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7/14 - Live Feed Updates


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  • 1 month later...

9:25 BBT Houseguests are all chilling in the backyard and hot tub (for ShowTime), except Lydia and Natalie, who have gone to bed.

(Jessie and Kevin are also MIA.)

9:35 Ok, Kevin has shown up. Pretty much as soon as Braden disappeared. (Hmmmmm. Coincidence? I think not!)

Ok, now the topic of conversation is penis size and penis enhancement.

(Thankfully, we go to FOTH!)

Finally, we get a feed from inside the house, where Casey and Russell were discussing how Lydia let it all out today because she got angry, and you have to know how to keep your cool.

Meanwhile, chitchat continues in the backyard.

Laura telling about how guys will come hit on her even when she's out with her boyfriend.

And how people always take pictures of her boobs. Even JUST her boobs.

Laura: "People don't have boobs like this in Georgia!"

Jeff: "Lots of places don't have boobs like that!"

Laura does admit that for the most part she like the attention, even though it can be annoying at times.

The mood is very jovial (thanks to the alcohol they got earlier), which is good, considering the tension in the house earlier.

The have-nots have been told that they can eat real food starting at midnight. And I believe hot showers were mentioned as well, I just didn't catch when that restriction would be lifted.

Talk moves on to one night stands. (Michelle tells a funny story about that.)

Then we move on to morning sex.

Jordan must be drunk, because she was telling everyone how she was drunk once and had sex, and then her vagina hurt.

And the she is telling about how this one guy put his finger in her butt hole, and how she had not been prepared for it. She says she didn't like it, but she has a friend who does.

Now we get FOTH because she is telling a story about a guy from school who was nicknamed "spread your buttcheeks Jesse".

(All except for feed 1, which occasionally flashes to the HoH room, where we see Jessie sleeping with the lights on.)

(This kind of raunchy talk happens every season. I think I'll skip detailing the rest and just watch. Jump in, anyone!)

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Bedroom talk going on. Michelle is surprising everyone by how adventurous she is in her marriage. They have sex everyday. Now Jordon is asking everyone. Apparently Michelle and her husband have a video of themselves.

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10:34 BBT Jordan and Laura head upstairs to ask Jesse for more wine.....if the flash their tits....he says no and they don't o it. The head back downstairs with Braden and Russell...Braden "B- for effort" Jordan says "he turned me down"....Ronnie in there talking "jeff and I wouldn't date" Jordan says "I like him and he's so nice....but we're on that friend level"

10:37 BBT "I thought he didn't drink" Laura wonders about Jesse and him being stingy with the wine..Laura says "wierd"

Outside the group {everyone minus Jesse, Russ and Lydia} rejoined by laura and Jordan are talking.."we just got shisted" one of them says...

They talk about food and Chima wants to eat frozen pizza at the strick of 12 when the have nots get off their restrictions..

Braden sasy "you girls handled it really well" about being on slop...Chima "they handled it well"...slop talk...."or you can go on the liquid diet like I did" Chima says..Chima tells Jeff they can have only have slop, pickles, salsa and protein shakes..

10:43 BBT Jesse comes down "sorry to disappoint her" talking about Jordan's attempt to get his wine..Chima "no she didn't" .."she wanted it?"...Yeah "she wanted the bottle" while Jesse explains why he said no..."I'm going to bring them down right now" someone remind him about his snacks..

Lydia in the kitchen making tea or something with honey while Jordan Laura and Ronnie talks....Laura worried "he's going to be pissed" about the wines and feels they need to go outside to explain since Russel who they say was his "Idea" and he's in the DR .

10:47 BBT Closeup of Lydia's tats..while she stares blankly in the green/bike bubble room. She is alone...

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10:48 BBT

Outdoors, Casey talking about the production talk restrictions.

Indoors, Kevin joins Lydia in the eco room and talks about spiders sac. Lydia has a question in the DR and will help him when she gets out. Jesse joins her on the couch and climbs under the blanket. She says she likes it. Jesse says "this used to be my room". Jesse tells her about Jordan's wine attempt. He says he told her "I'm saving it". "I'm sure she's a cool chick" but the only time she talks to me....

Lydia being "proper" about Michele and Jordan's inappropriate sex talk from earlier in the evening. She's called to DR. "I'll be right back, I have something Epic to find out".

10:53 BBT

In the kitchen, the late night snacking with Jeff, Jordan, Ronnie, Laura and Kevin making fun of Jeff's "Toona". Jordan just blabbing about the PoV comp and the words saying "I think its going to be really funny". Jordan tells the story of Jeff and his attempt to spell Techno and make it longer to "Technotronic". Jeff "I'm the worst speller". Jordan says she's "terrible at spelling" because she didn't learn her "hooked on phonics". Jordan laughing about Braden having to be homeless. "CBS needs to find him a home". Kevin throws in "Fucking asshole". Jeff explains to Laura and Jordan the difference between 'foreclosed" and "giving up his apartment". Jordan says "I'm worried' about Braden.

11:00 BBT

Kevin heads back outside, laughing that Ronnie "has his hotdog laid out" getting ready to eat at the stroke of midnight. They all laugh.

Back inside Jeff and Jordan and Ronnie talking. Jordan says she wants to be on slop so she won't eat. They go out and tell Ronnie to come out instead of staring at the clock for an hour. They all go out.

"Are you really staring at the clock Ronnie?" Chima asks. Then he's called to DR. FOTH

BBAD has Lydia and Jesse in green room. She gets up to check if they ate all the pizza, while he just lays there.

11:04 BBT Chima "I didn't make it up. I got it from him", about "Russell the love muscle". Casey says he explained to his kids about how they develop differently and at different times, and tells them "not to worry about it". "I got my period in the 5th grade" Jordan announces.

Russell said he had friends "held back" because they wanted their kids bigger to get sports scholarships in high school.

Back in the eco friendly room, Jesse sleeps next to the pizza Lydia brought him as she sits there. He wakes up "what are you doing' and she tells him "hanging out by myself" and now with him. Jesse "I'm so tired". Lydia asks if he wants to watch spiders spin a web and explains about them outside {heavy stuff here}.

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11:10 BBT

Outside, everyone talking and laughing and someone {Laura, I think}asks "when do we get to do our goodbye messages"?

In eco friendly room, manic Lydia going on about her 'frenemies". Jesse "this pizza is so good". They closed the door. Jesse says people will think we're talking about shit. She says "I just want to see who will have the balls to open it". {more like padlock it}

11:11 BBT Lydia whispering about Laura "I don't think there is any loyalty there" saying she'll shop for the best deal and not commit. Lydia "Kevin wouldn't put you up", as Jesse worries. She says he'd put up Ronnie or Jeff, or maybe Laura. Talk about Braden and Jeff hanging out. "They were just like buddy-buddy". Lydia playing victim. She now moves on to Jordan and Laura's attempt to get the wine, saying "he doesn't use it". Jesse says "if I didn't use it, I wouldn't have gotten it".

"What do you think of Casey?" Lydia asks. Jesse says he got pissed about some cookie. "I never talk to the guy". Lydia says "I think he's going to explode'. She says he told her "I have loose lips and I need to shut my mouth". {I agree}

11:18..Lydia says Casey can be "really rude". "He barks, and I'm not going to bark back". She whines that "he tries to belittle me". [you do a good job yourself}

FOTH BBAD commercial

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11:21 BBT

In the kitchen, Laura and Russ want to "go bust it up" (the Lydia and Jesse convo). Ronnie walks in, saying "a watched pot never boils" referring to the time. Laura and Russ "a fucking mormon", "Captain Lurk-a-lot" making fun of Ronnie talking shit to everyone. Saying "everyone knows it". Laura and Russell keep ragging on Ronnie "he's that stupid... he's an idiot". Russel "he needs a fucking anvil for his job... the dude is ridiculous...a nd its getting to be too much, too". Laura "I'm not going to keep someone that smart around".

Russell "am I the only one who misses out because I sleep"? Jordan comes in, as he asks if he's the only one who "dresses up". Laura "have you and Lydia made up"? Jordan says she tried. "I didn't do anything". Russell "I know". Jordan says she's not trying anymore.

11:27 BBT Laura talking about sdainess of the house. Laura says she's been open about what she says. Russell says so and he's even called out Ronnie about his "lurking". Jordan and Russ talk how she didn't "trust him". He says that's "because of your man". Jordan retorts "he's not my man". {referring to Jeff}

Chima comes in, starts looking for food for 12 midnight. Jordan worries she's coming off as a crybaby. Chima says she's cried to the camera. Jordan "I'm glad we got everything out, and sat down and ate". Chima whining about the shit stains from massive dumps, "I don't know who did it, but I had to clean it" before she used it.

Chima talks about taking her mic off to use the bathroom. Jordan "everyone in America does it"

11:31 BBT Someone answers "more tanning" when Laura asks "what's in store for tomorrow?". Jordan "I wonder if I can live here". Russ says "live in San Fran". Jordan asks about gangs and the Flavor Flav reality shows "can they live down the street from you and not bother you". Chima says "no, they are in south central".

Jordan talks about gang hits she's heard about. Chima says people get killed by being "innocent bystanders". Jordan rambles on.

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11:40 BBT

"T minus 23" Ronnie says. Chima complaining "there's nothing new" in the storage room to eat. Chima looking for food. "Welcome back baby" Casey tells her.

11:29 BBT Ronnie talking to Lydia and Jesse in the Eco room. Ronnie talking about his "OJ mobile", his ford bronco, and talking about going "60-65" over a bridge. Lydia "scary shit" about ballons popping while you're driving. Filling a car "a bug not a good idea".

Ronnie leaves, and they talk shit about him. "He always wants to know everything". Talking about "Russell told everyone" they were flipping the house with PoV. Jesse said he "slept through it". Jesse talks about taking "Jordan and Jeff', and "Jordan will latch on to Laura". Jesse "I know for a fact Jordan will put me and Russell up because Jeff will tell her to", and says Laura will do the same.

11:45 Lydia says Laura plays the kiss ass game while Jesse says she'll play "the weak me card". Lydia says "I don't like when girls play the woe is me card" {like she did when this moron was on the block}

11:46 BBT The kitchen is in full active mode with all the have nots getting ready for their midnight feeding frenzy. General chit-chatting while the food preparation hustle and bustle.

Laura peeling skin off of Jordan's sun burnt scalp. Pulling off chunks of skins. "Oh that is just gross" Jordan says "ewww yuck!".

Kevin taking a couple picks, showing Jeff "you need to brush it out... you need to put lotion on it or something". She tells Jeff "I'm getting a belly" as she plants herself on his lap.

11:51 Food prep continues....

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11:54 BBT

Jordan and Jeff whisper. talking about her moving out of the room away from Lydia and moving in with Jeff. He jokes "as long as you don't snore" and laughs, saying "we were roommates before". Jeff "I'm not going to smoke for a couple days... I smoked so many cigarettes today I feel like throwing up".

Jeff "I'd like some pictures", while Jordan wants a letter, if they win HOH.

11:55 Casey sits near Jeff and Jordan. Casey talking. Michele: "they warned us not to eat early". If they did, a "penalty vote or nomination".

Chima and Michele huge smiles as someone announces "4 minutes".

11:57 BBT..Jordan "I'm sleepy". Jeff "so am I, but I want to see them eat first".

11:58 BBT Ronnie and Michele at the stove. Jordan "shocked" that Russell isn't tired. "Two minutes". Ronnie says "I'm not going to make the midnight deadline" as he continues to cook. Michele "I'm having a beer".

12:00 BBT talking about how it sucks there isn't any food. "It's 12:00", Jordan says. "Is it really?" Michele asks. Jeff grabs some chips. "Shove that hot dog in your mouth". Jeff "all three are for you?" and Ronnie corrects him "all four". Jeff "Ronnie you dog" as they eat. Michele drinking her beer.

12:03 eating, cooking, talking.

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12:06 BBT

Jordan ranting to Russell, who is laying on the couch, about Natalie. Michele called to DR. Russell says "that sucks". He asks Jordan "are you still mad at me?" She says no. Saying it happens when "you're trapped in a house 24-7".

12:08 "You know who it is", talking about who's talking about them, "and you know who it is" Russell says.

Talk about Lydia fight from earlier in the day. "I never thought I would see that side of you". Tells him "I'm gonna give her her space". He asks if she's sleeping with Jeff. She says she would sleep with him but "you snore", and says they will sleep head to feet, and explained Jeff is just a friend and will hang out after the show "as just friends". Talking about flirting, "I flirt with everyone... nothing wrong with it". "I have no problem with it" Russel says.

12:12 BBT Jordan wants to get HOH, to sleep "in a big bed". Russ asks if he can sleep there one night, then says "oops, I can't because I snore", and talk about Braden snoring and him snoring. Russel "i don't snore when I cuddle".

Russell talking about cutting off his last girlfriend. "You're an asshole...I'd hate you", and says "we were at a bar. I look at her... it's over", and sent her a text 'when can I get my sweatshirts back'. He says he just cuts them out. "It's the best way."

Jordan thought he broke up when he came to BB. Russell says she was 33, an older women. She was "another reality person", she had her boobs done on "Dr 90210".

Russel says "she's like you... 90 lbs, blond hair... drove a corvette, wore a red bikini". Describing her on "Dr 90210". When Jordan asks which episode, "like a year and a half ago" when it was on.

12:18 BBT Russell goes on about his dumping his girlfriend.

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12:21 BBT

Natalie complaining to Jesse and Lydia and Laura about the noise and of not getting any sleep. Asks Lydia about the guys she dates. She goes on about "small skinny vegans... to big fat fucks, I don't have a type, I've dated a guy 5'2''". {wow jesse has a chance}

Laura "what about you Jesse?", but Lydia explains the stud eyes of he snake tattoo. Talking about piercings. Jesse talking about taking his shirt off at clubs, people getting out of the way when he walked around. "Fucking sweet."

"Semi-sorta" Lydia says about having "a girlfriend", starts complaining about people "who use sex as a weapon".

12:27 BBT Laura "what is the story", but Lydia argues with Jesse. Laura asks "what is the two-finger wonder?". "I can give you phone numbers, for references". Lydia, "there's no gold medal in your future". Jesse doesn't care. "I don't care if you believe it" and says "I will prove it to you".

12:30 Jesse gets up and leaves as he declines Lydia's invitation to go look at the spiders nest. Laura and Lydia talk about their likes and dislikes about kissing and other stuff.

12:31 BBT In the dining room, Michele still eating as Ronnie is in kitchen still preparing food. Jeff sitting there talking to her..

12:33 BBT Not much going on, so I'll start reporting when interesting convos pick up again.

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12:36 BBT

Casey and Russell talking about Lydia. Russell calls her "over dramatic" and "milking it hard". Casey says if you ignore it then they stop. Russell says "it was funny when you and Chima got into it", saying when she was complaining about the bed. "I heard her say it", Russell said.

Russell "he talks to me the whole day because he knows I'm getting irritated. I want him out", and we get FOTH. {who was he talking about??}

12:40 BBT Still FoTH

12:41 BBT Casey saying a lot of HOH you can take people out. He says he has the 4 or 5 he wants out. Casey says he talks to him{?} a lot but really hasn't found out anything. Russell says "if half your stories are true you must of lived an amazing life". {i think its Braden}

12:45 BBT

Casey and Jesse talking in SR about "the cookie thing". Jesse "I have a feeling Russell is gonna get it" about HOH, and Casey repeats his elimination HOH idea, and "have it in your mind, your top 4 or 5".

Jesse tells Casey "we have your best interest in mind", and Casey "hope your not lying", and promised he will not put him or Russell up, and Casey asks if its the same.

Jesse "I'm still wheeling and dealing, your name is not a target", and Jesse says "don't fight with anybody". Casey "half the people are weak-minded". "Jeff", Jesse says. Casey says "he's a lot smarter than you expect." Jesse goes on about him being kind-hearted, Casey saying all the women are sheep.

Casey: "Be careful what you tell Natalie" he tells Jesse. "She deals in HS". Casey calling Lydia "dead weight" for his team.

Casey and Jesse confirm their alliance, tells Russell "don't worry, just reaffirming out commitment". Russell "really!"

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1:00 BBT

Jordan and Jeff in the bedroom talking in bed..Ronnie goes by into the have-nots room. Jordan says "I've been kissing some major ass". .Asks where Ronnie's going, he says he's moving out of the silver room. "He is so cute. I just wanna squeeze him" they both say about Ronnie.

Jeff "they feel real". Jordan "they're silicone". Jeff "they feel real, they feel nice". "That's why i got the silicone, because they feel real". Jordan: "I'm going to leave because you're too lame". Jeff "let's play a game... some movie game." Lydia putting her sheets on the bed. Jordan offers to help her... and she does. "Braden's snoring". Jordan hops back in bed with Jeff.

1:05 BBT Jordan says "its terrible she's saying 'ya knoo'." She got if from Jeff.

They play their Movie game. Natalie and Chima enter and turn the lights on. She's getting her stuff out of the have-nots hovel.

1:08 BBT Their movie game is going badly. "Al Pacino", Jordan doesn't know who he is. Chima "that's blasphemy". Jeff "you never heard of 'Scarface'?"

11:11 BBT

In HOH, Jesse tells Natalie "watch who you tel lthings to", as Natalie says she doesn't tell anybody anything. Natalie and Jesse play game of chess.

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1:15 BBT

Jesse and Natalie upstairs playing Chess, not saying much.

Downstairs, Jeff and Jordan laying in bed. She says she'll be sleeping in her bed. He tells Jordan to turn off the light, not realizing Chima in the other room needs it to move her crap.

1:17 BBT Jordan making fart noises with Jeff's arm. "You're so easily amused, I like that", Jeff says. "Try to play a song, and I'll guess it". She tries, starts laughing. Jeff says "I'm never gonna get this". FOTH. "So retarded", Jeff says. "But it was 'Mary had a Little Lamb'." Jeff says that's what he was gonna guess.

Jeff tells her he's not smoking for a few days. Jordan wants him to play a song on her arm. Chima finishes and off go the lights.

1:22 BBT Jordan "why do I have to always rub you". Jeff says "I said I'll do your feet". .Jordan "go harder". "I don't like how you do it". Jeff "how do you want me to do it". They are scratching each other.

{I'm out. Be back tomorrow}

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2:45am BBT - Jessie, Lydia, Natalie, Kevin, Laura, and Casey all outside enjoying some Brayden bashing making fun of his stories.

Brain clique is talking about going after a guy trying to figure out who it is ... Sounds like maybe Jeff and they are gonna try and bring in Jordan sorry whispering hard to hear. Now they are talking about backdooring Russell game changes quick! So their plan seems to be Jeff next week, and then have someone like Jordan or Casey backdoor Russell.

(Be back shortly.)

3:50am BBT - Now the brains order has changed to... ideally Lydia, Russell, Casey in that order. They are now talking about possibly having Jeff & Jordan on their side.

4:00am BBT - Jessie in the HOH with Nat, Kevin, Laura talking about past guests and Jessie's relationships.

4:05am BBT - The brains are calling it a night

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6:45 AM Natalie up and in the bathroom

Out of the bathroom, in the kitchen holding a gallon of water on her right shoulder. Either she has sunburn, or she hurt it???? Looks like she is in some pain.

Now she's heading back to bed

Someone in the "have not" room is moaning. Sounds like Michelle

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Several HG's up and around.


Lydia, Russel, Jordan and Ronnie outside. Just chit chat going on and Ronnie on the bike. I also saw Michele in the BR.

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9:20am BBT

Housguests are awake and all four feeds are on Russell and Jordan in the backyard. Jordan is putting on her makeup. Jordan thinks that Little Wayne is Hot and Russel thinks she is crazy. Russel says Little Wayne has the ungliest teeth in the world and his tattoos are bad.

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9:20 BBT

Braden's telling Jessie in the recycled room about the votes he has: Jordan, Jeff, Russ, Laura and Ronnie likes him. Braden says he's had 3 girlfriends and they've all cheated on him, something he's never done. Braden tells Jessie he's not going to give up and keep trying to get votes. Jess says he understand. Braden asks Jess to think about him staying. Braden says Chima's an awesome girl, but feels later down the game, he'd be a better competitor.

Jordan's called to DR. Then FOTH. Feeds come back and Jess says he'll talk with some people and see what they think about keeping Brdaen. Jess says he's not going to let an 18 y/o girl (Natalie) tell him what to do. Braden says Nat is more of an adult than half the people in here and Jess agrees.

Jess heads outside and tells Casey and Russ that Braden is trying and how Jess wasn't expecting Braden to lay down and do nothing. Casey doesn't seem to like the idea, but agrees that Braden is going to try to stay.

9:30 BBT

Casey brings up Ronnie talking last night and how people are starting to see how Ronnie is, trying hard to hustle everyone. Casey says people like Ronnie and people like Braden, the opposite of Ronnie, who came in w/o a game plan and does nothing, are the type of people that leave the first month. Casey talks about not staying up all night and Russ says you can't hear every conversation. Jess says the video game Ronnie would play probably meant he only got 3 hours of sleep a night. Kevin comes out and Russ is called to DR. Jess mentions BB told them to be TV ready and how people are getting called to the DR. Ronnie comes outside and joins the men.

They talk about the movie 'Crash'. Jess head inside and Ronnie follows him. Jess starts up the stairs and Ronnie whispers to him somehting about Braden. Jess says 'wouldn't you fight, too?' and Ronnie says oh yeah. Jess continues upstairs and Ronnie joins the girls in the bathroom, who are doing hair and makeup.

9:45 BBT

All feeds on Casey smoking and Kevin sitting right next to him.

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9:22pm BBT

Braden talking with Jesse

Braden is trying to save his butt. He is telling Jesse that he thinks he still has a chance. Braden says he was looking at the table last night during dinner and thinks he can get Casey, Russell, Jeff, Jordan, and Laura to vote for him because they like him. He is throwing Chima under the bus saying that she makes bad comments. Braden says he can see her having a switch that turns on and off. She can do definite damage. Braden tells Jesse that he wants him to think about keeping him and he is going to talk to some other people today. {Braden is really trying to talk Jesse into keeping him} Braden asks Jesse to take it all in and give it a couple of hours or a day and that it could go either way. Braden tells Jesse that he thinks he will be a better team member than Chima would be.

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9:50 BBT

Russ and Jess in HOH. Russ is now 175lbs, gaining 5 lbs since he's been here. Russ asks Jess about Ronnie and Jess says he trusts him and how Ron is 100% on their side. Jess says the longer Ron stays in the house, the longer Jess' group will get info from the other side (from Ronnie). Jess mentions that Casey hates Nat and Nat hates Casey. Jess says Nat talks to Chima and wants her here, just like Russ wants to keep Casey and Jess wants to keep Ronnie. Russ says he loves Nat and treats her like a little sister, but Casey made a good point that they'd be better off without her, b/c she's so young. Russ tells Jess that Russ is the one that started the fight yesterday between Braden and Lydia, b/c Russ was behind the sense, egging Braden on.

10:10 BBT

Jess says Laura scares him in this game and how she can talk to anyone in the house. Jess says he knows Kevin wants Jeff out. Jess mentions a convo Ronnie told him about Michele, that Michele told Ronnie as soon as the cliques are over, Michele will be trying to get Ronnie out. Jess and Russ don't believe this convo and that Ronnie overembelshed this convo and Ronnie is just trying to take a target off his back and put targets on people he wants out.

Jess is aware that Ronnie could be riding their coat tails and Ronnie will be used as a pawn if he doesn't start winning things. They don't want Ronnie to skate to the end b/c of their group. Russ says he's going to take a dump and heads to HOH bathroom. Jess says Chima brought up more toilet paper and how he doesn't want Nat and Chima to team up. Jess turns on the HOH TV.

Feeds switch to BY. Jordan and Lydia are chatting in the sun. Laura and Kevin are talking on the couch while Michele is on the elliptical. Ronnie joins them and Kevin calls him camera ready. They talk about how they still have 2.5 more days of doing nothing and how after the show tonight, the fans should all be caught up. Laura says the public probably won't see Kevin/Lydia/Jeff's fight until Thursday's show. They then talk about editing. They wonder if BB will show Chima's veto speech where she's kind of racist and talks about white girls. Ronnie says BB will, since Chima laughed after her comment.

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