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Aussie BB


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I like Travis(didnt think I would though cause of his voice) Dixie just gets on my last nerve with her tears(suck it up sheesh) I love Dave .. He seems like a good bloke...ha ha

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I think Travis is funny and very "posimistic" as he likes to say!! I enjoy positive people. I don't really like Bianca--she's such a complainer about Corey and now Saxon. She says that she wants to represent a positive image for 18 year olds because she doesn't party, drink or smoke but she's sooooo negative.

I don't even want to talk about Terri. She's just a negative Nancy--couldn't they get a cool older person in the house???

Overall, I am LOVING the BBAUS and wait anxiously for the new videos for FNL!!!

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Yes Travis is very "posimistic"...lmao He is sweet and it makes me mad when the other guys treat him like dirt.

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I was under the impression that they had always had an HoH, but the change was that this year instead of nominating people for eviction, and the public voting which one to evict, the HoH is going to be saving someone and the housemates will be voting to evicted...

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Episode 19 is the Big Brother AU Big Mouth episode for this week. However, since it has nudity in it, it is posted at clipser.

As of today,

Favorites - Travis, Bianca, and Ben

Least favs - Dixie, Brigette, and Rory

Travis - funny, sincere, that voice! Bianca - even though she needs to get over herself a bit, I enjoy her. Ben - nice guy.

Dixie THINKS she's witty and funny, but with the mean streak behind it...ss, but she's not. Brigette, can you get your whine on any MORE? Rory...just because.

The others - rather forgettable at the moment. (yes, even Terri)

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I'd like to share what I like about Australia's Big Brother. I like it much better than the U.S. Big Brother.

In Australia, the Housematess are to do a daily task for the week which adds up to getting food. These daily tasks are entertaining to watch, sometimes downright hilarious, and creates a teamwork atmosphere. Watching them praactice their dance routines, and playing cricket was great. I hate the U.S. HouseGuests where they usually just lie around basking in the sun, and strategyzing all day. It's tiresome, hate watching all thee backbiting, and not entertaining.

In the Australian version, they are not allowed to strategize unless directed by BB and it must only be in a special room.

The BBau is so much more fair in their competitions. For example, putting on bunny suits with huge heads. Hard to see, hard to manipulate, doesn't take strength. While dressed as bunnies, they had to collect more carrot juice than the other team. The team players get whittled down with various contests until only one person emerges victorious. So much fun. So entertaining. So much more fair than the USA version where strength matters. I want to see a wide range of ages in USA version (I'm live in the USA) and I want the competitions to be fair for all of them. ALL of them... do you hear that USA BB?

Australia's housemates may not threaten or act violently towards any other Housemate. Housemates may not bully or intimidate other Housemates because of their gender or sexual preferences or any other reason. Every Housemate must take all care to ensure that any sexual attention is invited and that consent to any sexual contact is mutual and informed. Housemates must not knowingly defame or vilify any individual or group. I vote a hundred-fold for the USA Big Brother to adopt these rules. There's plenty of bullying and intimidating going on in the world... I don't want to view it on a game show--especially from a country like USA. It is not entertaining to watch the bullying that goes on with the USA HouseGuests.

There are other situations that prove Australia's Big Brother is much more entertaining than the U.S.A. Big Brother, but I believe folks that have been posting here have been finding that out.


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Brought up by BB in the BBau house on their Wed. May 28.

Paraphrased: 'BB has a fine system to curb continual breeches of the HouseMates' Guidelines. During these 2 weeks have been a settling in period, but the Housemates have continued to breech the Guidelines to the tune of $8200 worth of fines. Their settling in period has now ended.

From now on BB will punish any and all breeches of the guidelines including unacceptable behavior from HouseMates toward each other. Anyone found in breech of the guidelines will (at BB's discretion) incur a Strike against them (after 3 strikes, they are evicted from the house). If they willfully disobey the guidelines they will be taken out of the house.

The levels of profanity in the house are way too high (some of the housematess smirk). Repeat offenders will incur warnings about their language. If they ignore the warnings and make no attempt to turn down their swearing, they will be taken out of the house.'

I include the above here so I can say this... DO YOU HEAR THAT BBUSA? DO YOU HEAR THAT! Please do similar to USA Big Brother.

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There is another link that includes the latest Big Mouth episodes.


Sometimes they are not on YouTube because of the nudity but this week bbaus8 posted it and hasn't been discovered that someone is shown nude.

I am enjoying BBAUS but there are aspects about BBUS that I miss. I think that it would be awesome if they BBUS could incorporate some of the rules and competitions like BBAUS. I don't like that Australia is voting for their favorite HM's. I think that I would prefer that they HM's nominate and then Australia vote them out.

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i talked to Mike of BB Friday Night Live..............

Mike, i watch BB Australia on Youtube, as it dosent air her in America. U,Bree & the other guy are very funny! My question is, Do u watch the American version of BB and if so what do u like about it?, & what about BBAUS would u like to see in it


What do u think of a possiblity of a Big Brother USA vs Australia next year?


Eric Sturrock of Port Ewen,NY,USA (Reply)

Thu 29 May 08 (02:23pm)


Wow how cool!

We should come to the US and do FNL over there on your big brother. Talk to em for me will you

BB v USA would be fun.

FNL style!!!

photo_765.jpgMike Goldman

Thu 29 May 08 (03:39pm)

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yeah i found out Mike of FNL, is also the voice of the BB house & Exective producer! heres the link to his blog


Heres their live every (Australia timezone) at 2pm Thursday(its at 12am EST Thursday) but he always updates with "spoiler" infomation be4 it even happens as hes BB exec. producer.

lol we shold all write 2 him & CBS that we want FNL in US. lol :flags_unitedstates:

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You wrote: 'I am enjoying BBAUS but there are aspects about BBUS that I miss. I think that it would be awesome if they BBUS could incorporate some of the rules and competitions like BBAUS. I don't like that Australia is voting for their favorite HM's. I think that I would prefer that they HM's nominate and then Australia vote them out.'

Quite a novel idea about having HouseMates nominate and then Australia voting one of the nominees to be evicted.

Not sure if that would keep the HouseMates trying to get along with each other... it might have them at each others throats that way. I'd rather see the housemates getting along as best they can with each other. Particularly when they do their daily tasks for a week. These tasks have been quite entertaining.

However, the novel idea you had could be interesting.

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Thanks Eric again for sharing the link! I didn't know he was the host for Meerkat Manor (my hubby loves that show). I think that it would be cool if he did a FNL for BBUS in California! I had no idea that he is the BB Voice. I love the BB factor in BBAUS--that's probably my favorite part--he's very funny!

Moose--I think that there would be more strategizing and alliances if the HM's had to nominate people for evication (like BBUS) which would indeed cause more strife in the house. I do enjoy watching the weekly tasks as well.

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No they have not always had an HOH.They were just FNG winner.They got a room and was aloud to pick one person to go into the room with them and only 1.They had their meals prepaired for them and they were aloud to talk about Noms and other game play talk.They were still aloud to save 1 person from the block but had to replace that one person with someone of their choice,even if that person wasn't in the bottom 5.But it's only this year they have been called HOH

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Do you guys really think all the HG were actually hypnotised?I think some MAYBE were but I do not think Rory and Dixie were.

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About the hypnotism: I've been hypnotized and I know exactly how it feels. Just like it was being explained by the HouseMates. I believe that Rory WAS hypnotized, but that he didn't want to appear "stupid", so he didn't go all out. He was holding back. I know that being hypnotized doesn't take away our will to decide NOT to do something if we really are against the suggestion.

About Dixie being hypnotized, I'm not sure. I was watching the more animated HouseMates.

All in all, I hilariously liked the burning tongue if they were lying; Alice's relief in the pool; and the handshake.

About their games: I am grateful for the fairness. No matter what the age, everyone has a chance. (which is not the way with the USA BB)

My fave: Alice

I loved Terri gathering the carrot juice. I cannot remember a recent time I've laughed as hard as I did over that game.

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