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Julie Chen


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Julie Chen isn't scheduled to be on Letterman tonight, unless you heard her say something about surprising him.

Here is the official guestlist for the rest of this week.

(And I didn't see her on next week's list either.)

Wednesday, January 23

Charles Grodin

NY Giants Kicker Lawrence Tynes

The Redwalls (CD, "The Redwalls")

Thursday, January 24

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Adventures of Old Christine)

Super Furry Animals (CD, "Hey Venus!")

Friday, January 25

Nathan Lane (Broadway's "November")

Comedian, Jake Johannsen

My listings only went to Tuesday, Feb. 5,but there's a strong possibility she could be on the day after that.

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What happened to Julie? She wasn't on.
Julie Chen doesn't usually appear on Letterman until the guests have been sequestered, so that she can reveal things about the upcoming season which they don't want the houseguests to know in advance.

Until she does appear on Letterman this year, here's last summer's Letterman appearance, to tide you over.

(Nothing about Big Brother until 3 minutes in.)


(Click on image to watch video in a new window )

And of course, there are the ever-popular "But First" videos.

Julie Chen's "But First" Montage- BB8

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I think she saves the revealing of the theme and stuff like that for one of the CBS entertainment shows. I can't remember which one. Is Entertainment Tonight on CBS? Plus, she has her morning show to use for promos and news.

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Nothing... Nada... Zilch... Zippo...

and it seemed like she was only on for about 5 minutes

- - - she could have phoned it in <_<

We all knew she probably wouldn't reveal anything - but, of course, I tuned in anyway :giggle:

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