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July 25 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

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12:12 BBT

Memphis saying they need to "dangle the pOV" if the win it to put Libra up or next week "she'll go up" ....saying "next week you'll be fucking done"

Jesse whinning "i don't want to go home"

they are blaming Libra..while saying Keesha "wants promises"..and Jesse says "she is"...Michele saying at "this point what do we have to lose"

talking about putting "Libra up"...

Now they are playing porno password when reeney walks out...

another FOTH

Jeese says a whole load of people will come to the door to confirm we are talking together...laughing at Jerry ..jeese "I'm about ready to protein shake my way to bed"

Angie saying she asked Libra" to keep it down "a few nights ago..and Libra went off...

Reeney enters HOH and Keesha says "jesse came up here..I didn't answer"...says she'll deal "with it tomorrow" saying he'sll yell and Reeney says "screw that"..that's why she has the "door"

Keesha asks what everyone is doing.. Reeney gives her the rundown what everyone is doing...Keesha "what a day reeney" Reeney telling her "you're very smart..very bright" and is saying "I don't regret" her nominations saying she's stirred things up..got everyone "buzzing"..saying says Angie hugged her an was alright but Jesse "likes confrontaion" and she's not giving it to him and understands he wants to talk but doesn't want to do it tonight..

reeney "glad you got it" and Keesha says she's glad she got HOH..and was ok with Ollie winning..not Libra..Talking about HOH..Keesha says she knew it hinting she may have tried to throw HOH but then backtracks a bit....Reeney complaining about April again..

they eat chocolate becasue "she's stressed out"

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12:30 BBT

Reeney says to watch for Memphis calling him "a dark horse" saying he has a good chance of winning it..

All 4 feeds on them talking about Craig Ferguson...Keesha saying it was inappropiate and wasn't raised like that....no respect...but always demands respect....about Jesse. taking it personally...

Keesha saying about jesse all Anerica thinking "what a fucking an asshole"..

Keesha laughing at Steven's "suck it bitches" speech.... talking about how "nobody laughed"....Libra comes in..."i know you seen me going around counting" talking about "the record player" and can't figure what it has to do with it...

keesha say Steven wasn't expected no one laughed...

talking about needing a vacation

In the sauna room Memphis Dan and Angie Michele and Jesse talking about movies playing a movie game similar to the one in BBAS..

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12:45 BBT

feeds switch from the HOH with Libra Reeney and Keesha and the Sauna Room with Dan Michele Memphis Angie and Jesse..just talking about movies....

Right now Libra asking about her acting career..and how she does it....talking about soap operas and how she doesn't watch them but checks them out naming characters from soaps and how you can pick up even after 3 years..Soap talk goes on..

{I'm out til tomorrow.... night all}

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9:24 am BBT

FOTH-- Don't know how long it's been like this, I turned it on about 10 minutes ago.

9:26 am BBT

Feeds are back. Looks like the wake up call as everyone is stumbling around and rubbing their eyes.

Jerry is shaving

Angie brushing her teeth

I hear someone in the shower

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Just tuned in

10:27 BBT

All feeds on Jessie, Jerry, Dan and Ollie talking about football in the living room. They're talking about when they used to play football in school and their lineups.

Michelle was just called to the DR.

Dan's talking about the kids who play football at the school he teaches at. He says it's a small school. Ollie all of a suddens asks Keesha if anyone is up in her bathroom and if he can use it. He leaves the living room. Jerry, Jessie and Dan continue talking about different schools and football.

10:34 BBT

Memphis is now called to the DR. Ollie has returned to the living from the HOH bathroom. Dan and Ollie are leaned over the coffee table as Ollie shows Dan the plays he ran in football. (This is all they're showing!-lala)

BB just asked someone to exchange their mics for new ones.

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BB just yelled at someone to stop singing. Memphis is out of the DR and Angie has walked through the living room a couple of times. Jerry went into the bedroom but just rejoined the boys.

Finally, BB put some more feeds up..

A lot of the girls are in the kitchen chatting. Keesha and Renny are sitting on the counter, Libra's in the fridge, and Michelle is washing dishes. April is eating at the dining room table. Now, they're roaming around. (They are soo boring today.) Libra tells April she can't eat banana in cereal. Lirba says she can eat the banana with the cereal, as long as the banana is not in the cereal. Libra says you can't mix it.

BB: Dan, stop that! x2

Keesha and Libra have joined April at the table. They quickly whisper about the boys, but are finished by the time my feed switches to just them. Renny's eating on the kitchen counter.

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10:50 BBT

The girls continue to whisper, saying some girls' voice is annoying (must be Angie or Michelle, as they're the only girls they don't like) Libra mentions how all the boys are in the living room talking.

Libra: This is the first bowl of cereal that I've had since I've been here.

Keesha: I like Fritos.

Libra: I like them with sandwiches.

Keesha thinks BB listens in to their conversations and picks up ideas for BB to do for them. She talks about how BB gets stuff so quicklly for their HOH room. Michelle comes in and asks Keesha for something. When Michelle leaves, Keesha whispers that if the veto is used, she wants to put Michelle up and evict her.


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Jessie and Keesha are in the HOH room. Jessie is confronting Keesha. Jessie is saying Keesha knew the plan because she voted Steven out.

Keesha said she watched Jessie on the spyscreen and saw him laughing with Angie and knew he was playing her.

K: Who is the house all of a sudden?

J: Exactly, I did their dirty work and you're doing it now (WTF?)

Keesha is telling Jessie she watched Jessie's actions on the spyscreen and Jessie is saying that Libra, April, and Ollie did the same thing.

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Feeds finally come back. Jessie and Keesha are arguing in the HOH room about why she didn't follow the plan and why she put him up. Keesha says she wasn't in the original 8.

Seems like they just picked players for the veto comp. Libra and Memphis were picked. Don't know who the other one was. April, Renny and Libra in the 70's room. Libra and April whisper about how Jessie will start asking for votes soon. Renny says they have 2 hours til veto comp. Libra says her game faceis on.

Libra walks to the bathroom as April follows her. Libra then leads her upstairs to the HOH room. All of a sudden, Jessie opens the door and tells the girls Keesha says to come back.. He then quickly tries to close the door. The girls are shocked by what he said. They decide to sit outside the room by the chess game. Libra says she can hear them yelling in the HOH room.

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Libra and April still talking about Keesha and Jessie in the HOH room. Libra says she feels bad for Keesha having to deal with Jessie. April leaves to put her jacket downstairs. Libra says she'll wait for April upstairs.

Switch feeds

Jessie is sitting RIGHT next to Keesha tryin to tell her about getting Libra out. Jessie's down on one knee in front of Keesha explaining that his actions should have proven to Keesha that he wasn't coming after her. Renny rings the doorbell and Keesha tells Jessie to tell her to come back in 5 mins. Renny asks Keesha if she's okay, and Keesha says yes. jessie's talking a lot of smack about how Libra is the one telling people what to do. Jessie is trying to beg Keesha to listen to him. (Finally, this stuff gets interesting!-lala)

Jessie's telling keesha that if she uses the veto and puts Libra up, she'll have enough votes to get her out. (Jessie is begging Keesha to do what he should have done last week.. Hopefully Keesha doesn't make his same mistake.-lala) Jessie is saying that Michelle doesn't deserve to go up. He's also telling Keesha lies that April and Libra have told, and keesha explains how she heard a different story.

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As Keesha and Jessie continue talking or bickering, Libra and April make their way up. Keesha asks for five minutes.

Jessie is saying how Keesha showed resistance towards him with not accepting a slop pass at the veto competition last week.

Keesha is saying she felt she threw her under the bus last week. Jessie is still trying to throw Libra onto the block. Seems like Keesha might be swaying. Saying how Libra and April are always near Keesha, how they feel so scared. Keesha is saying no one will have her back.

April and Renny are talking in the 60s BR. They're saying Jessie are in the HOH room. Renny is now going to head up to the HOH room and knock. Renny is walking up the stairs. Jessie asks for five more minutes. Jessie is telling Keesha is the one telling him to put up Steven and Dan. He continues to campaign to get Libra on the block as Libra is waiting on the couches outside the HOH room. April is walking back up the stairs. Libra is telling April that Jessie looked like he was going to choke Renny when he opened the door, saying that he told her this is Keesha's room and that his face was really red. Libra said she's going to stay there until Jessie comes out. Jessie continues to tell Keesha that Libra and April wanted to take out Steven.

Sounds like Keesha is very convinced by Jessie's argument, but Keesha is known to be a good liar as to Michelle last night. Jessie is doing a lot of unnatural body movements as he talks to Keesha. Going to sit on the bed, then to the chair, constantly moving his hands, kneeling on one knee in front of Keesha as if he's going to put a ring on her but jam her finger at the same time. He's visibly showing his pissed off emotions to Keesha as he campaigns to nominate April and Libra.

Renny is exercising in the 60s BR.

Keesha asks Jessie that if Libra really wanted Steven up. Jessie says yes. (By the way, it's been over five minutes

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11:22 BBT

Jessie brings Ollie into the conversation, saying it was him and April that told him to put Steven up next to Dan. jessie asks Keesha why he didn't put Renny up because of Steven, it was because of April and Ollie. ANGIE is the other person playing veto as jessie says if they win for keesha to put Libra up and then her true colors will show.

Keesha: Did Libra told him to put steven up?

Jessie: yes, I'll look you in the eye and tell you yes, and after this whole thing is over, you can watch the tapes.

Keesha: And they didn't tell me any of this.

Keesha seems to be getting mad here, finally, and believing Jessie (or she's acting or just dumb.-lala) Jessie also says how Libra/April/Ollie are keeping their friends close and their enemies (Keesha) closer. Jessie is doing a really good job with Keesha. jessie tells Keesha that Libra is right outside and will barge in the HOH room once he leaves. Keesha says she won't say anything to Libra about their conversation, and how she's let Libra know too much.

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11:30amBBT Jeese & Keesha still talkin on feeds 3 & 4. Feeds 1 & 2 have switched from Libra & April sittin outside of HOH to Renny doin Leg exercises then back to April/Libra(not talking just sittin, Libra lookin at HOH door, April lookin at her fingers)

11:32amBBT Keesha tells Jesse wshe will put Libra up!

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Jessie said he would not nominate Keesha next week and that she actually has a conscience. Keesha is saying she waited for Angie to talk to her and she never did. Jessie is saying the people who trust you are downstairs, the people who are scared are up here with her 24/7, calls April and Libra her bodyguards.

Jessie is saying she had three people in her ear giving her an enemy.

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Keesha looks like on the verge of tears. She says that Angie never came and talked to her and if she did, it would have changed things. Keesha looks really ditroyed by all the information Jessie has been giving her.

11:30 BBT

April and Libra are silently waiting on the couch by the chess game.

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Jesse is in HOH with Keesha making some headway.

Renny tried to come in but Keesha told her to give them a minute.

Renny asked "are you ok"

keesha "ya, just give us a minute"

Jesse is making a great case to get Libra up after POV

Jesse"She will show her true colors if you put her up and you won't look like the bad guy"

Jesse"They won't let us talk to you. we can't approach you. They are scared to let you talk to us for a reason. Wonder why they never leave your side?''

Keesha"It was so hard picking people. I didn't have anyone to choose"

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April and Libra are camped outside HOH

Jesse and Keesha still talking. Whispering.

Keesha"I thought michelle and libra where tight"

Jesse" no, I promise you , put up Libra, Michelle will vote her out.

Keesha" they said you are going to come after me next week."

Jesse'; that is not my plan at all. I did what the house wanted. I am the bad guy. The vote is 0-9 but I am the bad guy. They are still sitting right there. Ollie will be up here anytime. They know they are the ones causing the sh*t.

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