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I am soooo glad ya'll are watching BBAUS too!!! I haven't missed a single, solitary feed of it since it started!! Talk about obsessed, right!! If ya'll want me to, I could put together a playlist of the whole season, to date, so all you have to do is start it playing and it will play in order from start to present. Or just start at any point in time... I'm into making Youtube playlists lately!

From what I've watched so far:

It's good to see Dixie go - she was okay but was pretty mean behind people's backs but would have some harsh words when she thought someone else was doing it.

Alice is my favorite, too. She's an awesome, amazing competitor in the games and competitions. She also has done an incredible job with training Ollie. She's very honest and straightforward. She has been truly upset (from the feeds) about how the boys have been treating Trav-y. He's not her favorite person to hang with because he's a little too naive but it has had her really upset that they are acting like they have Travis' back and their his best mates, etc. but behind his back - and to his face - have been ridiculing him and setting him up over and over to make him look bad. Nobbi is the ring-leader but the other two are equally guilty of the bashing.

This recent event was so terrible that, for the first time in BBAUS history, someone was booed on FNL games... Nobbi. No one - I mean NO one was cheering him on during his competitions, either. He manipulated the entire scenario with Travis about Alice and caused Al and Travy real pain. Both of them were crying - Travis was literally sobbing out loud - after Nobbi's pushing and manipulating. It really broke everyone's heart.

All along, Nobbi was seemingly the public favorite and the house favorite, although people have been seeing what I thought I saw, too - that he is a manipulative, psychopath - trouble-maker. I thought he was a cruel person and did not think his pushing around of the other guys and, especially Travis, was funny. He took Travis' joy at having some male best mates and used that to - (what I call) emotionally blackmail him into pushing away some of the other friends, in the house.

I'm so glad Travis stood up and spoke to Alice face to face. She did say Travis wasn't her favorite housemate because they were so different but she also said that to his face, too. She never once said she hated Travis, which is what Nobbi told Travis had been said.

Sorry to ramble on so.

Rory is being a bit of a hound dog over the girls. He was totally "feeling up" the new girl's (Rhianna) breasts while they were in bed. She let him!

Rene is pretty cool but has been really irritable lately - showing more of an aggressiveness of attitude. It most likely has to do with what's going on with the miserable manipulations going on with the spa mafia or the kombi boys (Rory Nobbi Ben).

Terri has actually turned out to be alright. She has put up with massive amounts of rudeness and kept her cool. She is a very, very negative person, though - as someone said.

Brigit is someone I would LOVE to see go. She has to be one of the most shallow, ignorant... no, make that STUPID - persons I've ever seen. She's rude and sarcastic and a complete a*s to everyone. I cannot stand her stripper extensions or voice another second. (SEE... someone's been watching Waaaay too much BBAUS!!!)

Bianca and Rene had the big fight about her having breast reduction surgery. She went on and on about how that's such a sensitive issue with her - about how that's all people talk about her, etc. But, if you watch all the feeds, alllll SHE talks about, displays, rubs, touches, draws attention to is her.... 'girls'. She's been very hypocritical. For someone so young, she behaves old, bitchy and ultra-sensitive to every little thing. Even when someone isn't talking about her, she assumes they are and stays on the defensive. She's an extremely intelligent person and I hope she gets help with some of her issues - or may just outgrow them with age. I think she's actually beautiful but just super-duper negative.

The new folks - I'm still getting a feel for them, so not much info.

Travis has gone from being the MOST irritating to the most endearing and back. Once you realize that he is sincerely a very sweet, genuine person cursed with an annoying voice, it's hard not to care about him. No matter what anyone has done to him - or how cruelly they treat him, Travis honestly turns the other cheek and tries to work things out. I'm amazed that he stood up to Nobbi and actually voiced out loud to another - Alice and Ben and Rory (I think Rory, briefly) about how angry he is at Nobbi. I honestly hope he stays away from Nobbi, now.

Alice hasn't done anything to deserve the kombi boys mistreatment. Except she's a better competitor and wins so many games - that's why they are trashing her, I believe.

oops gotta go - sorry for the looong post. have fun - kat

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Enjoyed reading your post.

While it's true that Nobbi is the instigator (being very nice with my choice of word there), Ben and Rory have gone right along with Nobbi and his harrassement of Travis where this issue is concerned. They also kept questioning Travis's loyalty based on Travis having a talk with Alice about what they accused her of saying about him. Travis's hurt extended to include them also. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out once the boys' club gets back from their 'holiday'.

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1. Alice

2. Travis

3. Terri

4. Renee

5. Rhianna

6. Terrence

7. Rory

8. Ben

9. Bianca


11. Cherry

12. Nobbi

My picks from favorites at #1 to least at #12 I'll have to agree with one of the posts about Bianca. What's up with her wearing very low cut clothing, then getting so irritated to the point of madness when her breasts are spoken about...even spoken about firstly by her. That's as bad as Brigette's personality of whinge-ing. Rory and Ben near bottom because of their foolisness to bend to peer pressure and listen to Nobbie. Cherry stayed at the bottom because of his disrespectful, manipulative nature toward the females he wants to "crack".

Does anyone know the true reason why Australia is not going to have another BB? I was thinking it was because of Rima, but certainly that couldn't be it.

I have to admit that having Rima (or any small person) on was not smart because of the competitions would be unfair and, as we've seen, not safe. Example of the little bike races... Rima would have to pedal and pedal and pedal so much faster than the others, or would she have been given a humiliating handicap?

BBAu has been the best out of all the BB's and I'll be sad to see it go, along with the quality of show.

Happy summer

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Serenity, you make me grin and have some joy this morning.

If you place Cherry, Nobbie and Terrence in the bottom 3, how could you hope Renee is evicted this Sunday or else if she's saved, you would guess that you would want Bianca to go.

Okay, okay.... I know. You ALSO think Cherry is H-O-T along with Terrence's speedo!

<chuckling so hard I woke the dog>

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Glad I could give you a grin this morning. Well, my list is my favorites, not necessarily who would be up for eviction.

Renee is definately in danger of eviction this week even though she doesn't know it yet.

I agree with your thoughts on Bianca. She does seem to focus on her own breasts more than others do (uhh...i focus on them a lot too). I don't think she's realized how much she talks about the girls.

LMAO I like gurls, so I don't exactly see Cherry as hot. :mbabe:

edit: uh.. i did kinda enjoy Terrence in that thong speedo though. .......uh oh

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Well I finally watched Friday's shows lastnight.All I can say is I cannot wait to see Nobbi's face when they get to their destination..lmao

Poor Bianca though..ha-ha

I have a different opinion of Alice now,I do like her.

My list is now(seems to change with every show..LOL)




4.Ben(I do think he is a good boy.Just has to get away from Nobi)








12.Nobi(Non Fav)

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I have to say, very loud, "NOBBIE GET SOME DISCERNMENT!" When he was in the Diary room, he said he didn't regret doing things to Travis nor did he think he was taking advantage of Travis. Nobbie also said that Travis 'blew up' over the Alice/Travis situation which I did not see Travis even close to 'blowing up'. Even in his deep dispair and still recovering from the last of Nobbie's entertainment, Travis had a more 'possimistic' attitude than ANYONE I've ever seen, including adults.

When BB was telling Nobbie that he was bullying, BB said 'there's a line and you've gotten very close to crossing it." OMG :faint: Nobbie didn't cross any lines!? How absurd is that!? Three incidences, no strikes (that we know of), yet Renee & Bianca got strikes for yelling at each other. I think I'll consider taking back all the good I've said about BBau.

After Nobbie was told to "stop it", and after he left the DR, he and Travis were talking and Nobbie never listened to what Travis was saying. Nobbie kept saying to Travis, "That's fine, that's fine". Gawd Nobbie! No wonder he does what he does to people that aren't stronger or more knowledgeable than he is.

Then when Travis approached Nobbie about the Alice/Travis situation, and they went into the van, Nobbie called Alice over and told her that her motives were strategic and that she's playing the game. :animated_shocking: Give me a break! Who in that house ISN'T playing, or trying to play, a strategic game--especially Nobbie?

This is enough for me to have to get a wig/toupee after pulling out hair in frustration. :afro:

Then, lastly, in the Dump, Nobbie said he regretted doing it, but do ya reckon it's just game play?


Jen, I agree about Ben being an okay guy if he weren't following Nobbie. He is still very young, and hounded by peer pressure. Every bad turn he makes, he seems truly remorseful and I think he will remember these times and grow from it. Only thing is :animated_scratchchin: why is he STILL hanging with the guys for a good part of the day, and not the whole house? I've noticed that Cherry visits with everyone in the house, as well as Terrence, at times other than meals.

I'm looking forward to a good weekly task that will mix everyone together. :party_smilie:

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I've watched the first couple of episodes and can say that I like what I see so far... I'll be watching the rest, just so I can get my fix until BB10 US starts...

Also, I wanted to share this, not sure if anyone else had heard this and I'm not sure how true it is, but a friend told me that Tara Reid could possibly be going into the BBAU house... Check it out for yourself...

Tara Reid may be going into the Big Brother house


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Hi..I'm enjoying BB Aussie very much, and I'm totally addicted. I don't really have a fave HM..my opinion changes depending on how they behave daily. But, my least fave is and always has been Nobbi. He is just downright mean! I mean, what he did to poor Travis was horrible, not to mention Alice. And Ben and Rory too, for following Nobbi. I hope Nobbi is evicted, and hope it is not even close. I want him to get the message that he is wrong!

I don't have the live stream, so I just make do with what I can find on Youtube. I'm afraid to order them, because I'd spend way too much time watching LOL.

Oh, can anyone tell me when the season ends?


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Nobbie again :censored: slapping his hairdressing 'client', Terrence, on the forehead many times. What disrespect (along with many other unflattering, descriptive words). Terrence was super in the fact that although he obviously didn't like it, he didn't say one word. I, to my chagrin, wanted to see Terrence deck him. :boxing:

Also, wasn't Nobbie making discouraging remarks about the HMs that voted to save themselves, yet that is what he did. <sighing heavily>

Terri has grown into a likeable person. I was glad to see how Rory did at the Dump. It was exceptionally good, looking at all the "stuff" at the Dump and expounding about how Bali was set up--hardly a word of disgruntling comments.

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I was just glad that Nobi was up for eviction so he knows the HG are not liking him to much right now.Pitty he won FNL and took himself off though,I am sure if he hadn't he would be gone this Sunday.I find him completely fake. I was shocked at who was evicted,didn't see that coming.

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I didn't see Renee getting evicted either but at Terri said, she really changed after Nathan left. I think that she never could really bounce back. But Bianca...I can't stand her--she's soooo annoying. Nobbi is just plain mean and I can't stand him--he could have won the whole thing but he had to bully Travis and be mean to Alice, etc. Everyone felt sorry for him because he was stuck in the Kombi and now he ruined it for himself.

I've been watching all the shows on Youtube and I enjoy watching it. I did buy the feeds (luckily it's a one time fee so I splurged) but I don't really recommend getting it. It's 12 hours difference from EST so I don't get to watch it that often. They also have a quite a bit of time of just music or blocking the feeds and it cuts off every 20 minutes so you have to refresh. I do try and sneak up early on Friday mornings to watch the FNL live but they do a good job on the daily shows and FNL shows and Sunday mornings for eviction.

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The feeds weren't that expensive, especially compared to BBUS. It only cost me like $30 dollars and I've gotten my $$ out of it. It also gives you VIP status on the BBAUS website so you can see more videos, etc. I just meant that I spent much more time watching BBUS live feeds than I do BBAUS (which is a good thing for getting things done around my house) which maybe wasn't worth it It's very different though, IMO.

I really don't like Nobbi anymore...how sad that he turned into such a mean spirited bully type versus a prankster. Now, he's trying to come off that he's sweet and innocent. Ben needs to separate himself from Nobbi or he's out of the house!!!

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I agree that the live feeds aren't worth it. There is so much down time by the HMs/HGs and so much of the time when there really is somthing good, the network either cuts the audio, or we don't have both audio and video. So much better to go the those folks that love to tape and offer it to the masses. For me, BB Aust. is 17 hours ahead, so I wouldn't be watching them on the feeds unlesss it were to watch them sleeping.

Even in BB USA, the time is only 2 hours behind me, but their most interesting is after my bedtime, and I've got a family to do things with during the day so I miss so much of the action on the feeds. Having feeds for BB USA is a waste of money for me, no matter how big a BB fan I am. I've got to keep some sort of priorities in life with the family being first.

This year if I were considering getting live feeds for BB USA, I wouldn't. Nothing but sunbathing and strategyzing with the blow-ups of tempers/trashing and the slut behaviour in between. I'm sick of that kind of show.

Back to BB AU, What's up with Nobbie getting a dress for Brigette out of the vending machine? It's not an everyday dress, nor something one would want to wear during regular days. For what she does in there, Brigette has worn many different clothes. Nobbies vending machine choices were odd picks and shows his controlling, bullying side. Especially since he made sure everyone knew he wasn't going to get the straightener even though the majority of the HMs wanted it. Why not get it? Is this HIS angle of strategyzing? What is it other than showing power and control? Am I missing something? (which wouldn't be out of the ordinary.)

When Brigette & Alice were sitting on the grass talking, Brigette brought up about Nobbie playing the game since he didn't choose the straightener for the majority of the house. Well... I have to agree, but wassup girl!? Everyone in there is there for the game and are playing the game, whether it be good strategy or not. Whether it be consciously or not.

Once again, Brigette comes up in my comments. When Alice, Bianca and Brigette were in the lounge because of all the snoring going on, I saw Brigette, for the first time, as I think she might really be. It was during the time she was talking about how Terrence's snore sounded... "like a stopped up drain." :sleep1: I saw her not look like a little girl, her voice was quite different than normal, and she showed confidence.

So Brigette..... who is and is not playing the game!? Let me guess.... YOU! and all the rest of the HMs.

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Guess WHAT! Our wonderful wonderful xx200xx has put up playlists of the BBAus and BBUK !!!! Here's the link to the playlists from start to present!! What a massively awesomely superduper amazzzzzing hero! Yes... I am a tad obsessed with the BB shows!!

Here's the link: BBAus & BBUK Playlists Link

Enjoy everyone! Thank you XX200XX!!!


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Everyone has feelings and everyone wants to be loved/wanted, and I sure feel for Terrence. I'm sorry he's such a numbnut with him feeling like he has to do jokes to see folks laugh and thus make him feel like he's of some value, but evenso.... he is a human and has feelings and it brings a tear to my eye... like with Travis and then Alice. Watching some of the HMs treat him like he were less than a dog and keep slapping him on the forehead, which Nobbie did, was so disrespectful, :disgust: as well as Nobbie talking gibberish. Why couldn't Nobbie just sit down with Terrence and talk to him about how Terrence's joking and long stories bother him? <zipping my mouth to go any further about Nobbie> :lipsrsealed2: There are some others, but editing doesn't show much of them.

I've noticed Cherry and Nobbie are a twosome and getting together more. Will Cherry follow like a puppy after Nobbie and his ways? We shall see.

How tearful and touching that was to see Terrence crying because his wife wasn't on the video. Hmmm What do'ya suppose he was actually thinking she was? Was it a true missing? He definitely was feeling very lonely, and through all that, Brigette had the audacity to call him a "Crybaby". <slap, slap on Brigette>

My vote to boot... Brigette the Original Crybaby. :crybaby:

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I agree about Nobbi's treatment of Terrence, Moose. Nobbi is an idiot in my opinion, and a very unfeeling and cruel person. I am just waiting to see him get his due. But, he would probably act unphased, and just criticize the other HMs as usual. By the way, has he even received any strikes for his despicable behavior? If so, I missed it. What is BB thinking, to give strikes to the girls for their fight, but not to Nobbi! (If, in fact, he didn't)

May I ask where you saw this video? (Assuming you don't have the live stream) I was watching XX200XX's videos on Youtube, but he hasn't been posting as much from BB Aussie lately. I have not checked for the last 8 hours or so though. I so love this show, but it's very hard to keep up with it, without an easy access to the house happenings.

Also, can someone tell me what is the last date of BB Aussie? BBUS will be starting soon, and I get the feed of that every year. I am sleep deprived from sitting up almost all night, as I am 3 hours behind the house on BBUS. Ah well, such is the life of a BB addict LOL. I hope some of you will be watching that as well.



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Mike Goldman said in his blog that Tara Reid WILL NOT enter the BB house

said that it could be Adam Sandler as ppl thought(SIDE NOTE: Sandler is currenly in the Gold Coast promoting the movie the HG's will see if they pass task) The winner of FNL will be able to see preview of Movie.

Godman posted anothr blog

Nobody has guessed who the HUGE Hollywood celebrity is yet, they are my favorite actor. The famous celebrity crashing the BB party soon is still up in the air, and believe it or not nobody guessed who it was. (very exciting) Cry Baby Terrence will not take part in FNL tonight due to his crooked neck

i have no clue what me meant by "Crooked Neck"


SPOLIER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

in FNL final 2 are...........................

Nobbi & Travis!

Commercial said Prize money is hidden in BB house, find out where & how much Sunday!

in a eating contest, Nobbi tried 2 make Travis puke, every1 but Ben & Rory were cherring 4 Travis! by a score of 5-3

Winner of FNL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is................. Nobbi booooooooooo! Travis puked on fish eye & Bull's balls. Nobbi has tied the record for most FNL wins ever

Nobbi took Travis,Ben, & Rory to see movie(no Adam Sandler 2day but he may be on Daily show Sunday!)

Bree Amer hinted it invloves "Blood Sweat & Tears"

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I'm really enjoying BBAUS and I'm slowly becoming addicted!! I'm watching the live feeds (yeah, I spent the $30 one time fee when it first started) like I do every Friday morning to find out who wins FNL, etc.

On another note, I must be a sucker for romance because I think that Rhianna and Rory are cute together!! I still reaaaaaally don't like Nobbi and I think that the other HMs are agreeing.

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Dream ~ As far as the public knows, Nobbie has not received any strikes, but he has been told to "Stop it." :censored:

A sweet, smiling person from here showed all this to me:

To be able to get BB Australia's Daily Show and the Big Mouth and Friday Night Games, you will need to download a torrents site called Bitlord at http://www.bitlord.com/download.php click on download bitlord v.1.1

Then you will have to download a video player called VLC at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Believe me, I thought I didn't need to do this, and didn't and all I got on my video players were sound. They couldn't handle the video format. After downloading this video player, I was able to view the movies. VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

After you have that done you go to a site called mininova or just click on this link http://www.mininova.org and in their search box, type Big Brother Australia. When you locate the Episode (E) and the day in the listing, you will then click on the green down arrow next to the name of the show. That will begin the download.

Another box will appear it says task properties. Make sure that it is the right show listed, and that it is says "Start Now". Click okay and it will start downloading in bitlord box which pops up. It will be useful for you to go to the Bitlord FAQ which talks about seeding, etc. (Seeding means someone, like me, after I have the full download, will keep it open long enough to pass it on to others so they can get a download.)

It may go slow at times, because of how large a one-hour, color video is. But, if you choose an episode and day that has lots of seeds, it goes much faster. (Read about it at the FAQ)

If you do searches, you might even find a missed TV program. I've missed this last season of Top Chef and have been downloading them. They take about 2 hours to download for me (cable). They go by Season (S) and Episode (E). When I view them, it's actually better than watching them on my television! BBAU takes much less time than Top Chef... less than half that time!

To reach the movies so you can view them, you would go to Start Menu, click on My Computer, click on C drive, click on Program Files, click on Bit Lord, click on Downloads. There you are! Choose whatever "movie" (Ex. BB Aust) you want to view.

Enjoy BB Australia. I'm going to miss it when it finishes. I hate how our BB USA has so much lying in the sun, nearly all talk is strategyzing, and the screaming in the faces and tearing each other apart--all of this is tiring and I hate it.

By the way, I used to get the live feeds (I live in the Central time zone) and everything seemed to happen late in the day because BB USA seems to think it's okay for the HGs to sleep late into the day. I figured out ways to keep up with everything without the feeds ( so I could get sleep and take care of my family). Here are a couple or three sites you might find interesting, although with being a huge BB fan, you probably already have them. Here goes:

Of course, the ever wonderful Morty's BB USA page, Dingo's Hamster Watch site, Joker's site, DogDave's site, then the every popular YouTube, Clipser, and DailyMotion, just to name a few. It's always fair to go to paypal on their sites and make a donation for their hard and time-consuming job.


Be who you are and especially say what you truly feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. ~ Dr. Suess

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