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February 26 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:11 pm BBT: Allison is teaching Amanda how to play chess. Allison comments to Amanda that she is doing very good since it's her 1st time. Joshua and Alex have created a bowling game out of slop and peanut butter tubs. Adam and Matt are lounging in the living room with occasional comments about the game or things they want because they're so bored.

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10:10 BBT

Sharon, Josh, Alex playing bowling in the bathroom hallway with a small ball, a small wooden fence and small white cups (or something like it) for pins). Adam watching from kitchen counter.

Whoops, Adam moved to the Living room with Matt, Amanda, Natalie... Natalie and Amanda left to go take a break. Matt and Adam are laying down on opposite sides of the couches... complete silence between them... Adam gets up. Matt all alone on the couch. Allison comes back. She says that he (guess Ryan) picked up on chess really quick after she explained it to him. He won both games he played. Ryan comes into the LR. She calls Ryan calculating, referring to chess playing. Now Allison and Ryan are playing chess.

Matt and Allison takling about how some chess games go on for days because no one wants to make the wrong move.

Talking about someone would be good at standup in the house... I missed who but it was a "he." Matt and Allison saying big brother left tools for "eating pussy" were left in the bathroom.

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10:20 BBT Ryan and Allison continue to play chess.

Alex and Sharon continue to play bowling with Josh being the "machine." They're being very loud.

Allison, Ryan, Matt making small talk about chess, which pieces they love and hate.

They're also using peanuts in the bowling game as pins.

Sharon bowls a strike. Alex tries to beat sharon but misses the peanuts... again. Alex gets a spare. Josh is putting on cream that prevents him from having Michael Jackson's nose in the sauna room.

Adam is back in the LR with Allison, Ryan, and Matt.

Sheila is apparently already in bed.

Talking about how Robyn loves Matt and they say she's a sexy beast and we get flames.... grrr

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10:30 BBT

Matt joins bowling game.

Sheila wants Natalie's bible.

Allison just lost her queen. Allison calls him a "fucker" (jokingly of course). Allison is apparently in check. Ryan is very happy.

Alex and Adam talking about how to keep score in bowling. Alex saying it's weird how to keep score.

Allison giving Ryan more compliments about his chess play.

More talk revolving around chess.

Sharon is doing some painting with nail polish at the counter.

Says so far JS, AA, MN - Josh asks her if she's making a score sheet. Matt/Natalie, Alex/Amanda, Josh/Sharon I believe are the teams.

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10:40 BBT

Josh and Natalie don't like chess.

Natalie: "I don't like games that require a lot of thinking."

James, Natalie, Matt, Ryan, Allison, Alex, Chelsia, Adam in LR.

Everyone is trying to follow Allison and Ryan. Ryan has apparently only learned chess tonight, played 3 games, and won them all. A new game is about to begin I think. Chelsia just snorted from laughing. Allison doesn't want anyone to help either her or Ryan. James asks Chelsia if they could go up and do it or makeout but Chelsia says, "No, we're mingling."

Natalie comes back into the LR asking for people to come play the bowling game. Natalie doesn't want to watch "boring chess." Matt keeps saying what he would do and Allison shushes him.

Sharon, Alex, Adam, Amanda are eating and watching from one side. James, Cheslia, and Natalie are watching from the other side. Chelsia is standing up and watching and eating. Apparently this is a very interesting chess match. Alex says that the showtime people must be pissed with this. "We pay $40 a month for this?" Natalie says that she already mooned show time tonight.

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10:50 BBT

Natalie wants to request twister or a trampoline. Someone says they won a trampoline in season 7 in a luxury.

Natalie says she doesn't understand at all what is going on in this game. She earlier made a comment that it is like watching golf.

Lots of different conversations going on at once that makes it difficult to follow.

Natalie remarks again she still doesn't know what's going on in this chess game and wants to go do the bowling game.

Josh joins them on the couch. Natalie once again says it's so boring to Josh. James and Chelsia are in the HOH. James is laying down on the bed. Chelsia is getting ready to change and takes some allegra pills.

Camera switches to Josh and Natalie walking into the sauna room. They don't want to watch the chess game. They took the bowling pins and are making arts and crafts. Amanda comes in.

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11:10 PM BBT

Amanda, Natalie, Josh still in Sauna room

Allison and Ryan still playing a chess game. Allison getting a little annoyed with Adam and Matt.

Natalie says that she can't imagine how much people are enjoying watching Chess. That trio is still doing arts and crafts.

Amanda says "Please don't stop the music." [And now Rihanna is in my head].

So to try and get a head count on everyone... Sheila is sleeping I believe. Matt, Adam, Sharon, Alex, Allison, Ryan are in the LR. James and Chelsia are in the HOH room (unknown whether they are sleeping or not), and Natalie, Josh, and Amanda are in the Sauna room doing arts and crafts.

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11:17 PM BBT

Conversation is becoming more scarce.

Amanda surprised that gay people can get married in Vermont. Josh clarifies that the state government recognizes it but not the federal government.

Ryan put Allison in check.

Seems like Allison is about to make a comeback.

Allison keeps calling Adam, "baller." Allison telling him to stay out of the game but in a playful way.

Chess game has been going on for awhile. People are trying to give suggestions to both of them.

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11:30 PM BBT

Allison: "Baller.... Shut..... the...... fuck.... up!!!!" (playful way)

Allison wants a rematch so where Ryan doesn't have all this help... but the game keeps going. Baller keeps trying to help Ryan. Sharon has been massaging Matt.

Chess game just ended. Seems like Ryan won.

They ask who is going to play bowling.

House is very quiet now. Adam, Ryan and Matt by the pool table.

Allison just fell down it looks like and spilled what she had in her bowl. Sharon, Josh, and NAtalie are in the sauna room

Natalie: "Everyone seems so boring tonight." [i agree]

Natalie is saying Matt, Josh, James, and Chelsia all licked her nipples last night. They're saying they don't remember.

Sharon: "this is the most boring night ever!"

They're trying to figure out what to do. Sharon suggested playing truth or dare and natalie suggests going into the hot tub. Natalie hopes her dad didn't have showtime last night. Sharon says she didn't make out with anyone but Natalie corrects her saying she kissed everyone. [LOL]

I'm out for the night.

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11:45 pm BBT: OMG!!! Natalie just showed the girls (Allison, Amanda, Sheila) how she can squirt milk from her nipples. The girls are FREAKING OUT. Natalie leaves to go get ready for the HT. Sheila thinks this is going to go down in reality show history. Amanda wants to go get Alex and bring him in there but, Sheila puts a stop that immediately and tells her that this a girls thing and to leave the boys out of it. Sheila tries to change the subject but, Allison and Amanda are too giggly and not listening to her. Sheila thinks it's abnormal and Natalie better go get it checked out by a doctor.

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2:10 am BBT: Amanda, Alex, Joshua & Allison asks whose best looking in house. Joshua says Amanda's #1 so does Allison. Alex says she’s #2 behind Jen. Amanda says #3 with Jen. Ryan enters and says u are 2nd and Jen's 3rd. Shelia yells in Amanda dresses like average women in La. Alex wants 2 do Amanda’s hair. Ryan says Amanda & Alex are cutest. Alex tells Ryan bite your tongue Ryan. Amanda calls Allison "Blondie." Alex makes fun of Amanda’s hair. Amanda says she asks everything bout Alex but he never asks Amanda her favorites. Ryan says I’m leaving I know where this is going. Ryan says he knows Amanda favorites so does Joshua.

Amanda says Shelia helps her when boys make fun of her. Ryan & Alex tested Amanda blood earlier. Alex says Amanda doesn’t have a loud voice she has a microphone. Alex tells Amanda its time to go to bed. Alex says "ready to go to bed with rapist." Amanda says I never said that. Amanda chases Alex around house. They try 2 pants each other and Alex throws objects in her way as she chases after him. Alex covers Amanda with shirt. Amanda runs out of boat room. Alex peeks his head out of door and gets KO'D by Amanda with a pillow. Allison"u2 are soul mates." same time no we aren’t. Amanda hits Alex with pillow again. Sharon: "Amanda he’s going to hurt u when u slept." Alex "no ill be a rapist." Amanda again I never said that. Alex lies down in bed. Amanda gets bagel and butters it and throws it at Alex and runs away again.

Matt is sleeping outside as he doesn’t want to sleep with Natalie who has a bloody nose.

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9:25AM BBT: Everyone is almost awake and chit chatting. Sheila is in the shower. James was in the HoH bed still. Allison and Ryan are in bed with Amanda talking to them. Alex was in the bathroom doing ADLs. Sharon is in the background behind Alli and Ryan still sleeping.

Amanda sings and FotH again. That's the second time she's done it.

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9:35AM BBT: Allison and Sharon are still in bed. Allison has pulled the covers over her face. Camera changes to the BR and Sheila and Matt doing ADLs

Amanda, Chelsia, Alex and Ryan are in the kitchen getting breakfast and chatting. Matt, Natalie and Sheila join them. Natalie is annoyed at being woken up at the crack of dawn... [it's 9:35am! <_< -Jem]

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9:45AM BBT: Josh and James are talking outside about Natalie and he milk shooting. They also discussed the tampon issue.

They also discussed if anything was new this morning. Josh says it was going to be a long day and they talked about the HoH blog and pictures.

They're now discussing Natalie being upset last night when Josh was giving her a massage and that Amanda is campaigning against her. Discussion changed to the HoH competition tonight and that the week has flown by.

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9:55AM BBT: Ryan comes out and Josh goes inside to get dressed. Ryan and James are just chatting (for now). We keep getting FotH!

Lots of eating going on in the kitchen.

Matt and Ryan are tanning in the BY with Alex on the ground and Alliosn comes outside. They think it's going to be a nice day.

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