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8/3 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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bb: natalie, jesse, kevin - its time to get up for the day.

Michelle saying they keep saying kevin get up but he's not in the havenot room - he's in the pool room sleeping.

Michelle asking jordan about natalie. jordan says shes right in the middle of everything but she thinks she'd be so lost if Jesse wasnt here. Jordan says she trusts her zero. Kevin & Lydia will get mad at her but then go hang out with her cuz she (lydia) likes Jesse.

Casey told Jordan that when him and jesse were cool jesse told casey that when it came down to it if had to throw natalie under the bus he would and jordan thinks that natalie thinks jesse wouldn't but its so obvious that he would because he's so scared about being on the block and its obvious. She hopes lydia doesn't become blind by that.

Jordan thinks maybe natalie is trying to make new alliances since they don't have the power. Jordan says jesse would get so cocky when he was head of household. Michelle thinks he toned it down a bit after the Ronnie thing. Michelle thinks he just acted happy. Jordan didnt like him from the beginning cuz she felt like whenever she tried to talk to him he was just like well duh and she never really got to know natalie cuz she's always with him. Michelle thinks jesse and ronnie both talk down to others.

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11:00 bbt - Jordan in HOH telling Russell she feels like something weird is going on. Russell says he's not involved cuz he's the one trying to figure out whats going on. Jordan says she can tell Jesse's mood and he's been really cranky. She thinks Jesse is just being nice to Russell until they get rid of Jeff then Russell will be next.

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They are talking about hoh comp and jordan says most people want russ to win and russ says no a lot of people want him to lose...lydia said "f*ck" when russ won. Jordan saying she said play it out cuz she thought russ would listen to jesse and put jeff and jordan. Russ said he knew that she was rooting for jeff and that was ok. Jordan saying she was upset with Jeff and Russ says they are like a married couple. Rehashing last week and the group decision to put up Ronnie. Russ saying Nat and Jesse are pissed at him for putting Ronnie up. He says he doesnt care. They don't have to vote for him but then he will come after them and they know that. Jordan says Jesse isn't that smart and Russ says he isnt smart at all and his muscles are show. Jesse can't beat him at anything. Jordan thinks she is screwed if Nat or Jess wins HOH but Russ is safe no matter what. he says no way cuz they are pissed at him now.

(I have to go ... is anyone around to take over?!!!)

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12:56 P.M. BBT: Feeds are back up on Lydia and Kevin in the pool room talking about someone lying to someone and them figuring it out... Michele comes in and Kevin asks if it's ok he's lying in her bed? She said of course...

They talk about the speech and they said that that was a Ronnie line, something like ok Ronnie lie, I mean speak...

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1:22 P.M. BBT: Lydia talking to Kevin in the BY and Lydia tells Kevin it's so obvious that Jordon is going to let guys carry her along in this game and isn't doing anything for herself... (Like this is how the pot calls the kettle black...)

1:27 BBT: Chima is in the pool room talking to Nat telling her once again how Russ needs to get over himself to think he's so important that she would care if he was thinking a friend of her's was cute... (IMHO she doth protest too much!!!)

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1:35 Nat just told Chima she is 24, just graduated ASU with bachlors degree and owns her own business. That she has been trying to act imature, she lives at home. Told her Jessie knows all about it.

Kevin enters they say they are talking about Jessie and Nat not talking (which they decided to do).

She lived in Chino for 19 years, they are happy they can party together after show. She moved to AZ because Dad moved there. She started College at Cal Poly.

She's saying she planned this whole thing and how high school clique thing worked out perfect for her and what Julie said...

She is a year and 20 days older than Jessie...says Jess happy she is that old. She is talking about BF and how they are working things out after being together for 8 yrs and a split, she is also telling Chima she is poker player. She won't talk personal to anyone cause she cant tell them about her life. She is telling about her goodbye to Casey...

They are really having a good girly girly chat...and in walks Ronnie...

(got to go make dinner)

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1:49pm BBT

We have Jeff and Michelle talking in the backyard...

Jeff says every time you think you have things figured out you dont... Michelle says everything comes down to "US" voting the right way. They have been talking about the MAGICAL power.

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1:52 P.M. BBT: Ronnie, Chima, and Nat in the pool room talking about all stars two and Ronnie states that he will be insulted if he doesn't get a person invitation to return for all stars...

2:10 BBT: Chima again going on and on about Russ and how he's lied or how he tells people they can't talk to someone else cause they will be put up... (It seems she can't stop talking about him, she must really be in love LOL)...

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3:47 PM BBT Jordan and Jeff whispering...Jeff thinks that maybe Russell is playing both sides. He is worried about Jessie getting HOH and putting him up. Jeff says he is getting paranoid with this whole power thing.

Jeff thinks the fighting/bickering thing with Russell and Lydia is totally staged.

Natalie, Chima, Jessie in HOH room talking about gyms/trainers.

Jeff says he's going crazy today...house feels like anything can happen. Also said he might be getting a little paranoid! Jordan assuring Jeff that she won't turn on him. She keeps inching closer to him! He thinks Russell needs to "settle his sh*t". He thinks if the other side of the house gets HOH next week, he'll be up their asses and leave him in the dust. Just alot of Jeff being paranoid.

4:07 PM BBT Chima, Michelle, and Jessie still in HOH talking. Jessie is whining about the food in the house. He is a bodybuilder and needs his protein. He doesn't have to shower every day because his deodorant lasts 24 hours...he doesn't want to take cold showers. They are bashing the beds in the house now...saying they suck.

Ronnie pleading to Russell...wants him to do anything he can to keep him. Ronnie says he considers Russell part of his team and he won't come after him. Ronnie says he'd put Jeff and Jordan up if he won HOH. He is blaming the house for pitting them against one another.

Ronnie getting ready to make chicken and garlice mashed potatoes.

Russell back in the HOH room...Jessie still bashing the house. He hates the heat in there.

Jeff and Jordan now talking about how certain people never clean up their sh*t...Jessie and Lydia being top 2.

4:18 BBT....Russell in HOH bathroom looking for bubbles for his bath.

Jeff and Jordan still talking....Jeff is having a cranky day and just wants everyone to leave him alone (except Jordan)

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4:27 BBT Russell & Michelle in HOH room talking about trust. Russell says he trusts her. Natalie & Jessie are trying to turn Russell against Michelle by saying that she agreed to do whatever they wanted. Jessie told Russell that Michelle agreed to keep Ronnie. Michelle totally denies ever talking to them about it. Russell is pissy with Chima and doesn't want anything to do with her. She is jealous of any woman that talks to him.

Not sure if anyone posted this....earlier today Russell told Jordan that Chima offered "herself" to him....anything he wanted.

Russell is fired up, still mad that Chima is trying to make him look like a bad person.

Natalie telling Russell that the "other side" wants him out. Michelle will stay with him as long as he doesn't backstab her. Russell hates that people are playing both sides. Russell thinks that he outsmarted Lydia with his intelligence and made her feel small so she'll do anything she can to get him out.

4:39 BBT Chima, Natalie, and Jessie in BR. Chima saying she just wants to cuss Russell's ass out. She wants to win HOH so the tides will turn.

Chima reading her bible...telling Nat and Jessie she wants a bible that speaks in laymans terms. Natalie's first boyfriend bought her a bible for her birthday, she was offended. Chima says if anyone bought her a bible for any holiday, they'll probably need one!

Chima, Natalie, and Jessie want Michelle out, they think she runs back to Russell with everything.

Jessie weighing his options, should he go to the HOH room to talk to Russell or do they think Jordan will be up there.

4:53 BBT Chima found a writing in the bible that refers to Russell....a heart that devises wicked plans. Natalie looking for her favorite from the bible...we walk by faith, not by sight. Chima still relating everything to Russell and his evil. Proverbs chapter 6 I think she said....."sheds innocent blood"

Chima thinks that Russell is being a puppetmaster with Michelle. He is telling her to lurk around corners and find out what is happening. They all think Michelle has a crush on Russell and will do whatever he says. They are trash talking her big time. Chima thinks Michelle doesn't have that intuition thing that lets her know when people don't want her around...she sticks too much. Chima is wondering if it's appropriate to talk negatively about people and hold the bible.

5:04 BBT All 4 feeds switch to Kevin and Lydia in the pool room talking about the lines and dots on the side of her face. (Didn't think she had a tattoo there.) She has 4 lines for 4 sibling and 6 dots for 6 other family members. Something about the lines and dots being part of her native heritage...and she should be working on her tomahawk later.

Now telling Kevin that she seen Michelle walking out of the HOH room when called to the DR. She's wondering if Russell said anything to him about her.

Lydia talking about how hard it is to be evicted in front of a live audience, she is afraid she'd cry. Now saying she's tired of the sh*t in the house.

9:10 BBT All 4 feeds switch to Chima, Jessie, and Natalie in BR. Natalie mad at Jessie for not waking her up last night. She woke up & couldn't find him...apparently he was sleeping somewhere else. (confusing) Chima in corner reading bible.

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9:14 BBT Michelle, Jordan, Jeff outside talking game....they all think Russell will run to whoever is HOH at the time. They think This because Jessie is making smart ass, random comments lately. The three are paranoid because Russell told them it wasn't a good day to tan but then he came out and layed out with Jessie. Jeff is paranoid that Russell is playing him. Michelle says Russ set her up to say something in front of Jeff....she won't say what.

Nope, she is gonna tell. She says that Russell set her up to tell Jeff that she actually has a Phd. She says Russell wanted it to look like she was hiding something from them. Jeff says he doesn't give a f*&k. She says they are the only ones that know.

Jordan says she was scared during veto ceremony when she said, "I choose to use the veto to..." She then paused. Jeff just said they are told to pause when giving the veto speech. Jeff glad Michelle got the veto because she was the only one the other side of the house couldn't control. He thinks if Ronnie got it, he'd be on the block. Jeff just admitted he is being paranoid.

They really think the Lydia/Russell fight is fabricated. They think it's too over the top. They all say they caught Russell in little lies. Michelle went in the house....Jeff quickly telling Jordan that they shouldn't trust her 100%.

Michelle back out.....she's telling them that Russell tells him the only people he can trust is Jeff, Jordan, and once he said Jessie.

Back to magic power talk. Jeff reminding them they are not allowed to talk about production. Jeff says he has to go poop. Now girls are talkng about weather.

9:29 BBT Back to Chima and Jessie. He is pissed that Natalit is mad at him. He says he could do 100 things right but it's that one thing he does wrong that'll get him every time. Chima reading bible, Jessie gazing at ceiling. Once in a while Chima spews out a verse she is reading. Ronnie walks in and says he wants to request the next wake up song as, "It sucks to be me"

Chima still reading verses out loud.

Chima telling Jessie how good her tuna sandwich was....then apologizing for rubbing it in.

{Anyone around to take over, packing for vacation?!}

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6:20pm Russell asking Michelle again in the backyard if she tried to get Natalie and Jessie to keep Ronnie in the house. He's skeptical because the first time he asked michelle about it, she said she went into the green room, but when he asked the second time, she said she never went into the green room - she went into the bathroom. Michelle denies ever talking about it with Nat and Jess (which is true, N/J made up this lie to try to keep Ronnie).

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6:50 pm BBT - Ronnie and Natalie are playing pool--no real talk. Michelle and Jordan continue their workout. They are power walking now with Michelle "leading" while Jessie and Russell continue lifting weights and spotting each other. Girls begin sprinting back and forth.

7:08 pm BBT - Workout is over for Jessie and Russell. Jordan is done jogging but Michelle is still jogging around the yard. Ronnie and Natalie still playing pool.

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7:31 BBT

Jordan joined Jeff in the green room and asks him if he's crying he said no his contact are bothering him.

Then she asks if he had braces and says did I ask you that before and he said yes about 10 time what do you think and she says yes and he laughs and says do you remember my last name and she says schaeffer no Schroeder and they laugh because she never remembers.

Know Jeff asks her if she's still going to hook him up with one of her friends and she says sure if you want me too and he says you so stupid, how could you have said that in front of everyone.

Know she has her head in his armpit and he told her you like having you head there and she laughs and says yea and he calls her a goofball.

7:38 BBT

Jesse and Michelle are in the shower and Natalie is laying on the couch in the BR waiting for Jesse and when he gets out she follows him like a puppuy to the Red room and Ronnie is there. Natalie starts about someone is playing all sides and we get FOTH.

Jessie says he wants to put up Michelle and Jordan is he gets HOH but they have to get there first. Ronnie is saying its going to be weird not being here. Ronnie said he started in sequester 10 days before BB started and Natalie said she was only 7. He said he can't wait to talk to his wife when he gets out and Nat tells him they wont let him call until the next day.

Ronnie said his town better be there to welcome him home with banners and cheers when he gets in the airport to help heal his bruised ego.

Ronnie said he's not giving up but the ony way Michelle would change her vote is if Russ told her to.

Natalie leave and Jesse went to shave.

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