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August 19 & 20 - Live Feed Updates

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  • 2 weeks later...

12:23 BBT

Reeney working on Dan's mop..saying "patrick swayze'" is her age when Memphis says he is in his 50's..Memphis wondering "how they cure pancreatic cancer"

Reeney finishes "it looks hot Dan"..Dan saying he might "hire her for the live show"..Reeney "looking Good" [in some accent}

Reeney keeps playing with Dan's hair..asks Memphis to help doesn't but says "it looks good"Reeney bring up to Dan he needs "to sow his wild oats"....Dan saks reeney again about "being my stylist"

"thanks Reeney" Keesha saying he should learn how to style it himself..

reeney and Keesha head to kitchen and talk Dan saying his hair "looks kinda 50ish" "I'll be up till 3:30 " because he took a long nap earlier today...

12:43 BBT

Back in the bedroom ollie and April in bed togther while Jerry lays down on the other bed and all you hear is the talking from the kitchen..

Michele still trying to remember Ozzy's name "I think it starts with a M"

Jerry says "scenario" goes back home and Reeney gets a sitcom and offer to be her daughter..Michele says "yes"...Jerry "you both talk funny"....Michele says "where I'm from they don't talk funny"...Jerry says "we can't put Keesha" in tthe sitcom annoyed by "that laugh".."oh God"[for once I agree with him}

12:54 BBT

They are making fun of Michele way of speaking...saying "did you faht" to Ollie instead of "Fart" and all laugh..Michele joking that ""kahma is a bitch"...laughing ater her trying to say "Karma"..

"bring it on Providence" April says when Michele says they wouldn't do well there....

Jerry chimes in "I'm a old faht"....saying BB told him to find something to fill his time now he's getting "nasty"...

Now Michele has degraded to being loopy again...and has spread to the rest of them....

1:01 BBT Back in the kitchen keesha {obnoxiously laughing so I'm out cuz I can't stand it...night all}

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Keesha and Memphis and Ollie are on the BY couch with. Keesha drinking coffee no talking.

Renny was making her bed in the HOH room, FotH for a second then all four feeds back showing the BY.

10:15AM BBT: Jerry joins the BY crew and Memphis heads inside. Still not talking...

10:30AM BBT: Ollie was called to the DR and Keesha and Jerry were left outside. Jerry says he may sleep all day as being on slop for three week has taken it's toll. He's lost weight. Keesha offers to go on slop for him as she could do with some weigh loss! He doesn't think she will be allowed but thanks her for the offer.

Feeds change to April in the bathroom putting on her makeup for the day.

Jerry has gone inside and Michelle and Keesha are talking about dogs...

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12:35 - Renny and Michelle in the HoH discussing nominations. Renny says she put the Colonel up because he irritates her. Michelle says her too. She says she can't sleep because she's not sure who she can trust. Renny says that she has talked to Keesha about Michelle. Michelle says she has kept a lot to herself and she hopes she's made the right choices about whom to trust. She tells Renny "You have Keesha, I don't have anybody." Michelle says she's been told that there are people after her and then that lots of people like her. She says she doesn't know what to think.

Renny says she wanted to talk to Michelle. Michelle asks about Dan coming up to the HoH a lot and Renny says Dan is on the bench (fence) and you don't know what he'll do. Renny tells Michelle she likes her. Michelle says she feels like there's a group of 4 and then she's on the outside. Renny says the game is changing after this HoH. Michelle agrees but feels like an outsider. Renny says she doesn't talk to everyone either, for example Memphis.

Michelle says after last week the guys are all in one bedroom now. She says it makes you think "What's going on?" Renny says if April leaves tomorrow, you don't know what these people are going to do. Michelle says she heard April talking about being on the Early Show with Julie. Michelle says she sits back and hears a lot and it seems April knows she's going home. She says she heard April and Ollie discuss April's wardrobe choices for her eviction. Michelle says a lot comes out of Jerry's mouth.

Renny says the reason she put April out is exactly why she said during the ceremony. She thought Michelle would have beaten April in the Earthquake Endurance challenge.

12:42 BBT - Michelle talking about how her hands were screwed up after the Earthquake challenge and Michelle says if anyone could have beaten April, it would have been Renny. Renny disagrees but that challenge showed how tough April is. Now they go to "shoulda coulda woulda" IF the PoV was won by.....blah. Michelle brings up how people discuss who's key was last in the nomination box thingy and what it all means. Renny acts like it means nada.

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12:45 - After the What Ifs, Renny says Michelle would NOT have been put up. Renny says there are different things being said, and she wanted to clear things up. Renny calls Jerry an asshole. Michelle says she hears Jerry talk about her. Renny says she talks to Jerry occasionally to see if he's living, but that's it. Michelle says you can't believe anything he says and you have to question everything especially after he admitted lying.

Michelle says Jerry acts superior to women. She goes into her relationship with her father and how it's only recently good. (It appears her daddy was an MCP and she is recently dealing with it). She says Jerry talks in a degrading manner to women. She says she doesn't like certain things he says. Renny says "His ass is leavin'."

Renny says Keesha always says she feels sorry for the Colonel. Michelle wonders is Keesha means it and Renny says she doesn't know. Renny says "He needs to go."

Renny says "As we move along in the game it's imperative to talk to people just to see what's going on." Michelle agrees and says she never knows what to say to whom. Renny says in this game you don't know. Michelle says every morning, it's

Here We Go Again.

They hug and both leave HoH. Renny thanks her for the "tidbit" (missed that, sorry) and Michelle says "no solid evidence, just...you know."

12:51 - Renny and Memphis talk while Mem in pool. Renny says "He's an idiot" and says someone is talking shit. (missed it AGAIN!!) Renny says "Well, she's lying, but you know how the Colonel lies all over the place."

Renny moves over to talk to Keesha and Dan and says "Michelle says the Colonel is going around telling people that we (Renny and Dan) told him (Jerry) he's safe."

Keesha says "Michelle tell you that?" Keesha inidicates that it can't be trusted coming from Michelle.

Renny walks off and mumbles something to Memphis and then back to Keesha , who tells Renny that Ollie came outside and screamed "F THEM!" to everyone in the BY.

Keesha asks Dan if Jerry said anything like that to him? Dan says NO and Keesha says "Me either."

Dan says If you understand what peoples motives are, you understand certain things.

1256 - Dan gets up and on his way out of the BY, punches at the camera.

12:58 April and Ollie in BY on couches and Ollie goes nuts. Says he's feeling disrespected by people plotting right in front of them. He says he's ready to go off on them. April says she's used to it.

(Who pissed in his Wheaties this morning? - MrsF)

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April says Renny really thinks she's The Shit right now. Ollie says he could just screw everything up and he will. April says Renny doesn't see she has no power right now.

Ollie says he thinks Jerry may have said something to Renny about what she said. Ollie says Jerry told Renny what April said, and now Renny had to verify it. April says "That old man better watch the fuck out, Dude."

(And YOU have power, April? - Mrs F)

April says Renny and Keesha better watch their own asses.

Michelle says if she confronts Jerry, he will deny it. She offers to call Jerry out. April says maybe in front of Memphis tomorrow. Ollie says you can't wait and "You ain't got nuttin' ta lose."

Ollie asks "Do you care where you stand with Jerry?" April says no and Ollie says Jerry's word is nothing.

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1:04 BBT - Michelle and April make jokes about Ollie apparently being crapped on by a bird. They tell Ollie "That's what you get for talking crap about birds - you get crapped on."

Ollie says "You don't have to bring that up (with Jerry), have Michelle do it." It looks like it's about Jerry saying he'd nominate Memphis.

Ollie says "It's your word now against Jerry's." They think that if they put this out in public, Memphis would be stupid to keep Jerry in the house with that threat.

April says nobody is talking while they're out there. April offers Ollie a milkshake and he says he'll make his own as he likes his chunky, just like his women. He says he's joking and April says she'll remember that. April goes inside as Ollie sits stewing - he's raging pissed.

1:10 - Michelle, Memphis, Dan and Ollie in BY and not talking to one another much.

Dan says BB thinks this place is some kind of joke. They come in and work 9-5, ask a few questions and they get to go home! He starts a rant on how BB will be in their heads forever and they'll never come back to the BB house. He paces and talks .

April comes back and joins Ollie and says Keesha is talking to Jerry. April says they tried to get her involved in the conversation and she told them she didn't hear what they said. (conversation not on any feeds. :( )

Keesha goes back outside. Dan goes on and April asks Ollie what he's talking about. Ollie says "About never coming back in here...listen."

Dan goes on and says you should volunteer.

Ollie says April was very pissed last night. Dan had said maybe there was a twin twist with April. April says it's because her sister is pregnant with complications and all "he" can talk about is her being on the show. April is also mad that someone said maybe her sis isn't really pregnant. She says "I'll tear his fuckin' balls out!" (Wow...overreact much?- MrsF)

Michelle asks what that was all about and April starts in and then Ollie tells them to stop. April says she should talk about Monica. Michelle says don't do that!

Michelle says she feels like Jerry is going around telling a lot of lies and stories. Michelle says she'll call him out. Ollie says he and April will confirm if Michelle does do that.

Michelle says Jerry is getting more and more senile. April says she's pissed off that Jerry farted. Michelle agrees and says it's disgusting. April says he's vulgar. Whoa - April said last night Jerry asked "Do you fart when you fuck?" They think that's disgusting.

Keesha and Memphis talking on lounges about Michelle trying to swing Renny. Memphis says people get crazy in this house. Keesha says "They sure are acting different than they were at the beginning of the week!" Memphis agrees.

Meanwhile, Michelle rehashes conversation with Renny in HoH.

(I gotta run...someone take over!)

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2:00 BBT Renny and Keesha in HOH Renny told Keesha Memphis is obnoxious because she asked in if he wanted to talk to her and he said about what. Renny told Keesha that Memphis is using her and will go after Renny because she won't vote against Keesha.

Keesha told Renny she knows and she is not stupid and she is using Memphis also. Renny said Memphis is walking around like he won the game and he is so confident. Keesha is trying to throw in Michelle and says she is walking around the same way. Renny says Memphis has to go next and Keesha says Michelle has to go to. (every time Renny says anything bad about Memphis Keesha is not saying a word.

Jerry comes up to HOH and is talking to Renny and Keesha. Renny asked him who he thinks is in an alliance and who is the strongest alliance. Jerry said he thinks it's Michelle and Memphis because Memphis is on one side and Michelle is on the other and playing both sides and how they get together and share information. Jerry is also telling Keesha and Renny is he gets HOH next week they are fine he is not coming after them. If he does leave this week he is going to be one SOB in the jury house. Jerry leaves the HOH and Renny and Keesha are talking. Keesha says Michelle is playing a dirty game and if she screws Keesha she won't get her vote.

Renny is telling Keesha Michelle will not screw her and not to worry. Keesha said do you think so and Renny says yes she won't screw you.

2:40 BBT Keesha and Renny go downstairs to eat and Michelle is in the kitchen and they are talking about it being cold.

First time updating hope this is ok.

2:45 BBT no one doing nothing just boring stuff right now.


Keehsa, Renny and Michelle talking about hair color and hair Keesha told Michelle they really wanted some blondes on the show. Jerry walking in yard can't see anyone else.

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4:30 BBT Jerry and Renny talking in the back yard. Jerry is promising Renny that if he gets HOH that Renny and Keesha are safe. He is saying that they need to stick together. Jerry said she is walking around all arrogant. (Michelle) Renny tells Jerry she can't stand arrogance in "him" either. (Memphis) Renny gets up and leaves. Jerry talks again about they are playing both sides.

Keesha sleeping in the hammock. All 4 cameras on Keesha in the hammock.

Jerry by himself again

4:45 BBT Renny comes back out and talks to Keesha in the hammock. Keesha says there is not way all 3 are going to make it to the end. Renny says Memphis has been using them. Renny says she wants Memphis out and Keesha said both of them. (I have noticed that Renny keeps saying Memphis and Keesha keeps saying Michelle)

They are talking about who will win at the end. Renny says they are going to use Keesha to get Renny out. Renny says Keesha will win against anyone at the end. Renny says a lot is going to change in the game. They are walking around arrogant. Renny says Dan wants everyone to trust him but pfftttt.

Jerry comes back outside so they stop talking. Renny tells Jerry that the game is going to change. They are talking about Memphis has said that he doesn't have an alliance. Jerry said it is Memphis and Michelle and Dan going along for the ride. (a lot of repeating themselves)

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4:35 BBT Just caught the end of Jerry and Renny talking in BY, Jerry says Memphis and Michelle are a tough alliance and are taking Dan along for the ride. Renny says she can't stand arrogance with how Memphis is walking around. Jerry says to Renny don't worry he will try and take care of Renny and Keesha next week and he appreciates what Keesha and Renny have done for him.(not sure what they done I guess keeping him over April).

Jerry says they can't keep both from winning the money but at least they can keep the one they hate the most from getting it in the end. (I guess Memphis and Michelle).

Feeds all go to Keesha laying in the hammock all is quiet.

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5:00 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Jerry piddling in the backyard with the blue ducky chlorine float. It seems the float is blocking the skimmer in the hot tub. Dan comes out for a second and tells Jerry he is planning on lieing down. Jerry "You haven't been doing that already?" (My sentiments exactly-FTB1974)

5:08 PM BBT Dan heads to bedroom where Michelle is laying down. He is reading the bible out loud to Michelle, jumping to scriptures he wants Michelle to interprate in her Rhode Island logic.

Dan quotes: "Truthful lips endure forever, a lieing tongue only for a moment" followed by "sometimes a way seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to his death"

Michelle interprets "men aren't always right".

Dan quotes: "he who mocks the poor blasphemies his maker, he who is glad in chaos will not go unpunished"

Michelle interprets: if you gonna get got, you're gonna get gotten (can't make this stuff up-FTB1974)

Dan quotes: "to be a fool's parent is grief for a man, the father of a knumbskull has no joy."

Michelle: raise a kid right......more money more problems

Dan quotes: "He who answers before he hears is shameful."

Michelle: those who answer without listening usually think they are always right.

Dan quotes: "He who makes a fortune by a lieing tongue is chasing a bubble over deadly traps."

Michelle: If you make money the wrong way it is going to catch up to you and bite you in the ass.

5:19 PM BBT All 4 feeds: Theology class is over and Dan lays down on the living room couch.

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5:25 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Jerry instructing Keesha on exercising routines. He is breathing very very heavy while they exercise side by side.

5:35 PM BBT Jerry and Keesha are talking about how bored they are, especially from Sunday after veto meeting to Thursday leading up to the live show. (Feeling their pain this very moment-FTB1974) They are wondering what conclusions the outside world has made about them and that people can't judge them for what happens in the house because you have to be there to understand. They talk briefly about their families outside of the house and that Jerry is really looking forward to being able to eat. He is hoping the others will not have eaten all the steak. Keesha (of all people) says "make them save you one"

5:50 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Jerry, Keesha, and Dan in the backyard lounging around. Just general chit chat. Keesha and Jerry miss their dogs, etc.

6:10 PM BBT General chit chat leads to reminiscing of the days of Brian. Dan and Jerry were both very fond of him and miss him. Jerry makes a comment about April's frequent tantrums and just when I think the conversation may get interesting, Dan asks Jerry about his prescriptions and his medical coverage and then they discuss the economy. (wake me up when it's over-FTB1974)

6:20 PM BBT Talk has turned to politics. At some point Keesha fled and has not been seen since.

6:30 PM BBT Back to Jerry's health and Dan is asking the difference between double and triple bypasses. Jerry gives him the details of his heart surgery.

6:40 PM BBT Feeds switching to Michelle playing pool and Ollie exercising in the backyard. Michelle tells Ollie that she doesn't want April to go and that if she does, the two of them had better get to work next week. "If you are not in the game, the game will come to you." The conversation switches to food when Dan comes out to play pool with Michelle.

7:00 PM BBT Feeds froze on me and I come back to April telling Ollie in the back yard not to go off on anyone until they do something to him. She is pissed and says that she just wants to go in there and eat her (F bomb) food and everyone leave me the (F bomb) alone and is that too (F bomb) much to ask. I think her anger is geared towards Michelle.

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I'll jump in with this info right now.

7:30 BBT Nothing great happening right now, Michelle, Memphis Dan, Renny and Keesha in the Kitchen trying to pick a middle name for Michelle. Also talk about The Family Guy cartoon Michelle going on and on. They are also talking of playing a game or something since there is nothing to do. (great BBAD will be boring tonight)

April and Ollie in sauna no game talk. No idea where Jerry is. April said earlier she doesn't want to talk to anyone tonight she is mad and wants them to leave her alone. (I think it's because she wanted to know for sure of Dans vote she said he would tell her so she could enjoy her last couple days in the house)

(It's really boring right now if anything good happens I see I let you all know. Jerseyg917)

8:00 BBT They just got Red and White wine.(BB must want some action tonight)

Dan just gave up his beer (which he is trying to call pop so his school and students don't know he is drinking) to Memphis and Keesha gave up her wine to Michelle so Michelle and Memphis can go shot for shot. Michelle is doing shots of wine and Memphis is doing shots of beer (so those two they may be drunk tonight).

Dan said as long as he is entertained he will give up his beer every night. Keesha said it's ok since there is not enough booze for all of them.(I guess not enough to get falling down drunk)

Keesha said Renny took the last beer and she doesn't know why she did. Memphis was talking about how they ration the booze when they get it.

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10:08pmBBT- April and Ollie in Spa. They are talking about Ollie moving in. Ollie asked April if she has a TV, She said she has a full house. She said before he moves in that she HAS to be his GF, that just dating him and him living with her would be an insult. Memphis, Renny, Michelle, Jerry, Keesha inside the house doing random stuff. Memphis is acting a fool. Jerry is talking about how he taught the 10 commandments in Sunday School. Now they are all singing a Showtime song they made up. Memphis is holding up the Silver flower vase singing, now called to the DR. Talk turns to the TV crew and set crew how they get to leave and come home. ( A lot of talking to the cameras tonight)

10:16BBT- Michelle AND Memphis are in the diary room together. Jerry, Keesha and Renny wondering about that.

10:33BBT- Jerry, April and Ollie in the Sauna room talking about them moving in together. Ollie said he was going to move anyways because he's lookin for a new job. They are telling Jerry that Ollie is going to get a 1 bedroom, Jerry tells him to just get a cheap Motel to stay in for a while. They are trying to water it down for Jerry ( guess they don't want him to know much) Talk turns quickly to slop and what Jerry puts in it. Ollie is talking about his job telling him that he can't go back to his job, for being gone for so long. Jerry asks if there's an office where April lives, he says no, he worked for the Main Office. Ollie is saying that's he's been thinking about moving to AZ for a couple of yrs. April says not Tucson though it's scary and she's never been there. April says you never know how long she will be in AZ either. Unless her sister needs help with the babies, then she would stay but nothing is keeping her there. She is talking about the day she left to come to BB and how her sister had all the DNA testing done for her baby....( in midst sentence feeds change) Michelle is doing her baby talk about Memphis saying he is cool, he's quiet, he tans very good. Now she is talking about Dan saying when she thinks of Dan she thinks of Monica, bonica, veronica ( she's singing, she's drunk) When she thinks of Ollie she thinks of hollie, and ( blabbering) (Keesha, is asking her what she thinks of everyone hence Michelle talking about the guys Michelle isn't making any sense she is rambling,,,Commercial 10:40BBT

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10:37 BBt: April Jerry and Olllie talking in the sauna room...April is talking about her sister.....saying 'she used her" to help set up her office when BB producers arrived...Jerry consoling her saying "that was sisters do"....April going on "she was so unhappy that day yelling at the producers and the cameramen" and we get foth...

10:41 BBT: In the 60s room Keesha is talking to Michele calling her "her tanning partner" Dan is laying down.."Dan why are you so quiet" Keesha wonders....Dan mumbles a little diddy about Michele...Michele starts too and gets warned by BB.

Back in the sauna room April pity party continues..April feeling guilty about her sister.."she does my laundry...cleans my house"..Jerry going on about being close a bond......April says she want to "fly out" her sisiter and "my dad"...

Jerry says "no one ever talked to me about the wrap party" FOTH

BBAD The little monotone gregorian type chant going on between Michele and Dan..

switches to April and CO wanting Ollie to "tell me" his goodbye speeches...he doesn't..

April complains about her eyes...while Jerry goes on about flying to Arizon to visit his niece and kids and hope "they drive down"...Ollie obviously depressed saying "they don't like us"

Long quiet pause...Jerry "ahh feels good" about is chair massage.......

10:51 BBT Back in the 60s room....Michele talking loopy about "ma" and "vacation".......talking about her "mommy cryin".......Michele making no sense...{at least to me}

Michele asking Dan to say "nice things about me"......complaing about "make you fucking egg sadwiches"

10:55 BBT "he's got those two so wrapped" Reeney schools Keesha in HOH..Keesha acting like she's independent...saying no one has her wrapped....Reeney calling her "a suck ass" about Memphis ...saying "she could have won that veto for you..."and he got a bunch of onions"...Reeney "Libra could have won" and the whole thing could have gone another way...

I hope they don't win it.."or my ass will be going home" says Reeney....Keesha "only six of us playing"...Reeney saying "when he did that to be that was so arrogant"..she says "I felt like saying you little punk" going on it was part of her vote "that saved his ass" {don't know what he said earlier to Reeney as I didn't watch the feeds}

Reeney warning that he may have it wraped up..."I keep becoming more and more skeptical about Dan" saying he phises for info by saying "i don't trust Memphis" and that's all he says and expects you to say something...Keesha agrees and sees it..

Feed switches to April and Ollie "your the only one for me" he tells her......

11:03 BBT Dan and Micheles nonsensical dribble continues in the 60s room..

In the 80's room Ollie and April....talking.....professing their love for each other .."you're amazing" she tells Ollie....

"jerry knows he's already safe" she tells Ollie.. April starts crying......"don't start crying on me babe" Ollie hus her...."it sucks" April says..

Dand and Michele leavve the room and head outdoors and Michele starts talking about Ed McMahon and triggers a FOTH...which means I'm forced back to

BBad with April and Ollie....talking crying and remincing about what has transpired....and hindsight...

11:11 BBT Jerry going on about being taken off slop...Michele says "I ate crickets" and "I wore the unitard".....Jerry going on about the bad taste of "it was so dry" slop..."I almost puked three times" from the food comp...Jerry "well I'm gonna go to bed"..."why..I'm painting my nails" Michele says "I like the games we played tonight" Jerry "Anything" because it gets boring...

Michele goes on about bats "was it big and scary" now Michele goes on abouts bats

11:14 BBT: In the HOH "in a perfect world" Keesha says she would take Reeney to the end.."but you don't know" and says "tomorrow you get your camera" to take opics...Reeney Michele wouldn't take me you and Ollie to the end.."and Dan" Keesha "i don't know who Dan would take"....

Keesha "want to go outside" Reeney agrees and head downstairs..

Michel comes in with her "Bats" story.....Keesha saying she thinks they were talking about her when "you were in the massage chair' and Jerry corrects her saying that "you weren't talked about Keesha" and all she said "i'm going home" and just want to spend their time together "that's all" Keesha "oh really"

11:22BBT outside.. Keesha thinks Jerry will get off slop midnight tomorrow..Jerry says no...Reeney "they told you that" when he tells her Ollie/April want to be alone...."they should shut the door"..Keesha "they really like each other"....Jerry "i think its serious" telling them Ollie moving to Phoenix....Jerry saying "she's worried" about her sisters baby having down syndrome....they talk about children...Jerry saying "they're so brave" about the ST Jude's kids.."I couldn't be that brave"...Jerry says Dan said about Keesha "you have a good heart"...

Talking about Dan worrying baout his joc and Keesha says he hasn't done anything wrong...

talking about time dragging..."that's crazy" Keesha says about "August 2oth" "in a couple hours"...Jerry accidentally calls Keesha Michele and says "I'm terrible with names" saying he gets confused with names at home...

11:31 BBT Reeney saying "she spells her name like the horoscope"..talking about Libra and how people enter the Jury House..and how they arrive....."jerry says "riase hell" "one big party" and will be fun...Keesha says "they have to have some limits" "on the alcohol"...talking the only time camera there are the evictees arrivals and talk they will get to see how they look an camera....

11:35 BBT foreplay in the 80's room {temporary blindness} Lights are turned off... look away if you have a squimish stomach.{.I'm gone}

11:38 BBT: Jerry going on and on..."i hide nothing" and says some ways its good because people know where they stand with you....saying with booze "i can get mouthy" and tells Reeney 'so can you"..both saying they don't like "to keep it in" and "get i over" that way..

Jery heads in to drinks some iced tea and Reeney says she'll be heading to bed soon...Keesha says 20 minutes till "we can turn off the lights"

11:41 BBT: Jerry saying he can get Ollie's vote...Keesha saying "he would put me up in a heartbeat"..Jerry says "no I don't think so"

Jerry if Oli and are left where are we gonna go he tells Keesha saying "it more obvious" where Michele is heading....saying "him and ollie "are looking for a home"...."keep that i the back of your head" but don't say anything especially if "you and Reeney" needs people..buts says they should wait til HOH is decided.....but assures "ollie will roll with me ...he has nowhere else to go"

Keesha says Ollie might go with Michele buts says "she's playing the Memphis thing" "come on baby" and Keesha "i never said she wasn't" Jeery 'don't kid yourself" about Michele saying her memory is good and even though she never went to college she's smart...

Jerry "i'm not one of them" when Keesha says there are a couple people that would put her up...and tells jerry she would not put him up...

Jerry whinning again about getting "off slop"

Jerry says he's told Ollie he "needs to start playing the game"..Keesha 'everyones been talking about it" that Ollie just with her and not playing the game..

Jerry says you have to be careful not to shit on the potential jury members...talking about Michele when she walks and Michele says about April and Ollie "they turned off the lights" and Jerry says they do "scenarios" and Michele says she doesn't know about that..

11:53 BBT: Dan and Memphis wondering why there are "12 boxes of cereal for 6 people"...Reeney fetches some more food so he can pour it down his fat face....he sstarts scarfing"I love these things"

Michele comes back in..Dan "who's out there".."keesha and Jerry" she tells him......

11:55 BBT Jerry goes on about Michele...telling Keesha "you've got the fuck you attitude"...Memphis comes out Keesha "what are you eating" tells her and heads back indoors...

Jerry and Keesha continue talking..talking about how she usually gets along with everyone..but there she's unable to avoid people she doesn't like in the BB house..and that's how fights ensue.....

Jerry says Libra always made it worse....Keesha "they always threw me in it".......telling Jerry "a lot of it" between her and April was Libra's fault..."I really like April" and "the instant Libra was around".....

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12:05 BBT

Jerry saying to Michele that Novemeber that he needs to get "that cataract removed" ..Michele saying her grandparent had it done...Jerry "it would be horrible to be blind"...jerry tells Michele about a little girl that was blind that she wanted a hot dog..she took her and got scared..and took her back saying 'a lot of blind people are confident" but she wasn't..

12:10 BBT Michele heads in leaves Jerry outside...staring blankly..before he gets up and heads inside..

In the kitchen Memphis Reeney Dan and Keesha and April getting a post sex romp snack only to leave when she gets it...without muttering a word.

Jerry says his goodnights before he heads into the room..Reeney saying "Dan's life is out of order"..dan joking saying say it "to my face"....Dan "there is only one teacher in this house"...Reeney I'm a teache ttoo. telling him "let me take you upstairs" and beat the shit out of you..dan to reeney "my mom away from mom"...

Reeny saying "you have a mean side to you Dan"Reeney ragging on dan...telling him "what are you doing" "he's trying to irritate me"..Reeney "people with thin lips are mean"..

Reeney talking about having to be "weened back into society"....after she gets out...

In the bathroom..Memphis "my weight its 211" [trust me it shows} saying "that ain't right" since he was 204 this morning.. They are all showering and washing up.....Michele keeps saying "awwwkward" and Michele and dan rapping..asking him "do you have shorts underneath those shorts"

Back in the kitchen Keesha says "i don't think their scales are right"...Keesha going on she's not putting "nothing fattening in my body"...memphsi going on about "211" and "we'll see how much I flucuate"...Memphis saying "i didn't eat that much today".....Memphis "i ususall don't eat bread in my outside live ..ever..EVER!" and we get a foth...

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12:26 BBT Memphis and Keesha going on about their weight..{like two girls}

12:27 BBT Ollie and April are in the room with the lights off not really speaking much..just kissing as I hear ssmacking....{maybe building strength for round 2}

back in the kitchen...Keesha says she's going to bed...Reeney "right now..you didn't tell me good night"

Keesha "i've been drinking that Sweet and Low..I didn't know it caused cancer".."i've been drinking that like crazy"..Memphis "Aspartame"

Everyone just walking around...Keesha hugs Reeney good night...Michele sits down saying "they made me show them my armpit"....they are talking about the camera and says at least they have to do something tomorrow...Reenyasks about "the blog" and keesha says "thats usually in the morning"...Keesha "good night girls'..Reeney "good night everyone"...Memphis tries to sing "good night sweethearts" and realizes he doesn't "know the words"

12:37 BBT

Keesha and Memphis..getting for bed in the 60s room Dan comes in from the shower and then Michele pops in...and then leaves...

Dan gets out his bible...."the question " "did you miss us last night"..Keesha "of course"..talk turns to water bed temp....Keesha "oh lordy its set to 100 degrees"

Dan starts his proverbs...ask Keesha "do you know what an archer is"..she doesn't..he preaches on...Keesha not understanding what Dan proposes to her..saying "I really don't want to talk about me"

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12:46 BBT

Michele is picking at her face...quietly as she has no one to talk to..she's in the bathroom and has put the pillow up to her face and is crying...just laying there mostly silent with just the occasional sniffle and blowing of nose...

12:51 BBT

Back in the 60s room Memphis Keesha and Dan talking about some guys Keesha was "set up with" and he "liived in Detroit" whenshe told Dan he lived in Michegan...and he asked "where"..FOTH

12:53 BBT and Keesha talking about her coming to California...saying "my agency set it up" for me already..and told her friend "please don't leave me"...saying she begged her says she "ned to fly back"...and cried that she didn't want to be here..and "he said 'want me come "get you" and another FOTH..

12:59 BBT still FOTH

1:00 BBT...feeds back with Keesha finishing her California story..."the girl who was to " come out with her "bailed on me"....Memphis asking where she lived then..and says the same "place I live now" Memphis "really" and Keesha says her first role was "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" and was "very excited" about "work on the Cheers set"....saying all they had to drink 'was beer vodka" and wine..."we had a blast" she says..

Memphis talking about going on another reality show..Dan said "its all about timing"..

Dan wants to know about one of memphis' ex..I think they are talking about a girl "it was good and it wasn't"..."i lived like another life...I couldn't let my guard down"..saying "she really never knew me.....very catholic...I could never let loose..open up"..saying the person he's with now "I tell her everything"...


{i'm out because not much interesting happening tonight..be back tomorrow}

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6:54 am BBT

Ollie up and in the BY, he is now at the weight bench lifting weights. Other HG's in bed sleeping.

6:55 am BBT

Ollie in BY, did a rep of lifting and is now doing pushups. Done with pushups, walks over to couch area, checks himself out in the mirror and then sits down on the couch. Ollie on Cam 1 & 2... Michelle on Cam 3 & 4.

6:58 am BBT

Ollie just sitting on BY couches, staring into space.

7:05 am BBT

Ollie still in BY, now laying down on couch. Lots of planes flying overhead.

7:58 am BBT

Ollie is in BY doing laundry. He has already dumped the trash and has picked up around the house.

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