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8/11 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

New! PLEASE READ: Do not use derogatory nicknames in your posts. I understand that you are trying to type fast and want to abbreviate names. Please try to standardize your abbreviations to the first three letters of the HG's name, i.e.: Jes, Lyd, Nat, Rus, etc..

Thank you!

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9:49 PM BBT

Chima called to DR. She had been talking to Michelle for the longest time up in HOH.

Michelle now outside. Jeff in Hot tub. Lydia out there eating slop pitas. Now Russell in kitchen making something. Not a a whole lot going on tonight.

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10:20 BBT

Chima, Natalie and Kevin in the RR come to the realization that Jordan, if she wins HOH, will probably put them up on the block. (Jordan's talking too much to them)

Nat and Chima go to Kitchen

10:23 BBT Russ outside

Lydia, Jeff, Michelle, Chima, Jessie and Nat in kitchen. All watching Lydia make the houseguests (they're pretty cool, she's very creative).

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10:21 BBT

In the kitchen Jeff stuffing his face with all the slop goodies Lydia prepared for him. Lydia playing with the play-doh that BB provided them tonight.....

In red BR Chima and Natalie get up from their whispering session....Natalie says if Russ is out there she's gonna leave...Chima says "Jesse's out there"..Chima likes her play-doh figures Lydia's making of each HG....

10:24 BBT Lydia explaining her tinting techniques to Chima about her play-doh skin coloring.Lydia is being very "detailed" about her figurines...

10:27 BBT Chima tells Keviv "come look at yourself..you're so cute" as he comes and looks at her handy work...

They are out there as part of their strategy to befriend Jeff and everyone keeps talking, calling and grab Jeff's attention..

10:29 BBT Russ on the patio alone looking paranoid and in deep though...

10:30 BBT Chima has requested a "shirtless" Jeff and Lydia says that's her intentions..

Jeff leaves to "go smoke" as he likes Lydia's work...

"i didn't know you were out here" he tells Russ as he explains his slop meal..and Jeff seemed to enjoy it..

10:32 Russell telling Jeff he doesn't know about "the 4th person"..his for sure votes are "you Jordan" and says he's not sure and to "go ask her"....as Russ assumes he would....about their 'agreement' and they do the date Jedi drilling..

10:34 BBT Russ says he wants to give him all the dates "just in case"

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10:30BBT Not much to report

Some are eating, most are crowded around the talented Lydia watching her at work.

Russ outside by his lonesome.

Jeff is excited to see what she comes up with for his play-doe guy, "you doing salt and pepper hair right" (ha ha!). So is Chima

Jeff outside to smoke and chat with Russell about his slop food Lydia made. "It's not bad!"

Russ immediately starts with "I've been counting numbers." Russ is counting Jeff, Jordan, he gets side tracked on if Jeff's talked to Jordan on voting for him. Jeff said, I thought you talked to her.

Now they're talking on what happened on which day. Day number 26 is the most important, day the clicks broke up.

Jeff says, Don't blow up! Dude, I can't, Russ says. Take the next two days to talk to people and work on them.


Jessie comes out to play pool. Russ says, "Chima said it was personal and strategic, with you gone there are only 2 guys left in the house and I can run though the house better." (Isn't that a lie? Chima didn't say that??)

Now talking about Baseball while playing Pool. Jeff smoking, Jessie and Russ playing pool.

10:38 BBT in Kitchen

Chima watching Lydia make Kevin's play-doe person. Nat eating.

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10:35 BBT

Russ wants to know who to talk to..Russ thinks he will Talk to Kevin as "lydia is pissed at him" for not using PoV...and tells Russell not to lose his shit and Russ "yeah yeah I know"

10:36 BBT They get up and do their nightly pool game...Russell telling Jeff about getting the "boys" out Jeff says "i heard that" and out comes Jesse in his plan to bond with Jeff as he talks about baseball and if Jeff's played baseball....

10:38 BBT Jesse now dominating the conversation about baseball and is staying outside.....baseball talk ensues...Jeff saying why baseball getting up at "5:00 in the morning" as Jeff rants why they would get up that early to practice.....

Talking about the National Service requirements of other countries as Jeff heads indoors

Russ and Jesse talking about the potential girls alliance as Jesse "what's he saying" and Russ says "he's on board"..as Russ ..Russ says about Chima "she's smart..she's a bitch but she's smart"

10:43 BBT ...Jesse says "I never talk to the guy" as Russ goes on about the women talking over and Jeese "i don't know what you have going on with him but that was a fucking kick in the teeth" Jess tells Russ....as they play pool....Russ says he needs to put his pride" to the side for "$500,000"..{i missed the feeds all day so not sure what they are talking about}

10:46 BBT "when the girls don't dominate" as Jesse says his decision about not letting him play PoV...and Russ says "you both are going after each other" as Jesse says he put Jordan up 'to make sure he was voting the right way" and Russ "it comes down to pride" as Jesse complains "Pride" because"you picked Jeff for PoV"

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10:45 BBT

Russ said to Jessie he's going to have to put his ego aside to win the game. Speaking about Russ picking Jeff over Jessie. Jessie said it was a kick to the mouth.

Jessie is holding a grudge about Russ not picking him. Rehashing over and over.

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10:48 BBT

"i'm just telling you how the game works" Russ tells a bickering Jess and is mad about Russ' decision not to use him to POV and says he picked him and chose him...Jesse "if you would have picked me" and Russ says "you would not try" and Jesse says he would have taken him off had he won....Jesse says when have I not tried...

Jesse talking about Jeff could have done better...Jesse "what makes perfect sense" was he wanted to be "loyal to Jeff" as Jesse says he was loyal and he would have been gone "week two"......Russ now accusing Jesse for not trying hard enough to not let him get nominated as Jesse blames his "outburst" for her decision..

10:53 BBT...Jesse whinning "you choosing him" and Russell was basically "blowing smoke up my ass".....they continue to bicker...as Jesse if you 'would have done the night before" Jesse "would have been suprised"

talking about Chima thought Russ was gonna pick him....Jesse still complaining about POV...now "if the roles would have been reversed" he accuse Russ of not "being that happy of a camper" as Russ says he wasn't going to fight and tells Russ he's wrong and "will see "it after the show..

jesse says "if Jeff" wants to talk about something "it has to come out of his mouth"....Russ talks like Jeff "knows" about the girls alliance..and suggest he may want to stop it...

10:58 BBT..Russ saying about Chima "she was one vote away" and now Chima "is sitting pretty"..now their convo seems to have stopped and concentration is on pool.....

11:00 BBT Pool playing no convo between Russ/jess

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11:01 BBT

Jesse and Russ' game perspectives seem to have stalled as now they are playing pool and not really speacking...

Inside Lydia working on her figurines and just idle chit chat...Chima sings some lyrics and we get foth...no game talk from them at all..

11:03 BBt outside Russel and Jesse have now gone awhile without out and game talk and are just playing pool....

Chima "has four" middle names put won't say because she doesn't want the world to know and will tell them in "the jury house" and corrects herself to "finale night"

Chima now doing piss poor SNL Mr Bill imitations with her play-doh..

Lydia asks Jeff "what are you doing" and Jeff says he's making a "beach ball"......as he's sitting away at the DR table...

11:07 BBT outside...Natalie comes out...and joins them at the pool table.....Jesse heads indoors with dirty dishes as natalie plays a game of pool...

So far no significant convo....

11:09 Arts and Crafts indoors and awkard pool game outside...talking about what she did today "but I'm here now" as Russ says "to do fucking nothing all day" as natalie plans on being outside all dat tomorrow inthe pool and russ says "tanning' and say "yep"

11:11 Russ asks "why did you give away" all her candy and says she's worried about cavaties but still has a "sit load of candy" left..

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11:13 BBT

Jeff's beachball was a hit......as jesse starts asking about his shoes and calls his beachball "impressive"....

Chima "i'm very impressed with your artistic art skills" to Jeff and Jeff says "for a beachball?"

11:14 BBT Natalie lying to Russ about what she wants to major in college

Michele trying to use a hand lime juicer...as Lydia says "i hate that thing" as Michele finds it "way better" then using her hands/fingers but unfortanately Michele doesn't know her own strength and broke it......

11:17 BBT Russ and Natalie outside playing pool and as Russ asks "one place" she would like to be and she says at home "with my boyfriend' wating movies....Russ says says "that's tough" and says with "my brother and my pops"...and tells her he misses "watching movies" as Natalie says since she woks a blockbusters she watches a lot of movies and they talk about movies...

Russ 'what do you think of Kevin" ...and says "do you like him" and says she likes him but he's not one of her good friends...Russ says does he just says things out of convenience and Natalie says yes and says "he's not immediate threat for me as of right now" but is for Russ "100%"

11:22 BBT Natalie says "it was shitty" he didn't take her off the block and Russ says "was that part of the plan" and Natalie says he said he wasn't but was still "shitty"

11:23 BBT Back to college talk and says "probably' that she was joining a "sorority"...

11:24 jeff is now making a cup as Jesse complains that art work is not his thing... Art class continues..

11:25 "i think Michele has it" or Kevin as she talks about the mystery power "one of the two"...Russ says "do you think the midwest is gonna vote for Kevin..a gay guy" as Russ doesn't believe its himNatalie says "i don't know"

Natalie says she doesn't think people would vote for Michele but thinks she's "got it" and talk about where Natalie was born..Russ talks about heading home when he gets out to Minnesota to "visit the family" and says that where he's from "a midwest boy" living "in Cali"

11:28 BBT Poolgame continues...

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11:29 BBT

chima has assingned Jesse to make a carrot and says that he can do...talking about Lydia should be a "cake decorator" and Jesse says "my aunt" is one...as everyone really seems to be into the play-doh...

11:31 BBT Outside Natalie and Russel still playing pool...

11:34 BBT Natali asks "has Kevin ben telling you things" and Russ says "no" and the convo dies right there..and FOTH

On BBAD Art class talking as Jesse is making a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle"

11:36 BBT Russ heads indoors to "go pee" as Jesse runs outside to quickly fill Natalie in what Russ and him talked about earlier about Russ's fear the girls are taking over and asks Natalie "to come in" and says she is playing another game and asks him to play and says "i don't wanna lose" and heads back in....

11:38 BBT Russell heads back outside..as Russ returns with candy and talk about pool...

11:40 BBT Russ/Nat pool game continues..

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11:42 BBT

Russ and Natalie are on their 4th pool game as he says "time" is flying as he jokes with her "girl" why is she trying to "ruin" his shots..

11:44 Russ and Natalie are of few words...just pool banter...as Nataie says "i'll play Jesse later" as she heads indoors and looks at all the art work as natalie seems unimpressed as evryone get upset she lacks enthusiasm and says what am I suppose to do"jump up and down"..

11:47 BBT Natalie requesting "twister, ouija board, and monolpoly" ''Lydia says "they can make Big Brotheropoly"....as everyone sems to be concentrating on their artwork...

11:50 Not much to report as all 4 feeds on play-doh central

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11:54 BBT

Everyone except Russ and Jordan doing arts and crafts as Natalie just walking around criticizing and making requests...

Natalie is talking about financing a ring..Chima "some men have to finance" their rings as she talks about making guys gi in debt for her {no wonder}

11:56 Natalie getting a little barabaric with the play-doh...saying "throw shit around" is fun for her.....

11:58 BBt natalie talking about "car bashing" and says "i've never been" but knows people who have...but says "i have egged houses"...saying who hasn't

12:00 BBT Nothing much else to report.....except Chima says about her charactature Lydia is making "my lips are bigget than my tits" and says she looks like a "blow up doll"

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12:03 BBT

Jesse asks if anyone has heard of "Tom Leykis" as Chima says she has and he's an "asshole"

natalie says she never heard of him as Jesse says to Chima "i asked have you ever heard of him" not what she thought of him as Chima says "he's a jerk" and Chima says "he has a perfect face and body for radio"

12:06 BBT Jeff alone outside smoking..

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12:13 BBT all 4 feeds on the kitchen with Michele talking about her "honeymoon" to "greece" and Michele tells them she got married on "April Fools Day"

Jesse shows interest in what Jeff is making...Jeff says he's making is ucla hat....

12:17 BBT Chima hacking the spanish language complete with self laughing at her lack of bilingual skills...Natalie is tutoring her as to how to speack the phrases correctly...

12:20 BBT Other than Chima talking spanish nothing at all exciting or at least not worthy of typing happening..on all feeds...

{I'm out...be back tomorrow}

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7:48 BBT Lydia walked through the kitchen waved and made a comment to Kevin and now I think is in the bathroom. Now she is in the kitchen with Kevin. Does she ever sleep? Lydia is making slop and tea.

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8:00am BBT Lydia told Kevin that Russell told Jessie that they should vote out Lydia so there are more guys in the house. Because the girls will go after Jessie and Jeff next week. They are discussing the wizard power and how they think Jeff has it and Jeff is always being called into the DR and he did not fight for the Veto. Lydia wants to throw her slop at a producer and we get FoTH

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