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Tuesday, September 11th


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Rumor has it BB is bringing Jen back to bikini mud wrestle with Dani.

( snickers as all the guys run their families over to get a front row TV seat)


Jen would kick whiny Danni's ass :animated_bouncy::animated_bouncy: But Danni would probably be harder then Eric the Woobie Wanker since Jen has kicked his ass in wrestling before no !

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Yay! Looking forward to tonight's show! I am so happy Jameka is going and not getting any prize money. I don't think she deserved it at all and that's just JMO :-)

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Hi everyone!!

Just a thought.... Even though I don't like many of Dicks habits & the extreme way that he goes off on people, I am rooting for him & Dani (don't like her whining either) because I think they have played the best! (a few reasons why but strategy & winning POV/HOH comps is at the top)

Anyhow, I didn't watch the live feeds today but I did read the updates & see the video of him going off on Zach. I think there are 2 reasons why he is possibly doing this & no, no matter what his reason, I don't like it.

1- to get under his skin before the comps & throw him off his game

2- knowing that if Zach does win HOH, most likely he will take Dick to the F2 because as much as Zach likes to toot his own horn, I really don't think Zach believes he has a chance against Dani (if the HG's "really" vote on strategy)

I think Dick knows this & wants to piss him off enough so that maybe Zach will consider taking dani to the F2, if he wins the final HOH just because he wont want to be alone with Dick.

Personally I dont like Zachs game play. I didn't even know he was playing (has that incommon with Jam)

*I forgot to post this the other day, so thought I would now.

After the noms Jam said something like "she thought it was really nice that Zach didn't nominate her" Like he was looking out for her!! It wasn't about her.. he just wanted 1 of the Donatos out.

Speaking of Zach winning HOH. Even if he was still going to nominate D & D, they were so stupid when they blatantly excluded Zach from the conversation they had in the bathroom, after he won HOH.

Some HG's kiss ass but arrogance bit them in the ass!!!

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