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8/3 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

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9:00 BBT

Ronnie/Chima was in the pool room talking. Chima is mad at Russ and she and Ronnie are discussing it. Apparently Russ walked in, looked at them and left. Chima says she is sick of every time Russ sees her talking with Ronnie he thinks they are scheming. She is getting more mad the more she talks about it. Nat comes in to stir the pot and tells her to just confront him. Ronnie and Chima start talking very loud about not being scared of him and he jsut doesn't want them talking for fear they will compare notes.

Jesse walks in and tell Chima to squash it before she goes down with Ronnie. Jesse looks at Ronnie and says sorry man, we tried. Nat in the background of Jesse repeating what he is saying. Nat then says yeah Ronnie wouldn't want you to go down to. Ronnie says no of course. Jesse tells her to jsut keep her cool and not start anything she says ok. ( nat completely changed her tune when Jesse came in and was like no don't cause a scene) Jesse/Nat leave to go outside.


Everyone outside.

Jesse/Russ playing pool.

Everyone else sitting around the couches sharing candy from a pinata (not sure where it came from)

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10:20 BBT

"jeese scarambling because he knows he's losing you" Jeff tells Russ and Jordan outside because he's "losing Ronnie"...as Russ says if he's th eonly one that wants him gone......Jeff says that they just want him because he's an ally

Jeff worried about Michele hoping she's not "spilling" things to Chima in eco room..Jeff having doubts about Michele being faithful..

Russ goes to see what's going on..

10:23 BBT Jordan wants Jeff to go in but Jeff says they wil just says "what the fuck you doin here"..Jeff says "why is Lydia mad at me" and Jeff upset about Jordan talking about the Chima plan and tells to not say anything....

Russ comes back "I'm just sick and tired".....Jordan getting warned "don't defend people that are not here" like Casey "so don't get people pissed off" and "why you did that what was your fucking point" as he says they all together again "like a happy family"..and tells her "you need to bite your tongue in here" Jeff scolds her..

10:26 BBT Jesse and Lydia talking in the havenot room....Jesse bashing Kevin to Lydia saying "he's trying to make people go against each other" and Jesse says "he's turned his back on me" after trying to win him over.....Michele called to DR and Jesse says she has "the magical power" and hopes Lydia has it as "America fucking hates me" {nah that ones too easy}

10:29 BBT In Bathrom Chima Kevin Natalie and Jeff talking...nothing game wise....Jeff "loves that squash" and Natalie says "jeff likes the have not food" and Jeff says "I do"

Chima says when Jeff is a have not it will be "popcron and Pizza" joking...

10:30 BBT Russ heads back outside

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10:32 BBT

Jeff and Russ talking about Chima "she has a mouth on her..I can't stand her"....Jeff scolds Jordan again for telling to much to Lydia about defending evicted HG. Russ invites them to HOH and says he's looking for Jesse

Russ walking around looking for Jesse as he is in the HN room whispering with Lydia.....

10:34 BBT Russ heads to HOH and puts on the headphones ..

Jesse feeling sorry for himself about being evicted and Lydia saying "i can keep you safe"...."we try we seriuosly do ...we're just not good" at comps....saying he'll se when they get out...

10:36 BBT Jeff talking to Jordan saying you can't be "pissing people off" when you evict them as they will be the jury..

"Russell's with us" as Jordan is nervous and says "let them play their shit out" and Michele comes outside and asks if she's alright and says "i was getting ready to pull the fire alarm" and Michele says Chima was "having a nervous breakdown" about "boy stuff" and did not elaborate..since it was about Russell and tells Jeff she was not talking to Jesse.

10:39 BBT Michele saying "the votes are locked and Lydia is staying" Michele says "i have mental Jedi powers" saying she's good.....Michele "we need a Harry Potter map" to keep tabs on everyone says Michele...

Michele making fun of Jesse having to go home again "he already knows how it feels like" and Michele says he wants to make it further than he did last year and he's done that...

Jordan telling Michele what Russ was worried about and tells her "Jeff told me to keep my mouth shut" and says she knows he's tageting "us two" and Michele says "us three" but Jordan says they don't know we're together..

10:44 Michele about Chima "we are not that close..we're working buddies" and tells Jordan Jesse hasn't talked to her "in two days" and Michele says Lydia tells her things what Jesse told her and says they were not "her true feelings"...

Jordan "i'm getting paranoid" saying she can't trust anyone as Jeff comes out saying he doesn't know where anyone's at...

10:46 BBT Michele "i think everyone's going to vote " Ronnie at since they don't want fingers pointed at them...Michele says "i'm stabbing them in the back" saying playing both sides and they "got cocky" and needs to win HOH..

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10:48 BBT Michele says about Jesse that after walking around cocky he now looks like " anuerotic mess" and both her and Jordan complain about Jesse never doing dishes and Michele says 'he has girls do it"

Chima believes "in karma" saying you lie and scheme to win the $500,000 and "you're mom dies the next day" and follows it with a kackle laugh..

10:50 BBT Michele talking about Chima as Jeff wonders she "really likes him" about Russell..

Jordan laughing about Ronnie intimating he "has the magic power"...and Jeff ragging on him "what a fucking loser..go jerk off on a mouse pad you fucking homo...I didn't mean homo..." and Jordan laughs saying Jesse will tell him to go fuck off and die and still would put J&J up...

10:52 "please America don't vote" Ronnie "as the Wizard" Jeff "if I don't get I hope one of you two get it" Michele says "hells ya"

Michele saying "fuck all that" about Ronnie being isolated since they did that when Braden casey were up....

10:54 BBT Michele saying "people think we are having secret meetings" when she enters the room if Ronnie is in there..even when she goes in "to get some underwear"

Jeff saying he was nice in DR and Jeff is saying "wait till I strangle him from his mouse cord" as Jeff cmplains "everyone wants me out"..."Yes" Jeff says Chima would put us up if she gets HOH...Michele saying Chima "is getting fed up with liars in the house" and tells them they are not liars..

Jeff saying Ronnie lied saying that he called Kevin "a faggot" but says he vever did but "homo" may have slipped..and complains about Ronnie making stuff up....

10:58 BBT Jordan talking about Chima saying "i like here' and Jeff says "she's said a lot of mean things", "talking shit" and he "just let it go" and see "no point in arguing with her"...Jordan says "she's nice" but will "go with what Jesse and Natalie" say....

11:00 BBT In HN room Jesse and Lydia frolicing on the metal plate bed...."do we have an understanding" she says NO but have no idea what they were discussing...

ADDED BY JEDI: They had been play-fighting (see the photo captures in the Photo forum thread), with Lydia definitely getting the worst of it. She may have started it, but he definitely finished it. She was playfully bugging him, and he responded by digging first one foot, then both, into her crotch, then grabbing as many limbs of hers as possible and tying them up into knots almost, so that she was immobilized. She even tried to lick or bite his hands where he was holding her, but that just made it worse. (About an hour earlier, perhaps, they were all outside on the sofas in the backyard, and he came and sat heavily on her in response to some comment she made. This was a continuation of that, I believe.) So after the whole playfight, when he released her (finally!) after she begged him to because he was hurting her, whereupon he knuckle-bunched her in the butt a couple of dozen time, that is when he said something like "never touch my hair again" and "do we have an understanding". (After 5 seconds or so of silence, she snapped, "No!", then got up and went to the door as if to leave.) But then she ended up coming back and lying down next to him so that they could nap together!)

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11:03 BBT

Jeff, Jordan and Michele still talking about Ronnie and now the HOH as Jeff complains people wanted to know the deal.."of course I made a deal" and had they wanted to know they should have "hung on".....

Jeff "if everybody just relaxes" Ronnies gone...saying people are just scrambling.....

Jeff "this whole thing is turned around" when Ronnie goes wins "hoh" and the "magic shit" and Michele likes "pretty good odds" things will go their way...

More "majority rules" cheating talk...Michele explains what to do.....

11:06 BBT Jordan says "what did he say upstairs" and Michele says "that was a show" just to talk and Jordan "i knew it"...and he was just asking if things she said was true.....Jordan proud she knew it was show russel was talking to her last night....Michele tells her "shh" about it..

11:08 BBT more majority rules talk saying "its not cheating its strategy"...Michele says "it has happened"....

11:09 BBT Russ laying on the floor eavesdropping on Chima and Ronnie talkling in the kitchen..he's upstairs..but the are talking about TV not game.....

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11:11 BBT

Jordan goes in "where's evrybody at" and tells Chima and Kevin "only we're outside".....Russ still just laying there on the floor....listening...

Chima in the bathroom talking with Ronnie Kevin followed in after making a protein shake..

11:14 BBT Kevin heads out....

In bathroom Ronnie has a facial mask on and is in the shower...Chima nd Ronnie whispering about Russell and saying "fucking hypocrite burn in hell" is what he plans on telling Russ on the way out when he did something on the Rosary his mother sent him...Chima seems to be on board with it...

11:17 BBT Back outside Kevin Jordan, Jeff and Michele talking outside...she says "that's how you know when something's going down" when all "the cameras turn" and gets BB warning talking "about production" and a perplexed Kevin says "what?..that's fucked up"

11:19 BBT Michele was hoping for ones of those nights they would all play but ended up with a night of people have serious night of people having "the crazies"

Michele saying "i would love to take Lydia off the block" Kevin no no "then I would go up" and jokes "fuck Lydia"

11:21 BBT Jeff giving the story what Michele and Chima were talking about..."she wants Ronnie out of here 100%".....Russ wants to know what there were talking about...Russ saying "she thinks she's my girlfriend' and asks Jeff what to tell a girl you don't like her "without pissing her off"...."i just came out of relationship" "i'm Catholic and can't be doing that outside" are a few Jeff offers..

Jeff trying to calm Russ's paranoia..as tells him what they were talking..."where's Jesse" and Jeff maybe "he's with Ronnie" and Jeff says "they're spinning and scrambling" as Russ says he doesn't "trust Jesse and Chima"..

11:25 BBT Jeff says "ronnie's going home" and will try to pull him back but Jeff says he's going to win HOh and "big Dogs are going up"..and Jeff says he doesn't trust Lydia because she really like s"Jesse"

11:26 BBT Russ saying she's "throwing it out there" and if "i wanted it" it "would be done" about CHima calling her " a nutball".....Jeff advises to "talk to her" but tomorrow when her wine wears off.

"so you believe Michele" Russ asks and Jeff says "yeah"

11:27 BBT "Stupid Wizard thing sucks ass" Jeff and Russ talk the possiblities of what it is..."what if Ronnie gets it" Russ says and Jeff says "i'll be livid"..

11:29 BBT Jesse is obviouly with Lydia somewhere' as Russ asks where he is again..

11:30 BBT "This place is a nut house" Russell says

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11:31 BBT

Ronnie and Chima wondering why people are being the way they act and Ronnie sumises it happened when Evel Dick changed the game at using intimidation {Hurrican Howie was the first}

Chima says she's going to bed as Jeff heads downtstairs and crosses paths with Ronnie and no words are exchanged..

11:33 BBT "what goes around comes around" as Ronnie tells Chima Russell will be "the most hated person" in BB ...Ronnnie "kevin and I are minorities" Ronnie says and Chima says "i get it" {i don't}

11:36 BBT Chima and Ronnie talking saying at 1:00am -2:00 am you hear "Ronnie please come to the Diary Room" then get excited..talking about all their "haters"

Chima "i don't care" she was puke queen of the HOH.."all my haters who are listening"..saying to them "I took a chance" and cuts off Ronnie when she saw Russ walking around. and goes on BB "was a dream of mine".."being rejected from a reality show is worse" than a regular show.......

11:40 BBT Ronnie trying to find the bright side to his impending boot that "out of all of the thousands" of people who auditioned he was one of the lucky one and feels vindicated all the people who told him he would never be picked and will throw it in their faces when he gets home....

Chima "how many people can says they were evicted from BB" as Roonie says Braden was the "100th" person evicted of BB Ronnie talking about another reality site as Chima wonders what it was and why its called what its called....

11:43 BBT "wizard power" talk and Ronnie talks about catching up on all his movies...

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11:45 BBT

Ronnie talking about coming coming back for the finale and stay extra days....a clearly dejected Ronnie "i'm torn right now" wishfully hoping for AC....

11:48 BBT "i hope being evicted 4th makes me a bad big brother player" and Chima says "you got the raw end of the deal" and Ronnie delusionally thinking fans will think he "got screwed"....

Ronnie "the only mistake" he made was if "that whole blow up" hadn't happened "week 2'" he would have lasted longer....Chima saying you can't be woulda shoulda coulda about his gameplay..

11:50 BBT Ronnie wondering if JC will play "word association game" and says they do it because they want him to "talk smack" and do it when they are "most angry"

11:52 BBT Russell and Lydia outside talking with everyone else just talking..

11:53 BBT "we'll talk tomorrow" as Chima and Ronnies convo/pitty party/delusions of grandeur talk comes to an end...Chima getting ready for bed

11:55 BBT FOTH asnd BBAD Chima walking to bed BB saying "russel" "stop that" "knock it off" she heads to the Red BR

11:57 BBT everyone besides Ronnie/Chima talking about spelling Jordan talking about her bad spelling skills and she spells this phonetically

11:58 BBT Wizard Talk...."he told Chima " Ronnie only "ever tried out for this show"....and talk why he made it..."the one person I hate most in the universe" is the reason he made it Michele says..

12:00 BBT "we're the only people that don't' talk to Ronnie Jordan says about her and Jeff and says they would get "in trouble"...Kevin "he's starting shit" and Michele saying he wants "to start a fight" and hope the POv will be used to get someone else taken off the block...Ronnie called to DR and Lydia says "he would come out a laugh at us" if he got the powers..

12:03 BBT Lydia says tomorrow they should tease Ronnie that there is a banner and Michele says it "in the rule books" of encouraging banners and could get in trouble

12:04 BBT "i have to use the bathroom..I'm not scheming" Michele jokes as she heads in...

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12:06 BBT BBT calling people to DR to tease them about AC I suspect...

Russell playing with the toy golf clubs as Jordan and Kevin talk tennis saying "i played in HS" and says her dad made her take lessons "My backhand are hard low and right there above the net" Jordan blabs about her HS tennis playing days

12:09 BBT Michele and Chima talk in the Bathroom briefly as Michele jets outta there as Russell comes in both him and chima at the sink and no words are exchanged..

Russ heads back outside as Jordan "I wish our HOH was tennis..I'd win it"..Jordan saying Forrest Gump "reminds me of my brother" and goes into explanation why and get FOTH

12:13 BBT Foth

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12:18 BBT

Jordan's story must be a long one as its still FOTH

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Feeds return at 12:22 BBT

Kevin talking about a party he had that got "so big the cops had to break it up"

Michele and Russ head to HOH but plant themselves at the chess table and play chess...

12:23 BBT What's new" Russ asks "not much" she says "i had a mental health chat with Chima".....saying she was "angry" "going crazy about you" and Russ "about what" and Michele says about the whole fight in the kitchen....

The whispering abouthis trust issues with people in the BB house and says he trust her "and thats it"...Russ asks what they talked about and Michele says it wasn't scheming and Russ suggest she "talked her off the ledge"

"i don't care for Ronnie's scheming" says Michele..saying "this past week " I feel better now..

12:28 BBT they continue to play chess as Jordan in the kitchen "who's up there" and Michele answers that they are playing chess...Lydia says Ronnie told her "its ok to talk to him and I won't get in trouble" she heads back outsdie..

Both Russ and Michele are tired and are going to bed as Michele says "after I beat you" and Russ "of course"

12:31 BBT all 4 feeds on a non convo chess game...

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12:39 BBT

An extended FOTH going on.

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12:40 BBT

Michele and Russ break up their game as Russ says" tomorrow"..."i'm gong to bed girl" and heads to his HOH room... Michele straightens up and heads downstairs..

Outside Jeff, Jordan, Lydia and Natalie talking Bugs......

12:43 they continue talking nothing worth conveying....

12:45 Jordan goes into another story prompted by Lydia asking a question about her brother and get a brief FoTH..

12:47 Talk about past season HG....Renny from BB10...Lydia and Jordan professing their love...Jordan liked her because "she was loud"...Jordan saying "i thought here we were going to have older people" and talk about an older lady "on our bus" Natalie says and they thought she was going to be on.....

jordan telling them "i never watched this show on TV" and remebers flipping through the channels and remembers Jen BB8 crying 'about her picture" and says now she'll be a fan...Jordan says "i'm a reality freak" and talks about the VH1 reality shows she watches..

12:51 Natalie likes Paris Hilton's BFF reality show..

In the bathroon Michele and Kevin talking in bathroom"i hope everything is pretty straight forward this Thurs" Michele says...

12:53 BBT Ronnie bashing....Michele saying at POV ceremony she jokes "i will give you the opportunity to lie to me" as to why I'll use the POV to save him..

Jesse has awaken from the HN room to eat...

12:55 BBT Michele and Kevin continue to talk..Kev says there hasn't been a "big brawl" in awhile in the BB house..Michele says "blowups" will come as they get less hg and people have to put up "their friends"

Kevin say Thursaday may be "potentially crazy" because of "the wizard power"...as Michele says she hates to think about things "you have no control over" and "how do you strategize" with something like that.

12:57 BBT They continue to talk about slop as Kevin hopes "to lose 5lbs out of this" in walks Natalie and plops down..

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1:00 BBT

In the bathrrom Natalie says "everybody is going to bed" and she just woke up..Lydia comes in to brush her fangs err teeth as well as Jeff.

Natalie heads up to HOH and goes in and asks "anything new" and Russ says about what...Natalie saying "i wanted to lay low" with all the shit with "chima and Ronnie" and Russ asks "what they say" and Natalie says "nothing" and said when Chima just asked Ronnie "a question" and she warned Chima "she could be heard"

Russ saying Chima talking about him...talking all he's heard is "second hand" info..

"he'll go home for sure" Natalie says as Russ says he wants Ronnie's gone....

1:04 BBT Russ says "it sucks" next week he can't play as Natalie says her and Jesse can play and even Chima whom she thinks won't put him up..she tells Russ "if I won you won" about HOH..

Talking about "have those moments" of being fed up as Russ asks what Michele told them at "4 in the morning" and Natalie tells them about the lie her and Jesse concocted Michele asked for her asking "to protect me"...and throws Michele under the bus....and Russ says "its expected" and its her "floating between votes" and Russ says "her target is bigger than "lydia's"..Natalie telling Russ she feels "she's the smartest"...

1:09 BBT "she's very shady" natalie says...as she continues the lie....

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1:10 BBT natalie continues {I'm not sure if he's buying it} and tells him I got you next week as she let him get his rest..and feeds the fish...as russ offers her to stay but she leaves..

1:12 BBT Lydia and Kevin on the hammock about Jesse and his mistrust...Jesse told her he knows Kevin will put him on the block....and "he's pissed" because she's not giving him anything...and People are pissed that they are throwing comps and Kevin "who started the rumor" "lydia "him..that fucker" and Lydia says her convo validated all the fears they both have about Jesse...

1:14 BBT Lydia telling kevin "jesse want me to tell him" all convos she has with Kevin...and Kevin tells her "he's using you" and Kevin says he's trying to get to know him and its too late as he only does that when he's in trouble..

1:18 BBT we both need to win" and claim both "have been trying" talking "we wouldn't of won that shit anyway"

Kevins say Jesse's never told me he would "never nominate me" and all he says "we're good" the same he used on Casey....Lydia says Michele freaks him out because he can't read her..Kevin wonders if they have something.."i caught the talking"..Kevin says if Natalie gets HOH her and Lydia will go up....

1:20 BBT Too bad eviction can't be tomorrow Lydia wonders as she hopes the vote for Ronnie to leave "stays"

1:22 BBT Jesse bashing about being a have not complaining...Kevin says "let him know " Kevins pissed Jesse threatened to puch her in the face even though jesse told Lydia it was towards Jordan and Kevin says he's lying it wasn't towards Jordan...

1:24 BBT Kevin says Jesse was going vote to save Ronnie until he realized Michele and Chima are not on board....andafter the convo a hour later natalie alerts Ronnie and out he comes to campaign..

Lydia "you need to find a loophole in the contract" Lydia tells Kevin about the promise they would never put Natalie up.....Lydia says "it would be better" to put Natalie up and Keep and Jesse who wins..Kevin says he couldn't put up Jesse/Russ because he can't fuck Russ over..maybe "Jordan"..

1:27 BBT Russell told them Chima doesn't like her and wants to talk to her but Russell told her not to. Kevin says Russell pulled everyone up "to the HOH" and "pitted" everyone against each other...Kevin says Russell told them "two different stories" Lydia wants to ask Chima..Kevin says he would just in case she wins "HOH next week"..

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1:30 BBT

Kevin "my gut instict" says there is something going on with Jesse Natalie and Michele...and Kevin says he's "80% sure she's gonna stay" but is concerned about her "fucked up friends" Jesse and natalie....

Kevin warns her "just know what he's doing" about Jesse and Lydia says go in and she'll go to the couch and 'we'll see what happens..

1:33 BBT Indoor Jesse sitting alone at the kitchen counter..Lydia at the hottub soaking her feet...

1:35 BBT Kevin and Natalie talking in the Re-cycle room talking about having a "deck of cards"...Kevin saying the producers "hate me" and foth

{I'm out...I'll be back tomorrow}

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1:49AM BBT -- FEEDS BACK and 3/4 Lydia is swimming in the pool.. she has a beach ball under her and is kicking back and forth.... she then gets out and goes to the door and opens it enough to ask jessie if he is coming outside, i couldnt hear what he said but she replys well just come out to the pool and shuts the door then runs and jumps into the hot tub and says out loud "fricken hot fricken hot fricken hot"

feeds 1/2 are kevin and nat in green room talking, Nat says I wonder if he gets that wizard shit, Kevin says I think he does have it, Nat says one of us will go home, Kevin says please that is not gonna happen he has a deal with Jessie, Nat says but it is probably where he can save one person and someone would have to go up, Kevin says that would not be a mystery power that is the golden power of veto, they wouldn't give us the same power, Nat says you don't know that, Kevin says it wouldn't be a mystery then, Nat says well if they made it the same thing as last year, why would they do that? Kevin says it has to be a big power, Nat says i think they are making it bigger then it is, Nat says Ronnie says if he gets it and its the power he thinks then he will put up Jeff and Jordan and Kevin says right, it's probably that the person will get to take off a nom and then replace the nom, Nat says that is probably it then... Kevin says that Ronnie would put up him and Lyd and Nat says he told me straight up he would put jeff and jordan, kev says he could be lying to you cuz he knows you would tell me, nat says no, kev says he has done that to me, had a convo then totally told a different story so ... Nat says if you think he would put you up your are sadley mistaken... Nat says Jess thinks its Jeff or Jordan cuz they are americas sweethearts... they then are trying to guess when someone would know about it, Nat thinks they already know, Kev says no I don't think they will tell anyone yet, Nat says they have to before the Veto ceremony tomorrow (today).... Kev says what makes me think Ronnie has it more is he is playing this "i'm going home" stuff, Nat says no he would shoving it in peoples faces... Kevin says I don't think so, he would lull us into thinking he was going home then use it and shove it our faces... Nat says I wish I had it, forget Ronnie having that shit I wish I had it... Kevin says me too, I suck at comps I don't win shit... Kev says Michelle has a chance too, Nat says I dont think so

In the meantime, Jessie came outside and him and Lyd talked for a few seconds then she got out of hot tub and went inside, Jessie sitting on couch with pillows around him.

Nat then says by the way I wanted to let you know If you think I told about you I didn't, Kev said about the grape?, she says yeah, I got a slop pass so I don't care I am telling you to your face that I didn't, Kev says I'm being honest it did cross my mind you did, cuz you would come to jessies defense because he is pissed at me, Nat says he is not pissed at you.... Kev says I wasn't trying to eat it and be sneaky, I just did it and was like oh shit, Nat starts talking about production and how they might edit it for TV and at 2:04am we get FOTH

2:05AM.... FEEDS BACK.... Lydia comes back out and Jes says that was quick and throws a blanket over him and he says it smells and it's sticky, do you smell what I smell? Lydia says yeah but I smell good, he says you smell like soap then he just blurts out I am gonna try to not talk to Nat for 3 days, Lyd says what? He repeats it and she asks why and he says because of what happened and she didn't come in and say anything... lyd says after what and jes says never mind i just have my reasons and she says fine whatever, then he asks why is he talking to Nat and Lyd says Kev talks to everyone ... then she goes into the Kev issue and tells jess that me and kev are thing 1 and 2 and he wants me to tell you that you are not on his radar if he wins HOH, he knows your mad at him because you think that he was the reason your on slop... Jes says oh great he is trying to make something out of nothing (her baby talk is sooooo annoying) She keeps telling him not to worry... Jes starts telling her that he worried about going home week 4, that someone who has the power will want to smite me, Lyd says quit acting, Jes says look at my face, this is reality tv this is a real face... Lyd says I am on the block I might go home Jes says Ronnie is going home, she said how should I know what you think, Jes says you just walked off, Lyd says did you come find me (they repeat these lines several times to each other) Lyd gets a little upset and says you haven't been on the block upstairs twice this season, Jes says this season, Lyd says don't make comments when you don't know how it feels this season and base it on last season, Jes says don't judge me.... anyhow it finally ends with Jes saying "I'm sorry your on the block". (at one point she pretended to spit in his water jug and jess says how romatical, lyd says yeah we are on romatical island) Jess then starts griping about Kevin, Lyd says look I am not there when you guys talk buy yourselves to each other, I only know what you say to me and he says to me... you say you tried, he says he has tried but I haven't seen it with my own two eyes what your saying.... Jess says it's quite the love triangle, Lyd say pardon me? Jess says it's quite a love triangle, Lyd says with who, who are you trying to throw into the mix...Jess says I'm sure I have spilled a lot when I was talking in my sleep..... Jes says I am not gonna depend on people on people who don't try to win, Lyd says just cuz we don't act like you and nat doesn't mean we can't... Lyd says she isn't gonna try to win at something that I know I'm not gonna win... Jessie say oh my and starts to lay down... Lydia says just cuz it's not your way doesn't mean it's the highway, Jes says I would rather have it my way, Lyd says I know... moving on to the others for a bit..

Kev and Nat out of green room and in kitchen... Nat getting out ice cream and is telling Kevin to try a fudge sickle and Kev says are you hearing this BB, Kev says he will wait till its hot tomorrow.... Kevin looks out door to see if jes/lyd are out there, Nat asks and he says I'm not sure, I think so, Nat says she is going to get coke and Kevin is tying some rope around his waist (strange).. Kevin asks if ice cream has smell and picks it up and smells it and says yes it does, Nat says that is just vanilla, and that is on the list so I think you can eat it, Kev tells her to stop, Nat says I'm just trying to help you why does it say vanilla? Kev says ""that might be good, vanilla slop".... on other feeds, LYd is laying on Jess so they are face to to face, her one way, him the other, her back on his stomach ... not right next to each other.... i unmuted it and they are just talking about Jes's dog or some stuffed animal..... Lydia makes a comment that she has other talents and Jes says "oh yes you do" and giggles and asks her oh yeah what are they, Lyd says I can't say it wouldn't be approriate... now they are just talking randomly....

and Nat and Kev come out... Jess tells Lyd that he has to go to the bathroom and make a protein shake can you get up.... Kev asks Lyd if she went swimming, she said i went into both... tells Kev, nice belt there.... Jess goes inside and so does Kev to get something for lyd and him to cover up with..... Lyd and Nat say not one word to each other.... the three are talking about how the sheets and blankets smell and they need to wash them.

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2:28am bbt -- Kevin says oh guess what I saw Jeff and Jordan kiss today, it was like a "smack smack smack"... Lyd said I knew it... Kev then says yeah and I saw a sticky stain in the green room.... both lyd and nat say ewwwww, kev laughs and says, they would never do that.... nat (thank god) changes the subject to Kevin should try to make a pretzel out of slop tomorrow and they discuss that for a second... now there is silence for a about a minute.... Nat says why don't we hang out in the green room and Kev says I'm not cold.... they start talking about how the couch seems further back.... Nat goes inside to take bowl in and Lyd tells Kev right away how Jess told her he wasn't going to talk to her for the next 3 days, kev says why, lyd says he has his reasons... Lyd says we were being intimate then "that" walked out, Kev says I said should we leave them alone? and Nat said no why should we?? this ticks Lyd off... Kev says well nat says jes won't put me up, Lyd says we are just saying what we have to right now you know... Jes in bathroom cutting his nails, Nat in green room putting on the ASU hoodie and looking in mirror, she walks out of green room and says nothing to Jessie..... Lyd and Kev talking about how both Jess and Nat said they think lyd/kev are throwing comps..... nat comes back into green room and grabs some blankets and goes to steel room.... Jessie comes back outside and walks back to the hammock and Lyd follows him.... he lays sideways and she asks are you really gonna lay that way, jess says yes and she ways why we are gonna just use the blankie and cover your legs, she flips the other way and they fall on ground... they are laying the wrong way on hammock and they both seems to be checking to see where the cameras are pointing... now she starts telling Jess how Kev told Nat we should just leave them alone and Nat said why we don't need to.... Jess whispers how the camera is pointing right at them and how the camera man is a smart guy.... she is just laughing... then Lyd tells him what Kev told her about his convo with nat and how she is not throwing things she just sucks at comps... Jess laughs says yeah and win prizes, lyd says you can come watch it on my plasma tv, jess ays and we will buy groceries with kevins 5 grand... they laugh... jess says who do you want up, lyd says i don't care just as long as you and kev are here.... jess now has both of his hands under the blanket trying to make a tent... and i have noticed that i cannot see one of lydiada hands..... they get very close to each other, and keep talking about other stuff... jess starts rocking the hammock and keeps talking about about who they want up but you can tell its not real talk just trying to keep the convo up so no one pays attention to what is going on under the blanket... then all of a sudden they move and her hand comes out from under the blanket.. (by the way, everyone else is asleep that i can tell, don't know if Kevin is still on couch outside or not, they are not showing) at 2:44am we get FOTH for about 20 seconds, feeds come back but there is no sound ... and yes... kevin is still on the couch...BB keeps zooming in on Lydias hands... kevin is just sitting on couch staring at the hammock and tapping his foot on the table... sorry, i have no sound, i see lyd is talking but her hands are still crossed on her stomach.

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2:47am bbt -- I finally got sound back (restarted reloader) Jess is trying to tell Lyd that he feels like kevin is always around and he would like to talk to her without him, just like how she feels nat is always around... now jess is really rocking the hammock and has blanket up to his chest... lyds hands still not moving.... they convo moves to how kev saw jeff/jordan kiss... jessie says i heard you kissed someone and she says who then laughs and says not a real kiss i was sharing a tootsie roll... jess says what are you talking about and she back tracks and says "nothing"..... hammock still being rocked and convo turns to lyds sister probably watching feeds and kev still on couch and at 2:52am we get foth

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2:53am bbt --- feeds back and they are talking about who jess wants up 3 people, lyd says her, kev and michelle.. she jokes about how jes put lyd up once already, he starts fake hitting her then she really hits him and he hits back then she tells him to stop... he lifts the blanket and she tells him to chill out... she goes to play with his hair and he says knock it off don't touch me, she says why and they both laugh... he grabs her knee to give her a charlie horse and she starts laughing and tells him to quit ... and at 2:56am kevin gives up and goes inside.. checks his hair in bathroom and goes into green room and lays down.... and at 2:57 we get foth again........

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2:59am bbt - feeds back... jes is trying to grab lyds nose and poke her ear and mess with her and she keeps trying to block his hand, then he stops and she pokes him and he grabs her arm and pulls her arm back and they fall off the hammock... they are both up now and jes throws blanket on her head says Houdini, i made her disappear then hits her belly and and runs off.... she walks up and he farts and then laughs, then he hits her in stomach again and she says owww and he says i am sorry i was just playing.. he tells her to sit down and she does on the washer... he keeps trying to hit her arm and poke her again... she jumps up to grab him and he grbs her arm and they mess around and he puts her on the pool table.. .she tries to get away and he pulls her down on her back, she starts trying to kick him over her head and they start the play fighting again and ta 3:02am we get foth again

3:03am feeds back and they are inside... lyd checks green room, kev sees her and gets up and comes into kitchen, jessie is getting a drink and lyd goes into green room... kev goes into LR and jess has disappeared himself, dont know where he went... feeds on lyd in green room and sleeping house guests (fyi i dont see jeff in his bed so not sure where he is)... the other feeds just changed to kev laying on couch in LR and Jess now in kitchen, lyd still in green room

3:07am... Jess came into green room and sits down and is saying something about his brother and we get foth again....

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3:08am bbt -- feeds back and kevin goes into SR, Jessie shaking a cup of shake while lyd laying down... Kev got the rule book (think he is reading slop rules) and is sitting in one of the nom chairs now to read it... jes and lyd lipping words to each other, lyd puts her hand out and jes grabs it (looks like she gave him something)... then jess says is that a quarter and bends over to grab something on floor and farts, then acts like he is gonna fart in lyds face and she yells jessie dont you dare.. he laughs and walks out and BB does not show him... Kev on nom chair reading... jess comes back in and has a bottle of water, he stands next to her and smiles and lips something and lyd says i'm not going to do it and jess says yes you are dont lie and sits back down.. he burps and actually says excuse me and she says your excused and he says thank you kindly, jess asks her about when she got one of her tattoo's, lyd says she doesn't remember when but remembers the experience and it hurt really bad.... she then starts talking about beetlejuice and how the girls name on there was lydia, jess says spelled the same way? she says yes, jess says i don't like beetlejuice ... for some reason she flips him off, he says you asked my opinion and i gave it to you... i just wanted to know why you got that tattoo, lyd says that she was obsessed with the movie the girls name was lydia and thats why she got (i just did a Ronnie and paraphrased it) Jess says he doesn't like scarey movies... lyd starts asking him did he like ghost busters, jess says nope, she says sweeny todd, he says i didn't watch it i think... then jess says he doesn't like someone because he comes over here and makes lots of money and then bashes us and then lives in france (i think hes talking about johnny depp)... Jess lays down.... fyi kev still in nom chair reading rule book.

(i have to take a potty break ... but will put info up if anything comes up *wink *wink ;) )

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