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  1. LOL not everything is about Jordan. She had the game in mind up until her last vote, and I seriously doubt Jordan had anything to do with that.
  2. Definetly deserved the win, nice to know some ppl in the house make their votes based on gameplay and not personal vendetta, might wanna give that lesson to some of the nutjob viewers outside the house That said, hope you have a happy life, enjoy your 500K, and i hope i never see you or any other has-been on BB ever again.
  3. Dizzy yet from the circles you keep running? You seemed to be jumping for joy praising Grodskank like the next Messiah for rigging the game in favor of Jordan (BTW, kudos for that....youre one of the few who can actually admit to it), but Nebartist didnt say anything ahout last season...hes talking about this. Anybody who needs production help to sit in a F2 chair is beyond pathetic...almost as pathetic as Dick thinking hes a BB god because viewers turned America's Player into his own personal lapdog. But hey, maybe Im wrong and youre right...who cant appreciate the great gameplay of sitting their with a vapid look on your face in conversations, passing gas every 5 minutes, and saying something "clueless yet cute" to make the masses go "AWWWWWWWWW". 500K here we come!
  4. Wont happen, Jordan is missing a few chromosomes to figure out the purpose of a baseball bat. Give the bat to her fanbase, theyll more than happily bash in Shelly and her daughter for kicks! HOORAY FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE WINNING BIG BROTHER!!!
  5. Sorry, some of us arent lucky enough to have Grodhag on speed dial to intervene "HAI!! Here's another 500K for being a complete naive tool when it comes to the game but hey, youre sweet!! Can we be friends now?" Fail.
  6. LOL you were pretty close. Nice job of Rachel to win a POV in a competition she already won this season, the useless blonde dimwit with the "hawt o' gold" is along for the ride....how convenient Simply disgusting even by Grodpig's standards.
  7. From Hamsterwatch: "They're in touch with the families of the hamsters, so I hope they're aware of the over the top hate stuff going on now about Shelly and that they'll let Tony know. Someone has posted an address for a child protection agency to report her for molestation. Someone else has said Josie should be kidnapped, raped and murdered. Someone else has posted a beyond vulgar chop about Josie. It's pathetic and disgusting that so-called 'fans' take things to this level, and the lesser levels of open hatred for hamsters who are gutsy enough to put themselves out there for our amusement. Perhaps it's time to put this little TV show down and out of its misery before someone does get hurt over it." LOL anything this woman does inside the BB house is minimal on the pathetic level compared to whats happening on the outside. Think Im done for a little while until this garbage cools down, have a great rest of the weekend folks
  8. Too bad youre not female UVP, you could have pulled off a Danielle Reyes 2.0! Still one of my favourite hgs of all time btw (and still think she got robbed )
  9. LOL and after giving that wonderful Websters dictionary quote a few posts before ....
  10. In real life do i get jollies when i see a good person hurt? Not at all. On a tv show for a bunch of wannabe actors enjoying their 15 minutes of fame and making money off it (espec. for some blonde who has already won BB)? Please. Ill unplug myself whenever that line between reality and make believe begins to blur.
  11. Hello, he didnt mean 2 seasons literally. He was referring to it as "It wouldnt have lasted after season 2".
  12. Nah, the best part is seeing Jeff's stupid ass walk out the door with Shelly's knife in his back lol. So viewers judge characters by their methods of deceit? "You can lie like this but not like THAT" "You can play both sides of the house only if you do it the way that i approve of and if you do it any different then youre a piece of sh*it inside the house as well as outside" LOL too bad Borders closed down, i was gonna run out and get the BB manual of how to play the game the PROPER way!
  13. 3 Vets in the house (possibly 4 by the end of the week). Youre right Jeff, the newbs just STARTED playing the game!!
  14. Made it clear to who? The houseguests? Walk in day 1 and say "Hey Guys! Im here to backstab all of you and turn you all on one another! Meanwhile Ill be in the house constantly saying im playing a moral game, its up to you if youre so stupidly inept to believe me! Have a great day!" Or wait, do you mean the viewers? Like Ive said time and time again, DR sessions are edited, for ALL houseguests. You have no idea what Shelly's true intentions are with every move she makes. Hate the game, not the player. If people are stupid enough to believe she was a mom that was placed in the Big Brother house to be some J/J laptop, its their bad, not hers.
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