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8/3 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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10:53 BBT

Jeff gets called to the diary room and nat and kevin are outside on the couch and she says I bet he has the power. Then asks Kevin if they have asked him in DR who he thinks it is.

All of the sudden the DR voice comes over the speakers in the whole house and says, Hey Jeff how ya doing...just want to ask you a couple questions." Then we get FOTH.

When it comes back Natalie and Kevin are laughing about it.

Nata talking about the wizard power again and whoever has it won't use it this week because it wil be a waster...and Kevin since unless you are on the block.

Talk changes to Lydian and Nata says she doesn't hate her just wants to fight with her everyday. Says they are just different but she doesn't hate her.

All 4 cameras on Nat and Kevin in BY.....since I don't like either of them I'm out for the night.

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8:40 BBT

Kevin mentioning to Lydia that Russell is sticking closer to Michelle because he knows he's lost Chima and Lydia. Lydia complaining about not feeling good. Kevin mentions how Jeff is also having a bad day. Talking about upcoming hoh and answering like ronnie told them to if its majority rules. Both wondering where Jeff's heads at. Lydia says he won't talk game with her (geez, I wonder why).

Jessie and Nat playing pool. Saying how he (don't know who their referring to) looks mad. All feeds on them. Not much talking.

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8:44 PM BBT

Nat and Jessie playing pool. Jessie just finished telling Chima and Natalie that he was the one that made the stupid mistake and they should let him take the fall for it. They don't really agree that he should be alone on taking the blame.

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8:52 PM BBT

Jordan and Michelle up in HOH room, they see Ronnie coming and say it's bubble bath time. Russell and Jessie go in, leave and head back in again. Russell asks them to leave for a sec. Russell asks when Jessie was going to tell him that Ronnie, Chima and Natalie were going to back door him. Jessie says everyone but Natalie and myself have talked about back dooring you.

Jessie saying he's closet with Russ, Natalie and Chima. Jessie saying everytime he talks to nat, she wants kevin and lydia out.

Russ says, you know that Chima has said to keep all the girls in because she wants a girl to win?

Jessie says, I can look you in the eye and tell you that she's never said your name to me. If we don't win this house, we're f*d. If I don;t win next week, I'm screwed, no matter what, the only time you know you're safe is when your fate is in your own hands. Jessie is asking why he would have gone to bat for him in week two. I listened to you in week onem two and three.

Russell says he doesn't trust anyone in the house now except Jessie. He doesn't trust Natalie, he doesn't trust Chima. If he hears anything Jessie says he's going to drag his butt up there and ask him what the heck. Russell says his concerns is that the two people closest to Jessie are the two who have it out for Russell. He asks Jessie if he knew that Kevin and lydia made a plan with Chima to keep Russell out of the jury house because they don't want her there. Russell says Chima she wants a girl to win, because of what happened to her in the past and because she wants a woman to be empowered.

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