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February 26 - Live Feed Updates


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1:37 BBt

Cam turns to show James and Ryan playing pool.

They switch to Natalie and Sharon tanning (Sharon went to get the scoop). They're talking about their dogs: Samson (Nat's dog who her mother hates) and Carolina (Sharon's dog that no one liked except for Jacob). Apparently Samson looks like the dog from Kramer.

Feeds cut back to Ryan and James who are now talking in the HOH. Chelsia is with them. Ryan is saying how he really feels he can't trust AmAlex because of how they went after him and Allison in the beginning. He says how he finds it really hard to believe their word.

Ryan leaves and it's just James and Chelsia discussing how they hate where Ryan is at right now. Chelsia thinks Allison is the one who has made him this way.

Feeds now cut back to Nat and Sharon. They're talking about their past kitties. Nat lost her kitty, Tinkerbell (who was big, white, and fluffy), 4 months ago when she moved to Oregon. The mother kittie was named Star and Nat helped deliver him. Sharon is talking about her old kitty, Midnight (she's black), who lost one of her 5 kittens [ I can't believe I'm that devoted that I'm scribing this ]. They're talking about about past kitty stories and how they swear their cats really do talk to them. Natalie goes on to say how one of her old cat's, Frederick use to say her name, "Meowatlie".

1:42 BBT

Sheila joins them and asks Natalie if it bothers her when ppl call her crazy (since her mom has schizophrenia). Nat says it only bothers her when ppl call her a crack head because of how her mom use to be on all those drugs and how they've done and seen them all. She said that the doctors suspect that's why her mom has schizophrenia now, because of all the drugs she took.

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2:06 bbt

Allison is talking to Shelia and Matt about how for 2 weeks a year she travels to third world countries to volunteer through Mother Tereasa Orphanges. Sheila is in awe and wants in on this. Allison goes into detail about how she helps the doctors and nurses with the kids and how most ppl don't understand why she does this, but how the kids leave her speechless. She says how they blow her away. Matt says how he volunteers via Habitat. Allison says that Africa has the best help with their care, but how Russia has the worst because they have the most gamblers and alcoholics. She explains how ppl would even gamble their children away. She adds how India, China, and Korea kill many of their childrens with Rikshaws.

The conversation changes to nipples when out of the blue, Amanda compliments Sheila on how nice her nipples are. Sheila seems flattered and goes on to talk about the myth of piercing them and how you don't lose sensation at all. The girls both compliment Sheila on her recent weight loss of 5lbs and how it's totally obvious because they can even see it in her face.

They're back on the subject of adoption and Brangelina. Allison says she hopes that eventually they'll adopt kids from the US. They talk about how she's expecting twins...something Amanda wasn't aware of.

James has joined them now with the camera to take some candid shots of them.

Pictures are over and they're talking about Brangelina again. The boys add how Jennifer Aniston was more of a wife, Jolie is more of a fling. Sheila chimes in about how deplorable it is that Angelina didn't wait for them to be divorced before making her move.

2:18 bbt

James has gone to get pics of Natalie and Matty. Nat's upset because Matt doesn't want to pose nice with her. She gets angry, "come on, can't you do at least something nice for me? God, this could be our last day in the house for all we know." They now move inside to get pics of the two couples who are on the block.

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2:22 bbt

Feeds are on Ryan and Allison in the backyard talking about how Sharon is trying to get everyone to think that she's the one turning on Matt. Matt comes out and Allison calls him over saying how, "there's some serious shit going down". Matt responds, "I know". Ryan asks if Sharon and Josh tried to make a deal with him. Matt confirms that they have (but if you look back, they never did...they kept saying how their minds keep changing and they won't know who they're voting for until last minute). Matt tells them how he told Sharon and Josh how he said how he couldn't make deals with them (even though he asked, but they couldn't agree).

Ryan and Matt go to get out of the shade. Amanda joins Allison for some more suntanning. Amanda says how she doesn't think Sharon is the one spreading anything. Amanda thinks that nothing anyone says will make a difference anyhow because ppl's minds are already made up. Allison said if ppl go after anyone it's going to be Ryan because, " he's the one twisting shit, I'm just staying here."

Two minutes later Allison asks Amanda if she wants to go in so that Allison can work on her (Amanda's) hair.

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3:16 bbt

Amanda and Sharon are in the storage room whispering. Sharon is telling Amanda the gossip she's heard concerning she and Alex and where the votes are and how they're the swing vote and not to worry. Quote Sharon, "we need to just not be seen hanging out together". Amanda tells Sharon that Sheila and Adam said that they are voting to keep her and Alex. Sharon says how that, "they better not be fucking lying".

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Feeds switch to Allison complaining to Alex and Matt in the kitchen about how for the first 3 weeks she basically played without a partner. She was always wondering if Ryan would vote with her (Jen) and try to save her. Matt said how she was a "dramatic little thing".

They talk more about the game and how it's "the game". Matt says how the day is going by really slow and how he really wants to nap but how he's afraid to because you never know what rumours will be spread. He said ppl will talk to her (Natalie) but won't say the same shit to him as they would her.

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3:27 bbt

Allison, Alex, and Matt are still in the kitchen discussing the scenarios. She says, "personally speaking, Parker just expected me to give up and lose". She said how he even approached her in the storage room and asked her to for him.

3:30 bbt

Feeds switch to Sharon and Josh in the storage room. It quickly goes back to the kitchen but not before catching Sharon relaying her conversation she had with Amanda about them being the swing vote. Josh storms out saying, " I am so fucking pissed right now".

Feeds go back to the kitchen where they're joined by Sheila and Josh has just been called to the DR.

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Still in the kitchen, they're now talking about the difference about fighting to stay in the game and campaigning. They conclude that campaigning is when you say that, "so and so said this about you" ( so campaigning is when you drag the other person's name in the dirt and cause shit about them ).

They say how it was hard to vote out Parker because while he was angry, it was really Jen's fault. They hope he's over it though.

Chelsia comes downstairs (she and James were working on their blog and uploading their pictures). They're discussing whether or not they get to choose the pictures they want everyone to see. No, BB chooses. They're talking about what they posted in their blog. Mainly shout outs and references to "the bar". The bar is in LA [i think that's what he said], but James' bike is in Sarasota [i'm Canadian..where is this?]. They talk about the purpose of his biking venture, "to go around the world". He's thinking that with extra money he can get other people to bike with him.

3:40 bbt

Feeds switch to Natalie and Amanda. Natalie says she doesn't care anymore because ppl are going to do what they're going to do. That right now people are just talking shit to see what they can find out. Amanda is blow drying her hair so it's kind of hard to hear what they're saying exactly.

Nat says again, "they're just trying to stir up shit." Amanda is telling Nat how Matt's been making deals. Natalie says how he's never told her that... how he never tells her anything. Amanda then says how Alex won't campaign. They compare the deals they've heard regarding Sharon and Josh, and reaffirm how ppl have their minds made up which is why they're staying where they are and out of it.

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3:51 bbt

Chelsia, James, Sharon sitting in/by pool discussing the game. Chelsia tells Sharon that she thinks she should just stick to doing whatever it is she wants to do. Joshuah joins them. He's freaking out on Chelsia saying how "you're the only person I can trust in the house, if I can't trust you then I have no one". He goes on to relay things he's heard and adds how he hates Amanda, " I hate her, I fucking hate her!" Chelsia empathizes and tells him to take it out on his work out. Joshuah is called to the DR...again!

Sharon is telling Chelsia how apparently she and Josh are the swing vote now (Sharon blames Allison for this). They worry about how they're talking to eachother looks to everyone else. James says, "who cares, they're probably going to put us up anyhow". Sharon is explaining why Josh is so jumping..how he's freaking out because he's afraid they're going to lose them (Chelsia and James).

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415pm BBT

amanda and alex were in the bathroom and she told him that she personally heard matt telling allison that he never promised NOT to campaign against them

she said the only way they (A/A) can stay is if he offers allison a deal not to put them up if they win HOH

he just strugged his shoulders and walked out

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4:30 bbt

Allison talking to James by pool table. Allison is telling him how she trusts Matty and Natalie a lot more than she does A & A because everything that Matt has ever told Allison (even that which wasn't good) has been the truth, whereas everything A&A has ever told her was a lie. She is also telling James how she knows that Matt and Natalie wouldn't put him on the block if they stay. James disagrees and thinks he's safer with A&A. Allsion says how Matt and Natalie are pretty convinced that they're the ones going home but says how she's the swing vote because Adam and Sheila have their backs 100%.

James asks Allison up front as to where they're leaning. She's saying, "I don't know, we're waiting for you to kinda tell us where you want to go". James says that they're aiming for Matt and Natalie to leave. Josh has joined them and when asked where he's leaning, he says he doesn't know. He's worried that he and Sharon will be the only ones voting in the wrong direction and how it will come back down on them.

Allison continues about how deceiving Amanda and Alex have been and how she doesn't trust them and how Matt and Natalie would be more likely to not put up James next week. James disagrees because Matt wouldn't even use the POV on his best friend, Parker. Allison chimes in how there's no way allison and Alex would save him. James says, "well then I'm fucked either way".

James is upset because they seem to be back peddling, that they aren't doing what they said they would just do. Allison is blaming the fact that Nat and Matt are at least talking to ppl and it's that which is what is getting in ppl's head. James then combats, "well wouldn't you feel more comfortable getting rid of Matt and Nat then and keeping someone who doesn't campaign?"

Josh chimes in, saying how he hasn't made a decision. James is wanting them to all be on the same page with their vote. Allison says it makes no sense to get rid of Matt and Natalie because she knows their personalities better and how Matt and Natalie are far more easily manipulated. James disagrees. He's really fighting hard to get Matt and Natalie out of the house. Josh can go either way. He's said that he enjoys the fact that Amanda and Alex aren't coming after him to talk to him and try and persuade him. He doesn't like being pressured and is leaning towards Matt and Natalie being evicted.

Again, Allison is trying to convince them that Matt and Natalie are less of a threat to them. Joshuah says how he can't take down Matt. he can't take down Natalie, but he knows for sure that he can take down Amanda. Allison keeps saying, "let me go get Ryan".

Josh tells Allison, "right now everyone thinks you're the last vote or that I'm the last vote". James says, "that's right, so why don't you get on the same page." James then goes on to say how he has always been straight with her. He says that right now it's between Josh's and Allison's group to cut a deal with the others because Adam has already cut a deal with Matt and has his back. James is telling them to go get on the same page privately and how he doesn't want a "hang man"..." so let it be all one way, or you both go the other way." By this meaning to not have one or the other being the odd man out where they inadvertantly hang themselves.

4:49 BBT Houseguests, this is a lock down. Please go inside the house.

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5:04 BBT [ I tried to walk away from the feeds...i really did but in the corner of my eye I saw Josh and James talking in the storage room..and knew I HAD to come back!!]

Josh telling James that he can't stand Allison. He fucking hates her and turns his head to the side and pretends to spit (as if on her). He said, "I don't trust her for as far as I can fucking throw her". They agree that they need to be the ones to wake Ryan's "fat ass" up and be the ones to talk to him to try and convince him to evict Matt and Natalie.

5:08 bbt

Josh is now talking to Amanda and Alex. He's coaching them on what to say to people in order to keep them safe. he asks Alex if he's sure that Sheila and Adam promised to keep Matt and natalie. Alex says he doesn't know.

Amanda leaves the room and Josh seeks out Ryan. Ryan is putting his socks on, Josh lays on the carpet. They're silent for now when finally Sharon walks in and Ryan walks out. She said how ppl keep asking, "what's wrong with Josh?" She whispers to Josh that she's worried he's going to wig out. She said how she's nervous that if he does, then the target will move to them. Adam walks by and waves.

Sharon is whispering to Josh about why Adam has Matt's back..because he likes that security.

She's now telling Josh, "you're the scariest person in this house" because of how he can jump in and just fight with people and not control himself. She's worried that someone will say something to set him off tonight which will cause him to "wig out".

5:15 bby

Ryan walks by and Josh asks him to come in. He asks Ryan to please promise that they will sit down and talk tonight about the votes so that nothing is a surprise tomorrow. Josh is saying how he feels sorry for Allison because he feels that she's being attacked. Josh says they, all four, need to sit down and talk and all cut deals and see if Matt and Natalie cut them all the same deal. Josh says to Ryan, "no offence, but since jen has been gone, Amanda has been much, much better". Ryan agrees. Ryan says though that he's having a hard time with this because they did put him up. Sharon says, "I don't care who goes. I don't care who stays. I just want us to vote the same."

Sharon is whispering low, but she's saying something to the effect of catching Matt and Natalie in a lie because they said they promised to campaign, but how they are. She goes on to say how Matt said that he never made a promise like that, but Sharon says she heard it.

Josh talks to Ryan again about seeing if Matt makes the same promise to him (Ryan) as he did to him (Josh) because if he "makes a promise to you, and he makes a promise to me, well whose he going to keep it with?"


Chelsia walks in and tells them, "it's totally up to you." Josh says again to Ryan, "I just want to make sure we're on the same page." Chelsia says how she talked to Adam and how he said he's nervous and how he'll go with majourity. She doesn't know if she could believe him though.

The topic switches to food. But Sharon is whispering again.

Chelsia and Ryan leave Sharon and Josh to talk. Sharon whispers to Josh, "I trust Amanda. She thinks that we're all she has. She trusts us. We can go to F4 with her...people will be after them and not us."

5:31 BBT

Josh and Sharon leave to the storage room to get pizza. Amanda comes in and tells them how Adam said he's going to go with the group. She's hiding because she doesn't want anyone to catch her with them. Sharon and Josh are telling her how right now Allison is the one they need to work on. Amanda said that she's going to get Alex to go after Allison to cut a deal. They all agree and Josh says how he needs to go eat something before he kills someone.

5:50PM BBT: The DR is busy tonight. Ryan and then Amanda have been called in.


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7:02 yikes nobody is posting.

I came in in the middle of strategy talk between Ry and Alison on hammock in by.

I'm trying to catch up. they are talking about the power situation.

Ry: People are afraid of Josh. (**seems to be the theme today**)

...time goes by.

Ry "I thought this week was going to be so stress free.

Alli "I just think he's [josh?] such a bitch."

Alli "Do you think that we believe for one minute you dont have an alliance with james and chels?"

It sounds like they are fed up with Chels/James/Josh/Shar alliance

Alli is concerned about Jenn...."she's crazy" "do you think she's going to kill me?"

Ry "no...don't be silly. we're partners in this game"

<discussion between them about Jenn and whether Alli should worry. Ry says "not like you seduce me every night or something. she won't kill you alli"

Alli "i just worry in two weeks or two months i'm going to be murdered."

Ry implies that the house/game made her more viscious than she usually is. "but she does own a gun" "a .45"

Alli "r u serious?"

(**way to comfort alli ry**)

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7:10 BBT

Still on Ry and Alli on by hammock chatting stuff and strategy.

Interesting chat about their relationship. He's noticing she's cool. She admits she's "not his type". They mutually think each is "awesome" but understand it wouldn't be a go.

<talk continues about their growing friendship which is growing platonic>

Alli is trying to explain girl think on budding relationships to Ry (**give it up...different language honey**) She admits his awesomeness does confuse her sometimes.

Ry worries about how BB is "playin it". (they had joked about fear that BB would imply a budding romance).

Alli "I want to get as afar as possible. Our best bet is to have Matty and Natty on our side."

ry "i agree"

Alli "And we have sheila and adam. always two by our side."

ry "i agree. i dont trust james."

ry "we owe matty and natty"

alli "how we gonna play this tonight?"

ry "i dont want to fuckin deal with this anymore. let's just say we don't know yet."

alli about why not feeling bad for alex and amanda "they put us on the block. they tried to put us out and made our lives a living hell for a week."

<waffling over whether to let people know what they will say>

They assume Josh would run right up to tell james and chels about ry and alli's decision.

They decide that they will let "josh do their dirty work" if that's the case. ry does an imitation of a very flamboyant josh already upstairs telling james that ry and alli are supporting mat and nat.

Alli "let's just stay on this hammock all night and not deal with it."

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7:20 bbt

Ry and Alli still on hammock. Rehashing stuff. Apparently earlier Josh must have implied to alli that he would take her and ry to F4 because she's like "he must think i'm so fucking stupid to not know they are allied with james and chels."

They're watching someone (i think it's nat) in another part of the yard:

Ry "she's a little lesbian isn't she?"

Alli "sheila is still holding a grudge because i called her pathetic" (they are laughing at that big time). but she understands why sheila did it she's on slop and tired and stuff.

Now Alli is saying something about James having made millions as a con man and made millions on a mortgage refinance scam then put it up his nose. And he talks about how he went from "everthing to nothing" because of the drugs as an 18 year old kid running a scam.

Ry "maybe it's a bit exaggerated."

They both suspect James is good at fluffing his stories up and they aren't true.

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7:30 bbt: BY hammock ry and alli

ry "we don't want anyone to catch on with the alliance with matt and natt too soon." they know it will happen eventually, but they want it to look less suspicious.

alli "i love balla and sheila and matty and natty" but "the other ones are "shady people".

alli "we have to keep in mind we won't look good no matter what so just play the game.

ry "yeah."

call to dinner

ry "great now we have to sit around the table and say nice things about everyone. can't we just eat?"

<alli and ry go into kitchen>

switch to a bedroom adam and josh talking

adam "i feel like a fuckin loner in this house"

josh "what do you and matt got goin'?"

adam "well i hung out. i thought it was operation condor. why what do you know?"

josh "i don't know anything just seeing what you know." (**cough cough...yeah sure josh**)

josh "everyone's freakin' out and cuttin deals."

adam "and i'm in the fuckin' dark"

matt asks if they are eating. "c'mon it may be my last night. come on we'll eat and do the wave"

adam "no fuckin way. i ain't doin that shit."

matt "this is a tough decision this week."

adam "i'm goin' with the house"

matt "i hope the house goes my way. if it goes amanda's way...no big"

matt "everybody's worried. i dont know why. me and alex are the ones to worry. but it's a roll of the dice either way"

adam "i think you guys <matt natt> re strong physically."

matt "i just twisted my ankle if that helps. they're physically mentally helpful"

adam refuses to go eat.

alex comes in. amanda too. both are trying to get adam to join them. he refuses. doesn't want to do the dinner ritual.

amanda enters and is a bit sad crying.... matt hugs her. calls her beautiful. amanda "i just hate not being able to trust people"

matt "i would not put you down in any way"

amanda "he doesnt want to keep me..."

matt "he doesn't like nat. she's annoying."

Alex carries sheila to the dinner on his back.

(***major push to get all HGs at table***0

back to matt and amanda....

he seems to have calmed her down a bit. matt "people honestly don't know who to vote for right now. let's go have a good meal and tomorrow i hope...ya know... i don't know..."

<they walk to a rowdy dinner table>

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7:40 bbt.

One last big family dinner. Amanda is looking a bit down still.

And ....THEY DO THE WAVE!!! OOOH! TWO WAVES...darn it fails.

Opening prayer. "thanks god for wonderful times in crazy house. in Jesus name AMEN"

attempt at love fest...

adam "i love yous both. I dont know how to vote. i'm torn.... i can't eat...and that's it."

Sheila tries to say something. people ask her for tears.

ry "matt i love you. nat you are almost too nice for game. amanda rough start at beginning but you're smart. alex you're a genuine guy. all four you guys are great." <applause>

Alli "alex 9/11 was so emotional. i feel the connection with you. you make me laugh you are fun and hilarious with amanda the way you really care about each other. amanda i forgive you for everything that's happened and i ask the return from you you are a beautiful person from what i've seen in the last week and i want you to know you are a really fun funny person and i think if you do leave you have a huge future ahead of you. natalie they broke the mold with you you are so genuine i agree with ryan that you are the nicest person in this house i feel warmth around you. matty its been from day one i feel a connection with you it's like you are my boy back home. matty having you in this house is kind of like home. it sux no matter what whoever goes home

sharon "this game is crazy from day one and it's been tough. we've had a good time alex our talks here and there. natalie you are the funnest girl i've ever met peppy... matt we've kinda been cool recently...watching you walk out the door will be tough."

josh "i've been an asshole and i'm sorry about that. alex love you to death you are amazing if you were gay i'd have sex with you. matt you too. nat if you had a penis i'd have sex with you too. i look forward to having sex with all of you.

Chelsea "alex you make an awesome guy you'll make an excellent husband some day. amanda you're a girl who loves to shine. this house will hcange you for the better. nat like eveyrone else you're a fuckin awesome girl. i feel bad in this house because you have a huge heart i dont want to poke your heart.. you're attitude is awesome. mr matty i told you what i thought of you today get a girlfriend and shrink that head down a bit... you're hot...but... and i'll miss u guys. i'm sorry for putting you in that position. i'll be there next week.

james "as your executioner it feels awesome and at the same time horrible. it's going to suck this week. some people carry their emotions on their sleeves. i dont give a fuck. i love you all and this is a game and we're all going to get fucked."

<applause all around>

nat "i love when we come together these moments"

alex "what i said i meant in my clip. it's from the heart. i wnat you to live love and respect yourselves."

amanda "either way if we leave or you leave i'm going to be sad. nat you are crazy. matty um... i'll agree with her <chels> we promised we'd never get in a fight.. you are a great person but you are a bit crazy with your women... maybe you'll change those ways when you leave here."

nat "whether we go or you go i'll miss you a lot. it's sad and i'm a crier. i'm glad to have met you here and i feel thankful and blessed and i wont forget the rest of my life."

matt "alex you're my boy. boston new york like each other? hope to kick on the outside. i wish everyone good luck. amanda you never judge a book by its cover you are deep and insightful and you are going to make some guy a happy man you are smart and beautiful with the world by the balls... thank you guys for all the opportunities you gave me....thank you guys.

Alex "Thanks for putting me up on the block james and chels it is what it is and there comes a time when everyone will be there and i appreciate the time we spent. if this i sthe last time we're going to be here so be it. josh if i was gay i'd hang out with you. " Alex goes on. he is CLEARLY subtly campaigning with what he says to hgs. mentions how good ry was with the night in the pool "holding strong" and he hopes Jenn sees it cuz he was a good man. etc. etc.

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[chip thanks for taking over, you're doing an awesome job]

7:55 bbt

The HGs are sitting around the dinner table and Alex and Matt are basically telling ppl how much they've meant to them. They're all taking the opportunity to say things to eachother that they might not get to once the votes are read. Chelsia is even apologizing for things she might shout out while they're leaving in case it offends them. Matt is even being nice to Nat and complimenting her. It really is like the Last Supper. Now they're inviting everyone to stop by and say hi if ever they're in their town.

7:58 bbt...the dinner is adjourned.

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7:55 BBT

Alex is going on still on his line....says he respects sheila for not going dirty because of her son. Says he's going to check out her penthouse cover.

And the Oscar orchestra plays to shut him up finally...

ummm.... done with dinner?

Adam and James are in BY smoking....

talking about getting "fucked" (strategically) in the game.

Both agree it's gonna get ugly in here.

James says emotion tears game apart and he isn't gonna be emotional about it.

adam 'take a deep breath. we might be on the block together bro"

Adam is ticked off...at matt?? Someone is giving him "looks".

Talk between them about how they should all be in agreement whoever they vote for.

They're talking about how Allison "did it again" (stirred up house??).

discussing money situation...how much stipend they have gotten.

After this week, they believe, they will def. have a jury spot.

adam "she's fucked up alli, she is." (***Adam makes crazy psycho bulgy eye thing...shudders***)

James " i can't play the game. Im in TO right now. I put people up. now I can't do anything"

Adam goes on about other stuff...

playing pool...

(**** Ok...Adam sounds like he's got marbles in his mouth. I can't stand to listen to him so I'm ending this post.... hopefully someone else can pick up.....)

[ ty elle... i'm off to bed....}

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8pmBBT Josh is tryin 2 tell Sharon that they must make a deal with Matt/Nat but Sharon disagrees and says "atleat we kno Amanda/Alex will have our back." Josh says that their be out the follwing week then. Sharon says we hav 2 get Adam/Shelia 2 work with us. Josh says no waty they wont flop. Josh/Sharon then listen from balcony. of Allison & Natallie saying their going 2 the final 2. Josh & Sharon gille like little girls from balcony. Sharon"How can she be that stupid."

8:10pmBBT Josh/Sharon laugfhing their asses off as u hear Nat tell Allison "we a team we got this." Allison "youre all i had from begging." Sharon has pillow above her self 2 be quiet from laUGHING

Shelia has joined Allisonm/Nat and their talking about Amanda saying all her stories are lies.

Sharon tells Josh "i cant belive this shit." Sharon tells Josh wait till u have the amo then brikng her down in flames!" Sharon 2 Josh "Go fuck her up go fucvk her up, but not 2night. I want 2 get her to. tommrow morning were get her." Josh"Nat wont get my fuckin vote she wont get my fuckin vote we will get Nat the votes 2 leave, i cant deal with Natalie & Matt." Sharon"We have 2 get into Adam's head. Allison/Ryan are scayed 2 be the only ones votin out Matt/zNat we can fix this."

Sharon tells josh "to pull all the shit out." Josh has his head in his lap. Sharin we have 2 get Amanda's info on Natalie. Josh says he will talk 2 Adam & Sharon tell JAMES their plan

Sharon & Josh head downstairs at 5:20

HJosh stares at Chelsia "This is intersing." and he walks away.

Josh tells Sharon "im so fuckin pissed i need to get into the hotube." and tells Sharon 2 talk 2 James. Josh heads inside and tells Nat "we need 2 talk."

Josh gets into boat room and talks with Matt. Matt says he was a deal with Allison, and he likes her.

Josh says youre lting i kno u talked shit about her in DR.

Matt "says i have no deal with any1(Josh knows he lyin as hearin convo 20 minutes ago)"

JOsh;" so u wont put me up nor put me up after veto."

Matt:'I promise but cant promise not 2 back door u."

Matt tells Josh i kno u hate Amanda/Alex

Josh tells Matt Allison talked trash on him.

Matt:"says u are the odd man up and u could go on block."

Alex enters. Josh leaves.

Matt says every1 makin hinma deal.

Alex says hes not going against my deal.

They both say their both been told their leavin 3-0

Alex says that he himself is leavin this week.

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