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Moose, thanks for sharing that information. I will try and do the torrent thing. I did want to watch BB UK, but I'm having enough trouble trying to keep up with BB AUS.. LOL. Maybe I'll watch the videos after this and BB US are finished. Something to do next winter. BUT I read somewhere that they are planning another winter edition of BB US! I don't know how true that is, but it would be nice I think.

I surely will miss BB AUS when it ends. It's so different from ours, and I have become very attached to some of the housemates.

I haven't seen anything today so I'm in the dark as to what's transpired, but I'm about to go find out.

Everyone have a nice weekend.


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Forgot I wanted to comment on what you mentioned about Brigette. I noticed that too, and I was shocked! It was almost as if it were a different person from the girl we have seen. Who is the real Brigette?

>>Once again, Brigette comes up in my comments. When Alice, Bianca and Brigette were in the lounge because of all the snoring going on, I saw Brigette, for the first time, as I think she might really be. It was during the time she was talking about how Terrence's snore sounded... "like a stopped up drain." I saw her not look like a little girl, her voice was quite different than normal, and she showed confidence.<<

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Daily Show Spoliers! People get strikes! BB Salon news, Some1 returns 2 house!

Nobbi tells Cherry he only took Travis 2 Movie, cuz Travi made final 2, but tells trav/ben/rory that their be together. Travis danced and really enjoyed the movie the other luaghed 2.(as they piged out on ice cream,popcorn, & other candy. Nobbie tells Cherry he will get Cherry anything he wants in vending machine. Bianca hears this, gets mad and tells the girls. all the girls say its 2 faced Nobbi, but Bianca & Bridgette confront Nobbi. They say Nobbi tryin 2 recuit Cherry into his "Cult". Brid leaves Bianca & laughs with girls how Bianca has lost her mind. Nobbi thinks Cherry rilled Bianca up, Nobbi angry with Cherry over the way he said what Nobbi said about him 2 the girls. Bianca tells Nobbi, he made her fell akward sittin right their. Bianca whines more. Ben thinks Nobbi shold of waited longer.

the girls minus Bianca question Cherry about, what nobbi said. Alice says they(Bianca) is playin the game.Rhineea talks about stuff thatCherry said, she tells to Rory in bed. Brid scares Travis as he sleeps they laugh about it. BB gives CHerry a Strike #1 for Cherry for his talk with Terri that Rhinea heard also, but BB tells him 3 strikes youre out! BB gives Bridgette a Strike #1 for the same convo with Cheryy & Terri, to not vote out Nonbbi as he has HOH. 3 strikes & youre out, Brid laughs and tells sleepin Houseguests, Terrrence tells Brid that was her bday present from BB a strike(LOL)

Rory tells Nobbi what Rhinnea told him that Cherry told her(LOL) that Cherry wants Nobbi out by not votin 4 Nobbi 2 be evicted so he cant save himself. Cherry lies 2 the boys but tells them he did get a strike. Nobbi tells Rory/Ben that ALice is brainwashing Bridgette.

they pass! Nobbi "Accidently" lightly hits Cherry in face w/ futbol(soccur ball). Terrence wants 2 dance with Terri at Brid's party. Brid wants 2 trade her dress 5 a nicer one, bb gives her a white pillowcase, she delines & refuses to go 2 her own party

BB has every1 pack their bags and every house crams into BB airlines and travls 2 "SPARKLES LAND!" on airride Terri,Terreence suck helim and talk(like Travis) Brid is sooooo hapy 2 be in sparaklesland. Nobbi & Ben eat stuff on Brid cake be4 she sees it(PIGS!) Terrence tells Brid u only have ur 21st 1 time enjoy it! She getrs videoi from her (RICH!) parents as Brid crys and says Daddy!. Dad(seem soo excited NOT! lol very calm) Dad cryed at end. BB gives Brid a present.............Sparkles!!!!!!!!!!!(Returns 2 house lol) Terrence dances like only a old dude can(LOL) Cherry kisses Sparkles.

Terri plays Brid mom in speeches and says he had a dream that she had a foster child lasy year who was a airhead but was better in the end. Travis says hes her father & that he dint have sex 2 have her he found her in cabage patch. Rory jujmps into pool in a thong & Rhinea sninny dips in pool with Rory &.....Terrence. Terri says Terrence would not survie in world, but shes learin and she gettin smarter. on palne ride back Travis tells Terri her zipper is open(Travis digs it old.) BB tells them their delayed in flight for 6 hrs.

BB Eviction show, some1 returns SPoileress!

Kyle returns at co-host(Boo! We want Mike!) Kyle says thank u to all ppl that wished he was dead, he had chest cold. The hosts annouce that there is a treasure chest in the ground in the backyard they have 2 dig 2 fin a clue to find the prize money in the house(ha ha Nobbi) the votin right now is very close 34% & 33% for 2 ppl!

Nobbi says it was diffcult descion but he saved himself, Travis "Shocking". BB informs Cherry & Rhinea their up.(alot of Alice fans in crowd).

after Kyle/Jackie interviewd Terrencw in DR, Terrence tells Hg's that "Jackie wanted me" Jackie laughs as she hears this.

funny twister diares about the hgs of who is like a celebirty lol crowd erupts in laughter about Brid sayin "Nobbi reminds me of brittny spears she a bit of a fruit loop" lol

the prize money is $250,00 and its "where ppl sit"(DR chair, Toilet?)

Cherry is safe, Rhineea evicted!!(yeah) Rhinea & her 2 week jinx of dating strikes her again

the Hg's give them a hint on their new task

BB brings them outside and shows them their digging site, BB says dig in to find the clue to find the BB 2008 prize that been in the house since Day 1(ha ha Nobbi) all Houemates run inside 2 get changed not 2 dirty their clothes except Nobbi who digs in & as we go out

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Are you able to see the actual BBAUS tv show live or are you watching live feeds? I watch the live feeds but only see the HMs point of view, per se. I enjoy watching the tv version to see what they say in the DR, etc.

The digging thing is funny--Rory is quite at home. I'm a little disappointed on who was evicted.

I can't stand Bianca...just can't.

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That was such a hoot to watch Nobbie putting the farm animals around Terrence. Nobbie actually did a "prank" that wasn't cruel and that didn't harm anyone physically or mentally.

I'm still grinning about this one.

The birthday party was a total flop. It might've been fun had they been able to listen to some dance music (even if by earphones) and was told they HAD to dance some type of swing, for, say, at least 15 minutes throughout the party.

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Travis, Travis, Travis. Travis' mouth drop posturing is getting worn thin with me. He opens his mouth, slack jawed many times a day while posing, in surprise, etc. I'd love to see BB AUS do a montage of hiim doing this, airing it, and at a time that Travis, himself, could see how ridiculous this looks.

Nobbie positioning himself in the upper-most part of the tree is truly showing his 'kingdomship' over the whole house, particularly the cult (way of thinking).

What's up with the HMs pointing out how terrible Cherry is for saying he hates Rhianna? I think many of the HMs have said this with the main culprit being Brigette. Another montage of Brigette saying how much she hates someone?

Rory being naive or strategically saying Cherry is the only one playing the game. How ridiculous, when each and everyone of them are there to play the game. Who'd do something like this for free? The $25,000 will certainly put more revealed aggressiveness into their strategic actions within the BB house.

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the BB rating in AUS are falling(lowest ratings yet, FNL has higest rating) due to this Big Mouth was been pushed back to 10pm AUS time which is 8amEST.

in othrer news it looks like Rima will never return 2 house she broke her OTHER leg in a car accident! the writer of story made a joke(funny in a way)

he said "Rima was in a Mini car when she wa sin accident" :hide::laugh4:

a read a rumor on the offcial BB forums that the Ninjas may be entering house for a task next week(Ginger Ninja is my favorite) m_aabcf9e282bde3d5dacf2916aa305d9d.jpg





Big Brother Australia ends July 13 & Big Brother USA debuts that day thats right ..........................


Summer's Quilty Pleasure Just 25 days to Big Brother 10 lol :animated_rotfl:

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I'm glad that BBAUS ends the same day as BBUS starts!! I'm enjoying BBAUS but I couldn't handle both of them at the same time!! Wouldn't it be interesting if Nobbi was a HM in BBUS?? He could sneak and connive and plot--I'd like to see how he would be. Things are pretty different with BBUS that it will be hard for me to go back and calling them houseguests versus housemates.

And I LOVE Ginger Ninja too! It cracks me up on Friday night when I see him and they say his name!!

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That would certainly be interesting with Nobbie in BB USA house. He would go so stir-crazy because BB USA is so much smaller and they don't do much of anything except connive/strategize/sunbathe/yell in each others face/demean as many as possible. He would just go up a wall not having anything of substance to do, (he'd be playing many pranks) yet he would fit in with much of it quite easily.

Travis, if he were in BB USA, I don't think he would be able to handle the strategizing and the demeaning. But that would also be interesting.

About Ginga Ninga.... :ninja: That's the only one I see as appearing different looking, and thus, everyone viewing can pick her/him out in a crowd quickly, so that wouldn't be fair for me to pick that one as MY favorite.

What'cha suppose is causing the viewers in Australia to quit viewing BBau? It happened when they switched around the voting, didn't it?

Alice is definitely not over what the crass boy-group did to her and Travis. Alice is one of Moose's favorites :blush:

I truly don't enjoy Kyle as much. Ahhh.... the gal with him--I went blank on her name-- last episode of those 2, she stood, ankles crossed, the whole night. OMG! That sure is telling body language. Was it her clothing she was not confident about? Was it being with Kyle again? What caused her to lack so much confidence or being unsure of herself! I could hardly keep watching her that was so distracting. It didn't look like she had real legs the whole night while STANDING and having her ankles crossed. Weird weird weird! :1eye:

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The HUGE Hollywood celebrity comming to FNL is comming next week(6/27)(ill miss it live ill be away at NASCAR) is for "Spy Games night" thats right Steve Carell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes commin to BB FNL Steve Carell!!!!!!!!!!! :party_smilie:

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Moose yeah I saw Jackie standing that was and did a double take I never seen anyone who was not in balet stand that way on purpose..

I was just thinking she was doing it because it was some sort of like model or ballet postion or something.. but did look kinda off..

Can we hire mike goldman to come replace the chenbot? That would be intersting LOL

and I disagree about Nobbi going Stir crazy in the BBUS house... He would find a ton of fun and enjoyment in the stragetizing and game.. his problem is he is isolated and at night cant roll over and whsiper to his mates like everyone else does.. They all go in to go to bed or whatever and hes walking in circles outside until they wake up and come out

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FNL Spoilers:(Hightlight 2 read)

in FNL called "Heavy Metal night"

Terrence does noty play due 2 injury

in part 1 wher u have to skid across a slipery path Bridgette & Alice pass & elimate Terri & Bianca

Nobbi & Rory adavance elimating Travis,Cherry, & Ben

For the elimated HG's 2 return in a game, wher they had to spin around 4 1o0 sewconds then clickj a "Drum" onto a taraget map, Travis & Terri adavance, rest are out

in the next competion called "Iron Madien" u had to push a Ironibg board with houseguest on it and when a iron pusin them to the maid who puts clothes basket onto ironboar then maid gets 5 items of clothing and puts that iunto basket. 1st its Terri,Alica & Nobbi vs Travis,Rory, & Bridgette, winner team was Brdgette/Travis/Rory, elimating Nobbi/Alice/Terri

Another elimted hg game with Nobbi/Alice/Terri, in game og Put the tongue of Gene Simmonds, Terri who grabs cameraman & Ninja then finds face advances to semi final

Semi Final: in a Air Guitar contest Bridgette & Travis advance elimating Terri & Rory

Final game 4 FNL winner u have 2 with guitar smash open 4 amps and grab the key only 1 key wil open the door and u put on pass 2 win.the winner of FNL is Bridgette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & gets the house the movie "How to lose A Guys in 10 days" and choose 3 houseguests to watch it with, she chooses Alice,Terri, & Travis!

Next week: Steve Carell will enter the Big Brother huse to take part in FNL called "Spy night"

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Well, I finally got caught up and all I have to say is WOW Brig won FNL! I was sooo hoping Travi would win:( Maybe next week trav.I cannot stand Cherry,he seems so fake.I think that I forget who said it Mike or Bree but I do believe he has a crush on Rhiana and that's why he treated her like crap.I hope Ben and Bianca get together,they would make a cute couple.

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Yes, the Nobster was definately a HUGE character in the house providing lots of drama and hilarity. It'll be interesting to see if anyone steps up and becomes a bigger personality than they are now. Possibly Ben? Let's hope not Terrence. I was so hoping he was gonna go too. He's just plain irritating.

SO happy that Brigette is HOH. Fun! Up next, nominations. Maybe Alice will get a break this week.

Seems like Travis, Brigette, or Terri will be the winner of this season of BBAU.

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Anyone out there with live streaming? Do you see Brigette changing her "pretend personality" for her real one every now and then? What's it like? I know it's not :bow: baby talking like she's doing in the house.

I for one am glad to see Nobbie gone. Sure, I'll miss some of his pranks, but for the most part, I think he is mean-spirited and cruel (since that is what was coming out).

A few of the things I remember most about him (not including the cruel times) are when he and Bianca (?) were having this pretend conversation of what Nathan and Renee might be saying while N & R were talking together out by the stage. :dance2: This was during the time of the task where they had to catch the ball--rugby, football, or some such thing.

Something else I remember about him is placing all the farm animals :sombrero: around Terrence.

This is my 2 cents worth for the day, possibly week. Have a great summer you readers.

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I was a nobbi hater(well not hate just disliked him alot)but I will still miss him.He brought alot into the house and I think it may be abit boring now.Who do you guys think will be evicted next week?

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Wow! Nobbi's grenade...hilarious! Can't wait to see how Terrence and Terri get on.

I think that Terri being in the kombi will only add to her popularity with the Australian public. She's got an even better chance at winning thanks to Nobbi.

Eviction next week? Well, if Bianca gets nominated, she'll probably go. Her or Terrence maybe?? Both if double eviction.

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I'd like to see Terrance go,he adds nothing but bordem to the house.Bianca and Ben have a lil something going on.I think they would make such a cute couple.

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I'm seeing Bianca as such a snob now and a bad influence on Ben, who seems like such an opinion sponge to me.

OK, I went back got my old list and revised it.

OLD LIST Favorite to least fav...

1. Alice

2. Travis

3. Rory

4. Ben

5. Bianca

6. Terri

7. Brigitte

8. Rhianna

9. Renee

10. Terrence

11. Cherry

12. Nobbi


1. Alice

2. Terri

3. Brigitte

4. Travis

5. Rory

6. Ben

7. Cherry

8. Bianca

9. Terrence

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I'm not too sure Nobbie's Revenge Grenade will work how he (or is it the BB producer's choice?) would like to see it work. I think those two--Terri & Terrence--are mature enough to not let it get to them (unless BB producer's tell them to get edgy-er). I think an old and a young one together would let more animation to show.

Train task is a hoot (pun intended).

'Bout Flamingo Travis, I do believe that folks in the house (perhaps outside the house as well) are getting perturbed at him and his 'pat' answers. He is the most unbelieveably positive person I've ever seen, and I'm the much better for it. I hope I never forget him and his positive attitude for years to come.

Down with the Crows!

On Big Mouth, how funny that was listening to Tez (Terri) and Terrence talking about the "bed" in the Kombi, and it sounded very sexual... LOL

Ben and Terrence talking about the canoe and Ben saying they could use pads as the wings, I laughed so hard listening to Terrence laughing.

Watching the Ben der, I nearly got sick myself cuz I nearly could smell that vomit! yuck! . . and then Travis and not liking tadpoles in his pants. hahahaha

Now I know why Terrence can wear his pants' waistband at his waist!

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I can see why he would have given it to Terry. However, for fun value I think it would have been hilarious to put Brigitte in there with her rather than Terrence. Even though Brigitte and Terry are getting along much better, they still have their moments. AND Brigitte would have hated being in that van.

It's interesting how Rory started this little irritation about Travis, and now the rest are jumping on the 'Travis is irritating' train. What's up with that? (Of course, Bianca is always annoyed about everything, so that one was expected. But, the rest?)

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