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July 23 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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12:03 BBT

All four feeds on feasting HG..so not much to report for the next 30 mintes or so I would guess. A lot of thank yous and mmm good...Dan is the only one not eating saying "I'm just watching everyone"

The eating is winding down..Michele and Jesse eating on the table pretty much separarted from everyone else..talking about the emontions of the house he came in and "thought he wouldn't care" but come tomorrow... he'll be crying

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12:20 BBT

Steven visibly upset talking to Dan...Angie comes out saying she's feeling sick Steve says "she's upset I'm leaving"

Steven says rest knowing "tomorrow I will be drunk"..Steve says "i'll be glued to it" BBAD be first "I have to figure out how to get it" Talking about his friend probably not watching because he thinks reality shows are ridiculous..

Dan tells them he doesn't think Moica's watching after Angie asks..foth..

Steve saying he's by nature curious..and is driving him crazy not "seeing these episode" what people are seeing and not seeing..

a lot of silence....

Steve asked Dan if he's practiced his speech..Dan says he has and is called to DR.

Steve's thinks "Dan's upset" either because "he thinks's he's going home or I'm leaving" Angie says "maybe its a combination of both"..Steve goes over the regret of not putting" 300 "on his final HOH awhen Angie wishes things would have been different...

Inside Libra is "pissed" because she wasn't able to shove more food down her throat...

Michele tells her give herself a few minutes and she'll be hungry..April ate PB&J Michelle says "that can't believe thats the only thing you ate" she tells April...now they are dissin each other about being pigs...

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12:31 BBT

"what does Angie think about the whole thing" Steve says "she's sad" Steve explains to Dan..that he's (steve) the one going for sure and says he making it our "with dignity" "didin't have to lie, get dirty and rotten" he's sad he had to leave early but never thought he 'would never make it to the end" Dan is upset that "one of us is leaving"

Steve saying he's happy to get back to his life his job and...He wanted people to see "a gay guy from a different walk of life"..Keesha comes out to kiss Steve goodnight and says she wants him to sleep with her when asked if he would sleep with her or reeney..

"is everyone still grazing" Steve asks Keesha and she says yes..."Are you guys ok" Keesha asks and Dan says "we were just talking" and tells Keesha "if you cry tomorrow i will beat you down to the floor" Steve talks about his Dog Payton/Peyton and her crossed eyes...taking to her to a "dog opthamologist"

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12:40 BBT

There is a brief HOH while Steve talks about the "guardian angel" Rick that helped him..."he's a very special person"..Steve tells Ollie its better come to New Orleans after Mardi Gras because during "its too hectic" and tells them he could show em a good time...

Indoors Libra April Memphis Jesse Michele talking in the kitchen..just shooting the breeze...{all 4 feeds on this}

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12:51 BBT April feels naseous while Libra "fells disappointed" out tonights food pigout..

All the guys went outside as Renney asked where they went...and talks turns to "belly dancing"..."I'm done I think I'm gonna throw up" Libra says about her food...Libra begins the taks of cleaning...reeney tells her to leave them because 'the men went outside" and Libra says they better get their asses back in her to help clean...Both reeney and Libra continue to clean the kitchen on all 4 feeds...

Libra just decides to clean only her plate..Keesha compliments her "french fries"....Libra corrals memphis about washing the dishes in cold water is better than....foth...

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12:59 BBT

Feeds are back with Memphis doing dishes while Reeney and Libra clean elsewhere.......{this still going on all 4 feeds}

The cleaning crew is growing by the minute with bith Keesha and Michelle helping now.."memphis holding it down while all the other boys are outside..where's Dan" Libra bosses Ollie...Dan called to DR ..Reeny "why? he hasn't done a dish"..as Dan goes by Michele tells him they have dishes for him when he gets out..

Libra just just sweeping while evryone else is truly cleaning

All four feeds change to Ollie asking Jesse if he can use the HOH bathroom before it switches back to kitchen cleaning..

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1:13 BBT

Angie and Steve in a bed "this bed is tiny" as they talk...he says he broke down in the DR and hopes it doesn't get out''DR says "Michele please treat your microphone with respect"....Steve says "he would be upset if it airs" when feeds switch to Ollie April and michele inthe bathroom discussing microphones...Michele changing in the shower.....saying the DR just made it up "they're crazy lets just make it up"....saying she didn't do anything to disrespect the microphone....April "now she's all pissed" ...

Olie and April laughing at her as she complains..

Michele still bitching "I don't understand why are they bothering me for"...

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1:31 BBT

In the bathrrom Ollie April reeney talking about dating and if Reeney had ever dated a black guy and Reeney says no..

Outside at the pool table Michele concerned about Angie "being a floater" againg saying "I'm not gonna stick my neck for her" and Jesse says to just "stick to the plan" and Michele agrees but says "she's not" because she will put up people they don't want up...Jesse says its good people think she's afloater and not "with us"

Jesse says her noms would not "hurt us" and Michele agrees saying "she can do our dirty work" but won't help her not get nominated if other people want to...Michele says that's good if she wants to do something since she hasn't done anything..Jesse saying he likes how she wants to pick what week HOH like "its that easy"......Jesse reassuring that she's only talking to people going "out the dooor"..she's playing "the right way"..when we "four strong" and "they don't know"

Reeney comes out and talking stops...jeese talking he says he would never get back acne....

all 4 cams switch to April and Ollie in bed...

{its been a stange night on the feeds the cameras seemed to be all set on the same convos...Steven did little campaigning and has accepted his fate of being the next evictee. Dan Angie and Keesha are sad he's leaving..with Keesha saying everyone at home is probably thinking "Keesha's fallen in love with the gay man"...She has told Steven she would vote him out as well as Angie. Steve did say that he'll be glued to BBAD and while the next HOH wil be "reigning" over and "terrorizing" the house and HGs.."Im gonna be drunk"..maybe some good advice..I'm out til tomorrow}

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2:00AM BBT: Ollie and April have sex again, on the feeds, under the blanket and complete with sound affects. Right after, April says, "Wow." He's done by 2:06am.

3:00AM BBT: It seems that BB told the HGs they had to go to bed.

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9:33am BBT - FOTH and back Some hg's still sleeping and some up doing ADL's. (I had feeds up, but did not realize I had the sound down...sorry = ( )

Ollie brushing his teeth, Jerry shaving, Keisha sitting in the bathroom taking about Steven snoring. Michelle sitting at the bar in the kitchen and Renny making coffee.

9:40am BBT - BB calls Keisha to the DR.

Keisha tells Memphis that he was snoring last night and Anigie and her could hear him. BB: Keisha please go to the DR.

Nothing really to report. Boring chit-chat about nothing. (It is eviction day and there probably will not be much of anything going on.)

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10:25PM BBT: Chatting and cooking going on. They're going to be in HoH LD at some point. They've also teased Ollie about his snoring. Michelle and April think there is a funky smell coming from the fridge. Michelle found it to be so bad she gagged.

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10:41am BBT - Ollie and April in the Spa Room. Ollie asking about how often April gets her nails done and how often she dyes her hair. He is asking her if she would ever charge her look. Ollie says there is a 60% chance someone from thier side will win HOH. Libra and Keisha join them. They are talking about Steven trying to get votes last night. Steven told Keisha that he did not want to leave the house with no votes. They are talking about the relationship Angie and Steven have. Saying Angie has every guy on her side execpt for Ollie.

BB:Angie please exchange your microphone for one in the storage room.

The talk continues between April, Libra, Ollie, and Keisha. Libra says that she (Angie) is very judgmental and that she has a lot of drama that is over the top. Dan comes in and asks how much more time they have before they are going to be on HOH lockdown.

10:49am BBT - FOTH

10:50am BBT - Back from FOTH every one is making their way upstairs. A few HG's are bringing their pillow and blankets with them. Jerry is in the kitchen finishing eating and drinking his coffee. Keisha comes back downstairs to get her blanket too, she says it is freezing in the HOH room. Jerry goes and gets his sweater. Jerry yells up to Jessie and ask him if he wants some food.

Everyone is now in the HOH room for the lockdown. Little conversations here and there.

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12:13 BBT - All HG's are still on HOH lock down, No talking, lots of sleeping.

12:22 BBT - FOTH

12:24 BBT - The HG are out of lock down and are slowly heading downstairs. Libra has gone back to bed in the VW room. Other HG's are raiding the kitchen again.

12:26 BBT Foth and back

12:31 BBT - Back and FOTH again. (Going to be seeing a lot of this today due to being eviction day)

12:34 BBR - Back from FOTH Jerry and Renny are in the Bath room duing adl's, April. Libra, and Keisha are at the bar in the kitchen eating, Ollie is making a sandwich, and Steven is cooking something on the stove.

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12:49 PM BBT

All HG appear to be helping clean the house except for Dan. He just came out of the shower and is shaving. Michelle is cleaning all the spy windows. Jerry washing dishes, April cleaning out fridge. Keesha taking out trash. Now Keesha and Libra getting ready to clean bathroom. Steven is running vacuum cleaner in dining room. Renny using broom and dust pail to pick up in different areas of the house. I haven't seen Jessie helping anywhere. Oh yeah, Ollie is mopping. Also, they haven't shown Memphis either.

No game talk. Most everybody helping out cleaning house.

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1:01 BBT - FOTH

1:08 BBT - Back from FOTH - Most everyone was in the LR sitting on the couches. We comes back to Libra talking about a competition with faces. ( BB maybe let them know what kind of HOH comp they are going to have)

Everyone has now gone back to cleaning the house. YaY!

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they are all cleaning like crazy... April and ?? Jesse talking about someone not doing anything, not sure but think they said old girl?... Renny maybe?

Ollie mopping like crazy .. Dan cleaning the bathroom.Jerry cleaning all over. April cleaning the kitchen Libra helping in the bathroom. Angie cleaning in bedrooms.

Steven talking about leaving. Said he is fine with it. Not what he wants but fine with it.

Renny now seems to be dusting the whole house.

Keesha is sitting in the bedroom with the guys packing {this may be who they were saying that was not cleaning}

Keesha just put something in Stevens suitcase... seem to be a letter or something... whatever, it was white !!!

Cleaning is finished. Some are showering and getting ready for the show. Jerry is telling Dan his life story. Dan is being very polite and listening {but seems bored}

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2:10ish BBT -

Jerry waxing philisophic to Dan. Talking about Joanne (his wife) having Parkinson's and a friend with a sick wife. Saying how when you're older if you don't have family, you have nothing. Says that people waste too much time when they're young and they need to have families. Says if you want to feel good some day, go to a Veterans Hospital. Says a lot of Vets don't have family and it's so important to them.

Jerry tells Dan he reminded everyone in his HoH Blog to remember our Vets.

(**I differ with above opinion - I think Dan sees the value in listening to Jerry**)

Jerry advises Dan that if he loves his girl, ask her to get married. What an honor it would be if Dan called from the jury house and did it on live TV.

Jerry goes on about feeling only30 even tho he's "old". Says he's inflexible, but doesn't feel bad otherwise. He says time goes too fast.

Jerry says he thinks Dan will still be in the house tomorrow.

They start whispering about Memphis and someone else....

Dan says they (he and Jerry) have to find somewhere to fit in. Jerry says they have to get 2 of the girls out of there because they are starting to organize along gender lines and outnumber the men. He says with April and Ollie and "her" they're starting to run things.

Both leave the room at 2:20

There appears to be an ADL convention in the BR with 4-5 HGs.

Dan and Jerry to kitchen and Jerry wonders where BB got the old appliances. (I think they're new repros, Jer)

Talk goes to coke and red bull

2:27BBT - Trivia

(***and I'm outtie.....**)

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Libra, Ollie and April want Angie gone if they get hoh. Memphis trying to do damage control.

April and Ollie alone, April tells O that Keesha said if someone (not sure who) wins HOH, April will go up against either her (Keesha) or Libra. Ollie saying to not get riled up before hoh. Everything will be fine because they have the #s.

in the other parts of the house, people ironing, doing makeup, hair. your typical eviction night stuff.

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3:35PM BBT: Aparently Keesha told April that ANGIE is putting 2 of 3 them up, so thats why everyones after angie now.

Jessie is advising Dan to stay focused in tonights HOH. Jessie encouraging him that he can do it, just has to stay focused and he can take the win tonight. Jessie advises Dan to put up who he KNOWS is coming after him. (which is hardly anyone right now)

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libra has many moles on her face, might get them frozen off.

in a different room, Jerry saying he isn't going to wear a hat, because he has to do a 'disastrous deed, you know?'

Jessie saying he doesn't think it is, just part of the game.

Jerry agrees, but doesn't think he's going to wear one anyway.

Jerry saying he watches wheel of fortune, jeopardy. He gets east coast abc, and west coast houston.

Jerry: if libra votes for him, he has it.

Jessie: you think it's that close?

Jerry: *vivid head nodding* you need to worry about Renny and Angie. Angie is doing exactly waht she did with Brian. I like her but she's playing a loner...

Jessie: you're right...we'll see how it goes

Jerry: I told you i'm sticking with you. you're showing a kindness. and let me tell you, that's important

Jerry tells Jessie he thinks the girls are playing their own game right now.

Jerry: Libra, Ollie and April are palying "that game" big time. I watch that. JESSIE.. always watch that! Keesha told me the girls aren't happy with Libra. shes one of the trouble makers for you.

Jessie: take it as it comes.

Jerry: yep.. one at a time...

Jerry saying "they" have a good shot because Michelle could win, he also has Keesha, and Dan who would do what he (jessie) wants.

Jerry wants to get to the jury and "see how that part of the game works"

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