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February 26 - Live Feed Updates


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10:05AM BBT: We're having a "pop your zit" meeting in the BR. Chelsia and Allison have ones that have popped up. Natalie just go out of the shower and is getting dressed. Chelsia says that the peroxide bleached her zip. It looks like a mountain.. :lol:

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10:25AM BBT: Amanda is at the kitchen talking to Matt and Ryan. She is stressing about her insurance and if they'll pay for her CAT scan. She says her insurance is really bad about that kind of stuff. Ryan tells her that BB may have to pay.

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Amanda and Natalie are in the bathroom. Natalie is telling Amanda that she doesn't feel safe this and she has had weird vibes from everyone in the house. Nat also tells Amanda that Josh and Sharon have hardly said a word to her this week.

Amanda is changing and checking out her ass in the mirror. She asks Nat if she has a big butt and Nat says she does.

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All four feeds are on the guys playing outside.

11:30AM BBT: Josh and Sharon are in the BY at the HT. Josh explains to Sharon hos he fake slept while AManda and Natalie were talking and he heard Natalie bashing Josh and Sharon. Natalie said that she doesn't trust J/S and that they're in an alliance with Chelsia and James. Josh says that Amanda set her up for that and she walked right into it and Amanda confirms it.

Sheila is outside too, one the couch being very quiet (not sure she heard any of the Josh/Sharon conversation) Josh said to her that she has been very quiet in the last three days. SHe said it's because she was hearing that she would end up on the block as people were sick of hearing them argue.

11:38AM BBT: All four feeds are now on James and Chelsia in the LR talking about church. She doesn't go because she is normally hungover and doesn't want to get up or because she has to work. They're having a conversation about would she like camping out etc. In comes Amanda and play fights James.

Feeds switch to the bathroom with Allison and Matt.

If I was on the block I would haev said something. Allison is saying that Amanda is so sneaky. Allison tells Matt that Nat need to shut her mouth. Allison says that she doesn't trust Amanda.

Matt is told to put on his Mic. They kiss (a peck) and end the conversation.

11:55AM BBT: Amanda is talking to Allison and Sheila. Amanda was talking about the first weeks and how she treated Allison. Sheila has turned the conversation around to her.

12:00PM BBT: And... you guessed it. They're bashing Jen.

Feeds change to Adam and Matt playing pool with Alex watching.

12:05PM BBT: All four feeds are on the boys playing pool.

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12:10 PM BBT: FotH.

12:11 PM BBT: Feeds back. James, Allison, Amanda and Shelia are in the backyard. (I think they are talking about someone who didnt sign the waiver because we have FotH again)

12:13 PM BBT: The feeds are on Adam, Matt and Alex playing pool with the usual chit chat. Talking about playing pool and thats about it, the usual.

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12:39 BBT

Chelsia in backyard talking with Ryan and Allison about how fake Amanda is. Chelsia is saying how she is wanting to think strategically and how she can tolerate Amanda for another week. "I'll just make her life a living hell while she's here. That won't be hard." They are discussing the up and coming HOH and what they would need to do in order to win. They're comparing who would win NaMatty or AmAlex. Cheslia goes on to say, "it all depends on how physically strong they are. If it's physical all I have to do is make her drop. I'd wrap my key around my neck and she would fall (regarding Amanda)." Chelsia goes on to say how any thing she says to Natalie would just make her stronger. Allison chimes in saying how Natalie is not as dumb as she looks.

Now they are complaining about how many decisions there are to make in the house.

The conversation completely dissolves as Sharon approaches them close by and goes on the hammock.

Cheslia jokes about being HOH and how once you win, everyone is ready to "suck your tits". Cheslia mocks about being called to the DR, and right after is called.

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I could hear from the laundy room.

Allison and Josh are telling Chelsia they're undecided about their vote . Allison also complained about the way Josh has been and that Matt and Natalie are going after Josh and Sharon next week if the get HoH were as Alex and Amanda are going after CHelsia and James.

Sharon just happend to want to use the hammock and the covnersation stopped

(back to cleaning :o )

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12:47 BBT

When Chelsia gets up to go to the DR, Ryan leans in and whispers something to Allison. He then gets up and leaves.

As Allison wipes her self down with suntan lotion, Sharon comes to join her on the grass. Allison is saying how she feels so much pressure and Sharon asks why everyone is "down your shit?" Allison says how it bothers her how AmAlex aren't even campaigning to leave. Sharon explains how they said they wouldn't leave like that, that they made a promise not to.

Chelsia is back from the DR but says how they're going to call her back.

The cameras now switch back to the pool game.

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Chelsia called to the DR. Ryan and Allison whisper something...too low to hear. Ali says ok, then ry goes in the house. Allison putting on more sunscreen. Sharon put sunscreen on alex and on herself. Allison tells Sharon that it bothers her that she (amanda?) isn't even trying. Nat and James and Adam are playing pool - cut throat. Chelsia out of DR. said they will call her back later. She took off her shirt and sat in hammock. Sharon asked Alex to put sunscreen on her back, then he asked her for some more sunscreen for himself.

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12:50 PM BBT

Sharon and Allison sunbathing.

They're whispering. It bothers Allison that Alex and Amanda aren't campaigning. Sharon says it's because they promised Natalie and Matt they wouldn't.

A: She (Amanda) was such a bitch for two weeks, made my life a living hell.

Natalie, James, Adam playing pool.

Chelsia joins Sharon and Allison by the hammock. Ryan is also laying down next to them. They're saying it's hot out.

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12:55 BBT

Adam is talking about making and giving money to kids in the community. Sheila is saying how ppl would give huge and huge amounts to that cause, to children with Autism. He's explaining how grants work and how if you're given money, that it needs to be used towards people in that specific location. Sheila and Adam agree to open up a chapter in that area. Adam says how it's good because how even you get a salary out of it. Sheila says how that can't be the reason to support that cause. He said it's not, but how it's good for everyone because you know it's going to help people who need it.

1 pm BBT Adam whispers something to James and gets him cracking up. Natalie is completely dumb founded because she wants in on the joke. The boys don't go into details expect to say that it's something perverted. Natalie thinks she knows what it's regarding and proclaims that "it's sick and wrong"....but whatever it was has persuaded her to go put her swim suit on.

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12:55 BBT

Sharon and Allison whispering inaudibly again. Allison saying "he's" like a lost puppy dog following me around. Can't make out what they're saying. Sharon mentions that with Matt/Natalie not being on slop, they could be stronger for next week.

Camera switches to Sheila and Matt in the backyard talking strategy. Sounds like Sheila is going to vote to keep Matt/Natalie.

S: Josh stirs up way too much shit, more than Amanda

M: He tried spying on me yesterday. I caught Sharon climbing up there when I was talking with Natalie. She said she was just getting to get the Bible.

They're saying both Sharon and Josh are sneaky.

(both talking fast. The ellipses indicate missed portions)

S: If alex and amanda stay, they're going to come after me with a vengeance. They're going to go after people who will stay here longer and be their archenemy. And I've done nothign to Joshua. What have I done? And today he goes, "You're being awful quiet." .... There's no reason for me and Adam to fight anymore. .... He (Josh) can kiss my ass.... He made a big mistake coming after me.

M: He made a big mistake coming after me too.

S. Where does he get off thinking people who did nothing to you, you want to attack.

M: They'll shake your hand and piss on your leg at the same time.

S: ... I don't trust her (Allison or Sharon???).

Sheila says Josh threatened her with the POV.

M: He thinks he runs this house

S: He's the queen bee of this house and it's bullshit. He's turned some people off. Don't come after me. He also called me a liar. I don't like being put in this position where I'm showing my cards to everyone.

M: If we stick to the plan, he's gone next week.

S: You promise?

M: on my mother. I will make that kid's life a living hell.

S: Well, if you do go, they're going to come after us, all of them are. We'll have to win HOH if you leave. that will be a huge upset, just know that. And that will be the dumbest move they ever made in this game.

S: Do you think to a certain degree this game is truly how you play?

M: It's week to week, got to get votes

S: We've been on slop (Adam and I) and we got to do a mind game? How do you do this when you have no food in you, no nutrients

M: Just drink the protein shakes

S: That's what I've been doing. Mattie I know what this game is about. We all have to turn on each other. That's the part of the game I cannot stand.

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1:10 BBT

Matt and Alex go inside. Sheila is now by herself on the BY couches

Chelsia, James, and Adam playing pool.

Amanda stretching in her bikini in the backyard... and doing some very nice ab-crunches... [Wow, that's a nice stomach]. She's with Allison, Natalie, and Sharon talking about hair stuff at the moment. Amanda is on her period. Allison and Amanda are now exercising in the pool.


Chelsia talking with James in HOH.... strategy talk.... Chelsia says Matt and Natalie are going after Joshuah and Sharon.

Chelsia apparently misspoke to someone, a "she."

C: We're fucked if they (???) don't go home. ... Matt and natalie are going to be harder. Do I use the "Matt's flirting with you, talking shit."

J: No, I will take that personally

C: I want Matt and Natalie gone

J: Why?


C: Yea, I want either one of them gone, I'm just worried. I know I did not say it like that.

J: People are trying to hang Joshuah and Sharon now?

C: Yes

J: I'm not going to let that happen.

C: We're a target because they (Josh and Sharon) are. They always run up here.

J: We should hide how we feel about how people vote. One of those couples is going home, voila. If you feel intimidated by Matt and natalie, that's fucked up. You're probably going to lose by thinking that.

Feeds cut out

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J: If you go around busting people's chops, you need people's votes

C: I know... this sucks because we are in no spot to make deals with anyone

J: Joshuah and Sharon are the only ally we can honestly trust. Taht's smart

C: What?

J: To be put in a position where Joshuah and Sharon go home. Who knows who is going to win HOH? Stop stressing

C: Ryan and Allison and Matt and Natalie will put us up.

J: Stop strategizing. Stop stressing. We're done. We hide whatever happens. We're going to go up next week so be ready to fight... If we're not on the block, we're getting backdoored.

Ryan comes in.

J: We're not going to talk anymore game strategy and we're not going to hold anything against you.

C: We want one of them gone

R: I just want to let you know if we win HOH, you guys aren't going up.

J: I don't want to be backdoored, and there is that opportunity.

C: Our opinion doesn't matter anymore

J: whatever deal you cut, go with it. Just know people break words

R: I'm not naive. They both have offered deals. I just want to let you guys know. I don't want to say we're voting one way and...

J: One of the couples is going home anyways

R: I just want to be honest with you guys

J: Who do you want to keep?

R: I'm on the fence, probably Nat and Mattie.

J: It's not a huge thing with me.

Feeds cut out

J: We're chill with whatever happens. It's week by week

(I believe Ryan said he wanted to get rid of Amanda and Alex... but I'm not sure...)

Ryan leaves

C: So matt and nattie are staying, let's just be prepared.

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1:24 bbt

Matt talking with Josh and Sharon. He's saying how he's in a position to bargain because , "word on the street is that I'm going home." Sharon is upset by that remark asking why he would even say that because anything could change, "something can happen right now, you don't know." Matt goes on to say how he hasn't been campaigning because he promised Alex that he wouldn't. He's now explaining that Natalie is too nice for the game. He said how she's upset because she thought ppl were her friends. Matt is explaining how she doesn't realize that such is the nature of the game, that it doesn't mean they aren't you're friend. Matt then again asks about a bargain. Josh says how their mind is far from made up, how it changes from day to day. Sharon explains how they really decide last min, 10 min before it's time to vote they go over all the things they've heard and go from there.

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J: I think you need to relax. There's nothing you can do.

C: You're right. I'm done, but I think we need to say something to Josh/Sharon. I said that I feel we're both targets and we need to watch ourselves. They're gunning for Josh.

J: both sides are

C: You know Sheila/Adam and Matt/Natalie have something going on.

J: I'm not going to play inspector gadget

[From conversations that have been gathered... seems like Josh/Sharon and Chelsia/James are working together and Matt/Natalie and Sheila/Adam are working together. Where Ryan/Allison and Amanda/Alex stand is unclear.]

Josh/Sharon talking

S: Allison came to me saying Mat/Natalie came to her with a deal.

feeds cut out.

S: Someone is going around saying shit. who is saying we already had this deal made? She (Natalie) was saying she doens't trust us.

J: I'm not sure Amanda does either.

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Sharon & Josh alone talking. Sharon concludes that someone must have told him (Matt) something. Sharon says how Natalie doesn't trust them. Josh agrees but adds how Amanda doesn't either. Sharon says she doesn't know anymore. She thinks that Allison is the one who turned on her and has lied to her. But she doesn't understand how this could be because Allison is always saying how she and Sheila are the only ones who were nice and have talked to her since day one. Sharon then goes on to say how "she" (I think she's referring to Allison) really wants Amanda's blood on her hands because she's made her last 2 weeks a living hell and how if Allison and Ryan won HOH that she thinks that they would put up James and Chelsia and Sheila and Adam. Josh listens but then adds, "ya, but it could be to backdoor us."

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S: I don't trust Matt and I feel like Allison thinks she has to lie to me. I have no idea. Natalie was on my case all day yesterday.

S: She (Allison) said me and Sheila were the only two people nice to her from day one. I think she might also play the card of being sneaky but already having her mind made up.

Josh says that the vote will be 2-1, Matt/Natalie stay and they will come after us next week.

S: If Allison/Ryan win HOH, I think they will put up [basically everyone else but us]. I really don't think they'll come after us.

J: I don't think Amanda will come after us either.

S: No, that's why she'll have to put up Adam/Sheila and Chelsia/James.

I think Sharon said that Allison wants the blood of Amanda on her hands and that she will vote her out. Sharon is going to sit with Natalie now.

[so much strategy talk going on today]

James and Ryan are now playing pool

1:37 BBT - Alex, Matt, and Adam talking in Red bedroom. Talking about the live show and what is going to happen. No strategy talk.

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