt..

12:36 BBT they talk as Jordan about natalie saying watch when we get out she's "some kind of child genius" ....Jordan says she's determined to win as BB calls her to DR...

Michele hugs Jordan and thanks her for being "cool with the nominations"

12:39 BBT Jordan heads to DR

12:41 BBT people continue to get ready for bed

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12:43 BBT Jeff is playing solitaire on the table..Lydia heads to bathroom..Michele walking around in there as Nat is getting ready for a shower as they talk about Chima and Jesse..

Natalie taking her shower because she'll be ready for veto...

12:45 Now it just the three of them in there..as Lydia fiddles with Nat's hair...after walking around for 10 minutes Lydia finally puts her unitard back on..

All feeds on this crap..

12:50 Same 'ol_____ on all four feeds.. Nat in showe..Lydia putting on her unitard..Kevin laying on the couch...

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12:57 BBT

Same three in Bathrrom...except Jeff has come in to brush his teeth...Natalie in her shower and Kevin "you're done?" and says tomorrow's shower will be longer because she has to shave...

12:59 BBT they all wonder why Jeff is using the same ol lotion as Natalie offers hers up for "anybody" to use..

1:00 they continue getting ready for bed as noting interesting is being said..Jordan still in DR {maybe getting POV instructions?}

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1:02 BBT

Lydia has moved to the table with Jeff as she's eating and Jeff is playing cards..Now they are playing war...

1:05 BBT Lydia and Jeff playing war..as Jordan comes out of DR{no POV team picking} as Lydia is called to DR now...

Jeff ask if she's going to bed and offers Jeff to sleep up there since Michele is not sleeping up there..

Jordan says she feels so fat for eating all that "cookie dough"...Jeff telling Jordan "you look all sexy" as Michele comes into the kitchen..

1:08 BBt Jordan on balcony Michele in kitchen and Jeff at the table..Kevin comes in...

Jordan going on about all her sayings...as Jeff sings "ghetto..everyday" and foth


Feeds return and Jordan heads into her HOH..Michele in kitchen and Jeff is yawning..as Michele says "i went from sleepy to non sleepy" as she cleans up the kitchen.... as Michele just kids says "i'll go to bed since you don't want me around" as he tells her about his war game with Lydia..

1:15 BBT Michele sits down at the table..and says they should go to bed for POV tomorrow and jeff says "they didn't say anything" and says he needs to get back on a schedule..

1:17 BBT Jeff alone at table waiting for Lydia to return from DR to finish his game..

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1:19 BBT

all 4 feeds back on Kevin and Natalie as she plays with her hair/bandana

she offers to play cards and decide "BS" as Kevin wants to play poker..

{I'm out be back tomorrow}

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10:53 BBt Finds cams 1 & 2 Michele and Russ trying to figure out what J/J going to do. Cams 3&4 HOH with J/J sleeping

Russ talking about he is been playing strategic the whole game, he is saying now he will not give HOH to Jeff, asks Michelle would she, she doesn't answer. He feels him and Jeff and Jordan have a clean slate. He really wants to keep it them four, but if Jeff makes one wrong move then he will jump the gun. If he feels like something is going on he will tell Mich what he is going to do "where he goes, she goes". Mich is following her gut. They are wondering why all the convo with the other side?

Russ paranoia is definetly in swing.

opps sorry..gotta run BRB

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Russell says he let Natalie win the phone call because he said he wants her to break down and lose focus o n the game.

Michelle'it might be the reverse and give her inspiration''

russell 'ya, but I know If I heard my dad I would lose focus for a while'

Russell' my dad tells me it better to be quiet and let them think your a fool, the to speak up and and remove all doubt. people say Chima is so strong, but I think she is weak. Just cause she is loud that doesnt make you strong. She is too emotional. When she let on that she liked me, that is when it was all over for her. She was the one that want to kiss me, she as the one that walked in on me in the shower :animated_scratchchin:

Michelle''whe said I was the one who was emotional'

Russell"she was the one who always reacted emotional, you only responded to stuff she said. the toughest people are unassuming''

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Nat kevin lydia are sleeping

Jeff and Jordan are on the patio. Jeff is playing solitare. They are talking about a comp,

Jeff'you were so mad and ignoring me''

Jordan''when we got to the finish line you were communicating with me.'' they are laughing

BB ''this is a lockdown, please go outside''

Lydia'' are u serious bb, there better not be some crazy sh*@ when we come back in '

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lockdown is already over. the sleepyheads are cussing and complaining as they go back to the redroom to sleep.

Jeff still playing cards.

Pretty quiet today

Kevin can't sleep so he walks around looking to see if bb did something during the lockdown. he is going room to room

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