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Jen Hg Interview


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'Big Brother 10' - Jen's Take

Jen breaks down the houseguests

Who better to size up the houseguests of "Big Brother 10" than Jen Johnson, one of the breakout stars of "Big Brother 8"? Jen sat down with the 13 hopefuls before they entered the "Big Brother" house. Exclusively on MSN, Jen gives the lowdown on each contestant. Trust us when we say that her commentary is all Jenuine.


Jen's Take: Angie seemed quiet, but in real life I am sure she is the life of the party. I think that she will be someone that everyone is able to get along with. She is adamant about trusting and aligning with one strong person. She says that she clashes with messy people. Well, I guess she and April will have something in common! She tells me that if she wins the money, she will go back to college so that she can become a physician's assistant. Overall, I think that she is a Jenuine person and, in this crowd, will be one of the houseguests that we won't see much ... unless she makes it far in the game.


Jen's Take: April claims to be a big fan of "Big Brother," and when she was asked to be on "BB10" instead of "Survivor" -- which she applied for -- she was excited. Her only strategy is to go into the house and do whatever it takes to win the money. If she does win, she plans on buying her sister a car, donating some money to the Down Syndrome Foundation and saving the rest of her winnings. She said that she will most likely align with guys, mainly because she gets along with them better. She is not confrontational, religious, or political and does not like to be around people who talk about it a lot. She says her biggest weakness is that she is very OCD and will fight with people if they are gross. She seemed very nice, but I see Keesha and her not getting along, so I am hoping that April gets an early HOH and sends her home!


Jen's Take: Brian seems like a likable guy. He hasn't watched much of "Big Brother," but he thinks he has a good shot of winning because he feels there's no "formula" to how to win anyhow. He's not sure if he wants to be in an alliance, but says that, if he is in one, it will be with people who he would hang out with regularly. He says that he will probably only fight if it's with a Boston sports fan. He thinks they are obnoxious; even people with a Boston accent irk him. He also says that he can't stand criers. He grew up with his three sisters, and they are very strong women, so crying gets on his nerves. What will he do with the money if he wins? He'll buy his sisters and mom "big" presents. Win or lose, he says he'll be able to add the experience to his resume of life. Oh, also, he plans on talking to the cameras as his outlet to the world.


Jen's Take: Although he is listed as "single," he has a girlfriend of one-and-a-half years. They're "pretty serious," but he said that he'll have problems staying faithful if there are girls like me in the house. Oh, brother! He described his helpful qualities and made sure to include "attractive" and "amazing," which he was neither. He was the first houseguest I interviewed, so I was extremely worried for this season. Oh, and he doesn't get along with old people and doesn't come across well to girls! I don't think he knows this. He also said that he was wanting to team up with young, moldable houseguests, so I am guessing he will try to team up with Jessie. He thinks that "Big Brother" generally casts "stupid" people, so that his winning with his intellectual advantage will be like a walk in the park for him. He answered most questions with a reference to a quote or with "you'll have to tune in to see!" Who does that?!? He plans on having a large presence and will not flying under the radar, mainly because he thinks that is bad TV. He is my LEAST favorite houseguest.


Jen's Take: In a nutshell, Jerry is the self-proclaimed "Biggest Big Brother Fan." He has watched every season since the beginning and is really excited to be on the show. He was very proud to be the oldest contestant "Big Brother" has ever had. He has a very elaborate plan to win "BB10," which he likes to call "Big Brother X." He calls his plan "the X-Factor," basically a 4-person alliance that he will form using the strongest competitors and/or the first HOHs. He says they will have secret hand signals that mean "Go meet, yes, no, etc." It was all very military. I think that he was very nice, but at the same time how much in common is anyone going to have with a 75-year-old man? And are they going to think that, if he makes it to the end, he would win? From interviewing everyone, I think that Angie will be his main ally, but who really knows? Also, I am thinking Kail might have had a similar plan & and it didn't work to well for her. Did he miss season 8?!?!


Jen's Take: First off, Jesse was the dumbest interviewee I had, and he got defensive with me when I was trying to help him elaborate on what he was trying to say. He was definitely cast as "the hothead." His bio says that he is from Huntington Beach.But he just moved there two weeks ago, so would he now say he's from the CBS lot? LOL. Anyways, he said that the last season of "BB" he watched was season 2, but that his mom was a diehard "BB" fan and was scared for him to go on the show -- not a good sign. He said that this is a huge opportunity for him and is excited for the fame and money. He plans on winning as many competitions as possible, including the first HOH. He clashes with people that have no goals and gets mad at people that think he's not "natural." I think that he will be going home in the first 3 weeks, or am I just being optimistic?


Jen's Take: Keesha is not familiar with "Big Brother" at all, but she is very excited to be on the show. She is proud that she works at Hooters, has a boyfriend of a year-plus who she lives with, loves her dog and is open to a "showmance." I made sure she knew what that was, and she said,"Yes, anything to win the money!" She doesn't know anything about the show and doesn't have any sort of strategy except for possibly hooking up with someone to help her. I can see her trying to hook up with Dan, even though they are both in serious relationships. If she wins the money, she wants to go on a vacation. She clashes with people who don't shut up and girls who like to be the center of attention with guys. She does not want to win the first HOH. She was my shortest interview, either because I don't like cheats, because she didn't have much to say or because she has a really annoying voice. She said that all of her interviews were really, really short, so it wasn't just me.


Jen's Take:: Libra is a fun, strong, outgoing woman who seems to be the type of person who anyone would get along with. She does have strong political views, but has stated that she is going into the house to win that money and won't let her views affect her game. She really feels that being married and having 3 children is in her advantage because she won't be a threat to any of the girls for the guys' attention. And hey, she can even play matchmaker. She is a huge "Big Brother" fan; she even falls asleep to "Big Brother After Dark" and has a good friend that is at Hamsterwatch. She plans on kicking back at first and letting everyone send home the balls of fire. She does not plan on winning the first HOH, wants everyone to know that she does not have ABWS (Angry Black Woman Syndrome), and hopes that she does not get edited that way. I really think that she will go far in the game, and as of now she is my favorite!


Jen's Take: Out of everyone that I interviewed, Memphis seemed like the rudest of the bunch. He thinks that "Big Brother" only casts "crazy people," well except for himself of course. His biggest weakness is his confidence. He thinks that everyone will like him and that he will be good at competitions, so people will view that as a threat. He was not a fan of the show, but thinks that that will work to his advantage. He says that everyone who knows everything about the show overanalyzes everything. All he's worried about is making his next drink or, should I say, his next move. He clashes with younger people who think they know everything and who try to tell him how to do things. When I asked him what a mixologist was and why he called himself that, he said that he creates cocktails. In other words, he's a bartender who is embarrassed about it. He says he's going to miss going out the most because he is a party animal. He would like to make an alliance of four to five strong, younger houseguests. He says he's okay with winning the first HOH. I am thinking that he and Jesse will be arguing with each other a lot, if not with other people. Oh, and his real name is Bobby. He just likes to call himself "Memphis," P.S.


Jen's Take: Michelle was very nice, but she might be too agreeable. When she first walked in, I said, "So, you're a singer?" And she said, "Yeah." Which makes me wonder if she will be able to think before she talks in the house. She also confessed that her biggest weakness is that she doesn't like to hold things in and that she talks a lot. I don't see her pairing up with Keesha, that's for sure. She wants to be on "Big Brother" for "the challenge." She likes to figure people out and people-watch. If she wins the money, she is going to pay off her family's house, pay all her bills and go on a vacation. She is a diehard "Big Brother" fan and plans on being a chameleon with other people. She's open to a "showmance," plans on being a floater and hopes that there is at least one person in the house that she can fully trust. She also said that no one ever does anything in Rhode Island and that she hopes that her doing the show will inspire others to get out and do things. She does not want to win the first HOH or many competitions for that matter. I am not sure how I feel about how far she will go in this game. I'll randomly throw out there that she'll get 5th overall.


Jen's Take: Ollie's not a fan of "Big Brother," but has now watched seasons 8 and 9. He doesn't want people to think that he is a preacher's son; he did not bring his bible. He doesn't smoke, drink, or curse. But other than that, everything goes! He has never had a girlfriend, but hopes there are good-looking girls in the house who he can have a "showmance" with. He plans on not getting too close to anyone emotionally other than a "showmance." He is going into the house for the money. He would like to start his life out right and would like to help his parents. He actually had to resign from his job to be on the show, but he doesn't seem to mind at all. He says his strongest quality is that he can get along with everyone. He plans on being a floater and getting along with everyone. His dad warned him not to embarrass his family, and Ollie says there is not too much he wouldn't do for $500,000. He seems like a Jenuine guy. I think he will get along with Brian, and although I like him, I don't think he will last that long on the show.


Jen's Take: Renny is a huge fan of "Big Brother." She said it's her favorite show and that no one can call her while she is watching it. Renny is very, very good at getting information out of people and making people feel very comfortable. She's full of compliments. I think that everyone is going to love Renny. I really don't see anyone not liking her. If she wins, she is going to have her husband retire and is going to put the money toward a business. She does not want to wear my red unitard, under any circumstance. She only clashes with mean people, but other than that she gets along with everyone. She says she'll miss her husband and her children a lot, but knows that her children will go on the internet and will be watching her on the 24 hour feeds. She would like to win as many contests as possible, including the first HOH. She says that she has a word better than "showmance" and can't wait to reveal it on the show. I think that she will form an alliance with Libra for sure, or at least I hope so. Those two ladies as the final two would be my top pick!


Jen's Take: Steven's really nice. He says that he was flipping through the channels, saw Nick on "BB8" and continued to watch the rest of the season. He's really excited to be on the show and plans on playing it up for the cameras. He's going on Big Brother for the fame. His strategy is to work the girls with his gayness and to make the guys like him with his "macho-ness." He plans on being a floater and says that he will clash with people that yell or try to fight illogically with people. He is excited for the cameras because he is an exhibitionist! He also added that "Big Brother" took all of his underwear, so he might be naked for a bit. He just started dating a guy that isn't out of the closet yet, so he says that he didn't even tell him that he was going to be on the show. But he hopes to get an HOH letter from him. I really like him, but I am not sure how far he will go. Hopefully, he'll join Libra and Renny in my dream alliance and make the top 3."Big Brother 10" premieres Sunday, July 13, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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First off, Jesse was the dumbest interviewee I had,
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Personally I think Jen did a really good job with the interviews. It was well written without the foul language ( sorry ED but it gets old after a while) and she gives us some idea how the the houseguests could be like. Only 2 more days!!!! :party_smilie:

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I love Jen...just wish the interviews were vids so I could have seen her again...:blush:

anyway...funny how her and my takes on the hgs are quite similar...

Least favorite...Dan! spot on!

Dumbest...Jessie! duh!

Memphis...rude. yup and I'll throw in cocky and arrogant too.

Jen's favorites...Libra, Renny and Steven...which are mine too except my most favorite is Angie (who she thinks is Jenuine...awhhh).

I hope we get to see Jen this season...and I wonder if her and Nick are still a happy couple?

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renny must reminds jen of kail for her to like her

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